Bere Regis

Photographs by Justin Standfield

Bere Regis from Woodbury Hill

Bere Regis Church, St John the Baptist

Bere Regis church

Bere Regis church

Fire hooks in the church porch - these date from c1600
& were originally on long poles for hooking burning
thatch off nearby houses in the event of a fire

Church interior

Church interior

Carved wooden roof inside Bere Regis church

The chancel east window with 15th century top

The chancel east window with 19th century top

The north aisle 15th century north windows

The south aisle 19th centruy east window

Left: Bere Regis church acquired this funeral bier in 1898; it is still in the church today (from 1881, all burials were in the cemetary across the other side of the village so this would have been needed to assist the pall bearers)