Nine photographs, please be patient while they load. They are mostly from old postcards with a few modern photographs for comparison. The sepia postcards are courtesy of Jean Boney. Further contributions of photographs of the village, parish, church, landscape or previous residents of the parish are always welcome.

These two photographs [circa 1920] show the main road through the village,
the inn features in both of them although from different directions.

Rodden Row which is part of the main road through the village. Postcard on the left is circa 1900 and the photograph on the right taken from a bit further back is 2002. You wouldn't find people walking down the middle of the road these days!

Top left. Another view of Rodden Row circa 1950

Top Right. A different view of the main road in 2002

Left. The Church of St Nicholas from a postcard circa 1930

An old postcard of the large tithe barn in Abbotsbury. Circa 1900.

An old postcard [circa 1900] showing the abbey entrance and St Catherines at Abbotsbury.