Church Warden Accounts 1735 - 1736

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


An Acct. of such monies as have been expended or disbursed for the year 1735 by us R. MERRIFIELD John EWENS Church Wardens

May 12th Paid William LONG for an hedge-hog   £0-0-2
May 15th Paid George CURTIS for a fox   £0-1-0
May 28th   John COX for a badger   £0-1-0
May 29th Gave the ringers         £0-2-6
June 10th Paid at the vestry to William SANDERS for drawing 3 plans  
      and other troubles about the gallerys & Henry  
      CLARK for his pains abt. the same   £0-15-0
July 24th Paid John CLARK also abt. the same   £0-5-0
July 28th   Susan RUSSELL for a polecat   £0-0-4
August 4th   James HOSKINS for a badger   £0-1-0
November 5th Gave the ringers         £0-5-0
November 6th Paid George EVELEIGH for erecting the Gallery taking the  
      old & adding new materials     £48-5-0
    Paid him also for the higher & lower of the six  
      pillars in the North side 2s. each   £0-4-0
November 15th   Thomas ISAAC for a polecat   £0-0-4
November 27th   Mary AYLING for a polecat   £0-0-4
November 28th Paid for new ?ing the church pickaxe   £0-1-4
    Paid the clerk for oil for the clock & chimes   £0-2-0
      Will. MIHILL for a polecat   £0-0-4
      Will. PAUL for a badger   £0-1-0
December 23rd   John DIBBS for a polecat   £0-0-4
December 26th   John COX for a badger   £0-1-0
January 20th   John TUCKER for a badger   £0-1-0
January 24th   James BERRIMAN for wine for the comunion £1-2-6
January 29th   John BRINSON for 26s. Feet of pavemt. at 5d. O? £5-19-7
      George NOSSITER for sweeping and carrying the  
      rubbish out of the church     £0-8-0
February 28th Paid NEWMAN, RODBERT and their assistants for  
      mounting the great Bell, fastening the Gudgeons and  
      making Pully-blocks for that purpose   £0-7-6
March 13th   John BAGG for a badger   £0-1-0
March 18th   A common prayer book       £0-16-2
April 3rd Paid Ralph CLOUD in discharge of his bill   £1-0-0
April 4th   A register book       £2-12-6
April 4th   The Clerk's annual salary     £5-0-0
April 8th   A new bell rope & bib? ?1/2 at 5d     £0-3-1
April 10th   James GALE for a hedge-hog   £0-0-2
April 22nd   John BOZIE's bill for glazing the windows and soldering  
      the leads of the church       £2-14-4


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