BURIALS 1731 - 1812

Bishop's Transcripts are copies of the original registers and are often have entries/years missing and may contain less information than the registers. Researchers are advised to obtain photocopies of the actual entries that interest them from the Dorset Record Office.


John BRADFORD buried 12-*** 1731

Elizabeth *ULLIDGE buried 16-*** 1731

Daniel HALL buried 15?-May 1731

Elizabeth COOPER buried 26-May 1731

John PYMER buried 26-May 1731

Priscilla WOOD buried 26-May 1731

Mary AIERS buried 02-Jun 1731

Samuel MILLER buried 03-Jul 1731

Israel OFFER? buried 09-Jul 1731

Susan BUCK buried 19-Aug 1731

Elizabeth daughter of Joseph COOPER buried 11-Sep 1731

Sarah BRADFORD buried 03-Oct 1731

Mary HAWKINS buried 10-Oct 1731

Arabella? BRADFORD buried 23-Oct 1731

Elizabeth BRADFORD buried 25-Oct 1731

Frances COOPER buried 28-Dec 1731

Robert TRENCHARD buried 29-Jan 1731

John HOWARD buried 01-Feb 1731

John son of John HALL buried 11-Feb 1731

Benjamin MULLENS buried 08-Apr 1732

Mary DENNIS buried 16-Apr 1732

Richard COWARD buried **-Apr 1732

Margaret CLARKE buried 14-*** 1732

Damaris TULLIDGE buried 30-*** 1732

Thomas ELLERY buried 11-*** 1732

Anne GOODDEN buried 12-*** 1732

Henry THISTLE buried 25-*** 1732

John ROSE buried 1-*** 1732

Walter ELLERY buried 8-*** 1732

John METEYARD buried 8-*** 1732

Elizabeth MASSORY buried 10-*** 1732

Thomas MULLERY buried 12-*** 1732

Peter ALLEN buried 24-*** 1732

Thomas ANGEL buried 3-*** 1732

Samuel FORD buried 20-Feb 1732

William BOATSWAINE buried 19-Feb 1732

Stephen POLLARD buried 2*-Feb 1732

Marget HILL buried 19-Mar 1732

Elizabeth ALLEN buried 29-Apr 1733

Anne GIBBENS buried 20-May 1733

Elizabeth LOCK buried 27-Jun 1733

Joanna WATSON buried 15-Jul 1733

Andrew BIRD buried 26-Jul 1733

Mrs Deborah WALLIS buried 24-Oct 1733

Mary HARDY buried 16-Nov 1733

Abraham WATSON buried 30-Nov 1733

Joan HOWARD buried 03-Feb 1733

Jeffery BUCK buried 17-Mar 1733

Avice WALLIS buried 20-Jun 1734

Frances MILLER buried 24-Aug 1734

James PITTMAN buried 05-Oct 1734

Nicholas FORD buried 30-Oct 1734

Anthony HOWARD buried 10-Nov 1734

William METEYARD buried 04-Dec 1734

Mary HALL buried 09-Dec 1734

Joseph MILLER of ***** buried 12-Oct 1735

Elizabeth ILLEGIBLE buried 21-Oct 1735

Hannah WATSON buried 09-Nov 1735

Christian ILLEGIBLE buried 19-Nov 1735

Henry son of **** and Joan BIRD buried 24-Dec 1735

Mary wife of Matthew BIRD buried 30-Dec 1735

Joseph  buried 03-Feb 1735

Ann daughter of John and Mary PYMERD? buried 05-Feb 1735

Susanna METEYARD buried 12-Feb 1735

John  buried 13-Mar 1735

Mary daughter of **** and Joan NORTHOVER buried 19-Mar 1735

Richard PITMAN buried 23-Mar 1735

>Illegible ILLEGIBLE >buried 23-Mar 1735

Henry ILLEGIBLE buried 23-Mar 1735

Joseph GIBBENS buried 23-Mar 1735

Frances daughter of **** and Margery DENNIS buried 17-Apr 1735

Samuel son of Samuel and Mary FORD buried 09-May 1735

Edith RANDEL buried 14-Jan 1736

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Ann VALLENS buried 27-Jan 1736

Dameris wife of Briant WEST buried 16-Jul 1736

Elizabeth wife of Richard BALCHAD? buried 28-Jul 1736

Ann daughter of Francis? and Deborah GIBBONS buried 29-Aug 1736

Ann JOLLIFF buried 30-Oct 1736

Robert SHIPMAN buried 07-Nov 1736

Paul DENNIS buried 25-Mar 1736

Edith wife of John FORD buried 15-May 1736

Mary daughter of Jefry and Ann HOARD buried 24-May 1737

Eeanor daughter of Gills? and Alice buried 14-Jun 1737

Susanna  buried 04-Jun 1737

Mary wife of George CLEMENTS buried 18-Nov 1737

Jane wife of Peter ROBERTS buried 19-Nov 1737

Mary wife of Richard ARNELL buried 23-Nov 1737

James PITMAN buried 03-Jan 1737

Richard MOORS buried 04-Jan 1737

Alice POLLARD widow buried 05-Feb 1737

Christian DOWNING widow buried 19-Feb 1737

Robert HAWKINS buried 19-Feb 1737

Elizabeth BUCK widow buried 30-Mar 1738

John son of Elias and Edith MULLINS buried 16-Apr 1738

George JOLLARD buried 10-Sep 1739

Thomas ADAMS buried 13-Oct 1739

Elizabeth wife of Matthew WARD buried 10-Nov 1739

Mary wife of **** WALLIS buried 27-Nov 1739

John  buried 26-Dec 1739

John CLARK buried 16-Feb 1739

>illegible >SCOTT >widow buried 23-Mar 1739

Mr. George PARKER buried 13-Apr 1739

Thomas AMEL buried 20-May 1739

Hugh WATSON buried 13-Aug 1740

John WATSON buried 24-Sep 1740

Charles HIBDITCH buried 28-Sep 1740

Grace WATSON buried 20-Oct 1740

Elizabeth PAIN buried 29-Oct 1740

Peter FORD buried 6?-Nov 1740

Margaret ELLIS buried 03-Dec 1740

Damaris CLARK buried 07-Dec 1740

John GREEN buried 14-Dec 1740

Martha LUNBIS? buried 16-Dec 1740

Henry TRAFFED? buried 27-Dec 1740

George STEAL buried 23-Feb 1740

Esther PAIN buried 04-Feb 1740

Stephen HALL buried 16-Feb 1740

Henry son of Henry THASHER? buried 19-Feb 1740

Henry BUCK buried 5?-Mar 1740

Mary  buried -March 1740

Jeffery BAILY buried -March 1740

Catherine SERVANTS buried 20-Mar 1741

John COWARD buried 29-Mar 1741

Mary FORD widow buried 27-Apr 1741

William COWARD buried 25-Mar 1741

Mary FORD widow buried 29-Apr 1741

Thomas OTTELER buried 10-May 1741

Mary METEYARD buried 29-May 1741

Joan COSH buried 06-Sep 1741

Elizabeth daughter of Silas and Allice LONG buried 11-Dec 1741

Richard son of Benjamin and Elizabeth TOLLIDGE of Portisham buried 04-Apr 1742

Thomas son of John and Elizabeth SOPER buried 29-May 1742

Hugh son of John and Anne BOATSWAIN buried 14-Jun 1742

Edith wife of Elias MULLENS buried 08-Jul 1742

Priscilla daughter of Robert and Elizabeth MULLET buried 15-Jul 1742

Elizabeth HANSFORD buried 13-Sep 1742

Charles son of George and Mary HIBDITCH buried 08-Oct 1742

Sarah HARDY widow of Rodden buried 08-Nov 1742

Anne daughter of Joseph BISHOP of Portisham buried 08-Nov 1742

Sampson WALLIS buried 26-Dec 1742

Susanna daughter of Henry and Susanna LIMB buried 10-Jan 1742

Joan CRIBB widow buried 17-Jan 1742

Priscilla daughter of N'ill and Martha WOOD buried 13-Feb 1742

Joan wife of Richard BURD buried 13-Feb 1742

Thomas FLOWER of Lodden buried 08-Mar 1742

Edith daughter of Elias MULLENS buried 09-Mar 1742

William base born son of Israel COWARD buried 09-Mar 1742

Thomas son of Henry and Mary WILTSHIRE buried 09-Mar 1742

Jenny daughter of Benjamin and Grace CURTIS buried 19-Mar 1742

Susan ARNOLD buried 14-Apr 1743

Mr. Henry THRESHER buried 29-Apr 1743

Susanna wife of Stephen LOCK buried 30-May 1743

Henry P*LCHER buried 12-Jun 1743

Joan BOATSWAIN buried 20-Jun 1743

John son of Richard and Anne WESTLAKE buried 25-Jul 1743

Richard PORTER buried 06-Aug 1743

Edith PITMAN buried 05-Oct 1743

Margaret CLARKE widow buried 23-Oct 1743

William ALLEN buried 15-Nov 1743

William MOSES buried 16-Nov 1743

Joseph CRITCHELL buried 19-Jan 1743

Richard HAWKINS buried 03-Feb 1743

Elizabeth daughter of Charles and Sarah GREEN buried 10-Feb 1743

William son of Richard and Rose MILLS buried 23-Feb 1743

Angel WOOD buried 09-Mar 1743

Grace CRITCHELL widow buried 16-Mar 1743

Bernard son of Thomas and Jane JAMES buried 17-Mar 1743

Robert son of John and Joan HOWARD buried 28-May 1744

William CLARK buried 11-Jul 1744

Margaret WALLIS widow buried 29-Aug 1744

Elizabeth daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth MOOR buried 13-Oct 1744

Edith ANGEL buried 02-Nov 1744

John base born son of Grace GRIFFIN buried 5-? 1744

Mary HA***** buried 10-Mar 1744

Elizabeth TULLIDGE widow buried 29-Mar 1745

Alice daughter of Joseph HILL buried 28-May 1745

Jane daughter of Nicholas and Mary HALL buried 04-Jun 1745

Mr. John SAMWAYS of Rodd? buried 30-Jun 1745

Matthew WARD buried 31-Jul 1745

Mary COX widow buried 18-Aug 1745

Susan wife of ******** buried 12-Oct 1745

Sarah daughter of John buried 19-Oct 1745

Catherine HALL buried 22-Oct 1745

Grace wife of Robert buried 28-Oct 1745

Elizabeth BUCK spinster buried 01-Nov 1745

Judith HUTCHINS widow buried 29-Nov 1745

Allice HILL buried 03-Jan 1745

Joan COWARD buried **-Jan 1745

William C****** buried 05-Mar 1745

Grace CLARK widow buried 10-May 1746

Anne ALLEN widow buried 22-May 1746

Elizabeth wife of Humphry COWARD buried 04-Jul 1746

Robert PITMAN buried 23?-July 1746

Thomas son of Henry and Mary WILTSHIRE buried 14-Aug 1746

Samuel son of Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Elizabeth LOCKE buried 19-Sep 1746

Eleanor PITMAN widow buried 30-Jan 1746

Mary daughter of Robert and Lydia SYMS buried 01-Apr 1747

Martha daughter of Richard and Anne WESTLAKE buried 07-Jun 1747

Mr. Richard PORTER buried 09-Jul 1747

William son of Samuel and Elizabeth WOOD buried 20-Jul 1747

Richard PITMAN buried 24-Jul 1747

Joseph son of Joseph and Christian CREWE buried 08-Aug 1747

Dorothy VALLENS spinster buried 10-Sep 1747

Jane WINTER spinster buried 18-Sep 1747

Grace FORD spinster buried 11-Oct 1747

Mr. Samuel WALLIS buried 16-Oct 1747

Samuel WOOD buried 24-Nov 1747

Elizabeth daughter of Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Elizabeth LOCK buried 04-Dec 1747

Elizabeth daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth CLARKE buried 17-Dec 1747

Mary DURDANT? widow buried 05-Feb 1747

Anne ELLERY spinster buried 25-Mar 1748

James son of Thomas and Susannah GREEN buried 29-Mar 1748

Elizabeth GREEN widow buried 19-Apr 1748

John son of John and Elizabeth MULLENS buried 10-Jul 1748

Elizabeth wife of Richard GIBBONS buried 31-Jul 1748

Thomas son of Thomas and Susan ELLERY buried 25-Sep 1748

Richard ARNOLD buried 31-Oct 1748

Bartholomew son of Joseph and Christian CREW buried 04-Nov 1748

John son of Daniel and Sarah WALLIS buried 16-Nov 1748

Sarah GEEK? widow buried 09-Dec 1748

Richard son of John and Rachael TULLIDGE buried 04-Jan 1748

Damaris daughter of Catherine widow CLARKE buried 19-Jan 1748

Richard son of James and Martha SNOOK buried 24-Jan 1748

Thomas a man found dead on the beach said to be T. COX from Whitechurch buried 30-Jan 1748

Anne BAILEY widow buried 31-Jan 1748

Jane daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth HAWKINS buried 05-Feb 1748

John son of Richard and Dorothy BURD buried 12-Feb 1748

Abel WOOD buried 05-May 1749

Samuel son of Bridget HILL buried 18-May 1749

John CLARK buried 25-May 1749

Grace daughter of Andrew and Joan OTTILER buried 28-May 1749

Mrs. Mary HAYNES widow buried 08-Jun 1749

William RUSSEL buried 16-Jun 1749

Catherine CHAPMAN widow buried 09-Aug 1749

Mary HALL widow buried 08-Oct 1749

Robert son of Robert and Lydia SYMS buried 03-Jan 1749

Virtue CRIBB widow buried 26-Jan 1749

Thomas son of Henry and Mary WILTSHIRE buried 30-Jan 1749

Grace CURTIS widow buried 02-Feb 1749


Robert SWALLOW buried 04-Feb 1749

Joseph ORCHARD buried 04-Feb 1749

Edward JUMPER buried 04-Feb 1749

Christian LOCK buried 04-Feb 1749

William JAMES buried 04-Feb 1749

William JACKSON buried 04-Feb 1749

Sarah BURYON buried 04-Feb 1749

Roger KAFE buried 11-Feb 1749

Unfortunate wretches who were drowned & thrown up on this beach. They were part of the crew of a ship called the Squirrel which was wrecked on this shore there were four more drowned & 9 saved buried

Samuel son of Anne widow BOATSWAIN buried 06-Apr 1750

Alice HALL buried 10-Apr 1750

Mary SMITH buried 22-Apr 1750

John NORTHOVER buried 22-May 1750

Henry base born son of Mary SMITH buried 17-Jul 1750

Anne daughter of Thomas and Esther HANSFORD buried 17-Jul 1750

William son of Robert and Margaret WEBBER buried 20-Jul 1750

William BARTLETT of Loddon buried 24-Jul 1750

Bridget spinster FORD buried 12-Aug 1750

Anne CHIPMAN buried 14-Aug 1750

Grace widow WATSON buried 17-Aug 1750

George son of John and Susan ELKINS buried 16-Dec 1750

Mrs. Grace widow LIGHT buried 17-Dec 1750

Elizabeth daughter of Mr. Stephen LOCK buried 21-Dec 1750

William son of Richard and Elizabeth WOOD buried 31-Jan 1750

Anne wife of John CREW buried 04-Mar 1750

Joan widow COWARD buried 02-Jul 1751

Mary infant of James and Agnes ALLEN buried 03-Jul 1751

Isaac Infant of Henry & Elizabeth GIBBONS buried 06-Jul 1751

Grace widow PITMAN buried 27-Aug 1751

Elizabeth widow ELLERY buried 22-Sep 1751

Alice widow HAMM buried 29-Oct 1751

Jeffry FORD buried 05-Dec 1751

George son of Thomas and Joan PORTER buried 7-*** 1751

Margaret widow GIBBONS buried 8-*** 1751

William son of Melchizadeck & Alice ARNOLD buried 19-Jan 1752

Anne widow FORD buried 22-Jan 1752

Nicholas CREEK buried 01-Feb 1752

Joseph RASHLEIGH buried 01-Apr 1752

Mary widow BOATSWAIN buried 14-Apr 1752

Mary spinster PORTER buried 14-Apr 1752

Lydia wife of Robert SYMS buried 13-May 1752

Mary spinster FORD buried 25-May 1752

Humphry COWARD buried 23-Jun 1752

William SIMM buried 25-Dec 1752

Henry THRESHER of Alton buried 29-Dec 1752

Anne widow WARD buried 03-Jan 1753

Robert MULLENS buried 05-Jan 1753

Thomas HAWKINS buried 25-Jan 1753

Humphry BOATSWAIN buried 24-Jan 1753

Edith widow BOATSWAIN buried 27-Jan 1753

Bartholomew son of Benjamin and Elizabeth TULLIDGE buried 18-Mar 1753

Robert NOBBS buried 01-Apr 1753

Susannah widow POLDEN buried 06-May 1753

Joseph CREW buried 01-Jun 1753

Anne widow COOPER buried 30-Jul 1753

John wife of Thomas PITMAN buried 03-Aug 1753

Anne widow PYMOR buried 16-Oct 1753

Alice otherwise Harris DRAYTON buried 06-Jan 1754

Susan spinster COZENS buried 07-Jan 1754

Hanah daughter of James and Mary FERRY buried 10-Jan 1754

Stephen Pollard son of George and Mary HEBDITCH buried 20-Jan 1754

Thomas son of Joseph and Mary DEERING buried 06-Mar 1754

Frances wife of Peter GIBBONS buried 15-May 1754

Mr. Thomas PORTER buried 08-Jan 1755

Gillian widow BAILY buried 12-Jan 1755

Elizabeth spinster WARD buried 27-Jan 1755

Anne wife of Joseph SIMM buried 29-Jan 1755

Susan wife of Nicholas HALL buried 08-Feb 1755

John KNIGHT of Corscombe buried 09-Feb 1755

Jane widow WOOD buried 10-Feb 1755

Alice wife of Richard HALL buried 23-Feb 1755

Sarah daughter of Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Elizabeth LOCK buried 23-Feb 1755

Elizabeth widow THISHER buried 02-Mar 1755

Mary daughter of Richard HALL buried 03-Mar 1755

John PITMAN buried 08-Mar 1755

Joan daughter of Hannah HAWKINS buried 16-Mar 1755

Isaac MULLENS buried 22-Mar 1755

George SNOOK buried 02-Apr 1755

Mr. Hugh BOND school master buried 19-Apr 1755

Jane daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth BOATSWAIN buried 23-Apr 1755

Meriam daughter of Joseph and Mary MOOR buried 23-Apr 1755

Alice wife of Gylav? SIMM buried 29-Apr 1755

John son of Edward and Elizabeth TREVITS buried 10-May 1755

Betty daughter of Edward and Elizabeth TREVIT buried 12-May 1755

Richard FORD buried 17-May 1755

Mary wife of John WALLS buried 19-May 1755

Margaret HAWKINS buried 19-May 1755

Betty daughter of Thomas and Jane JEANS buried 28-May 1755

William son of Alice widow CLARK buried 08-Jun 1755

Thomas son of James and Agnes ALLEN buried 22-Jun 1755

George HEBDITCH buried 04-Jul 1755

Grace widow NEWMAN buried 20-Jul 1755

Elizabeth spinster GREEN buried 12-Aug 1755

Anne wife of John VINCENT buried 01-Sep 1755

Reuben son of John VINCENT buried 23-Sep 1755

Elizabeth widow ROSE buried 25-Sep 1755

John son of John VINCENT buried 29-Sep 1755

Betty daughter of Robert and Joan MULLENS buried 01-Oct 1755

Alexander base born son of Elizabeth WOOD buried 04-Oct 1755

Alexander sailor that was drowned HUTCHINS buried 20-Nov 1755

Henry drowned of a Dutch ship Scudenburgh buried 19-Dec 1755

Swerus? drowned of a Dutch ship Warburgh buried 19-Dec 1755

William son of Sampson and Grace WALLIS buried 31-Dec 1755

Bridget wife of Joshua GIBBONS buried 13-Jan 1756

Stephen CLARK buried 08-Apr 1756

Mary widow PYMOR buried 06-May 1756

William base born son of William DENNIS buried 02-Jun 1756

Elizabeth daughter of Robert and Martha ANGELS buried 15-Oct 1756

George CLEMENTS buried 10-Nov 1756

John HARDY buried 28-Nov 1756

Mary SIMM buried 12-Jan 1757

Mary daughter of Edward and Elizabeth TREVIT buried 15-Jan 1757

Robert son of Richard and Esther BROADBY buried 20-Jan 1757

William PITMAN of Elworth buried 23-Jan 1757

Thomas son of Robert and Esther? BROADBY buried 23-Jan 1757

John ELLIS buried 24-Jan 1757

John BOTCOMBE? buried 26-Jan 1757

Margaret daughter of Robert and Esther BROADBY buried 28-Jan 1757

Mary wife of Joseph DEERING buried 02-Feb 1757

John HALL buried 20-Feb 1757

Joshuah son of Richard and Alice GIBBONS buried 24-Feb 1757

Nicholas HALL buried 06-May 1757

Sarah widow HILL buried 21-May 1757

Joseph ROBERTS buried 03-Jun 1757

Susanna widow of above Joseph ROBERTS buried 12-Jun 1757

Walter DURDANT buried 27-Feb 1758

Mary widow Elworth PITMAN buried 28-Feb 1758

John GIBBONS buried 08-Apr 1758

Samuel Loddon MILLER buried 21-Apr 1758

Catherine widow CLARKE buried 19-May 1758

Joan wife of Walter THRESHER buried 21-Jun 1758

Jane widow DURDANT buried 03-Aug 1758

Anne widow RASHLEIGH buried 13-Aug 1758

Susannah wife of Thomas ELLERY buried 27-Sep 1758

Alice widow TRENCHARD buried 18-Nov 1758

Elizabeth daughter of Nicholas and Mary HALL buried 05-Dec 1758

Elizabeth widow GARDINER buried 10-Dec 1758

Anne wife of Thomas CREW buried 09-Feb 1759

Elizabeth wife of Thomas COOPER buried 07-Mar 1759

Mary daughter of William and Anne BARTLETT buried 10-Mar 1759

Susan widow GIBBONS buried 27-Mar 1759

Catherine COZENS buried 17-May 1759

Mary wife of Richard HALL jun: buried 16-Jun 1759

Alice widow HAWKINS buried 20-Jun 1759

Thomas GREEN buried 19-Jul 1759

Rachael wife of john TULLIDGE buried 05-Aug 1759

Dorothy widow BARTLETT buried 05-Sep 1759

Martha CHAMBERS buried 12-Sep 1759

Deborah wife of Ralph HANSFORD buried 30-Sep 1759

Mr. John THRESHER buried 07-Nov 1759

Elizabeth daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth VINCENT buried 16-Nov 1759

Mrs. Alice widow CLARK buried 22-Jan 1760

Mary widow HOWARD buried 27-Jan 1760

Thomas DENNIS buried 11-Feb 1760

Elizabeth wife of Joseph VINCENT buried 20-Feb 1760

Martha daughter of Nicholas and Mary HALL buried 07-Mar 1760

Mary widow OTTILER buried 08-Apr 1760

Mary spinster PITMAN buried 04-May 1760

Thomas ELLERY buried 13-May 1760

James son of Susan widow GREEN buried 09-Jun 1760

Gylav? SIMM buried 12-Jun 1760

Hanah daughter of Edith widow MILLER buried 21-Jun 1760

John GILLS buried 04-Nov 1760

Joan spinster ELLERY buried 06-Nov 1760

Joan wife of Robert SYMS buried 16-Nov 1760

Mary spinster HAWKINS buried 04-Feb 1761

Samuel METEYARD buried 05-Mar 1761

Grace widow WATSON buried 21-Mar 1761

Anne Elworth ROSE? buried 17-Apr 1761

Sarah wife of John GIBBONS Inholder buried 20-May 1761

Mary widow FARR buried 09-Jul 1761

Robert COX buried 15-Jul 1761

Eleanor wife of John TRENCHARD buried 03-Aug 1761

Harry GIBBONS buried 08-Aug 1761

David infant son of George and Edith DODDS buried 31-Aug 1761

Daniel WALLIS buried 08-Sep 1761

Mary Hardy base born daughter of Dorothy VALLENS buried 08-Sep 1761

Joan widow COXENS buried 18-Nov 1761

Sarah wife of William COOPER buried 06-Dec 1761

Grace wife of Henry HALL buried 04-Jan 1763

Agnes widow METEYARD buried 07-Jan 1763

John METEYARD buried 21-Jan 1763

Elizabeth daughter of George and Edith DODD buried 08-Feb 1763

Margory DENNIS widow buried 20-Feb 1763

Hannah METEYARD widow buried 20-Feb 1763

Richard GIBBONS buried 07-Jun 1763

Mary spurious daughter of Bewley FORSEY buried 10-Jun 1763

Samuel FORD buried 20-Sep 1763

Henry SIMM buried 21-Sep 1763

William PYMOR buried 22-Oct 1763

William DENNIS buried 14-Dec 1763

William CLARK of Bristol or that neighbourhood buried 21-Dec 1763

Martha daughter of Henry and Mary WILTSHIRE buried 23-Dec 1763

Anne widow WILLIAMS buried 18-Jan 1764

Mr. William SAMWAYS buried 23-Feb 1764

Mary wife of Ralph CROFT buried 29-Feb 1764

Samuel son of Samuel and Grace COWARD buried 31-Mar 1764

Mary wife of Joseph PYMOR buried 20-Jun 1764

Jane widow MURPHY buried 20-Jul 1764

Elizabeth wife of Benjamin TULLIDGE buried 04-Oct 1764

Thomazin daughter of the late Capt' John TULLIDGE buried 20-Nov 1764

Eleanor widow GIBBONS buried 12-Dec 1764

Anne widow CLARK buried 10-Jan 1765

John OLLIVER buried 24-Jan 1765

Ralph CROFT buried 10-Mar 1765

Anne daughter of Nicholas and Mary HALL buried 20-Mar 1765

John son of John and Anne BARTLETT buried 21-Jul 1765

Joan widow DAMMON buried 28-Jul 1765

Gregory HANSFORD buried 08-Sep 1765

Anne widow HALL buried 02-Nov 1765

Anne widow BOATSWAIN buried 06-Jan 1766

Mary wife of Richard HALL buried 27-Jan 1766

John CAFFE buried 09-Feb 1766

Mary daughter of William and Cassandra SALISBURY buried 13-Feb 1766

Mary widow WOOD buried 15-Feb 1766

John CREW buried 23-Feb 1766

John WATSON buried 23-Mar 1766

Damaris widow PAYNE buried 23-Apr 1766

Elizabeth daughter of George and Hannah BOATSWAIN buried 17-May 1766

Mary spinster WORRETT buried 22-May 1766

Mrs. Elizabeth widow THRESHER buried 08-Jun 1766

Martha wife of William MOOR buried 06-Aug 1766

Thomazin widow COX buried 09-Sep 1766

Hannah wife of Joseph MULLENS buried 21-Sep 1766

Richard son of Augustin and Lois WHITE buried 23-Sep 1766

Edith wife of John JESTLEY? buried 04-Nov 1766

Elizabeth widow MOOR buried 14-Nov 1766

Elizabeth widow CUMBDON buried 10-Dec 1766

Esther widow SIMM buried 07-Jan 1767

Elizabeth wife of William DURDANT buried 18-Jan 1767

Bridget widow HILL buried 20-Jan 1767

Robert METEYARD buried 27-Feb 1767

Joseph GIBBONS buried 08-Mar 1767

William BAKER buried 18-Mar 1767

John COWARD buried 24-Apr 1767

Mrs. Elizabeth wife of Mr. Stephen LOCK buried 05-May 1767

John Melbury CHALKER buried 25-May 1767

Mary widow GREEN buried 17-Jun 1767

Joan wife of James PITMAN buried 20-Aug 1767

Christian widow CREW buried 01-Oct 1767

Mary wife of John Mariner GIBBONS buried 17-Dec 1767

Thomas COOPER buried 11-Jan 1768

Elizabeth wife of Thomas BATTEN? buried 18-Mar 1768

John soldier MULLENS buried 28-Mar 1768

Joan wife of John HAYWARD buried 16-Apr 1768

William THRESHER buried 14-May 1768

Dorothy wife of Richard BURD buried 11-Jun 1768

David JARDINES buried 30-Aug 1768

Lois daughter of Augustia and Lois WHITE buried 02-Oct 1768

Peter GIBBONS buried 14-Oct 1768

Anne widow VALLENS buried 26-Oct 1768

John WATTS buried 26-Nov 1768

Elizabeth spinster BRYAR buried 20-Jan 1769

Grace wife of John CHALKER buried 05-Feb 1769

William Loddon SYMS buried 23-Feb 1769

Anne wife of John BARTLETT buried 03-Mar 1769

Mary spinster GREEN buried 10-Apr 1769

Margory widow PAYNE buried 28-Apr 1769

Alice spinster CLARK buried 22-Nov 1769

Elizabeth widow CLARK buried 09-Dec 1769

Richard son of Charles and Mary WATTS buried 30-Jan 1770

Susanna daughter of John and Elizabeth Dorchester MILLER buried 07-Feb 1770

Elizabeth widow HALLS buried 27-Feb 1770

Mary spinster BURDOB? buried 08-Mar 1770

William son of Richard and Anne WESTLAKE buried 19-Mar 1770

Joan widow BOATSWAIN buried 23-Mar 1770

Anne daughter of Susan widow GREEN buried 23-Mar 1770

Rebecca widow FLOWER buried 27-Mar 1770

Thomas FLOWER buried 17-May 1770

Matthew son of John and Anne CLARK buried 14-May 1770

Virtue spinster NEWMAN buried 05-Jun 1770

Francis son of William and Mary SWYHER? buried 03-Aug 1770

Susanna spinster ELLERY buried 21-Aug 1770

Elizabeth daughter of James and Agnes ALLEN buried 12-Nov 1770

Joseph SIMM buried 03-Dec 1770

John son of John and Mary SYMS buried 16-Dec 1770

Susannah daughter of Philip and Mary FURLONGER buried 05-Jan 1771

Joan spinster MILLER buried 27-Jan 1771

Henry infant of Henry and Mary SIMM buried 26-Feb 1771

Corbet son of Robert and Mary PITMAN buried 01-Mar 1771

Judith base born daughter of Susannah Hutchinson GREEN buried 20-Mar 1771

Joannah wife of William WATSON buried 14-Apr 1771

Sarah daughter of James and Mary KNIGHT buried 17-Apr 1771

Sampson WALLIS buried 21-Apr 1771

Catherine daughter of Augustin and Lois WHITE buried 30-Apr 1771

Edward son of James and Agnes ALLEN buried 06-May 1771

Susan widow GREEN buried 10-May 1771

Elizabeth widow HAWKINS buried 24-Aug 1771

Mrs. Joan PARKER buried 15-May 1772

Richard ARNOLD buried 02-Jun 1772

Elizabeth PITMAN buried 14-Jun 1772

James JOLLIFF buried 21-Jun 1772

Mary PITMAN buried 21-Jul 1772

John FARR buried 27-Aug 1772

Ann BOATSWAIN buried 06-Sep 1772

Mary WATTS buried 15-Nov 1772

Alice  HANSFORD buried 27-Nov 1772

Eleanor FURMAGE buried 16-Dec 1772

John GIBBONS buried 17-Dec 1772

Hannah HAWKINS buried 05-Apr 1773

Anne THRESHER buried 11-Apr 1773

Elizabeth GIBBONS buried 11-Apr 1773

The Rev. Mr. James Vicar of Abbotsbury HARRIS buried 08-May 1773

Joseph son of Joseph and Joan WILTSHIRE buried 30-Sep

Elias MULLINS buried 28-Oct

Mary daughter of Augustin and Lucy WHITE buried 11-Nov

John MULLINS buried 21-Dec

Thomas CREWE buried 16-Jan

John HANSFORD buried 18-Jan

Elizabeth POLLARD buried 20-Jan

Mr. Stephen *REK* buried 25-Jan

Grace daughter of Thomas and Susannah HAWKINS buried 13-Feb

Martha ROLES? buried 25-Mar

Mary daughter of Robert and Mary PITMAN buried 24-*** 1774

Mary daughter of Augustin and Lois WHITE buried 1774

Henry son of Joseph and Jane SIMM buried 1774

William son of William and Eleanor GIBBONS buried 15-Feb 1775

Judith HUTCHINGS buried 12-May 1775

Isaac WATSON buried 11-May 1775

Ann CLARK buried 20-May 1775

Elizabeth PITMAN buried 06-Dec 1775

John BAYLY buried 07-Dec 1775

Thomas PITMAN buried 13-Dec 1775

Zechariah SAMPSON buried 27-Jan 1776

Thomas BOATSWAIN buried 29-Jan 1776

Grace wife of James SAMPSON buried 21-Mar 1776

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Agnes GREEN buried 12-Sep 1776

Unknown man & women found in sea buried 03-Dec 1776

John BARTLETT buried 13-Dec 1776

James SIMM buried 25-Jan 1777

Arthur Tenby WILLIAMS shipwrecked on the coast buried 06-Feb 1777

Richard HALL buried 08-Feb 1777

Grace widow GIBBONS buried 06-Mar 1777

Joan daughter of James SAMWAYS buried 16-Mar 1777

Benjamin TULLIDGE buried 10-Apr 1777

John Loddon SAMWAYS buried 27-May 1777

Elizabeth wife of John CHIPMAN buried 20-Jun 1777

Eleanor wife of William GIBBONS buried 23-Jun 1777

William son of William GIBBONS buried 26-Dec 1777

Ann widow JOLLIFE buried 06-Jan 1778

Grace daughter of Richard HAWKINS buried 26-Jan 1778

Jane widow SYMMS buried 22-Mar 1778

Mary widow HIBDITCH buried 07-Apr 1778

Ralph HANSFORD buried 13-May 1778

Jane COX buried 14-May 1778

Miriam daughter of John MOORE buried 28-Jun 1778

Joan widow GIBBONS buried 09-Jul 1778

Mary wife of Henry HALL buried 16-Sep 1778

William son of Henry and Elizabeth METEYARD buried 20-Nov 1778

William son of James and Grace SAMWAYS buried 24-Dec 1778

William BARTLETT buried 31-Dec 1778

Joseph WATSON buried 08-Mar 1778

Elizabeth wife of Robert SHEANE buried 22-Mar 1778

Mary widow PYMOR buried 30-Jun 1779

John WARREN buried 27-Jul 1779

2 unknown men & 1 woman thrown upon the beach buried 19-Sep 1779

Elizabeth DURDANT buried **-Nov 1779

Elizabeth daughter of William and Rebecca HALL buried 2*-Dec 1779

Robert seaman MALLENS buried 18-Jan 1780

Mary daughter of William and Martha FORD buried 18-Jan 1780

Charles son of Charles and Martha WHITE buried 19-Jan 1780

William son of Thomas and Susanna HAWKINS buried 28-Jan 1780

John seaman ORCHARD? buried 19-Mar 1780

Henry seaman METEYARD buried 30-Jul 1780

William WATSON buried 07-Sep 1780

Grace daughter of Robert and Mary PITMAN buried 08-Sep 1780

Elizabeth wife of Henry ANGELL buried 27-Sep 1780

Elizabeth wife of John DENNIS buried 23-Nov 1780

Anne wife of John CRITCHELL buried 26-Nov 1780

Joseph DERING buried 06-Dec 1780

Margery widow HARDY buried 21-Dec 1780

Samuel TUCKER buried 15-Jan 1780

Peter seaman GIBBONS buried 10-Apr 1780

Anne daughter of William and Anne PITMAN buried 19-Apr 1780

Joanna daughter of Samuel and Anne DAVIS buried 05-May 1780

Joseph son of Joseph and Ann CRIBB buried 27-Jun 1781

John PRIESTLY buried 30-Jul 1781

Mary daughter of William and Joan CREW buried 20-Aug 1781

Mary daughter of Robert and Mary PITMAN buried 17-Oct 1781

Grace widow WALLIS buried 24-Oct 1781

Mary FORD buried 13-Nov 1781

Sarah GIBBONS buried 30-Dec 1781

Charity WALLIS buried 08-Jan 1782

John BAREL buried 18-Jan 1782

Ann DAVIS buried 19-Jan 1782

Virtue LOVELASS infant buried 15-Feb 1782

Susanna GREEN buried 19-Feb 1782

Thomas ANGEL buried 15-Mar 1782

Mary WARREN buried 15-Mar 1782

Joanna HAINE infant buried 30-May 1782

Martha HAINE infant buried 30-May 1782

John CRITCHELL buried 16-Oct 1783

Henry WILTSHIRE buried 24-Oct 1783

Richard HOOPER buried 16-Nov 1783

Elizabeth widow WOOD buried 18-Nov 1783

Jane GIBBONS buried 28-Nov 1783

Ann widow VINCENT buried 14-Jan 1784

Nicholas pauper HALL buried 16-Jan 1784

Joseph DAMON buried 04-Feb 1784

Joan pauper BOYL buried 06-Feb 1784

Joan widow WATSON buried 26-Feb 1784

Elizabeth pauper MULLENS buried 29-Feb 1784

Jane wife of Sampson WALLIS buried 01-Apr 1784

Susanna pauper CREW buried 08-Apr 1784

Mary pauper SAMWAYS buried 09-Apr 1784

James ARNOLD buried 14-May 1784

Joan widow MULLENS buried 21-May 1784

Stephen RASHLEIGH buried 07-Jul 1784

Robert pauper DAMON alias TRIGS buried 21-Aug 1784

Peter GIBBONS buried 22-Aug 1784

Henry HALL buried 29-Aug 1784

Mary widow ANGEL buried 06-Oct 1784

Sarah daughter of William and Ann HAIN buried 05-Dec 1784

Barbara BARTLETT infant buried 16-Dec 1784

John PAYNE buried 08-Jan 1785

Sarah wife of John RENDALL buried 26-Jan 1785

Mary ALLEN buried 13-Feb 1785

Sarah daughter of Joseph WILTSHIRE buried 26-Feb 1785

Ann wife of William HAIN buried 27-Feb 1785

Ruth FURMAGE buried 25-Mar 1785

David pauper CAFFE buried 27-Apr 1785

Mary HELIER buried 29-Apr 1785

Nicholas WOOD buried 17-May 1785

Elizabeth wife of Jesse WATSON buried 09-Jul 1785

Melchisckec ARNOLD buried 16-Jul 1785

John ARNOLD buried 24-Jul 1785

Richard pauper WESTLAKE buried 01-Oct 1786

Henry SIMM infant buried 27-Oct 1786

Susanna HAWKINS buried 21-Nov 1786

Jane MOOR infant buried 07-Dec 1786

Benjamin HALL infant buried 12-Dec 1786

William pauper SIMM buried 27-Dec 1786

Ann LEE buried 02-Feb 1787

Samuel HIDITCH buried 15-Feb 1787

Ann KING buried 27-Feb 1787

Elizabeth LEE buried 26-Mar 1787

John WOOD buried 16-Apr 1787

William GIBBONS buried 29-Aug 1787

Susannah HALL buried 26-Sep 1787

Margaret BRODBY buried 01-Nov 1787

Joshua GIBBONS buried 16-Dec 1787

Rebecca HALL buried 26-Dec 1787

Sarah GARDENER buried 27-Jan 1788

Virtue wife of Henry HALL buried 14-Mar 1788

Jane GIBBONS buried 12-Apr 1788

Philip FURLONGER buried 20-Apr 1788

Alice HANSFORD buried 26-Apr 1788

Joseph SIMM buried 08-Jul 1788

Elizabeth BOATSWAIN widow buried 20-Jul 1788

Betty CRIBB buried 30-Oct 1788

John BELLRINGER buried 24-Dec 1788

Robert BRODBY buried 29-Dec 1788

Joan pauper THRESHER buried 03-Jan 1789

Grace MOORE buried 17-Feb 1789

Elias JARVUS buried 26-Feb 1789

3 dead bodies supposed to be Elias and 2 sailors from his vessel buried

Joseph pauper BOYL buried 27-Feb 1789

Ann widow CHIPMAN buried 27-Mar 1789

Ann widow pauper WESTLAKE buried 29-Jun 1790

Mary widow WILTSHIRE buried 08-Aug 1790

Thomas CREW buried 30-Oct 1790

Ann CRITCHELL infant buried 11-Nov 1790

Elizabeth wife of Phineas CLARKE buried 27-Nov 1790

Mary wife of John SHERRING pauper buried 30-Nov 1790

Mary SIMMS pauper buried 04-Feb 1791

Susanna SIMMS pauper buried 04-Feb 1791

Henry GIBBONS buried 16-Feb 1791

John SUMMERS buried 01-May 1791

Ann FURLONGER buried 08-May 1791

Thomas HAWKINS buried 29-May 1791

Elizabeth GIBBONS buried 09-Jul 1791

William FURLONGER buried 16-Jul 1791

George CHAINEY buried 18-Jul 1791

Richard ARNOLD infant buried 22-Jul 1791

John BRYANT buried 23-Jul 1791

William RENDALL infant buried 03-Aug 1791

Joseph MOORE pauper buried 14-Aug 1791

William ALLEN pauper buried 04-Oct 1791

Corbet PITMAN buried 08-Oct 1791

Jesse WATSON buried 05-Nov 1791

Sarah RUSSEL pauper buried 06-Nov 1791

John GIBBONS buried 21-Nov 1791

Edith MILLER pauper buried 05-Dec 1791

Dorothy CLARKE pauper buried 11-Dec 1791

Emma BAILIE buried 17-Dec 1791

Israel COWARD pauper buried 09-Feb 1792

Charles GREEN buried 21-Feb 1792

Alice RENDALL buried 29-Feb 1792

Sarah PITMAN buried 10-Mar 1792

John ADAMS buried 27-Mar 1792

Richard BLESS buried 14-Apr 1792

William BLESS buried 08-May 1792

Sarah BOATSWAIN infant buried 07-Jun 1792

Mary FURLONGER buried 15-Jul 1792

William SAINT infant buried 24-Nov 1792

Jane SHERRING pauper buried 09-Mar 1793

Esther CRIBB infant buried 17-Apr 1793

Esther ANSON pauper buried 18-Apr 1793

William RUSSELL pauper buried 23-Jun 1793

William CHIPMAN buried 31-Aug 1793

William GIBBONS buried 13-Sep 1793

John SIMMS buried 15-Nov 1793

William CROCKER buried 28-Nov 1793

John BOATSWAIN buried 19-Dec 1793

Mary GILL buried 28-Jan 1794

Joseph GREEN buried 25-Mar 1794

Samuel SARTLE buried 14-Apr 1794

Martha ALLEN buried 21-Apr 1794

James SAMWAYS buried 12-May 1794

William NORRIS buried 16-May 1794

Mary HALL buried 18-May 1794

Joseph RUSSELL buried **-Jun 1795

William GILL buried **-Jun 1795

Alice GILL buried **-Jun 1795

John DENNIS buried **-Aug 1795

Ann LAWRENCE buried **-Oct 1795

Sarah WARD buried **-Oct 1795

Richard Porter WARD buried **-Nov 1795

Benjamin HARDY buried **-Nov 1795

Susanna MOORE buried **-Nov 1795

Margaret COWARD buried **-Feb 1796

William RENDALL buried **-Mar 1796

William ANGELL buried **-Apr 1796

Catharine GILL infant buried **-May 1796

Elizabeth NOBBS widow buried **-May 1796

Mary WATSON buried **-Jun 1796

Mary MORETON buried **-Jun 1796

Elizabeth MORRIS buried **-Jul 1796

Elizabeth MULLENS buried **-Jul 1796

William MULLENS buried 25-Aug 1796

Ann MOORE infant buried 08-Sep 1796

Richard BRODBY buried 09-Oct 1796

Samuel CRIBB infant buried 10-Oct 1796

William BOATSWAIN infant buried 17-Oct 1796

John VINCENT buried 24-Dec 1796

John MORETON buried 27-Dec 1796

Andrew OTTLEY buried 14-Jan 1797

Mary CRITCHELL infant buried 24-Feb 1797

John CLARK buried 06-Mar 1797

Mary wife of John WARD buried 10-Mar 1797

Joseph BOATSWAIN infant buried 21-Mar 1797

John ETHERIDGE infant buried 02-Apr 1797

William MULLENS infant buried 28-May 1797

Mary FERRY buried 28-Jun 1797

Martha TOMBS otherwise SHORT buried 04-Oct 1797

George BOATSWAIN infant buried 05-Nov 1797

Joseph MOORE buried 29-Nov 1797

Henry COLLINS infant buried 28-Jan 1798

Hannah BOATSWAIN buried 28-Apr 1798

Mary COTTER buried 25-May 1798

John MOWLAM buried 22-Jul 1798

Barnaby BOISSIN mariner buried 10-Aug 1798

John TRENCHARD buried 24-Sep 1798

Henry ANGELL buried 15-Oct 1798

Thomas BOATSWAIN buried 16-Nov 1798

Sarah GIBBONS buried 21-Nov 1798

Henry ILLEGIBLE buried 22-Nov 1798

Joseph GALE infant buried 03-Dec 1798

Susanna HALL buried 02-Feb 1799

Joseph MULLENS buried 03-Mar 1799

William MOORE buried 04-Mar 1799

Barbara MULLENS buried 04-Apr 1799

Ann DURMOTT? widow buried 07-Apr 1799

Rebecca  PURCHASE infant buried 09-Apr 1799

Charles BOYL infant buried 16-Apr 1799

Ann SUMMERS widow buried 24-Apr 1799

Hannah BOATSWAIN widow buried 25-Apr 1799

Mary wife of Henry SIMM buried 19-May 1799

Esther BRODBY widow buried 21-May 1799

Hannah FOWLER buried 04-Jun 1799

Grace COWARD buried 23-Jun 1799

John MOORE buried 02-Jul 1799

Benjamin HALL buried 06-Jul 1799

Mary wife of John BOATSWAIN buried 16-Aug 1799

Sarah CROCKER buried 27-Aug 1799

Josias SIMM buried 30-Aug 1799

Lois WHITE buried 03-Nov 1799

Joseph WOOD buried 12-Nov 1799

John FURLONGER buried 15-Nov 1799

Grace CURTIS buried 05-Dec 1799

Thomas HAWKINS buried 05-Dec 1799

Elizabeth DYER buried 18-Dec 1799

Harriet BOATSWAIN buried 27-Dec 1799

Elizabeth FORD buried 01-Jan 1800

Sarah wife of William GEE buried 07-Jan 1800

Martha HAINE buried 14-Jan 1800

Richard BRODBY infant buried 21-Jan 1800

Joan OTTELER widow buried 25-Jan 1800

William Purchase BRYANT infant buried 01-Feb 1800

Mary FURLONGER infant buried 04-Feb 1800

Rebecca RENDALL infant buried 07-Feb 1800

Mary ELLIS buried 23-Feb 1800

Elizabeth SIMM widow infant buried 24-Apr 1800

William wife of John KATES buried 15-May 1800

Christian GIBBONS infant buried 08-Jun 1800

Sarah GIBBONS buried 11-Jun 1800

Charles BOYL infant buried 16-Jun 1800

Elizabeth wife of William BOATSWAIN buried 29-Jul 1800

Richard HALL buried 23-Aug 1800

Jane SALISBURY infant buried 09-Nov 1800

John MULLENS buried 23-Jan 1801

John CAFFE buried 08-Feb 1801

Elizabeth THRESHER buried 11-Feb 1801

Abraham WATSON buried 01-Apr 1801

Joseph Gibbons MOORE buried 16-Apr 1801

James SARREL or CARROL a stranger buried 08-May 1801

Mary BRODBY buried 08-Sep 1801

William PITMAN buried 08-Nov 1801

Sarah GIBBONS widow buried 08-Jan 1802

Christian BOATSWAIN buried 08-Feb 1802

Ann CLARL buried 21-Feb 1802

Hester BRODBY infant buried 16-Mar 1802

Samuel DENNIS buried 31-Mar 1802

John HAWKINS buried 05-Apr 1802

William BOATSWAIN buried 17-Apr 1802

James SANSOM buried 24-May 1802

Mary GILL buried 26-May 1802

William COOPER buried 21-Jun 1802

Elizabeth GIBBONS widow buried 23-Jun 1802

James BRODBY buried 02-Jul 1802

Sarah CREW buried 06-Aug 1802

Elizabeth TRENCHARD widow buried 18-Sep 1802

Thomas WAKEFORD buried 20-Sep 1802

Martha CLARK infant buried 28-Sep 1802

Thomas MOCKERIDGE buried 26-Oct 1802

William FARR buried 23-Dec 1802

Ann WAKEFORD infant buried 13-Jan 1802

Samuel COWARD buried 14-Jan 1802

Susanna ROBERTS infant buried 16-Jan 1802

Barbara PITMAN widow buried 06-Feb 1802

Robert TIDBY infant buried 03-Mar 1802

Cassandra SALISBURY buried 03-Apr 1802

Joseph CREW buried 22-Apr 1802

Mary FERRET buried 25-Apr 1802

Edith MULLENS buried 05-May 1802

William FOORD buried 08-May 1802

Elizabeth ARNOLD buried 02-Jun 1803

Thomas Hawkins GALE buried 07-Jul 1803

John WATTS buried 06-Aug 1803

Grace WALLIS buried 10?-Aug 1803

William CREW buried 16-Aug 1803

Jane VALLENS buried 13-Sep 1803

Alice DAVIS buried 16-Sep 1803

John WARD buried 05-Nov 1803

William CLARK buried 21-Mar 1804

Jane PAINE buried 03-Apr 1804

Dorothy OTTELER buried 21-May 1805

William FORD infant buried 24-Sep 1805

John GIBBONS buried **-Oct 1805

Thomas VALLENS buried 01-Dec 1805

Martha MOCKERIDGE buried **-Dec 1805


3 shipwrecked bodies buried 19-Jan 1806

2 shipwrecked bodies buried 20-Jan 1806

supposed to be Morgan Aiskell and some of the crew belonging to the Russell buried


Mary PITMAN widow buried 20-Jan 1806

William REALIN buried 18-Apr 1806

John MOORE infant buried 25-May 1806

Ann Clark FORD infant buried 15-Jun 1806

Ann CHIPMAN buried 24-Jun 1806

Mary RENDALL infant buried 04-Jul 1806

John BOATSWAIN infant buried 14-Jul 1806

Alice GIBBONS widow buried 20-Jul 1806

Charles GALE buried 24-Aug 1806

David VINCENT buried 10-Oct 1806

A shipwreaked body buried 06-Nov 1806

John GIBBONS buried **-Nov 1806

Israel BOATSWAIN buried **-Nov 1806

Benjamin HALL buried 26-Dec 1806

Mary CREW buried 06-Jan 1807

Sarah WELLMACUTT buried 07-Jan 1807

A shipwreaked body Carls HEYMAN buried 11-Jan 1807

Elizabeth METEYARD widow buried 01-Feb 1807

Ann WARREN widow buried 05-Mar 1807

John TULLIDGE buried 06-Mar 1807

>Illegible ILLEGIBLE >buried ?-March 1807

>Illegible ILLEGIBLE >buried 14-Apr 1807

>Illegible ILLEGIBLE >buried 17-Apr 1807

>Illegible >FORD >buried 18-Apr 1807

>Illegible ILLEGIBLE >buried 09-May 1807

>Illegible ILLEGIBLE >buried 04-Jun 1807

William SANSOM buried 16-Aug 1807

Eleanor WEBB buried 30-Nov 1807

George LEE buried 06-Dec 1807

Mary CREW buried 20-Dec 1807

Henry BOATSWAIN buried 31-Dec 1807

Joseph BAGG buried 06-Jan 1808

Mary TIDBY buried 08-Feb 1808

Elizabeth CLARE buried 23-Feb 1808

Sarah RUSSELL buried 22-May 1808

John GALE buried 05-Jul 1808

Mary WARD buried 16-Jul 1808

Richard Porter WARD infant buried 30-Sep 1808

Mary BOATSWAIN buried 27-Oct 1808

Joan MOWLAM buried 28-Oct 1808

Elizabeth Shean ORCHARD infant buried 18-Nov 1808

Sarah BAGG buried 17-Nov 1808

Mary BRODBY buried 09-Dec 1808

Elizabeth LEWIS buried 16-Dec 1808

Peggy BRODBY buried 27-Dec 1808

Elizabeth CRITCHELL buried 01-Jan 1809

Mary WHITE infant buried 04-Feb 1809

Mary WALLS widow buried 07-Mar 1809

Betty TREVET buried 22-Mar 1809

John ARNOLD buried 25-Mar 1809

Mary HALLETT buried 16-Apr 1809

William SALISBURY buried 18-Apr 1809

Joseph WILTSHIRE buried 21-Apr 1809

Thomas BOATSWAIN infant buried 14-May 1809

Thomas ANSON buried 16-May 1809

John MULLENS buried 19-May 1809

Martha CLARK buried 11-Jun 1809

Ann BOATSWAIN infant buried 19-Jun 1809

Christian GIBBONS buried 01-Jul 1809

Sarah ANGELL buried 02-Jul 1809

Joan CREW buried 14-Jul 1809

John RELULAR buried 14-Jul 1809

Baley FORSEY buried 23-Jul 1809

John CRITCHELL buried 10-Sep 1809

William GALE infant buried 14-Oct 1809

Thomasin CLAXTON buried 22-Oct 1809

Henry SIMM buried 06-Nov 1809

Barbara SIMM buried 01-Jan 1810

Joseph DAVIS buried 08-Jan 1810

Jane BOATSWAIN buried 26-Jan 1810

Mary DIMONT buried 07-Feb 1810

Robert HONEYBURNE buried 20-Mar 1810

Sarah WESTMACUTT infant buried 28-Mar 1810

John KING buried 18-May 1810

Elizabeth Cosens GREEN buried 05-Jul 1810

Ann HAIN buried 07-Jul 1810

Mary GIBBONS buried 12-Jul 1810

Elizabeth NORTHOVER buried 15-Jul 1810

Charles WHITE infant buried 23-Jul 1810

Deborah NORTHOVER infant buried 23-Sep 1810

Robert HONEYBURNE infant buried 14-Oct 1810

William TIDBY buried 22-Dec 1810

Josiah SIMM buried 06-Mar 1811

John CHIPMAN buried 10-Mar 1811

William DENNIS buried 20-Mar 1811

Mary wife of Robert FOWLER buried 30-Mar 1811

Ann CREW buried 10-May 1811

Ralph HANSFORD buried 17-May 1811

James CLARK infant buried 25-May 1811

Grace HARRIS widow buried 26-Jun 1811

Charles HIBDITCH buried 02-Aug 1811

Job BAGWELL buried 06-Aug 1811

William RENDALL buried 13-? 1811

Charles GALE buried 13-? 1811

Mary Gibbons SMITH infant buried ?-December 1811

Augustine WHITE buried 22-Dec 1811

John CHURCHELL infant buried 29-Dec 1811

Henry BOATSWAIN buried 16-Jan 1812

Mary GEE infant buried 30-Jan 1812

Mary widow buried 06-Feb 1812

Ann LAWRENCE buried 19-Feb 1812

Rodden SAMWAYS of Lodders buried 19-Mar 1812

Elizabeth RENDALL buried 12-Apr 1812

Elizabeth CHALKER buried 15-Apr 1812

Elizabeth GREEN buried 06-May 1812

William HALLETT infant buried 24-May 1812

Ruth MULLENS widow buried 14-Jul 1812

Matthew VINCENT infant buried 26-Jul 1812

Mary PHILIPS buried 06-Nov 1812

John RENDALL buried 15-Nov 1812

Alice ARNOLD widow buried 23-Nov 1812

Elizabeth FORD infant buried 26-Nov 1812

William PHILIPS infant buried 11-Dec 1812