BURIALS 1731 - 1879


These records have been transcribed from the Bishop's Transcripts {BT's]. As BT's are copies of the register there may be a variation in the information and they may also be missing years. Years without entries may indicate that the BT's are missing, or they may have been no events that year. Researchers will have to consult the Parish Registers held at the Dorset Record Office to verify the details.


Susannah GODDIN buried 12-Dec 1731

Agnes HALL buried 05-Jan 1731

John GIZZAR buried 12-Jan 1731

Mary SYMES alias REEVES buried 07-Feb 1731

Edmund JENKINS of Long Bredy buried 11-Feb 1731

Ann SPRAQUE buried 20-Feb 1731

Ruth SYMES alias REEVES buried 19-Mar 1731

Margaret LITTLE widow buried 11-*** 1732

Frances wife of Robert VALENCE buried 30-Jul 1732

William LITTLE of Nollars buried 19-Jan 1732

Robert SPRAQUE buried 29-Jan 1732

Elizabeth wife of John JENKINS buried 13-Mar 1732

William son of William and Elizabeth HALLET buried 24-Feb 1733

William son of William and Joan BARBOR buried 31-Mar 1734

John son of George and Joan BRIDLE buried 28-Aug 1734

Sarah JENKINS buried 28-Aug 1735

Edward TUCKER alias BRADF0RD buried 18-Sep 1735

Thomas son of Henry and Repentance LOVEL buried 28-Sep 1735

Andren? BYTHEWOOD buried 22-Feb 1735

Margaret daughter of William and Elizabeth LITTELL buried 09-Apr 1736

Mary MARSH widow buried 20-Jun 1736

Martha daughter of Edmund and Sarah BROWNE buried 17-Jul 1736

Joseph son of Edmund and Sarah BROWNE buried 26-Jul 1736

Sarah daughter of William and Jane WELLMAN buried 26-Nov 1736

Mary wife of John HANSFORD buried 03-Jan 1736

Jane JENKINS buried 28-Jun 1737

Robert SYMES alias REEVES buried 10?-October 1737

John JENKINS buried 28-Nov 1737

Julian SYMES alias REEVES buried 04-Dec 1737

1738, 1739

Ann GEAR buried 02-Jul 1740

Francis GEAR buried ** Sept 1740

Eleanor TOSSY buried 05-Apr 1741

Edmund BROWN buried 08-Apr 1741

Charles RUSSEL buried 04-Jul 1741

Robert HOLT? junior buried 10-Sep 1741

Edith BARBER buried 15-Nov 1741

Sarah BROWN buried 21-Dec 1741

Katherine BROWN buried 16-Apr 1742

William BISHOP buried 02-Nov 1742

Sarah GARLAND buried 01-Mar 1742

Mary SIMMS buried 25-Mar 1743

John HANSFORD of Eggindon buried 17-Apr 1743

****** GARLAND buried 1744

Robert BAGG buried 1744

Mary wife of Robert WELLMAN buried 1744

Widow BISHOP buried 1744

Widow Bridget  buried 1744

Edmund BROWN buried 19-May 1745

John EGGARTON buried 18-Aug 1745

Repentance wife of Henry LOVELL buried 13-Aug 1746

William LITTELL buried 20-Nov 1746

William son of William and Mary HANSFORD buried 30-Jan 1746

Elizabeth JENKINS widow buried 17-Mar 1746

Richard SYMES alias REEVES buried 16-Apr 1747

Henry JENKINS of Lytton buried 23-Jul 1747

Elizabeth ?ORD buried 05-Nov 1747

Sarah GARLAND of Symonsbury buried 10-Jan 1747

Nathaniel GARLAND of Burton buried 07-Feb 1747

Ann GREY buried 20-Feb 1747

John HANSFORD buried 30-Aug 1748

Thomas HALLETT buried 04-May 1749

Susannah RODFORD buried 05-May 1749

Margaret MOORES buried 11-Jan 1749

Ann wife of Charles BAGG buried 22-Apr 1750

Robert WELLMAN buried 08-Jan 1750

Thomas RODFORD buried 20?-January 1750

Thomas son of William and Hannah HANSFORD buried 08-Dec 1751

Sarah daughter of Robert and Susanna SYMES buried 29-Dec 1751

Charles BAGG buried 12-Mar 1752

Thomas LITTELL buried 04-May 1752

Catherine wife of Robert HOLT buried 29-Aug 1752

William son of James and Elizabeth WALBRIDGE buried 31-Dec 1752

Mary wife of Thomas HALL buried 18-Jul 1753

Henry son of Charles and Jane BAGG buried 18-Jul 1753

Eleanor wife of Stephen HALLETT buried 27-Jul 1754

Grace daughter of John and Frances HOLT buried 15-Sep 1754

Sarah daughter of Robert and Susanna SYMES buried 17-Oct 1754

Mary daughter of William and Hannah HANSFORD buried 29-Jun 1755

None in 1756

Mary wife of Henry GARLAND buried 20-Feb 1757

Mary ROBERTS widow buried 23-Apr 1757

William son of William and Jane WELLMAN buried 28-Jun 1757

Sarah LOCK buried 25-Jul 1758

John WELLMAN buried 16-Nov 1758

William WELLMAN buried 26-Mar 1759

Mary daughter of James and Mary GUY buried 18-Apr 1759

Dinah HAMSFORD buried 29-May 1759

Jane WELLMAN buried 20-Oct 1759

Mary GILL of Toller Porcorum buried 26-Nov 1759

Elizabeth LITTELL buried 05-Dec 1759

Sarah JONES buried 19-Dec 1760

John GEAR buried 08-Mar 1761

Mary daughter of James and Mary GUY buried 01-May 1761

John MOORES buried 01-Jan 1762

Henry BAGG buried 01-Jan 1762

Joan BARBER buried 18-Apr 1762

Jane HOLT buried 25-Jul 1762

Robert WELLMAN buried 06-Aug 1762

John BARBER buried 14-Nov 1762

John BAGG buried 17-Nov 1762

Ann GARDENER buried 01-Mar 1763

Joseph GALE buried 17-Apr 1763

William HANSFORD buried 12-Jun 1763

Grace MARSH buried 08-Jul 1763

None in 1764

Margaret wife of Robert SYMES buried 12-Jun 1765

Anne wife of John SYMES buried 18-Aug 1765

Francis SMITH buried 14-Apr 1766

Stephen HALLETT widower buried 22-Oct 1766


Alice daughter of William and Alice Hern ELDRIDGE buried 19-Jan 1768 in Kent

Thomas GARLAND widower buried 15-Apr 1768

Thomas HALL widower buried 07-Feb 1769

Sarah BAGG buried 17-Sep 1769

Hannah daughter of John ∓mp;mp;mp; Elizabeth GRANT of Sarum buried 10-Mar 1770

Elizabeth daughter of William and Elizabeth HALLETT buried 30-May 1770

Dorothy RUSS widow buried 29-Jul 1770

Elizabeth wife of Philip senior HANSFORD buried 12-Dec 1770

Thomas son of Charles and Jane BAGG buried 14-Dec 1770

Sarah HUMBER widow buried 11-Feb 1771

Philip HANSFORD senior buried 28-Feb 1771

William son of John and Sarah WAY buried 26-Nov 1771

Mary wife of Thomas of Loders FORSS buried 10-Aug 1772

Hugh BAGG buried 05-Jan 1773

Ann daughter of Charles and Jane BAGG buried 12-Feb 1773

Thomas BROWNE stranger buried 21-Aug 1773

Elias LITTELL of Powerstock buried 05-Jan 1774

Mary ELFORD of Bridport buried 11-Jan 1774

Elizabeth wife of Robert HANSFORD buried 25-Jul 1774

Mary wife of John BOUCHER buried 23-Nov 1775

John HOLT buried 03-Mar 1776

Joan daughter of William and Mary BARBER buried 07-May 1776

Robert SYMES senior widower buried 28-May 1776

Elizabeth widow of Elias LITTELL buried 19-Jul 1776

Sarah wife of Thomas BARBER buried 22-Mar 1768

Henry widower of Bothenhampton GARLAND buried 18?-Dec 1778?

John widower of Lodder Land BAGG buried 02-Nov 1779

Mary PEARSE buried 10-Apr 1779

None in 1780

Edward CHAPPLE buried 04-Dec 1781

John son of Henry and Sarah LOVELL buried 30-Jun 1782

Martha wife of Robert NAIL buried 21-Nov 1782

Catherine daughter of Edward and Joan WAY buried 08-Jan 1783

Robert HANSFORD senior buried 06-Apr 1783 91yrs

George son of Sarah base born HANSFORD buried 10-Apr 1783

Robert of Toller Porcorum DAMON buried 03-Jun 1783

Sarah wife of Francis of Loders HANSFORD buried 28-Dec 1783

Mary GUY widow buried 25-Mar 1784

John son of John and Sarah WAY buried 26-Aug 1784

John SYMES widower buried 29-Sep 1784

Jane wife of Charles BAGG buried 28-Nov 1784

John BOUCHER widower buried 05-Jan 1785

Robert of South Eggardon HANSFORD buried 28-Mar 1786

John son of Francis and Betty  HANSFORD of Loders buried 02-May 1787

Mary wife of William  SWADRIDGE of Lodersburied 06-Feb 1788

Dorothy daughter of Anthony and Anne of Chilcomb GERRARD buried 08-Apr 1788

Elizabeth HANSFORD widow buried 19-Jun 1788 100yrs

Hannah wife of William HANSFORD buried 09-Sep 1788

John son of Philip and Sarah HANSFORD buried 02-Nov 1788


Robert SYMES buried 21-Mar 1790

Betty daughter of William and Mary BISHOP buried 21-Mar 1790

William son of Henry and Elizabeth GREENING buried 26-Jun 1791

Ann wife of William WHITTLE of Winterborn buried 28-Aug 1791

John son of Thomas and Mary LOVELL buried 05-Jan 1792

Samuel son of John and Ann WELLMAN buried 17-Jun 1792

None in 1793/4/5

Sarah wife of Thomas WHITE buried 05-Jun 1796

Sarah daughter of William and Elizabeth of Allington BERRY buried 21-Sep 1796

Susannah SYMES widow (poor) buried 02-Nov 1796

Thomas BARBER of Barton (poor) buried 26-Jan 1797

William son of William and Elizabeth BERRY of Allington buried 12-Feb 1797

Judith SYMES buried 21-Feb 1797 (poor)

Frances HOLT buried 25-Jun 1797 (poor)

William LITTLE of Allington buried 04-Jul 1797

1798, 1799

Jane HANSFORD buried 09-Mar 1800

Robert HANSFORD illigitemate buried 12-Mar 1800

Matthew HANSFORD buried 15-Sep 1800

Mary SYMES buried 29-Dec 1800

None in 1801

Frances BOZIE of Beaminster buried 08-Feb 1802

James PARSONS buried 16-Feb 1802

Ann PARSONS buried 21-Feb 1802

Thomas WELLMAN buried 21-Nov 1802

Robert HANSFORD buried 08-May 1803

Joan HOLT buried 06-Oct 1803

Ann SMITH buried 26-Feb 1804

John HANSFORD buried 15-Jul 1804

Thomas? LOVELL buried 05-Dec 1804

William BARBER buried 15-Feb 1805

Francis HOLT buried 13-May 1805

William BARBER buried 29-Sep 1805

William WAY of Loders buried 15-Jan 1806

Mary LOVELL buried 09-Feb 1806

Elizabeth COLLINS of Chideock buried 23-Feb 1806

William HANSFORD buried 25-Mar 1806

Mary RUSSELL buried 30-Mar 1806

William BERRY of Fordington buried 03-Apr 1806

Henry LOVELL buried 12-Nov 1806

Frances LOVELL buried 15-Jan 1807 13m

Mary HANSFORD of Loders buried 23-Jun 1807 77yrs

Jane HANSFORD buried 23-Dec 1807 59yrs

Bryant LEGGE buried 16-Mar 1808 8m

Ann WELLMAN buried 01-Apr 1808 59yrs

John WAY buried 01-May 1808 5w

Catherine PARSONS buried 04-May 1808 18m

Jane PARSONS buried 06-Jul 1808 3yrs

Sarah WALLIS of Bridport buried 06-Sep 1808 yrs

Sarah HANSFORD buried 24-Jan 1809 84yrs

James HANSFORD buried 06-Mar 1809 62yrs

Martha SWADRIDGE buried 21-Apr 1809 32yrs

William RUSSELL buried 21-Apr 1809 18m

George HANSFORD buried 05-Sep 1809 18m

Jane WELLMAN buried 22-Dec 1809 79yrs


Edward WAY buried 07-Apr 1811 79yrs

Martha WAY buried 15-Dec 1811 3w

Susannah WELLMAN buried 19-Feb 1812 infant

Grace STONE buried 16-Mar 1812 57yrs

Mary FRAMPTON buried 12-Aug 1812 75yrs

William WHITE buried 04-Oct 1812 2yrs


From 1813 pre-printed registers were used.

Date of burial;   Forename;   SURNAME;  Abode;   Age

1813; 04-Jan; Grace ROBERT ; Burton Bradstock; 90yrs

1813; 31-Mar; Jane WELLMAN; Weymouth; 42yrs

1814; 06-Jul; Elizabeth Ann BURT; Askerswell; 2yrs

1814; 24-Aug; Matthew LEGGE; Exmouth?; 48?yrs

1814; 29-Oct; Lydia ROBERTS; Barton Bradstock; 29yrs

1814; 22-Nov; George CHAPPELL; Askerswell; 78?yrs


1816; ** -Jan; William ROBERTS; Burton; 19yrs

1816; 11-Mar; Elizabeth STUDLEY; Broadwinsor; 75yrs

1816; 09-Jun; Mary HANSFORD; Askerswell; 103yrs

1816; 24-Oct; Sarah FRAMPTON; Askerswell; 36yrs

1817; 02-Feb; Sarah CLARK; Askerswell; 70yrs

1818; 15-Jul; Thomas Giles Norris BURT; Askerswell; 35yrs

1819; 03-Jan; Sarah WAY; Askerswell; 19yrs

1819; 23-Feb; Elizabeth WHITTLE; Askerswell; 40yrs

1819; 20-May; George GREGORY; Askerswell; 5mths

1820; 05-Mar; Harriet PARSONS; Askerswell; 18mths

1820; 19-Mar; Elizabeth HANSFORD; Askerswell;     65yrs

1820;     04-Apr;   Sarah;      HANSFORD; Askerswell; 2yrs

1820; 31; Sarah LOVELL; Askerswell;

1821; 11-Jun; Elizabeth GREGORY; Askerswell; 39yrs

1821; 17-Jun; Ann WAY; Askerswell; 16yrs

1821; 17-Jun; Grace WELLMAN; Askerswell; 14mths

1821; 18-Jul; Thomas RUSSELL; Askerswell; 7mths

1821; 20-Dec; Elizabeth LARDEM?; Askerswell; 80yrs


1823; 30-May; John HANSFORD; Askerswell; 13yrs

1823; 03-Aug; Hannah WHITE; Askerswell; 4yrs

1823; 09-Nov; Jane WELLMAN; Shipton; 1wks

1824; 25-Mar; Joseph STONE; Askerswell; 80yrs

1824; 06-Aug; Tabitha BURT; Stancombe; 51yrs

1825; 16-Feb; Elizabeth WELLMAN; Shipton; 62yrs

1825; 20-Feb; Jane WAY; Askerswell; 49yrs

1825; 20-Apr; John PARSONS; North Eggerton; 9mths

1826; 06-Jan; Mary SPRACKLIN; Askerswell; 30yrs

1826; 03-Mar; John WAY; Loders; 84yrs

1827; 01-May; William Littell WHITTLE; Askerswell; 58yrs

1827; 13-Jun; Thomas SYMES; Askerswell; 2yrs

1827; 11-Aug; John William COLMER; Fulham; 10yrs

1827; 05-Dec; Robert ROBERTS; Burton Bradstock; 69yrs

1828;      06-May; Mary;      RICHARDS; Burton Bradstock; 78yrs

1828; 15-Jun; Sarah HANSFORD; Maiden Newton; 23yrs

1828; 01-Dec; Rechab Robert TUCKER; Askerswell; 38yrs


1830; 19-Jan; Henry HANSFORD; Askerswell; 52yrs

1830; 10-Feb; Caroline HALLETT; Askerswell; 4yrs

1830; 10-Feb; Harriet HOUNSELL; Askerswell; 4wks

1830; 09-May; Mary HANSFORD; Askerswell; 27yrs

1830; 13-Aug; Maria COLMER; London; 16yrs

1830; 29-Aug; Sabina HANSFORD; Askerswell; 4yrs

1830; 19-Sep; Jane HANSFORD; Askerswell; 2yrs

1831; 20-Mar; Robert LEGG; Askerswell; 47yrs

1831; 10-Jun; Sarah CLARK; Askerswell; 71yrs

1831; 12-Aug; Elizabeth LEGG; Bridport; 82yrs

1831; 24-Aug; William BISHOP; Chidock; 74yrs

1831; 02-Sep; Frances HANSFORD; Askerswell; 6yrs

1832; 06-Jan; William Berry HANSFORD; Askerswell; 1yrs

1832; 29-Jan; George SYMES; Askerswell; 2yrs

1832; 19-Feb; Henry HOUNSELL; Askerswell; 8yrs

1832; 11-Mar; Richard DUNFORD; Askerswell; 1yrs

1832; 28-Jun; Thomas CHICK; Lower Eggerton; 79yrs

1832; 29-Jul; William HANSFORD; Askerswell; 82yrs

1832; 02-Sep; Thomas WHITE; Askerswell;     56yrs

1832;     21-Oct;    Thomas;      HALLETT; Askerswell; 16yrs

1832; 18-Nov; Elizabeth HANSFORD; Askerswell; 79yrs

1832; 26-Dec; Mary LOVELL; Askerswell; 69yrs

1833; 03-May; Mary Ann HANSFORD; Askerswell; 72yrs

1833; 23-May; Jane LEGG; Askerswell; 50yrs

1833; 23-May; Robert PARSONS; Askerswell; 1wks

1833; 04-Jun; Paul STANLEY; Pippin Chiford; 3yrs

1833; 07-Jul; Thomas WELLMAN; Askerswell; 60yrs

1833; 12-Aug; Thomas Wareham HANSFORD; Askerswell; 45yrs

1833; 21?-August; Sarah Ann LEGGE; Askerswell; 2yrs

1833; 25-Aug; Mary Ann LEGGE; Askerswell; 6mths

1833; 09-Sep; Elizabeth COLMER; Sibton?; 44yrs

1833; 20-Sep; William RUSSELL; Askerswell; 66yrs

1834; 01-Mar; Elizabeth WHITE; Askerswell; 1yrs

1834; 19-Mar; Elizabeth HANSFORD; Askerswell; 93yrs

1834; 14-Aug; Susanna CHICK; Lower Eggerton; 81yrs

1834; 02-Oct; Thomas James CHICK; Mapperton Marsh; Beaminster; 11wks

1845; 10-Jan; Nicholas HANSFORD; Askerswell; 69yrs

1835; 08-Feb; Edmund WHITE; Askerswell; 4d

1835; 14-Jan; Thomas LOVELL; Askerswell; 5wks

1835; 17-Jan; Elizabeth WARREN; Askerswell; 38?yrs

1835; 15-Feb; James SYMES; Litton; 40yrs

1835; 20-Mar; Harriet SYMES; Askerswell; 3yrs

1836, 1837, 1838, 1839, 1840

1841; 15-Jan; William HANSFORD; Askerswell; 78yrs

1841; 01-Jul; Susan DAVIS; Askerswell; 10yrs

1842; 17-Jan; Rev. John COLU***; Askerswell; 76yrs

1842; 18-May; Joseph CHICK; Askerswell; 50yrs

1842; 13-Jun; Edward WAY; East Burton; 69yrs

1842; 11-Jul; Robert COLUIAR?; Yorford; Suffolk; 56yrs

1843; 23-Jan; Henry BISHOP; Askerswell; 3yrs

1843; 08-Mar; Robert LOVELL; Askerswell; 66yrs

1843; 26-Apr; George HANSFORD; Askerswell; 15yrs

1843; 29-Jun; Elizabeth BURT; Askerswell; 63yrs

1843;      14-Aug; Elizabeth;      CHICK; Askerswell; 40yrs

1843; 24-Aug; Ann RUSSELL; Askerswell; 80yrs

1844; 08-Feb; Thomas WHITE; Askerswell; 86yrs

1844; 18-Feb; Charles LOVELL; Askerswell; infant

1844; 04-Mar; William HAYWARD; Nollars?; 75yrs

1844; 29-Mar; Henry BISHOP; Askerswell; 6mths

1844; 27-Apr; Joseph LOVELL; Askerswell; infant

1844; 15-Jun; Harriet LEGG; Askerswell; 24yrs

1844; 01-Jul; Ann WILLIAMS; Askerswell; 74yrs

1844; 24-Aug; Ann WAY; Loders; 58yrs

1844; 07-Dec; Temperance SYMES; Askerswell; 84yrs

1845; 12-Mar; Sarah HANSFORD; Askerswell; 26yrs

1845; 17-Apr; Joan HANSFORD; Askerswell; 67yrs

1845; 15-Jun; Anna? SYMES; Burton Bradstock; 22yrs

1845; 10-Jul; Joseph SYMES; Askerswell; infant

1846; 11-Feb; Harriet Elizabeth WHITE; Askerswell; infant

1846; 24-Feb; Elizabeth WHITE; Askerswell; 75yrs

1846; 12-Mar; John BURT; Burton Bradstock; 59yrs

1846; 10-Jun; William HAYWARD; Nollars?; 42yrs

1846; 22-Jul; Anne HANSFORD; Hunbury; 85yrs

1846; 17-Oct; William TIZZARD; Askerswell; infant

1846; 31-Dec; Sarah Anne WHITE; Askerswell; infant

1847; 12-Aug; Joseph LEGG; Union House; Bradpole; 67yrs

1847; 15-Aug; Maria BEST; Askerswell; 59yrs

1847; 25-Sep; Sarah SYMES; Askerswell;     25yrs

1848;     20-Mar;   John;      LEGG; Askerswell; 57yrs

1848; 10-Jun; Elizabeth WELLMAN; Askerswell; 83yrs

1848; 29-Dec; Dorothy WALTERS?; Union House; Bradpole; 69yrs

1849; 06-Feb; Thomas WHITW; Askerswell; 65yrs

1849; 19-Mar; Mary HANSFORD; Askerswell; 55yrs

1849; 08-Apr; Fanny BURT; Burton Bradstock; 67yrs

1849; 01-May; Mary COX; Charminster; 82yrs

1849; 31-Dec; Robert Holson FOLLET; Charminster; 39yrs


1851; 17-Jan; Thomas CHICK; Stratton; Dorset; 62yrs

1851; 19-Mar; Thomas RUSSELL; Askerswell; 40yrs

1851; 21-Mar; Clara BISHOP; Askerswell; infant

1851; 15-Apr; Ellen WALTERS?; Askerswell; 23?

1851; 04-Sep; Mary RUSSELL; Askerswell; 48yrs


1853; 04-Feb; Charles CHICK; Stratton; Dorset; 62yrs

1853; 31-Mar; Mary GILL; Askerswell; 81yrs

1853; 08-Apr; Ann SYMES; Askerswell; 73yrs

1853; 18-Apr; William WAY; Askerswell; 84yrs

1853; 11-Jun; James Caires? Chick WHITE; Askerswell; 1yrs


1855; 02-Mar; William SYMES; Askerswell; 70yrs

1855; 25-Mar; John HANSFORD; Askerswell; 80yrs

1855; 10-Jun; Mary Ann WHITE; Askerswell; 2yrs

1855; 29-Jul; Thomas BARTER; Askerswell; 3yrs


1857; 23-Jan; John BARTER; Askerswell; 3yrs

1857; 29-Mar; John HILE; Askerswell; 26yrs

1857; 06-Jul; Hannah HALLETT; Union House; Bradpole; 80yrs

1857; 08-Jul; Thomas WHITE; Askerswell; 17yrs

1857; 13-Aug; William CHICK; Stratton; 73yrs

1857; 18-Oct; Samuel GREGORY; Askerswell; infant


1859; 05-Apr; Bernard COX; Ceine or Cune?; 81yrs

1859; 09-Oct; Mary GREGORY; Askerswell; 4mths

1860; 07-Jan; Mary WHITE; Askerswell; 77yrs

1860; 06-Feb; George BISHOP; Askerswell; 58yrs

1860; 24-Mar; Jane WHITE; Loders; 5mths

1860; 05-Aug; John WELLMAN; Askerswell; 57yrs

1860; 12-Aug; Ann Eliza WELLMAN; Askerswell; 9mths

1860; 01-Sep; Alfred William WELLMAN; Askerswell; 3yrs

1861; 20-Jan; William HALLETT; Askerswell; 29yrs

1861; 11-Sep; Sarah Rendall Chick WAY; Askerswell; 80yrs

1861; 25-Dec; Joan SYMES; Askerswell; 86yrs


1863; 10-Jan; Elizabeth LEGG; Alton; 22yrs

1863; 04-Feb; William WHITE; Askerswell; infant

1863; 10-May; Fanny HOUNSELL; Askerswell; 68yrs

1863; 1?-Sept; Jane HANSFORD; Askerswell; 47yrs

1864, 1865

1866; 27-Feb; Sophia NOBBS; Askerswell; 27yrs

1866; 21-Mar; Eliza WHITE; Askerswell; 18yrs

1866; 17-Apr; George GREGORY; Askerswell; 79yrs

1866; 06-Oct; Alfred COX; Askerswell; 59yrs

1867; 05-Mar; Catherine LOVELL; Askerswell; 63yrs

1867; 07-Apr; Mary TRAVERS; Askerswell; 71yrs

1867; 14-Apr; Alice LEGGE; Higher Eggerdon; 10mths

1867; 23-Oct; Henry NOBBS; Askerswell; 57yrs


1869; 25-Mar; Sarah GREGORY; Askerswell; 73yrs

1869; 01-Aug; Thomas NOBBS; Askerswell; 28yrs

1869; 09-Nov; Sarah WHITE; Askerswell; 76yrs

1870; 09-Jan; Mary Jane LOVELL; Askerswell; 18mths

1870; 09-Apr; Absolom CHICK;     Askerswell;   76yrs

1870; 30-Apr; Sarah WHITE; Askerswell; 51yrs

1870; 12-Jun; Alice SYMES; Askerswell; 18mths

1870; 14-Sep; Louisa WHITE; Askerswell; 44yrs

1870; 23-Oct; Charles NOBBS; Askerswell; 23yrs

1870; 15-Nov; John WHITE; Askerswell; 79yrs

1870; 18-Dec; Louisa SYMES; Chideock; 49yrs


1872; 15-May; Sarah SYMES; Askerswell; 48yrs

1872; 16-Jun; Mary SYMES; Askerswell; 21yrs

1872; 31-Oct; James BURT; Hembury; 64yrs


1874; 25-Jan; George TREVETT; Askerswell; 40yrs

1874; 06-Feb; Asekath? LOVELL; Askerswell; 59yrs

1874; 26-Apr; William MILLER; Askerswell; 82yrs

1874; 01-May; Elizabeth SPRACKLAND; Askerswell; 86yrs

1874; 08-May; Absolom HAYWARD; Askerswell; 59yrs

1874; 01-Oct; George WALTERS; St. Lukes; Burton Bradstock; 3yrs

1874; 20-Oct; Jane NOBBS; Askerswell; 71yrs

1874; 30-Nov; Fanny BURT; Hembury; 70yrs

1874; 11-Dec; Fanny WILLIAMS; Askerswell; 43yrs

1875; 02-Feb; Alfred James KNIGHT; Askerswell; 5mths

1875; 28-Feb; Jane WALTERS; St. Lukes; Burton Bradstock; 24yrs

1875; 07-Mar; Francis Robert SMITH; Askerswell; 7mths

1875; 23-Apr; Anna Maria SYMES; Askerswell; 13mths

1875; 09-Jun; Thomas BRYANT; Askerswell; 75yrs

1875; 10-Aug; Ann HALLETT; Askerswell; 83yrs

1875; 13-Sep; Alfred WILLIAMS; Askerswell; 26yrs

1875; 17-Dec; Anna Maria WAY; Hembury; Askerswell; 58yrs


1877; 15-Feb; Frances Ruth GREGORY; Askerswell; 6yrs

1877; 23-Mar; Adelaide KEECH; Great Toller; 30yrs

1877; 05-Jul; Elizabeth SYMES; Union House; Bradpole; 89yrs

1877; 31-Jul; Sarah MILLER; Askerswell; 69yrs

1877; 16-Nov; William WALTERS; Askerswell; 61yrs

1877; 27-Nov; John SYMES; Union House; Bradpole; 87yrs

1877; 23-Dec; William LEGGE; Higher Eggerdon; Litton Cheney; 66yrs

1878; 23-Jan; John LEGG; Stancombe; Litton Cheney; 67yrs

1878; 04-Mar; Bessie Alice DAWE; Eggardon; Askerswell; 3mths

1878; 12-Dec; Henerietta DAWE; Eggardon; Askerswell; 1wks

1879; 26-Mar; Mary Anne WHITE; Askerswell; 57yrs

1879; 27-May; Robert WHITE; Union House; Bradpole; 74yrs

1879; 18-Nov; Sarah LEGGE; Askerswell; 57yrs

1879; 22-Dec; Mary GILL; Askerswell; 75yrs