St. Mary's Baptisms 1585 - 1620

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


This data is taken from a transcript of an early register & hence cannot be
verified there are gaps and some baptisms & burials could be muddled


1585 July 4th; Eltwitt son of Richard POMERYE

1585 July 11th; Margery daughter of William FORDE

1585 July 21st; Thomas son of Thomas COLBORNE

1585 July 23rd; William son of Walter CADDY

1585 July 28th; William son of William MATHA

1585 August 22nd; Jane daughter of John GRIFFYN

1585 August 25th; Alice daughter of John HUNT

1585 August 27th; Humphrey son of Andrew LANE

1585 August 31st; Thomas son of John SPRAKE

1585 September 2nd; Thomas son of Edward DYNTE

1585 September 13th; Jane daughter of James CHEEDLE?

1585 September 13th; no entry daughter of John NYLE

1585 September 15th; Elizabeth daughter of John JESOPP

1585 September 26th; Harry son of Harry GUDGE

1585 October 1st; Martha daughter of Robert HOSKYNS

1585 October 3rd; Elizabeth daughter of Richard ELLERYE?

1585 October 17th; Mary daughter of Harry HORSFORDE

1585 October 26th; Katherine daughter of Mr. Robert STROWDE Esq

1585 October 27th; Eme daughter of Richard BEALE

1585 October 30th; Androwe son of Walter WILKYNS

1585 December 17th; Hary son of William CHAMPE

1585 December 17th; Nicholas son of Richard ERLANDE

1585 December 19th; Marie daughter of William BUTT

1585 December 26th; John son of Harry COLEMORE

1585 December 27th; Alice daughter of Robert STRANGE

1585 December 30th; Marie daughter of Thomas TETHER

1585 January 6th; Robert son of Robert COX

1585 January 23rd; John son of John BOWNE

1585 January 27th; Robert son of Thomas HOSKYNS

1585 February 5th; John son of Hugh CRABBE

1585 February 10th; Edith daughter of John GEORGE

1585 February 10th; Mawdelyn daughter of Myriyon SHARLOCK

1585 February 14th; William son of Olyver HOSKYNS

1585 February 27th; John son of Alexander MASON

1585 March 3rd; John son of Thomas MULLET

1585 March 23rd; Margaret daughter of John HOSKYNS

1585 March 23rd; Dorothy daughter of William AXE

1586 March 25th; Mary daughter of no entry JEROD

1586 April 2nd; Robert son of Roger CRABB

1586 April 10th; Henrie son of William ERLAND

1586 April 13th; Androwe son of Henrie MICHELL

1586 May 4th; Agnes daughter of Leonarde JONES

1586 May 9th; Elenor daughter of George BAKER

1586 May 15th; Jane daughter of John KICHE

1586 May 17th; Agnes daughter of Richard DEVERELL

1586 May 22nd; George son of Thomas KINSEN

1586 May 27th; Cuttberewe? daughter of Richard HORSFORD

1586 July 11th; Andrew son of William NYLE

1586 August 11th; Mary daughter of Richard CORME

1586 August 28th; Katherine daughter of William HOUNSELL

1586 September 25th; Edith daughter of John GUPPYE

1586 September 30th; Marie daughter of Edmunde BARBER

1586 October 21st; Avys daughter of John REYNOLDS

1586 October 21st; Jane daughter of Thomas MEADS

1586 December 3rd; Osmund son of Ambrose HALLET

1586 December ?; Henry son of Aristolle WEBB

1586 December ?; Robert son of Robert COX

 there is a; gap here

1587 September 13th; Richard son of Henrie DARBY

1587 December 14th; Cutborowough ? daughter of John RAYNELL

1587 January 3rd; John son of John RENDELL

1587 January 14th; Gilbert son of John PAVETT

1587 January 14th; William son of William MYNTORNE

1587 February 8th; John son of Robert JESOPP

1587 February 8th; Jone daughter of John HAYNE

1587 February 8th; Jone daughter of Robert STRUTT

1587 February 12th; Jone daughter of William PURNELL

1587 February 25th; Margery daughter of Robert SUCHBECHE

1587 February 25th; William son of William GOOGE

1587 March 10th; Avis daughter of William CLARE

1587 March 12th; Jone daughter of William PHIPPIN

1587 March 14th; Katherine no entry PORCOTT

1587 March 14th; Mary daughter of Richard STONE

1587 March 16th; Androwe son of John GUPPYE

1587 March 20th; Katherine daughter of John BOWEN

1588 April 8th; Henrie son of Henry LAWRENCE

1588 April 13th; Samuel no entry MATHEWE

1588 April 16th; Amys daughter of William CHAMPE

1588 April 19th; William son of MEADE

1588 April 30th; Grace no entry PORCHES

1588 May 2nd; Effet? daughter of Robert STRONG

1588 May 20th; William no entry COX

1588 June 17th; Temperance daughter of William BUTT

1588 June 21st; Alice daughter of Robert COLLMER

1588 June 22nd; John son of Robert BOLTE

1588 August 24th; Richard son of Richard BERRYMAN

1588 August 23rd; Elizabeth daughter of John KIYE?

1588 September 2nd; Johan daughter of Richard FORDE

1588 September 15th; Annys no entry GUIER

1588 October 22nd; Henry son of Thomas LEWYS

1588 there is a; gap here

1591 March 27th; Bartholomew NIELL; a base child

1591 April 1st; George ELSWORTH

1591 April 4th; James CLARE

1591 April 19th; Agnes ROPER

1591 June 18th; Jone RUTLEY

1591 June 24th; Ann CHAMPION

1591 June 26th; John MILLES

1591 June 27th; Robert JESOPPE

1591 June 27th; Edith AXE

1591 June 27th; Elizabeth CRABBE

1591 June 27th; James HALLETT

1591 June 27th; John HORSFORDE

1591 June 29th; Dorothy SMITHE

1591 June 29th; Giles SMITE

1591 July 4th; Agnes PYLLERD

1591 July ?; Henry SERGEANT

1591 July 28th; William COLBORNE

1591 August 27th; Henry DERBYE

1591 August 27th; Elizabeth HOSKINS

1591 September 1st; William PURCHES

1591 September 10th; Elizabeth BATTEN

1591 September 10th; William OADE

1591 September 15th; Alice COXE

1591 September 15th; Agnes STOODLEY

1591 September 19th; Robert KEATT

1591 September 19th; Mary HISKINS

1591 November 6th; Hugh LYNCOLLE

1591 November 10th; Roger BATTEN

1591 November 10th; Elizabeth HAYWARDE

1591 November 14th; Katherine HOSKINS

1591 November 20th; Robert KEATT

1591 November 20th; Thomas SELLIE

1591 November 20th; Elizabeth BOLTE

1591 December 6th; Henry JESSE; a base child

1591 December 6th; Jone HEDGE

1591 December 12th; Katherine HALLEY

1591 December 12th; Marie HOSKINS

1591 January 9th; Robert RODFORDE

1591 January 15th; William HALLETT

1591 January 19th; Peter SATHER

1591 January 26th; Marie LINCOLLE

1591 January 26th; William EARLONDE

1591 February 1st; Jone DOWNTON

1591 February 1st; William JESOPPE

1591 February 1st; William ILLARIE

1591 February 6th; Maude LOWEGGE

1591 February 19th; Marjerie STREATT?

1591 February 22nd; Elizabeth ?

1591 March 4th; Edward POMERYE

1591 March 21st; John GUPPIE

1592 April 4th; Henry MINTERNE

1592 April 28th; Christian MAYE

1592 May 5th; Agnes SERJEANT

1592 May 7th; Nicholas GROVE

1592 May 7th; Alice LARWCE

1592 May 19th; Marie NEWMAN

1592 May 24th; William DISKETT

1592 June ?; Katherine COLMER

1592 June 7th; William COLBORNE

1592 June 9th; Agnes RAYNSELL

1592 June 15th; Lewis CHICKE

1592 June 19th; Marie WATERMAN

1592 June 23rd; Giles MILLS

1592 August 2nd; William CHAMPE

1592 August 14th; Robert WEBB

1592 August 14th; James MATTHEWE

1592 August 18th; William DENT

1592 August 20th; John OADE

1592 September 7th; Robert LAWRENCE

1592 September 7th; Giles PYNNEY

1592 September 22nd; Marten HALLETT

1592 October 6th; Jone MEAD

1592 October 13th; Walter HORSFORD

1592 November 10th; Alice BARTLETT

1592 December 11th; John SMITH

1592 December 11th; Henry SMITH

1592 December 13th; Mary SUCKESSPEEKE

1592 December 13th; John SUCKESSPEEKE

1592 December 17th; Margaret VYELL

1592 December 17th; Alice KEEMER

1592 December 20th; William NICOLES

1592 December 25th; William VILE

1592 January 12th; William PRICE

1592 February 7th; Robert RENDLE

1592 February 7th; Thomas FURSER

1592 February 8th; Elizabeth FOORDE

1592 February 17th; Jone HARDIE

1592 March 1st; Robert MINTERN

1592 March 6th; Richard KEATE

1592 March 10th; Robert STRONG

1592 March 10th; Julian HOSKINS

1592 March 10th; Frances HILLERY

1593 March 27th; Henry DARBYE

1593 April 8th; John PAVIETT

1593 April 16th; Julian PHIPPIN

1593 April 16th; Jone COXE

1593 April 16th; William LYES

1593 April 29th; Robert MEECHE

1593 May 7th; Agnes HALLETT

1593 May 7th; Margery DEINTE

1593 May 11th; Jane WESTCOTT

1593 May 13th; Henry KEATH

1593 May 17th; John HULLE

1593 June 10th; Robert ROPER

1593 June 16th; Henry KEECHE

1593 June 26th; Ann COOK

1593 June 26th; Alis CHICKE

1593 June 29th; John NEWMAN

1593 August 5th; Margaret PERSONS

1593 August 5th; Henry POMERYE

1593 August 20th; Robert LANE

1593 August 20th; Giles JESSE

1593 September 5th; Jone DARBYE

1593 September 20th; Anne HOSKINS

1593 September 27th; Agnes MINTERNE

1593 October 15th; Edith CHICKE

1593 October 19th; Simon OADE

1593 October 19th; Judith OADE

1593 November 11th; Alis HOOPER

1593 November 18th; John HALLET

1593 November 23rd; Alis KINGE

1593 November 25th; Ann AXE

1593 November 30th; Giles MEAD

1593 December 16th; Marie HELLYRE

1593 December 21st; Thomas STONE

1593 December 23rd; Francis DARBYE

1593 December 25th; Jone HILLERYE

1593 January 1st; Edith MINTERNE

1593 January 6th; John JESOPPE

1593 January 16th; William PAVET

1593 January 21st; Susan ZAGGE

1593 January 16th; William HOSKINS

1593 January 27th; Edward HALLET

1593 January 27th; William SERGEANT

1593 January 17th; Thomas SUCKESSPEEKE

1593 February 10th; Robert PYNNEY

1593 March 3rd; Robert STREEATE

1593 March 9th; Julian DOLLINGS

1593 March 10th; John COLLYNS

1593 March 10th; John DARBYE

1594 March 27th; William MORGAN

1594 March 27th; Ann MORGAN

1594 March 27th; Robert CHAMPION

1594 March 27th; Robert GUDGE

1594 April 6th; George JESOPPE

1594 April 14th; Florence HEYWARDS

1594 May 12th; William HOSKINS

1594 May 29th; William RUTLEY

1594 June 5th; William BEMENT


1600 August 26th; Clement KITCHE

1600 August 26th; William KITCHE

1600 September 7th; Sarah daughter of Richard MINTERNE

1600 September 9th; Annie GYLLETT; bastard

1600 September 17th; Mary STOYLE

1600 October 6th; John son of William GUDGE

1600 October 12th; Annes COX

1600 October 19th; Mary daughter of William KEATE

1600 October 26th; ? RALES

1600 November 19th; Mary MINTERNE

1600 November 20th; Margery SMYTH

1600 November 23rd; Richard KENTE

1600 November 28th; Annis daughter of Richard RINGE

1600 December 3rd; John son of William CLARE

1600 December 28th; Mary daughter of William RADDYE

1600 January 8th; Ales daughter of Henry COLBORN

1600 January 25th; Abraham son of John JOANES

1600 March 2nd; Catherine daughter of William NYELD

1600 March 8th; Elizabeth JESSE

1601 March 25th; Henry son of Hugh CRABB

1601 April 16th; William son of George BURGES

1601 May 18th; Francis GILLETT; bastard

1601 May 28th; Annie daughter of Christopher HOOPER

1601 June 2nd; Anne daughter of Richard HARTE

1601 June 6th; Andrew son of Christopher GUPPYE

1601 June 15th; Laynard son of William RODBERT

1601 July 12th; Mary daughter of William HOSKINS

1601 July 12th; Mary daughter of Robert ROPER

1601 August 9th; Catherine daughter of John HARTE

1601 August 9th; James son of William CATERBURY

1601 August 20th; Annis GYLLET; bastard

1601 August 28th; Elner daughter of Robert STRONG

1601 September 28th; Oliver son of John HOSKINS

1601 October 4th; William son of Henry PURNELL

1601 October 4th; Richard son of Richard RICHARDS

1601 October 8th; Margaret daughter of Richard JEFFERYE

1601 October 25th; Lancelot SHARLOCKE

1601 November 1st; Joane daughter of William SEBORNE

1601 November 1st; Margaret daughter of William COXE

1601 November 18th; Roes daughter of C? JESOP

1601 November 18th; Ann daughter of Christopher PURNELL

1601 November 18th; William son of Christopher RUIVES

1601 November 18th; Mary daughter of Christopher RUIVES

1601 November 22nd; Peter son of Peter HOSKINS

1601 November 29th; John son of Francis GILLETT

1601 December 20th; Marye daughter of William MINTERNE

1601 January 3rd; Edward son of John KNAPP

1601 January 4th; Annie daughter of Peter VYLE

1601 January 21st; Robert son of Robert NEWMAN

1601 January 13th; John son of John BATTEN

1601 February 3rd; Annis daughter of Robert CHAMPION

1601 February 3rd; William son of William DAYNTON

1601 February 13th; William son of Henry HOSKINS

1601 February 14th; Katherine daughter of Andrew COX

1601 February 27th; Liddya EASTLER

1601 February 7th; Nathaniel son of Robert HALLET

1601 March 11th; William son of William NEWMAN

1601 March 11th; Ann daughter of William NEWMAN

1601 March 17th; Catherine PARSSONS

1602 April 11th; John son of Thomas COOKE

1602 April 15th; Bartholomew son of Thomas DERBY

1602 April 16th; John son of William SPETT

1602 April 22nd; John son of John MINTERNE

1602 May 2nd; Mary daughter of Hugh CRABB

1602 May 27th; Mary daughter of John LEAVES

1602 June 5th; Hugh son of John SHELDON

1602 June 8th; Francis son of Henry HILLARY

1602 June 13th; Christopher GUPPY

1602 July 15th; Robert son of William MASON

1602 July 28th; John son of John GOLLOPP

1602 August 12th; Alis daughter of John BARTER

1602 October 10th; Elizabeth daughter of William HOSKINS

1602 October 30th; Edward son of John DYNTE

1602 October 30th; Alice daughter of William SERJEANT

1602 January 30th; Ann daughter of William CLARE

1602 February 20th; John son of John KNAP

1602 February 22nd; John son of Robert JEROD

1602 February 27th; Richard son of Richard BUCTHER

1602 February 27th; Debrow daughter of William MINTERNE

1602 February 27th; Avies daughter of Andrew RUTH

1602 March 8th; Jhoane daughter of John CADDY

1602 March 20th; James son of William FUDGE

1603 April 3rd; Lancelot son of William KEATE

1603 April 3rd; John son of William AXE

1603 April 3rd; Katherine daughter of Peter VIALL

1603 April 8th; Clement son of Clement KITCHE

1603 April 8th; Sicely daughter of Andrew RICHARDS

1603 May 18th; Margaret daughter of John CHARLES

1603 June 13th; Roger son of John MATHEW

1603 June 19th; Rebecca daughter of William STOYELL

1603 July 17th; John son of George WILMOTH

1603 July 21st; Mary daughter of Luke SILLY

1603 August 21st; William son of John KYTEKE

1603 September 12th; Anthony son of Henry DARBY

1603 September 12th; ? son of Xpofferus HOOPER

1603 September 26th; John son of John NEWMAN

1603 October 9th; John BARBER

1603 October 9th; ? son of John JAMES

1603 October 13th; Anne daughter of William NYLE

1603 October 15th; Anne daughter of Symon NEWMAN

1603 October 11th; Eve daughter of John HYTE

1603 November 20th; John son of Henry KEAT

1603 January 3rd; Robert son of Robert CHAMPION

1603 January 19th; Anstis OADE; bastard

1603 February 1st; Agnes daughter of Robert MINTERNE

1603 February 6th; Agnes daughter of William FOWLER

1603 February 13th; Richard son of Robert NEWMAN

1603 February 16th; Frane son of Thomas CHAMPION

1603 February 17th; Robert BOLT; bastard

1603 February 18th; Luce daughter of Andrew COXE

1604 March 27th; Edith daughter of Henry NEWMAN

 no entry; John son of John NEWMAN

1604 May 13th; ? son of Giles HOSKINS

1604 May 25th; Elizabeth daughter of John PAVIOT

1604 June 22nd; John son of John PAVIOT

1604 June 7th; Mary daughter of William HULL

1604 July 4th; Virtue daughter of Henry COLBORNE

1604 July 22nd; Anne daughter of William MASON

1604 July 26th; Jane daughter of John CADDY

1604 July 29th; Johane daughter of Richard HART

1604 August 14th; Johane daughter of William RODBERDE

1604 August 26th; Tymothe son of Humffrey STOODLY

1604 October 14th; Charles son of John BATTEN

1604 October 28th; William son of William PARSON

1604 November 1st; William son of William CANTERBURY

1604 November 4th; John son of William DYNTY

1604 November 11th; Leonard son of John COLLINS

1604 November 16th; Maru daughter of Lancelot HALLET

1604 December 25th; Elinor daughter of John SARGENT

1604 January 19th; Katherine daughter of John NEWMAN

1604 February 10th; Rafe son of Richard COSE

1604 March 10th; Phillip son of Thomas HAYWARD

1604 March 17th; Ann daughter of John LEAVES

1604 March 23rd; John son of John STEVENS

1604 March 23rd; Phillip son of John KNAP

1605 April 5th; William son of William CLARE

1605 April 18th; John son of Robert RICHARDS

1605 April 19th; N….. son of James PHELP

1605 April 30th; Johane TREMOR

1605 May 4th; William son of William BRYNSON

1605 August 28th; Rachel RAWLES

1605 August 28th; Ansties BLEEKE; bastard

1605 August 19th; William son of Jo. PAVIOT

1605 August 25th; Mary daughter of Francis GILLET

1605 August 28th; John son of Hugh BENNET

1605 September 1st; Joh son of Richard BUTCHER

1605 September 1st; Sarah daughter of William HOSKINS

1605 September 15th; Alice daughter of Robert CHAMPIN

1605 September 18th; Alice daughter of John RENDLE

1605 September 23rd; Elizabeth daughter of Richard STRODE; (Militas)

1605 October 13th; Samuell son of Tymothye HOYTE

1605 October 7th; N… daughter of Richard DANIEL

1605 November 24th; Mathew son of Alexander JESUP

1605 November 11th; Thomas son of Thomas TUCHINGE

1605 November 16th; Avice daughter of Walter BUGLER

1605 December 4th; Grace daughter of John MINTERNE

1605 December 7th; John son of John SHELDON

1605 January 9th; N… son of Andrew MASON

1605 January 30th; Hugh son of Thomas EVANS

1605 January 27th; Agnes daughter of Andrew COX

1605 February 13th; William son of William JAMES

1605 March 2nd; Katherine daughter of Lancelot HALLET

1605 March 9th; Roger son of Henry DERBYE

1605 March ?; Johane daughter of Robert MINTERNE

1605 March ?; Richard son of Andrew RUTLY

1605 March 19th; Elinor daughter of Adam BASTERDE

1605 March 21st; Cutberow daughter of Henry KEATE

1606 April 8th; Henry son of Lancelot MILLES

1606 April 19th; Susan daughter of Henry NEWMAN

1606 April 21st; Henry son of Thomas CHAMPION

1606 May 3rd; Thomas son of Robert NEWMAN

1606 May 3rd; William son of Robert NEWMAN

1606 June 1st; John son of Thomas DERBY

1606 June 5th; Edward GILLET; bastard

1606 June 5th; Deanes GILLET; bastard

1606 June 28th; Avice daughter of William LANE

1606 July 21st; James son of John HYT

1606 July 23rd; Henry son of Robert HALLET

1606 July 29th; Barbara daughter of John STEVENS

1606 July 13th; Elinor daughter of John ROWSELL

1606 August 3rd; Johane daughter of Christpofferi PURNELL

1606 August 10th; Alice daughter of John CHURCH

1606 August 12th; Symon son of Simon NEWMAN

1606 August 12th; John son of William KEAT

1606 August 26th; Margaret daughter of Robert BETSCOMBE

1606 August 21st; John son of John KEAT

1606 September 21st; Mary daughter of William SEABURNE

1606 September 21st; Dorothy daughter of Francis GILLET

1606 October 15th; William son of William FOWLER

1606 November 22nd; Christian daughter of George BAGWILL

1606 November 30th; Roger son of Roger KNAP

1606 December 12th; Henry son of Henry HOSKINS

1606 December 14th; William son of Alexander JESOP

1606 December 14th; Mary daughter of John JAMES

1606 December 25th; Daniel son of Peregrine PURCOTY

1606 January 1st; Henry son of Henry COLBORNE

1606 January 17th; William son of Humphry STOODLEY

1606 January 17th; Johane daughter of John GUDGE

1606 January 18th; Alice daughter of Henry CHAMPION

1606 January 18th; John son of Lancelot TUCKER

1606 January 19th; Thomas son of Thomas LYNCOLE

1606 January 25th; Elinor daughter of Margaret IRELAND; base child

1606 February 16th; Susan daughter of Tremor BONFASTER

1606 February 22nd; Alice daughter of Thomas SPRATE

1606 February 22nd; Frances son of John MATHEW

1606 March 1st; Lancelot son of Lancelot HALLET

1606 March 1st; Margery daughter of William MYNTERNE

1606 March 1st; Gilbert son of John, Junr. PAVIOT

1606 March 10th; Alice daughter of Christopher IRELAND

1607 ?January 2nd; Roger son of Roger WHEADON

1607 March 27th; James son of John COLLINGS

1607 April 2nd; Hug??? son of Richard HART

1607 April 12th; ? son of Richard COOMS

1607 April 11th; Christopher son of Richard ODE

1607 June 14th; Luke son of Luke SELIE

1607 June 24th; Elizabeth daughter of William MASON

1607 June 28th; Water son of William CANTERBURIE

1607 July 16th; Henry son of Henry BAYLONDE

1607 July 14th; Peter son of William DAINTIE

1607 July 19th; John son of Robert HOSKINS

1607 July 23rd; Ambro son of William CLEAR

1607 July 25th; Joane daughter of William HORSFORDE

1607 August 2nd; Margaret daughter of William BRINSHIRE

1607 August 9th; ? son of Stephen SARGENT

1607 August 22nd; Elizabeth daughter of Peregrine PERCOTY

1607 September 20th; ? son of William LONG

1607 September 20th; Edward son of William RODBERD

1607 October 19th; Joane daughter of William FORDE

1607 October 18th; John son of no entry COXE

1607 December 3rd; John son of John MENIFIE

1607 December 5th; Edith daughter of Hughe BENNETT

1607 December 5th; John son of Philip HOSKINS

1607 December 16th; William son of John CHAMPE

1607 December 18th; Jane daughter of Henry MORGAN

1607 January 1st; Magdalen daughter of John BUTCHER

1607 January 10th; John son of John NILE

1607 January 22nd; Margarett daughter of Susan MATHUE; baseborn

1607 January 29th; Lancelott son of John HARDY; born 27th January

1607 March 20th; Joane daughter of William PURCHES

1608 March 26th; Edeth daughter of Hugh CRAB

1608 March 8th; Margaret daughter of Mathew HOSKINS

1608 April 24th; Andrew son of Andrew COXE

1608 April 24th; William son of Thomas SPRAKE

1608 April 24th; Marke son of Robert NEWMAN

1608 April 24th; Mathew son of Robert NEWMAN

1608 May 1st; David son of Robert WILTON

1608 May 7th; Mary daughter of Robert CHAMPION

1608 May 8th; Alice daughter of Henry PAVIOT

1608 May 15th; Christopher son of William CLARE

1608 May 23rd; Alice daughter of Richard BUTCHER

1608 June 12th; Dorothy daughter of Christopher HOOPER

1608 June 27th; Richard son of William JAMES

1608 June 27th; William son of William CHAMPION

1608 July 15th; Henry son of Francis GILLETT

1608 July 24th; Thomas son of Thomas POWND

1608 August 28th; William son of William LANE

1608 August 29th; Margaret daughter of Adam BASTARD

1608 September 17th; Richard son of Richard SWAFFIELD

1608 October 2nd; Susan daughter of William BRINSON

1608 October 19th; Thomas son of Thomas LONGE

1608 November 6th; John son of William SEABURNE

1608 November 6th; Richard son of Peregrine PURCOTIE

1608 November 23rd; Joahn daughter of Henry CHAMPION

1608 November 30th; Joane daughter of John DOWCHE

1608 November 30th; Anne daughter of William MINTERNE

1608 November 30th; Julian daughter of Roger KNAPE

1608 December 25th; Elizabeth daughter of Lancelot HALLET

1608 December 30th; Ahnes daughter of Humpherye LANE

1608 January 2nd; Joane daughter of Robert BESCOMBE

1608 January 4th; Robert son of Christopher IRELAND

1608 January 20th; Catheryn daughter of Sir Richard STRODE

1608 January 22nd; Agnes daughter of Henry KEATE

1608 January 22nd; Florence daughter of Christopher PURNELL

1608 January 27th; Christian daughter of Robert REYNOLD

1608 January 29th; Dorothy daughter of James HITT

1608 January 29th; Joane daughter of Daniel STEVINS

1608 February 2nd; William son of John ROWSELL

1608 February 12th; John son of Hugh STOUDLEY

1608 February 13th; Susanne daughter of John EVANS

1608 February 22nd; Alice daughter of Simon NEWMAN

1608 February 24th; William son of Thomas GERRARD

1608 March 5th; William son of Walter BUGLER

1608 March 5th; John son of Thomas BANNISTER

1608 March 23rd; Dorothie daughter of Henry GUDGE

these are possibly 1610

1609 March 29th; Thomas son of William HULL

1609 April 29th; Agnes daughter of Andrew DANISH

1609 May 9th; Andrew son of William LANE

1609 June 18th; Willyam son of Willyam MASON

1609 July 1st; Agnes daughter of Henry MORGAN

1609 July 8th; John son of Thomas SPRAKE

1609 July 13th; Eliner daughter of John KNAP

1609 July 15th; Magdalen daughter of John RING

1609 August 5th; Katherin daughter of Willyam BRINSAM

1609 August 6th; Blandina daughter of Adam BASTARD

1609 August 7th; Henrye son of John JERRARD

1609 August 14th; Margerye daughter of Andrew WILMOTH

1609 August 26th; Johane daughter of Andrew COX

1609 September 1st; Richard PHIPPEN; spurius (bastard)

1609 September 9th; Thomas son of Richard HASH

1609 September 16th; Anne daughter of William CLARE

1609 September 27th; Ursula daughter of John DAMET

1609 September 21st; Christian daughter of Willyam RADBERT

1609 October 5th; Agnes daughter of Robert REYNOLD

1609 October 6th; Margaret daughter of Thomas LINCOLLE

1609 October 7th; Elizabeth daughter of John STEVENS

1609 October 13th; Anne daughter of Mathew HOSKINS

1609 October 21st; Willyam son of Robert CHAMPION

1609 October 21st; Elizabeth daughter of Tobias COOPER

1609 November 10th; Samuel OADES alias GROVES; spurius

1609 November 11th; Susana daughter of John LEAVES

1609 November 11th; Susana daughter of Richard SWAFFIELD

1609 November 27th; Margerye daughter of William HORSFORD

1609 November 25th; Philip son of John RAULES

1609 November 30th; Hugh son of Henry CHAMPION

1609 December 12th; Elizabeth daughter of William CHICKE

1609 December 21st; Robert son of Robert BETSEOM

1609 December 25th; Mary daughter of Roger KNAPP

1609 December 26th; Thomas JERRARD; spurius

1609 January 19th; Johane daughter of Robert WILTON

1609 January 28th; Richard son of John STONE

1609 January 28th; Johane daughter of John NEWMAN

1609 January 30th; John son of Willyam JAMES

1609 February 12th; Frances daughter of Francis GILLETT

1609 February 20th; Thomas son of Thomas JERARD

1609 March 17th; Barnabye son of Willyam MINTERNE

1609 March 17th; Elizabeth daughter of John NEWMAN

1609 March 18th; Grace daughter of Robert HORSFORD


1613 September 8th; Aves daughter of John LEAVES

1613 October 1st; Elizabeth daughter of Francis GILLETTE

1613 October 3rd; William son of Giles SHORT

1613 October 17th; Henrie son of Andrew COX

1613 November 21st; Oliver son of Mathew HOSKINS

1613 December 5th; Marie daughter of John FORSTER

1613 December 12th; John son of Thomas JERARD

1613 December 15th; Elizabeth daughter of Robert BTESCOMBE

1613 December 27th; Henrie son of Peter FORD

1613 January 1st; Marie daughter of Richard NILE

1613 January 6th; Thomas daughter of Robert CHAMPION

1613 January 16th; Anstice son of Richard LEKY

1613 January 30th; John son of William ELLIS

1613 January 30th; Thomas son of John JOANES

1613 February 7th; Ambros son of William JAMES

1613 February 20th; Paul son of Henry HOSKINS

1613 February 21st; William son of Robert PYNNIE

1613 February 29th; Mathias son of Hugh STRODE

1613 February 28th; Frauncis daughter of Tremor BONFISTER

1613 March 3rd; Elizabeth daughter of John FORD

1613 March 9th; Marie daughter of John HORSFORD

1613 March 13th; Henrie son of Robert HORSFORD

1613 March 20th; Tobias son of Francis MORISE

1614 March 30th; Elizabeth daughter of Christopher PURNELL

1614 March 30th; Elizabeth daughter of John SHELDON

1614 April 17th; Marie daughter of Andrew WILKINS

1614 April 26th; Roberte son of John NUMAN

1614 May 1st; Elizabeth daughter of Robert TRYET als SYMES

1614 May 15th; James son of James HALLET

1614 June 2nd; Jane daughter of John CHECKE

1614 June 6th; Samuel son of William CHAMPION

1614 June 9th; Philip son of John GUDGE

1614 August 24th; Andrew son of Robert RENDELL

1614 September 7th; William son of Samuel MATHEW

1614 September 12th; Philip son of Henrie MILLES

1614 September 18th; Frauncis daughter of Joane HALLETTE

1614 September 28th; Katherine daughter of Richard SWAFFIELD

1614 October 10th; Joseph son of Joane COX

1614 October 22nd; Launcelot son of Richard MILLES

1614 October 22nd; Ann daughter of Richard MILLES

1614 October 23rd; John son of John GOARE; clerk, curate of this church

1614 October 23rd; Ralfe son of Peregrine PERCOTIE

1614 October 24th; Vertue daughter of Adam BASTARD

1614 November 30th; Abraham son of Richard BUTCHER

1614 November 12th; John son of Sir Robert STRODE, Knight

1614 November 30th; John son of William MICHELL

1614 December 4th; William son of Robert SEAMUR

1614 December 23rd; Thomas son of Thomas SPARKE

1614 January 1st; Bartholomew son of James DANIELL

1614 January 8th; Edeth daughter of Daniel STEVENS

1614 January 27th; John son of John BOWER

1614 January 30th; Katherine daughter of Henrie CHAMPION

1614 February 2nd; Steven son of Robert JESOP

1614 March 8th; Sarah daughter of Launcelotte HALLETT

1614 March 12th; Daniel son of William SEABURNE

1614 March 19th; Timothy son of William HORSFORDE

1614 March 24th; James son of John KNAP

1615 March 26th; John son of Henrie GUDGE

1615 March 26th; George son of Richard DAMATTE

1615 April 2nd; Magdalen daughter of Tobias COOPER


1617 March 30th; Johannas child of Johannis KEECH

1617 April 6th; Rutha child of Ricardi VYALL

1617 April 9th; Ricardus child of Ricardi FORDE

1617 April 22nd; Johannes child of Andrei DAMMETT

1617 April 26th; Alicia child of Humphredi STOODLEY

1617 May 5th; Sara child of Gulielmi HYNDE

1617 May 7th; Johanes child of Johannis RENDELL

1617 May 25th; Peregrinus child of Peregrine PERCOTY

1617 May 26th; Hugo child of Gulielmi CHAMPION

1617 June 8th; Johana child of Mathei HOSKINS

1617 July 2nd; Abrahamus child of Andrei WILTLINS

1617 July 13th; Gulielmus child of Johannis LANE

1617 July 20th; Sara child of Lanceloti HALLET

1617 July 28th; Sara child of Ricardi BUTCHER

1617 August 6th; Dinah child of Eltwidi PUMERY

1617 August 17th; Robertus child of Roberti STRONG

1617 August 20th; Gratia child of Roberti MEECH

1617 August 24th; Johannes child of Ricardi LEAKY?

1617 September 12th; Sara child of Adami BASTARD

1617 September 21st; Katherina child of Johannis RICARDS

1617 September 21st; Thomas child of Johannis SHELDON

1617 September 24th; Ambrosius child of Johannis CLARE

1617 September 25th; Gulielmus child of Thomas LAWRENCE

1617 September 25th; Maria child of Gulielmi PARSONS

1617 October 5th; Robertus child of Ricardi GORE

1617 October 15th; Henricus child of Gulielmi GUDGE

1617 October 22nd; Thomasina child of Ricardi CRABB

1617 November 2nd; Sara child of Danielis STEPHENS

1617 November 17th; Jacebus child of Jacobi DANIELL

1617 December 3rd; Gulielmus child of Hugonis STOODLEY

1617 December 14th; Henrieus child of Henrici GUDGE

1617 December 17th; Hepzibah child of Johannis BARNARD

1617 December 21st; Jacebus child of Johannis DANIELL

1617 January 6th; Henrius child of Johannis BARTLETT

1617 January 11th; Johannes child of Johannis HALLETT

1617 January 18th; Robertus child of Roberti RAYNOLD

1617 January 18th; Lawrentius child of Roberti LANE

1617 January 25th; Georgius child of Johannis TRIPTREY

1617 February 4th; Georgius child of Georgii BAGWELL

1617 February 8th; Petrus child of Gulielmi VYALL

1617 February 8th; Izota child of Henrici NEWMAN

1617 February 8th; Miriama child of Rogerii KNAPPE

1617 February 21st; Maria child of Johannis PEE

1617 March 4th; Elizabeth child of Henrici CHAMPION

1617 March 9th; Elizabeth child of Johannis GUDGE

1617 March 15th; Johannis child of Thomas MAWDYET

1617 March 15th; Henricus child of Jacobi HITT

1617 March 18th; Anne child of Hugonis STRODE; (Generosi)

1617 March 18th; Johannes child of Johannis TIZZARD

1618 April 4th; Gulielmus child of Roberti SYMES als TREVITE

1618 April 5th; Editha child of Gulielmi MASON

1618 April 17th; Elizabeth child of Roberti PINNY

1618 April 22nd; Johannes child of Gulielmi BATTEN

1618 April 22nd; Gulielmus child of Gulielmi OLDE

1618 May 17th; Lancelotus child of Jacobi HALLET

1618 June 3rd; Thomasina child of Johannis ROUSELL

1618 June 29th; Sara child of Johannis RENDALL

1618 July 5th; Stephanus child of Mathei ELLET

1618 July 8th; Johannes child of Johannis PAVIOT

1618 August 2nd; Gulielmus child of Rogerii CLARKE

1618 August 5h; Elizabeth child of Tremeri BONFISTER

1618 August 9th; Thomas child of Thomas KEECH

1618 August 9th; Sara child of Ricardi DAMETT

1618 August 16th; Hester child of Johannis SWAINE

1618 September 2nd; Robertus child of Johannis DAMETT

1618 September 7th; Anna child of Edwardi HAYWARD

1618 September 14th; Richardus child of Johannis KEECH

1618 September 16th; Gulielmus child of Johannis COLEBRON

1618 September 29th; Johana child of Johannis GERRARD

1618 October 8th; Maria child of Johannis JESOPPE

1618 October 15th; Sara child of Richardi VYALL

1618 October 18th; Hester child of Gulielmi JESOP

1618 November 1st; Gulielmus child of Phillipi DENT

1618 November 22nd; Robertus child of Roberti ALLEN

1618 November 30th; Maria child of Lanceloti FORD

1618 December 2nd; Johannes child of Johannis EVANS

1618 December 13th; Johannes child of Samuelis MATHEW

1618 December 13th; Gulielmus child of Alicia MEADE; Spurius

1618 December 17th; Gratia child of Robert MEECH

1618 January 17th; Alicia child of Roberti JESOP

1618 January 24th; Maria child of Gulielmi DENT

1618 February 1st; Elizabeth child of Florentia PURNELL; widow, spurius

1618 February 7th; Elizabeth child of Roberti GROVE

1618 March 3rd; Susanna child of Roberti HORSFORD

1618 March 19th; Johanes child of Roberti CHAMPIN

1618 March 21st; Johana child of Roberti RENDELL

1619 March 27th; Maria daughter of Johannis FORD

1619 March 28th; Juditha daughter of Robert RAYNOLD

1619 March 29th; Elinora daughter of Edwardi OASTLER

1619 March 31st; Robertus son of Johannis FORD

1619 April 7th; Maria daughter of Henrici BOYLAND

1619 April 13th; Jacobus son of Ricardi NYLE

1619 April 18th; Ricardus son of Ricardi BUCKLAND

1619 April 28th; Johannes son of Roberti MYNTERNE

1619 May 2nd; Johannes son of Johannis THOMAS

1619 May 2nd; Maria daughter of Willmi FOWLER

1619 June 6th; Maria daughter of Henrici COOPER

1619 June 16th; Elizabeth daughter of Johannis WHITMORE

1619 June 20th; Johannes son of Johannis WHITE

1619 June 30th; Maria daughter of Willmi DENTY

1619 July 4th; Jonah son of Johannis PAVIOT; poss Jonas, Vicar of Powerstock 1658-1664 & later

1619 July 11th; Johannes son of Lanceloti NORRIS

1619 July 21st; Sara daughter of Lanceloti HALLET

1619 July 28th; Franciscus son of Francisci MORRIS

1619 August 10th; Johannes son of Johannis LEE

1619 August 15th; Robertus son of Roberti WILTON

1619 September 1st; Agneta daughter of Willmi HOSKINS

1619 September 5th; Josepus son of Johannis HILLARY

1619 September 5th; Willmus son of Thomas GERRARD

1619 September 6th; Tobias son of Tobias SYMMES

1619 September 8th; Hugo son of Henrici DOWNTON

1619 September 30th; Anna daughter of Johannis DOUCH

1619 October 31st; Willmus son of Willmi VYALL

1619 October 31st; Willmus son of Willmi GUDGE

1619 November 1st; Henricus son of Johannis HALLET

1619 November 28th; Elizabeth daughter of Eltwidi POMERY

1619 December 19th; Johana daughter of Johannis HOSKINS

1619 January 9th; Sara daughter of Margaretae PYNNIE; spuria

1619 January 17th; Willmus son of Willmi CLARE

1619 January 17th; Maria daughter of Roberti SCOT

1619 January 23rd; Elizabeth daughter of Johannis LANE

1619 January 24th; Margeria daughter of Huganis LINCOLN

1619 February 6th; Mathaeus son of Matheai HOSKINS

1619 February 9th; Maria daughter of Henrici NEWMAN

1619 February 13th; Helena daughter of Elizabethae ROGERS; spuria

1619 February 13th; Johannes daughter of Edwardi HAYWARD

1619 February 25th; Anna daughter of Roberti STRONG

1619 February 25th; Johana daughter of Johannis NYLE

1619 February 27th; Sara daughter of Ricardi DERBY

1619 March 6th; Edwardus son of Willmi CANTERBURY

1619 March 8th; Johana daughter of Johannis HALLET

1619 March 12th; Katherina daughter of Henrici MILLES

1619 March 12th; Juliana daughter of Thomae LAWRENCE

1619 March 19th; Margeria daughter of Roberti CHICK

1620 March 21st; Agneta daughter of Thomas HELLIER

1620 April 12th; Johana daughter of Willmi SEAMOR als THECKER

1620 April 29th; Johannes son of Johannis PAVIOT; ministrii

1620 May 2nd; Johannes son of Willmi SERJEANT

1620 June 11th; Robertus son of Ricardi VYALL

1620 June 11th; Johana daughter of Andrei DAMETT

1620 June 11th; Robertus son of Ricardi SEAGUY

1620 June 13th; Johannes son of Hugonis STRODE; generosi

1620 June 21st; Jacobus son of Ricardi CRABBE

1620 June 25th; Josephus son of Willmi PARSONS

1620 June 28th; Johana daughter of Johannis DANIELL

1620 June 28th; Willmus son of Johannis TRIPTREY

1620 July 3rd; Johannes son of Willmi FORD

1620 July 13th; Georgius son of Georgii BAGWELL

1620 August 2nd; Aron son of Rogerii KNAPPE

1620 August 7th; Sara daughter of Roberti MEECH

1620 September 13th; Onesiphorus son of Thomae SPRAKE

1620 September 18th; Johana daughter of Henrici GUDGE

1620 September 29th; Rogerus son of Jacobi HALLETT

1620 September 21st; Hugo son of Willmi TUCK

1620 September 24th; Beniamin son of Georgii NOSCETER

1620 September 24th; Margreta daughter of Roberti TRIVETT

1620 September 25th; Johannes son of Johannis CLARE

1620 October 21st; Johannes son of Roberti ELBY

1620 November 24th; Johana daughter of Phillipi DENT

1620 November 1st; Anna daughter of Willmi BAKER

1620 November 5th; Robertus son of Egidii NEWMAN

1620 November 12th; Antonius son of Danielis STEVENS

1620 November 12th; Robertus son of Thomas GERRARD

1620 November 20th; Stephanus son of Hilarii HAYWARD

1620 November 20th; Andraeus son of Jacobi LAWRENCE

1620 January 1st; Maria daughter of Lanceloti NORRIS

1620 January 14th; Alicia daughter of Ricardi FORD

1620 January 14th; Agneta daughter of Henrici BOYLAND

1620 January 17th; Agneta daughter of Matheai ELLET

1620 January 21st; Agneta daughter of Rogerii CLARKE

1620 January 21st; Ricardus son of Roberti RAYNOLD

1620 February 2nd; Franciscus son of Johannis BABBIN

1620 February 4th; Johannes son of Johannis PAVIOT

1620 February 4th; Elizabeth daughter of Ricardi SWAFFIELD

1620 February 18th; Robertus son of Ricardi DEMETT

1620 February 25th; Elizabeth daughter of Jacobi CHICK

1620 February 25th; Editha daughter of Samuelis MATHEW

1620 February 28th; Henricus son of Ricardi DERBY; generosi


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