St. Mary's Burials 1721-30

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


The dates here are very confused

1721 March 27th Elizabeth daughter of Henry DONN

1721 March 29th Mary HARDY; widow

1721 April 1st Christian HALLET; widow

1721 April 17th Susanna wife of John HOSPHARD

1721 April 17th Rendel CRAB

1721 April 20th John son of Ralph MEECH

1721 April 24th Richard BAKER

1721 May 1st Thomas son of Thomas ATKINS

1721 July 6th Elizabeth & Joan daughters of George NOSSITER

1721 July 10th Hanna daughter of William DAW

1721 July 10th Mary daughter of Henry JEROD

1721 July 10th Joseph son of George BURBIDG

1721 July 24th Elizabeth wife of Robert LEAKEY

1721 July 30th Thomas son of Thomas MARTEN

1721 ? ? Lancelot NUMAN

1721 ? ? Robert son of Robert HOSKINS

1721 August ? John Daniel

1721 November 1st Alice wife of Francis CHAMPEER

1721 November 16th Elizabeth wife of John CAPON

1721 December 4th Joan wife of Henry HALLET

1721 December 25th William HART

1721 January 1st Thomas son of Robert JOANES

1721 January 3rd Sarah daughter of Thomas GIBBS

1721 January 5th Ann wife of John THECHER

1721 January 15th James WILLMENT

1721 January 19th William PURNELL

1721 January 19th Elizabeth wife of Daniel HALLET

1721 February 2nd Mary CLIFT

1721 February 12th Child of Joseph MARTEN

1721 February 24th Elizabeth CHICK

1721 March 8th Margaret MASH; widow

1721 March 8th Elizabeth daughter of John CLARE

1721 March 12th Richard HOAR

1721 March 18th Anne daughter of Francis MASH

1721 March 24th Ann SMITH

1721 March 29th Elizabeth wife of ? CLARE

1721 April 4th Joan HUNT

1721 April 5th Ann HART; widow

1721 April 7th John ROGERS

1721 April 14th Richard HARDY

1721 April 24th Benjamin son of John HEARN

1721 April 28th John OLIER

1721 April 30th Elizabeth wife of Thomas RAYNDEL

1721 May 5th Robert CHAMPER/CHAPMAN

1721 May 7th Margaret wife of John CANTERBERY

1721 May 7th Amos son of John OLIVER

1721 May 12th Elizabeth wife of James TUCK

1721 May 22nd John BRINSON

1721 June 11th John DANIEL

1721 June 20th James HALLET

1721 June 30th Edith daughter of John STEPHENS

1721 July 11th John son of Henry JERROD

1721 July 16th Lancelot HOSKINS

1721 July 26th Erasmus HALLET

1721 July 26th Tamson daughter of John BURBIDGE

1721 August 6th Edward son of Edward ROBERTS

1721 August 6th Mary daughter of John BEDGOOD

1721 August 6th Susanna daughter of Henry SERJEANT

1721 August 27th John MUNDEN

1721 August 27th Henry son of Henry CLARK

1721 August 6th (stet) Elizabeth daughter of Richard BURT

1721 September 10th Hester RAYNDEL

1721 September 10th John son of Henry CLARK

1721 September 12th Farmer HOAR

1721 September 22nd Elizabeth wife of John GOLLOP

1721 September 24th Hanna daughter of Benjamin MICHAEL

1721 October 1st Sarah daughter of William CHISEL

1721 October 2nd Thomas son of Thomas HALLET

1721 October 25th Mary daughter of William POLTER

1721 October 27th Thomas son of Thomas HALLET

1721 October 29th Elizabeth daughter of John JEROD

1721 November 15th Henry Thomas JESOP

1721 November 19th Henry CHUB

1721 November 19th Sarah daughter of Samuel WEAVER

1721 November 19th John son of John CANTERBURY

1721 November 24th Mrs. Mary MILLS; widow

1721 December 1st? sarah daughter of Joseph SIMS

1721 December 10th Joan daughter of Robert WHITMORE

1721 December ? Ann daughter of William BARRETT

1721 December 12th Agnes wife of Henry KEECH

1721 December 17th Elizabeth daughter of Henry HALLET

1721 December 22nd Henry NEWMAN

1721 December 25th Mary MINTERN

1721 January 1st John CROAKER

1721 January 3rd Hester wife of John DANIELL

1721 January 4th Hester HOSKINS

1721 January 9th Rebekah wife of Elis GIFORD

1721 January 12th Earthel WOOD

1721 January 26th Elizabeth daughter of James WILLMENT

1721 February 4th John son of John HALLET

1721 February 19th Elizabeth HODDER; widow

1721 February 21st John son of John COX

1721 February 27th John COLLINS

1721 February 27th Richard son of John COX

1721 March 4th Thomas son of John ALLEN

1721 March 14th Joseph son of Joseph MARTEN

1721 March 21st Edward son of John HALLET

1722 June 6th Mary wife of Richard DOWNE

1722 June 10th Joanne wife of Thomas CASE

1722 June ? Ruth wife of John BOYLING

1722 June 15th Mrs. Sarah WADDON

1722 June 18th Richard RUSSELL

1722 July 22nd Hanna WILKENS

1722 July 27th Arthur CRABB

1722 August 7th Mary daughter of Walter CRAB

1722 November 17th John TELLEY

1722 December 7th Ruth daughter of John BOYLING

1722 January 9th Penelope & Joan daughters of James MADON

1722 January 13th Mary daughter of Richard BARTLETT

1722 January 18th Mary daughter of John BEER Jnr.

1722 January 25th Mary BODY

1722 January 27th Constance wife of Matthew WALL/WATT?

1722 January ? Mary daughter of Richard DOWNE

1722 February 3rd John WHELEN

1722 March 10th Mary wife of John BUCKLAND

1722 March 10th Mary daughter of Matthew STONE

1723 April 8th Robert DEMALT?

1723 April 12th Thomas KNIGHT

1723 April 19th Robert HALLET

1723 April 19th Arthur CRABB; of Scollers Ash

1723 May 7th Hester CRAB; widow

1723 June 14th Mary wife of John BEER Snr

1723 June 26th Larence LAWRENCE

1723 August 15th Philip WELLER

1723 September 29th Francis widow of hugh TOLLEY

1723 October 6th John son of John SAMWAYS

1723 November 1st Robert WILLMOTT

1723 November 1st Elizabeth HILL

1723 December 25th Susannah HEARN als POUND

1723 December 31st Ruth GALL

1723 January 1st Richard CRABB

1723 January 10th Hester WAY

1723 January 10th Mary daughter of Philip THUDLE?

1723 February 8th John DOOSELT?

1723 February 16th John son of Thmas MILLER

1723 February 23rd Martha WHETHAM

1723 March 6th Thomas son of Thomas GRAY

1723 March 15th Joanne wife of Thomas GRAY

1724 ? ? Joane SPRAGUE

1724 April 6th Betty daughter of John LAWRENCE

1724 May 26th Barbara BALMAN; widow

1724 June 9th Joanne HALLETT; widow

1724 August 21st Sarah MARGERY; widow

1724 September 25th Lydia wife of Robert MUNDEN

1724 September 25th Hester HEARNE

1724 October 4th Joane wife of Ed. CHICK

1724 October 4th Ann wife of William SHORT

1724 November 8th Thomas HARST

1724 November 15th Mary daughter of Mary wife of John BAYLEY

1724 December 11th Ann daughter of Mary HORE; widow

1724 January 7th Richard HAWKER

1724 January 8th Joseph MATHEWS

1724 January 8th Thomas GEAR

1724 January 22nd Charles BATRAM

1724 January 26th Elizabeth CRABB; widow

1724 February 7th Ruth KNIGHT

1724 February 8th Samuel PULLAM

1724 February 9th Mary MELLER

1724 February 24th Joan wife of William SHEPPICK

1724 February 26th Richard HEARNE

1724 March 2nd Daniel son of Richard LAWRENCE

1724 March 12th Jonas PITCHER

1724 March 17th Abraham CRANDEN ?

1724 March 19th Alexander GEER

 This page was also found dated 1725

1725 March 29th Joan BALSON

1725 May 6th Thomas son of Bernard SHIER

1725 May 11th Hannah daughter of Edward HILL

1725 May 11th Elizabeth daughter of William COLLINS

1725 May 14th Elizabeth HOAR; widow

1725 May 17th Daniel WILLIAMS

1725 May 23rd Elizabeth daughter of John HEARN

1725 May 23rd Mary daughter of John BRINSON

1725 April 12th Matthew WARDE

1725 April 14th Robeert MASON

1725 May 8th Margery HALLET

1725 May 16th Elizabeth JAMES; widow

1725 June 6th Susannah daughter of Joseph HOSKINS

1725 June 20th Hallett son of James CANES

1725 June 27th Dorothy daughter of Thomas STONE

1725 July 4th Sarah daughter of Edward STODGELL

1725 July 4th Joan daughter of Ann BARTER

1725 July 4th Thomas ?

1725 July 18th Katherine of Robert BUGLER

1725 July 29th George BURGIS

1725 August 1st Sarah daughter of Ralph COX

1725 August 8th Thomas KEECH

1725 August 17th George son of George MARTIN

1725 August 23rd Joseph son of Joseph SIMS

1725 August 21st Ruth wife of Nicholas PITMAN

1725 September 9th Susannah wife of Henry GERARD

1725 September 12th Mary CHAMPER; widow

1725 September 12th ? son of Robert WHITEMER

1725 September 19th Robert son of Robert WHITEMER

1725 September 22nd Anstis wife of James BURBIDGE

1725 September 22nd Benjamin son of Ralph COX

1725 September 22nd Joan MILLWARD

1725 October 3rd Mary BOYLAND; widow

1725 October 17th Grace daughter of John HOSKINS

1725 October 17th Charity daughter of James COLE

1725 September 20th James & his son FOOGE

1725 September 22nd Robert son of Robert JOANS

1725 September 25th Sarah wife of William BARRATT

1725 October 23rd Mary COX; widow

1725 October 27th Martha daughter of John HIDE

1725 October 29th Mary wife of John LUSH

1725 November 7th Mary daughter of Henry HALLETT

1725 November 7th George STREET

1725 November 9th Ebaston son of James HUNT

1725 November 14th Susannah daughter of Thomas JOANES

1725 November 29th Mary CHICK

1725 November 21st Edith daughter of John HOAR

1725 November 28th Stephen son of John GERRARD

1725 December 5th Margaret of John EVEANS

1725 December 12th John son of John BRINSON

1725 December 12th John BARTER

1725 December 19th Elizabeth YOUNG

1725 December 21st J? FOWLER; widow

1725 December 30th Jean wife of William CAS; Snr

1725 December 31st Mary daughter of Richard HART

1725 January 7th Wilment GOLLOP

1725 January 7th Daniel HALLETT

1725 January 9th John CAINES

1725 January 9th Philip? wife of William LARENCE

1725 January 9th Elizabeth daughter of John COX

1725 January 12th Jean daughter of John COX

1725 January 16th Jean WHITEMORE

1725 January 23rd Henry son of William JESOP

1725 January 30th Margaret daughter of Ralph MEECH

1725 February 16th Steven GERARD

1725 ? ? Mark DENT

1725 ? ? James son of James TUCK

1725 ? ? Mary BESKOME

1726 March 27th William son of Roger CAPEN

1726 April 3rd Thomas JOANES

1726 April 3rd Agnes RICHARD

1726 April 6th Philip SIMS

1726 April 19th William BROWN; a Scotsman

1726 May 8th Mary daughter of William LARANCE

1726 June 10th Danill son of William CHURCHILL

1726 June 15th Elizabeth DAVIS

1726 June 19th Mary WILLMENT; widow

1726 June 19th Sarah daughter of Thomas GERARD

1726 June 26th William COLLINS

1726 June 27th Madham GIFFORD

1726 July 8th Ann daughter of John HOSPHERD

1726 July 15th John PICKHAM

1726 July 31st Joanna daughter of John LUSH

1726 August 1st Edward son of Barnard NEWMAN

1726 August 28th Jean wife of Roger CAPON

1726 September 9th Margaret DAW

1726 September 21st Elizabeth BOLT

1726 October 11th Elizabeth daughter of Leonard SHAKESBURY

1726 October 23rd Mary RUSSELL

1726 October 28th Hannah daughter of Joseph CLIFT

1726 November 6th Mary DAW; widow

1726 November 13th Anna daughter of John HALLETT

1726 December 25th Ann daughter of Robert JOANES

1726 January 3rd Christopher LOCK

1726 January 6th Mary MINTERN

1726 January 17th Elizabeth wife of John DONNE

1726 January 18th Henry son of Henry CLARK

1726 February 5th John son of Edward STODGELL

1726 February 19th Mary daughter of Henry GERRARD

1726 February 22nd Jean DAVIS

1726 March 1st Hannah COX

1726 March 8th William BATTON

1726 March 15th Thomas FAR

1727 April 9th William DAW

1727 May 21st Benjamin son of Melchizedet WHITEMORE

1727 June 11th Joan wife of William MILLS

1727 June 14th Joan wife of Henry DONNE

1727 June 14th Katherine DOGRELL

1727 August 4th James son of Samuel CLIFT

1727 August 6th John GUPPY

1727 August 6th Richard HARN?

1727 August 13th William son of John HOSPHERD

1727 August 18th Ann daughter of Henry BARRATT

1727 August 23rd Richard MUNDEN

1727 August 28th Hugh EDEN

1727 November 7th Henry son of John NEWMAN

1727 November 19th Ann daughter of Joseph MILLS

1727 December 27th Robert HARTT

1727 January 14th Sarah wife of James READ

1727 January 14th Henry son of John GERRARD

1727 January 17th Mary wife of Henry GUDY

1727 January 24th Elizabeth HITT; of Loscombe

1727 February 4th George son of John SWAFFIELD

1727 February 10th Elizabeth daughter of Richard KEECH

1727 February 25th John son of John JOANES

1727 February 25th Henry son of William IVES

1727 March 3rd Eliza CURTIS

1727 March 8th William son of Henry TIGINS?

1727 March 10th Henry SERJENT

1727 March 22nd Robert HALLET

1728 March 27th Elizabeth PHILDEW

1728 March 27th John son of John BARTER

1728 April 4th Nicholas DIMITT

1728 May 3rd Sarah PAINTER; widow

1728 May 19th Ann DAVIS

1728 June 1st John son of Isaac DANIEL

1728 June 4th Edith WARREN; widow

1728 June 8th Ann daughter of John HALLET

1728 June 12th A stranger from Salsbury

1728 June 30th Elizabeth wife of William BEDGOOD

1728 July 14th Margery wife of Richard MUNDEN

1728 July 28th John SEAMER; als THECHER

1728 August 11th James son of John EVANS

1728 August 27th Richard son of Thomas GIBBS

1728 September 4th Joseph BUGLER

1728 September 6th Leonard SEAMER; als THECHER

1728 September 8th Mary wife of Henry BARRET

1728 September 8th Anna daughter of John HALLET

1728 September 21st John HOSKINS

1728 September 22nd Ann WENSELOW

1728 September 27th Frances CHUB

1728 October 8th Joan BARTER; widow

1728 October 11th John HOSKINS

1728 October 25th Thomas RANDEL

1728 November 3rd Edith READ

1728 November 8th Ann wife of Edward HILL

1728 November 20th Hilery VILE

1728 November 24th Henry GEROD

1728 November 24th Ann wife of Edward WATTS

1728 December 1st Mary DOBLE

1728 December 8th Clement JAMES

1728 December 8th Thomas WEADON

1728 December 11th Hugh son of John HALLET

1728 December 15th Hugh FOOX

1728 December 16th Caleb SWOFEL

1728 December 20th Henry son of Henry CLARK

1728 December 25th Edward WATTS

1728 January 26th James son of James MAISH

1728 January 31st Katherine KEECH

1728 February 7th Martha COX; widow

1728 February 7th John son of John BRINSON

1728 February 14th Hannah wife of Arthur LUSH

1728 February 16th Elizabeth COX; widow

1728 February 16th Margaret daughter of John WAR

1728 March 19th Henry HARDY

1728 March 19th Elizabeth daughter of John MEECH

1728 March 21st Child of John NEWMAN

1728 March 21st A stranger

1729 April 6th William JAMES

1729 April 11th Ann wife of William HEARN

1729 April 18th Mary daughter of John BOZEY

1729 May 11th John WHITEHEAD

1729 May 11th Thomas HOARE

1729 June 6th Mary wife of John MUNDEN

1729 June 10th Mary HALLET; widow

1729 June 13th Mary daughter of Joseph SIMS

1729 July 6th Thomas CLARK

1729 July 25th Mary wife of John CAINS

1729 July 31st Mary wife of Daniel FOWLER

1729 August 13th Aurthur HEARN

1729 August 24th Mary daughter of James CAINS

1729 August 30th Elizabeth BESCOME; widow

1729 September 16th John HAKES

1729 September 21th Jean HOSPHERD; widow

1729 September 24th Mary wife of John CANTERBERRY

1729 September 28th Sarah BAYLEY

1729 October 5th Mary MARTHAS; widow

1729 October 22nd Mary wife of John BOZEY

1729 October 26th Margaret GERARD; widow

1729 October 29th John TUCK

1729 ? James READ

1729 Ann RODBERT

1729 Mary LOCK

1729 ? Mary wife of Samuel ?

1729 December 6th Mary MAISH

1729 December 10th Edward STODGEL

1729 December 19th Jean wife of Thomas BOYLAND

1729 December 21st John son of John HALLET

1729 December 25th William LANGRIESHE

1729 January 11th Sarah wife of Thomas MARTEN

1729 January 18th Edward son of John BARTER

1729 February 1st Elizabeth FORD

1729 February 2nd John son of Robert CHICK

1729 February 11th Ann STEPHENS; widow

1729 February 13th Robert CHUB

1729 March 3rd Ann NEWMAN; widow

1729 March 3rd Giles HITT; of Loscombe

1729 March 8th Joseph COX

1729 March 8th Catherine TUCK

1729 March 15th John son of Thomas ATKINS

1729 March 19th Barbera HARDY; widow

1729 March 22nd Joan FORD

1729 March 24h Alice MUNDEN

1730 April 24th Henry DONN

1730 May 5th Henry WILLMENT

1730 May 18th Susannah daughter of John HOSKINS

1730 May 17th Mary HOSKINS

1730 May 20th Elizabeth FOX

1730 June 21st Robert LEAKEY

1730 July 26th Eleanor COLLINS; widow

1730 August 1st Mary wife of Edward STODGEL

1730 August 1st Joseph LONG

1730 August 1st John DANIEL

1730 August 1st Hannah of Daniel FOWLER

1730 August 1st Solomon HARRIS

1730 August 10th John JESOP

1730 August 23rd William JEROD

1730 October 16th Samuel son of Samuel WARNER

1730 ? William son of Thomas GEROD

1730 ? James son of Ambrose LAWRENCE

1730 ? James DANIEL

1730 ? Mary daughter of William STAS

1730 October 8th Catherine HARDY

1730 October 18th Hannah daughter of Elizabeth COLE

1730 October 22nd James son of John HALLET

1730 October 25th William son of Richard HART

1730 October 29th Stranger

1730 December 9th Richard & John sons of Richard HART

1730 December 11th Samuel son of Thomas LARENCE

1730 December 16th Charles FRY

1730 December 16th Ann daughter of Thomas BRIANT

1730 December 18th Sarah daughter of John JEROD

1730 December 27th Elizabeth wife of Robert BUGLER

1730 December 30th John WENLEY?

1730 January 4th Bona daughter of Mr. WEAKLE

1730 January 5th Henry son of Henry GUDGE

1730 January 5th John son of John BARTER

1730 January 5th Mary daughter of James HALLET

1730 January 8th Elizabeth daughter of John CAPEN

1730 January 8th Elias son of Elias WELMAN

1730 January 12th William BUGLER

1730 January 17th Oliver son of Thomas BRIANT

1730 January 23rd William son of William HOAR

1730 January 23rd William son of William GOLLOP

1730 January 23rd Hannah daughter of John GERARD

1730 January 24th Elizabeth wife of Thomas STACEY

1730 January 27th Agnes daughter of Henry GUDGE

1730 January 28th Pennel son of Edward HITT

1730 January 29th Madhame Ann STRODE

1730 January 31st Ann daughter of John BUGLER

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