MARRIAGES  1560 to 1810 [from Phillimore]
MARRIAGES  1814 to 1835  [ from Bishop's Transcripts]

This transcription, kindly donated to the OPC project by Alan Bartlett has been taken from a copy of
Phillimore's Marriage Registers, published in 1909. The marriages start in 1560 and this transcription ends in 1810

The following are the notes from the start of the volume, an approximate translation of the Latin has
been provided by Alan and is in parenthesis.

Note.--Vol. 1. is an interesting old book, 6 in. by 8 in., 112 pp.  1558 - 1722; marriages, Baptisms, Burials, all mixed together in extraordinary confusion, and the dates are difficult to pick out. On the Title page is "Wm. Locke, Priest, s. of  Wm. Locke, Rector de Askerswell in Com. Dorset man yt is borne of a woman." There are several schemes of Nativity of the Locke family with 'ama an necne' (‘love whether or not’)*under one of them.

Vol. 2. measures 5in. by 10 in., and is parchment bound; it contains 39 pp. of parchment and 8 pp. paper at the end of the Volume; it contains Baptisms, Burials,  1722  to  1812 , Marriages from  1722  to  1754.
Vol. 3. comprises the Weddings under Lord Hardwicke's Act, from  1754  to  1812.

There was however an older book 'teste' the following entry on p. 1, "These six years following (1571-76 ) were torne out of ye olde Register paper Book and taken out of ye [... ?] again by Thomas Whynnell, Clericus, Parson of Askerswell."

The following is put down:--Ordinatio levationis totius decimae pro quindecimis et decimis in A.D.  1545 , et Tricesimo quinto Regis Henrici Octavi descripta ex libro veteri chartareo.

(“Arranged upward completely 10 as far as 15 and 10 in A.D. 1545, even to the Thirty - Fifth of King Henry 8th divided out (of) (to) the book of the old charts (registers).”)

Inprimis pro firma de Matravers 3s. (“In the first place on behalf of the (steady) firm Matravers 3 s")
Item pro uno tenements vocato Cannington 12d. ("It in behalf of one tenements named Cannington 12 d")
Item pro Hymbry 13d. ("It in behalf of Humbry 13 d")
Ten'to vocato Smythies place 18d. ("To the named Smythies (satisfy) 18 d")
Firma de Nallars 18d. ("On behalf of Nallars 18d") 
Firma de Parys 9d. ("In behalf of Parys 9d") 
Item pro firma in South Egardon 18d. ("It in behalf of South Egardon 18d") 
tribers tenementis in Egardon 6d. ("Holdings in Egardon 6d") 
Bowood 4d. ob.
Molendino 6d.
Quolibet integro Tenemento in Askerswell 3d. ("Withersoever I renew holdings in Askerswell 3d")
Quolibet integro Tenemento in Coto 1d. ob. ("Withersoever I renew holdings in Coto 1d. Ob.")
Summa 16s. 4d. ("Total 16s. 4d")

Thomas Whywell, Rector ibidem descripsit hec decimo nono die  19 Feb 1609. ("Thomas Whywell, Rector in that very place has copied the ten of the nine days from 19 Feb 1609")

Volume 1.
Eorum omnium, qui nupti fuere ab initio Regni Serenissimae Dominae Nostrae Elizabethe nuper Reginae Angliae Franciae et Hyberniae, Regestrum. ("Of them all who married have been by the beginning Regni Serenissimae Dominae Nostrae Elizabethe recently Reginae Angliae Franciae et Hyberniae, Regestrum")


1560 Thomas Meadway & Anna married 27-Oct

1561 Richardus Boyland & Editha married 29-Nov

1561 Thomas Hardy & Christiana married 16-Nov

1562 Henricus Dry & Elizabetha married 27-Apr

1562 Robertus Cole & Agnes married 26-Jul

1563 Johannes Nycholes & Alicia married 30-Sep

1563 Johannes Foster & Isabella married 17-Oct

1563 Richardus Hodge & Helena married 10-Aug

1564 Johannes Hardy & Margareta married 29-Jan

1564 Thomas Hardy & Margareta married 14-Feb

 [1565 none.]  

1566 Henricus Sandford & Alicia married 28-Aug

1567 Johannes Hear & Joanna Dumberfield married 27-Jun

1568 Rogerus Serel & Agnes married 17-Jul

 [1569-70 none.]  

1571 Edwardus Abingdon & Joanna married 17-Sep

1571 Georgius Smith & Isabella Gill married 24-Nov

1572 Richardus Bradford & Joanna married 22-Sep

1572 Christopherus Darby & Agnes married 10-Apr

1572 Robertus Serell & Editha married 28-Oct

1572 Johannes Bow & Anna married 28-Nov

Desunt 14 anni sequentes in Registro Chartareo usque ad annum 1586. & (The 14 years up to 1586 are wanting [missing] from the registers)

1586 Robertus Meadway (son of Christopheri Meadway) & Joanna Hardy married 27-Jan

1586 Roger Hardy (son of Nicholiolai Hardy) & Elizabetha married 21-Jun

1590 Thomas Whynnell & Elizabetha Lyte at Wareham married 24-Jul

1593 Willmus Hallet & Alicia Welman married 29-Jul

1593 Johannes Bellet & Elizabetha Smith married 22-Oct

1594 Richardus Serell & Katherina Honyborne married 22-May

1594 Willmus Hiscock & Susanna Sanford married 12-Sep

[1595 none.]

1596 Henricus Body & Alicia Sandford married 18-Jan

1597 Henricus Samwaies & Tomsy Daniell married 16-Jan

[1598 none.]

1599 Johannes Marsh & Eliza Marsh married 28-May

[1600 nonE.]

1601 Johannes Monden & Agnes Egardon married 16-May

1602 Johannes Hyde & Matilda Brown married 18-Jul

1602 Anthonius Hayward & [...] Serel married 18-Jul

1603 Georgius Sansom (senior) & Joanna Peters of Lyme Regis widow married 15-Aug

1603 Andrew Rug & Helen Marsh married 27-Aug

1603 Robertus Langford & Agnes Parker married 26-Sep

1604 Johannes Hardy & Alicia Crayford married 30-Jan

1603 Andrew Applin & Mary Tinham married 31-Jan

1603 Robertus Sandford & Isabella Adams married 04-Feb

1603 Willmus Savage & Susanna Hardy married 21-Feb

1604 Robertus Rives (senior) & Amy Bundoll married 05-Sep

1604 Ellice Garland & Aves Hardy married 22-Sep

1604 Christopher Sandford & Joanna Hardy married 13-Nov

 [1605-6 none].  

1607 Georgius Sansom (junior) & Gratia Burt married 28-Nov

1608 Jeffrey Hine & Agnes Olyver married 27-May

1609 Georgius Primrose & Editha Darby widow married 04-Nov

1610 Henricus Gear & Juliana Hyne married 12-May

 [1611-15 none.]  

1616 Ricardus Hardy & Agnes Hardy married 28-Apr

1617 Henricus Body & Matilda Smyth married 18-Jan

1618 Edwardus Fossey & Matilda Hardy married 16-Nov

1619 Robertus Hardy & Dorothea Hodder married 05-Apr

1619 Benjamin Crosse & Avis Gill married 27-Nov

1620 Thomas Egardon of Netherbury & Alice Hooper married 26-Apr

1620 Johannes Morrice & Elisa Whynnell married 02-Oct

1621 Johannes Eggardon & Joanna Smyth married 10-Aug

 [1622 none].  

1623 Stephanus Hardy & Eleanora Whynnell in Eccl'ia Divi Petri Orientali Oxoniae married 29-Jul

1623 Hugo Crabbe & Dorothea Bradford married 11-Mar

1623 Johannes Meech & Aves Eggardon married 19-Jun

1625 Walterus Oliver & Joane Akerman married 01-Oct

1625 Richardus Oliver & Winifreda Abraham married 04-Feb

1626 Leonillus Sweet & Catherina Bradford married 03-Jul

1627 Willmus Trenchard & Priscilla Akerman married 02-Apr

 [1628 none.]  

1629 Thomas Hardy & Margareta Bradford married 28-Nov

1629 Thos. Gill & Elisa Wrixen married 17-Feb

 [1630 none.]  

1631 Richardus Ellin & Elisa Gear married 16-Jan

1631 Lyle Whynnell clericus & Maria Gundry Kingsbr. married 14-Apr

 [1632 none.]  

1633 Johannes Oake & Elisa Eggerdon married 05-Aug

1634 William Bridle & Agnes Dounton married 02-Jun

1634 Williamus Masters & Joane Sandford married 24-Nov

1635 Johannes Bradford & Elisa Bunnet married 02-Feb

1635 Lawrentius Bishop & Deanes Hyne married 02-Nov

1635 Thomas Jenkings & Matilda Swaffel married 04-Nov

1635 Johannes Cunder & Anast Reeves married 23-Nov

1636 Robertus Rod & Maria Nobes married 19-Jan

 [1637 none.]  

1638 Nicholas Banger & Ursula Eggerdon married 07-Jan

1639 Frances Gear & Catherina Gill married 06-May

1639 Gulielmus Besse & Anna Swaffell married 02-Sep

1639 Johannes Gill & Agnes Hallett married 09-Sep

 William Hallett & Joane Gill married

 [1640 none.]  

1641 Johannes Gill & Anna Bayly married 06-May

1641 Robertus Welman & Sara Ellice married 10-Aug

1642 Thomas Reeves & Dorcas Dryer married 31-Jan

1643 Williamus Thresher & Juliana Dounton married 28-Oct

1644 Mathew Cumden & Ursula Banger married 20-Aug

1645 Richardus Oliver & Eleanor Byshoppe married 30-Sep

1646 Thomas Bartlet & Maria Hooper married 14-Jul

1646 Hugh Hanfard & Agnes Galfery married 17-Nov

1648 Johannes Knight & Joana Harris married 16-Feb

1648 Henricus Chick & Juliana Oliver married 22-May

 [1649 none].  

1650 Thomas Garland & Maria Chick married 17-Apr

1650 Willmus Woad & Elizabeth Hardy married 01-May

1650 Thomas Hanfard & Jana Oliver married 08-Jul

1651 Johannes Hind & Charity Gayler married 30-Apr

1651 Johannes Strong & Christiana Hallet married 02-Jul

1653 Robertus Craft & Joana Gerarde married 22-Sep

 [In the years 1654-5-6 the justices of peace did marry].

1657 Phillip Allen & Sara Stone married 26-Sep

1657 Stephanus Hide & Anna Trencher married 01-Dec

1657 Johannes Akerman & Agnes Miller married 25-Dec

1657 Richardus Stone & Emlin Stone married 26-Jan

1657 Nicholas Thomas & Maria Bridle married 28-Jan

1658 Phillip Davis & Elizabeth Hendy married 01-Jul

1661 John Bradford & Margaret Traverse married 11-Nov

1663 Johannes Whynnellus (son of aforesaid clergyman Lyti Whynnelli of the latter Church Rectory) & Katharina Gawler (daughter of Thomas Gawler Rector of the Church of Chesilborough) married 06-May

1665 Egidius Divoll & Sara Hardy [sic.] married 03-Apr

1665 Johannes Fosey & Catherine Langford married 03-Apr

1659 John Roper & Elizabeth Stickland married 25-Oct

1659 Simon Eggardon & Mary Hodder at Chilcombe married 09-Nov

1676 Anthony Sprak & Elizabeth Geare married 16-May

1677 Stephanus Welman & Maria Vincent married 07-May

1677 Hugh Fryer of Shipton Georges & Sarah Welman married 21-Jun

1677 Joseph Byshop & Mary Geare married 05-Dec

1677 John Locke & Phillip Bowditch married 12-Dec

1677 Johannes Syms (alias Reevs) & Sarah Mores married 02-Apr

1679 Francis Barge of Pedle Hentide & Elizabeth Ellen 30 Sep married 30-Sep

1680 William Allen of Winshaw & Maria Threshes married 12-Apr

 [1681 none.]  

1682 Henricus Peach & Agnes Crafford of Loders married 23-Apr

1682 Johannes Labons & Maria Smith married 01-May

1682 Marcus Minson & Elizabetha Browne married 31-Jul

1684 John Taylor of Symondsbury & Jean Eggerdon married 20-Apr

1684 Richardus Garland of Powerstock & Hestera Samways of the same P'chia married 29-Apr

1685 Henry Walbroghton of Symondsbury & Joana Byshop married 26-May

1685 Samuel Thresher & Priscilla Honyborne married 15-Aug

1686 Samuel Lock & Jane Docter married 01-Nov

1686 John Turner of Winsham & Alice Syms married 24-Jan

 1687/8 Robert Cole of West Milton clerk & Anne Pinney married 03-Jan

1688 John Oak & Margery Kenny married 16-Apr

1688 John Bernard of Broadwinsor & Mary Purdy married 12-Nov

1688 Joseph Sprackling of Wraxall & Priscilla Thrasher married 01-Jan

1689 Thomas Downton of Walditch & Hannah Syms married 09-Oct

1690 Samuel Davies & Agnes Hardy married 22-Apr

1700 Andrew Garland & Ann Fawn of Powerstock married 04-Mar

1701 John Syms & Ruth Warren married 10-Jun

1702 Samuel Daw & Mary Way of Powerstock married 14-Apr

1702 John Prout & Isate Follet of Litton Cheyney married 14-May

1702 Joseph Owen & Katherine Greening of Powerstock married 25-May

1702 Charles Follet & Ann Brown both of Litton Cheyney married 05-Oct

1702 Thomas Hele son-in-law of Fardle in Com. Devon & Anna Brown of Mappercomb of the parish of Powerstock married 17-Nov

1702 William Cheek of Walditch & Katherine Barret of Loder married 30-Dec

1703 Robertus Chine & Maria Hind married 03-Jan

1704 Jonathan Hide & Mary Jenkins married 01-May

1704 William Cole & Jane Gillingham of Bemister married 03-Nov

1704 John Garland & Jone Hire married 26-Dec

1704 John Hinde & Eliz. Meadway of Litton married 02-Jan

1705 Josephus Hazard & Elizabetha Oliver of Long Bredy married 07-May

1706 Stephanus Hallet & Eleanor Russell of Portesham married 03-Oct

1707 Angel Knight & Anna Syms married 02-Jun

1707 Richardus Wrixon & Anna Knight married 18-Jun

1707 Robertus Wellman & Maria Burt of Litton married 17-Oct

1707 Johannes Dounton & Sarah Hallet married 25-Dec

1708 Thomas Paul of Marshwood & Maria Forsey married 07-Jun

1708 Josephus Gillingham & Martha Stoodly married 15-Nov

1708 Guilielmus Travers & Elizabetha Bellringer married 05-Jan

1708 Robertus Beer & Joanna Barret married 24-Feb

1708 Johaunes Trivett & Jana Cross married 09-Mar

1709 Thomas Hall & Maria Garland married 26-Mar

1710 Wm. Cole of Bridport & Katherine Brown of Litton married 10-Apr

1710 Josephus Devonish & Jana Mantle married 11-Sep

1711 Thomas Cox & Sara Gould married 24-Apr

1711 Samuel Crane & Elizabeth Knight married 11-Sep

1711 Johannes Gardner of Wotton Fitzpain & Hester Lock married 17-Nov

1711 Johannes Whittle & Christiana Littel married 17-Dec

1712 Thomas Radford & Susanna Samways married 27-May

1712 Jacobus Gould & Elizabeth Hardy married 24-Jul

1712 Johannes Garland & Maria Keemer married 28-Jun

1712 Johannes Day & Joanna Woren married 02-Feb

1718 Thomas Taylor & Maria Budden married 25-Jul

1719 Johannes Hall of Punknoll & Sara Lawrence of Burton Bradstock at Chilcombe married 06-Oct

1720 Josephus Case clericus & Elizabetha Meech of Portisham married 05-Nov

1720 Nathaniel Woodcock & Maria Peach married 11-Dec

1720 Digory Gordge of Gabriells & Jane Hunt of Whitchurch Canonicorum married 18-Mar

 Volume 2.  

 [1722 none.]  

1723 John Marsh & Grace Dawes of Litton at Chilcombe married 14-May

1723 Philip Hansford & Elizabeth Ellin married 18-Dec

1723 John Keens of Durweston & Joan Bishop of Fordington married 22-Jan

1724 Hugh Bag & Mary Purse married 25-Apr

1724 John Tucker alias Bradford & Sarah Travers of Powerstock married 30-Apr

1724 William Soper of Portisham & Jane Beere of Burton Bradstock married 12-May

1724 Henry Greening & Margaret Goslin of North Eggardon married 12-Jan

1725 Nicholas Bagg & Dinah Hansford married 28-Mar

1725 William Honybourn of Compton Abbas & Mary Newman of Toller Fratrum married 25-Jan

1726 Christopher Marsh of Netherbury & Elizabeth Gerrard of Loder married 04-May

1726 Charles Russell & Dorothy Russell of Burton Bradstock married 16-May

1726 John Northover of Long Bredy & Jane Travers of Loders married 29-Jun

1726 Thomas Samways & Edith Hellier both of Catstock married 04-Jul

1726 Richard Stone of Winford Eagle & Mary Warren of Bridport married 09-Aug

1726 John Knight & Mary Hansford married 16-Oct

1726 William Travers & Margaret Minson of Powerstock married 26-Dec

1727 Aaron Barns & Jane Pomeroy married 14-May

1727 Thomas Warren of Shipton Gorge & Sarah Gibbs of Brapole married 16-May

1727 Samuel Crib & Hannah Summers both of Swyre married 26-Aug

1727 Daniel Taylor of Bridport & Elizabeth Abbott of Chideoke married 22-Aug

1727 William Bartlet of Toller Porcorum & Elizabeth Oliver of Donn Frome married 03-Jan

1727 John Boucher & Mary Ellin married 04-Jan

1727 George Shepherd & Mary Corban both of Maiden Newton married 13-Jan

1727 Samuel Stone & Dorothy Way both of Bridport married 19-Mar

1728 William Daw of Cheddington & Lydia Greenham of Chelbury married 22-Jul

1728 Thomas Dairdge of North Wotton & Edith Peirce married 13-Sep

1728 James Foster of Mayden Newton & Elizabeth Sargeant married 30-Sep

1728 Thomas Cooper & Elizabeth Lock both of Abbotsbury married 30-Jan

1729 John Parsons of Loders & Elizabeth Brewer of Bridport married 11-Jul

1729 Richard Samways of Winford Eagle & Ann Galpin of Toller Porcorum married 11-Aug

1729 William Hallett of Kingston Russell & Eliz. Pope married 06-Oct

1729 Robert Valence of Shiesford & Frances Hallett married 26-Oct

1729 John Syms & Ann Billett of Symondsbury married 21-Dec

1729 Thomas Palmer of Powerstock & Mary Cussens of Long Bredy at Chilcombe married 01-Jan

1729 William Barber of Kingston Russell & Joan Ellin married 15-Jan

1730 Thomas Yard of Long Bredy & Elizabeth Williams of Chilcombe married 30-Mar

1730 William Crouch of Gillingham & Mary Mullens of Chideoke married 02-Jun

1730 William Walbridge & Hannah Walbridge both of Powerstock married 25-Jun by licence.

1730 John Chainey of Puncknole & Mary Browne of Loders married 18-Aug by licence.

1730 John Green of Poole gent. & Martha Green of Bridport married 15-Sep by licence.

1730 John Greening of Shipton Gorge & Mary Akerman of Walditch married 13-Oct by licence.

1730 Edmund Browne of Shepton Gorge & Sarah Sansom married 09-Nov

1730 John Sydenham of Winford Eagle & Sarah Deval married 30-Dec

1730 Roger Travers of Netherbury & Ann Bagg of Litton married 11-Jan

1730 Benjamin Hill & Mary Ramsey of Bridport married 21-Jan

1730 Samuel Bragg of Broadwinsor & Mary Holwell of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 26-Jan

1730 Thomas Beal & Mary Colmer of Whitechurch Canonicorum married 09-Feb

1731 Robert Bull of Bridport marchant & Mary Best of Burton Bradstock married 18-May by licence.

1731 John Craft & Elizabeth Stone both of Winford Eagle married 11-Jul by licence.

1731 William Hansford of Dewlish & Hannah Roll married 22-Aug

1731 Richard Gale & Margaret Warbom both of Powerstock married 09-Sep

1731 Thomas Gale & Catherine Gale both of Powerstock married 19-Sep by licence.

1731 Roger Lloyd of Bridport & Elizabeth Polden married 26-Oct by licence.

1731 John Angel & Mary Perrot both of Burton Bradstock married 18-Nov by licence.

1731 Thomas Hodges of South Petherton & Deborah Cary of Bridport married 05-Dec by licence.

1731 John Ewens of Bridport & Hannah Collins of Beaminster married 06-Jan by licence.

1731 John Coffin of Minehead Somerset gent & Catherine Syndercombe married 17-Jan by licence.

1731 John Perrott of Symondsbury & Joan Major of Bradpole married 16-Feb

1731 Robert Cromey of Chilcombe & Margaret Welman married 21-Feb

1731 John Adams of Taunton & Sarah Curtis of Bridport married 21-Feb by licence.

1732 Daniell Hellier of Netherbury & Susannah Thrasher married 03-Jul by licence.

1732 James Burridge & Grace Knight both of Wotton Fitzpaine married 15-Jul by licence.

1732 William Phelps of Whitchurch Canonicorum & Jone Gundry of Broadwinsor married 19-Aug by licence.

1732 William Lush of Bridport & Katherine Marsh of Loders married 22-Aug by licence.

1732 John Bishop gent & Ann Wilbon both of Weymouth married 03-Oct by licence.

1732 Andrew Major of Marshwood & Katherine Perrott of Symondsbury married 11-Oct by licence.

1732 Jonathan Hillary of Dorchester & Elizabeth Phelps of Stockland married 14-Nov by licence.

1732 Joseph Anning of Burton Bradstock & Hannah Akerman of Walditch married 15-Nov by licence.

1732 Jacob Bonner of Marshwood & Mary Wickam of Whitchurch Canonicorum married 04-Dec by licence.

1732 Charles Paine of Child Oakford & Mary Denslow of Netherbury married 20-Dec by licence.

1732 Thomas Syms & Elizabeth Hind both of Burton Bradstock married 02-Jan by licence.

1732 John Topling of Allington & Dorcas Magnet of Bridport married 23-Jan

1732 Matthew Gardiner of Abbotsbury & Jane Curtis of Burton Bradstock married 12-Feb by licence.

1732 Thomas Abbot of Chidioke & Elizabeth Burchell of Burton Bradstock married 15-Feb

1733 Matthew Galpin of Toller Porcorum & Hester Hooper of Lower Kingcombe in Toller married 10-Apr

1733 John Beard & Rebecca Palmer both of Dalwood married 21-Sep by licence.

1733 Thomas Ewens of Burstock & Jane Henning of Frampton married 29-Sep by licence.

1733 Thomas Andrews & Hannah Green both of Week Regis married 01-Oct by licence.

1733 Robert Comb & Mary Spurle of Winford Eagle married 01-Nov

1733 John White of Hawkchurch & Edith Hayne of Broad Winsor married 05-Feb by licence.

1734 John Siply of Netherbury & Joan Cook of Loder married 25-Aug by licence.

1734 John Thurman of Burton Bradstock & Bathsheba Ward of the same married 20-Nov by licence.

1734 Elias Galpen & Ann Keach both of Toller Porcorum married 22-Dec by licence.

1734 John Newton of Bridport & Grace Poiver of Musbery married 28-Dec by licence.

1734 Thomas Blake of Minehead Somerset gent & Sarah Syndercombe married 20-Jan by licence.

1734 Mark Wheeden of Burton Bradstock mariner & Joan Syms of Brapole married 23-Jan by licence.

1734 Thomas Crawford & Ann Honybowm both of Loders married 02-Feb

1734 James Gale of Beamister & Sarah Bryant of Mostern married 23-Feb by licence.

1734 Thomas Thurman of Burton Bradstock & Hannah Polden of the same married 24-Feb by licence.

1734 John Hallett & Margaret Bowles both of Burton Bradstock married 25-Feb

1735 John Yeats of Puncknole & Mary Tucker alias Bradford married 11-Aug

1735 Anthony Browne & Elizabeth Legg both of Powerstock married 22-Nov by licence.

1735 John Bishop of Bridport mariner & Anne Stone of Bothenhampton married 22-Jan by licence.

1735 William Horsington of Lamyat Somerset & Ann Sweet married 04-Feb

1736 William Lush & Hannah Curtis both of Bridport married 25-Apr by licence.

1736 Henry Gerrard of Loder & Ann Hine of Powerstock married 21-May by licence.

1736 George Syms & Joan Syms both of Powerstock married 17-Feb by licence.

1736 William Waldron of Burton Bradstock & Frances Travers of Loder married 13-Mar by licence.

1737 John Crabb of Loder & Elizabeth Bythewood married 25-Mar

1737 Simon Cussens of Powerstock & Agnes Perrott married 25-Mar

1737 Andrew Warren of Bridport & Sarah Porter of Frome Vanchurch married 14-Apr by licence.

1737 Wm. Stroude of Litton & Sarah Roberts married 27-Feb

1738 Thomas Baker (alias Williams) of Toller Porcorum & Mary Vine of Catstock married 30-Apr by licence.

1738 Gregory Syndercombe clerk & Edith Hawkins of Symondsbury at Litton married 03-Jan

1739 John Kininmouth of Stinsford & Anna Davie of Dorchester married 28-Mar by licence.

1739 John Watts of Maiden Newton & Jane Walbridge married 10-Apr

1739 John Yates & Margaret Reeves married 23-Apr

1739 John Warren of Bridport & Sarah Randall of Symondsbury married 18-Jul by licence.

1739 William Newman of Toller Porcorum & Mary Keech of the same married 18-Jul by licence.

1739 William Kenway & Ann Humber both of Bridport married 10-Sep by licence.

1739 Thomas Fowks & Sarah Gill both of Symondsbury married 10-Feb

1740 John Croome & Susannah Williams both of Burton Bradstock married 02-Jun

1741 Henry Davie of Bridport & Elizabeth Knight of Bothenhampton married 26-Jun by licence.

1741 John Moore of Symondsbury & Katherine Moore of Bridport married 17-Sep by licence.

1742 Edward Hansford & Elizabeth Button both of Loder married 06-Apr

1742 July Jenkins of Shertil & Jane Combom of Litton married 17-Jul by licence.

1742 Robert Wellman & Margaret Marsh married 31-Oct

1743 John Ackerman of Bridport & Jane Trairs of Powerstock married 03-Dec

1744 John Carter of Bridport & Hannah Colfox married 18-Jan

1744 Benjamin Fuzard of Litton & Susannah Hawkins married 23-Feb

 [1745 none].  

1746 James Walbridge of Loder & Elizabeth Guy of Litton married 24-Aug

1746 James Rogers & Ann Maxon of Netherbury married 08-Nov

1747 James Lake & Agnes Vincent of Broadway married 29-Nov

1748 John Moores & Mary Guy married 28-May

1748 John Holt & Frances Syms of Loder at Chilcombe married 08-Jan

1749 Zachary Endicott of Puncknole & Mary Buck of Chilcombe married 05-Aug

1749 Benjamin Adney of Loder & Mary Hansford of Swyre married 21-Aug by licence.

1749 George Gerrard of Chidiock & Dorothy Symes of Whitchurch Canonicorum married 22-Jan

1749 Charles White Abbotsbury & Martha Walbridge of Swyre married 26-Feb by licence.

1750 Gaius Keech gent. & Miss Bull both of Bridport married 08-May by licence.

1751 William Holt & Rabnot Wellman married 07-Apr

1751 Stephen Hallett & Dinah Bagg married 08-Apr

1751 Thomas Elby of Litton & Mary Hallett married 01-Sep

 1752/3 James Guy & Mary Hall married 29-Jan

 1752/3 James Wakeford & Mary Fowkes married 29-Mar

1753 Thomas Gale of Bradpole & Mary Symes of Loder married 26-Dec

 Volume 3.  

 [1754 none.]  

1755 Noah Pitches of Compton Abbas & Elizabeth Bagg married 13-Jan

1757 Robert Hansford & Mary Tucker of Loder married 25-Dec by licence.

1758 Francis Holt & Joan Hansford resident married 07-Apr

1758 Thomas Butcher of Litton Cheney & Ann Meadway married 14-May

1759 Richard Symes & Jane Travet married 16-Apr

1760 Wm. Yard of Litton Cheney & Joannah Sydenham married 10-Feb

1760 John Balson of Allington & Betty Hansford married 18-Feb by licence.

1760 Robert Hansford & Betty Way married 11-Apr

1761 Francis Butcher & Mary Dry married 29-Dec

1764 John Sydenham of Winford Eagle & Sarah Hallett married 23-Apr

1764 Thos. Hansford of Loders & Sarah Ellis married 25-Jun

1765 Andrew Alford of Crewkerne wid. & Sarah Bagg wid. married 07-Nov by licence.

1765 Thos. Barber & Sarah Bagg married 21-Dec

1766 Thos. Knight of Powerstock & Eliz. Chapple married 07-Mar by licence.

1769 John Hall & Elizabeth Best married 07-Feb

1769 Joseph Symes of Little Cheney & Ann Sprackling married 02-Apr

1769 Thomas Forss of Swyre & Mary Humber married 10-Apr

1769 John Way & Sarah Palmer of Loders married 28-Nov

1772 James Collins of Long Bredy & Eliz. Downton married 27-Aug

1772 William Barber & Mary Boucher married 14-Nov

1774 Joseph Travers & Mary Barber married 20-Jan

1778 Geo. Chappel & Jane Hansford of Eggardon d. of Robt. & Mary Hansford married 30-Jul by licence.

1779 Richard Northover of West Milton in Powerstock & Ann Gale married 21-Nov

1780 William Hallett & Edith Bartlett married 07-Mar

1780 Thomas Hallett & Rose Nail married 31-May

1781 Robert Hansford wid. & Elizabeth Williams wid. married 15-Jan

1782 John Chapell & Elizabeth Hansford of Eggardon d. of Robt. & Mary Hansford married 07-Jan by licence.

1782 Thos. White & Sarah Hansford married 01-Apr

1782 James Slade of Wetherston & Mary Bragg d. of Charles & Jane Bagg married 22-Apr

1783 Henry Greening & Elizabeth Greening married 24-Nov

1784 Thomas Wareham of Bridport wid. & Betty Hansford married 10-Jun by licence.

1785 Matthew Hansford & Jane Symes wid. married 07-May

1785 Nathaniel Symes & Temperance Russel married 17-Oct

1785 John Hansford & Ann Cunden married 13-Dec

1786 Edward Cowley of Allington & Mary Hansford married 22-Feb

1787 William Hansford & Betty Belt resident married 20-Feb

1787 Nicholas Hansford & Anne Brown married 21-Aug

1788 Edwd. Locke of Powerstock & Sarah Hine married 29-Sep

1788 Richard Wallis of Winterborne Abbas wid. & Mary Hansford married 09-Dec by licence.

1789 John Welman & Ann Legg of Chilcomb married 19-Mar

1789 William Bishop wid. & Sarah Hakewell of Broadwinsor married 08-Jun

1790 George Short of Hoke & Ann Rendall married 13-Jun

1792 John Parsons & Hannah Wills married 04-Jun

1794 Francis Hansford & Ann Hansford wid. married 28-Jul

1795 Henry Gale of Powerstock lab. & Honor Willas married 28-Mar by licence.

1797 Samuel Brown of Litton Cheney & Sarah Way married 31-Jul

1797 Thomas Curtis & Francis Way married 02-Sep by licence.

1798 Thomas Welman & Ann Meech married 30-Apr

1798 John Fooks of St. Peter Dorchester & Ann Holt married 16-Sep

1799 Thomas White & Eliz. Hounsel married 28-Apr

1799 John Way & Jane Barber married 16-May

1800 John Hansford & Joan Travers married 27-Nov

1801 Joseph Way & Ann Burt married 13-Apr by licence.

1802 Bernard Cox of Symondsbury & Mary Way married 17-Aug by licence.

1803 Robert Lovell & Alice Frampton married 16-Aug

1804 William Wellman & Eliz. Cooper married 14-Feb

1804 George Hansford & Mary Travers married 11-Oct

1805 John Lagg & Lydia Clark married 12-Aug

1805 John Stone of Chidiock & Mary Chappel married 25-Dec

1807 William Walding & Dorothy Lovell married 10-Dec by licence.

1808 George Way & Ann Tucker married 08-Aug by licence.

1809 Thos. White & Mary Critchel married 19-Jul

1810 Thomas Follett of Lyme Regis & Ann Lane married 12-Jul by licence.

1810 Robert Symes & Eliz. Green married 15-Oct  


These records are taken from the Bishop's Transcripts. All entries are believed to be present,
but some of the details have been omitted.

1814 12-Dec James MABEY of Toller Porcorum & Mary WEBB

1814 20-Dec William SYMES & Ann GREEN

1816 16-Jun Joseph COURTNEY & Elizabeth HANSFORD

1817 17-Feb Thomas HANSFORD & Elizabeth BERRY

1817 10-Mar William HOUNSELL & Frances LOVELL

1817 04-Nov William SYMES & Mary WELLMAN

1818 13-Apr John OTTON widower of Wolton Fitzpain Dorset  & Jane HUNT

1818 05-Sep William WELLMAN & Jane EDWARDS

1819 22-Feb James BEARN of Netherbury & Sarah HANSFORD

1819 02-Dec John GALE of Powerstock & Elizabeth HANSFORD

1820 27-Jun Robert HANSFORD & Mary PARSONS

1821 07-Aug Edward COX of Sydling St. Nicholas & Charlotte CHICK

1823 24-Jul James SYMES & Sarah PARSONS

1823 16-Oct Thomas RENDALL & Sarah VICERY

1824 15-Mar William WHITTLE widower & Martha SPRACKLIN

1826 16-Oct Richard SPRACKLIN of Axminster Devon & Jane WHITE

1827 16-Apr Job GILL & Bridget KETTS?

1827 03-Oct John WARREN of Punchnoll & Elizabeth WELLMAN

1827 15-Oct George BONNELL & Elizabeth LOVELL

1827 25-Dec Thomas HILE & Ouley? WELLMAN

1828 23-Nov Charles GROVES & Ann LEGG

1830 05-Jul Job NOBBS widower of Cattistock & Elizabeth LEGG

1831 24-Apr Henry VALLENS of Broadmain & Ann Mosin LEGG

1832 Mar Henry NOBBS & Jane WAY

1832 14-Aug Henry TIZARD of West Compton & Elizabeth WAY

1832 24-Dec George PARSONS & Jane LEGG

1833 07-Feb Thomas RUSSELL & Mary DUNFORD widow

1833 19-Feb John GUPPY of Ower Moigne & Hannah SYMES widow

1834 7- *** Joseph LEGGE widower & Susan SPRACKLIN

1834 19-Jun Robert NORTHOVER & Martha WELLMAN

1835 23-Jun Thomas CHICK & Sarah PITFIELD

1835 19-Oct Frederick LEGGE & Ann WELLMAN