Bradford Abbas

Overseers 1809-1833

Dorset History Centre film MIC/R.1415, of original documents

Transcribed by Caryl Parsons

Names given in bold where obvious, rates lists not always obvious, spelling as given


Notes at the front of the book:

Population of Bradford Abbas 1801

Houses occupied                      103


By males                                  211

By females                                169

Total                                        480

Taken by F. Abbott


Population of Bradford Abbas 1811

Inhabited Houses                      107

Families                                    114

Houses Uninhabited                  4

Families Imployd in Agriculture 80


Males                                       236

Females                                    281

Total                                        517



Agreed at a Vestry to Authorize the Church-Wardings to Let the Church Land called Catland lately ? into Hand by the Death of Susanna Napper for the Term of Seven years from Ladyday next call’d 4 acres mor or less and Let accordingly to

Mr Frederick Masters at Fifteen Pounds Ten Shillings ? Rent to be Paid every Easter Monday

James Sherring and William Bartar     Churchwardings


Isaac Slocombe           Matthew Fooks           William Fooks

Francis Abbott Robert Arnold


A Legacy given by Sir John Hall (?Hele) of Clifton Maybank to the second poor of the Parish of Bradford Abbas of fifty-two shillings worth of Bread p. Annum viz  a portion every month Sunday to be distributed at the discretion of the Churchwardens and Overseers

?2.12.0 p. Annum

N.B. The above was copied from the 1st page of the last poor book dated 1744



The After Act. Of Francis Abbott and William Bartar from Easter April 21st to

May 19th 1810

One months Pay to ye Poor                                                                 9.12.6

Mr Bishop’s Bill                                                                                      9.11

Henery Loscombe’s Bill                                                                          16.1

Mrs Sherrings on John Wiber’s Act.                                                     17.6

Mr Sharland’s Bill                                                                               1.6.0

Mr Bethell’s Bill                                                                                  1.9.4

Mr Buckland’s Bill                                                                              1.6.0

Mr Custard for this book and ?                                                            1.3.0

Expenses of apprehending and of Samuel Francis to

Castle Cary on Jane White’s Act. of Bastardy being

false ?foresworn according to hir one Evidance in

Court at Sherborne Shessions                                                               6.0.10

Mr Samways Bill                                                                                       3.0

Jonas Ridout’s Bill                                                                                      2.6

Due at Easter                                                                                        25.3.6

Pd for Signing the Book etc                                                                         6.0

Expences Attending   “                                                                                2.6

Drawing ye Act.                                                                                          1.0

Expence at Easter Vestry                                                                        1.1.0

Mr Arnolds Bill                                                                                         12.0

Philop Smith for 6 weeks at 3s p. week                                                     18.0

We whose names are underwritten have seen the above Account and do allow it to be Just we Do Also Agree that Joan Garrett and William Dounton be Struck of ye Rate after this time

Isaac Slocombe

Jas. Sherring

Wm. Bartar



George Henning and Francis Abbott appointed overseers



Overseers – Isaac Slocombe and William Fooks

Accounts include:

Post of a letter from Dorchester Gaile                                                            8d

Pd. Mr Andrews of Dorchester Gaile on Jane White’s Bastard Act.      3.18.0

Dr Shorland’s Bill for Attending J. Chainey’s Wife in labour                   1.7.6

Mr Balson’s Bill on John Baker’s Wife Act.                                          2.2.0

Coat Britches and Shirt for Jane White’s Bastard                                         8.6



A Rate Made for the Relief of the Poor of the Parish of Bradford Abbas for Easter 1812

George Henning and Francis Abbott Overseers

Owner                                                  occupier                                   value                rate

Earl of Uxbridge                                   Great Tithe                               81.0.0       6.9

            “           for the farm                   Mr Bartar                               71.10.0     5.11

            “           for Gollops                   Slocombe&Abbott                  9.0.0          0.9

            “           for Evans                                  “                                   10.0.0        0.10

            “           for Hillyars                                “                                   ?11.0.0      0.11

“           for Richmonds              Mr Bartar                               1.10.0        0. 1

                    “           for Haggards                Slocombe&Abbott                  9.0.0          ?4.11

                    “           for Nappers                  Slocombe&Abbott                  6.0.0          0.6

                    “           for Hamershill               Slocombe&Abbott                  1.10.0        0. 1

                    “           for Meadways              Mr Andrews                            2.0.0          0.2

                    “           for Andrews                 Mr Andrews                            1.10.0        1

Revd E.W. West                                 Mr Henning                               30.0.0         2.6

Mr Thompsons                                    Slocombe&Abbott                  81.0.0         6.9

Mr Slocombs                                       Slocombe&Abbott                  5.0.0           0.5

Mrs Gundres                                       Slocombe&Abbott                  32.0.0         2.8

Abbotts Mill                                         Mr Thompson                          18.0.0         1.6

Revd. ?Higbeys                                   Mr Bartar                                49.0.0         4.1

Brooks                                                Mr Bartar                                  6.0.0           0.6

Earl of Uxbridge and Masters Mr Hibditch                                          2.0.0           0.2

            “                       “                       Jonas Ridout                            2.0.0           0.2

Messrs Fooks                                      themselves                                27.15.0       2.3

Messrs ?Floids                                    themselves                                73.0.0         6.1

Messrs Scots                                       themselves                                7.10.0        0.7

Messrs K/Rings                                  themselves                                3.0.0           0.3

R. Gooden Esq                                   himself & Foord                       16.10.0       1.4

Mr Henning                                        Mr F. Masters                         12.0.0          1.0

Mr Mayo                                             himself                                      14.0.0          1.2

Mr Noke                                             Mr Granger                            26.0.0          2.2

Mr Loscombe                                     himself                                      16.0.0          1.4

Mr Sherring                                        himself                                      15.0.0          1.3

Mr Allens Midlespear                          Mr ?Pester                              10.0.0          0.10

Mr Allens Midlespear House               Mr Sherring                            3.15.0        3. 3

Jon. Danniel Esq                                 Mr Titherleigh                        11.0.0          0.11

Mrs Whiffen                                        herself                                      5.0.0            0.5

Mr Horseys                                         Mr Andrews                            28.10.0       2.4

Mr Fd. Masters                                  himself                                      10.0.0         0.10

Mr Fd. Masters late Masters              F. Masters                              1.10.0         0.1

Mr Arnold                                           Slocombe&Abbott                  6.0.0           0.6

Brooks Houses                                    James Beare                         2.0.0           0.2

Sansm. Dunham                                  himself                                    3.0.0           0.3

John Capple                                        himself                                    3.0.0           0.3

Mr Samways                                       Mr Hibditch                            3.0.0           0.3

Mr Samways                                       Mr Wills                                  3.0.0           0.3

Mr Snook                                            himself                                     2.0.0           0.2

Mr Hibditch                                        ?Jon. Gilham                           1.0.0           0.1

Luce Pavitt                                          Jon. Read                               1.0.0           0.1

William Pavitt                                       himself                                    1.0.0           0.1

Late Bakers                                          Bettey Abbott                         1.10.0         0.1

Mr Bishop                                           himself                                      3.10.0         0.3

Mr Newman                                        himself                                       1.0.0           0.1

Earl of Uxbridge                                   Mr Snook                                 1.10.0        0. 1

Mr Hallaway                                       himself                                       2.0.0          0.2

Mrs Abbott                                          herself                                      2.0.0          0.2

Late Tomas                                          Mr Notley                                12.0.0        1.0

Confirmed by Henry Digby      William Toogood         25 April 1812


Noted at this point, no other information given here, see also following 1819


Orders and warrants 1809

Order of Mary Bragg to Wincanton 28 Jany.

Warrant to apprehend Henry Garrett Jun ?Jany

Bond on James ?Stivings

Warrant to Apprehend Samuel Humphrey

Order of Isaac Andrews

Order of Jane Eiles/Giles

Examination of Jane Eiles/Giles

Sertificate from Thornford on Temperance Brooks Act.

Order to Remove John Bartlett a family from Mudford to Bradford

Warrant to apprehand Jon. Bragg

Order of Mercia Garrett and Cournelious Philops

Order of Ann Masters and Edward Symes

Order of Mary Brake to ye Parish of Yetminster

Order of Sarah wife of John Baker to the Parish of Trent

Notice of Tryall from Trent on Sarah wife of John Baker

Indents of John Bartlett of Mudford to William Bragg of Bradford

Order of Larance Hanham

Order of William Brake of Yetminster



William Fooks and Isaac Slocombe appointed overseer

Accounts signed:

George Mayo       Steph. Bartar       Geo. Henning      Benj.?O/Aborn Francis Abbott     Simon Granger    Mr Fooks        Fred. Masters            

John Wills            Charles Hebditch         S. Do/enham       Thos. Samways          

Robt. Arnold        Jas. Sherring



Isaac Slocombe and Thomas Andrews appointed overseers



Mr Andrews and Mr Slocombe appointed overseers



Isaac Slocombe and Mark Bishop appointed overseers

Expenses include repairing the Poor House Sept 1815   20.2.5



Isaac Slocombe and Francis Abbott appointed overseers

Expenses include:

Carried home from Yeovil Thomas Conick and wife and three children by order      10s 8d

Carring William Coward wife and three children to Poole Hors Cart & Expens         3.7.9

Carring Home James King wife and 3 children to Yeovil by order                            17s 3d



Francis Woodhatch and Francis Abbott appointed overseers

Act. Of Overseers of Yeovil consearning James King               5.6.0



Francis Woodhatch and Francis Abbott appointed overseers

Wm Bragg ye tithingman Act.              4s 3d

Drs Bill for Poorhouse                          19.10.1

Recd. Of Corn. Philops concearnng Mercia Garrets Bastard   1.0.0


Noted at this point, no other information given:


Order of ? Ridout and Richard Giles August 1796

?Overseer and Jn. ?Hanos of the Diosens Overseers

Indenture of Jon Bartlett to Wm. Bragg of  Bradford 1791

Order of William Chester to ye Parish of East Coker 1784

Bond of James Stivings to this Parish 1798

Order of Pheby Ridout and Richard Giles 1796

Warrant to apprehend ?Jon. Bragg Jun. 1817

Order of Edward Syms and Ann Masters 1810

Warrant to apprehend Larance Hanham 1817

Order of Jane Mitchel to Bradford      1815

Jane Mitchel’s Oath concearning a Bastard      1814

Child by Abraham Slade now thing (?nothing) 1814

Order of James King to Yeovil 1817

Order of William Coward to Poole       1817

Order of William Coward to Yeovil 1817

Order of Lazarus Giles            1817

Order of Thomas Connock to Yeovil   1817

Order of Sarah Tuck to Nether Compton         1817

Order of Jon. Abbott and wife and family to Closworth 1818

Warrant to apprehend Jon. Wiber        1808

Order of Wm. Ridout and wife from Yeovil      1818

Order of James Brook to Yeovil          1818

Causion to Parish Officers         1814

Order of Robert Garrett from Nether Compton 1817  not Executed

Sertificate of Temperance Brook and Wm. Ryall         no date given

Order of T/Jo. Toope and Jane Higgins           1815

Order of Jon. White from East Coker  1815

Order of James Garrett wife and Familey         1808

Order of Mary Bragg to Wincanton     1809

Order of Isaac Andrews and Elizabeth Bragg  1806

Order of Jane Giles/Eiles from Hermitage        1807

Warrant to app. Saml. Humphrey        1808

Examination of Jane Giles/Eiles of a Bastard    1807

Order of Jon. Bartlett from Mudford   1808

Notice of Triall from Trent        1812

Order of Sarah wife of Jon. Baker to Trent      1811

Order of Mary Brake to ?yetminster                1809

Order of Mark Ring to Bradford from Compton    1819



Francis Woodhatch and Francis Abbott appointed overseers



Francis Woodhatch and Francis Abbott appointed overseers

?Miss Morden’s Bill for Mark Ring                27.18.6

Doctor Shorland’s Bill for Mark Ring               7.17.6



Francis Woodhatch and George Andrews appointed overseers



George Andrews and George Bartlett appointed overseers



Overseers as 1825

Joseph Bartlett  for 52 weeks Bastard pay at 1/6 p. wk.          3.18.0



Overseers as 1825, 1826

Wm. Arnold    Bill                               13s 5d

John Buckland  Bill                              4s

Mr Sho/arland  Bill                              9.2.0

Wm. Bragg Tithingman Bill                  1.5.0

Geo. Bragg Bill 2 Cofings                    1.3.0

Cofing Elizabeth Garrett                      14s

Aloud by the Overseers Relief             11s

Geo. Bragg Tithingman Bill                  8s

Paid the mole catcher                           2.0.0

For read and spars and Thatching and labour for Poor House    10.1.6



Henry Granger  and James Baker appointed overseers

Names listed in Poor Rate list

The Marquis of Anglesea

Baker James

Andrews Henry

Andrews George

Fooks & Gilmar

Granger Henry

Masters Frederick

Goodden Robert Esq

Napper John

Lewis Samuel

Ridout Richard

Slocombe Jane

Bartar Chatherine

Pavitt John

Snook James

Bartlett George (Silk House, halve Acre, East Hill)

Read Thomas

Minchinton John

Sherring John

Fudge Richard

Capple John senr

Capple John junr (crossed through)

Wills John

Andrews Temperance (the Inn)

Golsney Sarah

Hockey Absolem

Newman Mary

Gould William

Bishop Matthew

Hunt Walter

Brook Abraham



James Baker and William Arnold appointed overseers

Cridland’s Bill for returning the Militia List                                10s

Cridland’s Bill for repairing the Poor House                 1.0.8

Wm. Crocker’s Bill for Expenses at the Inquest of Edith Mitchel’s Child         ?

Mr Trowbridge’s Bill for Hand-Cuffs for the use of the Parish  7s 6d

Geo. Bragg’s Bill for Parish Coffin for ?Kat. Long                   14s

Geo. Bragg’s Bill for Parish Coffin for Jno. Ring                      14s

Geo. Bragg’s Bill for Parish Coffin for Elizabeth Bragg            14s

Geo. Bragg’s Bill for Parish Coffin for Edwd. Parsons             14s

Geo. Bragg’s Bill for Parish Coffin for P. King’s wife               14s


List of Persons Liable to serve as Parish Officers for the Year ensuing

Wm. Gillmar               Wm Arnold Overseer at present

Jas. Baker Overseer at present            Jno. Sherring               Geo. Masters

Wm. Fooks                 Rd. Ridout      Henry Andrews           Jno. Minchington

Jno. Custard               Abm. Brook


Acct 18.4.1829

Carriage etc of John Harvey to Sherborne for his Examination  7s 6d



Wm. Arnold and Wm Gillmar appointed overseers



Wm. Gilmar and Geo. Masters appointed overseers



A List of Persons liable to serve as Overseers

Geo. Masters             John Sherring              Geo. Bartlett               John Minchington

Richd. Ridout              George Andrews         Wm. Fooks                 Charles Wills

Abraham Brook           James Baker


Note in book:

Omitted back overleaf

The Account due to the late George Bishop’s family at Leaminton, Warwickshire 10.7.0

Received at the Justice Meeting of George Garrett the remaining portion of

Bastard Pay due ye 25 Day of March 1831                              2.12.0




Geo. Masters for Sarah Giles                                                 11s

Geo. Bragg’s Bill                                                                     2.1.6

John Sherring’s Bill (Tithingman)                                             12s

John Sherring’s Bill (Tithingman)                                             1.15.0

Dr Shoreland’s Bill                                                                  13.15.0

Wm. Arnold’s Bill                                                                      2.12.10

Peter Ridout’s Bill for the Churchwell                                       15s

Mr Melmoth’s Bill                                                                     2.12.11

Mr Trowbridge for County Rates                                            13.17.4

Mr Trowbridge’s Bill for a Portion or Sum Demanded of

Bradford Abbas for a Remuneration towards the Damages

Done at Sherborne by the Rioters October last                         7.2.1

Bishop’s family Leamington                                                      3.15.0

For Wm. Ridout’s House Rental at Yeovil                               2.18.6


Following is a New Poors rate made by order of, and agreeable to, the Inhabitants of the said Parish, in the Vestry Assembled for that (and other purposes) on the 15th Day of December 1831

See the Vestry Book

John Custard, Wm. Arnold                              Churchwardens

Wm. Fooks, Samuel Lewis, James Baker       Surveyors

N.B. The particulars of every Piece of Land, House, or Estate; as also the Annual Value, and Rate charged thereon, singly and separately, is to be found in the Survey Book, which is preserved, and kept for that purpose, in the hands of the Churchwardens, or in the Parish Chest with other Records of the said Parish.


A Rate or Assessment to collect 5d in the pound in the Parish of Bradford Abbas in the County of Dorset for the Relief of the Poor and other purposes


Andrews          Isaac                for late Horseys                        63.3.0            1.8.4

Andrews          Henry               for the Farm                             174.7.0          3.12.7

                                                for Slocomb’s                           14.13.0          0.6.1

                                                for part of Garland’s                 42.1.0            0.17.6

                                                19 Beast Leazes                       28.10.0          0.11.10

                                                for College Land                       14.13.0          0.6.1

                                                for part of Fook’s                     2.17.0            0.1.2

                                                                                                277.1.0          5.15.5

Andrews          Robert              for late Mayo’s                         23.14.0          0.9.10

                                                for College Land                       12.5.0            0.5.1

                                                                                                35.19.0          0.14.11

Arnold William House, Garden, Orchard                                  3.10.0            0.1.5

Baker              James               for his Lifehold on

                                                House, Garden, Orchard          2.11.0            0.1.0

                                                for the Farm                             154.2.0          3.4.3

                                                13 Beast Leazes                       19.10.0          0.8.1

                                                part of Gardens                        7.9.0              0.3.1

                                                1 Beast Leaze                           1.10.0            0.0.7

                                                                                                185.2.0          3.17.2

Bartlett           George             House, Garden, Orchard          6.6.0              0.2.7

                                                for Twelve Acre                       1.19.0            0.0.9

                                                for College Land                       5.1.0              0.2.1

                                                                                                13.6.0            0.5.6

Brook              Abraham          for Custard’s Hse, Gdn, Orch   6.5.0              0.2.7

                                                for late White’s                         0.14.0            0.0.3

                                                for his Lifehold                          2.0.0              0.0.10

                                                for College Land                       5.7.0              0.2.2

                                                                                                14.6.0            0.5.11

Beer                Adam               For East Hill Orchard               1.3.0              0.0.5

                                                Late Nevills                              0.18.0            0.0.4

                                                                                                2.1.0              0.0.10

Bragg              William House, Shop etc                                  2.0.0              0.0.10

                                                Gdns. & Ten,

                                                Jno. Parsons and others           0.4.0              0.0.1

                                                                                                2.4.0              0.0.11

Bragg              George             House, Shop, Garden               2.0.0              0.0.10

Barter             Miss                 House, Garden, etc                   3.0.0              0.1.3

Crocker          William House, Garden, etc                             10.18.0          0.4.6

Custard           John                 House, Garden                         2.5.0              0.0.11

Capel              John senr          for half his Garden etc and

                                                the other half by Rd Ridout      1.5.0              0.0.6

Fooks              William late Scott’s Hse & Orch etc                 5.5.0              0.2.2

                                                for his part of his estate             51.10.0          1.1.5

                                                11 Beast Leazes                   17.5.0            0.7.2

                                                                                                71.0.0            1.10.10

Fudge              Richard            House, Garden, Orchard          5.5.0              0.2.2

Fry                  Aaron & others House, Garden, Orchard          3.12.0            0.1.6

Gould              Charles Farm Hse Yd, Garden, Land                96.9.0            2.0.2

                                                13 Beast Leazes                       19.10.0          0.8.1

                                                Pt of Garland’s Estate               65.11.0          1.7.3

                                                4 Beast Leazes                         6.0.0              0.2.6

                                                                                                187.10.0        3.18.1

Goodden         Wyndham Esq  For Sundry Lands                     18.13.0          0.7.9

Garrett            Thomas            House, Garden, Orchard          2.0.0              0.0.10

Grant              Revd Mr          For the Vicarial Tithes        -      1.2.0

                                                Vicarage House, Gardens etc    17.18.0          0.7.3

                                                                                                   17.18.0          1.9.3

Gillmar            ?William           Hse, Gdn, Orch & Sundry Lands 74.12.0       1.11.1

                                                10 Beast Leazes                    15.15.0          0.6 6

                                                For Middlespear                        13.7.0            0.5.9

                                                                                                 104.4.0          2.3.5

Hunt                Walter              House, Garden, Orchard          2.14.0            0.1.1

Hockey           Absolom          Houses, Gardens, Orchards      3.15.0            0.1.6

Hockey           James               House, Garden, Orchard          0.6.0              0.0.1

King                Thos & others  for the garden                           0.2.0              0.0.0

King                John                 House, Garden                         0.2.0              0.0.0

Lewis              Samuel             for Woodhatches                      3.0.0              0.1.3

                                                Mrs Andrews’s                        19.17.0          0.8.3

                                                2 Beast Leazes                         3.0.0              0.1.3

                                                College Land                            16.12.0          0.6.11

                                                                                                42.9.0            0.17.8

Loscomb         Henry               House, Garden etc                    0.5.0              0.0.1

Masters          George             House, Garden                         2.5.0              0.0.11

                                                Land, Barn etc of

                                                Lord Anglesey’s                       10.1.0            0.4.2

                                                For Henning’s                           15.12.0          0.6.6

                                                2 Beast Leazes                         3.0.0              0.1.3

                                                College Land                            10.3.0            0.4.2

                                                                                                47.1.0            0.17.1

Masters          Frederick         House, Yard, Garden, Orch      5.12.0            0.2.4

                                                House, 3 Tenmts                      1.10.0            0.0.7

                                                                                                 7.2.0              0.2.11

Masters          William House, Yard, Garden, Orch etc            6.0.0 0.2.6

Minchington   John                 Houses, Garden                      3.0.0              0.1.3

Newman          Mary                House, Garden, Orchard         0.17.0            0.0.4

                                                Willow Bed                                1.5.0              0.0.6

                                                                                                 2.2.0              0.0.10

Pitt                  John                 House, Garden                         3.0.0              0.1.3

Pavitt              John                 House, Garden                         2.5.0              0.0.11

Read               James               for College Land                       6.6.0              0.2.7

Ridout             Richard            a Garden                                  0.10.0            0.0.2

                                                Late Ring’s                               3.0.0              0.1.3

                                                Late Jno. Garrett’s                  2.12.0            0.1.1

                                                Late Lucy Pavitt’s                   6.0.0              0.2.6

                                                Late Brook’s House                1.15.0            0.0.8

                                                  “  (G. Ridout & Shop)             2.0.0              0.0.10

                                                Scott’s Field                             5.10.0            0.2.3

                                                Pt of Fooks’s                           4.15.0            0.1.11

                                                Nathaniel’s Close                     4.17.0            0.2.0

                                                Half of Jno. Capel’s                 1.5.0              0.0.6

                                                2 Beast Leazes                         3.0.0              0.1.3

                                                College Land                            11.10.0          0.4.9

                                                                                                46.14.0          0.19.5

Russell            Jane                 House, Garden, Orchard          4.13.0            0.1.11

Slocombe        Jane                 House, Gardens, Orchards

                                                and Pleasure Ground                7.10.0            0.3.1

                                                An Orchard (called Dole)         2.3.0              0.0.10

                                                The Flax Mill and Orchard        45.5.0            0.18.10

                                                                                                54.18.0          1.2.10

Sherring          John                 House, Yard, Garden, Orch      4.10.0            0.1.10

                                                for Noakes                               ?45.9.0          0.18.11

                                                for pt Fook’s                            12.11.0          0.5.2

                                                4 Beast Leazes                         6.0.0              0.2.6

                                                                                                68.10.0          1.8.6

Stephens         John & Rd.       Houses with large Garden        0.7.0              0.0.1

Snook              James               House, Malt Hse, Gdn, Orch    3.0.0              0.1.3

                                                Hernes Moores                        1.12.0            0.0.8

                                                5 Cottages                                     -                      -     

                                                                                                4.12.0            0.1.11

Wills                John                 Houses, Garden, Close             7.0.0              0.2.11

Anglesey Marquis of                 for Warren Coppice                 0.18.0            0.0.4

Cridland          William House, Garden etc                               0.4.0              0.0.1

Gregory          Alfred               for Mill Meadows, Orch           3.5.0              0.1.4


Total Rates       29.2.6   (No, I have not checked!)


Signed              John Custard, William Arnold             Churchwardens

                        George Masters, John Sherring         Overseers


7 April 1832     Seen and confirmed by us two of His Majesty’s Justice of the Peace in and for the County of Dorset

John Parsons               John Goodden



4 April 1833 Rates Account signed by

Robert Grant               John Custard               George Masters          George Bartlett

Samuel Lewis              James Lemon              James Snook               Robert Andrews

William Arnold             George Bragg              Samuel Pretor            John Goodden    

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