1859 Post Office Directory

Transcribed by Deborah Mitchell


BARTER Mr. Joseph


BOUCHER Richard Jas. Esq. Brook Lodge


CHAPMAN Mr. Thomas

CLIFT Mr. William

CODD Rev. Alfred, B.A. [incumbent]

COX George, esq

COX Mrs. Elizabeth

COX Samuel, esq. J.P. [deputy lieutenant of the county]



DOWDESWELL Mr. John Palmer



FOX Charles, esq

FOX Edward, esq


FURMEDGE John, esq. Manor farm, Langdon

GARDINER Mr. William

GILBERT Joachim, esq


GUNDRY Miss Fanny

GUY Mrs. Susannah




KEDDLE Samuel S. esq. M.D. the Elms

KEDDLE Shering, esq. Hatchlands


MARSH Mr. Joseph

OGLANDER Sir Henry, bart. Parnham ho

PEACH Mrs. Elizabeth


SERRES Rev. Wyndham Scott [curate]


SYMES Mr. Robert

SYMONDS John, esq



AKERMAN Daniel, farmer, Northfield

ALLEN Edwin, hairdresser

ALLEN William, shoemaker

ANDRESS William, cooper & butter agent

APPLIN Thomas Henry, tailor

BAGG Thos., painter & glazier & beer retlr

BARRATT John, butcher & cattle dealer

BARTLETT James, fellmonger, beer retailer & marine store dealer

BEAMENT William, carpenter

BOON James, carpenter

BOWDITCH Oliver James, currier & leather cutter

BOWDITCH John, farmer, Shatcombe

BOWDITCH Thomas, cabinet maker & beer retailer

BRAGG John, carpenter

BRINSON Benjamin, manufacturer of plain & ornamental tile & ridge crease, chimney pots, seakale, rhubarb & flower pots, glazed socket pipe, double & single junctions, heads & elbows, watercloset traps, pans & syphons, brewer & beer retailer

BRINSON John, hatter & dyer

BROOKS William, tailor

BROSTER Richard William, surgeon

BUGLER Abel, artist

BUGLER John, butcher

BUGLER Richard, boot & shoe maker

BUGLER Robert, shopkeeper, wheelwright & machine maker

CANTERBURY Charles, tinman & brazier

CHAMBERS William & Robert, masons

CHARD David, wheelwright & farmer

CHICK John, builder

CLARE Chas., hairdresser & general dealer

CLARE Thomas, fellmonger

COOMBS Charles, draper & flax spinner

COOMBS Charles, millwright & timber merchant

COOMBS Edwin, printer, bookseller, stationer & stamp distributor

COOMBS John, butcher

COOMBS Thomas, farmer

COX Elizabeth (Mrs.), schoolmistress

COX George, clerk to the board of guardians

COX Henry, schoolmaster

COX John, baker

COX John, farmer

COX Peter, solicitor

COX William, tailor

CRABB John, carrier to Bridport

DABINETT Mary (Mrs.), grocer & beer retlr

DANIEL William James, surgeon

Dorchester & Dorsetshire Branch Bank (Robert KNIGHT, manager)

DOWNE Joseph Hine, tailor

DUNN Jonathan, limeburner, Cherry cot.

DUNN Richard, currier

EDWARDS Charles, baker & confectioner

ELLIOTT Walter, grocer, corn, seed & provision merchant

ELLIOTT William, farmer, Buckham

FLOOD John, manager of gasworks

FOSS John, White Hart commercial hotel & posting house, & inland revenue office

FOX Baruch, solicitor & clerk to magistrates

FRAMPTON Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper

FRAMPTON Giles, farmer, butcher & cattle dealer, Whitcombe

FROOME William, butcher

GALE Daniel, mason & sexton

GALE Henry, currier

GALE John, mason

GALPIN Harriott (Mrs.) & Henry, bakers & confectioners

GALPIN Henry, grocer & baker

GALPIN Permenas, ironmonger

GALPIN Samuel, beer retailer

GENGE William (Mrs.), farmer

GIBBS Thomas, shoemaker

GILL George, grocer, china & glass dealer & beer retailer

GUBBINS John, upholsterer &cabinet ma[ker]

GUY James, butcher

GUY Thomas, farmer, Storridge

HALLETT John, shopkeeper & beer retailer

HALLETT Rd. Drake, stationer & watchma[ker]

HALLETT William, depot of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge

HANN David, builder, cabinet maker & paper & bellhanger

HANN Louisa Maria (Miss), milliner & dressmaker

HELLIER Charles, farmer

HINE Rd. & Son, chemists & grocers

HINE Philip, wine merchant

HOARE Richard, wheelwright, Meerhay

HOLLOWAY Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retlr

HOLT George, shoemaker & beer retailer

HOOPER Edwin, beer retailer

HULL Thomas, blacksmith

HUNT James, brass & iron founder

KEDDLE Shering, solicitor, & commissioner for taking affidavits in the three courts of law

KEECH David, marble & stone mason, & gravestone cutter

KIDDLE Elizh. (Mrs.), milliner & postmistrs

KNIGHT Thomas, tailor

LAKE Charles, baker

LAKE Edward, yeoman, Knowle farm

LARCOMBE Samuel, tailor

LATY Edward, watch & clock maker

LAW William Thomas, New inn

LAWRENCE Henry, yeoman

LEGG Charles, baker

LEGG Edward, farmer, Combe down

LIDDEN Henry, shopkeeper

LONG William, baker

MARSH John, hairdresser & greengrocer

MARSH John, yeoman, Chantry

MARSH Jsph. Upholsterer & paperhanger

MEECH Henry, shoemaker & dyer

MEECH Sarah (Mrs.), grocer & beer retailer

MILLER Samuel, assistant overseer & waywarden

MILVERTON Wilhelmina (Miss), shopkpr

MOORE Henry, boot & shoe maker

NEWMAN Thomas, brazier, plumber &c

NEWMAN Charles, farmer, Willow wood

NORTHAM John, boot & shoe maker

NOSSITER Francis, shoemaker

OLIVER Daniel, tinplate worker & gen. dlr

OLIVER Thomas, Greyhound, & carpenter & shopkeeper

OLIVER William, tailor

PARK Thomas, timber merchant

PAUL Henry, farmer

PAUL Samuel, boot & shoe maker

PAYNE Keturah (Mrs.), marble mason

PEARCE Joseph, beer retailer

PINE Thomas, tea, provision & corn dlr

PODGER Charles, miller, Buckham mill

PURCHASE William, Swan inn

RAPSEY Jesse, shopkeeper

RENDELL George, Crown

RENDLE Daniel, plumber & glazier

RENDLE James, smith & farrier

ROSE Thomas, tailor

RUSSELL Thomas, solicitor, & clerk to commissioners of taxes

SHERRING Ann (Miss), dressmaker

SHERRING Henry James, painter & glazr

SHERRING William, auctioneer, appraiser & printer

SHINER James, wheelwright

SHORT William, farmer

SIMS Eli, farmer, Buckham

SLADE Edwin, hatter, & registrar of births & deaths

SQUIRE George, Red Lion commercial hotel & posting house

STEMBRIDGE Jeremiah, saddler & harness maker

STEMBRIDGE Sophia (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker & milliner

STEPHENS John Cox, tailor

STEVENS Charles, shopkeeper & beer retlr

STICKLAND Wm. & Jas. farmers, Axnoller

STOODLEY George John, shoemaker

SWAFFIELD George, basket maker

SWAFFIELD John, farmer, Chantry

SWATRIDGE Richard, grocer, baker, corn dealer, maltster & miller

SYMES Misses, seminary

TOLEMAN Anthony & Edward, ironmongers, plumbers & painters

TRASK William, farmer, Marsh

TUCKER George, carrier

TUCKER William Fooks, butcher

VIRGENT Henry, draper

WAKLEY Henry, farmer, Burgroves

WAKLEY John, farmer, Lower Meerhay

WARR Mary Ann (Miss), young ladies' schl

WARR Richard, auctioneer, appraiser, surveyor, undertaker, & agent to the County fire & Provident life & Norfolk Farmers' Cattle insurance society's offices, & agent to Dorchester & County of Dorset building society

WATTS William, blacksmith, Beaminster bottom

WEAVER Henry, blacksmith

WEBB John Staines, surgeon

WHITTY George, farmer, Higher Meerhay

WHITTY William, farmer, Chapel marsh

WILLIAMS John Cox, draper

WILLIAMS Robert & Herbert, bankers (Dorchester & Dorsetshire branch bank)

WINTER John, boot & shoe maker

WISE Edward, inland revenue officer

WOODBURY Robert, shopkeeper

WOOLMINGTON Hy. farmer, Axnoller farm

WORAM John Sweetland, saddler & harness maker


Mrs. Elizabeth KIDDLE, postmistress. Mail arrives from Bridport at 7.30, delivery at 8 a.m. Box closes at 4.30 p.m. for Taunton, & 5.45 p.m. for London. Money orders are granted & paid at this office.


R. & H. WILLIAMS (branch bank), (Robert KNIGHT, manager); draw on Williams, Deacon & Co. London

Savings Bank, Richard HINE, manager


Anchor, William SHERRING, Church street

Atlas Fire, Walter ELLIOTT

Clerical Life & Accidental Death, Robert KNIGHT

County Fire & Provident Life, Richard WARR

Life Association of Scotland, C. LEGG

Liverpool & London Fire & Life, Permenas GALPIN, & William SHERRING

Medical, Invalid & General, Samuel SPINK

Minerva Life, Frederick GOOD

Norfolk Farmers' Cattle, Richard WARR

Professional Life, Edwin COOMBS

Royal Exchange Fire & Life, Richard HINE

Royal Fire & Life, David HANN

Travellers & Marine Accidental Death, Robert KNIGHT

Unity Fire & Life, John CHICK

West of England Fire & Life, George COX


Stamp Office, Edwin COOMBS, stamp distributor

Union Workhouse, John WILLIAMS, master; Mrs. Ann WILLIAMS, matron; Rev. Charles J. Pratt FORSTER, B.A. Chaplain

Gasworks, John FLOOD

Police Station, Patrick William MacHALE, superintendent

Reading Room,


Clerk to Guardians, George COX

Clerk to Magistrates, B. FOX

Registrar of Births & Deaths, Edwin SLADE, Church st

Supervisor of Inland Revenue, William LUKE; Edward WISE, officer


Established Church, Rev. Alfred CODD, B.A. Incumbent; Rev. W. S. SERRES, curate

Independent Chapel, Rev. A. BISHOP, minister

Wesleyan Chapel, ministers various


National (girls), Miss Ellen VINEY, mistress; Miss J.E. HANN, pupil teacher

Tucker's Charity, Henry OXER, master


White Hart, John FOSS

Red Lion, George SQUIRE


BRIDPORT – Job CRABB, daily, sundays excepted, returning every day

YEOVIL – George TUCKER, tuesday & friday, & returns same day