Congregational Chapel Burials 1819 - 1831


Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Jan Hibberd

181912-JunMaryNICHOLLS Blandford05-Jun64 
182028-FebThomas NEEDLE Blandford 44 
182108-AprBlankMEADEN Blandford 67 
182124-JulAnnGEORGE Blandford 6 
182110-SepSarahCOZENS Blandford 34 
182115-OctJamesWHEELER Blandford 58 
182126-OctEdward ROE Blandford 60 
182128-SepElizabeth PITNEYBlandford 69 
  This should have been entered before the two last but the statement as to the time is perfectly correct - Richard Keynes
182117-DecSarahHICKS Back Lane 6 
182202-JanJoseph ROE Market Place 17 
182207-JanMariaCLENCH Salisbury Street 33 
182211-JanMaryBRADFORD Salisbury Street ----Spinster
182220-MarGeorge PRINCE Whiteclift. Mill Street 64 
182202-MayCaroline KIMBER Back Lane 6 
182206-JunSarahHOBBS St.Mary Blandford 3 
182212-JunJoseph STRADLING Blandford 7 
182202-AugElizabeth MITCHELLSalisbury Street 70Widow
182227-OctMariaCLARKE Market Place 33Spinster
182209-DecElizaSIMMONDS Salisbury Street 30Spinster
182227-DecElizabeth SMITHAMMarket Place 29Spinster
182315-JanAnnHUNT Market Place 42wife of Robert Rouse Hunt
182308-MarJohn KIALL?   9 mthsBap 18/7/22 B/F St.Mary of Ambrose
182331-MarGeorge WALLIS East Street Lane Blandford 28Gardener
182329-MayStephen WHEELER Salisbury Road 12 
182313-JunJamesTAPPER Salisbury Street. Randalls Entry 48 
182314-JunMatilda KIRBY White Clift. Mill Street 10 mths 
182310-JulRobert HUNT Market Place 18 
182407-JanThomas ROE Market Place 25Mercer, son Thom & Ann
182427-JanGeorge HICKS Back Lane 10 mths 
182408-AprSarahCOZENS Back Lane 72Wife of William
182510-FebJohnSIMMONDS Salisbury Street 72Bricklayer
182522-AprSamuel GEORGE Lower Street. Blandford 5Son of Isaac? And Mary
182510-MayJamesHARDY Salisbury Street 70Greengrocer
182602-AprElizabeth DUNHAMBlue Anchor Gateway. Salisbury St 65  
182603-MaySamuel SOPER Salisbury Street 72Shoemaker
182617-AugElizabeth FISHERSalisbury Street 18Of Malachi & Sarah
182624-NovSarahELKINS White Clift. Mill Street 69Widow
182713-JanJohnHUNT Bryanstone Street 37Labourer
182719-FebHannah MINTERN Rolls Court. Salisbury Street15-Feb43 
182730-MarEdwinSTRADLING Salisbury Street 3 mthsof Will Sheppard & Sarah Stradling
182730-JunThomas Hazleton CURTISMarket Place 1 yr 9 mthsof John & Mary
182711-JulThomas Humphrey BENNETTSalisbury Street 62Linen Draper
182723-SepThomas COZENS Back Lane 40Tailor
182714-DecJonathan HICKS Back Lane 87 
182801-FebHenryWARWICK Lower Street. Blandford 9 mths 
182807-FebGeorge HODGES Market Place 2 mths 
182828-FebJamesHILL Back Lane 5 mthsof James & Elizab-Father a gunmaker
182805-MarMaryBUTCHER   65Widow of John Styles, a builder
182812-MarGeorge Green PEGLERSalisbury Street 9 mthsof Samuel & Elizabeth
182825-MarElizabeth BELLOWESBryanstone Street 84 
182823-AugJamesWHEELER Salisbury Road 13 
182801-SepMary Jane CURTISMarket Place 17 mths 
182819-NovWilliam G ROSSSalisbury Street 82 
182828-NovJames Lovell COZENS  16 mthsof Jeremiah & Elizabeth
182921-MayJoseph HICKS   11of Robert & Sarah
182901-SepBiddySIMMONDS Market Place 71Widow of John
182907-DecElizabeth CHURCHILLSalisbury Street 69 
182915-DecSarahBUTCHER Salisbury Street 11 mthsof William & Elizabeth
183026-MarGeorge MITCHELL Whiteclift. Mill Street 48Vet Surgeon
183016-AprWilliam COZENS Bryanstone Street 18 mthsof David & Charlotte
183001-MayElizabeth DUGDALEBryanstone Street 13 
183014-MayEllen Rebecca WHEELERBryanstone Street 1of John & Elizabeth
183027-MayMartha SIMMONDS Salisbury Street 30Spinster
183004-JunMary Jane CURTISMarket Place 8 mths 
183001-SepMaryDUNHAM Bryanstone Street 69 
183006-NovMary Jane COZENSBryanstone Street 3 yr 5 mths of David & Charlotte
183002-DecAnnHICKS Whiteclift. Mill Street 58Spinster
183101-MarJohn George JEANESSalisbury Street 5 wksof Thomas & Sarah
183104-MarElizaDENNIES? Salisbury Street 2 yrsof Richard & Ann
183123-MarJohn Hazelton CURTISMarket Place 4mthsof John & Mary
183125-AprJohnGREEN Whiteclift. Mill Street 2 yr 7 mthof George & Hester