Bradford Abbas with Clifton Maybank 

Constables’ Papers Bradford Abbas

Dorset History Centre, film MIC/R/ 1415



Ann Masters of Bradford Abbas, singlewoman, delivered of a female bastard child, John Webber of Bradford Abbas (“blacksmith” crossed through) named as father. Warrant for apprehending John Webber applied for.



Mary Bragge of Piddletrenthide, singlewoman, female bastard child born Bradford Abbas, Samuel Humphries of Charlton, Somerset , named as father. Warrant applied for.



Complaint by George Henning of Bradford Abbas, Overseer of the Poor…..

John Bragge junior, late of the same place, carpenter, hath run away and left his wife and family whereby they are become chargeable to the said Parish of Bradford Abbas – warrant to apprehend



Joan Mitchell of Bradford Abbas, singlewoman, declared herself to be with child, Abraham Slade of West Coker, Somerset , labourer, named as father.



Complaint by Francis Abbott of Bradford Abbas, yeoman, Overseer of the Poor, against John Bragg the younger is a ? and disorderly person and hath run away and left his family whereby they are now chargeable to the said Parish of Bradford Abbas – warrant to apprehend



To the Constables, Churchwardens, Overseers of the Poor of Over Compton , and the Churchwardens, and Overseers of the Poor of Bradford Abbas –

Whereas it hath been proved before us John Parsons and Edward Walter West, two of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in and for the said County of Dorset upon the oaths of Elizabeth Lemon and Robert Stiby of Over Compton aforesaid that

Mark Ring of the same place, carpenter, frequently goeth at large in the said parish of Over Compton and that the said Mark Ring is by lunacy so far disordered in his senses that he is dangerous to be permitted to go abroad and that his legal settlement is in the parish of Bradford Abbas….. to cause the said Mark Ring to be apprehended and conveyed to the parish of Bradford Abbas…. to receive and provide for him as an Inhabitant of your said parish and also cause him to be kept safely locked up and chained in some secure place and the said Mark Ring to be kept locked up and chained only so long as such lunacy shall continue and no longer.


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