Blandford Forum

Post Office Directory 1859

Transcribed by Michelle Cook


ABBOTT Arabella (Mrs) West St  
BACOT William George, esq Market Place  
BAKER William,esq Almhouse Lane  
BALL James New Buildings  
BARNES John,esq the Tabernacle  
BARNES Phillip Abraham,esq East St  
BARTLETT Rev.George Donald Salisbury St  
BELL Ann (Mrs) ? Lane  
BENNETT Thos. Hodges Salisbury St  
BULGIN James East St  
CURTIS Charles Thomas Dorset Place,New Buildings  
DANIELL Geo.Williamson,esq East St  
DANIELL Joseph Staines,esq East St  
DANSEY John,esq East St  
DAY Henry Market Place  
DONALDSON Charlotte (Mrs) Salisbury St  
DURDEN Francis (Mrs) Salisbury St  
EDWARDS Betsey (Miss) Market Place  
EDWARDS William Bartholomew Oakfield  
FINCHAM William Cole,esq the Close  
FISHER Sarah (Miss) White Cliff Mill St  
FURNELL William Salisbury St  
GODWIN Mrs East St  
GRAY Rev. Benjamin (Independent) Salisbury St  
GROVES Simon, esq J.P Vicarage Mayor of Blandford
HANCOCK Charles Oakfield  
HARDING Nathaniel,esq West St  
HARTE Rev. William, (rector) Salisbury St  
HENVILLE Charles Rope Close  
HILLYER William Henry Oakfield  
HOBBS James Oakfield Terrace  
HICKS Robert Oakfield Cottage  
HICKS Samuel Oakfield Cottage  
HODGES Henry the Square  
HODSON Edward White Cliff Mill St  
HOOKEY Stephen Salisbury St  
HOTT Fanny (Miss) Oakfield Terrace  
HOTT Mary Catherine (Miss) Oakfield Terrace  
INGRAM Charles,esq White Cliff Mill St  
JOHNS Francis Tregonwell,esq Bryanston St  
KENDALL William the Tabernacle  
KING John Tregonwell,esq East St  
KNIGHT Henry Salisbury St  
LITTLEWOOD Rev. Alfred ? Salisbury St curate of Bryanstone & Durweston
LEIGH Rev. John Robert East St  
LOCK George,esq Bryanston St  
MARSHALL Henry John White Cliff Mill St  
MAY Joseph,esq Market Place  
MOORE Henry,esq Salisbury St  
NOTLEY Giles Oakfield Terrace  
PARK Thomas Moss Oakfield  
PENNY Rev. James East St  
ROBBINS William the Tabernacle  
ROE John Banister the Close  
ROGERS Henry East St  
SMITH Edwin Augustus,esq White Cliff Mill St  
SMITH William,esq Salisbury St  
SPOONER Edwin Oke,esq White Cliff Mill St  
SPOONER William,esq West St  
STUART Francis Archabold,esq Salisbury St  
STUART Rev. Edmund Lattrill the Square  
TETT Francis New Buildings  
TOOGOOD Elizabeth (Mrs) Oakfield Terrace  
TUCKER Catherine (Mrs) East St  
VERTROM I. (Mrs) Oakfield Place  
WELLINGTON Thomas,esq White Cliff Mill St  
ABBOTT Henry William West St linen & woollen drapers
ADAMS Sarah (Mrs) New Buildings dressmaker
ALLEN Daniel New Buildings boot & shoe makers
ALLEN Harriet (Miss) Salisbury St George Inn
ALLISTON Robert Salisbury St baker & grocer
ALSFORD James New Buildings boot & shoe dealer & clothier
APPLIN Wm. New Buildings professor of music & music seller
ARGYLE John Market Place Red Lion Inn
ATKINSON William Henry Salisbury St solicitor
ATKINSON William Henry Salisbury St superintendent registrar of BDM's
BACOT William George Market Place surgeon
BAKER Robert Market Place glass & earthernware dealer
BAKER Sarah (Mrs) Salisbury St glass & earthernware & china dealer
BALL John & Son West St coach builders
BALL Edmund West St Three Chough's Inn
BALL James Back Lane shopkeeper
BALL William White Cliff Mill St whitesmith & bellhanger
BANNON Barnard Salisbury St clothier
BARFOOT George New Buildings travelling teadealer
BARNES John the Tabernacle woolstapler
BARNES Phillip Abraham East St woolstapler
BARNETT James Salisbury St boot & shoe maker & baker
BARRETT Edward Salisbury St watch & clock maker
BARRETT Edward Salisbury St silversmith & jeweller & gunmaker
BARRETT Elizabeth (Mrs) Salisbury St straw bonnet maker & shopkeeper
BARRETT Henry East St basket maker
BARTER Mary & Elizabeth (Misses) East St ladies boarding school
BARTLET Rev. George Donald Salisbury St Blandford academy
BARTLETT James Henry   teadealer,stationer,printer
BATT William George New Buildings boot & shoemaker
BENNETT Thomas Hodges & George Salisbury St linen & woollen drapers
BEST Charles the Tabernacle carrier
BEVERSTOCK George Salisbury St shopkeeper & blacksmith
BIGGS Elizabeth Sarah (Mrs) Salisbury St milliner & dressmaker
BILES Jane (Mrs) White Cliff Mill St lodging house
BISHOP Donald Hardy Salisbury St boot & shoemaker
BLAKE James Salisbury St clothier
BLAKE Joseph East St beer retailer
BLANDFORD Robert East St blacksmith
BOND William White Cliff Mill St tailor
BOTTING Charles Salisbury St Portman Arms Inn
BROADWAY Elizabeth (Mrs) Salisbury St milliner & dressmaker
BROWN Ann (Mrs) Market Place milliner & draper
BROWN Henry Salisbury St grocer
BULGIN James Market Place whitesmith & bellhanger
BUTT Ambrose New Buildings bricklayer
CABLE Edward Damory Lane travelling teadealer
CADIE Joseph Market Place currier & leather seller
CARTER Lazarus East St boot & shoemaker
CHAFFEY Daniel White Cliff Mill St boot & shoemaker
CHURCHILL John East St carpenter
CHURCHILL Susannah (Mrs) Rope Close staymaker
COATS Charles White Cliff Mill St Halfmoon Inn
COLLINS Samuel Market Place tailor & draper
COUNTER Henry Sheep Market Hill tailor & bookseller
COUNTER John White Cliff Mill St tailor
COWARD Charles Bryanston St marine store dealer
COZENS Sarah (Miss) New Buildings shopkeeper
CROOM James Market Place upholsterer
CURTIS John Saunders & Son Market Place tailors & drapers
DALE Langham New Buildings marine store dealer
DANNIELL Joseph Staines East St surgeon
DANSEY John East St surgeon
DAVIS Alfred White Cliff Mill St railway contractor
DAVIS Stephen Prince West St saddler & harness maker
DAY Henry the Tabernacle coal merchant
DENNETT Charles Market Place grocer & provision dealer
DENNETT Edward Back Lane cowkeeper
DERHAM Edward West St tailor
DOBELL John New Buildings supervisor of excise
DOMINY Richard Salisbury St pork butcher
DOMINY Robert Salisbury St butcher & farmer
DOMONEY Henry Salisbury St hairdresser
DOMONEY James New Buildings agent to Norwich Fire & life insurance
DOWDING Martthias Salisbury St saddler & harness maker
DURDEN Henry Market Place grocer & spirit merchant
EASTER Thomas Rope Close shopkeeper
EDMUNDS Henry East St wool dealer & glover
EDWARDS Mary Jane (Mrs) Market Place professor of dancing,drawing,singing
ELGAR William Thomas East St painter & glazier
ELKINS Mary Ann (Mrs) New Buildings dressmaker
ELLIOT George Augustus Salisbury St boot & shoe maker
EYERS Robert West St Crown Hotel,wine & spirit merchant
EYERS Robert West St music seller
FARR Ellen (Miss) New Buildings milliner & dressmaker
FINCHAM William Cole the Close solicitor
FISHER Malachi & Son Market Place linen & woollen drapers
FISHER Henry Field Salisbury St farmer
FLOWER Charles Henry France Farm farmer
FOOT George Back Lane beer retailer
FOWLER David West St tailor
FREKE Edward West St boot & shoe maker
FREKE George East St shopkeeper
FRAMPTON Harry Salisbury St butcher
GEALL William Fowell Salisbury St cutler & truss maker
GEORGE Isaac East St currier & leather seller
GIBBS William New Buildings tailor
GILL Edwin John & Frederick Salisbury Rd nurserymen,seedsman & florists
GILL Martha (Mrs) East St nursery & seed seller & florist
GREEN Augustus Henry New Buildings builder
GREEN James Baker New Buildings architect
GREEN William Baker Oakfield timber merchant & surveyor
GREATBATCH Daniel Market Place upholsterer
GRIFFITHS Charles Damory Lane blue coat & national schoolmaster
GROVES Wellington Edwards Market Place pharmaceutical chemist
GOSLING George Back Lane chimney sweep
GOULD Lavinia (Miss) Salisbury St berlin & finery repository
GOULD William East St general carrier, corn, coal
GOULD William East St ale & porter merchant, pork butcher
GLYDE John Wm. Market Place pharmaceutical chemist
HAILES Alfred Cole Salisbury St printer, bookseller, stationer & news vendor
HAMMOND Thomas White Cliff Mill St carrier
HANNAM Richard Oakfield beer retailer
HARDING Nathaniel West St manager of the Wilts & Dorset bank
HARFOOT Jane (Mrs) Salisbury St milliner & straw bonnet maker
HARLOCK Sarah (Mrs) the Square Infant school
HART Joseph New Buildings farmer
HASKELL James Salisbury St hairdresser & finery warehouse
HAWKINS Isaac New Buildings shopkeeper
HAWKINS Mary Jane (Miss) New Buildings milliner & dressmaker
HENVILLE George Salisbury St painter & glazier
HEWLETT George West St fishmonger
HEIZMAN Elizabeth (Mrs) Salisbury St shopkeeper
HEIZMAN William Salisbury St clock & watch maker
HICKS Robert & Samuel & Co Oakfield coal merchant
HIGHMAN Charles Sheep Market Hill shoemaker
HILL Harriet (Miss) Market Place dressmaker
HILL Isabella (Miss) Market Place day school
HILLARY Sarah & Sophia (Misses) Salisbury St ladies seminary
HILLYER Charles & William New Buildings wool dealers
HOBBS James Market Place bookseller & stationer
HODGES Angell Symes Market Place draper, tailor,hatter,furrier & hat manufact.
HODGES John Angell Market Place tailor
HOLMAN George Back Lane shopkeeper
HOOD Robert White Cliff Mill St clock & watch maker
HORLOCK Levi the Tabernacle shoemaker
HORNSBY Caroline (Mrs) Salisbury St milliner & dressmaker
HOULISTON Georgiane McLean (Miss) Salisbury St dressmaker
HUNT George New Buildings baker & grocer
HUNT Henry Joseph Market Place trunkmaker,& boot & shoe warehouse
INGRAM Charles White Cliff Mill St surgeon & dentist
INGRAM Henry Albert Nutford farmer
INSALL Joseph East St cabinet maker & upholstorer
JACKSON James Sheep Market Hill tailor
JAMES John New Buildings agent to the Phoenix fire office
JAMES John East St bricklayer
JAMES Lucy (Mrs) East St artifical florist & feather maker
JAMES William Salisbury St agent to Atlas fire & life insurance
JAMESON Thomas East St haberdasher
JAY William East St shoeing smith
JOHNS Francis Tregonwell   solicitor,registrar of county court,continued
JOHNS Francis Tregonwell   county coroner etc
JONES John Salisbury St ironmonger
KENDALL William Salisbury St baker & confectioner
KENT Jonathan White Cliff Mill St architect & builder
KIDDLE John New Buildings shopkeeper & baker
KYRBY Eliza (Miss) Salisbury St stationer & registry office for servants
LANCE Jane (Miss) East St lodging house
LANCE Walter Rope Close relieving officer & registrar births & deaths
LAWRENCE Joseph George Edwards West St grocer & tallow chandler
LEWIS John White Cliff Mill St King's Arms, brewer,maltster
LINDSAY John Market Place ironmonger
LOADER Sophia (Mrs) White Cliff Mill St tailor
LOCK Robert West St linen & woollen drapers & milliner
LOVELL Benjamin James East St Fleur-de-lis Inn
MAITLAND Mary Ann (Miss) New Buildings dressmaker
MARCH Ann (Mrs) East St tailor
MARCH John White Cliff Mill St hay & corn factor
MARSHALL Henry Salisbury St builder & stonemason
MARSHALLSAY Elizabeth (Miss) Salisbury St milliner & dressmaker
MARTIN Thomas New Buildings licensed to let horses & for hire
MAY Joseph Market Place manager of the National Provincial bank
MAYO Mary Jane (Mrs) East St milliner & dressmaker
MEADEN Barnard Salisbury St boot & shoe maker
MEATYARD Robert West St baker & confectioner
MEECH John West St carpenter
MINTERN Robert New Buildings shopkeeper
MINTY George Salisbury St upholsterer & cabinetmaker
MOORE Henry Salisbury St solicitor
MOORE Joseph Salisbury St dentist
MOSS Matilda (Mrs) New Buildings milliner & dressmaker
MUNDAY James East St baker
NESBITT John Salisbury St boot & shoe maker
NIPPARD Richard Salisbury St baker & confectioner
OAKLEY Caroline (Mrs) Market Place professor of music
OSBORN William Bryanston St chimney sweep
PADDOCK Thomas East St butcher
PAINTER Charles & son New Buildings builders
PARK Edward Bryanston St baker, corn factor & beer retailer
PARK Emma & Elizabeth (Misses) Salisbury St provision dealers
PARK Thomas Moss Salisbury St auctioneer & furniture broker
PARK Thomas Moss Salisbury St high bailiff to county court
PAYNE James Salisbury St shopkeeper & carpenter
PAYNE James Robert Salisbury St carpenter
PAYNE Letitia White Cliff Mill St straw bonnet maker
PENNY Rev. James East St principal Milton Abbas Endowed school
PERCY Richard Edward New Buildings collector of land,assessed & property taxes
PITMAN Thomas Damory Lane house agent
PITNEY & Hookey New Buildings iron & brass founders
POLDEN William West St cooper
POND Charles Market Place plumber
POND Edward Market Place plumber
POND James & Samuel Market Place braziers & ironmongers
RANDELL George New Buildings greengrocer
REASON Thomas George Market Place coach builders
REEKS John Thomas New Buildings beer retailer
RIDOUT Joseph West St Crown & Anchor Inn
RIDOUT William East St carpenter & builder
ROE Charles East St saddler & harness maker
ROE John Banister the Close manager of the Dorset building society
ROLLS Charles East St hairdresser
ROLLS Charles New Buildings town crier & bill sticker
ROOKE Charles East St shopkeeper
ROPER Amelia Jane (Mrs) Oakfield milliner & dressmaker
ROSE Joseph Salisbury St tailor
ROSE Samuel Salisbury St hay & corn dealer
ROSE Susannah (Miss) the Square Infant school
ROSSITER Lucy (Mrs) New Buildings staymaker
SAVAGE Alfred Salisbury St boot & shoe maker
SEAVIOUR James New Buildings boot & shoe maker
SELBY William East St baker
SHARP George Back Lane millwright & machineman
SHERRING George Salisbury St shop keeper
SHIPP William Market Place postmaster,bookseller,bookbinder,printer
SHORT Edmond New Buildings dealer in horses
SHORT William Salisbury St cornfactor,grocer & general dealer
SMITH Edwin Augustus White Cliff Mill St solicitor,town clerk,registrar court of probate
SMITH John Salisbury St horse breaker & clipper
SMITH Mary Anne (Mrs) Salisbury St matron Dorset Female Penitentiary
SIMS George East St Star inn
SOPER Mary Anne (Mrs) East St White Hart inn
SOUTHEY George William Damory Lane carpenter & wheelwright
SOUTHEY Peter Damory Lane hosier & inspector of borough police
SPOONER Edwin Oke White Cliff Mill St surgeon
STAINER Robert Back Lane shopkeeper
STAYNER Charles East St basket maker
STEEL Richard White Cliff Mill St provision dealer
STEVENS Harriet (Mrs) West St dressmaker
STEVENS William West St artist & restorer of pictures
STEWART Joseph East St draper, teadealer
STICKLAND Henry Market Place plumber,painter & glazier & paper hanger
STICKLAND James Salisbury St Black Bear inn
STROUD Anne (Miss) Market Place toy warehouse & fancy repository
TATCHELL Samuel James Market Place saddler & harness maker
TETT Simeon Salisbury St Antelope inn
UPWARD Joseph East St shopkeeper
VANNER George East St builder
VINCENT James East St shopkeeper
VINE George Salisbury St stationer
VINE Thomas White Cliff Mill St draper & teadealer
WALTON Sarah Ann (Miss) New Buildings day school
WAREHAM George Salisbury St grocer
WATTS Jeremiah Salisbury St inspector of county police
WATTS Jeremiah Salisbury St inspector of weights & measures
WEBSTER James White Cliff Mill St architect, builder & surveyor
WELLINGTON Thomas the Tabernacle wine & spirit merchant
WELLMAN John the Tabernacle carpenter
WHEELER John West St coal dealer & shopkeeper
WHEELER Susannah (Miss) Bryanston St shopkeeper
WISE John George Salisbury St master of Union Workhouse
WITTERIDGE Fanny Maria (Mrs) East St New Inn
WOOLEY William Salisbury St tailor
WYATT William Thomas Market Place watch & clock maker,silversmith
YETMAN Harriet & Elizabeth (Misses) New Buildings straw bonnet makers
YOUNG John George Salisbury St leather dresser
YOUNG Ann (Mrs) East St Infant school
GROVES,ESQ Simon   Mayor
HODGES Angell Symon    
DANIELL Joseph Staines    
DURDEN Henry    
FINCHAM William Cole    
CURTIS John Saunders    
GEORGE Isaac    
POND Samuel    
BENNETT Thomas Hodges    
ABBOTT Henry William    
ATKINSON William Henry    
JOHNS Francis Tregonwell    
BULGIN James    
DAY Henry    
    East St Milton Abbas Endowed
      Blue Coat & National
    Back Lane Ragged (Sunday)


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