Bridport with Allington

J G Harrod & Co.'s Postal & Commercial Directory of Dorset & Wiltshire 1865

Transcription from a copy of the original book, kindly donated to the OPC Project by Alan Bartlett, 2003


Bankers: --
Dorsetshire Bank (Branch of) R. and H. Williams and Co. Draw on Williams, Deacon, & Co., Birchin Lane, London, E.C., Frederick Good, Esq., manager.
Wilts and Dorset Banking Co. (Branch office). --- Draw on London and Westminster Bank, London. Henry John Feltham, Esq., manager.
Savings Bank open on Wednesdays. Jame Williams, Esq., actuary.

County Court for the Bridport district Town Hall. Edward Everett, Esq. Judge. Henry Augustus Templer, Esq., registrar. James Major, high bailiff.
Custom House, Harbour. --- Laurence Malcolm Maxton, Esq., collector.
Coast Guard Station. --- John Douglas, chief officer.
Depot of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge ---Mrs. Harriet Knell, East Street.
Excise Office ---Greyhound Inn. John Owens, Inland Revenue Officer.
Gas and Coke Works---South Street. Thomas Male, secretary. James Lowe, manager.
Harbour Masterís Office --- Harbour. William White, master.
Literary and Scientific Institute Reading and Lecture Rooms---Public reading rooms, East Street. Mr. John Gillingham, librarian.
Police Station --- South Street. William Lavender, sergeant.
Railway Station --- Bradpole Road. John Webber, station master.
Stamp Office --- John Prince, stamp distributor, East Street.

Union Workhouse --- Bradpole road, for the parishes of Allington, Askerswell, Bothenhampton, Burton-Bradstock, Bradpole, Chideock, Catherston-Leweston, Loders, Shipton George, Litton Cheney, Puncknowle, Stanton St. Gabrielís, Symondsbury, Swayre, Walditch, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Wooton Fitzpaine, Richard Cornick, clerk to guardians; Benjamin Ames, master, and Mrs. Sarah Ames, matron; Rev. Alexander Broadley, M.A. (rural dean) chaplain. Guardians meet every other Wenesday.

Coroner for Dorsetshire --- N. M. Loggin, Esq., Barrack Street.
Clerk to Borough Magistrates --- F. W. Gundry, Esq.
Clerk to the Bridport Highway Board --- N. M. Loggin, Esq.
Clerk to County Magistrates --- F. W. Gundry, Esq.
Clerk to Commissioners of Bridport Harbour Ė F. W. Gundry, Esq.
Clerk to Commissioners of Turnpike --- H. A. Templer, Esq.
Clerk to Local Board of Health --- F. W. Gundry, Esq.
Clerk to the Guardians of Bridport Union --- Richard Cornick, West St.
Collector of H. M. Customs --- Mr. L. M. Maxton, Harbour
Harbour Master --- William White
High Bailiff of County Court --- James Major
Registrar of County Court --- H. A. Templer, Esq.
Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Bridport District --- John S. Knell, East Street
Registrar of Marriages for the District of Bridport --- John Monteith, Harbour, and William C. Frost, West street.
Town Clerk of Bridport, Joint Solicitor of Broadwinsor Turnpike, and American Vice-Consel --- F. W. Gundry, Esq.
Stamp Distributor --- John Prince, postoffice

St. Maryís Church --- Rev. Melville Lee, A.M., rector; Rev. Kenneth William Kirkland, curate.
Baptist Chapel --- Chards Mead. Rev. R. Stevens, minister.
Independent Chapel --- East Street. Rev. John Rogers, minister.
Wesleyan Chapel --- South Street. Ministers various.
Wesleyan Chapel --- Harbour. Ministers various.
Catholic Chapel --- Chards Mead
Society of Friendís Meeting House --- South Street. Ministers various.
Unitarian Chapel --- East Street. Rev. John Lettis Short, minister. West Allington.

Bridport Church (National system), Gundry Lane. Emma Foot, mistress.
Boys, Girls, and Infants --- King of Prussia Lane
Boys --- John Beard, master
Girls --- Miss L. Keey, mistress
Infants --- Miss Elizabeth Roach, mistress
Infant --- (Miss Gundryís), West Street. Mrs. Dorcas Hardy, mistress

Bull Commercial Inn and Hotel --- John Knight, East Street

Bridport News and Dorsetshire, Devonshire, and Somersetshire Advertiser, published every Saturday; William Charles Frost, proprietor and publisher, West Street.

South-western omnibus to the Crewkerne station leaves the Bull Hotel, Bridport, at 9:45 a.m., the Red Lion Hotel, Beaminster, at 10:30, arriving at Crewkerne in time the 11:30 up and down trains. Booking office, at the White Lion Inn, West Bridge, Bridport, E. Dyke, proprietor.

Royal Day Mail to Lyme Regis, through Charmouth, leaves the Bull Inn daily (Sunday Excepted), at 3 p.m., return from the Three Caps, Lyme, 10:45.

Hounsell, to Lyme, Charmouth, &c., Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, from Royal Oak. Gill, to Axminster, Monday, and Thursday, from 2 afternoon, from the Globe, East Street. Mr. John Mitchell, to Weymouth, Monday and Thursday, from the Star, and his house, Allington, returns the following day.

Trading vessels every alternate week. To Horeís wharf, Hermitage bridge, Wapping. Plmouth and Portsmouth, weekly.

Office and warehouse, Gundry Lane, John Lamb, manager, Bridport, agent to the Great Western Railway Co.

GUNDRY B. P., Esq. Magistrate & Mayor  
TUCKER Richard, Esq. Magistrate  
HOUNSELL Thomas C., Esq. Magistrate  
GUNDRY Joseph, Esq. Magistrate  
BARNICOTT John, Esq. Magistrate  
STEPHENS John P., Esq. Magistrate  
WHETHAM Stephen W., Esq. Magistrate  
GOOD Frederick, Esq. Magistrate  
WHETHAM Chas., Esq. Magistrate  
SWAIN William, Esq. Magistrate  
WILLIAMS James, Esq. Magistrate  
JEFFORD John, Esq. Alderman  
BENNETT Samuel, Esq. Alderman  
COLFOX Thomas Alderman  
STEPHENS Silvanus, Esq. Alderman  
HOUNSELL John, Esq. Alderman  
BEACH Thomas, Esq. Alderman  
STEMBRIDGE H. M. Councillor  
PERHAM John Councillor  
WILLIAMS James Councillor  
SUTTILL John P. Councillor  
BARTLETT Joseph Councillor  
LEGG T. Councillor Allington
EVANS George B. Councillor  
HOUNSELL Herbert E. Councillor  
GUNDRY Benjamin P. Councillor  
STEPHENS John P. Councillor  
TEMPLEMAN James Councillor  
COX Elias Councillor  
LANOMBE John C. Councillor  
LEGG Thos. Councillor Bridport
TUCKER Richard Councillor  
SWAIN William Councillor  
MANLEY Wm. H. Councillor  
ANGEL Mr. Robert   Harbour Rd.
ANSTIS Rev. John Burn   East Rd.
BARTLETT Joseph, Esq.   East Street
BATTISCOMBE Mrs.   East Cottage
BROWN Mr. John   Chards Mead
BROWN Mr. Thomas   South St.
CARTER Miss   Station Rd.
CHARLTON William, Esq.   Brewery Cottage, Harbour Rd.
COLFOX Wm. Esq.   Rax House
COX Elias, Esq.   Harbour Rd.
COX John, Esq.   Harbour Rd.
DAY J. Addison, Esq.   West Allington
DENZILOE Matthew, Esq.   West Allington
DOUGLASS Mr. John   Harbour Rd.
EDMUNDS Chas., Esq.   West Allington
EDMUNDS Mrs.   East Street
EDMUNDS Thos. Hallet, Esq.   Station Rd.
EDWARDS Geo. J., Esq.   West Allington
EDWARDS Henry S., Esq.   West Allington
EDWARDS James S., Esq.   West Allington
EWENS George, Esq.   West Allington
EWENS Thomas, Esq.   West Allington
FELTHAM Henry John, Esq.   East Street
FOX Rev. Henry   North Allington
GILES Rev. Matthew Wesleyan Minister South St.
GOOD Mr. Daniel   Harbour Rd.
GOOD Frederick, Esq.   West St.
GRAVES Thomas, Esq.   Barrack Rd.
GUNDRY Benj. Pearks, Esq. J.P. West St.
GUNDRY Fredk. Walter, Esq.   The Grove
GUNDRY Joseph, Esq. H.P. Hyde, Bothenhampton
GUNDRY Sam. Bowden, Esq. J.P. West St.
HAMOND Rev. John Burn Wesleyan Minister East Street
HANHAM Mr. Thomas   North Allington
HAY William Henry, Esq.   East Street
HODDER Mrs. Anne   West Allington
HODDER Mr. Walter G.   East Rd.
HOUNSELL Herbert E., Esq.   North Rd.
HOUNSELL Joseph, Esq.   East Street
HOUNSELL J. Esq.   Bridge House, East St.
HOUNSELL Thomas, Esq.   Wykes Court
HOUNSELL William, Esq.   Wykes Court
HUSSEY The Misses   East Street
JEFFORD John, Esq.   Downes St.
KERSLAKE John, Esq.   Hyde Corner
KIRKLAND Mrs.,   1 Port Ville, Harbour Rd.
KIRKLAND Rev. Kenneth Wm. Curate of St. Mary's Church 1 Port Ville, Harbour Rd.
LEE Mrs. Herbert   West Allington
LEE Rev. Melville L. Rector of St. Mary's The Rectory, South St.
LEEKEY G.   Wanderwell House, Harbour Rd.
LEGG Thomas, Esq.   North Allington
MANLEY William Henry, Esq.   West St.
MAXTON Laurence M., Esq.   Harbour Rd.
MONTAGU John, Esq.   Down Hall
RENDALL Henry, Esq.   West Allington
ROGERS Rev. John Independent Minister Station Rd.
ROOD George, Esq.   South St.
SCOTT Francis, Esq.   West St.
SHERRIFF Mr. Charles   West Allington
SHIER Miss   Station Rd.
SHORT Rev. J. Lettes Unitarian Minister West Allington
SMITH Mr. William   Harbour Rd.
SMITH Mrs.   West Allington
STEPHENS John Pike, Esq.   East Rd.
STEPHENS Silvanus, Esq.   West Allington
STEPHENS Mr. Walter   East Rd.
STEPHENS Rev. John Wesleyan Minister West Allington
SUTTILL John Pickard, Esq.   Pymore Mills
SUTTILL Mrs.   Harbour Rd.
SWAIN Mr. John   Downes St.
SWAIN Wiiliam, Esq.   Harbour Rd.
SWYNE Mrs.   Station Rd.
SYMES George, Esq. M.D. South St.
SYMONDS Mr. John   East Street
TEMPLER Henry Augustus, Esq.   Mount Field
TEMPLER Mrs.   West Allington
TUCKER Miss   South St.
WALLIS Mrs.   Downes St.




East Street


Stephen W., Esq.


South St.


James, Esq.


East Street




East Rd.

ACKERMAN Henry Five Bells Inn & twine spinner South St.
ACKERMAN Steph. Cross Keys Inn South St.
AKERMAN John Innkeeper South St.
ALLEN George baker North Allington
ALLEN John beer retailer South St.
ALLEN Uriah baker & Grocer Chruch Lane
AMES Benjamin Governor of Union  
AMES Sarah Mistress of Union  
ANDREWS Richard corn dealer, butter & cheese factor, and cooper South St.
AVANT Thomas organ & pianoforte tuner & repairer, &c. and organist of St. Mary's church Downes St.
BAKER John carpenter & joiner East Street
BAKER Joseph Chas. linen draper East Street
BAKER Samuel twine lint and shoe thread manufacturer East Street
BALSON G. baker & Grocer West Allington
BANSTER Mr. veterinary surgeon East Street
BARNES Charles baker South St.
BARRETT Henry painter, glazier & paper hanger East Street
BARRETT Thomas stone mason North Allington
BARTLETT Francis linen draper East Street
BARTLETT John coal dealer North Allington
BARTLETT Joseph & Son manufacturers of shoe threads, twine, nets, &c. Barrack Street
BASSETT John accountant Chruch Lane
BEACH & BARNICOTT patent medicine warehouse, and proprietors of the poor man's friend Downes St.
BEACH & CO.   chemists & druggists East Street
BEER George grocer East Street
BENNETT Samuel grocer & provision dealer East Street
BEST George builder & shopkeeper North Allington
BIDDLECOMBE Daniel Ewens farmer & brickmaker North Allington
BIDDLECOMBE Thomas Ewens wool stapler, fellmonger, tanner, glover & gaiter manufacturer, saddleer & harness maker West St.
BISHOP Charles printer, grocer & tea dealer, & beer retailer East Street
BISHOP James shopkeeper South St.
BOWDEN Edwin corn and flour dealer East Street
BOWDEN John millwright East Rd.
BRADFORD George baker & confectioner East Street
BRIDLE Henry plumber, glazier, painter, paper hanger, &c. patentee and manufacturer of Bridle's double acting refrigerator West St.
BRIDLE William Mason's Arms North St.
BRIDPORT CO.   cooperative societies stores Barrack Street
BROWN George Comer commercial academy Chards Mead
BROWN Miss ladies' seminary Chards Mead
BROWN William plumber, glazier,& painter East Street
BUCKNOLE Josiah tailor & draper West Allington
BUDDEN Albert grocer South St.
BUDDEN Robert manufacturer of sacks, bags and waterproof coverings, licensed to let horses West St.
CANNON Mrs. Mary boarding and day school East Street
CHAMP Samuel R. gunsmith Barrack Street
CHARD George Railway Tavern & builder Station Rd.
CHICK Miss Sarah A. ladies' seminary West St.
CHICK Mr. grocer, tea dealer & hop merchant East Street
CHICK William Henry wine & spirit merchant South St.
CHILCOTT Geo. Master mariner South St.
CLENT Edward butcher & dealer in game South St.
CLISE Mrs. straw bonnet maker Station Rd.
COATE Thomas grocer Barrack Street
COLLINS Mrs. Mary grocer, tea dealer & Italian warehouse, and dealer in British wines East Street
COLEMAN Mrs. grocer East Street
COOK Mrs. A. cooper West St.
COOK Robert beer retailer South St.
COOMBS George Fisherman's Arms Inn South St.
COOPER John builder Chards Mead
COOPER Joseph builder North Allington
COPP Mrs. Martha shopkeeper North Allington
COPPOCK Henry Jones chemist East Street
CORNICK James P. hair dresser East Street
CORNICK John & Richard builders, auctioneers & surveyors West St.
CORNICK Richard clerk to the gaurdians of Bridport union West St.
CORNISH John plumber, glazier & painter King of Prussia Lane
COX Elias, Esq. ship builder & shipowner Harbour
COX Henry Nobbs boarding and day school East Street
COX Mrs. ladies' seminary East Street
COX Richard saddler, harness & patten maker East Street
COX William cooper South St.
CRABB James Panson shoemaker West St.
CROCKER William cooper South St.
CURDLING Richard baker & confectioner South St.
DARK Frank Seven Stars Inn Barrack Street
DAVIE William shoemaker South St.
DAY Joseph Addison solicitor West Allington
DEEM Mary Lodging house South St.
DENZILOE George grocer, tea dealer & dealer in wines & spirits West St.
DENZILOE Matthew, Esq. surgeon West Allington
DIMENT Joel shopkeeper North Allington
DODGE Augustus boot & shoe maker East Street
DORSETSHIRE BANK Frederick Good, Esq.   West St.
DOUGLASS John chief officer coast guard Harbour
DOWNTON John Hide Crown Inn Harbour Rd.
DUNHAM John furnishing ironmonger East Street
DYKE Edmund White Lion Inn West Allington
EBDON Mrs. Caroline milliner & dress maker King of Prussia Lane
EBDON Richard accountant King of Prussia Lane
EDMUNDS George & Co. tanners, fellmongers, curriers, wholesale glove & gaiter manufacturers, saddle & harness makers & wool merchants, Bridport tannery South St.
EDWARDS James manufacturer of canvass nets, twines, lines, sackings, shoe threads & waterproof coverings St. Michaels
ELSWOOD William corn, seed, wool, timber, slate & coal merchant, commission agent & warehouseman, Harbour p.r. Down House, Symondsbury
EVELEIGH John Plymouth Arms Inn West Allington
EWENS Thomas & Son manufacturers of twine, lines, nets, shoe threads & canvass & merchants West Allington
FARNHAM John watchmaker West St.
FARNHAM Mary beer retailer & watch maker West St.
FARR Edward shopkeeper West St.
FELSTOW Charles boot & shoe maker East Street
FLIGHT Edward Gill notary public, solicitor & commissioner in all the courts, solicitor & secretary to the Bridport Railway Co. Barrack Street
FOLLETT Geo. Shoeing Smith Arms South St.
FOLLETT James tailor King of Prussia Lane
FOLLETT James beer retailer Folly Mill Lane
FOOKS Mrs. Caroline straw bonnet maker East Street
FOOKS Charles cow keeper Brewery field
FOOKS William tailor & woolen draper East Street
FOOTE Forster cooper & butter agent East Street
FORSTER John beer retailer Station Rd.
FOSS James Neptune Inn Harbour
FOSS Miss L. milliner & dress maker King of Prussia Lane
FROOM Issac beer retailer Barrack Street
FROST William Charles printer, bookseller, stationer & newspaper agent. Publisher of the Bridport new and agent to the Minerva Life Insurance Office. Registrar of marriage for the Bridport District West St.
FRY James blacksmith, shopkeeper, and beer retailer North Allington
FRY John beer retailer North Allington
FRY William stone and Marble mason West St.
GALE Arthur C. Black Horse Inn East Street
GALE John King of Prussia Inn, and whitesmith East Street
GALE Walter twine manufacturer East Street
GAPE Charles beer retailer South St.
GARRARD James builder Barrack Street
GIFFORD Matthew tailor, woollen draper & hatter West St.
GILCHRIST R. travelling draper Rax Lane
GILCHRIST Thomas tea dealer & draper (travelling) West Allington
GILLINGHAM John wheelwright & smith St. Michaels Lane
GOOD & CO.   patent rope manufacturers, timber, coal & slate merchants, bonding & general warehousemen Harbour
GOOD Daniel Swedish & Norwegian Vice Consul, Lloyds's agent, ship & insurance broker, custom house agent and general commission merchant Harbour
GOOD Frederick manager to the Dorsetshire Bank West St.
GOOD Fred. William banker's clerk West Allington
GRANGER John builder Barrack Street
GREEN Miss Martha dressmaker West St.
GREENHAM William boot & shoe maker South St.
GREGORY J. Master mariner Harbour Rd.
GUNDRY, DOWNE & CO. pale ale and bitter beer brewers, maltsters & spirit merchants Harbour Rd.
GUNDRY Frederick Walter solicitor, town clerk, clerk to the county magistrates, ditto to the commissioners of Bridport harbour,
ditto to the local board, Bridport, U. S. consular agent, commissioneer in Chancery and all the superior courts,
& perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgements of married women
Rax Lane
GUNDRY Joseph & Co. manufacturers of patent threads, fishing seines, nets, lines and twines. London Agents, Messrs. Hill & Hartridge West St.
HAINES Issac Market House Inn & seed merchant
HALL John watchmaker & jeweller East Street
HALLETT Bridgeman shoemaker West St.
HAMLEN R. H. accountant Chards Mead
HANHAM Charles beer retailer West Allington
HANSFORD Joseph butcher South St.
HART Charles grocer Harbour
HART Charles grocer & baker South St.
HART Eliz. beer retailer West Allington
HART George boot & shoe maker East Street
HARVEY Mrs. Benjamin china & glass rooms East Street
HAWKER David miller Folly Mills
HAWKER Stephen engineer King of Prussia Lane
HAY William Henry surgeon East Street
HAYCRAFT James linen draper West St.
HELYAR Thomas engineer North Allington
HENSFORD William County Court messenger South St.
HEWLETT George tailor & woolen draper West St.
HIDE Esau beer retailer and carpenter Station Rd.
HILL Henry H. beer retailer & general dealer South St.
HINDE John bag & sacking manufacturer St. Michael's Lane
HOARE John wholesale & retail tea dealer, grocer & cheese factor West Allington
HOCKEY James Sun Inn West St.
HODDER Bernard baker West Allington
HODDER Henry G. coach builder East Street
HODDER James baker South St.
HODDER William baker South St.
HODDER William chimney sweeper North Allington
HOLMWOOD Elizabeth grocer & tea dealer West St.
HOLT Robert Bridport Arms Harbour
HOPKINS John shopkeeper St. Michael's Lane
HOUNSELL Herbert Eustace manufacturer of twines, nets, lines, seines, shoe threads, &c. (& at No. 12, Circus, Minories, London) East Street
HOUNSELL John surgeon East Street
HOUNSELL Robert twine, shoe thread, net, and canvass manufacturer North Allington
HOUNSELL William & Co. flax spinners, merchants, and manufacturers of net, twine, and sail canvass North Mill, Allington & Wykes Court
HOUSE William beer retailer South St.
HOWE William pastrycook & confectioner West St.
HOWELL & SON   linen draper East Street
HUDDY AND DABINETT jewellers East Street
HUGHES Charles John painter & music seller North Allington
HURDING Edward greengrocer West Allington
HUTCHINGS Edward Greyhound Commercial Hotel & excise office East Street
ISAACS Mrs. Eliza dressmaker South St.
JACKSON Charles clerk & examining officer of H. M.'s Customs Harbour
JAMES Richard photographer & land surveyor Station Rd.
JARVIS John general merchant Harbour Rd.
JARVIS Thomas Roots Master mariner Harbour Rd.
JEFFORD John surgeon Downes St.
JEFFERY George George Inn South St.
JOHNSON Mark schoolmaster of union  
KEECH Joseph shopkeeper West Allington
KELL John Symes relieving officer to Bridport Union and registrar of births and deaths for Bridport district East Street
KENWAY Charles accountant 4 Port Ville, Harbour Rd.
KNIGHT John Bull Family & Commercial Hotel & Posting House East Street
KNIGHT Matthew accountant Harbour Rd.
LAMB John agent for the Great Western Railway Co. Gundry Lane
LANGMAN Nicholas general draper & outfitter West St.
LARCOMBE John Case cabinet maker East Street
LAWRENCE Job cabinet maker West St.
LAVENDER Wm. sergeant of police Police Station, South St.
LAXENBURY Samuel dyer & scourer West St.
LEE Joseph tinman & brazier West St.
LEGG James beer retailer East Street
LEGG Thomas brewer, malster & miller Gundry Lane
LEGG Thomas builder Church Lane
LEGG Thomas beer retailer & greengrocer South St.
LINTER Miss professor of music Downes St.
LISCOMBE William market gardner North Allington
LOGGIN Nicholas Marshall attorney and solicitor, and at Beaminster, clerk to the Bridport Highway Board,
commissioner for taking oaths in courts of Queen's bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, and perpetual commissioner
LONG Francis ginger beer manufacturer Station Rd.
LOVELESS James baker West St.
LOVELLESS R. J. accountant Harbour Rd.
LOWE James manager to the Gas & Coke Company Harbour Rd.
MABEY Mrs. Ann twine spinner South St.
MAJOR James high bailiff of County Court West St.
MAJOR Mrs millinery & mantle rooms Downes St.
MAJOR Matthew commercial traveller Station Rd.
MAJOR Richard auctioneer & estate agent, sub-bailiff to County Court Downes St.
MAJER Richard S. accountant West Allington
MALE Thomas printer & bookseller East Street
MALSER James baker & confectioner East Street
MANLY William Hewett solicitor West St.
MARSH John farmer North Allington
MARTIN AND CLEAK straw bonnet makers East Street
MARTIN William Hine Star Commercial Inn West St.
MATTERFACE Wm. tailor North Allington
MAXTON Lawrence Malcolme collector of H.M.Customs, receiver of light dutites and Admiralty droits, and superintendent of Merchantile Marine Harbour
MCMABB William grocer Barrack Street
MIDDLETON Miss Louisa dressmaker North Allington
MILVERTON George liscenced to let horses West Allington
MITCHELL Mrs. Mary & Son market gardners North Allington
MONTEITH John registrar of marriages for the district of Bridport, and insurance agent Harbour
MOORE Thomas printer Barrack Street
MOORMAN George shopkeeper King of Prussia Lane
MORGAN Joseph E. tailor Barrack Street
MORRIS --- tailor Barrack Street
MUDDEN John beer retailer South St.
MUNFORD William bookseller, stationer, and fancy repository, servants register office, Civet Cat Establishment South St.
NEWBURY Charles linen draper West St.
NEWMAN Chas. beer retailer St. Michael's Lane
NORMAN Edward twine maker & grocer East Street
NORTHOVER Cornelius cabinet maker & china & glass rooms South St.
NORTHOVER Theophilus tailor & draper West St.
OLDRIDGE John beer retailer Harbour Rd.
OLVER Alfred butcher South St.
OSBORNE William grocer & tea dealer South St.
OWENS J. Inland Revenue Officer South St.
PARHAM John Miller & farmer South Mill, Bothenhampton
PARRIS George blacksmith South St.
PATTEN Henry builder Church Lane
PATTEN James builder East Street
PAULL Aaron shopkeeper North Allington
PEARCE S. beer retailer North Allington
PIKE Mary beer retailer West St.
PINNEY Richard beer retailer Harbour
PITCHER Mary shopkeeper St. Michael's Lane
PITFIELD John miller East Mills
PLATTEN Robert bricklayer South St.
POMEROY Peggy grocer & furniture dealer South St.
POWELL Mark manufacturer of sail cloth, rick cloth, lines, nets, bags, sacking, seaming & roping twines & shoe threads St. Michael's Lane
PRINCE John Printer, bookseller, postmaster, and stamp distributor East Street
PYMORE MILL COMPANY John P. Suttill, Esq. flax spinners, merchants, and manufacturers of net, twine,
lines & shoe threads and fishing nets; London warehouse, 43 & 44 St. Mary Axe; Messrs. Hill & Hartridge, agents
Pymore Mills
QUARRELL James baker North Allington
READ William accountant West Allington
READER William grocer South St.
REBBECK James coal & corn merchant South St.
REID Robert accountant South St.
RENDALL & COOMBS merchants & manufacturers of sacks, canvass, twines, lines, webs, and waterproof coverings West Allington
RENDALL William dairyman Rax Lane
RESTERICK Edward leather cutter East Street
RESTERICK George Boot Inn North Allington
RICHARDS Charles basket maker West St.
RICHARDS George F. baker East Street
RICHARDS John basket maker West St.
RICHARDSON Mrs. milliner & mantle rooms East Street
ROBERTS Dan baker & confectioner West Allington
ROBERTS Elizabeth beer retailer South St.
ROCKETT Eli beer retailer South St.
ROCKETT John tea, coffee, and refreshment rooms, and licensed to let horses Station Rd.
ROCKETT Reuben shoemaker South St.
ROLES John Antelope Inn & harness maker South St.
RONEY John outfitter East Street
ROOD George & Co. manufacturers of sheepskins, door, carriage, hearth and toilet rugs South St.
ROPER John currier &c. East Street
RUSSELL Robert Globe Commercial Inn East Street
SALISBURY William butcher East Street
SAMSON Gerard wholesale & retail furnishing and general ironmonger, iron and brass founder, and manufacturer of agricultural implements East Street
SAMWAYS Phillip gardener West St.
SCADDEN John builder & mason Station Rd.
SCOTT Francis surgeon West St.
SEYMOUR John Master mariner Station Rd.
SHEPHARD William Photographer Barrack Street
SHEPPECK Edwin dealer in furniture West St.
SLADER Samuel plumber, glazier, and painter Folly Mill Lane
SMITH Thos. Jas. Royal Oak Inn West St.
SNELL Joseph shoemaker South St.
SPENCER Jesse farmer North Allington
SPILLER Wm. baker & Grocer Barrack Street
SPOONER David grocer & tea dealer South St.
SQUIBB George beer retailer South St.
STAGG Leonard watchmaker & jeweller East Street
STEMBRIDGE Frederick fruiterer West St.
STEMBRIDGE Simeon glass & chine warehouse West St.
STEPHENS & REYNOLDS linen & woollen drapers, tailors, and outfitters East Street
STEPHENS John Pike & Co. manufacturers of sail cloth, twines, lines, fishing nets, and shoe threads (and at Bristol) Rax Lane
STEPHENS Matthew baker and beer retailer East Street
STICKLAND Richard shoemaker South St.
STONE Mrs. shopkeeper East Street
SWAFFIELD BROTHERS woollen drapers & outfitters West St.
SWAFFIELD Henry & Co. drapers and outfitters West St.
SWAIN & SON flax, hemp, and coal merchants Harbour
SWAYNE Robert linendraper East Street
SYMES George surgeon South St.
SYMES James Dyke rope, twine, and line manufacturers East Street
SYMES John coach builder Church Lane
TEMPLEMAN James linen draper & shipowner East Street
TEMPLER H. Augustus solicitor, registrar of County Court, clerk to Commissioners of turnpike, and commissioner for taking acknowledgments of married women Rax Lane
TERRY John tailor East Street
THATCHER Solomon baker East Street
THOMAS Jesse baker East Street
THORNE Frederick hair dresser West St.
TOMS William manufacturer of non-mercurial plate powder and waterproofing for leather
TUCKER Alvanus surgeon Barrack Street
TUCKER Charles chemis & druggist South St.
TUCKER Francis bookseller, stationer, and fancy repository South St.
TUCKER Richard & Sons manufacturers of sail cloth, twines, lines, fishing nets North Allington
TUCKER Samuel farmer North Allington
TUCKER Thomas & Co. manufacturers of twine, lines, fishing nets, shoe threads, sacking & girth webs South St.
TUCKER William coach & waggon builder Folly Mill Lane
TURNER Henry tin plate worker South St.
TURNER John hair dresser South St.
TURNER Thomas whitesmith South St.
TURNER William Evans currier & leather merchant East Street
TURNER William corn dealer South St.
TUTCHER Mrs. dealer in seeds East Street
VINCENT Solomon grocer South St.
VIVIAN John rope & twine maker East Street
WADHAM Andrew iron & brass founder Rax Lane
WAINWRIGHT Thomas boarding school East Street
WALTER Samuel greengrocer South St.
WARBIN William grocer & beer retailer North Allington
WARD George tailor & woolen draper and collector of rates and taxes Barrack Street
WARD Sam. builder & brickmaker East Street
WARD T. carpenter & builder East Street
WARREN T. boot & shoe maker South St.
WAYLAND Ed. accountant West Allington
WELCH William baker South St.
WHEELER John tailor Station Rd.
WHETHAM Stephen & Sons merchants, spinners, & manufacturers of sail cloth, shoe thread, twines nets, seines & lines Gundry Lane
WHITE George E. accountant South St.
WHITE Mrs. J. The George Inn Harbour
WHITE William mast & block maker & sub-postmaster Harbour
WHITE William harbour master Harbour
WILLIAMS James actuary of the Bridport Savings Bank and Insurance Agent East Street
WILLIAMS James mail contractor and beer retailer East Street
WILSON E. R. commercial traveller Harbour Rd.
WILTS & DORSET BRANCH BANK Henry J. Feltham, Esq. Manager Draw on London and Westminster Bank

East Street

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