1861 Census - RG9/1348

Transcribed by Maureen Branson


Superintendant Registrar's District: Weymouth
Enumeration District, No.: 1
Registrar's Sub-District: Upwey
Name of Enumerator, Mr.: Richard Groves

Description of Enumeration District: The whole of the Parish of Bincombe, including Bincombe Village, Bincombe East Farm, Bincombe West Farm, Bincombe Down and Common. Part of Ridgeway Hamlet Comprising the Royal Oak and cottages to the North East as far as Mayo's Corner and the New Road leading up Ridgeway Hill


Sch; Location; Name; Relationship; M.status; Age; Occupation; Born; Notes; Ref

170; Bincombe Common; George WARREN; head; M; 62; Dairyman; Glanville Wootton; Folio18page29

Elizabeth WARREN; wife; M; 45; Dairywoman; Bishop's Caundle; Folio18page29

Sarah WARREN; dau; U; 20; Glanville Wootton; Folio18page29

Benjamin WARREN; son; 15; scholar; Bishop's Caundle; Folio18page29

Emma T WARREN; dau; 8; scholar; Piddletown; Folio18page29

Sidney T WARREN; son; 6; scholar; Piddletown; Folio18page29

Percival WARREN; son; 3; Bincombe; Folio18page29

171; East Farm House; William READ; head; M; 58; Farmer of 400 acres employing 8 men & boys; Upwey; Folio18page29

Elizabeth READ; wife; M; 44; Bohmston; Folio18page29

Catherine J READ; dau; 15; Bincombe; Folio18page29

William J P READ; son; 12; scholar; Bincombe; Folio18page29

Sarah READ; dau; 12; scholar; Bincombe; Folio18page29

Jane READ; sister; U; 76; Servant; Upwey; Folio18page29

Eliza VOSS; visitor; U; 30; Dressmaker; Bockhampton; Folio18page29

Mary A VINCENT; servant; U; 19; House servant; Dorchester; Folio18page29

172; Bincombe Village; Mary LOVELESS; head; W; 72; Schoolmistress; Shatcome; Folio18page29

173; Bincombe Village; Thomas THORNE; head; M; 70; Pauper formerly Stone Quarryman; Bincombe; Folio18page29

Mary THORNE; wife; M; 68; Portesham; Folio18page29

Charles THORNE; son; U; 28; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio18page29

174; Bincombe Village; William LOVELESS; head; M; 43; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio18page29

Ann LOVELESS; wife; M; 39; Netherbury; Folio18page29

Mary A LOVELESS; dau; 15; scholar; Bincombe; Folio18page29

Sarah E LOVELESS; dau; 11; scholar; Bincombe; Folio18page29

John R W LOVELESS; son; 8; scholar; Bincombe; Folio18page29

175; James BURT; lodger; U; 21; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio18page29

176; Bincombe Village; Henry MUNDON; head; M; 57; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio18page30

Ann MUNDON; wife; M; 62; Ag lab; Litton; Folio18page30

Jane MUNDON; dau; U; 36; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio18page30

177; Bincombe Village; Martha PALMER; head; W; 61; Formerly Ag lab's wife; Long Bredy; Folio18page30

178; Bincombe Village; Leah TOMS; head; W; 80; Formerly Ag lab's wife; Sydling; Folio18page30

179; Bincombe Village; James SYMES; head; M; 29; Ag lab; Litton; Folio18page30

Jane SYMES; wife; M; 26; Portesham; Folio18page30

Harriet P SYMES; dau; 11m; Bincombe; Folio18page30

180; Bincombe Village; William DEFFEY; head; M; 19; Ag lab; Warmwell; Folio18page30

Elizabeth DEFFEY; wife; M; 19; Piddlehinton; Folio18page30

Hannah DEFFEY; dau; 1; Bincombe; Folio18page30

181; Thomas CROSS; head; M; 40; Ag lab; Burleston; Folio18page30

Eliza CROSS; wife; M; 43; Ag lab; Steepleton; Folio18page30

Tom CROSS; son; 15; Ag lab; Piddletrenthide; Folio18page30

James CROSS; son; 12; Ag lab; Piddletrenthide; Folio18page30

Silas CROSS; son; 7; scholar; Adminstone; Folio18page30

Isaac CROSS; son; 2; scholar; Bincombe; Folio18page30

182; Bincombe Village; George CHEESEMAN; head; M; 40; Ag lab; Hilton; Folio18page30

Mellicent CHEESEMAN; wife; M; 39; Ag lab; Bradford; Folio18page30

Anna CHEESEMAN; dau; 18; Ag lab; Burleston; Folio18page30

Celia CHEESEMAN; dau; 16; Ag lab; Dorchester; Folio18page30

Jonathan CHEESEMAN; son; 13; Ag lab; Piddletown; Folio18page30

Arthur CHEESEMAN; son; 6; scholar; Bincombe; Folio18page30

Mellicent CHEESEMAN; dau; 2; scholar; Bincombe; Folio18page30

183; Bincombe Village; William CHRISTOPHER; head; M; 48; Ag lab; Upwey; Folio19page31

Catherine CHRISTOPHER; wife; M; 49; Broadmayne; Folio19page31

John CHRISTOPHER; son; 15; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio19page31

Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER; dau; 12; scholar; Bincombe; Folio19page31

Mary CHRISTOPHER; dau; 10; scholar; Bincombe; Folio19page31

184; Bincombe Village; Levi THORNE; head; M; 42; Lime Burner; Bincombe; Folio19page31

Rebecca THORNE; wife; M; 39; Laundress; Upwey; Folio19page31

Betty L WARLAND; visitor; 9; scholar; Weymouth; Folio19page31

185; Bincombe Village; Robert PASHEN; head; M; 32; Carpenter Journeyman; Bincombe; Folio19page31

Amelia PASHEN; wife; M; 24; Abbotsbury; Folio19page31

George PASHEN; son; 5; scholar; Bincombe; Folio19page31

Elizabeth PASHEN; dau; 1; Bincombe; Folio19page31

186; Emma HONEYBUN; head; U; 21; Laundress; ? Stafford; Folio19page31

187; Bincombe Village; Thomas AYLES; head; M; 43; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio19page31

Charity AYLES; wife; M; 44; Came; Folio19page31

George AYLES; son; 20; Shoemaker; Stratton; Folio19page31

Mary A AYLES; dau; 18; Servant; Stratton; Folio19page31

Emily AYLES; dau; 13; scholar; Bincombe; Folio19page31

Walter AYLES; son; 10; scholar; Bincombe; Folio19page31

Alice AYLES; dau; 3; Bincombe; Folio19page31

188; Bincombe Village; William CHURCHOUSE; head; M; 84; Ag lab; Chickerell; Folio19page31

Rebekah CHURCHOUSE; wife; M; 79; Baker; Abbotsbury; Folio19page31

Elizabeth BEAVIS; visitor; M; 46; Servant; Bincombe; Folio19page31

John BEAVIS; visitor; M; 47; Uplime; Folio19page31

189; Bincombe Village; John DEFFEY; head; M; 46; ag lab Carter; Stinsford; Folio19page32

Susan DEFFEY; wife; M; 43; Ag lab; Broadmayne; Folio19page32

Jane DEFFEY; dau; 15; Ag Lab; Warmwell; Folio19page32

James DEFFEY; son; 11; Ag lab; Broadmayne; Folio19page32

Ann DEFFEY; dau; 8; scholar; Broadmayne; Folio19page32

Emma DEFFEY; dau; 6; scholar; Bincombe; Folio19page32

190; Bincombe Village; William TUCKER; head; M; 37; Ag lab; Cheselborne; Folio19page32

Mary F TUCKER; wife; M; 37; Ag lab; Cheselborne; Folio19page32

Maria TUCKER; dau; 16; Ag lab; Cheselborne; Folio19page32

James TUCKER; son; 14; Ag lab; Cheselborne; Folio19page32

Tom TUCKER; son; 11; Ag lab; Cheselborne; Folio19page32

Joseph TUCKER; son; 8; scholar; Cheselborne; Folio19page32

Robert H TUCKER; son; 5; scholar; Cerne Abbas; Folio19page32

William G TUCKER; son; 7m; Owermoigne; Folio19page32

191; Richard CHURCHOUSE; head; M; 44; Dairyman; Bincombe; Folio19page32

Eliza CHURCHOUSE; wife; M; 45; Dairywoman; Warmwell; Folio19page32

Joseph CHURCHOUSE; son; 24; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio19page32

Ann CHURCHOUSE; dau; 16; Bincombe; Folio19page32

John CHURCHOUSE; son; 9; scholar; Bincombe; Folio19page32

192; Bincombe Village; George KING; head; M; 59; Ag lab; West Knighton; Folio19page32

Amelia KING; wife; M; 63; Osmington; Folio19page32

Lot KING; son; U; 25; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio19page32

193; Bincombe Village; William BURT; head; M; 32; Ag lab; Winfrith; Folio19page32

Sarah BURT; wife; M; 29; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio19page32

Elizabeth BURT; dau; 9; scholar; Bincombe; Folio19page32

Matilda BURT; dau; 6; scholar; Bincombe; Folio20page33

Mary E BURT; dau; 3; scholar; Fordington; Folio20page33

Harriett BURT; dau; 1; Portland; Folio20page33

194; Henry PALMER; head; M; 46; Ag lab; Warmwell; Folio20page33

Edith PALMER; wife; M; 46; Ag lab; Wareham; Folio20page33

James PALMER; son; 14; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio20page33

William PALMER; son; 12; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio20page33

Charles PALMER; son; 10; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio20page33

John PALMER; son; 8; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio20page33

195; Bincombe Village; Solomon KING; head; M; 35; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio20page33

Maria KING; wife; M; 33; Dewlish; Folio20page33

Mary KING; dau; 11; scholar; Bincombe; Folio20page33

Fanny KING; dau; 9; scholar; Bincombe; Folio20page33

Emily KING; dau; 6; scholar; Bincombe; Folio20page33

William KING; son; 2; Bincombe; Folio20page33

196; Bincombe Village; Richard BOUND; head; M; 68; Ag lab; Fleet; Folio20page33

Ann BOUND; wife; M; 62; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio20page33

Jane BOUND; dau; U; 28; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio20page33

Emma BOUND; g-dau; 12; scholar; Bincombe; Folio20page33

197; Bincombe Village; John PASHEN; head; M; 36; Carrier & Dairyman; Bincombe; Folio20page33

Ann PASHEN; wife; M; 46; Dairywoman; Broadwey; Folio20page33

198; Bincombe Village; George PASHEN; head; M; 78; Farmer of 60 acres employing 3 men & 1 boy; Broadmayne; Folio20page33

Elizabeth PASHEN; wife; M; 68; Wareham; Folio20page33

Solomon PASHEN; son; U; 32; Bincombe; Folio20page33

Frederick PASHEN; son; U; 28; Bincombe; Folio20page33

199; Bincombe Village; Luke HANSFORD; head; M; 53; Ag lab; Shipton Gorge; Folio20page34

Mary HANSFORD; wife; M; 52; Ag lab; Litton Cheney; Folio20page34

Sarah HANSFORD; dau; U; 29; Ag lab; Shipton Gorge; Folio20page34

Henry HANSFORD; son; U; 25; Ag lab; Long Bredy; Folio20page34

Thomas HANSFORD; son; U; 17; Ag lab; Shipton Gorge; Folio20page34

Mary A HANSFORD; dau; 9; scholar; Milton Abbas; Folio20page34

Ellen HANSFORD; dau; 8; scholar; Blandford; Folio20page34

George HANSFORD; son; 4; scholar; Milton Abbas; Folio20page34

200; Bincombe Village; Joseph TRAVERS; head; M; 57; Ag lab; Askerswell; Folio20page34

Ann TRAVERS; wife; M; 52; Ag lab; Whitchurch; Folio20page34

Elizabeth WHITE; niece; 17; Ag lab; Whitchurch; Folio20page34

201; Jonathan LOVELESS; lodger; W; 65; Shepherd; Charminster; Folio20page34

202; Bincombe Village; Charles HOUSE; head; M; 30; Ag lab; Piddletown; Folio20page34

Charlotte HOUSE; wife; M; 26; Pimperne; Folio20page34

Sarah J HOUSE; dau; 2; Burleston; Folio20page34

Elizabeth HOUSE; dau; 6m; Tolpuddle; Folio20page34

203; Bincombe Village; Charles DAY; head; M; 57; Shepherd; Chickerell; Folio20page34

Jane DAY; wife; M; 59; Laundress; Weymouth; Folio20page34

George DAY; son; U; 21; Ag lab; Langton Herring; Folio20page34

Richard DAY; son; 15; Ag lab; Portesham; Folio20page34

204; Bincombe West Farm; William CAKE; head; M; 46; Farmer of 400 acres employing 9 men & 7 boys; Folio20page34

Hester CAKE; wife; M; 50; Upwey; Folio20page34

William J CAKE; son; U; 21; Piddletown; Folio20page34

Mary J CAKE; dau; U; 20; Piddletown; Folio20page34

Elizabeth CAKE; dau; 14; Piddletown; Folio20page34

Catherine S CAKE; dau; 14; Piddletown; Folio21page35

Hester R CAKE; dau; 12; scholar; Piddletown; Folio21page35

John R W CAKE; son; 9; scholar; Piddletown; Folio21page35

Caroline NORMAN; servant; U; 16; House servant; Portesham; Folio21page35

205; Bincombe Village; John WOODSFORD; head; M; 76; Parish Clerk Ag lab; Stratton; Folio21page35

Charlotte WOODSFORD; wife; M; 72; Hermitage; Folio21page35

206; Ridgeway Hamlet; James TOMS; head; M; 44; Ag lab; Sydling; Folio21page36

Mary TOMS; wife; M; 39; Upwey; Folio21page36

William TOMS; son; 14; Lime Burner's Carter; Upwey; Folio21page36

Henry TOMS; son; 0.12; Ag lab; Bincombe; Folio21page36

Mary TOMS; dau; 11; scholar; Bincombe; Folio21page36

Elizabeth TOMS; dau; 9; scholar; Bincombe; Folio21page36

Rosina TOMS; dau; 3; Bincombe; Folio21page36

207; Ridgeway Hamlet; William MAYO; head; M; 56; Cooper; Frome St Quinton; Folio21page36

Mary MAYO; wife; M; 56; Evershot; Folio21page36

208; Ridgeway Hamlet; Charles STAINER; lodger; U; 27; Ag lab; Upwey; Folio21page36

209; Ridgeway Hamlet; George ROPER; head; M; 50; Builder; Upwey; Folio21page36

Sarah ROPER; wife; M; 49; Salisbury, Wilts; Folio21page36

Sarah ROPER; dau; 17; Bincombe; Folio21page36

210; Ridgeway Hamlet; William WILLS; head; M; 43; Ag lab; Maiden Newton; Folio21page36

Priscilla WILLS; wife; M; 45; Affpuddle; Folio21page36

John WILLS; son; 12; Mason's lab; Upwey; Folio21page36

211; Ridgeway Hamlet; Mary A HUMPHRIES; wife; M; 49; Laundress; Dorchester; Folio21page36

Maria LOVELESS; niece; 16; Laundress; Dorchester; Folio21page36

212; Thomas RUSSELL; lodger; U; 19; Groom Domestic Servant; Netherbury; Folio21page36

213; Ridgeway Hamlet; Edward R HAINES; head; M; 31; Blacksmith; Wills, Somerset; Folio21page36

Margaret HAINES; wife; M; 24; Buckland Newton; Folio21page36

Edward R HAINES; son; 9m; Upwey; Folio21page36

214; Ridgeway Hamlet; Elizabeth ROBERTS; head; U; 61; Laundress; Stafford; Folio21page36

John ROBERTS; son; U; 37; Lab in Stone Quarry; Weymouth; Folio21page36

Elizabeth WILLS; g-dau; 16; Upwey; Folio21page36

215; Ridgeway Hamlet; Ann CHRISTOPHER; head; W; 48; Laundress; Upwey; Folio22page37

James G CHRISTOPHER; son; U; 21; Lab in Stone Quarry; Upwey; Folio22page37

Fred H CHRISTOPHER; son; 9; scholar; Upwey; Folio22page37

216; Ridgeway Hamlet; James NOTLEY; head; M; 64; Lime Burner; Upwey; Folio22page37

Charlotte NOTLEY; wife; M; 57; Laundress; Bridport; Folio22page37

Sarah E VEAL; niece; 13; scholar; Weymouth; Folio22page37

217; Ridgeway Hamlet; George M COX; head; M; 23; Blacksmith; Broadwey; Folio22page37

Emily J COX; wife; M; 24; Milliner; Bridport; Folio22page37

Agnes A COX; dau; 7m; Bridport; Folio22page37

Samuel COX; brother; U; 21; Blacksmith; Broadwey; Folio22page37

218; Ridgeway Hamlet; John WALTERS; head; M; 27; Stone Mason; Upwey; Folio22page37

Mary WALTERS; wife; M; 24; Innkeeper; Upwey; Folio22page37

Mary WALTERS; dau; 3; scholar; Bincombe; Folio22page37

Annie S WALTERS; dau; 1; Bincombe; Folio22page37

Eliza BOWRING; servant; 14; House servant; Winfrith; Folio22page37   

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