Marriages 1735 - 1812

Transcribed from the Bishops Transcripts by Maureen Branson
LDs Ref: 1279480


Date; Groom; Status; of Parish & Bride Status; of Parish; Witnesses; Notes; By whom

1735 Oct-14; Thomas WOODFORD; of Broadwey & Elizabeth COX of Broadwey; Banns; William Lubbock, Rector

1735 Oct-16; Robert BARTLETT; of Bincombe & Grace OLDEN of Bincombe; Banns

1735 Nov-13; Thomas DUKET; of Bincombe & Elizabeth TALBOT of Bincombe; Banns

1736 Jun-2; William CURTIS; of Melcombe Regis & Martha BLANCHARD of Broadwey; William Masterman, Curate

1737 Dec-6; James ARNE; of Bincombe & Hannah STREAK of Litton Cheney; Banns; William Lubbock, Rector

1740 May-8; Robert THORNE; of Weymouth & Edith AUBRY of Weymouth; Licence

1742 Apr-26; Robert HOSKINS; of Sutton & Katherine MARTIN of Bincombe; Licence

1742 Sep-14; William ROGERS; Hannah NAVIS; Licence

1743 Jul-25; Thomas WINZOR; of Fordington & Alice DAMON of Broadwey; Banns

1744 Apr-11; William LOVELACE; of Bincombe & Joanna AISH of Bincombe; Banns

1746 Mar-1; John CHAFFET; of Upwey & Elizabeth CHANNING of Broadwey; Banns; William Ewens, Curate

1748 May-2; Thomas WINDSOR; of Broadwey & Elizabeth DAMMON of Broadwey; Banns

1748 Jun-12; Thomas WINZAR; of Broadwey & Elizabeth DAMMON of Broadwey

1748 Sep-29; Edward DUN; of Prestonpoints & Elizabeth LOVELACE of Bincombe

1749 Apr-29; John TIZZARD; of Stafford & Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Broadwey

1750 Jun-11; John KOAT; of Monckton & Elizabeth MOWLAM of Radipole; Licence; Nathaniel Templeman, Minister

1750 Jun-25; William LOVELACE; Margaret COOPER; Banns

1750 Jan-28; John FOOKES; of East Lulworth & Elizabeth VIE of Bincombe; Banns

1751 May-15; William THORNHILL; of Bincombe & Sarah RUSSELL of Bincombe; Banns

1753 Jan-28; Thomas TUFFIN; of Puddletown & Mary PAINE of Bincombe; Banns

1753 Apr-10; Thomas GOLLOP; of Hamworthy & Elizabeth BAILY of Bincombe; Licence

1759 May-24; John VIE; bachelor of Bincombe & Mary VINCENT spinster of Broadwey; Banns

1759 Oct-13; John PASHEN; widower of Bincombe & Harriett Maria HULETT widow of Bincombe; Banns

1759 Oct-27; Robert Wiltshire GEORGE; bachelor of Bincombe & Margaret PAINE spinster of Bincombe; banns

1762 Dec-23; John PUCKITT; bachelor of Sutton Points & Elizabeth BAILEY spinster of Bincombe; Banns; R Goodrich, Rector

1763 Sep-27; Elias READ; bachelor of Bincombe & Mary GRANT spinster of Bincombe; Banns

1763 Mar-19; John BAYLY; bachelor of Bincombe & Elizabeth TALLIDGE spinster of Bincombe; Banns

1768 Apr-19; John VIE; widower of Bincombe & Elizabeth DAMON spinster of Bincombe; Banns

1770 Apr-17; Robert AMEY; widower & Mary TEUXBURY spinster; Banns

1771 Dec-28; Edmund GREGORY; widower of Ower Moine & Elizabeth HEWLET widow of Bincombe

1772 May-14; William PASHEN; bachelor of Bincombe & Betty FFOOKES spinster of Bincombe; Licence

1772 Nov-23; Edward AMEY; bachelor of Broadwey & Elizabeth BUCHER spinster of Bincombe; Banns

1774 Apr-3; William LOVELESS; bachelor of Bincombe & Dorothy FFOOKES spinster of Bincombe; Banns

1777 May-21; Abraham SCRIVEN; bachelor of Bincombe & Ann BAILING spinster of Bincombe; Banns

1777 Jun-9; William TALBOT; widower of Preston & Elizabeth MILLER spinster of Bincombe; Banns

1779 Jan-3; Benjamin STEVENS; widower of Broadwey & Elizabeth DAMER spinster of Bincombe; Banns

1780 Oct-3; William PASHEN; widower & Elizabeth LAKE widow of Broadwey; Licence; R Cozens, Curate

1781 Apr-6; Nathaniel DAMER; bachelor of Bincombe & Mary BROWNE spinster of Bincombe; Banns

1784 Apr-8; Nicholas SAINTHILL; bachelor of Bincombe & Martha TULLIDGE spinster of Bincombe; Licence; John Williams, Curate

1787 Jun-6; James LAKE; of Bincombe & Sarah BAILEY of Bincombe; George White, Curate

1793 Jan-7; John MUNDEN; of Bincombe & Mary SPRAKE of Bincombe; Banns; Robert Francklyn Goodrich, Curate

1795 Apr-18; Joseph COLE; of Bincombe & Ann BIRD of Bincombe; Banns

1796 Aug-9; William BILLETT; of Dorchester & Elizabeth DAVIS of Dorchester; Banns

1796 Sep-5; Richard TRIMBY; of Bincombe & Susannah DYKE of Dorchester; Banns

1796 Sep-26; William GREENING; of Bincombe & Anne CLARK of Bincombe; Banns

1798 Jul-28; William KING; of Bincombe & Mary SLADE of Bincombe; Banns

1800 Feb-24; James GAME; of Wimbourn & Anne COOPER of Bincombe; Licence

1800 May-9; Joseph LILLINGTON; of Bincombe & Mary PASHEN of Bincombe; Banns

1812 Sep-21; George BROOKS; of Fleet & Ann TILLIDGE of Bincombe; William Loveless, Charles Whittle; Licence

1812 Oct-1; John KING; widower of Bincombe & Temperance HONEYBUN widow of Bincombe; Henry Gale, Thomas Whittle; Banns

1812 Dec-31; John THORN; single of Bincombe & Mary SQUIRE single of St Peters Dorchester; Mary Norman, John Plowman, Thomas Thorn; Banns; Robert Marriott, Rector

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