Bere Regis

1871 Land Owners & 1807 Poll Book

The 1871 Land Owners survey listed all those persons resident in Bere Regis who owned more than 1 acre of land. The land may or
may not be within the parish. This does not indicate persons who owned land in the parish but were resident outside of it.
Name Residence Gross Estimated Rent p.a.
Mrs Branscombe Bere Regis 46,10,0
Charles Besent Bere Regis 43,13, 0
Charity Trustees of Williams Bere Regis 20, 0, 0
Mrs Egginton Bere Regis 4766,18, 0
John Henning Bere Regis 35, 1, 0
Elizabeth Spear Bere Regis 30, 11, 0
Rev Francis Warre Bere Regis 52, 1, 0
John Wheannell Bere Regis 23, 15, 0

Listed below are all those who appear in the Dorset Poll Book for 1807 as either residing in Bere Regis or owning freehold property there.

Freeholders Name Residence Situation of Freehold Occupiers Name Page
BELLOWS Samuel Bere Regis Blandford NIPPARD Sus. 001
GOULD N. Esq Milborne Stile. Bere Regis   002
JOYCE Reuben Esq Noyle Ho. Wilts Bere Regis SPEAR Thomas 002
MARS Nathaniel B. Bere Regis Can Cum Melbury TUCKER Thomas 068
RAWLES William Bere Regis Bere Regis   002
SPEAR Robert Bere Regis Bere Regis   002