BURIALS 1731 to 1889

These records have been transcribed from the Bishop's Transcripts {BT's]. As BT's are copies of the register there may be a variation in the information and they may also be missing years. Years without entries may indicate that the BT's are missing, or they may have been no marriages that year. Researchers will have to consult the Parish Registers held at the Dorset Record Office to verify the details.


John HARVEY buried 30-Mar 1731

Joseph HUTCHINGS buried 20-Apr 1731

Richard HANE of Hilfield? buried 11-May 1731

Hester wife of Richard LEGG of Hilfield buried 02-Nov 1731

William son of Richard LEGG of Hilfield buried 21-Nov 1731

Mary daughter of Richard? COLLINS? buried 06-Mar 1731

Arminal daughter of John LOVERIDGE buried 27-Aug 1732

Elizabeth daughter of John LOVERIDGE buried 15-Sep 1732

Elizabeth daughter of Ann BAGG buried 14-Jan 1732

Will son of Will GRIFFON buried 18-Apr 1733

Will HANOLY buried 06-Aug 1733

Thomas rector of Batcombe BEAZER buried 05-Aug 1734

Thomas HUTCHINGS buried 06-Oct 1734

Bridget FOOK buried 11-Feb 1734

Bryan SHEAR senior buried 20-Apr 1735

Elizabeth wife of James LEGG buried 1?-May 1735

Richard son of William and Jane GRIFFIN buried 28-Sep 1735

James LEGG buried 29-Dec 1735

Mary DICKER of Woolcomb Molbury Bubb? buried 25-Apr 1736

William son of Richard and Anne LEGG buried 30-May 1736

Peter LOCK widower buried 03-Jun 1736

Mary daughter of John and Mary CHRITCHELL buried 07-Nov 1736


Alice TOLOVIN of Hilfield buried 11-Dec 1738

Mary HUTCHINS widow (alias SOOPER) buried 16-Feb 1738

Bryant SHEER buried 17-Feb 1738

Mary DICKER buried 22-Oct 1738

Mary BAYLE buried 29-Apr 1739

Joseph GORING? buried 13-Dec 1739

Richard FROOKE of Hardington buried 24-Jan 1739

Mary wife of George HEBERT? buried 13-Mar 1739


Elizabeth CHRITCHEL widow buried 11-Dec 1741


Bryant SHEER buried 01-Jan 1743

illegible son of William Margaret COREG? buried 02-Jan 1743

Elizabeth HANDLEIGH? buried 01-Mar 1743

Elizabeth GOWER? buried 24-Apr 1744

Agnes wife of James? CRITCHEL buried 12-Jun 1744

William son of James and Thomasine VINE buried 04-Dec 1744

Hester wife of Samuel BAKER buried 15-Dec 1744

John son of John and Ann BREKLIN? buried 20-May 1745

Thomas son of John and Mary CRITCHEL buried 16-? 1745

Sarah HINE? buried 12-May 1745

Rachel SHEER buried 29-Sep 1745

Elizabeth ROGERS widow buried 24-Nov 1745

James son of Paul and Mary SLADE buried 12-Jan 1745

Eleanor COX buried 20-Apr 1746

illegible HUTCHINS buried 05-Jul 1747

Robert son of William and Ann Illegible  buried * 1747

illegible  buried 22-*** 1747

illegible  HUTCHINS buried 19-Feb 1747

illegible  wife of Edward Bagg buried 13-Mar 1747

Edward BAGG buried 10-Apr 1748

Joseph HODGES buried 20-Apr 1748

William GRIFFIN clerk of the Parish buried 12-Jul 1748

Angie? wife of Thomas LEGG buried 17-Jul 1748

John CRITCHEL buried 29-Jan 1748

Clemence? SHEAR buried 30-Jul 1749

George HIBBARD? buried 07-Sep 1749

John son of William and Mary GORING buried 10-Sep 1749

Mary SHEAR widow buried 07-Dec 1749

Thomas HOOPER buried 27-Mar 1750

Philip STRAY? buried 29-Mar 1750

William BAYLY buried 02-Sep 1750

Joseph BURT buried 07-Apr 1750

John DICKER buried 14-Apr 1750

Joseph BURT buried 07-Apr 1751

John DICKER buried 14-Apr 1751

William GRIFFIN buried 22-Mar 1751

William son of John and Bettrice? GRIFFIN buried 11-Feb 1752

Thomas son of William and Jane SMITH buried 29-Apr 1752

Thomas son of William and Jane SMITH buried 29-Apr 1753

Elizabeth DICKER buried 31-Jul 1754

John BOW buried 04-Aug 1754

William HIBBARD buried 12-Dec 1754

Anne CADDY buried 17-Feb 1755

Thomas LEGG buried 21-Feb 1755

Richard LEGG buried 16-Jul 1756

Mary HODGES buried 28-Jul 1756

Richard LEGG buried 16-Jul 1756

James DICKER buried 10-Jan 1757

Thomas SHEER buried 01-Mar 1757

John CASE? buried 14-Apr 1757

Thomas? JOANAIRONDGE? buried 11-Aug 1757

Sarah GRIFFIN buried 06-Oct 1757


Bryant son of Bryant and Esther SHIRE buried 05-Feb 1759

Bryan son of Bryan and Esther SHEAR buried 05-Feb 1760

John son of John and Bettrice GRIFFIN buried 09-Mar 1760

Mary CROCKER? buried 13-Feb 1761

Humphry LEVERIDGE buried 16-Feb 1761

Betty BELCHER? buried 03-Mar 1761

William HODGES buried 13-Mar 1761

Robert GORING buried 31-Mar 1761

Richard LEGG buried 07-Feb 1762

James CROCKER buried 10-Mar 1762

Elizabeth TOLLERVILL buried 01-Oct 1762

Beatrice GRIFFIN buried 13-Oct 1762

James VINE buried 07-Nov 1762

Matthew GALPIN buried 27-Dec 1762

Elias BOW buried 16-Jan 1763

Richard GRIFFIN buried 13-Feb 1763

John CHAPMAN buried not given 1764

Rebecca CAFE buried not given 1764

James MATTHEWS buried not given 1764

Mary HOLT buried not given 1764


Mary SLADE buried 26-Sep 1766

Thomas LEGG buried 05-Nov 1766

Esther GALPIN buried 19-Nov 1766


Robert HOLT buried 16-Oct 1768


William LEGG buried 29-Apr 1770

James LEGG buried 29-Apr 1770

Esther LEGG buried 11-May 1770

William GRIFFIN buried 10-Jun 1770

Jonathan son of Thomas and Grace WHITING buried 12-Aug 1770

Mary WHITING buried 19-Aug 1770

Margaret GORING buried 01-Feb 1771

Paul SLADE buried 17-Oct 1771


Samuel BAKER buried 06-Feb 1773

Robert HOLT buried 25-Jul 1773


Elizabeth HUTCHINGS buried 12-Feb 1775

Virtue DICKER buried 02-Apr 1775

Mary BRAKE buried 13-Apr 1775

Ann wife of John GRIFFIN buried 16-Nov 1775

Susannah BAGG buried 17-Mar 1776

Patence HUTCHINGS buried no date either 1777 1778 or 1779

James son of James and Mary CRITCHEL buried no date either 1777 1778 or 1779

Elizabeth CRITCHEL buried no date either 1777 1778 or 1779

John CURTIS buried no date either 1777 1778 or 1779

Ann LEGG buried no date either 1777 1778 or 1779

Jonathan HODGES buried 1780

Mary CHICK buried 1781

Jane BOW buried 1781

Robert DICKER buried 1781

Martha GRIFFIN buried 1781

Ann GAME buried 1782

William HUTCHINGS buried 1782

William GUDGE buried 1782

Joseph SMITH buried 1782

Peggy HOOPER/HUTCHINGS buried 1782

Grace ANDREWS buried 1782

William Andrews MILLER buried 1783

Elizabeth GUDGE buried 1783

Grace Andrews MILLER buried 1783

Katherine Andrews MILLER buried 1784

Joseph HOLLAND buried 1784

John RANDELL buried 1784

Ann HELYER buried 1785

Briant SHEAR buried 1785

1786, 1787

John GALPIN buried 11-Aug 1788

Robert GRIFFIN buried 13-Sep 1788

John GALPIN buried 19-Jul 1788

Benjamin BISHOP buried 28-Nov 1789

Sarah MILLER buried 25-Apr 1790

Jane JAMES buried 25-Apr 1890

Sarah GRIFFIN buried 25-Apr 1790

John JAMES buried 16-May 1790

Thomas EDWARDS buried 16-May 1790

John CURTIS buried 11-Oct 1790


John RANDEL buried 08-Jan 1792

Sarah HILLIAR buried 14-Jan 1792

James RENDAL buried 04-Feb 1792

Thomas EDWARDS buried 04-Jun 1792

Sarah SMITH buried 23-Jun 1792

Jane JAMES buried 29-Oct 1792

Jane GRIFFIN buried 04-Nov 1792

Sarah BARTLET buried 04-Dec 1792

George EDWARDS buried 17-Jan 1793

Sarah GRIFFIN buried 04-Feb 1793

Sarah MATTHEWS buried 17-Feb 1793

Richard RANDEL buried 11-Mar 1793

Sarah GRIFFIN buried 17-Mar 1793

Grace WHITIN buried 07-Apr 1793

John GRIFFIN buried 21-May 1793

James SKINNER buried 30-Jun 1793

Elizabeth GUDGE buried 13-Oct 1793

Mary WHITTEN buried 12-Nov 1793

Ann CRITCHEL buried 02-Mar 1794

Joseph GRIFFIN buried 09-Mar 1794

John CURTIS buried 24-Mar 1794

Elizabeth VATCHER buried 05-Jul 1794

Charles CRITCHEL buried 12-Sep 1794

Mary CRITCHEL buried 18-Dec 1794

Sarah CURTIS buried 14-May 1795

Betty LANE buried 25?-Aug 1796

Hesther SHERE buried 19-Apr 1797

Elizabeth DOWNTON buried 10-Aug 1797

Fanny GALPIN buried 02-Sep 1797

David GRIFFIN buried 15-Nov 1797

John BARTLETT buried 23-Nov 1797

Elias BOW buried 23-Dec 1797

Henry SHINER buried 13-Feb 1798

Matthew GALPIN buried 16-Feb 1798

Henry PITFIELD buried 12-Mar 1798

Charles PITCHER buried 28-Apr 1798

Betty WATTS buried 4?-June 1798

Rachel SHINER buried 12-Jul 1799

Susannah KELLAWAY buried 12-Dec 1799

Grace DICKER buried 22-Dec 1799

Elias BOW buried 05-Mar 1800

Robert RENDEL buried 25-May 1800

Robert RANDEL buried 25-May 1800

Margaret GORING buried 12-Nov 1800

James CRITCHEL buried 26-May 1801

John BOW buried 06-Jun 1801

1802, 1803

Grace DICKER buried 19-Aug 1804

Mary GALPIN buried 05-Nov 1804

Job RENDLE buried 20-Feb 1805

Mary MATTHEWS buried 20-Feb 1805

James CURTIS buried 03-Mar 1805

Sheba CURTIS buried 03-Mar 1805

Grace ANDREWS buried 25-Aug 1806

Sarah PATIONS? buried 02-Sep 1806

Grace CURTIS buried 30-Dec 1806

Maria GUPPY buried 25-Feb 1807

Thomas SANDERS buried 30-Apr 1807

George SANDERS buried 23-Aug 1807

Samuel GUPPY buried 04-Sep 1807

Alice COARD? buried 13-Sep 1807

Mary GALPIN buried 01-Oct 1807

Emanuel DICKER buried 24-Jan 1808

Mary DICKER buried 31-Jan 1808

Mary CRITCHELL buried 19-May 1808

Elizabeth LAMBERT buried 25-Sep 1808

Lucy HODGES buried 28-Oct 1809

George JUKES buried 26-Nov 1809

George STONEMAN buried 29-May 1810

Ann HARIS buried 05-Sep 1810

William GRIFFIN buried 16-Nov 1810

Isaac PATIENCE buried 16-Nov 1810

Jemima DICKER buried 20-Jan 1811

Paul SLADE buried 05-Mar 1811

Jane SAUNDERS buried 28-Apr 1811

Jane EDWARDS buried 29-Nov 1811

John PATIENCE buried 19-Jan 1812

Mary CRITCHELL buried 14-Sep 1812

George CURTIS buried 20-Dec 1812


1814; 19-Aug; Paul Slade; DUNNING; Chalmington; 15yrs

1814; 25-Sep; Judith; DICKER; Batcombe; 35yrs


1816; 31-Oct; William Slade; DUNNING; Chalmington; 15yrs

1816; 08-Dec; Samuel; BISHOP; Hilfield; 37yrs


1818; 22-Feb; Josiah; VATCHER; Batcombe; 88yrs

1818; 03-May; Miriam?; BARTLETT; Batcombe; 88yrs

1818; 17-Sep; John; STONEMAN?; Batcombe; infant

1818; 06-Dec; John; COWARD; Batcombe; 52yrs

1819; 01-Sep; William; DICKER; Batcombe; 52yrs

1819; 19-Sep; John; DICKER; Batcombe; 90yrs

1819; 21-Nov; Anne; GALPIN; Batcombe; 82yrs

1820; 18-Jan; John William; ANDREWS; Batcombe; 77yrs

1820; 21-May; Louisa; ISAAC; Batcombe; infant

1821; 15-Apr; Eliza; ISAAC; Batcombe; 1yrs

1821; 27-Mar; John; JUKES; Batcombe; 6mths

1821; 07-Jun; William; SLADE; Batcombe; 83yrs

1822; 03-Jan; Elizabeth; HORE; Yetminster; 61yrs

1822; 28-Jan; Mary; STROUD; Batcombe; 82yrs

1822; 22-Sep; Elizabeth; CHILDS; Batcombe; infant

1823; 02-Jan; Phillip; STROUD; Batcombe; 85yrs

1823; 20-Feb; William; CORNICK; Batcombe; 27yrs

1823; 09-Mar; Susannah; BOW; Batcombe; 65yrs

1823; 04-Jun; Sarah; BISHOP; Hillfield; 12yrs

1823; 15-Jun; Charlotte; COWARD; Holnest; infant

1823; 17-Jun; Elizabeth; BISHOP; Hillfield; 14yrs

1823; 17-Jun; Jane; CHILDS; Batcombe; 2yrs

1823; 28-Sep; Susan Maria; CHESMAN; Batcombe; 8wks


1825; 03-Mar; Joseph; HODGES; Batcombe; 60yrs

1825; 03-Sep; George; EVERETT; Batcombe; 4wks

1826; 19-Apr; Sarah; COWARD; Canndle Marsh; 26yrs

1826; 03-Jul; John; HARRIS; Batcombe; 75yrs

1826; 09-Aug; James; MATTHEWS; Batcombe; 71yrs

1826; 21-Aug; Sarah; SAUNDERS; Batcombe; 27yrs

1826; 26-Aug; Richard; RANDELL; Batcombe; 71yrs

1827; 29-May; Sarah; SHOREY; Yetminster; 7mths

1827; 15-Jul; Mary; DICKER; Batcombe; 80yrs

1827; 02-Oct; Joseph; SHINOR; Batcombe; 75yrs

1828; 05-Feb; Thomas; DICKER; Batcombe; 67yrs

1828; 25-Apr; George; PEACH; Batcombe; 1yrs

1829; 17-Apr; James; DOWNTON; Batcombe; 67yrs

1829; 17-Apr; Benjamin; DICKER; Batcombe; 2yrs

1829; 26-May; Mary; DICKER; Batcombe; 2yrs

1830; 17-Apr; Benjamin; DICKER; Batcombe; 2yrs

1830; 05-Sep; Hannah Elizabeth; DAVIS; Batcombe; 2yrs

1831; 06-Jan; Elizabeth; NORRIS; Batcombe; 44yrs

1831; 21-Jan; Giles; DAVIS; Batcombe; 4yrs

1831; 10-Jul; George; EVERETT; Batcombe; 22yrs

1831; 16-Oct; William; GALPIN; Sturminster Marshall; 27yrs

1832; 01-Jul; Elizabeth; LINE?; Batcombe; 38yrs

1833; 28-Aug; Mary; GALPIN; Sturminster Marshall; 71yrs

1834; 10-Feb; William; SAUNDERS; Batcombe; 67yrs

1834; 24-Apr; Jane; CHILDS; Evershot; 3yrs

1834; 20-Jul; John; JUKES; Batcombe; 72yrs

1834; 30-Nov; Jeremia; GRIFFIN; Batcombe; 29yrs

1835; 08-Mar; Charles; HILLYAR; Batcombe; 1mths

1835; 30-Dec; Henry; BAKER; Batcombe; 1yrs

1835; 31-Dec; Susan Selina; ANDREWS; Batcombe; 8yrs


1837; 20-Feb; Ann; LAMBERT; Batcombe; 88yrs

1837; 22-Feb; Abraham; BAKER; Batcombe; 1yrs

1837; 09-Mar; Elizabeth; DICKER; Batcombe; 64yrs

1837; 23-Jul; Elizabeth; CROCKER; Batcombe; 14mths

1837; 12-Aug; Sarah; HANN; Dorchester; 32yrs

1837; 10-Nov; Elizabeth; CRITCHELL; Batcombe; 55yrs

1837; 15-Dec; Grace; JUKES; Batcombe; 57yrs

1837; 07-Jun; Elizabeth; DOWNTON; Leigh; 39yrs

1837; 16-Oct; James; RUFSELL; Batcombe; 8mths

1838; 25-Feb; George; HILLYAR; Batcombe; 4yrs

1838; 19-Mar; Francis; GUPPY; Batcombe; 72yrs

1838; 04-Apr; Noah; BAKER; Batcombe; infant

1838; 13-Apr; George; RYALL; Batcombe; infant

1838; 08-Jul; Martha; CURTIS; Batcombe; 77yrs

1838; 22-Jul; Henry Hopkins; MATTHEWS; Batcombe; infant

1838; 19-Aug; Mary; ISAACS; Hillfield; 22yrs

1839; 13-Jan; Mary Ann; DICKER; Batcombe; infant

1839; 27-Jan; Susanna; GRIFFIN; Batcombe; 74yrs

1839; 21-Feb; Anne; DOWNTON; Chetnole; 16yrs

1839; 14-Mar; Ann; CURTIS; Batcombe; infant

1839; 05-May; Levi; ISAACS; Batcombe; infant

1839; 24-Jul; Sarah; HODGES; Batcombe; 72yrs

1839; 31-Jul; James; FOOT; Batcombe; 3mths

1839; 12-Nov; Henry; DICKER; Batcombe; 56yrs

1840; 07-Jun; Mary; HALLETT; Batcombe; 74yrs

1840; 02-Jul; George; CURTIS; Batcombe; 77yrs

1840; 15-Jul; Sarah; CROCKER; Batcombe; 13mths

1840; 19-Jul; Mary Ann Atkins; PEACH; Batcombe; 3mths

1840; 21-Oct; Rachel; RYALS; Hillfield; 58yrs

1840; 02-Nov; Elizabeth; CRITCHELL; Batcombe; 27yrs

1841; 13-Jul; Henry; FOOT; Batcombe; 2mths

1842; 10?-July; Mary Ann; ISAAC; Batcombe; 3mths

1842; 08-Oct; Sarah Miller; ANDREWS; Bradford Abbas; 81yrs

1842; 13-Oct; Martha; CURTIS; Batcombe; 5mths

1842; 15-Nov; Mary Ann; MAJOR; Batcombe; 67yrs

1843; 25-Feb; Susan; BOW; Gorge?; 51yrs

1843; 20-Mar; Henry; MATTHEWS; Batcombe; 6mths?

1843; 20-Mar; John; MATTHEWS; Batcombe; 10yrs

1843; 15-Jun; James; FUDGE; Batcombe; 52yrs

1843; 06-Jul; Jane; PATIENCE; Hillfield; 92?

1843; 21-Jul; Mary; CORNICK; Buckland Burton; 23yrs

1844; 14-Jun; Jane B; TRENCHARD; Batcombe; 35yrs

1844; 12-Sep; Mary Jane; MAJOR; Batcombe; 3wks

1844; 04-Nov; Richard; GRIFFIN; Batcombe; 80yrs

1845, 1846

1847; 21-Feb; Elizabeth Ann; PURT; Batcombe; 5wks

1847; 19-Mar; Thomas; EDWARDS; Leigh; 86yrs

1847; 19-Mar; Grace; EDWARDS; Leigh; 84yrs

1847; 29-Jun; Emily; SAUNDERS; Batcombe; 1yrs

1847; 04-Aug; Caroline; CURTIS; Batcombe; 19?yrs

1847; 01-Oct; Eliza Critchell; DOWNTON; Batcombe; 6yrs

1847; 09-Oct; Sarah; CURTIS; Chipole?; 24yrs

1847; 08-Dec; David; THOMAS; Batcombe; 1yrs

1848; 16-Apr; James; EVERETT; Batcombe; 78yrs

1848; 03-May; Ann Jane; BAKER; Batcombe; 10mths

1848; 21-May; Jane; DAY; Sydling; 11mths

1848; 08-Jun; Grace; JUKES; Batcombe; 87yrs

1849; 03-May; Elias; DECKER; Batcombe; 72yrs

1849; 03-May; Samuel; CURTIS; Batcombe; 1yrs

1849; 12-Aug; Robert; BAKER; Yeovil; 37yrs

1849; 17-Aug; Elizabeth; EVERET; Batcombe; 3dys


1851; 22-Apr; Richard; HALLETT; Leigh; 78yrs

1851; 01-Jun; Eliza; CURTIS; Batcombe; 9mths

1851; 30-Nov; Robert; STROUD; Up Cerne; 78yrs


1853; 25-Jan; Mary Ann Dawe; BIRD; Batcombe; 8yrs

1853; 09-Jan; George; LANAN?; Batcombe; 3?

1853; 17-Feb; Fanny; ISAACS; Batcombe; 73yrs

1853; 18-Feb; John; HARRIS; Frome St. Quintin; 65yrs

1853; 05-Apr; Sarah; BIRD; Melbury Bubb; 8yrs

1853; 15-Dec; Giles; DOWNTON; Yeovil; 62yrs


1855; 18-Jan; Ann; CROCKER; Batcombe; 84yrs

1855; 23-Feb; William Thomas; DOWNTON; Batcombe; infant

1855; 23-Feb; Charles James; DOWNTON; Batcombe; infant

1855; 25-Jul; Elizabeth; EVERETT; Batcombe; 26yrs


1857; 05-Feb; Mary Elizabeth; DOWNTON; Batcombe; 9mths


1859; 15-Apr; Anne; DICKER; Batcombe; 76yrs

1859; 05-Aug; Walter John; PEACH; Batcombe; 1yrs

1859; 09-Oct; Charlotte Ann; BAKER; Yeovil; 26yrs

1859; 28-Dec; Ruth; CHILDS; Batcombe; 81yrs

1860; 29-Feb; Sarah; PEACH; Batcombe; 33yrs

1860; 11-Apr; Elias; PEACH; Batcombe; 43yrs

1860; 02-Jul; John; CURTIS; Batcombe; 68yrs

1861; 15-Jan; Susan; ANDREWS; Sherborne; 66yrs

1861; 02-Apr; William George; BARTLETT; Batcombe; 5mths

1861; 04-Apr; John; SAUNDERS; Batcombe; 70yrs

1861; 03-Jul; Robert; PEACH; Leigh; 69yrs


1863; 28-Mar; Thomas; JEANES; Batcombe; 23yrs

1863; 18-Dec; Sarah Jane; SAUNDERS; Batcombe; 14yrs

1864, 1865

1866; 14-Jan; Robert; FOOTE; Batcombe; 14yrs

1866; 11-Feb; Ellen; DICKER; Batcombe; 3yrs

1866; 11-Feb; Elizabeth; DICKER; Batcombe; 9yrs

1866; 11-Feb; Robert; DICKER; Batcombe; 35yrs

1866; 11-Feb; Alexandra; BISHOP; Batcombe; 8yrs

1866; 25-Feb; Jeremiah; DICKER; Batcombe; 10yrs

1866; 06-Mar; Emmanuel; NORRIS; Batcombe; 4dys

1866; 15-Mar; Edwin John; DOWNTON; Batcombe; 22yrs

1866; 30-Mar; William Albert; BAKER; Batcombe; 2dys

1867; 02-Jun; Francis; GILLIAM; Leigh; 15mths

1867; 31-Jul; Alice; CHILDS; Batcombe; 74yrs

1867; 17-Nov; Dorothy; HODGES; Batcombe; 59yrs


1869; 18-Apr; John; SHERRY; Batcombe; 26yrs

1869; 29-Aug; John; CORNICK; Batcombe; 2mths

1869; 16-Sep; Martha; DICKER; Yetminster; 85yrs

1869; 04-Dec; John; DOWNTON; Batcombe; 69yrs

1870; 14-Apr; Susan; PEACH; Batcombe; 79yrs

1870; 27-Jul; Jane; CORNICK; Batcombe; 73yrs

1870; 14-Aug; William John; MATTHEWS; Batcombe; 4mths

1870; 27-Dec; Julia Dorothy; HODGES; Hillfield; 24dys


1872; 10-Apr; John; DICKER; Batcombe; 79yrs


1874; 24-May; Charles; PITCHER; Batcombe; 2yrs

1874; 18-Nov; Charlotte; GRIFFIN; Cerne Abbas; 91yrs

1875; 29-Jan; Mary; SAMPSON; Batcombe; infant

1875; 27-Apr; Mary Elizabeth; SAUDERS; Batcombe; 1yrs

1875; 05-May; Emanuel; DICKER; Batcombe; 70yrs

1875; 18?-June; Mary Jane; PALMER; Batcombe; 2yrs


1877; 18-Nov; Jeremiah; DICKER; Batcombe; 70yrs

1877; 06-Oct; Elizabeth *oolster; TRENCHARD; Batcombe; 38yrs

1878; 05-Jan; Alfred; CROCKER; Batcombe; 4mths

1878; 15-Feb; James; CURTIS; Batcombe; 73yrs

1878; 20-Mar; Percy; CROCKER; Batcombe; 6mths

1878; 27-Mar; Henry Charles; CURTIS; Batcombe; 3mths

1878; 03-Jul; Emily Jane Critchell; DOWNTON; Batcombe; 20yrs

1878; 25-Aug; William; DICKER; Batcombe; 28yrs

1879; 10-May; James; DOWNTON; Cattistock; 53yrs

1879; 24-May; Mary Ann; SAUNDERS; Combe St. Nicholas; 72yrs