Bridport with Allington

Kelly's Directory of Dorsetshire 1935

Transcription from a copy of the original book, kindly donated to the OPC Project by Alan Bartlett, 2003

For a full description of the town see the 1895 Directory

NORTHOVER Walter Snow Bevan Mayor, Bridport  
POWELL Walter Herbert Deputy Mayor, Bridport  
CORNICK W. G. F. (J.P.) Alderman  
HOUNSELL H. H. Alderman  
KNIGHT Frederick Wm. Alderman  
REYNOLDS E. S. (J. P.) Alderman  
SPILLER A. (J. P.) Alderman  
TRAVERS Arthur Richard (M.B.E., J.P.) Alderman  
REYNOLDS E. S. (J. P.) Presiding Alderman at North Ward Elections
CLAPP A. G. Councillor North Ward  
CORNICK F. S. Councillor North Ward  
RHYS P. A. Councillor North Ward  
CRABB Walter Councillor North Ward  
MOREY George A. Councillor North Ward  
SMITH B. R. Councillor North Ward  
BYLES S. T. Councillor North Ward  
MACHIN T. H. Councillor North Ward  
NORTHOVER W.S.B. Councillor North Ward  
CORNICK W. G. F. (J.P.) Presiding Alderman at South Ward Elections
LEAKER G. S. Councillor South Ward  
WELCH F. Councillor South Ward  
WHITEBY H. F. Councillor South Ward  
GLUNNING S. A. Councillor South Ward  
HODDER W. C. Councillor South Ward  
REES E. J. Councillor South Ward  
GALE S. J. Councillor South Ward  
PALMER H. R. C. Councillor South Ward  
POWELL W. H. Councillor South Ward  
WALTERS W. T. Auditor to Council Yeovil
WALTERS L. Auditor to Council Yeovil
HOWARD Sydney Edgar Town Clerk & Clerk to the Cemetary 36 East St.
PAYNE J. V. Borough Accountant & Rating Officer 5 Downes St.
PIMM Allan, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond. Medical Officer of Health The Grove
ARMSTRONG Robert N. Borough Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector 32 South St.
CASTLE H. F. Borough Electrical Engineer Bullen Mead
HARRIS A. Collector South Street
WELCH Frederick town crier 64 East St.
NORMAN James H. Toll Collector 3 West St.
SYMES Thomas Town Hall Keeper 69 North Allington
ATHERTON Guy Langley Borough Magistrate Underhill, Park Road
CONWAY Thomas William Borough Magistrate Gundry Ln.
CORNICK William George Fowler Borough Magistrate 10 West St.
DAMMERS Major George Murray, D.S.O., M.C. Borough Magistrate Wykes Court, Bridport
EDWARDS Charles, M.D. Borough Magistrate Elvin house, Andover, Hants
HUMPHRIES Alfred John Borough Magistrate Shastonia, East Rd.
MACDONALD John Oliver Borough Magistrate Roundham, Bridport
RANDALL Miss Hilda Borough Magistrate West Allington
REYNOLDS Edward Seaman Borough Magistrate Tynrhos, West Bay Rd.
SPILLER Andrew Borough Magistrate East St.
SUTTILL Capt. Kenneth Borough Magistrate Pymore
SUTTILL Henry Squire Borough Magistrate Pymore
TRAVERS Arthur Richard (M.B.E.) Borough Magistrate 95 Victoria Grove
WELCH Mrs. Bessie Frances Borough Magistrate Victoria Grove
WHETHAM Austen Borough Clerk 5 Downes St.
ALEXANDER William Arthur County Magistrate  
BARROW Alfred County Magistrate  
BRAGGE Cpt. Owen C. (M.C.,D.C.M.) County Magistrate  
BULLEN Col. John Bullen Symes, DL County Magistrate  
CARTER Cpt. Norman Hunter R.N. County Magistrate  
CASE Tom Andrew County Magistrate  
COLFOX Col. Thomas Alfred D.L. County Magistrate  
COLFOX Maj. William Phillip (M.C., M.P.) County Magistrate  
COLFOX Mrs. Mary Frances County Magistrate  
DAMMERS B. Frederick Hounsell County Magistrate  
DAMMERS Maj. George Murray D.S.O., M.C. County Magistrate  
DIGBY Capt. Hon. Gerald Fitzmaurice R.N. County Magistrate  
GUNDRY Maj. Joseph D.L. County Magistrate  
HOLDEN Mrs. County Magistrate  
LE BRETON Lt. Col. Edward Phillip (D.L., R.E.) County Magistrate  
NICHOLSON Maj. Hugh Blomfield D.S.O. County Magistrate  
PASS Alfred Douglas County Magistrate  
PINNEY Lt. Col. Gee A., M.C. County Magistrate  
REYNOLDS Edward S. County Magistrate  
ROPER Geoffrey Desmond County Magistrate  
RUSSELL John Speke County Magistrate  
SALT Lt. Col. Sir Thomas Anderden bart. D.S.O. County Magistrate  
SAMPSON Wm. Walter County Magistrate  
SPARROW Mrs. County Magistrate  
SUTTILL Henry Squire County Magistrate  
TROYTE-BULLOCK Col. Cecil John D.S.O. County Magistrate  
WOODROFFE Alban Jas. M.B.E. County Magistrate  
HOWARD S. Edgar Clerk to the Magistrates 36 East St.
JOHNSON Alfred Chairman, Bridport Rural District council  
ROPER John J. Clerk 74 East Street
WILLIAMS Col. Sir Robert bart. V.D., D.L. Treasurer J.P. Lloyds Bank, West St.
SANFORD R. (M.D., B.S. Lond,. M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond.,D.P.M.& H. Lond.) Medical Officer of Health
MADDOCKS L. A. Sanitary Inspector Burton Bradstock, Bridport
ABBOTT George Stevens   217 St. Andrew's Rd.
ACKERMAN Albt. Hy.   143 Victoria gro.
ACKERMAN William Geo.   Folly Mill ho.
ALSTON Mrs.   10 East Rd.
ARMSTRONG Robert N.   Riverdale, St. Andrews Rd.
ATHERTON Guy Langley J. P. Underhill, Park Road
BAGG Mrs.   2 East Rd.
BAKER John   20 West Allington
BALSOM Mrs.   50 South St.
BARTLETT Rev. Lindsay L.Th., hon. Vicar of St. Mary's, rural dean & surrogate The Rectory, South St.
BATES William E.   Ingleside, Warne hl
BECK Arthur Percy   Peel House, St. Andrews Rd.
BECKINGSALE Rev. Geo. Albert Duncan, M.A. Vicar Vicarage, Allington
BELABRE Baron de   Allington Court
BIDDELL Edmund John   St. Katherine's, St. Andrew's Rd.
BIDDLECOMBE Frederick Charles   2 Parsonage Rd.
BILES Frederick   Merlimont, West Bay Rd.
BILES George   Brearley, West Bay Rd.
BLACKBURN Frederick Taylor   15 East St.
BROOKS Ivan Wilkie   St. Catherine's Cottage, Victoria Grove
BROWN Miss E. M.   Knollsea, Warne hl
BROWN Wm. Joseph   48 West Bay Rd.
BURROUGH Maurice William   Brooklands, West Bay Rd.
CANDY Leonard Adams   Upandown, West Bay Rd.
CAST W. R. N.   Wyvern, Asker Gardens
CHAMP Mrs. A. E.   69 Victoria Grove
CHAPLIN Rev. Herbert Frederick Methodist 33 St. Andrew's Rd.
CLEALL Major Sidney Herbert   Rushmere, St. Andrew's Rd.
COLFOX Col. Thomas Alfred D.L. J. P. Coneygar
COMPTON Mrs. Wynyates   Allington Park
COOPER William Joseph   Fulbrooks, North Allington
CORNICK Bertram F.   107 Victoria gro
CORNICK Frederick G.   139 Victoria grove
COX Henry N   Bridge house, East St.
DALE Thomas James M.B.E.   Yewtree house, Allington Park
DALLEY Thomas   Widecombe, Pymore Rd.
DAMMERS Maj. George Murray D.S.O., M.C. J. P. Wykes Court, Pymore Rd.
DEAN Charles John   61 Victoria Rd.
DIXIE Sir George Douglas bart.   42 West Allington
DUCKETT Owen Bertram   Sparacre, St. Andrew's Rd.
DUNN Misses   Allington lodge, West Allington
EDWARDS Mrs.   The Gables, West Allington
EDWARDS Sidney R., jun.   Northleigh, West Bay Rd.
EDWARDS Sidney Richard   Jessomene, West Bay Rd.
EDWARDS William J.   West Haven, West Bay Rd.
FOAD Mrs.   58 West Bay Rd.
FROST Mrs.   53 Victoria Grove
GALE Henry Fredk.   48 Victoria Grove
GALE Reginald   44 Victoria Grove
GALE Sidney J.   67 Victoria Grove
GALE Walter E.   42 Victoria Grove
GALE Walter G.   Melhoma, Victoria Grove
GILBERT Mrs. Applegarth   West Bay Rd.
GILCHRIST Robert   50 Victoria Grove
GILLINGHAM Richard Moses   Stoke Lodge, West Allington
GUNDRY Maj. Joseph D.L. J. P. The Hyde
HANSFORD Frederick George   10 West Allington
HANSFORD John Hamilton   195 St. Andrew's Rd.
HARFORD Misses   Wolverton, East Rd.
HARRISON Miss L. R.   Silverleys, East Rd.
HAVELL Misses   Wolverton, East Rd.
HAZELL Frederick   Hazeldene, West Bay Rd.
HEDDITCH Henry   193 St. Andrew's Rd.
HETHERINTON John   The Nook, St. Andrew's Rd.
HILL Major Robert   Rax Lane
HILL Miss   Rax Lane
HILL W. Ferris, B.A.   77 East Street
HINE Edward   Culmpyne, East Rd.
HODGES Byron   6 West Allington
HOLDEN Mrs. Ellen Ursula J. P. Mountfield
HOOPER Harry S.   Glyn, Park Rd.
HOUNSELL Hy. H.   24 West Allington
HOUNSELL Miss   5 North Allington
HOUNSELL Misses   South Holme, South Mill Lane
HUMPHRIES Alfred John J. P. Shastonia, East Rd.
HUNT Mrs. C. G.   Bella Vista, Allington Park
JOHNSON Alfred   48 West Allington
JONES Rev. George Randall M.A.,B.Sc.,B.D. Unitarian 46 West Allington
JONES Rev. Myrrddin J. Congregational 179 St. Andrew's Rd.
JOY Henry Charles Victor M.D.   32 West Allington
KILBY Rev. George H. Baptist 131 Victoria Rd.
KITCHER William Levi   Cordova, St. Andrew's Rd.
KNOTT Vernon Bartle   Westralia, West Bay Rd.
LANGDON Herbert   Westminster Bank house, East St.
LANSDELL Arthur Norman   52 West Bay Rd.
LENTHALL John H.   30 West Allington
LUTLEY E. H. B.   11 West St.
MACDONALD John Olvier J. P. Roundham, West Bay Rd.
MCGHEE Mrs.   26 Barracks Rd.
MARSH George Reginald   Fleet Cottage, West Bay Rd.
MARSH Mrs.   Hill view, St. Andrew's Rd.
MARSHALL John Henry   113 East St.
MARSHALL Kenneth Irwin M.R.C.V.S.   26 West Allington
MENZIES Rev. James Congregational St. Andrew's Gardens
MILVERTON Arthur G.   4 East Rd.
MONTGOMERY Henry   8 West Bay Rd.
MOORE Newstead James V.   Boldmere, West Bay Rd.
MOREY George A.   Oxford ho West. St.
MOREY Mrs.   Jessoppe house, East St.
NANTES Maj. Geoffrey D.   Delapré Cot
NEILL Robert   158 South St.
NORMAN Sydney Richard   Seacliffe, West Bay Rd.
NORTHOVER Walter Snow Bevan Greenwood, Allington Park & Cliff Corner, West Bay
OLIPHANT Geoffrey Wemyss   64 East St.
PALK William Charles   84 St. Andrew's Rd.
PAYNE James Vernon   Harlestone, Allington Park
PERROTT William Geo.   51 Victoria Grove
PHILLIPS Mrs. W. B.   Kashmir Ghar, West Bay Rd.
PIAL Walter William   207 St. Andrew's Rd.
PIMM Allan   The Grove
PURCEY William Henry   Coogee, West Bay Rd.
RALLS William Gibbs   Kenwyn, St. Andrew's Rd.
RAWLES Edgar J.   Shutewell
REES Edward John   48 West St.
REES Mrs.   48 West St.
RENDALL Henry A.   2 West Allington
REYNOLDS Edward S. J. P. Tynrhos, West Bay Rd.
ROPER John   West Bay Rd.
SAMWAYS William John   St. Martin, West Bay Rd.
SANCTUARY John C. T., B.A., M. B.,B.Ch.   Granville house, West St.
SCOTT Alfred   156 South St.
SEWARD F. A.   Drayton house, West Allington
SIMMONDS Austen   West Bay Rd.
SIMPSON Thomas   Eggarden view, St. Andrew's Rd.
SMITH Edwin S.   54 West Bay Rd.
SMITH Robert   55 Victoria Grove
SPRAKE Joseph B.   Sunnydale, Allington Park
STANFORD Ralph M.D.   22 West Allington
STEPHENS Percy Henry   37 St. Andrew's Rd.
STRICKLAND Miss   56 West Bay Rd.
STRICKLAND Miss   13 West St.
STRICKLAND William Harold   28 West Allington
SUTTILL Miss   8 West Allington
SWINDELL Walter Courtenay   Bramcote, Victoria Grove
SYMES Miss   Redcar, West Bay Rd.
SYMES Miss   82 St. Andrew's Rd.
SYMES Mrs.   Dalebury, St. Andrew's Rd.
TAPPER John W. E.   34 West Allington
TAYLOR Eustace Gladstone   Welbeck, Victoria Grove
TITBALL Gerald   7 Downes St.
TRACY Rev. Bernard Roman Catholic The Presbytery, Victoria Grove
TRAVERS A. R., M.B.E., J. P. 95 Victoria Grove
TRAVERS Edgar   Hillview, Victoria Grove
TRAVERS Miss   Coneygar Grove
TREVETT Frank   86 St. Andrew's Rd.
TUCKER Capt. John Alexander C.   Wanderwell house, West Bay Rd.
WADHAM Mrs.   75 East St.
WALLIS Leslie   Magdalen, West Allington
WALLIS S. Llyod   Ringstead House, East St.
WARRY Miss C. R.   Ways End, Allington Park
WAY Miss   31 St. Andrew's Rd.
WEEKS Mrs.   Sea Breeze, West Bay Rd.
WELCH Lt. Commder. Harold E., R.N. (ret)   129 Victoria Grove
WELCH Henry   137 Victoria Grove
WELLS Mrs.   8 East Rd.
WHETHAM Mrs.   78 St. Andrew's Rd.
WHITE Mrs.   57 Victoria Grove
WHITEHEAD Walter William   Astra, West Bay Rd.
WHITEMORE Douglas   Wecca, Victoria Grove
WIDDOWS Charles Thomas   68 St. Andrews Rd.
WILKINS Alfred S.   Colwil, Allington Park
WING H. Pitman   28 East St.
WRIGHT Lt. Col. William Dundas   Park House, West Allington
WYATT John   81 East St.

ABBOTT George & Sons builders, decorators, joiners & sanitary engineers, undertakers & monumental masons 17 Barrack St.
ACKERMAN W. G. & Sons mechanical engineers, fishing net machine makers; milling of every description except wheat Folly Mill
ACKERMAN Cecil J. dairymen Mostyn, Victoria Grove
ACKERMAN Ernest Henry Hope & Anchor P.H. 13 St. Michael's Lane
AGGOTT Walter John & L. High class Watch Makers, jewellers & silversmiths 10 East St.
AHRENS Frank Chas. boot repr. South Mill Lane
ALLEN Hamilton clock mker. 18 Victoria Grove
AMAS Dorothy M. (Mrs.) confctner. 40 South St.
ANDRESS Bertram B. licensed hawker 3 St. Andrew's Rd.
ANDREWS Fredk G. carpenter Rax Lane
ANGLO - AMERICAN OIL CO. LTD. oil merchants Railway Stn. St Andrew's Rd.
APPLEBY & CHILDS monumental masons 64 West St.
ARMSTRONG R. N., M.I.M. & Cy. E. Borough surveyor & Sanitary Inspector, Borough Surveyor's Office 32 South St.
ASSEMBY ROOMS (J. C. & R. H. Palmer Proprietors Gundry Ln.
ATHERTON G. L. & Co. chartrd. Accntnts. 65 East St.
ATHERTON Jn. Winn solct. & commissioner for oaths (firm De Gex & Atherton 7 Barracks St.
BAILEY Herbert H. tailor, clothier, hatter, hosier & ladies & gentlemen's outfitter; agent for Jaeger pure wool specialties 46 West St.
BAKER Herbt. W. antique dlr. 57 South St.
BALL William upholsterer 80 South St.
BALSON R. Jn. butcher 9 West Allington
BARCLAYS BANK LTD. H. Pitman Wind, mngr. Barclay's Bank 28 East St.
BARLOW F. & E. (Misses) boarding ho. The Homestead, West Bay Rd.
BARTLETT H. J. & Sons blacksmiths 9 Rax Lane
BARTLETT Jas. & Sons taxi-cab proprs. 70 South St.
BARTLETT Thomas builder, contractor, carpenter, joiner & undertaker 58 South St. & Botherhampton
BARTLETT Wm. taxi propr. 27 East St.
BATTRICK Daisy (Mrs.) beer retlr. 13 & 15 Folly Mill Ln.
BAZLEY C. E. iron monger (H.S. Hooper) 1 East St.
BEACH & CO. T. E. Beach photographic & agricultural chemists 9 East St.
BEALE Eli E. C. hair dresser 6 Barrack St.
BEDINGFOLD J. A. dispensing chemist 11 South St.
BEER Fras. E. butcher 19 South St.
BENBOW Dawson confctner. 67 East St.
BERRY A. E. & Son shopkeeper 36 North Allington
BERRY Charles Rayner motor & electrical engineer, central heating & hot water engineer & electrical & wireless factor Chancery Lane
BEST & SON   House Furnishers 56 & 58 West St.
BILES Lily Eliza S. (Miss) Old Inn 17 West Allington
BINGLEY BUILDING SOCIETY G. L. Atherton & Co., local agents 65 East St.
BISHOP Henry S. printer 5 West Allington
BLUE BIRD GARAGE (THE) C. F. S. Gillham, prop. automobile & general engineers; contractors to H. M. Government; up-to-date motor coaches for hire; garage for 100 cars West Street
BONFIELD GEORGE & SON motor engineers & agents; garage; motor haulage contactors; motor cars & coaches for hire Bridport Motor & Engineering Works, West St.
BOOTH Mrs. Fairway Guest House West Bay Rd.
BOROUGH OF BRIDPORT ELECTRICITY WORKS H. F. Castle, engnr. Fullbrook Ln & Showrooms 43 East St.
BRADFORD & SONS, LTD coal & general merchants Railway Stn. St Andrew's Rd. & West Bay
BRADPOLE LIBERAL WORKING MEN'S CLUB Norman Duck, sec.   276 St. Andrews Rd.
BRIDPORT BOWLS CLUB G.P. Read & R. Gale, joint sec.) East St.
BRIDPORT CHESS CLUB Geo. Barnby, sec.   3 East St.
BRIDPORT CRICKET CLUB L.L. Dowell-Phillips, hon. Sec. 10 South St.
BRIDPORT & DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD. Gilbert Leach, sec.   29, 44, 52 & 56 South St.
BRIDPORT & DISTRICT HOSPITAL LEAGUE A. R. Travers, J.P.,M.B.E., hon. Sec. 10 South St.
BRIDPORT EX-SERVICE MEN'S COMRADES CLUB William Charles Hodder, sec. North St.
BRIDPORT FANCIERS SOCIETY C. Light & R. Matterface, hon. Sec. East Rd.
BRIDPORT FIRE BRIGADE Guy L. Atterton, supt.; Hy. H. Hounsell, hon. Sec. Engine Station South Street
BRIDPORT GAS. CO. LTD. Wiiliam H. Reed, M.I.Mech. E., M. Inst. GasE. Engineer, manager & sec. 154 South Street
BRIDPORT HOSPITAL Guy Atherton, Sec & Almoner; Fredk. Markham Tindall J.P. treas; Park Road
BRIDPORT LIBERAL ASSOCIATION Wltr. E. Gale, sec.   42 Victoria Grove
BRIDPORT LIBERAL CLUB W. E. Gale, hon. Sec.   Barrack St.
BRIDPORT MASONIC HALL, LTD. Maurice W. Burrough, sec. 10 South St.
BRIDPORT NEWS & DORSET, DEVON & SOMERSET ADVERTISER W. Frost, proprietor & publisher, published Friday 34 West St.
BRIDPORT SWIMMING CLUB W. J. Stoodley, hon. Sec. 17 East St.
BRIDPORT TOWN HALL Thos. Symes, caretaker East St.
BRIDPORT WATER WORKS CO. A. W. S. Wilkins, sec; H. G. Coventry, M. Inst C. E., engnr. 11 Downes St.
BRIDPORT & WEST DORSET CLUB T. Shoesmith, hon. Sec. 12 South St.
BRIDPORT WOMEN'S INSTITUTE Mrs. Dennett, hon. Sec. 15 West St.
BRINSON Ada (Mrs.) dog breeder South Street
BRIT ENGINEERING WORKS, LTD. Marine Motor manufacturers St. Andrew's Rd.
BROMFIELD & SON butchers 16 West St.
BROMFIELD Fredk. W. dairyman Parsonage Rd.
BROMFIELD Reg. J. dairyman 35 West St.
BROOKS, R. B. & SON builders 46 South St.
BUCKLE PRIVATE HOTEL Frank Fayers   83 West Allington
BUDDEN Benj. Jas. tailor Victoria Grove
BUDDEN Ronald insurance agent 21 Victoria Grove
BUGLER Fredk. Tom King of Belgium Hotel 52 East St.
BULL HOTEL Geo. Wm. Knight Proprieter 34 East St.
BURROUGH Maurice W. A.C.A chartrd. Accntnt. 10 South St.
BURWOOD Fredk. Lily Hotel 62 West St.
BUSSELL Ivy (Miss) S.C.M. district nurse Nurses ho. Asker gdns.
BUTLER Elsie (Miss) tobacconist 26 West St.
CAST & BILES   decrtrs. 71 & 73 East St.
CAST F. & SON Cast. W.R.N. builder & contractor; house repairs, estimates given; est. 40 years Wyvern, Asker Gardens
CEMETARY Howard, Sydney Edgar (clerk) & Elliot, Wm. (caretaker) East Rd.
CHENEY Fredk. Wm. Boot & shoe Inn 246 St. Andrew's Rd.
CLAPP Albert George & Son bakers, & post office 126 North Allington
CLARKE Wm. fruitr. 14 & 16 Rax Lane
CLARKE Wm. Jn. Sun Hotel 36 West St.
CLEALL Eliz. J (Mrs.) shopkeeper 55 West Allington
COOMBES S. J. & D. M. dairymen Magdalen, West Allington
COOMBES W. G. contrctr. Chancery Lane
COOPER W. J. & son builders, contractors, decorators & sand merchants (quarries at Bothenhampton) Fullbrooks, North Allington
CORNICK W. G. & F. S. grocers & jam manufacturers 10 West St. & factory at St. Andrew's Rd.
CORNICK Ernest newsagent 64 East St.
COUNTY COURT OFFICE C.J.P.C Jowett, registrar & High Baliff 21 South St.
COX & HUMPHRIES Iron merchants, general & furnishing ironmongers, agricultural implement agents & sewing machines of every description 11 East St. & 1 & 15 Downes St.
COX Alonso taxi propr. 109 South St.
COX Charles saddler 37 East St.
COX Margaret Elizabeth (Miss) L.R.A.M. professor of music 116 East St.
COX Reg. coal mer. 107 South St.
CRABB A.M. (Mrs.) board residence 7 East St.
CRABB Alfd. Rd. hardware dealer 62 South St.
CRABB Walter butcher; riding horses for hire Market Place
CRITCHARD Douglas Wltr. deputy supt. Registrar of Bridport District 74 East Street
CURTIS Geo. baker 16 South St.
CURTIS George King's Arms P.H. 46 North Allington
CUSTOMS & EXCISE OFFICE F. A. Sewards, officer   Drayton house, West Allington
DAFFODIL CAFÉ E. Roberts & Sons restaurant 24 West St.
DANIELS E. & Son motor cycle agts. 45 East St.
DAVIS Thomas mineral water manufacturer 17 Gundry Lane
DAVIES Wm. W. G. supt. Refuge Assurance Co. Ltd. 27 Victoria Grove
DAY & SON   general drapers, milliners & art needlework specialists & outfitters & tailors 6 East St. & 12 West St.
DAY William tailor 117 Victoria Grove
DEAN Stanley carpenter 26 West St.
DEER Wm. boot maker 23 Barrack St.
DE GEX & ATHERTON solicitors & agents for Atlas & Royal & General Accident Fire & Life Insurance & British Law Cos. Barrack St.
DIBSDALL Harry & Sons motor car painters South Street
DISTIN Wm. B. insurance agent 22 Rax Lane
DORSET COUNTY DISPENSARY Miss J. A. Scott dispenser 3 Downes St.
DORSET COUNTY LIBRARY S. J. Witt librarian The Old Castle
DORSET FARMERS LTD. general mers. 31 West St.
DRAPER Ellen (Mrs.) servants' registry office 43 East St.
DREW Norman S. picture frame mkers 2 King St.
DUCK Wm. beer retlr. 172 North Allington
DUNHAM Alfd. Jas. confctner. 196 St. Andrews Rd.
DUNN'S WATERCRESS CO. LTD. registered office 5 Downes St.
DUNN Emily Louisa (Miss) beer retlr. 34 Rope Walks
EDMUNDS Charles hide, skin, leather & wool merchant, glove & legging manufacturer & saddler 22 South St.
EDWARDS & HANN LTD. engineers & motor agents; authorised Morris agents; officially appointed A.A., R.A.C. & Tecalemit Station East Street
EDWARDS Wm. & Son (Bridport Ltd.) fishing net mfrs. St. Michael's Ln.
ELECTRIC PALACE Sydney Chas. Shepherd, mngr. South Street
ELECTRO-THERAPY CLINIC Drs. Pimm, Joy & Stanford South Street
ELLIOTT Geo. Gerard grocer 54 East St.
ELMES William Ltd. general drapers, fashion specialists, milliners & ladies & gents outfitters 21, 21a, 23, 25, & 25a East St.
EMERY George Froome watch maker 3 West Allington
EMILE   hair dressers 27 East St.
EVERLEIGH Arth head gardener to Col. T. A. Colfor T.D.,D.L.,J.P. Coneygar Grove
FARWELL Alfred chimney sweeper 2 Long's Court, West St.
FENWICK'S ARCADE Regnld. Fenwick drapers West Street
FISHERMAN'S ARMS HOTEL Arth. Bull, propr.   South Street
FLETCHER W. & R. Ltd. butchers 19 West St.
FOOT J. & son bldrs. Rax Lane
FOOT James Ltd. corn mers. 62 East St.
FORESTERS' HALL William Lee, sec.   46 Victoria Grove
FOWLER J. & son millers (water) West Mill, West St.
FOWLER Arthur Henry millers (water) East Mill, East Rd.
FOWLER Norman Vaughan shopkeeper Millbrook, East Rd.
FOWLER Thos. David bldr. St. Andrew's Rd.
FRANCIS Jsph. farmer Home farm, North Allington
FRIPP Arth. E. Three Mariners Inn 120 & 122 East St.
FRISBY Joseph Ltd. boot & shoe dealer 8 East Rd.
FROST W. stationer, printer, bookseller, & circulating library 34 West St.
FRY Edwd. J insurance agent 161 St. Andrew's Rd.
FYRTH Maj. Walt. T.D., M.R.C.V.S veterinary surgn. & meat inspector to the Bridport Rural District Council 29 West Allington
GALE F. & Son dairymen 84 East St.
GALE Wm. & Sons twine makers 30 to 40 St. Michael's Lane
GALE Alexander Willim Railway Terminus Hotel 110 St. Andrew's Rd.
GALE Alice (Mrs.) musical instrument dealer 59 East St.
GALE Wltr. Jas. tobacconist 15 West St.
GANE & NORRIS   motor engineers Victoria Garage,Victoria Grove
GARLAND Mary Ann (Mrs.) beer retlr. 53 South St.
GATER Jn. Arth. insurance agent 36 South Mill Lane
GEORGE'S CAFÉ E. R. George café, bakers, confectioners & pastrycooks 40 & 42 East St.
GIBBS C. & Son cycle dealers 68 South St.
GIBBS Dulcie (Miss) teacher of dancing 20 East St.
GIBBS Ernest Robert nurseryman 20 East St.
GIBBS Frederick beer retlr. 61 South St.
GILLHAM Charles motor engineer West Street
GILLHAM Ernest Leonard House Furnishers 36 South St. & Gundry Lane
GILLINGHAM R. M. & Son insurance brokers 21 West St.
GLUNNING & SONS, LTD. fishmngrs. 21 South St.
GODDARD Dorothy (Mrs.) dressmaker 180 St. Andrew's Rd.
GOODCHILD Leonard Alfd. ladies outfitter 46 East St.
GOWER Harry outfitter 5 & 7 South St.
GRAMMER SCHOOL W. Ferris Hill, B.A. Lond. head master  
GREEN C. V. dressmaker & costumier 17 Downes St.
GREEN Evelyn F. (Mrs.), S.R.N. midwife Valencia, Victoria Grove
GREENING Eliza (Mrs.) agt. For Singer Sewing Machines 13 Barracks St.
GROSVENOR HOTEL Mrs. R. Lunn   58 East St.
GUNDRY Joseph & Co. Ltd. manufacturers of fishing nets Court Works, West St.
GUPPY Ann Rebecca (Miss) grocer 93 South St.
GUPPY (BRIDPORT) LTD. grocers & wine & spirit mers. 57 East St. & 3 Barrack St.
GURD Alice (Mrs.) fruitr. 41 East St.
GYNGELL & SHEPHARD Stationers, booksellers & newsagents, dealers in fancy goods & perfumery, publishers of local views 5 West Allington
HALLETT & SON   cycle agts. 39 South St.
HALLETT Thos. W. (Mrs E. M. Morey) drapers 40 West St.
HANGER A. & H. dairymen 74 South St.
HANGER Horace insurance agent 215 St. Andrew's Rd.
HANSFORD & SON butchers 4 East Street
HARRIS Herbert Nelson mechanical engineer, iron & brass founder; traction engine & threshing machine proprietor St. Michael's Foundry
HAWKINS Ernest W. piano tuner Westholme, West Bay Rd.
HEATH Herbert F. clerk to the Governors of Grammer School 36 East St.
HENNESSY Margt. (Miss), S.C. M. district nurse Nurses ho. Asker gdns.
HEPWORTH, J. & SON LTD. clothiers 16 East St.
HETHERINGTON Jn chief agt. West Dorset Conservative & Unionist Association 26 East St.
HIDER Claud Robert artistic photographer & photographic dealer The Studio, 42 South St.
HIGGINS Fredk. G. Commsso. Agt. 15a South St.
HILL Alice (Mrs.) boarding ho. Red House, West Bay Rd.
HILL Bertha E. (Miss) confctner. 28 West St.
HILL Fred Royal Oak Hotel 17 West St.
HILTON N. R. dispensing chemist; medicines & toilet requisites 24 East St.
HINE & SON   booksellers, stationers, printers, lithographers, bookbinders, news agents, & circulating library; official agents for the sale of large scale ordinace survey maps 12 East St.
HITCHCOCK Eliza (Mrs.) greengrocer 43 South St.
HOARE Jas. Albt. boot repr. 57 South St.
HOBBS Arth. Sam. beer retlr. 168 North Allington
HODDER W. C. & Son tailors 60 West St.
HODDER Alice Mabel (Mrs.) confctner. 86 West St.
HOOD Wm. shopkeeper 129 South St.
HOSKINS Wm. Jn. grocer 80 East St.
HOUNSELL Robert & Sons twine & fishing net manufacturers 5 North Allington
HOUNSELL Hy. H. archtct. 24 West Allington
HOUNSELL'S(BRIDPORT) LTD. mfrs. Of nets for fishing  
HOWARD Sydney Edgar, B.A. firm, Nantes, Maunsell & Howard, solctr. Commisioner for oaths, clerk to the county Magistrates, clerk to the Burial Board & the Bridport Joint Hospital Board 36 East St.
HUSSEY Hy. Geo. baker 91 East St.
HUTCHINGS Arth. Rd. fried fish dlr. 2 King St.
HUTCHINGS Ernest F. motor engnr. 112a St. Andrews. Rd.
HUTCHINGS Herbert A. boot repr. 35 North Allington
HUTCHINGS Irene (Miss) ladies hair dresser 112a St. Andrews. Rd.
INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODDFELLOWS Reginald Mabb, sec. Manchester Unity, Great Western Lodge No. 4890 Burnbrae, Asker Gdns.
JAMES W. & Co. line & twine mfrs. West Allington
JAMES Fred boot repr. 1 Magdalen Ln., West Allington
JEFFS T. B. & Son auctioneers, valuers, architects & surveyors & at Wareham & Dorchester
JOHNSON BROS.LTD. Dyers 30a East St.
JOWETT C. J. P. C. registrar of county court 21 South St.
JOWITT E.M. & E. P. antique dlr. 54 West St.
JOY Henry Charles Victor M.D.,B.S. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond.,D.T.M & H. Eng. honarary medical officer to Bridport hospital 32 West Allington & South St.
JUPP & LAMBERT archtcts. 10 South St.
JUPP C. Kingsley L. R. I. B. A. archtct. 10 South St.
KEECH Victor Saml. Chas. motor garage & electrcl. Engnr. Gundry Ln.
KENWAY Thom. Alfd. Sailors' Home P. H. 135 South St.
KING Willis insur. Agt. 159 St. Andrew's Rd.
KITCHER & SONS motor engnrs. St. Andrew's Rd.
KNELL W. O. Ltd. electrcl. Engnrs. 18 East St.
KNIGHT Albt. Thos. & Son plumbers 98 West St.
KNIGHT & SON tailors   32 West St.
KNIGHT C. J. (Mrs.) tea rms. 60 South St.
KNIGHT Geo. boot repr. Gladstone cott. East St.
LACEY Alfred Harold shopkeeper 50 North Allington
LAMBERT Eric P. A.I.A.A. archtct. 10 South St.
LANGDON Herbert manager, Westminster Bank Ltd. 22 East St.
LAURENCE Cyril fruitr. 60 West St.
LAWRENCE T. R. G. & Son auctioneers, valuers, house & estate agents, members of the Auctioneers & Estate Agents & Surveyors institutions; specialists in the disposal of residential properties & farms in Dorset, Somerset & Deven 15 South St. & at Crewkerne, Somerset
LEAKER Geo. Shorland baker 29 East St.
LEE J. & Sons ironmongers 84 West St.
LEGG Wm. J. boot repr. 9 Court Orchard Rd.
LEWIS E. glass & china dlr. 18, 20 & 22 West St.
LIGHT E. E. (Miss) boarding ho. Battlecombe, East Rd.
LIGHTOWLER Chas. Wm. master of the Public Assistance Institution St. Andrew's Rd.
LINSTEAD E. M. (Miss) private school St. Hilda's Victoria Grove
LITERARY & SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE & MUSEUM Arnold Sykes, hon. Sec. 51 East St.
LLOYDS BANK LTD. E.H.B. Lutley, manager open 10 to 3, except wed. 10 to 4 & sat. 9 to 12, head office, 771 Lombard St. 9 West St.
LOUD & SONS   butchers 6 West St.
LUTLEY E.H.B. Lutley, manager Lloyds Bank Ltd. 9 West St.
LYRIC CINEMA Mrs. M. Weight   Barrack St.
MAJOR & CHURCHOUSE decrtrs. 23 Rax Lane
MAJOR Hubert insur. Agt. Maywood, East Rd.
MALE William Ward leather seller 17 South St.
MANNING Fredk. Thos. butcher 3 South St.
MANSELL Ruth V. (Miss) ladies outfitter 82 West St.
MARSH Albt. cycle agts. 26 West St.
MARSH Herbt. Stanley insur. Agt. 109 East St.
MARSHALL Kenneth Irwin M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgn. 26 West Allington
MATTERFACE Alfred George shopkeeper 44 King St.
MATTERFACE Jn. Wm. Reginald boot repr. 121 South St.
MATTHEWS Henry Gilbert baker 94 South St.
MELPLASH AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY M. W. Burrough & C. R. Wordsworth, joint hon. Sec. 10 South St.
MIDLAND BANK LTD (BRANCH) Walter Courtenay Swindell Manager 17 East St.
MILLER Ellen (Mrs.) Plymouth Inn 59 West Allington
MILLER Fanny (Mrs.) boarding ho. 61 West Bay Rd.
MILLS & HOCKEY painters 87 South St.
MILLS Robert Henry boot repr. 127 Victoria Grove
MODER BOOK LIBRARY Mrs. Eastwood   South Street
MOON Philip Harold drapers 54 South St.
MOREY William & Sons auctioneers, valuers & long, estate & insurance agents, established over a century; cattle sales every Wed. 7 West St.
MORY George Abraham auctioneer (firm, William Morey & Sons) 7 West St.
MORRIS W. G. M.Inst. C.E. water engnr. 10 South St.
MUNDEN Thos. Alfd. plumbers 39 East St.
NANTES, MUNSELL & HOWARD solicitors & agents for Atlas & Royal & General Accident Fire & Life Insurance & British Law Cos. 36 East St.
NEWBERRY Sidney Herbt. basket maker 133 North Allington
NEWLYN Hy. Chas beer retlr. 14 Barracks St.
NEWMAN Emma (Mrs.) shopkeeper 17 St. Michael's Lane
NORMAN Jas. Hockey toll collector, assistant bailiff to county court & sheriff's officer 3 West St.
NORTH Wm. Hy. Geo. L.D.S. Eng. dental surgn 8 West St.
NORTHOVER & GILBERT cabinet makers, upholsterers, undertakers, general house furnishers, appraisers & valuers, furniture removers, house agents London House
NORTHOVER Lillian May (Mrs.) Ship P. H. 37 South St.
OLIPHANT & OLIPHANT physcns. 63 East St.
OLIPHANT Frank Binfield, M.B., C. M. Edin., physcn. & surgn. Medical officer to Bridport Hospital & medical officer for Nos 1 & 2 districts, Bridport Area Guardians Committee & medical officer to the Institution & certifying factory surgn. 63 East St.
OLIPHANT Geoffrey Wemyss, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond., L.D.S.R.C.S. Eng. physician & surgeon, honorary medical officer to Bridport Hospital 63 East St.
OSBOURNE BROS. builders & contractors; best material & workmanship guaranteed; estimates given for general repairs Rax Lane
OSBOURNE . Susannah (Mrs.) White Lion Htl. 1 W. Allington
OXENBURY B. & Co. bldrs. Gundry Ln.
OXENBURY W. J. & Sons motor body blders. St. Michael's Ln.
OXENBURY Harry tailors 31a South St.
OXENBURY William Joseph beer retlr. 28 St. Michael's Ln.
PACK HORSE HOTEL Jas. R. Burnham   35 East St.
PAGE Frank E. boarding & training kennels,Alsations, Golden Cockers, & Cairns
PALMER J. C. & R. H. brewers, wine & spirit merchants & aerated mineral water manufacturers The Old Brewery & 14 South St.
PARAGON ENGINEERING CO. electrcl. Engnrs. 35a West St.
PAYNE J. Vernon A.C.A borough Accntnt. & rating officer 32 South St.
PEARKS DAIRIES LTD. provan. Dlrs. 1 West St.
PEOPLE'S CABINET MAKERS Hamilton Allen cabinet makers 3 Hamilton Pl., South St.
PERKINS Arthur Henry drapers 8 & 38 South St.
PHILLIPS Dowell land & estate agent, auctioneer & valuer & insurance age 19a South St.
PIDGEON Jsph. chimney sweeper 15a Church St.
PIMM Joy & Stanford physicians & surgeons South Street
PIMM Allan M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. Physician & Surgeon, medical officer of health to the Burough of Bridport, medical officer Nos. 3 & 4 districts, Bridport Area Guardians Committee & hon. Radiologist to Bridport Hospital Hospital & Crewkerne Hospital The Grove & South St.
PITFIELD Fredk. tailor 48 East St.
POLICE STATION Arthur Percy Beck supt. 43a South St.
POOLE Geo. J. Crown Inn 59 West Bay Rd.
POOLE Walter saddler 274 St. Andrews Rd.
POTTS Robert photographer 45 South St.
PRING Albt. Edwd. hair dressers 43 South St.
PUBLICATIONS Hine & Son Proprieter 5a South St.
PYMORE MILL CO. LTD. shoe thread mfrs. Pymore
RAILS & SON   branch of Burt, Boulton & Haywood Ltd., coal, oil cake, cement, slate & timber merchants & importers, brick & tile & drain pipe merchants; fire surrounds, white porcelain, baths, basin & lavatory fittings merchants; agents to the Westlake Sack Hiring Co. Railway Station, St. Andrews Rd. & West Bay
RANDALL Wm. Rd. relieving & vaccination officer for Bridport district & registrar of births, deaths & marriages 74 East Street
RAPID SHOE REPAIRERS Mrs. L. Ellery shoe repairer 58 South St.
RAWLE David confctner. 18 Barracks St.
RAWLES E. J. & Son butcher 38 East St.
RAX DAIRY P. J. King Proprieter 33 East St.
READ Geo. Douglas boot retailer 34 South St.
READ George Percival boot & shoe maker; agent for Moccasin, Norvic, Mascot & other well known brands 32 East St.
REASON Fredk. Chas boot repr. 22 Magdalen Lane
REES A. & Sons boot & shoe makers 48 & 50 West St.
REFUGE ASSURANCE CO. LTD Wm. W. G. Davis supt. 27 Victoria Grove
RENDELL & CO.   solctr. & commissioners for oaths 17 East St.
RENDALL & COOMBS twine mfrs. 13 West Allington
RENDALL Athelstan solctr. & commissioners for oaths 17 East St.
REYNOLDS A. LTD. linen & woollen drapers, tailors, outfitters, hosiers, milliners & dress makers 13 East St. & at Beaminter
REYNOLDS Alfd. Jas. fish retaurant 59 South St.
RIDDLE & DUNN   decrtrs. Rax Lane
ROBERTS Irene (Miss) grocer 11 West Allington
ROBERTS Ruth C. (Miss) A. R. San. I, Midwife Westcombe, Victoria Gr.
ROCKETT Thiza (Mrs.) dining rooms 39 East St.
ROLAND'S CARS taxi propr. 26 East St.
ROOD Albt. furrier South Street
ROPER Jn. (firm, Roper & Roper) solctr. & notary publick, clerk to Bridport Rural District Council & Clerk to the Bridport Area Gaurdians Committee & the the Bridport Rural Sub-committee of Dorsetshire Local Pension Committee & supt. Registrar of Bridport district 74 East Street
ROWE John Henry hair dressers 33 South St.
RUSSELL Wm. White Bull Inn 13 East Rd.
SAMSONS   fishmongers & c. 7 West St.
SAMWAYS & SON bakers 25 West Allington
SANCTUARY & SON F.S.I., F.L.A.S. chartered surveyers, chartered land agents & valuers 36 East St.
SANCTUARY Campbell Thos. F.S.I., F.L.A.S. surveyer 36 East St.
SANCTUARY Jn. Cyril Tabor, B. A., M.B.,B.Ch., B.A.O. Dub. physcn. & surgn. Medical officer to Bridport Hospital & Infectious Disearses Hospital & Post Office Granville house, West St.
SCADDEN Wm. Geo. taxi propr. 128 South St.
SEALL Cecil Mason's Arms P. H. 10 North St.
SEWARDS F. A. customs & excise officer Drayton house, West Allington
SHELL-MAX & B. P. LTD. oil merchants Railway Station, St. Andrews Rd.
SHEPHARD & SONS brush makers & gramophone dealers 47 East St.
SHORT Ernest Arthur hair dressers 60 West St.
SIBLEY Jack B.B. Boot Inn 124 North Allington
SIMMONDS G. E. & Sons brush makers 21 West St.
SIMMONDS Austen T. fried fish dlr. 23 West St.
SISTERS OF THE VISITATION Sister Mary Elizabeth, superior boarding school for boys Pymore Rd.
SLATER Jessie (Mrs.) boarding ho. Britmead, West Bay Rd.
SMITH & SMITH   ladies' & gents' tailors, outfitters, habit & breeches makers 8 West St.
SMITH Archibald fried fish dlr. 94 West St.
SMITH Percy S. photographic artist; children's portraits a study; Kodak & all amateur supplies; picture frame maker West Dorset studios, 31 East St.
SORSON Wm. fruitr. 115 South St.
SOUTHERN NATIONAL OMNIBUS CO. LTD. 18 South St. & garage, West Bay Rd.
SPILLER Andrew taxi propr. 40 East St.
SPILLER MISS L. M. Pester & F. A. Rockett millinery, blouses & ladies underwear 26 East St.
SPRACKLING Albt. E. taxi propr. 19 East St.
SPRAKE Ellen (Mrs.) Cross Keys P. H. 13 South St.
STANFORD Ralph, M.D., B.S. Lond.,M.R.C.S. Eng.,L.R.C.P. Lond., D.T.M. & H. Eng., Physician & surgeon, honorary medical officer to Bridport Hospital & medical officer of health to the Rural District Council 22 West Allington & South St.
STANIFORD Edwin parish clerk South Street
STAPLE Seymour F. Sexton of St. Swithin 6 Sunny bank, North Allington
STAR HOTEL Jas. H. Hecks   14 West St.
STEAD & SIMPSON LTD. boot & shoe makers 5 East St.
STEPHENS Percy Hy. F.C.T.S. (Inc) F.I.P.S. Clerk to the Parish Council of Bradpole 37 St. Andrew's Rd.
STONE Albert professor of music & organist of St. Mary's parish church 22 Barrack St.
STONE Alexander teacher of pianoforte, organ, violin, viola, 'cello, & theory of music 23 Victoria Grove
KENDAL BROS. STORES fancy repositories 2 - 4 West St.
SUTTON & CO. LTD. Albt. White, agt. parcel carriers 197 St. Andrew's Rd.
SWAFFIELD William Five Bells P. H 85 South St.
SWAFFIELD Wm. G. builder 12 Portland Place, North Allington
SWEET Fredk. grocer 52 West St.
SWINDELL Walt. Courtenay Mngr. Midland Bank Ltd. 17 East St.
SYMES Annie (Mrs.) dress maker 77 South St.
SYMES Thos. Town Hall Keeper 69 North Allington
TAYLOR Jsph. F. gasfitter 66 South St.
THEAR'S GARAGE LTD. motor & motor cycle agents & engineers, & garage, Coach & motor works 61 East St.
THORNLEIGH GUEST HOUSE Albt. White Proprieter 197 St. Andrew's Rd.
THWAITES Miss Southayes preparatory school 51 Bay Rd.
TITBALL Gerald tax collector & accountant 12 Victoria Grove
TOC H (TALBOT HOUSE) J. Barnes, hon. Sec.   South Street
TRAVERS & SON bakers 84 North Allington
TRAVERS Alfred Joseph boot maker 78 & 80 West Street
TRAVERS Dan King's Head Inn 304 St. Andrew's Rd.
TREVETT F. L. & C. H. hair dressers 44 East St.
TRUMP Walter Greyhound Hotel 2 East St.
TUCKER Thomas & Co. fishing net mfrs. 45 South St. & St. John's Works, Church St.
TUCKER Percy timber mer. Folly Mill Lane
TURNER J. & A.S. Jewellers & qualified opticians 14 East St.
TURNER A. S., F.S.M.C., F. B.O.A. optician 14 East St.
TUSZARD Jn. F. ironmonger Malvern, East Rd.
VALLERANI Maison ladies hairdresser 24 South St.
VENTON Charlotte (Mrs.) George Hotel 4 South St.
VERNEY Stanley carpenter 2 Rax Lane
WALBY Chas. hair dressers 7 West Allington
WALKER Chas. E. boot maker 17 Downes St.
WALLIS Saml. Lloyd, L.D.S. Liv.Eng. dental surgn Ringstead House, East St.
WALLSEND COAL CO. coal mer. 58 South St.
WALTERS Nina (Mrs.) shopkeeper 76 West St.
WARD & SONS (BRIDPORT) LTD. wholesale tobacconists & confectioners 70 West St.
WELCH Harry clerk to the Local Pensions Sub-committee Town Clerk's Office
WESSEX HOTEL & CAFÉ J.S. Smith & partners   3 East St.
WEST CLIFF BUILDING ESTATE SYNDICATE B. F. Cornick, sec.   107 Victoria gro
WEST DORSET CONSERVATIVE & UNIONIST ASSOCIATION Lt. Col. Lord Wynford D.S.O. (president; W. J. Brymer J.P. (chairman); J. Hetherington, (chief agt.) 26 East St.
WESTMINSTER BANK LTD. Herbt. Langdon, manager 22 East St.; Head office, 41 Lothbury, London E C 2
WHETHAM Austen solctr. & commissioners for oaths & clerk to Bridport borough & Cerne magistrates & West Dorset Assessment committee 5 Downes St.
WHITAKER Jn. Thos. fruitr. 8 Barracks St.
WHITBY Horace Fred drapers & ladies' outfitters 3 & 5 West St.
WHITE Eli cycle dlr. 256 St. Andrew's Rd.
WHITE Regnld Wm. bldrs. Langland, West Bay Rd.
WHITEMORE'S STORES grocers & c. 20 South St.
WIDDOWS Chas. Thos. collector of rates for Bradpole, Askerswell, Chilcombe, Litton Cheney, Puncknowle & Swyre 68 St. Andrews Rd.
WILES Oscar A. Seven Stars Hotel 11 Barrack St.
WILSON Joseph A. nurseryman 24 St. Andrews Rd.
WING H. Pitman mngr. Barclays Bank Ltd. 28 East St.
WITCOMB Hebt. Zaccheus cycle agts. 128 East St.
WITCOMB Martha M. (Mrs.) toy dlr 128 East St.
WORLD'S STORES LTD. grocers 7 East St.
BARBER Fredk.   Holgate, Hill Crest, West Bay
BRYANT Miss   Upcot, West Bay
GALLOWAY Robert Neil   Cliff Cottage, West Bay
GLUNING Saml.   Ilchester, West cliff, West Bay
GOOD Norman   Querida, West Bay
KNIGHT Frederick William   Homelea, West Bay
LAVELL George   Highclere, West Bay
LE SUEUR Mrs.   8 Pier Terrace, West Bay
NORTHOVER Walter Snow Bevan   Cliff Corner, West Bay
NOTT Phillip Henry Treble   Egdon, West Bay
REED Miss   Dayrell, Esterwell, West Bay
STEPHENS Arthur Nalder   Haddon House, Bridport Harbour, West Bay
TREVETT Mrs.   Chesil View, West Bay
VENNER Mrs.   Seacroft, West Bay
WEEKS Mrs.   The Moorings, West Bay
WILLIAMS Ben   Penberthy, West Bay
ANDREWS Phyllis (Miss) boarding ho. 6 Pier Terrace, West Bay
BRADFORD & SONS, LTD coal mers. West Bay
BRIDPORT ARMS HOTEL Mrs. M. A. Chorley residential; facing sea; R.A.C. & A.A.; garage West Bay
BRIDPORT & WEST DORSET GOLF CLUB G. Atherton, hon. Sec.; Albt. H. Billett, professional West Bay
BUTT Frank pilot West Bay
COOPER Fredk. & Sons archtcts. West Bay
FORSEY Edward boat owner West Bay
GAPE William & Son coal, sand, grit & gravel merchants & shopkeepers West Bay
GEORGE HOTEL Mrs. A. M. Collett family & commercial West Bay
GERRAD Jas. harbour master West Bay
GOOD Norman & Sons coal, sand & gravel merchants & ship & insurance brokers Lloyds's agents & reinforced concrete product manufacturers West Bay
HARRIS Annie (Mrs.) refreshment rooms 1 Pier Terrace, West Bay
HAWKINS Amelia (Mrs.) refreshment rooms 7 Beech cottages, West Bay
HOARE Alfred boat owner West Bay
LEGG L. R. refreshment rooms West Bay
NORTON Austin John customs officer, supt. Of Mercantile Marine, registrar of Royal Naval Reserve & Receiver of wrecks West Bay
RALLS & SON   Coal merchants West Bay
RICHARDS Annie (Miss) boarding ho. 6 Pier Terrace, West Bay
RIVERSIDE CAFÉ C.F.S. Gillham, proprietor Post Office, West Bay
STEELE E. G. station officer of coastgaurds West Bay
WEST BAY CORINTHIAN SAILING CLUB Frank Louis Trevett, sec. West Bay
WEST BAY HOTEL Ernest E. Blanchard, proprietor facing sea & one minute from golf links; good fishing, boating & bathing; garage West Bay
COLFOX Miss   Westmean Allington
BALSON Amy (Mrs. farmer New Close Allington
CHARD William blacksmith Dottery Allington
CLEAL Frederick George wheelwright Dottery Allington
CRABB Herbt. Geo. farmer Middle Pymore Allington
FRAPPLE Joseph George farmer Lower Pymore Allington
HARRIS Wltr. Jn. farmer Belshay Allington
MARSH John farmer Washing Pool Allington
MARSH Cecil A. farmer Higher Pymore Allington
WHITE Fred, esq. farmer Seymour's farm Allington


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