Burials 1731 to 1900

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and microfilms of the Bishop's Transcripts held at the Dorset History Centre by Kim Parker

Note in the Register: "The ancient Register of this Chapelry beginning 1589 & ending 1755, & another beginning 1755, were consumed in the great Fire at Wareham July 25, 1762."

From 1825 Burials of Arne Parishioners took place at Wareham; I have therefore extracted all those entries from the Wareham Register giving an abode within the boundaries of Arne for the period 1825-1900. [The boundaries of Arne Civil Parish changed in 1895. I have only included the tithings & settlements transferred to Arne as a result of that change from that date

BTs20Dec1732 JohnFISHER   
Returns for 1733 & 1734 missing
BTs24Mar1735/6 JohnWHIFFEN  son of George & Jane WHIFFEN
BTs14Aug1736 EleanorLANGLEY  widow
BTs12Jul1738 LewisCOCKRAM  [Tombstone: Lewis COCKRAM Gent. died 12 Jul 1738]
BTs08Feb1738/9 JaneWHIFFEN   
Returns for 1739 & 1740 missing
BTs16Apr1741 ThomasJENKINS   
Return for 1743 missing
BTs23Sep1744 MaryBAKER  dau of John BAKER
BTs14Feb1745/6 WilliamVALENCE  son of Thomas & Mary VALENCE
BTs17Sep1746 JohnBAKER  son of John & Elizabeth BAKER
BTs08Nov1747 EleanorLANGFORD  wife of Robert LANGFORD
BTs06Mar1747 HannahBAKER  dau of John & Elizabeth BAKER
BTs24May1748 RachelVALENCE  widow
BTs06Jun1748 JehebodFRY   
BTs26Jun1748 HenryLANGFORD   
BTs11Mar1748 JohnSTEEL  son of Joseph & Mary STEEL
BTs18May1750 MarySTEEL  dau of Joseph & Mary STEEL
BTs10Jun1750 MarySTEELGold Point wife of Joseph STEEL
BTs21Mar1750/1 AnneWHIFFEN  Spinster
BTs18Oct1751 MaryTALBOT  dau of Stephen & Margaret TALBOT
BTs16Mar1752 JosephSTEELGold Point  
BTs22Mar1752 EleanorWARREN  wife of John WARREN
BTs12Apr1752 MargaretTALBOT  wife of Stephen TALBOT
BTs01Dec1754 ThomasBAKERWest Middleburgh  [parish of Wareham Holy Trinity]
BTs14Mar1756 MelierVALENCE  dau of Thomas & Mary VALENCE
BTs02Dec1756 JohnBEER  Butcher
BTs26Feb1758 GeorgeBURGESS  son of John & Betty BURGESS
BTs07Jul1759 JohnLOMBER   
BTs02Oct1759 ThomasCOCKRAM  Mr.
BTs29May1760 George WhiffenWHITE   son of Robert & Eleanor WHITE
BTs05May1761 MaryWHITE  dau of Robert & Eleanor WHITE
BTs28Jun1761 EleanorWHHITE  wife of Robert WHITE
PR27May1763 ElizabethBAKERSlepe wife of John BAKER
PR17Jun1763 HonourBARNES  wife of Edward BARNES
PR13Jun1763 RebeccaCHISMAN  wife of Robert CHISMAN
PR27Mar1764 JohnRUSSEL   
PR30May1764 EdwardBARNES  Clerk of ye Chapelry
PR02Oct1764 ThomasLANGLEY  Clerk
PR09Nov1764 AnnaCOCKRAM  Mrs., widow
PR24Mar1765 RichardTALBOT  son of Richard TALBOT
PR26Jan1766 WilliamLANGLEY  son of Thomas & Mary LANGLEY
PR23Feb1766 MaryLANGLEY  widow of Thomas LANGLEY
PR24Jun1766 JoanFRY  widow
PR17May1767 ThomasVALENCE  buried at Wareham
PR26Jul1768 AnneCOCKRAM  dau of Thomas & Anna COCKRAM
PR05Oct1769 WilliamVALENCE  buried at Wareham
PR04Mar1770 MarthaLUMBER  widow
PR22Mar1770 WilliamCHISMAN  son of Robert & Elizabeth CHISMAN
PR07May1770 SarahCOCKRAM   
PR24Jun1770 BettyTALBOT  dau of Richard & Betty TALBOT
PR20Jan1771 RobertWHITE   
PR15May1772 JohnLUMBER  son of William & Betty LUMBER
PR09Aug1774 MarthaPIKE   
PR10Sep1775 MaryWHITE  dau of Robert WHITE
PR27Feb1776 BettyOLFRY  an infant
PR14Dec1777 WilliamBAKERSlepe  
PR15Aug1778 JohnCHISMAN   
PR23Sep1778 JosephTATCHELL   
PR05Nov1778 MaryFRY   
PR26Mar1779 JohnLUMBER   
PR29Dec1779 JudithBAKER  wife of Joseph BAKER
PR06Jan1780 JosephBAKER  an infant, son of the above-mentioned Joseph BAKER
PR09Nov1781 ElizabethFOOT  of Ridge
PR23Jul1782 AbsalomJOY   
PR20Aug1782 SarahCOCKRAM   
PR19Nov1782 AmeliaTACHELL   
PR02Aug1784 DanielLUMBER   
PR19Sep1784 JonathanFRY  an infant
PR16Nov1784 JosephBAKER  an infant
PR21Dec1786 ThomasCOCKRAM 47 
PR21Feb1787 EdwardKITCAT   
PR10Mar1787 ElizabethSTICKLAND 51 
PR18Jul1787 MaryGOVERRidge2 
PR25Apr1788 BettySTICKLAND 22 
PR05Sep1788 ElizabethBURGESS 73 
PR08Mar1789 MarySTICKLAND  an infant
PR08Jun1789 JohnCOCKRAM   
PR22Feb1790 RobertWHITE   
PR05Apr1790 BettyLUMBER 60 
PR11Jan1792 AnneBAKER 50 
PR01Aug1793 ElizabethTALBOT 54[BTs: wife of Richard TALBOT buried 30 Jul 1793 - may be death date]
PR28Apr1794 RobertWHITE 63[BTs: 30 Apr 1794]
PR29May1794 JohnMEECH 90[BTs: widower buried 23 Feb 1794]
PR31Mar1795 Betty ChristopherBAKER 64  
PR07May1795 ThomasHYDE 64[Wall plaque: Thomas HYDE Esquire died 02 May 1795 age 63]
PR25Sep1795 MaryCOCKERAM 59 
PR11Dec1796 [Richard]TALBOT  "Old Farmer Talbot" - forename from BTs
PR30Dec1796 MarthaBAKER  [BTs: 29 Dec 1796]
BTs24Oct1798 LewisCOCKRAM   
BTs05Apr1799 WilliamWHITE   
BTs05Jan1800 JohnBURGESS   
PR15May1801 ThomasABBOT   
PR[07]Apr1802 JohnFRY   
PR15May1802 JamesTALBOT   
PR13Dec1803 MaryRICHARDS   
BTs03May1804 JohnWELSH   
BTs02Apr1805 ElizabethABBOT  wife of Thomas ABBOT
BTs10May1805 JamesMASTERS   
BTs10Jan1806 CharlotteBAILEY  dau of George & Jane BAILEY [recorded in PR, but no mention of year or parents]
BTs03Dec1806 ElizabethLUMBER  wife of William LUMBER
BTs25Mar1807 ElizaRICHARDS  dau of William & Jane RICHARDS
BTs14Jun1807 BettyBAKER  wife of Joseph BAKER
BTs20- -1807 JosephBAKER   
BTs13Oct1807 AnnBAKER  dau of Joseph & Betty BAKER
BTs02Nov1807 ?CullimenRICHARDS   dau of William & Jane RICHARDS
Return for 1808 missing
BTs23Jul1809 RichardTALBOT  son of Richard & Elizabeth TALBOT
BTs28Jun1810 BessieBAILEY  dau of George & Jane BAILEY
PR25Jul1810 EleanorFRY  [BTs: wife of John FRY]
PR24Nov1812 FrancesHYDE [77][Wall plaque: Frances wife of Thomas HYDE Esquire died 17 Nov 1812 age 77]
PR11Oct1813 MaryDAVIESArne6[BTs: dau of Henry & Mary DAVIES]
PR14Feb1814 GeorgeBAILEYArne[60][age from BTs]
PR11Jul1814 BettyCHISMANArne63[BTs: CHEESMAN, age 62]
PR31Oct1814 BettyMASTERSArne2m 
PR06Aug1815 RobertCHISMANArne28 
PR12May1816 JaneBAILEYArne39wife of George BAILEY
PR16Feb1817 MaryCOCKRAMArne74[BTs: wife of Lewis COCKRAM]
PR04Mar1819 SarahSTICKLANDArne58 
PR16May1819 JohnWHITEArne35 
PR31Dec1819 AnneFRYArne54 
BTs25Jan1819 WilliamLUMBERArne82 
BTs23Jan1810 WilliamLUMBERArne82[appears to be a duplicate of the entry for 25-Jan-1819]
BTs27Jun1820 ElizaBAILEYArne13 
BTs14May1821 JohnWHITEArne35 
BTs04Jun1821 W.LUMBERArne73 
BTs09Nov1821 MaryRUNYARDArne84 
BTs21May1822 RebeccaFRYArne16mdau of James & Jane FRY
BTs05Oct1823 HenryCHISMANArne70 
BTs21Dec1823 AnnWHITEArne64 
BTs30Sep1824 HenryCHEESEMANArne70[appears to be a duplicate of the entry for 05-Oct-1823]
BTs05Nov1824 AnnWHITEArne64[appears to be a duplicate of the entry for 21-Dec-1823]
W-PRs25Feb1827 ElizabethCHISMANArne29 
W-PRs15Dec1827 SarahLUMBERArne60 
W-PRs12Oct1828 AnnCHURCHOUSEArne52 
W-PRs08Mar1829 WilliamGOVERRidge85 
W-PRs25Sep1829 GeorgeCHURCHOUSERidge3d 
W-PRs22Oct1829 GeorgeGOVERRidge3 
W-PRs21Feb1830 JamesSHORTSleap78 
W-PRs25Feb1830 GeorgeLUMBERArne68 
W-PRs02May1830 Henry JohnCHISMANArne2 
W-PRs29Jun1830 JohnSTANFIELDArne43 
W-PRs07Jan1831 CatherineCHISMANArne35 
W-PRs07Jun1831 Jane AnnFRYArne15 
W-PRs12Jul1831 ThomasCOLERidge66 
W-PRs13May1832 JaneCHURCHOUSERidge14 
W-PRs17Oct1832 ThomasFOOKSSleap26 
W-PRs31Jan1832 SarahSTICKLANDSleap63 
W-PRs28Mar1833 HenryDAVISArne67 
W-PRs16Jun1833 JohnGOVERSleap25 
W-PRs18Jul1834 MarySHOTTArne68 
W-PRs25Jan1835 MaryRANDALLSleap82 
W-PRs26Mar1835 GeorgeWHITEArne4 
W-PRs27Mar1835 WilliamSTICKLANDArne74Parish Clerk
W-PRs28Feb1836 SarahLUMBERArne70 
W-PRs10Jul1836 AnneKIMBERArne69 
W-PRs22Sep1836 James KingKEARLEYRidge16m 
W-PRs28May1837 ElizabethWHITEArne97 
W-PRs23Sep1838 JaneSTICKLANDArne40 
W-PRs30Sep1838 SarahCHISMANArne42 
W-PRs19Nov1838 H.CAREYRidge74[full forename not given and death not registered]
W-PRs14Dec1838 SarahSTURMEYRidge1 
W-PRs06Mar1839 WilliamSELBYSlepe56 
W-PRs05Jul1840 JamesFRYSlepe18 
W-PRs18Jul1841 HarriettHAWKINSArne12m 
W-PRs12Oct1841 GeorgeRANDALLArne57 
W-PRs25Feb1842 MaryKEARLEYRidge3 
W-PRs11Mar1842 HenryKEARLEYRidge1 
W-PRs26Mar1842 Mary AnnTURNERRidge8m 
W-PRs05Jan1843 Edna AnnTURNERRidge5m 
W-PRs02Mar1843 JohnLOCKYERArne50 
W-PRs19Oct1843 CharlesLOCKYERArne24 
W-PRs15May1844 WilliamSTILESArne29 
W-PRs21May1844 MaryGOVERRidge74 
W-PRs12Oct1844 WilliamBURDLESlepe51 
W-PRs14Oct1844 CarolineCHISMANShipstall4m 
W-PRs16Dec1844 EdwinTURNERRidge3m 
W-PRs10Jan1845 William RobertTURNERRidge5 
W-PRs17Jan1845 WilliamFRYJacks Ham, Arne41 
W-PRs18Mar1845 AlbertTURNERRidge6m 
W-PRs15Aug1845 Mary AnnCROOMBSSlepe18 
W-PRs09Apr1846 Eliza GoverPOLLARDSlepe5w 
W-PRs11May1846 EleanorFRYSlepe85 
W-PRs15Oct1846 GeorgeSTICKLANDSlepe81 
W-PRs29Dec1846 Mary AnnLOCKYERArne25 
W-PRs01Jan1847 AnnGRANTArne56 
W-PRs15May1847 ElizaSTICKLANDSlepe38 
W-PRs03Jan1848 Henry WilliamTURNERRidge1 
W-PRs20Jan1848 JamesSTICKLANDSlepe40 
W-PRs02Apr1849 EleanorTURNERRidge17m 
W-PRs09Sep1849 GeorgeCHISMANArne50 
W-PRs17Nov1849 JosephFURMIDGESlepe62 
W-PRs25Dec1849 GeorgeLUMBERArne51 
W-PRs11Jul1850 Mary AnnSTICKLANDSlepe45 
W-PRs16Jul1850 Mary JaneSTANFIELDArne24 
W-PRs18Mar1851 JohnMASTERSJacks Ham88 
W-PRs22Mar1851 GeorgeLOCKYERArne29 
W-PRs02Jul1851 George ChismanFRYSlepe4 
W-PRs02Apr1852 AnnaDAVISArne7w 
W-PRs03May1852 Mary AnnWHITEArne25 
W-PRs13May1852 Arthur WilliamCHISMANArne5 
W-PRs06Aug1852 GeorgeGOVERShipstall70 
W-PRs14Apr1853 William RobertLUCASArne10m 
W-PRs10Nov1853 GeorgeSTICKLANDSlepe57 
W-PRs16Oct1856 Wm. Thos. LewisBENNETTSlepe5m Full name = William Thomas Lewis BENNETT
W-PRs05Mar1858 JaneLUCASRidge2 
W-PRs03May1858 JohnCHISMANCombe, Arne4 
W-PRs03May1858 EmilySTOCKLEYRidge5w 
W-PRs17May1858 AnnJERRETTArne41 
W-PRs27May1858 OldridgeJERRETTArne2m 
W-PRs05Jun1858 ElizabethFRYSlepe40 
W-PRs27Dec1858 ElizaBEAVESArne31 
W-PRs15Apr1859 HarrietJERRETTArne3 
W-PRs21Jul1859 SelinaWHITEArne4 
W-PRs29Jul1859 JohnCHISMANShipstall56 
W-PRs26Nov1859 WilliamCOURTNEYSlepe20 
W-PRs20Dec1860 Mary AnnSTICKLANDSlepe63 
W-PRs29Aug1861 William JamesMASTERSArne28 
W-PRs15Feb1862 WilliamGOVERRidge2w 
W-PRs19May1862 MaryCHISMANShipstall78 
W-PRs24May1862 SarahMASTERSArne27 
W-PRs14Jan1863 HarrietWHITTLEArne34 
W-PRs30Mar1863 ThomasSTICKLANDSlepe62 
W-PRs18May1863 Mary JaneLOCKYERArne50 
W-PRs06Jul1864 Annie MariaPITCHERRidge3 
W-PRs04Jan1865 SarahSTICKLANDSlepe Farm72 
W-PRs29Dec1865 Elizabeth MaryBURDENSlepe9m 
W-PRs04Dec1866 RobertWHITECoombe68 
W-PRs03Apr1867 Bessie MatildaMASTERSSlepe5d 
W-PRs11May1867 ElizabethGREENSlepe40 
W-PRs11May1867 EdwardGREENSlepe1d 
W-PRs18Dec1867 JaneGOVERRidge77 
W-PRs31Mar1868 Mary AnnGREENSlepe16 
W-PRs31Mar1868 EmilyGREENSlepe2 
W-PRs22Jul1868 AnnGOVERRidge81 
W-PRs12Oct1869 TomGOVERRidge11m 
W-PRs24Sep1870 Ella LouisaSMITHArne3 
W-PRs23May1871 RobertSTANDFIELDArne42 
W-PRs20Jan1872 RebeccaMASTERSRidge77 
W-PRs20Feb1872 SarahCHISMANShipstall51 
W-PRs05Sep1872 William LewisBENNETTSlepe3m 
W-PRs26Sep1872 ThomasKERLEYRidge69 
W-PRs18Jan1873 ElizabethSTANDFIELDArne77 
W-PRs22Jan1873 RobertMASTERSArne71 
W-PRs09Apr1873 ElizabethLUCASRidge22 
W-PRs20May1873 JohnBATTRICKSlepe2 
W-PRs05Jul1873 WilliamKEARLEYRidge76 
W-PRs28Jul1873 ElizabethGRANTSlepe63 
W-PRs01Apr1874 George JamesHORLOCKArne1 
W-PRs25Jan1875 CharlesGOVERRidge84 
W-PRs21Feb1876 MariaHEATHRidge41 
W-PRs21Mar1876 MaryKERLEYRidge73 
W-PRs17Apr1876 EdwardMASTERSSlepe2 
W-PRs28Nov1876 George GoverRABBITSBank Gate9  
W-PRs20Dec1876 HubertSMITHRidge9m 
W-PRs10Mar1877 Sydney HerbertSMITHArne6m 
W-PRs10Oct1877 Sarah JaneCHISMANShipstall23 
W-PRs15Aug1878 JaneSHAVERidge84 
W-PRs04Jan1879 SelinaTALBOTArne42 
W-PRs17Mar1879 Agnes LouisaTALBOTBank Gate11m  
W-PRs21Apr1879 SarahRANDALLCoombe97 
W-PRs11Nov1879 MaryKERLEYRidge77 
W-PRs16Dec1881 Frances KeziaDUNNINGArne15 
W-PRs17Feb1882 Harriet EllenWHITEBank Gate21  
W-PRs06Sep1882 SarahKERLEYRidge55 
W-PRs16Apr1883 WalterSTURMEYRidge73 
W-PRs05Sep1883 Sarah JaneHORLOCKArne43 
W-PRs10Sep1883 AndrewBATTRICKSlepe2 
W-PRs27Jun1884 Elizabeth AnnFLATTBank Gate28  
W-PRs26Nov1884 RichardABBOTTRidge44 
W-PRs05Sep1885 JaneMASTERSSlepe60 
W-PRs08Jan1886 ThomasGOVERRidge65 
W-PRs01Nov1886 RebeccaLUMBERArne82 
W-PRs29Nov1886 HerbertBATTRICKSlepe18m 
W-PRs24Jun1889 William DavidWHITEBank Gate16  
W-PRs18Jul1889 CharlesGOVERRidge59 
W-PRs02Dec1889 Joseph JamesHARDYRidge35 
W-PRs12Apr1890 AgnesGRANTArne18 
W-PRs22Jan1891 ErnestBATTRICKSlepe1 
W-PRs27Jan1891 Bessie JaneBATTRICKSlepe5w 
W-PRs31Jan1891 Laura MayMASTERSShipstol21m 
W-PRs01Sep1891 HannahHEATHRidge22 
W-PRs15Dec1891 Alfred GeorgeCUFFArne13m 
W-PRs09Feb1892 RobertWHITEArne60 
W-PRs09Feb1892 Emily JaneWHITEArne55 
W-PRs25Jun1892 SarahTALBOTBank Gate60 
W-PRs23Dec1893 Elizabeth JaneTALBOTArne57 
W-PRs15Jan1894 RobertCHISMANShipstall78 
W-PRs17Sep1894 JamesGRANTArne59 
W-PRs08Dec1894 JesseGOVERRidge10d 
W-PRs06Mar1895 Walter CharlesVINCENTWorgrett14m  
W-PRs10Aug1895 BetsyLILLINGTONStoborough87 
W-PRs07Dec1895 Giles Job FurmageRANDALLStoborough55  
W-PRs19Feb1896 RobertSAMWAYSGrange Road81 
W-PRs05Mar1896 ElizabethWILLSStoborough80 
W-PRs21Mar1896 Ellen EmilyBARROWRidge3 
W-PRs31Mar1896 Winifred MayRIDOUTHyde Hill, Arne3  
W-PRs13Apr1896 Eleanor HonourRIGGSNew Street12m  
W-PRs04Jun1896 JamesPARKERStoborough82 
W-PRs06Jul1896 AnnWHITEStoborough73 
W-PRs14Jul1896 SophiaMUNDAYStoborough70 
W-PRs28Jul1896 ThomasWHITEStoborough78 
W-PRs02Sep1896 Joseph GeorgeJOINERStoborough12  
W-PRs05Sep1896 Richard JosephBASTABLERidge34  
W-PRs14Sep1896 SarahJOINERStoborough40 
W-PRs03Oct1896 AnnSENNECKMiddlebere14 
W-PRs19Dec1896 George WilliamGOVERStoborough38  
W-PRs11Jan1897 SusanCHURCHILLStoborough78 
W-PRs27Feb1897 Eliza RobertsBOYTStoborough88  
W-PRs08Mar1897 SusanGREENStoborough81 
W-PRs06Jul1897 Gilbert Hy. Chas.MERRICKShipstall7 Full name = Gilbert Henry Charles MERRICK
W-PRs10Jul1897 ElizaGRANTStoborough52 
W-PRs23Aug1897 OliviaKEATESStoborough48 
W-PRs30Sep1897 JohnDUNNINGWorgret Heath79 
W-PRs07Jan1898 Evelyn Winifred MayRIDOUTStoborough6m  
W-PRs03Feb1898 HerbertMASTERSFurzebrook4 
W-PRs14Feb1898 AnnBESTNew Street84 
W-PRs19Feb1898 EdwardBESTNew Street81 
W-PRs01Apr1898 BessieMASTERSArne35 
W-PRs13Apr1898 GeorgeGRANTSlepe68 
W-PRs29Jul1898 HenriettaNORTHOVERWorgret74 
W-PRs12Sep1898 WilliamBRIERSStoborough48 
W-PRs26Sep1898 JamesFOOKSStoborough66 
W-PRs19Oct1898 AnnieWISEFurzebrook31 
W-PRs03Dec1898 John EdwinGREENStoborough8m 
W-PRs23Feb1899 Ernest ErisHURSTNew Street2m 
W-PRs17Apr1899 ElizabethMANUELNew Street65 
W-PRs29May1899 Sidney AlbertORCHARDShipstore3  
W-PRs27Jun1899 Mary AnnCRUMPLERStoborough68 
W-PRs05Sep1899 AlfredHEADStoborough14m 
W-PRs18Dec1899 CharlesSTOCKLEYNew Street21d 
W-PRs26Dec1899 GeorgeFUDGEStoborough23 
W-PRs06Jan1900 MarthaBROWNStoborough76 
W-PRs12Feb1900 Mary ElizaSELBYStoborough36 
W-PRs12Apr1900 John SticklandGOVERFurzebrook78  
W-PRs16May1900 SamuelNORTHOVERWorgret75 
W-PRs20Jul1900 ThomasHOUSEStoborough68 
W-PRs31Jul1900 Mary ElizabethRANDALLCorfe Castle Road 19 
W-PRs20Aug1900 FrederickWISEFurzebrook39 
W-PRs11Sep1900 WilliamSAMWAYSGrange Road58 
W-PRs29Sep1900 Mary AnnEDMONDSStoborough74 
W-PRs20Dec1900 RobertCAKEArne88 

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