Bradford Abbas

Some 15th and 16th century Court Roll extracts
Dorset History Centre D/FOW/A32 - Fowler Notebook

Transcribed by Caryl Parsons
These notes were taken from one of the notebooks of Joseph Fowler, which are lodged at the Dorset History Centre (previously DRO).

Hundred Court Rolls at Dorchester

38-39 Hen vj
Bradford Tithingman presents-
Jn HAGARD have made default to this day ….?brewers and tapsters, false measures
Richard TONKER miller unjustly and excessively takes his toll
Henry SOMMER is sworn into the office of tithingman there
Dec 18 - Presents Jn VYNCENT brews and breaks ?
Jan 26 - Jn MOGERE ? of ale broken
Mch 11 - Wm TAILLOR broken assize
Ap 1 - Cecilia PRYNCE brews and broken assize
Thos PYLND brews and has broken assize of ale
Michael MILLEWARD miller unjustly and excessively takes his toll
Jul 9 - presents Will CALWAIN brews and broken assize
Jul 17 - Nich OLDYS brews and broken assize and he has a day for enquiry to be made concerning his [insult]

Edmund LANDON, Wm EXETUR, Wm RYNELL, Jn ?FRIDAY, Roger NETELTON make a fault, Richard OLDISE miller excessive toll, all brew and use unstamped vessels, tithingman fined for none-production
23 Feb - Wm TONKER broken assize of ale
16 Mar - Philip HAGARD broken assize
12 May - Wm SALUSBURY in default, Thos PILAR broken assize, all brewers used unstamped measures, Richard OLDIS miller excessive toll, tithingman in mercy because he did not produce the miller’s measures, Wm EXETER unjustly and against the King’s peace made attack on Will STOWFORD with j TRIFURCO?, and same Wm STOWFORD in defence of his body made attack on sd Will EXETER with ?J DAGGER/dagger
3 Aug - Agnas KINGE broken assize
14 Sept - Jn SAUNDER broken assize

Wm EXETER, Wm TAYLOR, Wm BLEWS make default; Wm RYNELL breaks assize, he and all others sell in false measures, Wm CRYSE miller excessive toll
31 Oct - Robt HOOPER broken assize
13 Feb - Wm EXETER unjustly and against the King’s peace made attack upon Hen VADERE
5 Mar - Hen SAUNDER broken assize
3 Jul - Robt HOOPER broken assize
23 Jul - Jn BANNE broken assize
4 Sep - Wm TONKER broken assize

The tithingman presents the whole tithing in mercy because they have not turned up with the tithingman there, Jurament excepted. And that Chas CRYSE, Hen TONKEY and Thos SENY make default, and that Chas CRYSE holds a watermill there and takes excessive toll, and that Chas MOGER is sworn into the office of tithingman there
6 May -  H GALYTEBERE common brewer broken assize of ale
27 May - Bradford pays no ?cart to the lord. Present Th PUNFOLD for brewing and breaking assize
16 Apr - Wm TAYLOR makes default
Johanna LONDON allows attriam partem [the other part] viz [clearly] ?vanell (could be a place name) in the east part of the same to be ?submerged to public harm – a day given to amend before 1st Pentecost under penalty of 20d and that the road ?Harinsial at [s]olgaston founder ? harmful – the whole tithing responsible for mending before 1st of Holy Trinity under penalty ¾ and that ?Thomas LANE [3d] refuse to sell ale by stamped vessels and that (‘the bailiff’ crossed out) Wm CRYSE [20d] holds a water mill and takes excessive toll
8 Apr - Thos LANE brews and broken assize
1 Jan - Brawling and fighting cum unobaculo nullis valore etc (?page torn off)
6 Nov Assize broken by Rich MAYSTER

Wm STEDARR, Wm EXCETER, Wm SALISBARY and Thos WHITHOUSE in default, Nich OLDISE miller takes excessive toll. All brewers and tapsters sell ale in false unsealed measures. The tithingman has not produced same.
Tuesday 19 Nov - Bradford has not elected their tithingman since Mich Lawday; they ought to have done so; but to special four men of their following…. Nevertheless… and they are ordered to choose and present name of said tithingman before next court.
11 Feb - Wm CALWAR brews and breaks assize
Monday ?.?.-  Tho CARTER brews and breaks assize

Wm ALYNS brews and breaks assize, Hy CRYSE [20d] mills and takes excess toll, Thos MASTER chosen tithingman and sworn. All brewers and tapsters use false unsealed measure. Tithngman does not produce
30 Oct - Bradford not there at all
As above through to and including March 25
Also 8 Apr – 23 September
30 Sept - Bradford with whole tithing, Wm SOMER in default, Wm MEADE elected and sworn tithingman
1 Apr - Bradford with whole tithing, Robt MASTER miler [20d], Wm MICHELL [6d?], Jn MASTER [6d?], Jasper MASTER [6d], Wm GIRDLER [6d], Jn READE [6d], in default

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