Bradford Abbas

BURIALS 1653(part)-1675

and 1710 - 1759

MIC/R/103 DRO film

Difficult to read. Best guess! Please check for yourself.

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Grace ?H--- buried 02-Apr 1653

?Jane daughter of Ambrose & ?Rose illegible buried 11-Apr 1653

Margery ? illegible widdowe buried 29-Apr 1654

?Jane daughter of Thomas & ?Mary ?BARRIT buried 12-May 1654

Anthony son of Anthony LANE buried 24-Jun 1654

?Ralph son of Henry & Jane BARTLET buried 23-Jul 1654

Elizabeth daughter of Robert & Jane GARRET buried 10-Jan 1654

George illegible & Edith ?illegible widdowe buried 03-Apr 1654

not given son of William & ?Alis ?HAGGETT buried 01-Apr 1655

not given daughter of George & Elizabeth illegible buried 16-May 1655

Anne daughter of George & Anne illegible buried 21-Aug 1655

Robert DIBSDALL buried 09-Sep 1655

Not given son of Henry & Mary ?YOUNG buried 25-Sep 1655

Edith wife of Thomas  ?ARNOLD the younger buried 03-Oct 1655

Edward illegible & ?Sarah illegible buried 13-Jan 1655

Ralph ?HART buried 07-Apr 1656

Anne daughter of Nicholas & Elizabeth ?BYDE buried 13-Apr 1656

? wife of ?John illegible buried 29-Apr 1656

Thomas ?ARNOLD buried ?-may 1656

John illegible buried ?-may 1656

Margaret daughter of Robert & Elizabeth ?BUTT buried 23-Jun 1656

Susanna daughter of illegible & Elizabeth illegible buried ?-aug 1656

?Henry ?HOBBS buried 03-Sep 1656

?Rebecca ??MASTER widow buried 08-Nov 1656

Edith ?ARNOLD buried 21-Jan 1656

?Katherine daughter of William & ?Mary ?HAGGIT buried 09-May 1657

Joan illegible buried 13-Sep 1657

?George illegible buried 03-Oct 1657

Elizabeth daughter of illegible & illegible buried 18-Nov 1657

? illegible Edward & illegible buried illegible 1657

?Grace illegible buried 03-Apr 1657

? illegible buried 05-Apr 1657

? illegible Robert & Anne ?PITMAN buried illegible ?1658

?Alise illegible buried illegible 1658

Edith daughter of Thomas & Mary ?HARRISON buried 07-Sep 1658

Joseph son of John & illegible BISHOP buried 16-Sep 1658

Susanna daughter of John & illegible buried 19-Sep 1658

John son of George & ?Sibell ?READE buried 03-Nov 1658

William son of Thomas & Mary ?MITCHELL buried 20-Nov 1658

?Julian daughter of Andrew & Zipporah ABBOTT buried 02-Dec 1658

?Alise daughter of Nicholas & Elizabeth BYDE buried 14-Dec 1658

Robert son of Gyles & Mary MITCHELL buried 03-Jan 1658

Joane daughter ?Joane ??MASTER widdow buried 15-Jan 1658

?Cibell daughter of John & Edith ?BARBER buried 02-Apr 1658

Robert GARRET buried 01-Jun 1659

Edith ?HARRISON widdow buried 04-Jun 1659

Richard son of Richard & Mary SUTTON buried 27-Aug 1659

Julian  ?COFFYN widd:buried 03-Oct 1659

Robert son of Robert & Ann PITMAN buried 13-Oct 1659

Elionar wife of ?John ?MASTER buried ?-oct 1659

Robert ?PITMAN buried 29-Dec 1659

Robert ?PENNEY buried 13-Apr 1659

Thomas son of William & Margery illegible buried 24-Apr 1660

not given "ye sonne of" William & Alice ?HAGGET buried 09-Apr 1660

Jane wife of Edward PENNEY buried 15-May 1660

William son of illegible & illegible ?BARTLET buried ?-oct 1660

Elizabeth WHITE widdow buried ?-oct 1660

Dorithy daughter of William & Joane RIDOUT buried ?-nov 1660

?---one HAGGARD widdow buried 07-Jan 1660

Thomas son of Thomas & Mary ?BARWICK buried 02-Apr 1660

Tamson wife of William HAGGARD buried 06-Apr 1661

John ?SY--- buried 26-Apr 1661

William ?S----- buried 04-Sep 1661

Mary wife of ?Richard illegible buried 19-Nov 1661

?Ann wife of George ?COLLARD/HOLLAND buried illegible 1661

?Jone illegible buried illegible ?1661

Unreadable entry

George illegible buried 12-Jan 1661

?Robert ?son of Thomas & Mary ?MICHELL buried 13-Jan 1661

?Margaret daughter of Richard & Ann ARNOLD buried 22-Jan 1661

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Alce ?COLLENS buried 28-Feb 1661

Samuell MASTER buried 22-Apr 1661

John son of Thomas & Alce ?HAGGARD buried 08-May 1662

William ?GIRDLER buried ?-sep 1662

John son of William & ?Jhone illegible buried 14-Sep 1662

Ralph MASTER buried ?18-nov 1662

?M---- daughter of Thomas & illegible COLLENS buried ?20-dec 1662

?Agnes ?MA---- buried 08-Jun 1663

(Mrs) Susanna illegible Micaell HARVEY Esq. buried 22-Aug 1663

Elizabeth illegible buried 03-Sep 1663

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Mary ?MICHELL buried 19-Oct 1663

Susanna daughter of illegible & illegible buried 24-Dec 1663

Agnes daughter of Peter & Mary MASTER buried 21-Jan 1663

Margerit ?HART buried 23-Feb 1663

John ?NEWMAN buried 01-Jun 1664

Margerit ?HAGGARD widdow buried 13-Jun 1664

(Mrs) Sara ?PENY buried 30-Jun 1664

?Avis illegible widdow buried 15-Dec 1664

Illegible buried 18-Jan 1664

?A--- illegible Thomas ?GARRET buried 17-Apr 1664

?George illegible buried 24-Apr 1664

Illegible buried ?-jun 1665

Thomas HODGES buried 29-Jul 1665

?Grace illegible buried 04-Aug 1665

Roberto son of Johannis & ?M--- illegible buried ?-sep 1665

Next few entries unable to read

? illegible John & illegible ?WHITE/WHIFEN buried ?1666/7

? daughter of ?Michael & ?Rebeca ?ANDREWS buried ?1666/7

Richard ?COLLENS buried ?1666/7

? wife of John MASTER buried ?1666/7

Henery son of Henery & ?Joan BARTLETT buried ?1666/7

?Joan wife of ?Richard illegible buried ?1666/7

Thomas illegible buried ?1666/7

Thomas ?DUNFORD buried 1666/7

Thomas son of illegible & illegible COLLINS buried illegible 1668

Susanna daughter of Michael & Rebecca ANDREWS buried illegible 1668

Jane wife of John READ buried illegible 1668

John MASTERS buried illegible 1668

Thomas son of John & Ann ?CREESE buried illegible 1668

Susanna wife of Simon illegible buried illegible 1668

Elizabeth wife of Thomas DUNFORD buried illegible 1669

John son of John & Jane HART buried 30-Oct 1669

Anne wife of Francis FFRITH buried 22-Nov 1669

William son of John & Ann ?CREESE buried 26-Dec 1669

? illegible John & Ann ?CREESE buried 26-Dec 1669

Katherine daughter of Henery & Katherine ?LANGDON buried 27-Dec 1669

Mary daughter of Richard & Dorothy STONE buried 28-Dec 1669

Thomas son of Thomas & Agnes illegible buried ?-dec 1669

John ?PART buried illegible 1669

William son of Thomas & Alse HAGGARD buried illegible 1669

John MASTER buried illegible 1669

next few entries buried Unable to read

Mary ?FF---- widdow buried illegible 1670

Margaret daughter of ?Barnard & Margaret ?GUPPEY buried illegible 1670

George READ buried 30-Nov 1670

Elizabeth daughter of Henery & Mary YOUNG buried ?-dec 1670

Richard ?M---- buried 30-Jan 1670

Richard ?BARNS--- buried 18-Feb 1670

?M---- wife of William ?ARNOLD buried 23-Feb 1670

John LONG buried 24-May 1671

?Nicolas MASTER buried 07-Jun 1671

Jone LONG buried 25-Jun 1671

Thomas MASTER buried 27-Aug 1671

Alice HAGGARD buried 26-Sep 1671

Robert ?ARNOLD buried 05-Oct 1671

?Rebeccah ?ARNOLD buried 22-Nov 1671

Margaret daughter of John & Ja/one HEART buried 01-May 1672

?Katherine illegible widdow buried 24-May 1672

? illegible John ?RIDEOUT buried illegible 1672

Mary illegible ?Henery YOUNG buried illegible 1672

? illegible Henry illegible buried illegible 1672

George ?H---- buried illegible 1672

?Mary illegible buried 15-Apr 1672

?Samuel ?ARNOLD buried ?-may 1673

?Kather--- ?BARBER buried 06-Jul 1673

John ?R---- buried illegible 1673

Elizabeth ?BEER buried illegible 1673

Thomas illegible buried illegible 1673

Next few entries buried unable to read

William illegible buried illegible 1674

?Elizabeth illegible buried illegible

William illegible buried illegible 1674

?A---- ?--AGELL buried illegible 1674

?Charles illegible buried ?-nov 1674

Next few entries unable to read

Joan ELFORD buried illegible 1675

Robert HARVEY buried illegible 1675

Lucy BOWN buried illegible 1675

Elias HAGGARD buried illegible ?

? ?BANGER buried illegible 1675

Elizabeth ?LODY buried illegible 1675

Elizabeth ?HAGGARD buried illegible 1675

Mary ?HAM buried illegible 1675

Mary LANE buried illegible 1675

Ralph illegible buried illegible 1675

John ?BARBER buried illegible 1675

Mary illegible buried illegible 1675

Unable to read entries following. Gave up!

Bradford Abbas 1710(part)-1759 MIC/R/103 & DRO film

 Unable to read Another 'best guess' Please check for yourself. buried

Agnes wife of James RING buried 13-? 1710

William son of William & Ffrances BROOKE buried 14-Dec 1710

Joane wife of Robert EVELY buried illegible 1710

Andrew ABBOTT buried 10-Jan 1710

George son of George & Edith WHITE buried 22-Jan 1710

Elizabeth wife of John GARRETT buried ?-apr 1711

John ?FFOX a stranger buried 19-Jul 1711

Mary wife of William illegible buried 19-Jul 1711

Edward MOOR buried ?-sep 1711

Elizabeth ?CREESE/CROSE widow buried 23-Oct 1711

Susannah daughter of John & Susannah RICHMOND buried illegible 1711

?Grace daughter of Richard & Susanna SMITH buried illegible 1711

Elizabeth daughter of Richard & Elizabeth illegible buried 02-Feb 1711

Michael ?Esq. HARVEY of Clifton buried ** Feb 1711

Mary ?SIMES buried 07-Apr 1711

Mary wife of Richard illegible buried 24-Apr 1711

Next few entries unable to read

John ?PAVIOT buried ?16-? 1712

? ?GUPPEY buried illegible 1712

George ?MASTERS buried ?17-jan 1712

John ?MANDEFIELD buried 26-Jul 1712

?Hannah/Susannah GUPPEY buried 04-Apr 1712

Nicholas illegible buried ?-apr 1713

Joanna wife of John ?ANDREWS buried 24-Jun 1713

?Anne illegible buried illegible 1713

Elizabeth wife of Ambrose RIDEOUT buried 24-Sep 1713

Joane illegible buried 30-Sep 1713

Samuell CAVE buried 12-Jan 1713

John ?MANEF---- buried 7-? 1713

?Esther ??R---- of Clifton Mabank buried illegible 1713

Unreadable entry 1713

? illegible William & Elizabeth illegible buried illegible 1713

Elizabeth GUPPEY buried 01-Jul 1714

?Catherine ?LANE buried 6-? 1714

Mary illegible ?DUKE buried 14-? 1714

Unreadable entry buried illegible 1714

Richard son of Henry & illegible buried 22-Oct 1714

Robert ?DINSDALE buried 05-Nov 1714

John base born son of Susanna ?R---- buried illegible 1714

?Agnes wife of illegible buried 31-? 1714

?L---- wife of John illegible buried 18-? 1715

?Richard son of illegible & illegible buried illegible 1715

George illegible buried 07-May 1715

Martin son of Benjamin & Mary HOLLOWAY of Clifton Mabank buried 12-May 1715

John GREENFIELD of Stoford buried 24-Jul 1715

Amos ?CLARKE buried 23-Sep 1715

William WESLY buried 15-Nov 1715

Michael CREESE buried 20-Dec 1715

Mary RIDEOUT buried 25-? 1715

?D---- ?PARFET buried illegible 1715

? wife of Richard ?HAGARD buried 18-? 1715

? daughter of illegible & illegible buried 12-? 1715

Mary daughter of illegible & illegible buried 22-? ?1715

Mary wife of illegible buried illegible ?1715

? wife of ?Henry ?BUD---- buried illegible ?1715

William ?B---- buried 7-? ?1715

Edward ?CURTESSE of Clifton Mabank buried 01-Apr 1715

Elizabeth ? ?LANE widow buried ?-Apr 1716

?Joseph son of illegible & illegible buried 12-Apr 1716

?Edward ?son of illegible & ?Rose ?HAGGARD buried 18-? 1716

? ?the elder ?BYDE buried 18-? 1716

?Agnes illegible buried 9-? 1716

William ?WEST(?--) buried illegible 1716

? of Clifton Mabank Madam HARVEY buried illegible 1717

Joane illegible widow buried illegible 1717

Elizabeth daughter of Nathaniel & Elizabeth illegible buried illegible 1717

William ?BOWNE buried ?-Aug 1717

Joane WESLY widow buried 28-Oct 1717

?Miriam BOWN buried ?-Dec 1717

William WESLY buried 18-Dec 1717

Richard ?MOORS buried 24-Jan 1717

Thomas ?CREES buried 08-Feb 1717

Mary wife of John ?WHITE/WHIFEN buried 29-Aug 1718

Mary SIMS widow buried 09-Nov 1718

Anna daughter of Richard & Elizabeth HAGGERD buried 04-Jan 1718

William ?HARRISON buried 10-Oct 1719

Joshua ?COX buried 23-Dec 1719

Jane wife of John WHITE buried 05-Jan 1719

Sarah ?ANDREWS buried ?-may 1720

Thomas MOORE buried 11-Jun 1720

Susannah wife of Ephriam WESLY buried 01-Jul 1720

Martha daughter of George & Anne READ buried 08-Sep 1720

Rebekah wife of Henry HOLLOWAY of Clifton Mabank buried 05-Nov 1720

Robert son of Henry & Mary WHIFIN buried 18-Dec 1720

Elizabeth ?B----  widow buried 05-Feb 1720

Mary daughter of Josiah & Mary LANE buried 30-Apr 1721

Mary wife of Josiah LANE buried 03-May 1721

Jonathan BUDGE buried 18-May 1721

Margaret LANE of Yeovill buried 28-Jun 1721

Elizabeth daughter of Joseph & Esther BARTLETT buried 26-Jul 1721

?Haime HODGES buried 10-Dec 1721

Joane READ widow buried 17-Dec 1721

Mary wife of Thomas illegible buried 28-Dec 1721

Thomas son of Henry & Mary WHIFIN buried 31-Dec 1721

Richard son of John & Martha GARRETT buried 09-Sep 1722

Mary MASTER widow buried 26-Nov 1722

Anne ?BOWLES buried 16-Dec 1722

John WHITE buried 18-Feb 1722

Mary ?HARDY buried 17-Apr 1723

Sarah daughter of William & ?Annis ?READ buried ?-apr 1723

Katherine ?HAGGED buried ?-aug 1723

Mary daughter of Joseph & ?Esther ?BARTLETT buried 3-?dec 1723

William son of John & Mary ?GIBBS buried 05-Feb 1723

Elizabeth SHERRING widow buried 03-Apr 1724

Elizabeth ?--ELLY buried 05-May 1724

George jn. ?GORING buried 15-May 1724

William ?GIRDLER buried 25-May 1724

Elizabeth ?HART buried 26-Jun 1724

John ?HART buried 14-Jul 1724

Gregory son of Anthony & Anne MASTER buried 23-Jul 1724

Ffrancis COMB buried 17-Nov 1724

Thomas son of William & Joane ?GORING buried 16-Jan 1724

Basil wife of George & ?sen. ?CORING buried 23-Feb 1724

Ann wife of John ?BYDE buried 05-Apr 1725

Thomas ?VINING buried 22-May 1725

Ambrose RIDEOUT buried 19-Aug 1725

John ?---USS buried 30-Nov 1725

Mary daughter of Henry & Martha WHIFFIN buried 02-Jan 1725

Catherine wife of Richard WHITE buried 08-Jan 1725

Nicholas MASTER buried 20-Jan 1725

John GARRETT buried 24-Feb 1725

Robert EVELY buried 15-May 1726

Elizabeth ROGERS buried 20-Aug 1726

Catherine GUPPEY buried 18-Apr 1726

Thomas RIDEOUT buried 19-Apr 1726

Martha wife of Henry WHIFFEN buried 25-Apr 1727

Jane daughter of John & Mary WHITE buried 04-Jun 1727

?Bernard ?GUPPEY buried 10-Sep 1727

Illegible entry buried 1727

? wife of John ?RICHMOND buried ?-sep 1727

John son of Joseph & Bridget BISHOP buried illegible 1727

?Philip illegible buried ?-sep 1727

Bridget illegible buried ?-nov 1727

Robert ?GARRETT buried ?-nov 1727

William ?GREENFIELD buried 24-Nov 1727

Elizabeth wife of John HUNT buried 26-Dec 1727

Benjamin son of Lionell & Amy ?HARRISON buried 04-Feb 1727

Mary wife of Nicholas BYDE buried 07-Apr 1728

Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary ?MASTERS buried 10-Apr 1728

William son of William & Annis READ buried 13-Sep 1728

Henry ?SUTTON buried 27-Sep 1728

Matthew ?HARVYE buried 04-Oct 1728

Thomas son of Nathaniel & Elizabeth BROOKS buried 07-Nov 1728

John son of William & Anne ?H---- buried 24-Nov 1728

John son of Richard & Mary ?LURKIS buried 08-Dec 1728

Robert RING buried 09-Dec 1728

John ABBOTT of Clifton Mabank buried 11-Dec 1728

Hugh PALMER of Yeovill buried 12-Dec 1728

Edith wife of George WHITE buried 18-Dec 1728

Elizabeth wife of Thomas GREENFIELD buried 22-Dec 1728

Mary MASTERS buried 17-Jan 1728

Susannah wife of Joseph WHITE buried 18-Apr 1728

Joseph BISHOP buried 24-Apr 1728

Jane daughter of Joseph & Bridget ?BISHOP buried 31-apr 1729

Mary daughter of John & Mary BARTLETT buried ?-apr 1729

Nicholas BYDE buried 16-Apr 1729

Anne ABBOTT buried 29-Apr 1729

Catherine ?MASTER buried 14-May 1729

George son of Arnold & Sarah WHITE buried 20-May 173029

William ARNOLD buried 14-Aug 1729

Mary wife of John ?HAND buried 07-Oct 1729

Mary wife of Benjamin KELLAWAY buried 16-Oct 1729

Edward son of John & Mary GIBBS buried 23-Nov 1729

Sarah PAVIOT buried 16-Jan 1729

John HAND buried 17-Jan 1729

Gregory son of Anthony & Anne MASTER buried 12-Feb 1729

Mary BYDE buried 23-Apr 1730

William son of Richard & Elizabeth HAGGARD buried 21-May 1730

Richard WHITE buried 23-May 1730

John ARNOLD of Trent buried 25-May 1730

Edward son of Richard & Elizabeth HAGGARD buried 03-Jun 1730

John son of Richard & Elizabeth HAGGARD buried 06-Jun 1730

Sarah daughter of John & Mary HAND buried 16-Jun 1730

Mary GARRETT buried 21-Jun 1730

John WHITE buried 22-Jun 1730

James son of William & Anne illegible buried 25-Jun 1730

Jane wife of Richard COWARD buried 03-Jul 1730

Ann wife of Robert ?SHILROTE buried 05-Jul 1730

Anne wife of William ?HART buried 12-Jul 1730

Ann wife of George READ buried 22-Jul 1730

Hannah ?FFRENCH buried 15-Aug 1730

William WEST buried 16-Aug 1730

Elizabeth GREENFIELD widow buried 05-Sep 1730

John ?BASSETT buried 14-Sep 1730

Richard HAGGARD buried ?20-sep 1730

Matthew son of Matthew & Anne WEST buried 21-Oct 1730

Margaret ?FFRENCH widow buried 04-Dec 1730

Samuel son of Gregory & Mary PHELPS buried 26-Jan 1730

James son of James & Susanna HOBBES of Yeovill buried 10-Feb 1730

Susanna daughter of James & Susanna HOBBES of Yeovill buried 10-Feb 1730

Margaret wife of John ?GEARE of Yeovill buried 13-Feb 1730

Nicholas READ buried 25-Feb 1730

Sarah daughter of John & Edith SNOOKE buried 27-Feb 1730

Mary wife of George ?PHEPS buried 03-Apr 1731

Elizabeth daughter of John & Mary GIBBS buried 11-Apr 1731

John HUNT buried 22-Apr 1731

Catharine wife of Richard BISHOP buried 26-Apr 1731

Henry son of ?Arnold & Sarah WHITE buried 08-Jul 1731

?Hanrey son of John & Mary ?HAND buried 15-Jul 1731

Elianor llegible of Trent iburied 16-Jul 1731

Elizabeth MASTER buried 11-Sep 1731

?Hester ?PUNFOLD buried 14-Sep 1731

Jane wife of William ?WEST buried 23-Oct 1731

James RING buried 31-Jan 1731

John ANDREWS buried 02-Apr 1732

Hannah VINING buried 05-Apr 1732

Elizabeth daughter of John & Edith SNOOKE buried 07-Jul 1732

Mary ?CREESE widow buried 23-Jul 1732

Mary daughter of Nicholas & Mary ?WILRORKS buried 08-Aug 1732

Henry BYDE buried 14-Sep 1732

Elizabeth daughter of Joseph & Margaret LANE buried 14-Sep 1732

Thomas WHITE buried ?15-Jan 1732

William READ buried 26-Jan 1732

Anne wife of William OSBORNE buried ?14-Feb 1732

?Lutetia JOHNSON buried 12-Apr 1732

Agnes ?HARVEY buried 19-Jun 1733

Josiah son of Richard & Susannah RODERS buried 01-Aug 1733

Margaret COLLINS buried 21-Aug 1733

(Mr) Charles  WHITE Vicar of Bradford Abbas buried ?-sep 1733

Elizabeth ?DAGGEL buried 15-Sep 1733

Elizabeth PURSE buried 07-Oct 1733

Ann wife of John SHERRING buried 13-Nov 1733

John son of Walter & Margaret BURT buried 22-Nov 1733

Mary base born daughter of Lutetia  JOHNSON buried 05-Dec 1733

William ?of Trent ?BAW buried 02-Jan 1733

Joseph of Yeovil MASTERS buried 02-May 1734

Eleanor RYDOUT buried 02-Jun 1734

William son of Arnold & illegible ?WHITE/WHIFEN buried 18-Jun 1734

Margaret wife of Robert EVANS buried 30-Jun 1734

Susanna CREES buried 15-Sep 1734

Elizabeth daughter of Jn. & ?Elizabeth ?PURSEY buried 23-Feb 1734

?Anne WHITE buried 22-Apr 1734

Elizabeth CARTER buried 30-Apr 1735

Mary daughter of William & Mary COX buried 12-Apr 1735

Ann daughter of Thomas & illegible CREES buried 18-Apr 1735

Benjamin  KELLAWAY of Clifton Mabank buried 04-Jun 1735

Thomas son of Arnold & illegible WHITE buried 21-Jun 1735

Thomas son of illegible & illegible WHITE buried ?-jun 1735

Elizabeth daughter of Joseph & illegible BYDE buried 26-Jun 1735

Nicolas WILCOX buried 20-Oct 1735

Mary WHITE buried 07-Nov 1735

Philip BRICE of Clifton Mabank buried 12-Nov 1735

Parthenia daughter of Walter & Margaret ?BURT buried 14-Dec 1735

Susanna wife of Richard SMITH senior buried 01-Feb 1735

John ?BRISTOW buried 08-Apr 1735

Hannah  & Nicholas BAKER belonging to ye Parish of Comb St. buried 10-Apr 1735

Elizabeth daughter of James & Catherine  ?HOBBS of Yeovil buried 01-May 1736

Josiah son of Ambrose & Elizabeth RYDOUT buried 19-Jun 1736

Richard son of Arnold & Sarah WHITE buried 13-Aug 1736

Matthew son of Matthew & Susanna BISHOP buried 18-Oct 1736

Jane daughter of William & Elizabeth CRODE buried 30-Jan 1736

Samuel son of Samuel & Mary  CAF/VE an infantburied 07-Feb 1736

Mary wife of William HILLARY buried 01-Oct 1737

John READ buried 24-Jan 1737

Rachel daughter of Thomas & illegible GOSMOR buried ?19-feb 1737

George GORING buried 21-Feb 1737

(Mr) Robert BARWICK bof Ly uried 28-Apr 1738

Thomas base born son of  Editha WHITE buried 29-Apr 1738

Sarah daughter of Arnold & Sarah WHITE buried 13-Jun 1738

Eleanor TUCKER buried 22-Jun 1738

Robert son of Robert & Joan ?LEAGH buried 25-Jul 1738

Ann of Yeovil GEAR buried 09-Aug 1738

Margaret PAVIOT buried ?14-Aug 1738

Joseph son of Joseph & Margaret LANE buried ?21-sep 1738

John HIRD bof Clifton Mabank uried 27-Oct 1738

John GIBBS buried 01-Nov 1738

Marjery ABBOT buried 09-Nov 1738

Elizabeth daughter of John & ?Alice AMES buried 12-Nov 1738

Margaret RING buried 25-Nov 1738

Katherine ABBOT buried ?16-jan 1738

Mary WILCOX buried 30-Jan 1738

(Mr) Matthew WEST buried 12-Feb 1738

Robert son of Robert & illegible DIPSTALL buried 25-Apr 1739

John AMES buried 06-May 1739

Thomas son of William & Melicent WHITE buried 12-Jun 1739

Mary BARBER buried 26-Aug 1739

Robert DIPSTALL buried 01-Sep 1739

Sarah MORES buried 11-Sep 1739

Joane MASTERS buried 13-Sep 1739

Susanna GIBBS buried 30-Sep 1739

Harvey SCOT buried 12-Oct 1739

Mary daughter of Ambrose & Elizabeth RYDOUT buried 21-Oct 1739

Elizabeth LOSKUM buried 06-Dec 1739

Mary KELLEWAY buried 13-Dec 1739

Ann daughter of Samuel & Mary CAF/VE buried 27-Jan 1739

Grace ABBOT buried 28-Feb 1739

Mellice WHITE of East Mill buried 10-Jun 1740

Sarah daughter of Arnold & Sarah WHITE buried 24-Jun 1740

Massy illegible Richard & Bridget WHITE buried 29-Jul 1740

Sarah daughter of Joseph & Sarah BIDY buried 09-Sep 1740

Henry WHIFFIN buried 16-Nov 1740

Susanna wife of William BROOKE buried 09-Dec 1740

Luke ?HULL buried 16-Dec 1740

Mary wife of John BAKER buried 03-Jan 1740

(Mr) William BARWICK senr. buried 24-Jan 1740

Thomas GRINFIELD buried 22-Apr 1740

Elizabeth CREES buried 12-Apr 1741

Thomas son of Jn. & Editha SNOOK buried 28-Sep 1741

Editha Luke HULL widow buried 12-Nov 1741

Thomas SCOT buried 16-Dec 1741

Elizabeth daughter of William & Elizabeth HARRIS an infant buried 25-Dec 1741

Elizabeth BURBIDG buried 08-Feb 1741

Mary wife of John PAVERD buried 03-Apr 1742

William son of Elizabeth LOSCOMB buried 05-Apr 1742

Reverend Mr William PRESTON Vicar of Bradford Abbas buried 19-Apr 1742

William WHITE buried 08-May 1742

Barbara daughter of Samuel & Jane NORMAN buried 20-May 1742

Richard SMITH buried 30-May 1742

Richard HARVEY buried 09-Oct 1742

Robert son of Josiah & illegible GIBBS buried 09-Oct 1742

John son of Walter & Margaret BURT buried 17-Oct 1742

Agnes MOORS buried 23-Oct 1742

Reyne wife of Thomas ABBATT buried 29-Jan 1742

William WHITE buried 14-Feb 1742

Thomas son of Buckler & Mary BROOK buried 10-Apr 1743

Sarrah ?BRESTAH buried 02-Jun 1743

Mary GIBBS buried 31-Jul 1743

William WEST buried 06-Aug 1743

Susanna ABBOTT buried 03-Oct 1743

Frances GUY buried 05-Dec 1743

?Warbor ?EVENS/EUENS buried 04-Jan 1743

George ABBOT buried 08-Jan 1743

Marget LANE buried 29-Jan 1743

Abigall wife of John BYDE buried 08-Apr 1744

Mary WHITTLE buried 23-May 1744

Joseph WHITE buried 29-Jul 1744

Joan BUDGE buried 02-Dec 1744

Elizabeth ARNOLD buried 08-Apr 1745

Becke KELLAWAY buried 10-Apr 1745

Rose ?DAGEL/PAGET buried 21-Apr 1745

Samuel NORMAN buried 05-May 1745

Mary HERVEY buried 28-May 1745

William ?COWARD buried 20-Oct 1745

Samuel WHITE buried 16-Dec 1745

Jane/Jone MASTER buried 01-Jan 1745

Ann BYDE buried 28-Jan 1745

Susanna ?ROGERS buried 20-Feb 1745

Richard ROGERS buried 27-Apr 1746

George MASTERS buried 4-?nov 1746

Ambrass RIDOUT buried 25-Feb 1746

Mary surname difficult to read ?PRESTAN buried ?13-Apr 1746

Elizabeth WHITE buried ?29-jul 1747

Joshep (sic) LANE buried 30-Jul 1747

Richard S/LUGG buried 15-Sep 1747

John ABBOT buried 25-Oct 1747

Charls ?BEER buried ?-oct 1747

Elizabeth HAGGARD buried 08-Nov 1747

Sarah COX buried 14-Nov 1747

Hanna COX buried 18-Nov 1747

William COX buried 22-Nov 1747

Joan BARBER buried 20-Dec 1747

Mary SNOOK buried 20-Dec 1747

George SNOOK of Clifton Mabank buried 01-Jan 1747

Ann BUGEL buried 20-Jan 1747

Susana WHITE buried 07-Feb 1747

George WHITE buried 29-feb 1747

William BRICE buried 03-Apr 1747

Luisa COWARD buried 06-Apr 1747

Bety WHITE buried 06-Apr 1747

Ann SUTTON buried 10-Apr 1747

Robart EADGAR buried 10-Apr 1747

William HOBBS buried 13-Apr 1747

Marget COWARD buried 13-Apr 1747

Mary SMITH buried 16-Apr 1747

Hanna GARRAT buried 18-Apr 1747

Betty EVANS/EUANS buried 22-Apr 1747

Betty FFOOXES buried 14-Apr 1748

Joannah HARRIS buried 16-Apr 1748

Hester SCOT buried 24-Apr 1748

John RUSSELL buried 27-Apr 1748

Philip BRICE buried ?-may 1748

John RICHMAN buried 11-May 1748

Petter MASTERS buried 13-May 1748

Thomas ABBOT buried 13-May 1748

Edoth SNOOK buried 19-May 1748

John SHEARING buried 25-May 1748

?Barber MASTERS buried 25-May 1748

Richard HAGGARD buried 01-Jun 1748

Josiah LANE buried 04-Jun 1748

William WESLY buried 11-Jun 1748

Henery SUTTON buried 11-Jun 1748

Ann SUTTON buried 24-Jun 1748

Joshep (sic) MASTERS buried ?6-jul 1748

Hester WEST buried 21-Oct 1748

Barber COX buried 18-Nov 1748

Edward CROAD buried 29-Nov 1748

Thomas CARMON buried 18-Dec 1748

George RING buried 04-Jan 1748

Bety HOBBS buried 19-Feb 1748

Sarrah GARRAT buried ?12-Apr 1748

Mary SPARK buried 25-Apr 1749

Thomas CREES buried 30-Apr 1749

Edoth SNOOK buried 09-May 1749

Martha THORN buried 17-May 1749

Bety BROWN buried 04-Jun 1749

Mary MASTERS buried 13-Nov 1749

Thomas ABBOTT buried 25-Nov 1749

Elizabeth RICHMAN buried 03-Jan 1749

Miacle ?Michael POOL buried 08-Jan 1749

Thomas MASTERS buried ?24-jan 1749

Mary ROGERS buried 08-Feb 1749

Thomas BROOK buried 18-Apr 1749

Edward BEER buried 27-May 1750

Daniel BROOK buried 05-Aug 1750

John BAKER buried 17-Dec 1750

Richard BISHOP buried 20-Dec 1750

Mary MASTERS buried 11-Feb 1750

Mary GARRAT buried 27-Feb 1750

John BYDE buried 07-Apr 1751

Elisabeth CROOD buried 30-Apr 1751

John RIDOUT buried 08-Apr 1751

Jeremiah SMITH buried 17-Apr 1751

Thomas WOOLMANTON of Clifton Mabank buried 25-Jun 1751

Ann PURCHASS buried ?25-jul 1751

Susanna CREES buried 15-Dec 1751

John ABBOTT buried 28-Dec 1751

John SPARK buried 08-Jan 1751

George WHITE buried 10-Apr 1751

Mary BRAGG buried 29-Apr 1752

Elisabeth WHITE buried 07-May 1752

Betty GILL buried 20-May 1752

Tamsen GARRAT buried 20-May 1752

Sarrah MOORS buried 28-May 1752

Nathanael MASTERS buried 23-Jul 1752

?Jsof READ buried 15-Aug 1752

Ann SUTTON buried 28-Oct 1752

George GARRAT buried 10-Dec 1752

Hester MASTERS buried 25-Feb 1753

Rinne ABBOT buried 03-Apr 1753

Elizabeth RYDOUT buried 05-May 1753

James SHERRING buried 28-May 1753

Thomas of Clifton Mabank SMITH buried 17-Jun 1753

John PAVOT buried 08-Jul 1753

William BROOK buried 22-Aug 1753

Edward RICHMAN buried 24-Aug 1753

Betty BRAGG buried 11-Oct 1753

Ann R/KING buried 17-Oct 1753

Benjamen WHITE buried 03-Jan 1754

Marry ?T/JENNE buried 16-? 1754

Matthew BISHOP buried 14-Feb 1754

?Avis BYDE buried 17-Feb 1754

Ruth MASTERS buried 09-Jun 1754

Mary CREES buried 17-Jun 1754

John HYLLIARE buried 15-Jul 1754

Elizabeth WHITE buried 11-Aug 1754

Ann WEST buried 23-Nov 1754

Susanna ?NEWMAN buried 25-Nov 1754

Thomas PURCHES buried 08-Dec 1754

Susanna GILL buried 20-Feb 1755

Marget COWARD buried 07-Jun 1755

Robart LEE buried 10-Jul 1755

Ann of Yovil MOLTON buried 10-Jul 1755

Thomas SUGG buried 19-Aug 1755

Robart PIDDLE buried 19-Oct 1755

Ann ARNOLD buried 01-Nov 1755

Thomas PIDDLE buried 25-Dec 1755

William HELLARY buried 01-Jan 1756

Susanna READ buried 08-Feb 1756

Chatherine ?GEENES buried 11-Apr 1756

Robart PARKES buried 27-May 1756

Anne COURTNEY buried 27-Jun 1756

(Mr) William ?BORWICK buried 29-Jun 1756

Martha WHITE buried 06-Jul 1756

Edward HAGGARD buried 11-Jul 1756

John SNOOK buried 23-Aug 1756

Thomas WESLY buried 24-Oct 1756

Betty MASTERS buried 08-Nov 1756

Mark son of Richard & Elizabeth WHITE brought from London buried 26-Dec 1756

Sarrah WHIFFEN buried 13-Apr 1757

Jonathan BUDGE buried 15-May 1757

George son of George & Betty HAGGETT buried 17-Jul 1757

Mary daughter  Basil WHIFFEN buried 21-Aug 1757

Honor GILE buried 15-Oct 1757

?Jane (difficult to read) SIMMS buried 02-Nov 1757

Charity daughter of William & Elizabeth SMITH buried 06-Nov 1757

Joseph son of Benjamin & Hannah BISHOP buried 08-Nov 1757

Ann daughter of Richard & illegible BUDGELL buried 15-Nov 1757

Ann MASTERS buried 25-Dec 1757

Elizabeth daughter of Samuel & Sarah GILLS buried 01-Jan 1758

William base born son of  Mary CHANT buried 11-Jan 1758

Thomas son of Jonas & Lucy PAVOTT buried 19-Apr 1758

Mary NORMAN buried 23-Apr 1758

Betty daughter of William & Sarah HUNT buried 30-Apr 1758

John GARRAT buried 03-Apr 1758

Sarah GIBBS buried 03-Apr 1758

Mary RUSSELL buried 30-Jun 1758

Betty daughter of John & Betty WHITE buried ?-jul 1758

Sarah daughter of John & Sarah BRICE buried 13-Jul 1758

Thomas GOSMORE buried 30-Nov 1758

Mary daughter of George & Agnes GORING buried 14-Dec 1758

Sarah wife of William HUNT buried 04-Feb 1759

Katherine daughter of Joseph & Rebecca MOORS buried 16-Apr 1759

Thomas son of Jonas & Lucy PARFETT buried 24-Apr 1759

Betty daughter of Jonas & Lucy PARFETT buried 01-Apr 1759

Jane wife of John READ buried 12-Apr 1759

Mary wife of Jno. WHITE buried 14-Apr 1759

Martha GARRATT buried 09-Jun 1759

Edward base born son of  Margaret ?CREEZ buried 01-Jul 1759

Mary daughter of Richard & Edith HAWKINS buried 23-Sep 1759

Next entry may be a bapt.

Betty daughter of John & Mary SHERRING buried 31-Oct 1759

Mary ?BEATON buried 01-Dec 1759

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