Removal Orders to Beaminster Overseers of the Poor

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


Date; Surname; forename; Other family; Place of Settlement

1698 May 24th; PRESSLEY, John; wife & two children; from Allington

1698 August 24th; BARBER, John; from Broadwinsor

1710 October 11th; LACK, Ann, widow; Ann & John her children; from Netherbury

1716/17 March 13th; ALLEN, Susanah; wife of John, weaver; from Temple, Bristol

1720 May 12th; DONNE, Richard, labourer; from Broadwinsor

1729 November 4th; ABBOTT, Catherine, single woman; from Dorchester, Holy Trinity

1735 November 14th; GIBBS, William, weaver; Sarah his wife & William their son; from Whitchurch Cannonicorum

1836/7 February 2nd; GALE, Mary wife of Robert, cordwainer; & Mary her child ; from Evershot

1740 December 24th; KEETCH, William; from Northwood, Isle of Wight

1740/1 January 17th; CLERK, John; from St. James, Taunton

1743 April 12th; DAINLY, Susan widow of William; & Mary, John, William, Sarah & Betty their children; from Froome Selwood, Somerset

1750 June 26th; HALLETT, John; Sarah his wife; from Worle, Somerset

1752 December 11th; HORE, Abraham; from Milborne Port Somerset

1753 March 19th; MATTHEWS, Joseph; Martha his wife,John, Joseph & Mary their children; from Lyme Regis

1753 April 21st; RANDAL, William; Rebecca his wife, Mary, John, Thomas & William their children; from Mapperton

1757 June 8th; JERRARD, John; Elizabeth his wife, Stephen, Ann, Hannah,Arthur,Mary & Martha their children; from Stoke Abbot

1757 July 5th; DEAN, Mary; from Axminster, Devon

1757 July 23rd; CAPON, Hugh; John & Henry his children; from Milton Abbas

1757 October 25th; GUNDY, Benjamin, sergeweaver; Sarah his wife, Sarah & Mary their daughters; from St. Philip & Jacob Gloucester

1758 April 22nd; BARRETT, Thamor, widow; from South Petherton, Somerset

1759 May 5th; CLARE, Deance, singlewoman; from Stoke Abbas

1761 May 2nd; GALE, Robert; Mary his wife, Sarah & John their children; from Evershot

1761 July 20th; KEECH, Christian, singlewoman; from Milborne Port Somerset

1762 October 18th; SYMES, Betty, widow; Susanna her daughter; from Netherbury

1763 January 20th; GERRARD, John, cordwainer; Ann his wife, John, James & Ann his children; from St. Thomas the Apostle Exeter

1766 May 5th; RUSSELL, Edward; Alice his wife, Ann & Celina their children; from Corscombe

no date; GERRARD, Thomas; from St. Giles in the Fields Middlesex

1770 February 19th; GALE, Sarah, spinster; from Powerstock

1770 March 3rd; HERNE, William; Martha his wife, John & William their sons; from Axminster, Devon

1770 March 31st; DEANE, Mary wife of Thomas; from Axminster, Devon

1772 November 7th; BURBIGE, Peter, the younger; Susannah his wife; from Cerne Abbas

1772 December 28th; BURBAGE, Peter; Bride his wife; from Yeovil

1774 February 7th; BAILEY, Jane, spinster; from Stoke Abbas

1774 February 7th; EASEMENT, Abel, labourer; from Corscombe

1777 June 14th; ALLEN, Charity; from Sherborne

1777 October 25th; COLE, Ann, widow; from Powerstock

1778 December 8th; BAG, Jenny; from Haselmere, Surrey

1779 October 6th; CHALKER, Mary wife of Thomas, mariner; William their son; from St. John, Bristol

1780 June 24th; STAYNER, Mary, singlewoman; from Woolcombe Matravers, Melbury Bubb

1780 August 16th; GILLINGHAM, Mary, spinster; from Corscombe

1781 July 30th; CRABB, Susanna wife of William; Philip & Thomas her children; from St. Mary Magdelen, Bermondsey, Surrey

1782 January 21st; GERRARD, John; from Axminster, Devon

1782 July 18th; FOWLER, Mary wife of John; Betty their daughter; from Yeovil

1782 December 9th; CASLAKE, James; from North Poorton

1783 July 17th; HOSKINS, Elizabeth; from Bridport

1783 November 6th; WILD, Susanna wife of George; Henry, George & Charles her children; from St. Giles in the Fields Middlesex

1784 January 5th; COX, Hannah, spinster; from Dalwood

1784 July 7th; IRELAND, Joseph; Mary his wife, James, William & Mary their children; from Bampton, Devon

1784 September 22nd; MEDWAY, Hannah widow of Robert; Robert & Elizabeth their children; from Bridport

1784 December 9th; HALLETT, Daniel; from St. James, Poole

1785 January 3rd; ORCHARD, Jane, wife of William; Elias, James & Elizabeth their children; from Netherbury

1785 December 10th; BAILEY, Ann, widow; Sarah, John, Betty, Robert & Mary her children; from Coombe St. Nicholas, Somerset

1787 August 27th; JAMES, Thomas; from St. Andrew's, Plymouth, Devon

1787 October 27th; POMEROY, James, labourer; from St. Petrock, Exeter

1787 November 24th; CLARKE, William; from Kensington, Middlesex

1788 February 4th; KENDALL, William; from Symondsbury

1788 September 24th; CLARE, Robert; from Tiverton, Devon

1789 January 3rd; HOSKINS, Elias; from St. Mary, Woolwich, London

1789 August 31st; BAGG, Mary; from St. Mary, Lambeth

1790 March 29th; HILL, Bridget, wife of Daniel; Elizabeth & William their children

1790 April 17th; CONSTABLE, Jenny,wife of William; from Heston, Middlesex

1790 October 28th; CHALKER, Daniel, cordwainer; from Melcombe Regis

1790 November 2nd; MILLS, Catherine, single woman; from Bridport

1791 January 15th; BEGGS, Mary; from St. Giles in the Fields Middlesex

1791 February 26th; DUNFORD, John; Susanna, his wife & John their son; from Toller Porcorum

1791 May 2nd; RUSSELL, Edward; Mary his wife; from Hook

1791 December 5th; MEECH, Henry; Sarah his wife; from Netherbury

1792 March 5th; PATTEN, James, labourer; from Powerstock

1792 June 12th; MATTHEWS, James; Elizabeth his wife; from Lyme Regis

1792 July 10th; JAMES, Thomas; from Stoke Damerall, Devon

1792 October 20th; HODGES, Avice, singlewoman; from Melbury Abbas

1795 December 19th; PAUL, Samuel; Mary his wife, John, Thomas, Henry & Sarah their children; from Crewkerne

1800 April 28th; BISGOOD alias COOKE, Samuel; Dinah his wife, Betty & Samuel their children; from Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset

1800 June 4th; HOSKINS, Thomas; Elizabeth his wife; from Honiton, Devon

1801 December 4th; LANE, Marem?; wife of Edward,Mary & Abigail her children; from Dover, Kent

1803 February 11th; PAUL, Robert, weaver; Susannah his wife, Elizabeth, Robert & John their children; from St. James Poole

1809 December 21st; PAUL, Robert, weaver; Ann & George his children by his late wife Susannah, with Mary his present wife & James & Thomas their children; from St. James Poole

1810 February 22nd; GALE, Mary, singlewoman; from Bridport

1810 June 25th; NEWMAN, Martha widow of John, weaver; John & Thomas their children; from St. James Poole

1811 October 9th; HALLETT, Elizabeth, widow; from Holy Trinity, Dorchester

1811 December 16th; CLARKE, Ann, singlewoman; from Bridport

1812 March 4th; JERRARD otherwise CLARKE, Samuel; Rebecca his wife & William their son; from Bridport

1812 May 2nd; PAUL, Mary wife of Robert; Thomas & an unnamed son her children; from Bridport

1812 October 5th; MILLS, Rebecca, singlewoman; from Netherbury

1812 October 13th; COURLAND, Susanna, singlewoman; from Symondsbury

1812 November 2nd; READ, Elizabeth, singlewoman; from Symondsbury

1812 November 2nd; HALLETT, Mary, singlewoman; from Allington

1813 September 28th; RODBARD, Mary wife of John, private in the Plymouth Marines; George their son; from Ilminster

1814 April 30th; CLEAL, Joan, singlewoman; from Litton Cheney

1814 August 1st; PAUL, Robert, the younger, labourer; Mary his wife, James & Thomas their children; from Allington

1814 August 3rd; MARSH, William, bleacher; Peggy his wife, Hannah & Martha their children; from Grundisburgh, Suffolk

1814 October 13th; CLARE, Robert, sailmaker; from St. James Poole

1814 November 7th; MARSH, Edith, singlewoman; from Netherbury

1814 December 17th; NILE, Martha, widow; John, Sarah, William & Maria her children; from Melcombe Regis

1815 January 21st; DURNFORD, Susan widow of John; Sarah,William, James,Thomas, Susan, Jacob & George their children; from Toller Fratrum

1815 February 13th; CLARKE, Ann, singlewoman; from Bridport

1815 August 26th; HOSKINS, Elizabeth; from Honiton, Devon

1815 June 28th; PAUL, Elizabeth; child; from St. Andrew's, Plymouth, Devon

1816 July 4th; GALE, James, labourer; from Netherbury

1817 February 3rd; SPURDLE, Sophia, singlewoman; from Mosterton

1817 February 11th; LONG, Ann, spinster; from Allington

1817 April 3rd; KEECH, Benjamin; Jane his wife & John their son; from Bridport

1817 June 5th; HASKINGS, William; Betty his wife, Sarah, Mary & Jane their children; from St Andrew's Plymouth

1817 June 25th; BOONE, John; Hannah his wife; from Winsham

1818 February 7th; COX, Rebecca, wife of John; Mary, Maria & Sarah their children; from Pilsdon

1818 March 21st; BARTLETT, John; from Bere Regis

1818 May 26th; HIX, Robert; Elizabeth his wife, Mary Ann, William,& Robert their children; from Cerne Abbas

1818 July 18th; CLEAL, Joan, singlewoman; Joseph her son; from Litton Cheney

1819 January 27th; HOLLAND, George; Elizabeth his wife, Mary, Eleanor, Elizabeth & George their children; from Crewkerne

1819 February 26th; CRABB, Thomas; from Alverstoke Southampton

1819 March 27th; ALLEN, William; Charlotte his wife & Elizabeth their daughter; from Yetminster

1819 June 26th; GENGE, Grace; from Morley, Devon

1819 August 25th; KERSLAKE, James; Hester his wife, William, Ann & Mary their children; from Ilminster

1820 January 15th; ROWE, Joseph; Grace his wife, Mary, Henry & Louisa their children; from Halstock

1820 June 5th; FURMEDGE, Dinah singlewoman; from Netherbury

1821 January 3rd; ALLEN, Mary; from St. Edmund, New Sarum, wilts

1821 February 10th; DAWE, John; Mary his wife, John & Richard their sons; from Frampton

1821 August 6th; STAPLE, Samuel; from Marshwood

1821 September 26th; JERRARD alias CLARKE, Samuel; Rebecca his wife, William, Charles & Hannah their children; from Bridport

1822 February 8th; CLARE, Robert & Elizabeth; children of John & Ann his wife; from Bridport

1822 December 31st; PAYNE, William; Elizabeth his wife, John, William, Esther, James & George their children; from St. Mary Major, Exeter

1823 August 13th; GEAR, John, labourer; Martha his wife & Elias their son; from Cattistock

1824 February 2nd; BIDGOOD, Elizabeth, singlewoman; from North Poorton

1824 July 5th; LEGG, Benjamin; Martha his wife, Ann & Harriet their daughters; from Allington

1825 July 6th; WHEADON, William; Elizabeth his wife & James their son; from Closeworth, Somerset

1826 January 2nd; BROWN, John; Priscilla his wife; from East Brent, Somerset

1826 April 15th; CASE, Hester, widow of John; Nathaniel, Emmanuel, Eliza, Esau, Caroline, John & Isaac their children; from Chilfrome

1827 January 15th; BARTLETT, Mary, widow; from Broadwinsor

1827 January 17th; CRABB, Elizabeth, singlewoman; from Melcombe Regis

1827 February 13th; RODBAND, John; Sarah his wife; from Chapelry of Weymouth

1827 August 30th; POMEROY, Thomas, tanner; Sarah his wife, Edward, William, Susanna & Charlotte their children; from St. Andrew's, Plymouth, Devon

1827 October 24th; STAPLE, Edmund; from Stoke Abbot

1827 November 6th; HOARE, William, wheelwright; from St. Mary, Newmarket, Suffolk

1828 April 8th; PAYNE, William; Hester & James his children by his deceased wife Elizabeth, with Amelia his present wife & Priscilla their daughter; from Chard, Somerset

1828 July 28th; PAYNE, Priscilla & Alfred; children of William,mason, late of Chard; from Bridport

1828 July 31st; CLARE, John; Ann his wife Robert, Eliza, John & George their children; from Bridport

1829 April 1st; TRAVERS, John, labourer; Grace his wife, Sarah & William their children; from Alton Pancras

1829 May 4th; FRAMPTON, Elizabeth, singlewoman; from Mapperton

1829 November 21st; WHEELER, Richard, labourer; Elizabeth his wife, William, Joseph, Susan, Lavinia & John their children; from Wareham

1830 March 22nd; GEAR, Joseph; Hannah his wife William, Richard, Mary, John & Maria their children; from Powerstock

1830 August 23rd; BARTLETT, Jeremiah; Jane his wife & Samuel their son ; from Corscombe

1830 September 22nd; LONG, Jane, singlewoman; from Bridport

1830 October 18th; STAPLE, Samuel; Sarah his wife & Ann their daughter; from Stoke Abbot

1830 December 27th; WALDREN, Anne, singlewoman; from Stoke Abbot

1831 March 21st; HANN, Daniel; Mary his wife, Elizabeth, Eliza, Charles & an unnamed infant their children; from Netherbury

1831 July 11th; KEETCH, Martha; from Chard, Somerset

1831 July 27th; MEAD, Samuel; Susanna his wife; from Crewkerne

1831 September 19th; TERRELL, William; Elizabeth his wife, Susan & Thomas their children; from Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset

1831 October 24th; STOCKER, Mary, singlewoman; from Lyme Regis

1832 January 9th; KEECH, Elizabeth; from Bridport

1832 June 30th; CRABB, Sarah, widow; Elizabeth & George her children; from Wyke Regis

1832 September 24th; HUNT, David; from Mosterton

1832 October 23rd; QUARRELL, William; Jane his wife Sarah & Samuel their children; from Bridport

1832 December 3rd; STAPLE, Harriet, singlewoman; from Stoke Abbot

1832 December 17th; LOVERIDGE, George; from Netherbury

1833 January 1st; APLIN, Henrietta, singlewoman; from Broadwinsor

1833 February 27th; ROSE, Samuel; Sarah his wife, Sarah & Ann their children; from Mosterton

1833 September 16th; CLARKE, Joanna, singlewoman; from Burton Bradstock

1833 December 14th; WARD, Charlotte wife of Robert; Henry her child; from Chettle

1834 February 20th; NILE, Mary wife of John; Mary Anne, Maria, Elizabeth & John Henry their children; from Melcombe Regis

1834 April 28th; HUNT, Harriet, singlewoman; from Mosterton

1834 September 1st; MILLS, Catherine wife of Henry; Catherine, Mathilda, Richard & William their children; from Penzance, Cornwall

1835 January 30th; CRABB, Elizabeth, singlewoman; from Chapelry of Weymouth

1835 March 9th; PAUL, George; Mary his wife, Amelia, William, Mellenear & Isabella their children; from Hinton St. George, Somerset

1843 April 17th; MILLS, Catherine, single woman; from St. John in the borough of Winchester, Hamps

1844 January 30th; PEACH, John; Sarah his wife, William, Phoebe, Anna & Elizabeth their children; from Millbrook, Southampton

1845 March 18th; SIMS, Martha, widow of William; from St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex


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