Bradford Abbas

BURIALS 1760-1799

Transcribed from microfilm of the original registers MIC/R/103 D.R.O.

Some parts difficult to read. Researchers should check microfilm of original pages.  

Rose BAKER buried 2-Aug 1760

Francis GILL/GILE son of Francis & Hannah buried 14-Sep 1760

Grace COX buried 9-Nov 1760

Peter RIDOUT son of John & Abigail listed as bapt in burials list 30-Nov 1760

Henry KELLAWAY buried 1-Feb 1761

Cheraty SMITH daughter of William & Betty buried 29-Mar1761

Samuel WHIFING buried ?15-May 1761

Ambrass RIDOUT buried 3-Jul 1761

Charles HERVEY buried 24-Sep 1761

Ann BRAGG buried 4-Oct 1761

Jemmimer HERVEY buried 20-Oct 1761

Petter RIDOUT buried 1-Nov 1761

George HAGGARD buried 12-Nov 1761

Jean GARRAT daughter of John & Mary twin buried 3-Jan 762

Hannah GARRAT daughter of John & Mary twin buried 3-Jan 762

Charles HERVEY buried 25-Jan 762

John CORING buried 5-Feb 1762

Betty COLLINGS buried 18-Feb 1762

Lucy HERVEY buried 24-Feb 1762

Bredget BISHOP buried 17-Mar1762

Ann GARRAT buried 20-Mar1762

Edward HERVEY buried 24-Mar1762

Ann HYLLIAR buried 28-Mar1762

Richard HERVEY buried 8-Apr 1762

young WEST buried 24-Apr 1762

Hannah HERVEY buried 1-May 1762

Mary RIDOUT buried 8-May 1762

Henery COLLENS buried 9-May 1762

Susanna WESLEY buried 13-May 1762

Hannah ?MASTERS buried 24-Jul 1762

George READ son of Thomas & Sarrah buried 22-Aug 1762

John ?BISHOP buried 12-Oct 1762

William HERVEY buried 29-Nov 1762

Peter BRAGG buried 29-Nov 1762

Hannah BAKER buried 23-Dec 1762

Susanna LOSCOMB buried 28-Dec 1762

?Sarrah BRICE wife of Mr John BRICE buried 2-Jun 1763

Agness READ buried 19-Jun 1763

Ann DEARING wife of Mr Wm. DEARING buried 25-Jun 1763

Sarrah PARKER buried 31-Jul 1763

Susanna BISHOP buried 10-Oct 1763

Richard WHITE buried ?14-Oct 1763

Robart EADGAR buried 24-Nov 1763

John READ Mr buried 24-Jan 764

? WHITE John WHITE's child buried 24-Jan 764

? GILEN Mr buried 28-Jan 764

John STEVENS son of John & Agness buried 5-Feb 1764

John HARVEY buried 3-Mar1764

John ?CREAS buried 4-Mar1764

Luce ?COWARD buried 4-Mar1764

Willeam DOFAT buried 3-May 1764

James PARKER buried 21-Jun 1764

Jonas RIDOUT buried 8-Jul 1764

Jonah RIDOUT son of Jonah & Mary buried 26-Jul 1764

Sarah READ daughter of Thomas & Jean buried 12-Aug 1764

John WHITE buried 2-Sep 1764

Robart LANE buried 20-Sep 1764

Hanah MARCH of Clifton buried 12-Nov 1764

Ann AYLLIARD buried 2-Feb 1765

Edmend SNOOK son of George & Betty buried 2-Feb 1765

Beniamin BESHOP son of Beniamin & Hannah buried 8-May 1765

Elizabeth BAKER buried 12-May 1765

Susanah ABOT buried 17-Jun 1765

Susanna PIDELL buried 8-Jul 1765

Richard STEVENS son of John & Mary buried 1-Aug 1765

James LOSTCOMB buried 16-Aug 1765

Samuel BROOK son of Samuel & Susanna buried 30-Sep 1765

Mark BESHOP buried 31-Oct 1765

William COX buried 5-Dec 1765

Hanah LOSTCOMB buried 7-Dec 1765

Edeth BRUCK buried 15-Dec 1765

Abagall RIDOUT buried 22-Dec 1765

Jean BEAR buried 12-Jan 766

Master PALL buried 7-Feb 1766

Thomas DICK son of Thomas & Ann buried 12-Feb 1766

Mary COLINS of Clifton buried 12-Feb 1766

Rebecah ROGERS buried 11-Mar1766

Betty GARRATT buried 27-Mar1766

? HAIDING a child of Farmer HAIDING buried 30-Mar1766

Thomas NAPPER son of Dennes & Susanah buried 23-Sep 1766

George ?BEEAR base born son of Betty buried 11-Jan 767

Marthew BISHOP son of Mark & Ruth buried 20-Feb 1767

Charles BEEAR buried 22-Feb 1767

Tamzond BRAGG buried 23-Feb 1767

John BAKER buried 14-Mar1767

Lizabeth BRUCK buried 19-Mar1767

Mary GARRAT buried 28-Mar1767

Mary GARRAT wife of Robert GARRAT buried 28-Mar1767

Sarah WHITE wife of Arnold WHITE buried 30-Mar1767

Richard STEVENS buried 10-Jun 1767

Mark GILES son of Samuall & Sarah buried 31-Jul 1767

John GARRAT son of Willeam & Betty buried 23-Aug 1767

John BYDE son of Willeam & Susanah buried 1-Nov 1767

Bety BEAR buried 25-Dec 1767

Deborah ?SPARK buried 24-Jan 768

Joseph ?JANES buried 29-Mar1768

Jesper MASTRES buried 7-Apr 1768

John LONG son of John & Ann buried 10-Apr 1768

Mary CUDANY daughter of Susanah buried 8-Jul 1768

Mary COX buried 11-Jul 1768

? HAYDING a child of Farmer HAYDING buried 17-Jul 1768

Mary WOOLMANTON buried 22-Jul 1768

Mary ?BRISE buried 16-Aug 1768

Rebeckah ?MOOR buried 21-Sep 1768

Nathanell ?BRUCK buried 23-Oct 1768

Joseph BYDE junior buried 27-Oct 1768

Hanah MASTERS buried 5-Jan 769

Joseph EDGAR son of Joseph & Ann buried 5-Jan 769

Elizabeth ?RIDOUT buried 12-Feb 1769

Franses SMITH buried 26-Mar1769

Elizabeth ?PERCHEST of Clifton Mabanck buried 5-Apr 1769

Mary GRANGE of Staford (Stoford) buried 5-Apr 1769

Thomas RIDOUT son of Thomas & Ann buried 17-Apr 1769

Mathew HARVEY buried 18-Apr 1769

Thomas ?MOOR/SE son of Richard & Fidelaty buried 7-May 1769

Lede DOFAT buried 20-May 1769

Mary READ daughter of Thomas & Mary buried 22-May 1769

Richard ?MOOR/SE son of Richard & Fidelaty buried 23-May 1769

Gorge (no e) READ son of Thomas & Mary buried 28-May 1769

Mary MASTRES buried 16-Jul 1769

Sarah ?COWARD daughter of William & Mary buried 6-Aug 1769

Thomas PORCHEST of Clifton Mabanck buried 19-Sep 1769

Bety HARESS wife of Willeam HARESS buried 5-Oct 1769

Willeam SMITH son of Richard & Brodgett buried 21-Dec 1769

? GARRIT bastard child of Susannah buried 11-Feb 1770

Mary READ wife of Thomas READ buried 1-Jun 1770

?Betty ? daughter of Robert & Mary buried 9-Jun 1770

John BEER son of John & Mary buried 29-Jul 1770

Mary CORING daughter of George & Agnes buried 26-Aug 1770

Mary BEER daughter of John & Mary buried 5-Sep 1770

Mary HAGGARD Mrs buried 4-Oct 1770

Martha HILLIAR daughter of Matthew & not given of Yeovil buried 12-Jan 771

Josiah LANE buried 17-Feb 1771

John WHITE buried 21-Jun 1771

Betty LARCOMB daughter of William & Mary buried 23-Jun 1771

Mary SUGG widow buried 3-Jul 1771

Jane READ wife of Thomas READ buried 8-Aug 1771

Mary POPE wife of George POPE buried 27-Nov 1771

Abraham PARKER son of Rose buried 31-Jan 772

? HILLIAR a child of Matthew HILLIAR of Yeovil buried 6-Feb 1772

Betty HARVEY wife of Thomas HARVEY buried 13-Feb 1772

James HUNT buried 1-Mar1772

Betty SMITH buried 30-Apr 1772

Joanna EDGAR buried 10-May 1772

Edith SPEAR wife of Thomas SPEAR buried 31-Jan 772

Eleanor READ wife of George READ buried 13-Aug 1772

Richard ROGERS buried 17-Sep 1772

Samuel CAVE buried 29-Sep 1772

John ADDAMS son of William & not given of Wyke buried 15-Nov 1772

Thomas CAVE base born son of not given Mary buried 29-Nov 1772

Joseph BYDE buried 25-Dec 1772

Mary SHERRING widow buried 10-Mar1773

Betty ?DIPSTALE spinster buried 8-Apr 1773

Robert TOOP son of William & Betty buried 25-Mar1773

Richard SMITH buried 15-May 1773

?Annes READ ?widow buried 2-Jun 1773

Sarah MOORS buried 2-Jun 1773

Mary SHERRING wife of John SHERRING buried 25-Jun 1773

George PARSONS son of Francis & Hannah buried 10-Oct 1773

Thomas GILES son of Thomas & Julia buried 9-Nov 1773

Sarah BARTER wife of Stephen BARTER buried 4-Dec 1773

Rachel HAYDON wife of Richard HAYDON buried 29-Dec 1773

George WHITE son of Arnold WHITE buried 29-Dec 1773

Margaret PAUL widow buried 10-Jan 774

Jonas PAVITT son of William & Barbara buried 16-Jan 774

William HARRIS senior buried 28-Jan 774

William BYDE son of Joseph & Sarah buried 19-Feb 1774

Arnold WHITE buried 17-Apr 1774

Sarah SHERRING wife of James SHERRING buried 28-Apr 1774

Mary MASTERS wife of Thomas MASTERS buried 4-May 1774

John PAVITT son of Jonas & Lucy buried 11-Jun 1774

Daniel BROOKE buried 6-Oct 1774

Parthenia BRAGG daughter of John & not given buried 24-Oct 1774

Ann ADDAMS daughter of William & Honey buried 12-Mar1775

Love MASTERS wife of Anthony MASTERS buried 22-May 1775

Jone LEE widow buried 23-Sep 1775

Thomas DAVIS son of John & Love buried 9-Nov 1775

William DONHAM buried 5-Dec 1775

Susanna CORING widow buried 31-Dec 1775

Edward PARSONS son of Francis & Hannah buried 4-Feb 1776

Ann BROOKE daughter of Daniel & Martha buried 8-Feb 1776

John RYDOUT buried 27-Apr 1776

Joseph MOORE buried 29-Apr 1776

Ephriam WESTLY buried 29-Apr 1776

Hannah LOSCOMB daughter of Henry & Meliar buried ?-Sep 1776

George BICKNELL son of Onesiphorous & Mary buried 8-Dec 1776

Ann PURCHASE ?spinster buried 21-Jan 777

Jeremiah BRISTOW buried 21-Feb 1777

Benjamen CHICK buried 1-Mar1777

John BRICE buried 12-Mar1777

William HAINS buried 23-Apr 1777

Joseph BROOK son of Martha buried 2-May 1777

John SHERRING buried 9-May 1777

Samuel WHITE buried 25-May 1777

Ann ADAMS daughter of William & Fanny of Wyke buried 1-Jun 1777

Thomas RYDOUT son of Thomas & Ann buried 5-Jun 1777

Jane SNOOK widow buried 22-Jun 1777

Sarah HAWKINS buried 27-Jul 1777

Sarah LARCAM daughter of William & Mary buried 28-Jul 1777

Agness CORING daughter of George & Agness buried ?-Aug 1777

Ann LONGMAN daughter of Samuel & Ann buried ?-Aug 1777

Samuel GILLES son of Samuel & Sarah buried 28-Aug 1777

Mary SPEAR buried 1-Sep 1777

John ?BROWN son of William & Mary buried 26-Sep 1777

Elizabeth ?SNOOK daughter of George & Betty buried ?-Dec 1777

Hannah ?BRISTON buried 21-Jan 778

Betty RYDOUT daughter of William & Mary buried 27-Apr 1778

William WHITE buried 10-Jun 1778

Richard HAGGARD senior buried 19-Sep 1778

Sarah STEVENS buried 15-Oct 1778

Mary PAUL of Stoford buried 24-Oct 1778

Hannah COURTNEY buried 23-Dec 1778

Thomas DYKE buried 10-Feb 1779

Margaret BURT buried 4-Apr 1779

William DURING gentleman buried 8-Apr 1779

George NEWMAN buried 22-May 1779

John SCOT buried ?-Jul 1779

Benjamin RING buried ?-Jul 1779

Susannah BRAGG buried 19-Oct 1779

Mary ?GRANGER buried 6-Jan 780

Peter RIDEOUT buried 2-Apr 1780

Susannah BICKNELL daughter of Onesiphorous & Mary buried 7-Apr 1780

Thomas WESTLY buried 16-Apr 1780

Benjamin BISHOP buried 18-Jun 1780

Sarah DIBSTALE buried 25-Jul 1780

Walter BIRT buried ?-Aug 1780

Elizabeth ?FARTHING buried 27-Aug 1780

Mary BICKNELL daughter of Onesiphorous & Mary buried 24-Sep 1780

Joanna WHITE of Yeovil buried ?-Nov 1780

Priscilla WHIFFEN buried 7-Jan 781

Thomas ?SETAR buried 12-Jan 781

Mary BICKNEL buried 28-Jan 781

Joseph SMITH son of Richard & Elizabeth of Wyke buried 25-Feb 1781

Richard HAGGARD son of Richard & Jane buried 28-Feb 1781

William ?BROWN son of William & Mary buried 1-Apr 1781

Temperance HILLIAR daughter of Richard & Ann buried 5-Apr 1781

Francis PARSONS 5-Apr 1781 ?buried not stated

Sarah BRAGG daughter of John & Mary buried 8-Apr 1781

Edward Genge CASTLE son of not given & Martha a bastard child buried 17-Apr 1781

John RIDEOUT buried 2-Jun 1781

Betty SNOOK buried 10-Jun 1781

Jno. BRAGG senior buried 29-Jun 1781

Sarah HARVEY daughter of John & Dorothy buried 8-Jul 1781

John WILMINGTON son of John & Lucy of Clifton buried 9-Jul 1781

Ann GOSMOR buried 18-Jul 1781

Luke RIDEOUT son of Thamesin buried 1-Aug 1781

Ann SCOTT buried 24-Jul 1781

Deborah BROWN buried 29-Jul 1781

Ann SCOTT daughter of ?Esther a bastard child buried 12-Aug 1781

Sarah GARRET buried 28-Oct 1781

Susannah COURTNAY buried 4-Nov 1781

? PURCHASE Mrs widow buried 10-Nov 1781

Susan GARRET buried 14-Nov 1781

Ann COWARD buried 16-Nov 1781

Ephriam WESTLY buried 23-Nov 1781

Mary BROOKE buried 27-Nov 1781

John KING son of Robert & Martha buried 27-Nov 1781

Elizabeth GARRET buried 30-Nov 1781

Mary COWARD buried 3-Dec 1781

Jane HAGGARD buried ?11-Dec 1781

Buglar BROOKE buried 21-Dec 1781

Ruth RIDEOUT 23-Dec 1781 listed as bpt could be burial

Jane WHITE 25-Dec 1781 listed as bpt could be burial

Ruth GARRETT 25-Dec 1781 listed as bpt could be burial

Betty BEER buried 10-Feb 1782

Sukey NORMAN buried ?.?.1782

Benjamin ?SU---AR buried ?24-Mar1782

?Christmes ?CAN---- buried ?-Apr 1782

Susannah WHITE buried 4-May 1782

Betty WILMINGTON daughter of John & Lucy buried 10-Jun 1782

Edward Moor GARRET son of ?John & Jane buried 20-Jul 1782

George ?M----- buried 26-Jul 1782

Thomas FOOKS son of William & Mary buried ?19-Aug 1782

Peter RIDOUT son of Ambrose & Mary buried 3-Nov 1782

Susannah ADAMS son of William & Mary of Wyke buried 5-Nov 1782

Mary ?HUNT buried 15-Apr 1783

George KING son of Robert & Martha buried 6-Jul 1783

William HOLLOWAY son of Samuel & Mary buried 22-Aug 1783

Ann MASTERS daughter of ?Anthony & Ann buried 17-Oct 1783

James GARRIT son of Richard & Margret buried ?13-Dec 1783

Richard HAYDON buried 12-Jan 784

"On the same day admitted into the church Robert son of Richard HAYDON and Jane his wife." buried

Samuel BROOKE buried 23-May 1784

Betty PAVIT buried 24-Jun 1784

Betty WHITE buried 25-Aug 1784

Marth GARRET buried 16-Oct 1784

?Mary ?HAYDON buried ?3-Dec 1784

John TUCK "by Parish" buried 9-Jan 785

Mary HAGGARD buried 10-Jan 785

?Barbara ?HARVEY buried 26-Jan 785

Ann GUDGE buried 11-Feb 1785

Mary CAVE buried 17-Feb 1785

William READ buried 15-Apr 1785

Thomas READ buried 5-Jun 1785

Benjamin MASTERS buried 5-Jun 1785

Samuel RIDEOUT son of Ambrose & Mary buried 6-Jun 1785

Richard RIDEOUT son of Ambrose & Mary buried 12-Jun 1785

Agness SMITH daughter of William & Agnes buried 23-Jun 1785

Mary MEDWAY daughter of William & Mary buried 27-Jun 1785

John ?CRECH son of ?Francis & Mary buried 9-Jul 1785

Judith BROWN daughter of William & Mary buried 12-Jul 1785

Betty MOORE "by Parish" buried 21-Jul 1785

Mary TUCK bastard daughter of Thomas READ & Rose TUCK buried 23-Jul 1785

George HUNT son of William & Hannah buried 3-Aug 1785

William SCOTT buried ?10-Sep 1785

Luke Bishop WHIFFEN bastard son of Luke BISHOP & Basil WHIFFEN buried 13-Dec 1785

William READ buried 26-Jan 786

Edith LOCKIER buried 30-Jan 786

Ann BICKNELL daughter of Onesiphorous & Mary buried 22-May 1786

Mary GILL buried 27-Jun 1786

Sarah PARSONS daughter of Hannah ?Parish pauper ?Clifton buried ?21-Jul 1786

Jno. GARRETT buried 29-Jul 1786

Edith ?ROGERS buried 12-Sep 1786

Mary ROGERS buried 28-Oct 1786

George BICKNELL son of Onesiphorous & Mary buried 23-Mar1787

Ursula HARVEY buried 7-Apr 1787

Dinah HUNT "by Parish" buried 12-May 1787

?Urban GILINGHAM son of Urban & Ann of Clifton (private bpt 9.6.1787) buried 17-Jun 1787

Susannah BROOKE buried 21-Jun 1787

Ann RICHMOND buried 27-Jul 1787

Jno. RICHMOND buried 12-Aug 1787

Thomas WHITE buried 30-Sep 1787

William LOSCOMBE son of Henry & Meliar buried 16-Jan 788

Mary BROOK buried 27-May 1788

Mary GRANGER daughter of George & Mary buried ?20-Sep 1788

Margaret Catharine DUNHAM daughter of Philip & Ruth buried 25-Sep 1788

John RIDOUT son of John & Martha buried 26-Sep 1788

Susannah BAKER buried 5-Oct 1788

Bridget SMITH buried 21-Dec 1788

Betty ?RING buried 24-Dec 1788

Mary MEDWAY buried 2-Jan 789

Ann LOSCOMBE buried 10-Feb 1789

Henry WHIFFEN buried 7-Mar1789

Samuel GARRETT buried 22-Mar1789

Richard MOORS buried 10-Apr 1789

George READ buried 15-Apr 1789

Elizabeth HAGGARD buried ?21-Nov 1789

Thomas WILLS Mr of Yeovil buried 3-Dec 1789

William RING buried 19-Dec 1789

Mary RIDEOUT daughter of Peter Tamasin buried 8-Jan 790

Mary GRANGER buried 31-Jan 790

Mary ?STEVENS buried 17-Aug 1790

William ADAMS of Wyke buried 22-Aug 1790

Mary BRICE of Stoford buried 7-Sep 1790

Susannah BISHOP buried 14-Sep 1790

Lucy PAVIT daughter of William & Barabara buried 7-Oct 1790 bpt 26.9.1790

Elizabeth COWARD & buried 20-Nov 1790

Thomas MASTERS senior buried 30-Dec 1790

Elizabeth BYDE daughter of William & Mary buried 9-Jan 791

Jane BYDE daughter of William & Mary buried 17-Jan 791

Sarah WHITE buried 1-Feb 1791

Edward RICHMOND son of George & Mary buried 7-Mar1791

James MASTERS buried 18-Jul 1791

Michael GARRETT son of Samuel & Sarah buried 25-Jul 1791

Elizabeth GILL buried 23-Aug 1791

Mary FARTHING daughter of Stephen & Jane buried 7-Sep 1791

Philip WHITE buried 13-Oct 1791

William BRICE of Stafford buried 15-Oct 1791

Jane FARTHING buried 15-Oct 1791

Henry LOSCOMBE son of Henry & Mellier buried 16-Nov 1791

Sarah BRAGG daughter of William & Sarah buried 29-Nov 1791

Marth PARKER daughter of Robert & Martha buried ?1-Jan 792

Fidelity MOORS daughter of Edward & Elizabeth buried 21-Jan 792

Elizabeth GUDGE buried 18-Feb 1792

Mary GILL daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth buried 14-Mar1792

Mary WHITE buried 13-May 1792

William SMITH buried 2-Jun 1792

Hannah HARRIS buried 31-Jun 1792

Sarah HARRIS buried 9-Aug 1792

?Hannah BISHOP buried 10-Aug 1792

Thomas HARVEY buried 22-Nov 1792

Thomas EDGAR son of Joseph & Ann buried 6-Jan 793

Ann BARTLETT daughter of Thomas & Thamesin buried 13-Jan 793

Ann REED base born daughter of Mary 3-Feb 1793 bpt or burial not given could be either

Thamesin BARTLETT buried 22-Feb 1793

Mathew GARRETT son of Richard & Jane buried 22-Feb 1793

Margaret GARRETT buried 13-Mar1793

Matthew BARTLETT son of Thomas & Thamesin buried 28-Mar1793

Ann GARRETT daughter of Thomas & Mary buried 28-Apr 1793

Elizabeth RIDOUT base born daughter of not given & Elizabeth buried 28-Apr 1793

Love MASTERS daughter of Anthony & Ann buried 5-May 1793

William GOSNEY base born son of not given & Hannah buried 12-May 1793

Ambrose RIDEOUT buried 14-Jul 1793

Ann DOWDLE buried 21-Jul 1793

Sarah SHERRING "an infant" buried 20-Sep 1793

Betty BROWN buried 20-Nov 1793

Ann BRAGG buried 19-Dec 1793

Mary KING daughter of Robert & Martha buried 11-Feb 1794

John MOORS son of Edward & Elizabeth buried 11-Mar1794

Rebecca GARRETT buried 18-Mar1794

Elizabeth GRANGER buried 26-Mar1794

Catharine MASTERS buried 27-Apr 1794

George BRAGG buried 3-May 1794

Jane STEVENS buried 14-May 1794

Emanuel MASTERS son of Joseph & Mary buried 8-Jun 1794

Thomas ?KING son of Robert & Martha buried 10-Sep 1794

Ann WESTLY buried 18-Sep 1794

Lucy RIDOUT buried 20-Oct 1794

Jane ?BARTLETT buried 16-Nov 1794

John LOSCOMBE buried 27-Nov 1794

Mary GARRETT buried 9-Feb 1795

Fidelity MOORSE buried 26-Mar1795

John WHITE buried 3-Apr 1795

William MASTERS senior buried 13-May 1795

Samuel GILES buried 20-May 1795

Ruth GARRETT buried 6-Jun 1795

Juliet GILES buried 18-Jun 1795

William SMITH buried 26-Jul 1795

Luke STEVENS son of John & Hannah buried 26-Jul 1795

Agness ?SAMWAYS of Yeovil buried 9-Aug 1795

Thomas READ senior buried 30-Aug 1795

Ann RIDOUT buried 28-Oct 1795

Mary BISHOP buried 24-Nov 1795

Matthew BROOK buried 29-Nov 1795

George DUNHAM son of Philip & Ruth buried 27-Dec 1795

? WESTLY Mrs mother of the Revd. WEST buried 29-Feb 1796

Mary READ buried ?1-Mar1796

Mary BROOKE buried 17-Mar1796

?Edmund SNOOK buried 14-Apr 1796

Joseph EDGAR buried 8-Jun 1796

William RIDOUT buried 23-Jun 1796

Peter RIDOUT son of John & Martha buried 10-Dec 1796

William DUNHAM son of Philip & Ruth buried 18-Dec 1796

Luke DENHAM son of Sampson & Sukey buried 18-Dec 1776

Ralph ?SWADRIDGE of Clifton buried 28-Dec 1796

David GARRET of Compton buried 12-Feb 1797

George STEVENS son of John & Hannah buried 26-Feb 1797

Jane WELLS Mrs of Yeovil buried ?-Apr 1797

Henry GILL son of Thomas & Mary buried 20-Apr 1796

Thomas RIDEOUT buried 17-Nov 1797

John BEER buried 4-Jan 798

George MASTERS buried 5-Jan 798

Betty WSTLY buried 7-Mar1798

Hannah STEVENS buried 1-Apr 1798

Lucy READ daughter of Thomas & Rose buried 1-Apr 1798

Susanna Rogers BICKNELL buried 19-Apr 1798

Agnes ?GORING buried 9-May 1798

Lazarus GILES buried 28-Sep 1798

Ann GARRETT buried 13-Jan 799

not given "buried"  3-Feb 1799

Joseph LONG base born son of ?Katherine buried 24-Feb 1799

William HODGES son of John & Mary buried 16-May 1799

James MASTERS buried 7-Jul 1799

William LOCKYER buried 6-Oct 1799

Elizabeth RIDOUT daughter of Jonas & Elizabeth buried ?8-Dec 1799

Hugh GRANGER son of George & Mary buried 29-Dec 1799

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