Bere Regis

Photographs Alex Roth & Sarah Rowles

We hope you enjoy these photographs, further contributions of photographs of the church, memorial stones,
villages, hamlets, farms, old buildings, landscapes or previous residents of the parish are always welcome.

An old postcard showing the church of St John circa 1930 showing the war memorial erected after WW1

The church as it is today taken from the same place

Another postcard with a view towards the village, circa 1930

A view towards Woodbury Hill

Looking towards Hollow Oak from Dodding Farm

The hamlet of Shitterton the the west side of Bere Regis

This extract from an old Bartholmew's map shows Bere Regis, with Shitterton to the west and Woodbury Hill to the east. Hollow Oak is south of the village. The A35  Dorchester to Poole road runs across the map and through the village.

There are further historical pictures of Bere Regis at this web site