Bradford Abbas Parish

Papers available at the Dorset Record Office


All prefix PE/BRA, taken from list at D.R.O.


Bastardy Warrants CO1/

          1.      John WEBBER of Bradford Abbas, reputed father of the bastard of Ann MASTERS of Bradford Abbas 1808

  1. Samuel HUMPHRIES of Charlton, SOM & Mary BRAGGE of Piddletrenthide 1808

  2. Abraham SLADE of West Coker, SOM, & Joan MITCHEL of Bradford Abbas 1814

Lunacy Warrant CO2/

  1. Mark RING, carpenter of Bradford Abbas 1819

Warrants for the apprehension of deserters of dependants CO3/

  1. John BRAGG jun., carpenter of Bradford Abbas 1811

  2. John BRAGG jun., carpenter of Bradford Abbas 1817

Removal Orders to Bradford Abbas OV2/1/

  1. Henry WHIFFEN and Martha, his wife, from Leigh 1717/18

  2. Jane BOWDEN from Queen Camel, SOM 1719

  3. Samuel WHITE, widower, Joseph WHITE and his wife Jane, and Jane their daughter, from Dartford, KNT 1772

  4. John GARRETT, Sarah his wife, and Isaac, George, John and Simon, their children, from Thornford 1780

  5. Thomas WHITE sen., from Nether Compton 1784

  6. James BAKER, Susannah his wife, and James, Susannah, John and William, their children, from Preston Plucknet, SOM 1782

  7. Edward HARVEY and Mary, his child, from Trent 1787

  8. Jane EILS from Hermitage 1807

  9. Mary BRAGG, single-woman, from Wincanton, SOM 1808

  10. John BARTLETT and Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary Ann, Joseph, Benjamin and Robert, his children, from Mudford, SOM; with a receipt of money paid to John BARTLETT by the parish of Mudford 1808

  11. Elizabeth, the wife of James GARRETT, and Elizabeth, Silas and James, their children, from St John in the Sole, Winchester 1808

  12. Joan MITCHELL, single-woman from Yeovil 1814

  13. John WHITE, Martha his wife, and Sarah, Elizabeth, William, Benjamin and Mary, their children, from East Coker, SOM 1815

  14. Robert GARRETT, Mary his wife, and Annis, their daughter, from Nether Compton 1817

  15. William RIDOUT, Jane his wife, and William, their son, from Yeovil 1818

Removal Orders from Bradford Abbas OV2/2/

  1. Ruth BAKER and her female child to Winsley in Bradford on Avon, WILTS 1704

  2. Peter MASTERS, Jane his wife, and Peter, William, John and Elizabeth, their children, to Limington, SOM 1756

  3. Sarah HAWKINS, widow, to West Coker, SOM 1768

  4. Julia, the wife of Thomas GILES, to East Coker, SOM 1772

  5. William CHESTER, and Mary his wife, to East Coker, SOM 1784

  6. John DAVIS, Love his wife, and Hannah, Ann, Thomas and William, their children, to Yeovil 1786

  7. Richard FRAMPTON, Martha his wife, and Mary, their child, to Sheep Sutton, HANTS 1787

  8. Mary BRAKE and Martha, her child, to Yetminster 1809

  9. Sarah, wife of John Baker, to Trent 1811

  10. John SPENCER and Grace, his wife, to Marshwood  1811/6

  11. Thomas CONNOCK, Rebecca his wife, and Robert and Eliza, their children, to Yeovil 1817

  12. William COWARD, Sarah his wife, and Harriet, Mary Ann and Sarah, their children, to St James Poole            1817

  13. James KING, Elizabeth his wife, and William, Eliza and Ebenezar, their children, to Yeovil 1817

  14. John ABBOTT, Anne his wife, and Sarah, John, Harriet and Alice, their children, to Closworth, SOM 1818

  15. James BROOK, Jane his wife, and Matilda Jane, Robert, Abraham and Jane, their children, to Yeovil 1818

  16. Sarah TUCK, single-woman, to Nether Compton 1818

  17. George SAUNDERS, Mary his wife, and William, James and Sarah, their children, to ? 1822

  18. Philip DUNHAM to Clifton Maybank 1837

Settlement certificates OV2/3/

  1. Thomas GOLDRING of Leigh 1702

  2. William SCOTT of Sherborne 1702/3

  3. William MITCHEL, Elizabeth his wife, and William, John and Mary, their children of Hazelbury Bryan 1710

  4. Thomas SYMES, husbandman, Mary his wife, and Anne, their daughter, of Thornford 1713

  5. Haine HODGES of Over Compton 1713/4

  6. John YOUNG sen., of East Coker, SOM, and Alice his wife 1713/4

  7. William HILLARY of Nether Compton, linen weaver 1728

  8. William CASE, Mary his wife, and Elizabeth, their daughter, of East Coker, SOM 1731

  9. Samuel SLOCOMBE, Mary his wife, and John, Joseph and Thomas, their sons, of Long Sutton, SOM 1739/40

  10. Timothy STEPHENS, Sarah his wife, and John and Richard, their sons, of East Coker, SOM 1739/40

  11. Michael POOLE and Joan, his wife, of Dorchester St Peter 1740

Settlement Examinations OV2/4/

  1. James TOOP, labourer 1756

  2. John BRAGGE jun 1777

  3. Richard FRAMPTON 1784

Settlement Appeal OV2/5/

Notice of appeal by the parish of Trent against the removal of Sarah BRAKE to the parish of Trent 1812

Settlement Bonds OV2/6/

  1. Bond binding Elizabeth BYDE to the Overseers of  Bradford Abbas for the maintenance of Nicholas BYDE sen and Elizabeth BYDE, her parents 1701

Apprenticeship Indentures OV3/

  1. Apprenticeship indenture of John EASTON to John FRENCH, of Yeovil, Seavier 1706

  2. Apprenticeship indenture of John READ, alias BIDE, to William WEST of Chard, SOM, gent. 1739

  3. Apprenticeship indenture of William BARTLETT of Trent to William BRAGG of Bradford Abbas, carpenter. Endorsed “Indenture of John BARTLETT of Mudford” 1791

Bastardy Bonds OV4/1/

  1. Bond binding John HOBBE of Yeovil to the churchwardens of and overseers of Bradford Abbas for the maintenance of the nephew of Phillip COLLINS 1657

  2. Edward WHEDEN of [Yetminster], Richard MOORE and Thomas MOORE of Bradford Abbas, maintenance of the bastard of Joan EVANS 1699

  3. Samuel WHITE, maintenance of the bastard of Elizabeth PURSE of Clifton, SOM 1732

  4. Richard HAGGARD jun and Ann ARNOLD, maintenance of the bastard of Elizabeth LOSCOMBE 1739

  5. Mary TUCK, maintenance of the bastard of Grace TUCK 1749

  6. Overseers of Clifton Maybank, maintenance of the bastard of Mary CHANT 1753

  7. William GRIFFIN and Hugh GRIFFIN, of Barwick, SOM, maintenance of the bastard of Ruth GARRETT 1769

  8. Richard GUYER, butcher, maintenance of the bastard of Agnes READ 1786

  9. James STEVANS, of Piddletrenthide, labourer, maintenance of the bastard of Mary RYDOUT 1798


Bastardy Orders OV4/2/

  1. Order charging Richard HAGARD jun with the maintenance of the bastard of Elizabeth LOSCOMBE 1739

  2. Richard GILES, shoemaker, and Phoebe RIDOUT 1796

  3. Isaac ANDREWS of Stoke Abbot, labourer, and Elizabeth BRAGG 1806

  4. Edward SYMES and Ann MASTERS 1810

  5. Lazarus GILES and Hannah ISAAC 1817

  6. Benjamin BISHOP and Jane MITCHELL 1820

Bastardy Examinations OV4/3/

  1. Martha RIDOUT 1798

  2. Jane EILES 1807

Request of extraordinary relief OV5/

1. Request from the overseers of Mudford for relief to be paid by the overseers of Bradford Abbas for the sick wife and sister of Thomas BARTLETT 1820

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