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Until 1858 all wills had to be proved (formally approved) by church and other courts. The Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), the most important of these courts, dealt with the relatively wealthy individuals living mainly in the south of England and most of Wales (what was originally the ecclesiastical province of Canterbury). Wills of less wealthy individuals MAY have been proved in a number of other ecclesiastical courts, including the Archdeaconry Court of Exeter (pre-1843); the Archdeaconry Court of Dorset (post-1843); The Consistory Court of the Bishop of Exeter (pre-1843); or the Royal Peculiar of Sarum. From 1858 all wills were indexed centrally and this index is widely available at Record Offices, Probate Registries and the LDS Church.

This page contains two indexes, Wills proved in the PCC (donated courtesy of Kim Parker) and those found in the Probate Registry at Blandford from the Archdeaconry Court of Dorset (unknown transcriber)

ASH Will of Magdalene Ash, Widow of Affpuddle, Dorset 03 Sep 1706 PROB 11/490
AISH or ASH Will of Simon Aish or Ash, Watch Maker of Aff Puddle, Dorset 01 Dec 1743 PROB 11/730
BEREMAN Will of Nicholas Bereman, Yeoman of Aff Puddle, Dorset 14 Feb 1638 PROB 11/176
BISHOP Will of William Bishop, Mechanic of Briants Puddle, Dorset 12 Sep 1855 PROB 11/2219
BREKELL Will of Roberte Brekell of Aff Puddle, Dorset 03 Nov 1619 PROB 11/134
CLARKE Will of Robert Clarke, Yeoman of Aff Puddle, Dorset 14 May 1807 PROB 11/1460
CROOME Will of John Croome, Yeoman of Briantspuddle, Dorset 12 Feb 1619 PROB 11/133
CROOME Sentence of John Croome of Briantspuddle, Dorset 16 Feb 1621 PROB 11/137
FEELLPES Will of Richard Feellpes, Yeoman of Briantspuddle, Dorset 12 Apr 1622 PROB 11/139
HOOPER Will of William Hooper, Miller of Aff Puddle, Dorset 30 Aug 1852 PROB 11/2157
LAURENCE Will of Lady Alice Laurence of Affpuddle, Dorset 22 Jul 1653 PROB 11/228
LAWRENCE Will of John Lawrence, Gentleman of Affpuddle, Dorset 17 Feb 1762 PROB 11/873
LOOPE Will of Andrew Loope, Yeoman of Affpuddle, Dorset 19 Jun 1651 PROB 11/217
MILBOURNE Will of Reverend Samuel Lambert Milbourne, Clerk of Affpiddle, Dorset 21 Aug 1787 PROB 11/1156
PITT Will of William Pitt, Yeoman of Affpuddle, Dorset 31 May 1854 PROB 11/2191
REASON Will of Thomas Reason, Yeoman of Affpuddle, Dorset 06 Feb 1654 PROB 11/239
SCUT or SCUTT Will of Thomas Scut or Scutt of Aff Puddle, Dorset 11 Oct 1599 PROB 11/94
SEAR Will of Samuel Sear, Yeoman of Affpuddle, Dorset 12 May 1727 PROB 11/615
SEARE Will of James Seare, Cordwainer of Affpuddle, Dorset 18 Apr 1816 PROB 11/1579
SQUIBB Will of Joseph Squibb of Affpuddle, Dorset 18 Jul 1843 PROB 11/1983
STUTT Will of Nicholas Stutt of Aff Puddle, Dorset 23 Jun 1616 PROB 11/127
TERRELL Will of Timothy Terrell, Clerk of Aff Puddle, Dorset 01 Feb 1749 PROB 11/768
VIE Will of Edward Vie, Husbandman of Affpuddle, Dorset 26 Jun 1633 PROB 11/163
WATKINS Will of Jane Watkins, Widow of Aff Puddle, Dorset 05 Mar 1752 PROB 11/793
WHITE Will of John White, Husbandman of Aff Puddle, Dorset 16 Mar 1659 PROB 11/289
WILLIAMS Will of John Williams, Gentleman of Affpuddle, Dorset 14 Jun 1726 PROB 11/609
WOODROW Will of William Woodrow of Affpuddle, Dorset 12 May 1830 PROB 11/1771
WOODROW Will of Charles Woodrow, Gamekeeper of Affpuddle, Dorset 29 Mar 1854 PROB 11/2189

Wills proved in the PCC can be downloaded from the Documents online service of the National Archives for a small fee

The following index contains an extracted list of persons 'of Affpuddle' who left wills, letters of administration or inventories
to be found with the Probate Registry at Blandford Dorset, Archdeaconry Court of Dorset up to 1793. The names
are extracted from indexes found in publications at the Dorset Record Office and elsewhere. Copies of these
documents should be available from the Dorset Record Office. Note that this index does not cover the
period from the 1790s to 1858. 

Surname Forename Parish Will/Admin/Invent Year
Ball James Affpuddle Will  
Bascombe George Affpuddle   Will 1754
Bascombe James Affpuddle   Will 1788
Bragg Joan Affpuddle   Will 1763
Bragg John Affpuddle   Will 1747
Bryant Peter Affpuddle   Will 1684
Caines Grace Affpuddle   Will  
Cole John Affpuddle   Will 1752
Collins John Palington in Affpuddle   Will 1671
Cony David Woodvick in Affpuddle Will 16**
Cribb Hugh Affpuddle   Will 1689
Davis Andrew Affpuddle   Will 1767
Drake James Affpuddle   Will 1778
Esther Daniel Affpuddle   Will 1728
Eyles Jane Affpuddle   Will 1666
Eyres William Junr. Affpuddle   Will 1747
Frampton Ann Affpuddle   Will 1763
Frampton Thomas Affpuddle   Will 1681
Gatch Edward Affpuddle   Will 1780
George John Affpuddle   Will 1685
Green Elizabeth Affpuddle   Will 1692
Green John Affpuddle    Will 1698
Hallam John Affpuddle Will 1729
Hardy Robert Affpuddle   Will 1790
Harris Robert Affpuddle   Will 1687
Haskell John Affpuddle   Will 1763
Haskull Thomas Affpuddle   Will 1712
Hookey William Affpuddle Will 1773
Hurdler John Affpuddle Admin 1770
Lawrence Edward Affpuddle   Will 1751
Lawrence Edward Sen Affpuddle Will 1710
Lawrence Edwd. Affpuddle Admin 1699
Lawrence Joyce Affpuddle   Will 1754
Lawrence Mary Affpuddle   Will 1738
Legg John Affpuddle Will [vicar]
Little William Affpuddle   Will 1787
Loope Margaret Affpuddle   Will 1667
Lowe Edith Pallington in Affpuddle   Will 1727
Michell Robert Affpuddle   Will 1714
Mitchell George Affpuddle   Will 1761
Neppred John Affpuddle   Will 1742
Packett Gabriel Affpuddle Admin 1763
Pearce Elizabeth Affpuddle   Will 1773
Perkins Oliver Affpuddle   Will 1705
Randall Thomas Affpuddle Will 1766
Reason Robert Affpuddle  Will 17**
Rogers John Affpuddle   Will 1681
Scutt Robert Affpuddle   Will 1785
Scutt Thomas Affpuddle   Will 1739
Sear Benjamin Affpuddle   Will 1762
Seare Samuel Affpuddle   Will 1755
Sexey Francis Pallenton in Affpuddle   Will 1789
Slade Robert Senr. Affpuddle   Will 1775
Slade Simon Affpuddle    Will 1705
Smith Joyce Affpuddle  Will 1754
Smith Nicholas Affpuddle   Will 1739
Squibb William Affpuddle   Will 1750
Squibb William Affpuddle Will 1752
Stickland Henry Affpuddle   Will 1763
Symes Jethro Affpuddle   Will 1668
Symonds John Affpuddle   Will 1747
Trenchfield Thomas Affpuddle   Will 1783
Vey Dorothy Affpuddle   Will 1676
Vye Thomas Affpuddle   Will 1679
Way Rich. [a sailor] Affpuddle Admin 1708
Whittel  [Whittle] Thomas Affpuddle Invent & Will 1729

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