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Extracts from Quaker/Society of Friends original material at Dorset History Centre (DRO)

Note: ‘sufferings’ were goods seized when payments of church taxes/tithes were refused.


NQ1/A20 Certificates of Enrolment of Meeting Houses

(May relate to a later family Gundry in Bradford Abbas)


Whereas upon a certificate brought into this ? that the house of Mary Gundry of Evershott in this County widow was designed to be sett apart for the worship of God by the Congregation of Dissenting Protestants called Quakers and desiring the same may be entered amongst the ?Board of this Co? This Court doth thereupon record the forme and the forme is hereby ?accorded.


Others in this bundle of documents –

Job Hills for his house to be used for worship, ?Ryme Intrinseca 1702; Ann Seymor’s house, Marnhull; two for Thomas King of Shaston 1706; Samuel Beaton of Lower Compton 1710 (Beaton family also referred to as of Bradford); Richard ffry of Sherborne, cordwinder; Edward Bound of Whitfield, parish of Lillington.


NQ1/F1 Minutes from the Monthly Meeting, Sherborne 1728-1738

20th of 6th month 1728

Attended by Samuel Beaton sen of Bradford

Other months list Samuel Beaton jun and sen


18th 3rd month 1731/2

Attended by Job Hill and Mary Beaton of Bradford Abbas


19th 10th month 1732

Held at Samuel Beaton’s house at Nether Compton

Of Bradford Samuel Beaton and Job Hill

This meeting ?subscribes for 3 of friends sufferings of  frinds from ye years of 1650-1660.

Sume sufferings of Samuel Beaton to ye value of 5s

Collecetd at this meeting 2s 3d wch is Left In ye hand of Job Hill


16th 2nd month 1734

Notes death of Saml. Beaton’s father (?and son) Confusing entry

From our Meeting held in Sherburne this 16 of ye 2d. mo. 1734 too all whoame it may Concern these

Whereas by Information it Appears yt Joseph Masters of Bradford Abbis has be Educated in the profeshieon of relidgeion with us the peopole called Quakers and have from his youth upp frequentes our Meetings for which Reason hee have ben and may yeat by sum bee repeuted and taken as a membr. Of our Soecietty but soe It is yt notwithstanding his sd. Education and profeshieon hee the sd. Jos. Masters have given great ?occation ? ?stand all by his Evill Conduct with his Servant and have Brt. Grt. Raproash and Shame upon himself and the profeshieon hee was ?undr. wee therefore for the reason Above declaire the sd. Joseph Masters out of the fellowship with us have noe relidgeious Comuneon with ? psons of such known scandalous Conversatieon as Appears hee has been Guilty of prayeing yt hee may come undr. Judgemnt and godly Sorrow and see himself yt soe by unfeigned repentance for his folly hee may be restored into fellowship with god and unity with his peopell

Signed in and on Behalf of ye meeting

William Rawes (of Sherborne)


? 2nd month 1734

Att this meeting has been Read A few Lines as Testamoney Against Jos. Masters of Bradford signed by Wm. Raws A Coppey of which is dissierd to be Delivered to ye sd. Joseph Masters by Thos. Sturmey and yt hee give an account theirof too our next Meeting


20th 6th month 1734

Present William Rawes; Thomas Turmey/Sturmey; Mary Beaton; Arthur Gundry

A Testimoney against Joseph Masters was delivered unto him by Thos. ?Turmey and ye said Joseph Gave him but Little or no Answer to it the testimony was Read out at Shirborn Meeting


16th 9th month 1736

Arthur son of Arthur and Ann Gundry of Bradford Abbis born 27 Aug 1736


19th 5th month 1737

Ann wife of Arthur Gundry died 13 May 1737


1737 from list of Sufferings

Great Tythes

John Creese and Ambrose Ridout Servants to Michael Harvey Esquire Impropriator of the great Tythes of Bradford Abbas and Clifton came at several times in harvest time 1737 into ye fields of Arthur Gundry of Bradford Abbas and took for the use of the said Michael Harvey

Out of 4 Acres of Wheat to ye Value of                              1.2.0

Out of 9 Acres of Pease to ye Value of                              0.16.0

Out of 15 Acres of Barley to ye Value of                            3.5.0

                                                                       Total                 5.3.0

The abovesaid Michael Harveys Servants came also into the field of

Jonah Thompson in Harvest time the same year and took thence

Out of 2 Acres of Wheat to ye Value of                              0.12.0

Small Tythes

Demanded of Arthur Gundry of Bradford Abbas by Wm. Preston priest of Bradford Abbas and Clifton for Tythe of Hay Wooll and apples        1.1.0

Costs granted by Wm. Freake and Thos Medlicott Justices     0.3.0

For which by Warrant under the hands of the said Justices dated the 21st of ye 2 month 1737 was distrained and taken for the use of the said Wm. Preston by

Wm. Brook Tythingman of Bradford Abbas

9 Bushels of Beans worth                                                    1.11.6

Demanded of Jonah Thompson of Lower Compton for Tythe

2 Acres of hay growing in Bradford Abbas by ye sd.

Wm. Preston                                                                                    0.2.8

Costs granted by the said Justices                                     0.3.0

For which by Warrant under the hands of the above sd. Justices dated as above was distrained and taken by James Sugg Tythingman of Lower Compton for the use of the said Wm. Preston the 23rd of 2nd month 1737 in Malt to the Value of 5s 8d



John Creese and Ambros Ridout Servants to Michael Harvey Esquire Impropriator of the Great Tythes of Bradford Abbas came at several times in Harvest time into the Fields of Arthur Gundry of the said Parish and took thence for the use of the said Michael Harvey

Out of 18 Acres of Wheat to the Value of                                   4.12.6

Out of 13 Acres of Barley to the Value of                           2.12.0

Out of 4 Acres of Pease to the Value of                             0.16.0

                                                               Total                         8.00.6

The abovesaid Michael Harveys Servants came also the same year 1738 into the Fields of Jonah Thompson in Bradford Abbas in Harvest time and took thence for the use of the said Michael Harvey

Out of 2 Acres of Barley to the Value of                             0.13.0

Small Tythes

Demanded of Arthur Gundry of Bradford Abbas by Wm. Preston priest of the said place for the Tythe of Hay Wool Lambs and apples                      1.15.2

Costs granted by Wm. and Thos Freake Justices of the place  6s

?For which by Warrant and under the hands of the said Justices dated April 13 1738 was distrained and taken from the said Arthur Gundry for the use of the said

Wm. Preston by Robert Evans Tythingman the 15th of ye same month

16 Bushels one Peck and a half of Barley worth at 2s 6d p. B.   2.1.10


NQ1/F2 Minutes of Monthly Meetings, Sherborne 1739-1754

17th 5 month 1739

Meeting held at Bradford

Arthur Gundry of Bradford Abbas proposed to this meeting his Intentions of Marriage with Sarah Bagg daughter of Thomas Bagg late of Bridport dceas’d and produced a certificate under her hand signifying her Consent to and approbation of his said proposal Now nothing appearing but that the said Arthur Gundry’s proceeding in relation to this affair hath been thus far orderly his said proposal is taken notice of as a first presentation and Jonah Thompson and William Raws are appointed to enquire into the clearness and Conversation of the said Arthur and to bring their Account how they find Matters to our next Meeting


21st 6 month 1739

Arthur Gundry has Signified to this Meeting the continuance of his Intention of Marriage with Sarah Bagg and requests our certificate to the Mens Monthly Meeting at Lime relating to his clearness and Conversation and on Enquiry we find not but that he is clear from all others in relation to Marriage and of an orderly Conversation; wherefore a Certificate is granted accordingly.


18th 12 month 1739

Mentions Sarah Gundry wife of Arthur Gundry to enquire into Clearness and Conversation of Betty Raws (intention to marry Josiah Seymer son of

John Seymer of Marnhull)


17th 1 month 1740

Present at meeting – Wm. Raws; Arthur Gundry (seems to act as treasurer);

Lewis Norman; Jonah Thompson

Elizabeth Master of Bradford Abbas dyed the 20th day of ye 9th last

Robert Master her son dyed the 9th of the 11th month of wch. An Account is desired to be carried to our next Quarterly Meeting



Sufferings Brought in are as follows –

Great Tythes

John Creese Servant to Michael Harvey Esquire came at Harvest time to the fields of Arthur Gundry of Bradford Abbas and took thence

Out of 12 Acres abnd a half of Wheat Value                                  7.10.0

Out of 12 Acres of Barley                                                     5.12.6

Out of 5 Acres of Pease                                                       2.6.0

Out of 2 Acres of Beans                                                       0.6.0

Small Tythes

Taken from the said Arthur by Thos. Fooks Constable the 10th of the 3rd Month 1740 by Warrant under the hands of Thos. Freke and Thos. Medlycott Justices dated April 15th for the use of Wm Preston Vicar of Bradford Abbas and for a demand of 1.8.4 and 3s Costs

Wheat to the Value of                                                                       1.1.4

Taken from Jonah Thompson of Nether Compton…      2.4.0


15th 1 month 1741

Arthur Gundry the alone sufferer on Acct of Tithes this year being absent and no Acct. of his suffering bro’ here Jonah Thompson is desired to get said Arthur’s Sufferings and put the same in order to be carried to our next Qrly. Meeting


20th 10 month 1743

Meeting held at Sherburn

Friends present Wm. Raws; Arthur Gundry; Nathaniel Tilly; Jonah Thompson

Peter Masters senr of Bradford came to this Meeting and requested some assistance he being out of work. Arthur Gundry is desired to allow him 1s p. week to be repaid by this Meeting till such time as he get into Work again or be able to subsist without it.


12th 12 month 1743

Arthur Gundry gives Account he has paid Peter Masters 8s since the time this meeting desired him to allow him 1s p. week and that there is still need to continue his Care in yt respect.


10th 4 month 1744

Arthur Gundry who from henceforth is appointed Cashier to this Meeting…

Notes Wm Raws growing old and not so capable as formerly, previous Cashier


14th 8 month 1744

A Complaint being brot. To this Meeting that Joan Masters Wife of Peter Masters of Bradford (reputed one of our Society) has for some time been guilty of frequent drinking to excess and otherwise imprudent in her Conduct this Meeting therefore appoints Nathanael Tilly and jonah Thompson to visit the said Joan and make report to our next Meeting.


9th 10 month 1744

The Friends appointed to visit Joan Masters and give Acct. she acknowledges she has for some time past been too often guilty of drinking to Excess acknowledges friends Care over her Seems thankful for the Advice given and gives some Ground by promises to hope for More Care for time to come.


15th 4 month 1745

Peter Masters                       9s

Sarah Ryal                8s


9th 12 month 1745

Peter Masters                       4s

Sarah Ryal                4s


8th 9 month 1747

Sarah Ryal    requests addition of 6d per week under consideration of her Age and Infirmity – allowed


10th 11th month 1747

Peter Masters                       9s

Sarah Ryal                12s


10th 5 month 1748

Peter Masters funeral Expenses who dyed 3rd mo the 9th last

Rec’d of Saml. Foot 30 being the Sum said to be decreed in Chancery on

Sarah Ryal’s bond assigned to us


11th 10 month 1748

Arthur Gundry of Bradford Abbas dyed the 16th of 9ber last


11th 1 month 1749

Our friend Jonah Thompson has now intimated his inclination to visit friends in America and requests our Certificate which accordingly drawn and signed in this meeting.


14th 6 month 1752

Disbursed towards the relief of a poor man at Bradford since last meeting      14s

Sarah Ryal to have 8s p. month


12th 7 month 1752

To a poor man at Bradford 4s


NQ1/F3 Minutes of the Monthly Meeting, Sherborne 1754-1766

March 1755

Monthly Meeting held at Sherborne

James Clothier Junr. Of Streat having appeared at this Meeting and signified his Intention of Marriage with Ann Gundry of Bradford Abbas Ann Gundry being here Present and Joyning with the said Proposal of the said James Clothier also having produced a Certificate from the Mens Meeting in Streat in Sumerset sined by his Father and her Guardian with other friends Importing that he is a young Man of Sober and orderly Conversation and free from any engagement relating to Marriage this Meeting therefore take Notice of the said proposal as first presentation and appoint Mary Thompson Hannah Rawes to enquire into her Conversation and Clearness of the said Ann Gundry and give Account to our next Meeting.


13th 4 month 1755

Intention of Marriage published at Meeting….this meeting leaves them to there Liberty to Accomplishe there said intention of Marriage having regard to the good order Established amongst Friends and appoint Robt. Ring and William Rawes to attend there said Marriage and give acct. therof to our next Meeting.


11th 5 month 1755

Robt. Ring and Wm. Rawes Attended ye Marriage between James Clothier and

Ann Gundry ye Marriage being Solemnized ye 7th of 5th month at our Meeting house at Sherborne the Frds. That was appointed to attend ye Marriage Reports that good Order was kept.


NQ1/F9 Letters and Certificates


From our Monthly held in Sherborne the 11th of the 11 month 1759

To Friends of Taunton Monthly Meeting in the County of Somerset

Dear Friends

Our Friend Sarah Gundry having removed within the Compass of your meeting Requested our Certificate. This may certify you that upon Enquiry we found she to be of Sober and orderly Conversation and ? recommend she to your friendly notice

(not signed)


18th 11 month 1759

Sarah Gundry late of Bradford have sent to this Meeting desireing a Citificate to be sent to the Monthly Meeting at Taunton which is signed on behalf of our Monthly Meeting and Likewise Wm. Rawes is desired to draw up our Next Quarterly Meeting Queries.


NQ1/F11/1 Testimonies of Denial


Whereas Samuel Osmond of Bradford by his Education and sometimes attending our Meetings was reputed one of our Society But for want of duly regarding the Principle he seem’d to make a profession of has fallen into Measures or Practices inconsistent therewith and at length absconded in a very dishonourable Manner in Order to defraud his Creditors of their just dues And the Labour of love we have bestowed upon him not having the desired Effect We think ourselves abliged in order to clear ourselves of the just Imputation of allowing such Practices in any of our Members (as drinking to excess, disregarding his promises Marrying out of the Society defrauding his Creditors which the said Samuel has been too apparently guilty of) To testify in this publick manner that we can have no Unity with the said Samuel nor acknowledge him a Member of out Society till by unfeigned Repentance he come to amendment of Life which is what we sincerely desire

Signed in and by Order of our Monthly Meeting held at Sherburn this 14th day of the second Month 1761 by

Josiah Seymer                     William Rawes junr Robert Ring  Jonah Thompson


NQ1/F9 Letters and Certificates

From the Monthly Meeting of Friends had in Burlington in New Jersey the third of the fifth month 1762

Dear Friends

Our Friend William Master being about to remove to settle with you, These are to acquaint you that his conversation hath been orderly, His attendance on meetings for Worship and Business diligent, and that he leaves us as far as we can find clear of marriage engagements and incumbrances respecting his outstanding affairs. We recommend him to your Christian care and notice and very affectionately subscribe

Your Friends and Brethren

Signed in and on behalf of the meeting aforesaid by

Peter Fearn   John Hopkins           Danl. Smith ?ye jun Joseph ?Buzby       

Josiah White Solomon Ridgway   ?Machariah Antrim Ebnezar ?Mott

Aaron Wills   John ?Halkinson     Josiah Foster           John Bul/tcher

John Woolman        Edward Cathrall       Saml. Smith  Joseph Burr

As/fher Woolman     Peter Harvey            Henry Burr    Will Hage


3 mo. 2d 1763

Respected Cousin)

Wm. Raws………)

Thine of last mo. 14 came to Hand, I Return thee my acknowledgements for thy kindness. Propos’d ?therein, of making farther Application to my Creditors, on my Behalf. I thinck its generally known, that Repeated applications was made to them, before I went to America, But to no Effect. One thing I’d observe, when Obliged to Leave my Family I was offered an Imploy at Wilton, near Salisbury, by the Proprietors of the Carpet Factory there, they agreed to give me 50 p Annum Sallery, and my Expences discharged when abroad in there Business, and a Home Rents free for the Accomodation of my family. But my Liberty to Act couldn’t be ostablished, so lost the advantage I mout have Reaped. Wherefore any Farther application will be (I have cause to think) a loss of time and in Vain. What thee mentions, as the Sentyments of the Meeting, in Regard to my Creditors, have set forth in my former the Loss sustained, and thereby my Incapacity of satisfying them at present. But I hope my Friends have so much Charity, as to thinck my Views in Returning to America, isn’t to take Advantage of my Credit: but for the Security of my Liberty. If as propos’d a Handsom maintenace out of the Estate is to be allowed me here, what difference is it to my Creditors where I Live in England or America. What is Observed of my having no Prospect of Business on my Return to America, shud be very sorry if that was the Case, I have several things in View, and don’t dought of Business or Assistance from my Friends there, and Probably may Alter my Condition in Life (as I have a copy hold Estate) with a Friend for whome I have a Regard. My Intention is to leave a power of Atorney to my Cousin James Clothier, and thee if thout please to favour me with the Acceptance thereof, to Impower you to Receive the Rents of the Estate, the Net proceed whereof to be Divided betwixt me and my Creditors as above sd. And if its ever in my power to make my Creditors farther Satisfaction – This have Briefly communicated my Sentiments to those, desiring thee to present this to your next mo. Meeting, which I hope will satisfie thee and the meeting. And renew my Request to the Meeting for a Certificate, there is one Vessel Sailed and two more enter’d out which exspect will Sail soon, And what if I say in the Language of Abrahams servant, hinder me not for I long to be freed from the Inquietude of mind am under here, and to be with my Dear Children, Relaions and Frineds in America, wouldn’t Misl…(part of page torn) words. But conclude with kiend and Sincere Love to Friends of ye Meeting, and ….to thee and thy Wife, wishing your Welfare in the Best Respects the Affectient:…

Wm. Master


12th 2 month 1764

A Letter from William Master requesting a Cert. For himself directed to Friends at Burlington in West Jersey and one for his Son Robert and Daughter Agnes who we supose are already settled in or near Philadelphia was read in this Meeting and a Cert. Was signed here accordingly for his two Children and delivered to William Raws to be sent to James Clothier to be forwarded. William Raws is also desired to enquire what provision said William has made to satisfie his Creditors and bring account to our next Meeting.


NQ1/F9 Letters and Cerificates

To Wm Rawes in Sherbourne

For Robrt. Ring at Bradford

To the Monthly Meeting of Friends at Sherbourne Dorst.

Dear Friends

Whereas I Entend to Return to America and as am Inform’d of Vessels Bound to that Country soon. I Request a Certificate from You, To the Monthly meeting of Fiends at Burlington in West New Jersey (from whence I had a Certificate to your Meeting) I applied som time. Since, by my Cousin Jams. Clothier, to your Meeting for a Certificate on the Behalf of my Son Robert, and my Daughter Agness, and he by Letter Informed me, that had made Application to the Meeting, and that the Meeting agreed to the sending a Certificate, But if sent it never came to Hand, I Therefore now Renew my Application on my Son and Daughter Behalf. Am under no Engagement relateing to Marriage, as to my Conduct since I came to England, you may make Enquirey where have Resided, which is known to some of the Meeting. Expect a Vessel Readey the later part of next month. With kiend and sincere Love to you, I bid you Farwell, and Remain your

Affectionate ffrnd.

Willm. Master

1 mo. 31st 1764


11th 3 month 1764

William Raws brot. To this Meeting a Letter from William Master which is not Satisfactory. Wm. Raws  is therefore desired to speak with James Clothier on the subject and report to our next.


NQ1/F9 Letters and Certificates

?mo. 31st 1764 Esteem’d ffriend

Robt. Ring

With acknowledgements for the good Offices thou hast done me, have one favour more to request ove thee, That thou present the Enclos’e to the Monthly Meeting next at Sherbourne. For as my Affaires are Circunstanced here, am With the permission of Providence, determined to Return to America. Shud have chosen to have spent the Remainder of my Days with you, but its well known to thee, that cannot be Obtained, for notwithstanding Jno. Knights faire words, he took out a Writ against me as have been Criditable inform’d – have examined the Accts. And after correcting Som Errors in them, there is great loss sustained by keeping the Estates in Hand I wouldn’t reflect on the Dead, or Living, but am Sorry notwithstanding my Repeated writing, to Inspect into the Affaire, it was not don, and things put on a Better Footing. The estates as now Let Viz 48 p Annum, after Deducting Taxes and other Costs, which on an Average Charged @ 13 p Annum

Viz the Estate Lete at Michms. 1753 to Ditto 1763 Ten Years @ 48 p          480.0.0

Deduct the Disbursment for 10 years @ 13 Amounts to                                 130.0.0

By Leting the Estates it would have Cleared                                                        350.0.0

Have examined and don’t find for Clothing and maintainance)

the Expence of sending two of my Children to America don’t)

Amount to, But Charge for it                                                           )                       50.0.0

By Profit and Loss                                                                                        300.0.0

Have seen my Brothers Inventory Taken and Appraised by Wm. Read and

Eprm. Westley (that is of his Stock and Goods and his Estate Included in its) which the amount of, was more then Equal to all his Depts, of which have a List. Thou may lay this before the Metting if thou thinck proper fore the friends perusal, and also Inform them of the proposal I made to …Knight and Others, as thou was personally with me. Robert I thinck I shall see thy Face no more for never Entend to come aney more to Bradford, and hereby take my Leave of thee Wishing thy Welfare in the Best Respects, am with Kiend and Sincere Love to thee, thy Affectionate


Willm. Master

P: I pleas to Inform Jno. ?Teeney that I would have him Bring the last years Accts. With all Expedition as there is a Necessity for it, as have no time to Loose, my Love to him and Daughter

W. M.


25th 6 mo. 1764

Respected Cousin

Willm. Rawes

Thine of the 11th Instant came to Hand, by which Thou informs, what Wrote thee was not Satisfactory to the Meeting, as I didn’t set forth the full sum am Indepted to each particular Creditr. (Principal money as Apprehend) I sent the Names and Residence of my three Principal Credts. But had no thought of Affixing the Respective sums am Indepted to Each of sd. Three mentioned, it being Natural to thinck, on Aplication being made to them, they would Redaly Inform what there Demands are on me – in regard to the Remote Credits., which are three, my Reson for not mentioning there Names was, that if the near ones Shudnt agree to my Proposal, it would answer no End to apply to or seek after the Remotes. But if the … Credts. Agree to whats propos’d, it’s Resonable to hope the lesser wont stand ?out. By what thee writ, Apprehend the Sentiments of the Meeting was, That I thought on the Death of either of sd. three, or all, or any of my Credts., there Securities became Null and Void. such a Thing never entred my Thoughts, for Ignorant as I am of Law, I know Bonds Includes not only the person Bound, but his Heirs, Exects. And Adminstrs.. And Exstend to the Heirs, Exects. And Admintr. to whome a Bond is given – As to the Existance of the sd. three Credts. not formerly mentioned I cannot Inform, one of them I know is Dead, whether the other two are Living ar where Reside I know not; But be that as it may, undoughtly there is som or other left Intitled to there Interest, or what they left behind them and its my full purpose they shall be paid there proportional share, as proposed according to there Demands on me, and as above sd. If the greater agree the other must be Enquiered after. Have Subjoyned the Nmaes, and set the sums of the three formerly mentioned, and also what is the principal due to the other three. this I hope is suffitiently Explicit, and will be Satisfactory to the Meeting, am with kiend Love to Thee and thy Wife thy A…

?Frand and Cousin

Wm. Master

---- Noakes of Rimpton       50

Wid. Rawlings of Stoford    40

Jno. Knight Closworth         20


The three Remote

To 1st                                      10

To 2nd                                     10

To 3rd                                      10


N.B. The wd. Rawlings Bond is for 50 But her Husband made Seisure of my Goods and Sold to the amount of 10 – and am not certain where one of the 3 isnt 12 the Bond being for 20, I pd. Part of the principal, but how much cant Remember its being more than a years since.


NQ1/F9 Letters and Certificates


To Friends at the Monthly Meeting of Sherborn in the County of Dorsett

Dear Friends

Being informed that William Masters is removed from us within the Compass of your meeting where he was lately recommended from we.

Therefore this is to certify you that he was of an Orderly Conversation while with us often Frequenting the meeting of worship that he belong to, And desiring his Establishment in that which will never fade we recommend him to your Brotherly Care, and with Salutation of Love we remain your Friends and Brethren,

Signed in and by the Order of the said meeting held at Somerton for the South Division the 28 day 6 mo. 1770

By Samuel Isaac j.

Clerk to the said meeting                                                                           


NQ1/R1 Lease Arthur Gundry/Ephriam Westley 1775

Mr Arthur Gundry to Ephriam Westley Lease of a Tenement called New Lease in the Parish of Bradford Abbas in the County of Dorset for 7 years from Ladyday 1775

Yearly Rent 73.0.0

This Indenture made this Twenty first day of November in the Year of our Lord One Thousand and seven hundred and seventy four Between Arthur Gundry of ?Wollington in the County of Somerset, shopkeeper, of the one part and Ephriam Westley of Bradford Abbas in the County of Dorset, Yeoman, of the other part… all that Messuage or Tenement and Dwelling House and ye several Closes…. Parts of said Meadow and Pasture thereunto belonging containing together in the whole by Estimation Seventy two Acres or thereabouts….

Gives detailed instructions on husbandry including double digging, parings and trimmings of Maiden Trees, making hedges, and the need to dig ditches.


NQ1/F9 Letters and Certificates


To the Monthly Meeting of Friends held at Sherbourn in Dorsetshire in Great Brittain

Dear friends

These may inform you that application was made to us for our Certificate on behalf of Robert Master (son of William Master) who hath returned to Reside among you. We therefore acquaint you that during his Residence among us he frequently attended our religious Meetings for divine Worship, and left us as far as appears clear of Engagements in respect to Marriage, and hath settled his outward affairs, and continuing to have Right of Membership, we recommend him to your Friendly Care and Religious Oversight.

With desires for his Welfare we Conclude your loving Friends

Signed in and on behalf of our Monthly Meeting held at Burlington New Jersey in America this third day of the 7 mo. 1775

Saml. Allinson         Benjamin Jones      John Harvey David Ridgway

Sam: Shinn  Aaron Smith Thos. Bunting                      Solomon Ridgway

Joseph ?Buyly                     Josiah White Peter Worrall                        John Hoskins

Rob. Smith    Danl. Smith   ?Asher Woolman    Benj. Swett

Caleb Carr


4 (day) 2 mo. 1784

Certificate on behalf of Francis King lately settled at Bradford, from Somerton


11 (day) 6 mo 1786

To Bridport

Certificate for Francis King, wife Catherine and children John and Ann (now infants) being removed from Great Canford, now residing at Bridport.


NQ1/J34 Quaker Sufferings 1793-1836


name; reason; demand; charges; claimant; name of constable; warrant signed by; articles take; value; notes


6th mo 1793

Thos. Thompson, Nether Compton; tithes; 4.14.0; 10s; Francis Abbott, tithe farmer; George Beaton, tithingman; Wm. Toogood, George Hutchings; malt; 6.0.0


Abt 6th mo 1794

Thos. Thompson; tithes; 5.10.0; 10s; Francis Abbott; Thos. Eastment, tithingman;

Wm. Toogood, George Hutchings; malt; 6.7.6


17 of 12 mo 1795

Thos. Thompson; tithes; 8.0.6; 7s; Francis Abbott; John Hillary, tithingman;

Wm. Toogood, George Hutchings; malt; 9.0.0


8th mo ?1796

Thos. Thompson; tithes; 6.11.0; 7s; Francis Abbott; John Hillary, tithingman;

Wm. Toogood; ,alt; 7.9.0


6th mo 1797

Thos. Thompson; tithes; 9.6.0; 7s; Francis Abbott; John Fever, tithingman;

Wm. Toogood; malt; 11.4.0


22(nd) 4th mo 1799

Thos. Thompson; tithes; 5.15.6; Francis Abbott; John Fever, tithingman;

Wm. Toogood; malt; 7.4.6; no returns


23. 11 mo 1805

Thos. Thompson; tithes; 26.0.0; 1.4.0; Thos Sherren; Thos. Hull, tithingman;

Nath. Bristed, Wm. Toogood; malt above that value; 27.4.0; no return


18. 6 mo 1808

Thos. Thompson; tithes 1805 & 1806; 28.14.0; 2.13.0; Thos. Sherren;

Jn. Toogood; Wm. Toogood; 20 sheep; 37.17.6; 6.10.6 returned


4. 4 mo 1811

Thos. Thompson; tithes; 14.1.6; 16s; Thos. Sherrin; John Toogood;

Wm. Toogood; sheep; 16.16.0; there were two warrants


6th mo. 1813

Thos. Thompson; tithes; 18.0.0; 16s; Thos. Sherrin; Fran. Russell;

Morgan Jones, Willm. Toogoood; malt; 18.16.0


22. 6th mo 1815

Thos. Thompson; tythes; 33.10.10; 6s; Thos. ?Hopson; Jno Toogood;

John Parsons; wool 26.1.8, Malt 8.2.0, total 34.3.8


28. 5th mo 1819

Edw. Thompson, Nether Compton; tithes; 4.6.6; 8s 6d; Jn. Evans; Jas. Rawe;

Jno. Parsons, Edw. West; 240 ?, 18 yds Dowlas; 5.9.6


4. 11 mo 1821

Jonah Thompson, Compton; tithes; 24.4.0; 1.8.6; Jno. Evans; Robt. Arnold;

Jno. Parsons; 80 Bus. Malt; 28.0.0; 1.7.6 ret


4. 11 mo 1821

E.T. & S. Thompson; tithes; 6.13.0; 19s 3d; Jno. Evans; Robt. Arnold;

Jno. Parsons, E.W.West; 30 doz Flax; 8.12.6; 1.0.3 ret


7 mo. 1822

Jonah Thompson; tithes; 25.0.0; 15s; Thos. Hobson; Edw Yerbury;

Jno. Parsons; 90 Bus Wheat; 27.0.0


18. 8 mo 1824

E.T. & S. Thompson; tithes; 7.0.0; 12s 3d; Thos. Hobson; Thomas Hull;

John Parsons; flax; 9.15.0


20. 6 mo. 1824

Jonah Thompson; tithes; 42.13.0; 2.4.0; Geo. Hayward; Thomas Hull;

John Parsons; malt; 48.0.0


13 10 mo 1824

Jonah Thompson; tithes; 26.7.0; 7s 6d; Thos. Hobson; Thomas Hull;

John Parsons; sheep; 26.0.0


26 9 mo 1825

Jonah Thompson; tithes; 73.6.0; 1.14.0; Wyndham Goodden; John King;

John Parsons; malt 60.0.0, barley 15.5.0


25 7 mo 1826

Jonah Thompson; tithes; 73.6.0; 2.2.0; Wyndham Goodden; John King;

John Parsons, wheat; 79.16.0


2 12 mo. 1826

Jonah Thompson; tithes; 37.0.0; 1.1.0; Wyndham Goodden, John King;

John Parsons; barley; 41.12.0


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