1851 CENSUS HO/107/1856

Transcribed for the OPC Project by Julia Chaplin

District 4

The Whole of the Parish of Bloxworth including Marsh Farm, all that part of Anderson which lies to the south of the road leading from Kingston to Worldsend, Newport and the Heath.

Enumerator Thomas Carter. 7th April 1851

54 Schedules, 53 inhabited houses, 2 being built. 126 males, 157 females, total of 283 


Sch;Location; Forename;SURNAME; Relat;Marital; Age;Occup; Born;Ref

1;Bloxworth; James;SHAVE; Head; Married;27; Game Keeper; Whitechurch;f477p1

1;Bloxworth; Sarah;SHAVE; Wife; Married;25; ;Organford; f477p1

2;Bloxworth; John;HUNT; Head; Married;44; Agricultural Labourer; Turnerspuddle; f477p1

2;Bloxworth; Elizabeth;HUNT; Wife; Married;37; ;Morden; f477p1

2;Bloxworth; George;HUNT; Son; Unmarr;19; Agricultural Labourer; Morden;f477p1

2;Bloxworth; Mary Ann;HUNT; Daug; Unmarr;13; ;Morden; f477p1

2;Bloxworth; Sarah;HUNT; Daug;Unmarr; 11;; Bloxworth;f477p1

2;Bloxworth; Eliza;HUNT; Daug; Unmarr;10; ;Bloxworth; f477p1

2;Bloxworth; Thomas;HUNT; Son; Unmarr;6; ;Bloxworth; f477p1

2;Bloxworth; Eunice ?;HUNT; Daug; Unmarr;3; ;Bloxworth; f477p1

2;Bloxworth; Robert;HUNT; Son; Unmarr;1; ;Bloxworth; f477p1

3;Bloxworth; June;DAVIS; Head; Widow;53; Pauper;Dorchester; f477p1

4;Bloxworth; Sophia;SNOOK; Head; Widow;55; Pauper;Pallington; f477p1

4;Bloxworth; James;SNOOK; Son; Unmarr;22; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f477p1

5;Bloxworth; Richard;FRY; Head; Married;30; Groom;Bloxworth; f477p1

5;Bloxworth; Elizabeth;FRY; Wife; Married;25; ;Bloxworth; f477p1

5;Bloxworth;    Ann;FRY; Daug; Unmarr;6; ;Bloxworth; f477p2

5;Bloxworth; James;FRY; Son; Unmarr;4; ;Bloxworth; f477p2

5;Bloxworth; Mary ;FRY; Daug; Unmarr;2; ;Bloxworth; f478p2

5;Bloxworth; Henry;FRY; Son; Unmarr;3Month; ;Bloxworth; f478p2

6;Bloxworth; Sarah;COAKES; Head; Widow;51; Needle Woman; Winterbourne;f478p2

6;Bloxworth; Maria;COAKES; Daug; Unmarr;14; ;Bloxworth; f478p2

7;Bloxworth; Thomas;BATTRICK; Head; Married;44; Agricultural Labourer; Winterbourne; f478p2

7;Bloxworth; Mary;BATTRICK; Wife; Married;50; Cook;West Lulworth; f478p2

7;Bloxworth; Eliza;BATTRICK; Daug; Unmarr;17; ;Bloxworth; f478p2

7;Bloxworth; Stephen;BATTRICK; Son; Unmarr;11; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f478p2

8;Bloxworth; John;SKINNER; Head; Married;58; Agricultural Labourer; Corfe Castle; f478p2

8;Bloxworth; Martha;SKINNER; Wife; Married;63; ;Houghton; f478p2

8;Bloxworth; Henry;SKINNER; Son; Unmarr;29; Cripple Wholly Disabled; Bloxworth; f478p2

9;Bloxworth; Agustus;WHITE; Head; Married;30; Farm Labourer; Bloxworth;f478p2

9;Bloxworth; Lucy;WHITE; Wife; Married;28; ;Winterbourne; f478p2

9;Bloxworth; Eliza;WHITE; Daug; Unmarr;3; ;Winterbourne; f478p2

9;Bloxworth; John;WHITE; Son; Unmarr;1; ;Bloxworth; f478p2

10;Bloxworth; Mary;ARNOLD; Head; Widow;75; Pauper Housekeeper; Bloxworth; f478p3

10;Bloxworth; Elizabeth;WILLIAMS; Unreadable;Widow; 75;Pauper; Hants Holdenhurst; f478p3

10;Bloxworth; James;ELLIS; Unreadable;Unmarr; 17;Pauper; Puddletown; f478p3

11;Bloxworth; Joseph;MANUEL; Head; Unmarr;?2; Farmer Employing 2 Labourers; Bloxworth; f478p3

11;Bloxworth; Mary;MANUEL; Sister; Unmarr;60; ;Bloxworth; f478p3

12;Bloxworth; Walter;HENVILLE; Head; Married;60; Carpenter; Blandford;f478p3

12;Bloxworth; Anne;HENVILLE; Wife; Married;56; ;Bloxworth; f478p3

12;Bloxworth; John;HENVILLE; Son; Unmarr;28; Gardner; Bloxworth;f478p3

12;Bloxworth; Sarah;HENVILLE; Daug; Unmarr;26; School mistress; Bloxworth;f478p3

12;Bloxworth; Jane;HENVILLE; Daug; Unmarr;24; Buttoner; Bloxworth;f478p3

13;Bloxworth; Martha;TOOP?; Head; Widow;83; Buttoner; Blandford;f478p3

13;Bloxworth; Elizabeth;RAWLS; Daug; Widow;55; Buttoner; Blandford;f478p3

13;Bloxworth; Emily;RAWLS; GranDaug; Unmarr;22; Buttoner; Morden;f478p3

13;Bloxworth; Emma;RAWLS; GranDaug; Unmarr;19; Buttoner; Morden;f478p3

13;Bloxworth; Mary;RAWLS; GranDaug; Unmarr;13; Scholar; Morden;f478p3

14;Bloxworth; William;WHITE; Head; Married;44; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f478p3

14;Bloxworth; Rebecca;WHITE; Wife; Married;42; ;Corfe Castle; f478p3

14;Bloxworth; George;WHITE; Son; Unmarr;18; Agricultural Labourer; Morden;f478p3

14;Bloxworth; William;WHITE; Son; Unmarr;15; Agricultural Labourer; Morden;f478p3

14;Bloxworth; Mary;WHITE; Daug; Unmarr;12; Scholar; Morden;f479p4

14;Bloxworth; Robert;WHITE; Son; Unmarr;7; Scholar; Bloxworth;f479p4

14;Bloxworth; John;WHITE; Son; Unmarr;5; Scholar; Bloxworth;f479p4

14;Bloxworth; Jacob;WHITE; Son; Unmarr;2; Scholar; Bloxworth;f479p4

15;Bloxworth; George;BROWN; Head; Married;35; Carpenter; Bere Regis;f479p4

15;Bloxworth; Winfred;BROWN; Wife; Married;40; ;Sturminster Marshall; f479p4

15;Bloxworth; Sarah;BROWN; Daug; Unmarr;12; Scholar; Bere Regis;f479p4

15;Bloxworth; Joseph;BROWN; Son; Unmarr;10; Scholar; Bere Regis;f479p4

16;Bloxworth; Andrew;RIGGS; Head; Married;39; Shepherd; West Chaldon;f479p4

16;Bloxworth; Caroline;RIGGS; Wife; Married;38; ;***ber; f479p4

16;Bloxworth; Henry;RIGGS; Son; Unmarr;16; Shepherd; Church Knowle;f479p4

16;Bloxworth; Thomas;RIGGS; Son; Unmarr;14; Shepherd; Winfrith;f479p4

16;Bloxworth; John;RIGGS; Son; Unmarr;11; ;Bloxworth; f479p4

16;Bloxworth; Mary;RIGGS; Daug; Unmarr;9; Scholar; Bloxworth;f479p4

16;Bloxworth; Jane;RIGGS; Daug; Unmarr;7; Scholar; Bloxworth;f479p4

16;Bloxworth; Caroline;RIGGS; Daug; Unmarr;1; ;Bloxworth; f479p4

16;Bloxworth; Mary;RIGGS; Visitor; Married;42; ;West Houghton; f479p4

17;Bloxworth; James;DAVIS; Head; Married;45; Woodman; Bloxworth;f479p5

17;Bloxworth; Charlotte;DAVIS; Wife; Married;44; ;Morden; f479p5

17;Bloxworth; William;DAVIS; Son; Unmarr;19; Woodman; Lytchett;f479p5

17;Bloxworth; James;DAVIS; Son; Unmarr;    18;Gardner; Bloxworth;f479p5

17;Bloxworth; Julianna;DAVIS; Daug; Unmarr;16; ;Bloxworth; f479p5

17;Bloxworth; Jemima;DAVIS; Daug; Unmarr;13?; ;Bloxworth; f479p5

17;Bloxworth; John Atkins?;DAVIS; Son; Unmarr;11; ;Bloxworth; f479p5

17;Bloxworth; Edwin;DAVIS; Son; Unmarr;8; ;Bloxworth; f479p5

17;Bloxworth; Israel;DAVIS; Son; Unmarr;5; ;Bloxworth; f479p5

18;Bloxworth; John;JACOBS; Head; Widower;68; Farm Labourer; Morden;f479p5

18;Bloxworth; Mary;JACOBS; Sister; Unmarr;66; ;Bloxworth; f479p5

19;Bloxworth; Richard;FRY; Head; Married;56; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f479p5

19;Bloxworth; Mary;FRY; Wife; Married;54; Laundress; Whitchurch;f479p5

19;Bloxworth; William;FRY; Son; Unmarr;36; Gardner; Glenston?;f479p5

19;Bloxworth; Ann;FRY; Daug; Unmarr;18; Scholar; Bloxworth;f479p5

19;Bloxworth; Joseph;FRY; Son; Unmarr;13; Gardner; Bloxworth;f479p5

19;Bloxworth; William;GLASS; Visitor; Unmarr;2; ;Morden; f479p5

20;Bloxworth; Richard;HALL; Head; Married;45; Agricultural Labourer; Glenston?; f479p5

20;Bloxworth; Mary;HALL; Wife; Married;41; ;Bloxworth; f479p5

20;Bloxworth; Ambrose;HALL; Son; Unmarr;19; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f479p5

20;Bloxworth; Mary Jane; HALL; Daug;Unmarr; 18;; Bloxworth;f480p6

20;Bloxworth; David;HALL; Son; Unmarr;16; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f480p6

20;Bloxworth; Ann;HALL; Daug; Unmarr;14; ;    Bloxworth; f480p6

21;Bloxworth; David;FIRMAGE?; Head; Married;48; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f480p6

21;Bloxworth; Rebecca;FIRMAGE?; Daug; Unmarr;18; ;Bloxworth; f480p6

21;Bloxworth; Ann;FIRMAGE?; Daug; Unmarr;6; ;Bloxworth; f480p6

21;Bloxworth; Mary;DAVIS; Servant; Unmarr;46; Housekeeper; Bloxworth;f480p6

21;Bloxworth; Giles;ALDRIDGE; Servant; Unmarr;24; Gardner; Mortcombe;f480p6

22;Bloxworth; Robert;ANSTY; Head; Married;46; Farmer 80 acres employing 2 Labourers; Stoke;f480p6

22;Bloxworth; Frances;ANSTY; Wife; Married;46; ;Bloxworth; f480p6

22;Bloxworth; Ann;ANSTY; Daug; Unmarr;9; ;Bloxworth; f480p6

22;Bloxworth; Robert;ANSTY; Son; Unmarr;5; ;Bloxworth; f480p6

22;    Bloxworth;Maria; ANSTY; Daug;Unmarr; 4;; Bloxworth;f480p6

22;Bloxworth; George;LOVEL; Servant; ;16; ;Morden; f480p6

23;Bloxworth; George;YOUNG; Head; Married;50;    Farmer 1000 acres employing 40 Labourers; Glanville wootton; f480p6

23;Bloxworth; Mary;YOUNG; Wife; Married;46; ;Woodbridge Holwell;f480p6

23;Bloxworth; Mary;YOUNG; Daug; Unmarr;20;    ;******* Caundle; f480p6

23;Bloxworth; Edward Robert;YOUNG; Son; Unmarr;3; ;Pullham; f480p6

23;Bloxworth; R*******;Unreadable; Servant; Unmarr;42; House Servant; Pullham;f480p6

23;Bloxworth; G******;Unreadable; Servant; Married;40; Dairy man; Corfe Castle;f480p6

24;Bloxworth; James;SOPER; Head; Widower;75; Carpenter;Charlton; f480p7

24;Bloxworth; John;TURNER; Son in Law;Married; 42;Agricultural Labourer; Anderson;f480p7

24;Bloxworth; June;TURNER; Daug; Married;30; ;Bloxworth; f480p7

24;Bloxworth; Emily;TURNER; GranDaug;Unmarr; 6;; Bloxworth;f480p7

24;Bloxworth; John;ANSTY; Grandson; Unmarr;17; Agricultural Labourer; Almer;f480p7

25;Woodlake; William;BURDEN; Head; Married;67; Agricultural Labourer; Kingston; f480p7

25;Woodlake; Elizabeth;BURDEN; Wife; Married;66; ;Winfreth; f480p7

25;Woodlake; John;BURDEN; Head; Married;30; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f480p7

25;Woodlake; Eliza;BURDEN; Wife; Married;29; ;Weymouth; f480p7

25;Woodlake; Ann;BURDEN; Daug; Unmarr;6; ;Bloxworth; f480p7

25;Woodlake; Jane;BURDEN; Daug; Unmarr;2; ;Bloxworth; f480p7

25;Woodlake; James;BURDEN; Son; Unmarr;4; ;Bloxworth; f480p7

26;Woodlake; George;SKINNER; Head; Married;32; Labourer; Bloxworth;f480p7

26;Woodlake; Jane;SKINNER; Wife; Married;34; ;Morden; f480p7

26;Woodlake; Mary;SKINNER; Daug; Unmarr;8; ;Bloxworth; f480p7

26;Woodlake; Ann;SKINNER; Daug; Unmarr;6; ;Bloxworth; f480p7

27;Woodlake; William;WHITE; Head; Married;29?; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f480p7

27;Woodlake; Elizabeth;WHITE; Wife; Married;23?; ;Bloxworth; f480p7

27;Woodlake; James;WHITE; Son; Unmarr; ; ;Bloxworth; f480p7

28;Woodlake; Anne;WHITE; Head; Unmarr;52; Bottoner; Bloxworth;f481p8

28;Woodlake; George; WHITE; Son;Unmarr; 25;Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth;f481p8

28;Woodlake; Betsey;WHITE; Daug; Unmarr;20; Buttoner; Bloxworth;f481p8

28;Woodlake; Jane;WHITE; Daug; Unmarr; 13; Bottoner;Bloxworth; f481p8

29;Woodlake; Samuel;JAMES; Head; Married;45; Woodman; Bloxworth;f481p8

29;Woodlake; Jane;JAMES; Wife; Married;46; ;Crossways; f481p8

29;Woodlake; Robert;JAMES; Son; Unmarr;24; Woodman; Bloxworth;f481p8

29;Woodlake; John;JAMES; Son; Unmarr;18; Woodman; Bloxworth;f481p8

29;Woodlake; Thomas;JAMES; Son;    Unmarr; 15;Woodman; Bloxworth;f481p8

29;Woodlake; Ann;JAMES; Daug; Unmarr;11; Scholar; Bloxworth;f481p8

29;Woodlake; Mary;JAMES; Daug; Unmarr;6; Scholar; Bloxworth;f481p8

30;Woodlake; John;JAMES; Head; Married;43; Woodman; Bloxworth;f481p8

30;Woodlake; Sarah;JAMES; Wife; Married;43; ;Bloxworth; f481p8

30;Woodlake; Samuel;JAMES;    Son;Unmarr; 19;Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth;f481p8

30;Woodlake; Anne;JAMES; Daug; Unmarr;16; ;Bloxworth; f481p8

30;Woodlake; John;JAMES; Son; Unmarr;14; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; f481p8

30;Woodlake; Betsey;JAMES; Daug; Unmarr;11; Buttoner; Bloxworth;f481p8

30;Woodlake; Jane;JAMES; Daug; Unmarr;5; ;Bloxworth; f481p8

30;Woodlake; George;JAMES; Son; Unmarr;3; ;Bloxworth; f481p8

31;Newport; John;SOPER; Head; Married;36; Carpenter; Bloxworth;HO107f481p9

31;Newport; Jane;SOPER; Wife; Married;36; ;Purbeck ********; HO107f481p9

31;Newport; Elizabeth;SOPER; Daug; Unmarr;10; Scholar; Bloxworth;HO107f481p9

31;Newport; Emily;SOPER; Daug; Unmarr;6; Scholar; Bloxworth;HO107f481p9

31;Newport; Amelia;SOPER; Daug; Unmarr;4; ;Bloxworth; HO107f481p9

31;Newport; Jane;SOPER; Daug; Unmarr;5 months; ; Bloxworth;HO107f481p9

32;Newport; David;MC CAQUEDALE?;Head;Married;36;Farm Bailiff;Scotland Argylshire;HO107f481p9

32;Newport;Ann;MC CAQUEDALE?;Wife;Married;30;; Scotland Perthshire;HO107f481p9

32;Newport;John;MC CAQUEDALE?;Son;Unmarr;7; ;    Scotland Perthshire;HO107f481p9

32;Newport;Jane;MC CAQUEDALE?;Daug;Unmarr;6; ;Scotland Perthshire;HO107f481p9

32;Newport;Ann;MC CAQUEDALE?;Daug;Unmarr; 1 month;;Dorset Cattistock; HO107f481p9

33;Newport; Simon;WHITE; Head; Married;61; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; HO107f481p9

33;Newport; Sarah;WHITE; Wife; Married;45; ;Whitechurch; HO107f481p9

33;Newport; Phillip;WHITE; Son; Married;28; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; HO107f481p9

33;Newport; Elizabeth;WHITE; Daug in Law; Married;26; ;Morden; HO107f481p9

33;Newport; Ann;WHITE; Grand/Daught;Unmarr; 2;; Morden;HO107f481p9

33;Newport; Jane;WHITE; Grand/Daught;Unmarr; 10 month; ;Bloxworth; HO107f481p9

34;Newport; George;KELLAWAY; Head; Married;60; Farm Labourer; Bere Regis; HO107f481p9

34;Newport; Sarah;KELLAWAY; Wife; Married;62; Buttoner; Blandford;HO107f481p9

34;Newport; Martha;KELLAWAY; Daug; Unmarr;24; Bottoner; Piddletown;HO107f481p9

35;Newport; Henry;BARTLETT; Head; Married;57; Blacksmith; Corfe mullen;HO107f482p10

35;Newport; Ann;BARTLETT; Wife; Married;57; ;Langton Purbeck; HO107f482p10

35;Newport; Eliza Ann;BARTLETT; Daug; Unmarr;24; Dressmaker; Kingston;HO107f482p10

35;Newport; Charles;BARTLETT; Son; Unmarr;20; Blacksmith; Kingston;HO107f482p10

35;Newport; Edwin;BARTLETT; G/son; Unmarr;6; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

36;Newport; William;LEG; Head; Married;50; Farm Labourer; Bloxworth;HO107f482p10

36;Newport; Leah?;LEG; Wife; Married;49; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

36;Newport; Mary;LEG; Daug; Unmarr;26; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

36;Newport; George;LEG; Son; Unmarr;21; Farm Labourer; Bloxworth;HO107f482p10

36;Newport; James;LEG; Son; Unmarr;19; Farm Labourer; Bloxworth;HO107f482p10

36;Newport; John;LEG; Son; Unmarr;16; Farm Labourer; Bloxworth;HO107f482p10

36;Newport; Jane;LEG; Daug; Unmarr;14; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

36;Newport; Robert;LEG; Son; Unmarr;12; Farm Labourer; Bloxworth;HO107f482p10

36;Newport; Emily;LEG; Daug; Unmarr;7; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

36;Newport; Fanny;LEG; Daug; Unmarr;4; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

36;Newport; Sarah;LEG; Daug; Unmarr;5months; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

37;Newport; Thomas;FRY; Head; Married;38; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

37;Newport; Amelia;    FRY;Wife; Married;37; ;Wimborne; HO107f482p10

37;Newport; Maria;FRY; Daug; Unmarr;11; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

37;Newport; Caroline;FRY; Daug; Unmarr;9; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p10

37;Newport; Ann;FRY; Daug; Unmarr;8; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

37;Newport; Edward ;FRY; Son; Unmarr;6; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

37;Newport; Charlotte;FRY; Daug; Unmarr;    4; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

37;Newport; John;FRY; Son; Unmarr;2 month; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

37;Newport; Deborah;FRY; Mother; Widow;68; ;East Morden; HO107f482p11

38;Newport;    Thomas;TURNER; Head; Married;46; Agricultural Labourer; Anderson; HO107f482p11

38;Newport; Lydia;TURNER; Wife; Married;41; ;Kingston; HO107f482p11

38;Newport; ****;TURNER; Son; Unmarr;17; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

38;Newport; George;TURNER; Son; Unmarr;16; Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

38;Newport; Susan;TURNER; Daug; Unmarr;9; ; Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

39;Newport; John;WHITE; Head; Married;60; Agricultural Labourer; Newfoundland; HO107f482p11

39;Newport; Harriet;WHITE; Wife; Married;58; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

39;    Newport;George; WHITE; Son;Unmarr; 17;Agricultural Labourer; Bloxworth;HO107f482p11

39;Newport; Ann;DAVIS; Mother in law; Widow;88; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

 ;Newport; 2 houses being built;;  ;;  ;;  ;HO107f482p11

40;Bloxworth; Charles;ROLLS; Head; Married;31; Farm Labourer; Bloxworth;HO107f482p11

40;Bloxworth; Sarah;ROLLS; Wife; Married;28; Tailoress; Bloxworth;HO107f482p11

40;Bloxworth; John;ROLLS; Son; Unmarr;8; Scholar; Bloxworth;HO107f482p11

40;Bloxworth; Janet;ROLLS; Daug; Unmarr;3; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

40;Bloxworth; Edwin;ROLLS; Son; Unmarr;1; ;Bloxworth; HO107f482p11

41;Bloxworth; William A;CHATTESTON; Head; Married;63; Baronet D**t; City of Cork Ireland;HO107f483p12

41;Bloxworth; Georgina;CHATTESTON; Wife; Married;45; ;Middlesex London; HO107f483p12

41;Bloxworth; Rebecca;*******; Niece; Unmarr;21; Baronet's Niece; City of Cork Ireland;HO107f483p12

41;Bloxworth; William;LONGCOCK; Servant; Unmarr;    30;House Servant; Kent Barham;HO107f483p12

41;Bloxworth; Ann;CARTER; Servant; Unmarr;23; Cook;Hampshire *****; HO107f483p12

41;Bloxworth; Eliza;BUTTLES; Servant; Unmarr;20; Housemaid; ****bourne *****;HO107f483p12

42;Bloxworth; William ;RUSSELL; Head; Married;66; Unreadable; Charlton;HO107f483p12

42;Bloxworth; Ch******;RUSSELL; Wife; Married;45; ;Bloxworth; HO107f483p12

42;Bloxworth; Charity;RUSSELL; Daug; Unmarr;25; ;Bloxworth; HO107f483p12

42;Bloxworth; Ann;RUSSELL; Daug; Unmarr;20; ;Bloxworth; HO107f483p12

43;Bloxworth; John;SQUIRES; Head; Married;41; Gardner; Bloxworth;HO107f483p12

43;Bloxworth; Mary;SQUIRES; Wife; Married;36; ;Morden; HO107f483p12

43;Bloxworth; William;SQUIRES; Son; Unmarr;5; ;Morden; HO107f483p12

43;Bloxworth; George;SQUIRES; Son; Unmarr;4; ;Morden; HO107f483p12

43;Bloxworth; Ann;SQUIRES; Daug; Unmarr;2; ;Bloxworth; HO107f483p12

43;Bloxworth; Joanna;SQUIRES; Mother; Widow;70; ;Shitterton Bere Regis; HO107f483p12

44;Bloxworth; James;ANSTY; Head; Married;41; Agricultural Labourer; Morden;HO107f483p12

44;Bloxworth; Sarah;ANSTY; Wife; Married;38; ;Morden;    HO107f483p12

44;Bloxworth; Ann;ANSTY; Daug; Unmarr;12; ;Bloxworth; HO107f483p12

44;Bloxworth; James;ANSTY; Son; Unmarr;4; ;Bloxworth; HO107f483p12

44;Bloxworth; Betsey;ANSTY; Daug; Unmarr;2; ;Bloxworth; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; George Richard;CAMBRIDGE; Head; Married;61; Rector of Bloxworth; Dorset Warmwal; f483p13

45;Bloxworth House; Frances Amber;CAMBRIDGE; Wife; Married;58; ;Middlesex Marylebone; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Caroline Francis;CAMBRIDGE; Daug; Unmarr;25; ;Corfe Castle; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Arabella Jane;CAMBRIDGE; Daug; Unmarr;23; ;Bloxworth; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Frances Amber;CAMBRIDGE; Daug; Unmarr;16; ;Bloxworth; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Sophia Cathrine;CAMBRIDGE; Daug; Unmarr;14; Scholar at home; Bloxworth;f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Emma Louisa;CAMBRIDGE; Daug; Unmarr;12; Scholar at home; Bloxworth;f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Harriet Lylean;CAMBRIDGE; Daug; Unmarr;10; Scholar at home; Bloxworth;f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Sean?;JULAND?; Servant; Married;48; Footman; Devonshire Luxton?;f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Eliza;TAY***; Servant; Unmarr;23; ;Hollwell; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Elizabeth;***EFF; Servant; Unmarr;21; ;Melcombe Regis; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Ann;ALEYS; Servant; Unmarr;23; ;    Shillingston; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Jane;STICKLAND; Servant; Unmarr;19; ;Shillingston; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Mary Jane;B*******; Servant; Unmarr;19; ;Melcombe Regis; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Mary;NEALE; Servant; Widow;59; ;Blandford; f483p13

45;Bloxworth house; Mary Ann;JOY; Servant; Unmarr;18; ;Hants Portsmouth; f483p13

46;Bloxworth; John;CLERE; Head; Married;64; Shepherd; Portisham;f483p13

46;Bloxworth; Ann;CLERE; Wife; Married;73; ;Martin Town; f483p13

46;Bloxworth; Alfred;DREW; Nephew; Unmarr;    9;; Weymouth;f483p13

47;Bloxworth; Kelly;WHITE; Head; Widow;32; ;Morden; f484p14

47;Bloxworth; John;WHITE; Son; Unmarr;14; Agricultural Labourer; Morden;f484p14

47;Bloxworth; Arthur;WHITE; Son; Unmarr;12; Agricultural Labourer; Morden;f484p14

47;Bloxworth; Charles;WHITE; Son; Unmarr;10; ;Bloxworth; f484p14

48;Bloxworth; Samuel;JAMES; Head; Married;24; Woodman; Crossways;f484p14

48;Bloxworth; Sarah;JAMES; Wife; Married;29; ;Bere Regis; f484p14

49;Anderson; Mary;BAKER; Head; Unmarr;49; School mistress; Morden;f484p14

49;Anderson; Sarah Joy;BAKER; Sister; Widow;43; ;Morden; f484p14

50;Anderson; George; BOWER; Head; Married; 36; Agricultural Labourer; Anderson; f484p14

50; Anderson; Mary Ann; BOWER; Wife; Married; 32; ; Tarrant Hinton; f484p14

50; Anderson; George; BOWER; Son; Unmarr; 9; ; Anderson; f484p14

50; Anderson; Abraham?; BOWER; Son; Unmarr; 7; ; Anderson; f484p14

50; Anderson; Dinah; BOWER; Daug; Unmarr; 5; ; Anderson; f484p14

50; Anderson; Thomas; BOWER; Son; Unmarr; 1; ; Anderson; f484p14

51; Anderson; Robert; OLD; Head; Married; 57; Blacksmith; Piddlehinton; f484p14

51; Anderson; Dinah; OLD; Wife; Married; 50; ; Whitechurch; f484p14

51; Anderson; Ann Maria; OLD; Daug; Unmarr; 23; ; Whitechurch; f484p14

51; Anderson; Sarah; OLD; Daug; Unmarr; 20; ; Winterbourne; f484p14

51; Anderson; Ellen; OLD; Daug; Unmarr; 15; ; Wareham; f484p14

51; Anderson; Dinah; OLD; Daug; Unmarr; 12; ; Blandford; f484p14

52; Anderson; Robert; TOOMER; Head; Married; 62; Agricultural Labourer; Anderson; f484p15

52; Anderson; Sarah; TOOMER; Wife; Married; 52; ; Thompson?; f484p15

52; Anderson; Robert; TOOMER; Son; Unmarr; 13; Agricultural Labourer; Anderson; f484p15

52; Anderson; Sarah; TOOMER; Daug; Unmarr; 12; ; Anderson; f484p15

52; Anderson; Edward; TOOMER; G/son; Unmarr; 5; ; Lytchett; f484p15

52; Anderson; John; TOOMER; Father; Married; 83; Pauper; Kingston; f484p15

52; Anderson; Frances; TOOMER; Mother; Married; 76; ; Whitechurch; f484p15

53; Anderson; James; SWYER; Head; Married; 86; Farmer fo123 acres employing 2 Labourers; Durweston Purbeck; f484p15

53; Anderson; Sarah; SWYER; Wife; Married; 78; ; *********** Purbeck; f484p15

53; Anderson; William; SWYER; Son; Married; 46; Farmers son; Dorset ********; f484p15

53; Anderson; Sarah; SWYER; Daug in Law; Married; 38; ; Blandford; f484p15

53; Anderson; James; SWYER; G/son; Unmarr; 7; ; Lower Marsh Farm; f484p15

53; Anderson; Eliza *******; SWYER; G/Daug; Unmarr; 4; ; Lower Marsh Farm; f484p15

53; Anderson; Fanny; TOMS; Servant; Unmarr; 18; ; Anderson; f484p15

54; Anderson; Benjamin; SOPER; Head; Married; 33; Farm Labourer; Bloxworth; f484p15

54; Anderson; Mary; SOPER; Wife; Married; 26; ; Bloxworth; f484p15

54; Mappowder; George; SOPER; Son; Unmarr; 1; ; Bloxworth; f484p15

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