Bradford Abbas

Instructions for Indictments – original books held at Dorset History Centre Q/Indictments
Transcribed by Caryl Parsons


pty – property lt – late psh - parish


Volume 1 1790-1821

Sherborne Sessions 3.5.1791

John HARVEY of Bradford Abbas Thatcher for stealing one foot of Oak Timber val 10d the pty of Mattw FOOKS at Bradford Abbas the 9 th ffebry last.

Wit: Mattw FOOKS ; James SHERRING ; John BARTAR ; Richard HAGGARD


Shaston Sessions 26.7.1791

William FOOKS of Bradford Abbas Yeoman for assault on John GRAINGER at Bradford Abbas the 21 st April last.



Bridport Sessions 2.10 1798

Richd HAGGARD of Bradford Abbas Yeoman for not Executg: his Office as Tythingman for the Tything of Bradford Abbas in the Hd: of Sherborne on the 25 th of July last at Bradford.



Bridport Sessions 5.10.1802

Wm BENNETT of Minterne Magna Yeoman for stealg 1 Quart of Cydder value 2d the pty of Charles WARR at Hermitage on the 27 th Aug last.

Test: Thomas BARTLETT ; Stephen BENNETT ; Wm PAULEY

Wm BENNETT of Mint Magna Yeoman, John CHANNING of same Labr, Roger BARTLETT of same Gamekeeper, John SHERRY of Cerne Abbas, Thomas SHERY of same place, George DOMINY of the same place Butcher, William DOMINY of the same place Butcher, William HELLIER of Bradford Abbas Mason, John DENMAN of Leweston Gkeeper and Rd JACKSON of Holnest Yeoman and divers other persons for Riot and Assualt. Chs WARR and (blank) his Wife on the 27 th Aug last at Hermitage.

Wit: the same witnesses

Wm BENNETT of Mint Magna Yeoman for Assaultg: Thomas BARTLETT on the 27 th day of August last at Hermitage.

Wit: the same witnesses


Blandford Sessions 11.1.1803

Hugh HAWKER of Bradford Abbas Butch: for stealg 1 lb wt of Beef value 4d and ½ lb of Sugar value 4d and 1 oz of Green Tea value 2d and 2 oz of Starch value ? pty of John PALMER of Mudford on the ? day of Oct at Sherborne.

Wit: John PALMER ; Isaac BISHOP ; Geo ? BURICH


Bridport Session 19.10.1819

A Highway leadg: from Bradford to Stoford Coun: Soms: beginning at a certain gate called Huish Gate and continuing from thence to a certain bridge called Stoford Bridge contg: 2160 yards and in breadth 10 ffeet sit: in the psh: of Clifton and that Clifton ought to repair.

Wit: Henry COLLINS of Yeovil Geatt


Abm BROOK of Bradford Abbas Yeoman, Chas NOTLEY of same Yeoman, Wm CRIDLAND of same Labr for rescuing a Quarter of Potatoes taken under a ?Distress for ?Reed in a ffield at Bradford Abbas on Sep (blank).

Wit: Chas HEBDITCH , James BRINE

Note: not preferred


Sherborne Session 11.4.1820

Philip LOSCOMBE of Bradford Abbas Carptr: for stealing one Fowling piece value 10d the pty of Isaac PARSONS at Nether Compton

Wit: Isaac PARSONS , John BATSON , Isaac ANDREWS


Volume 2 1822-1831

Mileage expenses allowed at 8d per miles.


Instructions for Indictments

In Felony:

Name of the Prisoner. Place of Residence. Calling. Parish or place where the Offence committed and when. Goods stolen, and value. The name of the Prosecutor. If property stolen be living, state price instead of value.


Name of Defendant. Place of Residence. Calling. Parish or place where the offence committed, on what Day. Name of the Prosecutor.


The Day when the Cattle was taken and Distrained and Impounded. State what Cattle. Whose Property. The Price or Value. What parish. Where doing Damage. The Name of the Deft: who broke the Pound. At which Parish the Pond is situate.


The Name of the Hayward or other person who Distrained the Cattle. The Day. Parish. What Cattle. Where feeding, name of Deft: Place of Residence. The day when rescued.

Forcible Entry:

Name of the Defendants. Day and Year. Entered into what. Possession of whom. State the premises correctly. If any Assault committed fill out the second count. If not obliterate that part.


If a Common Highway, Common Footway or Pack and Prime way – leading from, and to, when. The length and breadth in miles, furlongs, yards or feet. Whose right it is to repair. Whether the Parish time immemorially – or persons ?ratione, Tenure. If the latter the names of the Lands adjoining. The Parish Tything or place where situate.

Stealing Bank Notes:

The Description of the Notes if they can be ascertained. If otherwise it must be thus “One Bank Note for the Payment of One Pound (or as the case may be) and of the value of One Pound etc and then and these being the property of A.B. (the Prosecutor) the said sum of money secured thereby then remaining due and unsatisfied to the said A.B. to the Great Damage etc.


Allowances settled Michaelmas Quarter Session 1822:

Witnesses – 5d per day

Travelling expences 4d ye mile

Fees of Court are also allowed as Fees for Counsel

Conveying Prisoners from the place where they are committed to Gaol or House of Correction – if one, not to exceed 9d per mile, if more not to exceed 6d per mile

For each Prisoner's Subsistence while in Custody 1/6 per diem (this allowed only where Prisoners have no money)

Keeping Prisoners in Custody during the Night the same being absolutely necessary, not to exceed 3s per Night.

If a Guard or Assistant be specially ordered by the Committing Magistrate for the safe conveyance of one or more Prisoners the allowance for such a Guard or Assistant not to exceed 3s per Diem of 24 Hours.


Sherborne Session 8.4.1823

Rob: HAGGETT of Clifton Mabank Labr: for stealing Twenty Pounds Wt: of Hay value 1£ the pty of Rob: and Edw: PORTER on the 7 April at Clifton.



Blandford Session 11.1.1825

John PAVITT of Bradford Abbas Cordwainer, Absalom HOCKEY of the same place Carpenter, James HOCKEY of the same place Flax Dresser for stealing 10 lbs wt of Beef value £ the pty of Rob ANDREWS on the 21 Oct last at Bradford – 2 nd ?Count

The pty of ?R. PRATT .



Dorchester Session 10.1.1826

John PARSONS late of Bradford Abbas Labr for stealing 5 lbs wt of ?Brass value 10d the pty of Edwd THOMPSON , Thomas THOMPSON and Saml THOMPSON on the 10 Nov last at Bradford Abbas.

Wit: John Read, Luke BISHOP , William CHILDS , Ida KING


Dorchester Session 4.4.1826

?Wm CHEESMAN of Yetminster Labr for stealing 50 lbs wt of Mangle Wurzle value 10d the pty of The [Rev] Blakeley COOPER on the 2 nd ffeb at Yetminster.



Midsummer Session 10.7.1827

Dennis GARRETT of Bradford Abbas Thatcher for stealing 4 ?Barton Fowls price 2d the pty of William FOOKES on the 27 June at Bradford Abbas.

Wit: W. FOOKES , Hannah PERRIS , Jane BISHOP , John KING


Michaelmas Session 14.10.1828

Daniel EVANS of Bradford Abbas Labr and john ROBINS of the same place Labr for stealing a Brass Kettle value 3s the pty of Mary NEWMAN on the 22 nd Sept last at Bradford Abbas.

Wit: Mary NEWMAN , Luke NEWMAN , ?Ther: GARRETT , James READ , Henry TROWBRIDGE


Epiphany Session 13.1.1829

George BUGLAR late of Bradford Abbas for stealing a Quantity of Fagged Wood value 3d late pty of John BRIDGES

Wit: Danl: PAULEY

Note: Exp: alld £1.10s


Midsummer Session 14.7.1829

John KING late of the Psh of Bradford Abbas Labr for stealing one piece of Elm Timber value 5? The pty of Geo BRAGG on the ninth day of October last.

Wit: George BRAGG , George ANDREWS

Note: Exp alld 2.19


Michaelmas Sessions 19.10.1830

Joseph PARSONS of Bradford Abbas Labr for stealing a Saddle value 10s the pty of Wm FOOKS on the 9 th June at Bradford Abbas.



Volume 3 1831-1844

Fees for Indictments etc

For every Indictment for Felony 2s

If 2 Counts 6s 8d

If 3 or more ¾ each count

For Order of Court 1s Prosecution and 6d each Witness

Mileage as before

Labourers not exceeding 3s 6d

Journeymen not exceeding 4s

Tradesmen, Yeoman and Farmers not exceeding 5s

Merchants, Attorneys and others not exceeding 5s

Auctioneers and Accountants nor exceeding 7s

Gentl:, Merchant Bankers, Officers of the Army or Navy not exceeding 10s

Professional Men namely Medical Men, Surveyors and Attorneys a sum not exceeding One Pound

Females according to their Station in Life from 3 to 7s

No Constable to be allowed in more than one Prosecution.

Order of Christmas Sessions 2 nd January 1838


Christmas Sessions 3.1.1832

? HOCKEY of Bradford Abbas Labr, George HELLYAR same place Labr and George NEWMAN same place Labr for a riot at Sherborne on the 20 October.



Easter Session 7.4.1835

Wm KING late of Bradford Abbas Labr and Eliz CHILDS wife of Wm CHILDS of the same place Labr for stealing a quantity of Wood ?40lbs wt value 6d lt pty of John ?Gristock CAINES on the 10 January.

Wit: John Gristock CAINES , Wm CRIDLAND , John STEPHENS


Easter Sessions 5.4.1836

William GILLMORE for assaulting Mary GARRETT on the 23 rd day of January last at Bradford Abbas.

Wit: Mary GARRETT , James CHANT , John GARRETT


Michaelmas Sessions 18.10.1836

Wm SCOTT late of the parish of Bradford Abbas Baker for Embezzling the sum of 5s on the 1 st Dec 1835, 2 nd 11 January 1836 the sum of 5s and on the 29 ffeb 1836 the monies of Isaac ABBOTT of Bradford Abbas Miller and Baker.

Wit: Isaac ANDREWS , ?Jemima ? HEADS ----


Easter Sessions 4.4.1837

James WOODSFORD the Younger late of Clifton Mabank for stealing one ?pare of ?plates value 3s lt pty of Samuel CAYNES on the 10 Feby last at Clifton.

Wit: Saml CAYNES , Charles CAYNES , ?Danl PAULEY , Edwd ? PATTEN ?Constble


Midsummer Sessions 27 th June 1837

Wm: KING of Bradford Abbas Labr: for stealing nine pounds W: [?weight] of Cheese val: 2s the pty of Wm: CRIDLAND on the 6 th of June at Bradford Abbas.

Wit: Wm CRIDLAND , John PARSONS , Joseph PARSONS , Andrew READ , Peter Ridout


Michaelmas Sessions 16.10.1838

George HIGGINS late of the psh of Bradford Abbas Labr for stealing two Stickes of Wheat val 5s the pty of Abraham BROOK on the 10 Sept at Bradford Abbas



Michaelmas Sessions 19.10.1841

Geo DUNFORD late of the psh of Bradford Abbas Labourer and Jane WILLIS late of the same place Singlewoman for stealing from the Dwelling house of one Abraham BROOK one Tea Caddy Val 6d one Silver Table Spoon Val 2s one Silver Tea Spoon Val 6d three plated Tea Spoons Val 3d two Knives Val 3d two ?forks Val 2d one Shaving Box Val 6d One Razor Val 6d one Prayer Book Val 1s one pair of leather Gloves Val 1s and 3 pieces of Household ? [ blank lbs weight of Cheese crossed through] Val 2s on the 2 nd Oct at Bradford Abbas

Wit: Abraham BROOK , Susannah BROOK , James BELBEN


Same Prisoners for stealing one Diaper Napkin Val 4d two Calico Napkins Val 4d [one piece of Cheese Cloth val blank crossed through] and one pair of Pattens val 10d the pty of Benjamin CARTER at Bradford Abbas on the 3 rd Oct

Wit: Benjamin CARTER , Harriet BARTER , James BELBEN


George DUNFORD late of the psh of Bradford Abbas Labr for stealing one Hat Val one Shilling the pty of Benjamin WHITE on the 20 of Sept last at Bradford Abbas

Wit: Benjamin WHITE , John PARSONS , James BELBEN


Midsummer Sessions 27.6.1843

Joseph ? CABE late of the psh of Clifton Mabank Labourer for stealing One Shirt Val 5s and one Neckerchief Val 6d the pty of William POLLARD on the 22 nd June at Clifton Mabank ?Former Conviction

Wit: William POLLARD , Margaret POLLARD , Robert POLLARD , Jacob ? SHERTES , William ? RAYAVLETT , Robert SINITT , Lula BISHOP


Volume 4 1844-1853 [not all quarter session entries seem to be complete]

Michaelmas Sessions 20.10.1846

Edward HARE of Bradford Abbas Labr for stealing on 15 th Aug last one pair of ?Steelyards of val of 2/- and one ?Shap/Strap Skinner val 1/- the pty of William CROCKER at sd parish



Midsummer Sessions 3.7.1849

Charles HODGES late of Bradford Abbas Labr for stealing on the ?1 st June last 36lbs weight of ?lead of the value 9s the pty of the Revd Robert GRANT

Wit: Peter RIDOUT , Cath REEVES , Wm Quenton, Geo PLOMER


Epiphany Sessions 4.1.1853

Jno GILLHAM (a Servant) for stealing on 10 th Dec one Bushel of Barley the pty of ?Ernest BAKER at Bradford Abbas

Wit: Ernest BAKER , Jasper ? FONES , Thos PATCH , Sarah DOWNTON


George READ for stealing on 20 th Nov one Bundle of Reed the pty of Jno SHERRING at Bradford Abbas



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