Branksome Park

Burials 1877 to 1911

Transcribed from a copy of the Parish Register held at All Saints Church and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Jill Ditum

All Saints Burials include a lot of entries marked St. Aldhelms, Branksome or just Branksome. St. Aldhelms was, at that time, within the parish of All Saints, it did not have a Churchyard, in fact it was not until about 1960 that the ground around the Church was consecrated for cremation interments. As a result, I understand from the parish secretary of St. Aldhelms, the burial services were held at All Saints.

No.Forename(s)SURNAMEAbodeWhen Buried  AgeBy whom Ceremony performedNotes
1HenryBURYBranksome Tower Sep23187765Edward A Bury, vicar Buried at the mausoleum Branksome Tower Sep 1876. Removed by faculty from the Bp of Sarum to this churchyard 23 Sep. 1877
2Emily GertrudeSAMSOM Bourne ValleyFeb16187817mo Edward A Bury, vicar
3RalphJEPSONBranksome Apr20187867Edward A Bury, vicar
4Julia KeymanBEWICK BournemouthMay3187843 Edward A Bury, vicar
5DennisFILBEYBourne Valley Sep6187849J W Barrow 
6Mary AnnMAGEEHerbert Home, Bournemouth Sep18187840Wm. ? Rudge? 
7James Thomas BrownISWORTH BranksomeDec418785moEdward A Bury, vicar Bournemouth crossed out
8GeorgeRICHARDSBranksome Dec13187835Edward A Bury, vicar
9GeorgeRICHARDSBranksome Jan1018791 dayEdward A Bury, vicar
10Charles EdwardREYNARD BournemouthMar20187929 Edward A Bury, vicar
11MarthaJEPSONBranksome Apr30187974Joseph Storr 
12Frederick HerbertMARTYN WestbourneJun24187910 Edward A Bury, vicar
13EllenDYKEBranksome Jul218792Edward A Bury, vicar
14CharlesTIPPERBranksome Jul17187938Edward A Bury, vicar
15ElizaCLOTHIERBranksome Jul18187927Edward A Bury, vicar
16Sarah AnnieWOODSBranksome Aug11187935Edwin Davies, Offg. Minister
17Sarah MossYOUNGBranksome Sep1187913 moEdward A Bury, vicar
18JohnTHOMASBranksome Sep4187915Edward A Bury, vicar
19John George SomersSELBY BranksomeSep30187920 mo Edward A Bury, vicar
20Ellen LouiseGIBBS BranksomeNov8187912 mo Edward Westlyn?
21George Louis ElfordMATTHEWS WestbourneJan318806 Edward A Bury, vicar
22ElizabethSMEDD??INE WestbourneFeb28188015 C H Worth?
23FrederickBAILEYBranksome Apr518802 moEdward A Bury, vicar
24CharlotteBAYLEYBranksome Apr19188023 yrsW. Scott (Locum Tenens)
25SydneyBARTERBourne Valley Jul518805 daysW. Scott 
26Eliza JosephineFELLOWES WestbourneAug28188029H S K Billairs  
27FrederickBALEBourne Valley Oct281880InfantChas. M Wetherall, Vicar died Oct: 25th
28WilliamDYKEBourne Valley Nov13188052H S K Billairsdied. 10th
29Charlotte VansittartFRERE Wargrave, BerkshireJan14188163 Chas. M Wetherall, Vicardied Jan: 10th. Died at Bournemouth. Second forename not clear.
30Ellen MariaGOSNEY Bourne Valley, BranksomeJun1418811 yr & 10 mo  died June 10th
31GeorgeGILLINGHAMBourne Valley, Branksome Aug13188153Chas. M Wetherall, Vicar died Aug: 9th
32Edgar HenryWETHERALL BranksomeSep51881InfantChas. M Wetherall, Vicar died Sept 3rd
33ElizabethLAWESBourne Valley, Branksome Sep618812Chas. M Wetherall, Vicar died Sept 2nd
34ElizabethTOOPBourne Valley, Branksome Oct8188141Wm Sewell Off Minister died Oct 3rd
35AmbroseMARSHALLPark Mount, Branksome Jan14188255Chas. M Wetherall, Vicar Died Jan ?
36JohnHINDEWestlands, Branksome Feb18188258Chas. M Wetherall, Vicar Died Feb 14th
37AnnSLOPERBourne Valley, Branksome Mar18188266Chas. M Wetherall, Vicar Died March 15th
38LillianHARDYBourne Valley, Branksome Sep3018825moCharles G Doyne, Vicar Died Sept. 26th
39ArthurCROCKERBourne Valley, Branksome Nov618825wksCharles G Doyne, Vicar died Nov. 4th
40ThomasSCAMMELLBourne Valley, Branksome Jan11188348Charles G Doyne, Vicar died Jan 6th
41RuthHOPGOODBourne Valley, Branksome Jan15188380Charles G Doyne, Vicar
42Walter EdgarYOUNG Bourne Valley, BranksomeFeb1188316mo Charles G Doyne, Vicar
43Rose CarolineCOLE Bourne Valley, BranksomeFeb2418831yr Charles G Doyne, Vicar
44Jessie KateDENNIS Bourne Valley, BranksomeMar1618837mo Charles G Doyne, Vicar
45HarrietHABGOODBourne Valley, Branksome Apr6188352Charles G Doyne, Vicar
46Annie KateWISEMAN WestbourneApr918834days Charles G Doyne, Vicar
47HannahHISCOCKBourne Valley, Branksome Apr27188355Charles G Doyne, Vicar
48RoseTRICKETTBourne Valley, Branksome Sep12188318moWilloughby Carter, Officiating Minister daughter of Charles and Martha Trickett
49Alice MaudJAMESBourne Valley, Branksome Sep1818833yrsCharles G Doyne, Vicar surname could be Janes
50William HenryWEBB Bourne Valley, BranksomeOct1518836mo Charles G Doyne, Vicar
51Sidney RobertHOLLOWAY Bourne Valley, BranksomeNov1718833wks Charles G Doyne, Vicar
52JohnWINDSORBourne Valley, Branksome Jan28188451Charles G Doyne, Vicar
53John PryceHARRISON BournemouthFeb14188466 Arthur F Forbes, Offn. Minister
54Charles AlbertHISCOCK Bourne V., BranksomeFeb2618843y Charles G Doyne, Vicar
55CharlesFREREWargrave, Berkshire Mar20188470Charles G Doyne, Vicar died in London
56Sydney ErnestADLEM Bourne Valley, BranksomeApr2918848mo Francis J. Atwood, Officiating Minister
57Bruce John HerbertBEALE Bourne Valley, BranksomeJun5188410 wks Charles G Doyne 
58AdaBARRETTBourne Valley, Branksome Jul518841y 8mCharles G Doyne  
59SarahJAMESBourne Valley, Branksome Aug3188450Charles G Doyne 
60GeorgeBARRETTBourne Valley, Branksome Aug21188412 daysCharles G Doyne  
61John HutchinsonASPINWALL Bramley Dene, Branksome ParkSep151884 49Charles G Doyne 
62MaudHABGOODBourne Valley, Branksome Sep19188411moJohn Climsanson?, Vicar of Shiplake, Officiating Minister
63Emily AnnieCOLEBourne Valley, Branksome Oct15188410 yrsCharles G Doyne  
64HenryCROCKERBourne Valley, Branksome Dec1218845moCharles G Doyne  
65Katherine AliceBLAKE Hurstbourne, Branksome ParkDec271884 41Charles G Doyne 
66Winifred MaryNICHOLSON Pinedene, Branksome ParkDec3118843mo Charles G Doyne 
67Florence AnnieFALLEN Bourne Valley, BranksomeDec3118843mo Charles G Doyne 
68ElizabethDOWNERBourne Valley, Branksome Feb1218855Charles G Doyne 
69WilliamHARWOODBourne Valley, Branksome Feb1518858moCharles G Doyne  
70JohnCOXBourne Valley, Branksome Mar4188570Charles G Doyne 
71Charles RobertHOLLOWAY Bourne Valley, BranksomeMar1118854mo Charles G Doyne 
72Janet MargaretJAMES Bourne Valley, BranksomeMar24188512days Charles G Doyne 
73JamesSHARPBourne Valley, Branksome Mar28188578Charles G Doyne 
74ElizabethHARRINGTON Bourne Valley, BranksomeMar2918857 Charles G Doyne 
75WilliamJENNINGSMoss Patch/Mors Petrel?, Branksome Park Apr12188520Charles G Doyne 
76William ThomasWEEKS Bourne Valley, BranksomeMay14188521 Charles G Doyne 
77RobertGRIERBourne Valley, Branksome Jun22188537Duncan Travers, Offg. Minr.
78EdwardKELLAWAYBourne Valley, Branksome Jul24188545Charles G Doyne, Vicar
79Albert EdwardWALTERS Bourne Valley, BranksomeAug1618851yr Herbert A Mais 
80Henrietta EdithHAYNES Parkbury, BranksomeAug31188534 Charles G Doyne 
81Percy OswaldRUSSELL Bourne Valley, BranksomeSep2918857mo Herbert A Mais 
82IsabellaHYDEBourne Valley, Branksome Nov11188558Charles G Doyne 
83HannahNEWMANBourne Valley, Branksome Nov15188577Charles G Doyne 
84TomBENNETTBourne Valley, Branksome Nov1918857moCharles G Doyne  
85MaryFRAMPTONBourne Valley, Branksome Nov22188533Charles G Doyne 
86OliveDUNCOMBEBourne Valley, Branksome Jan1718866wksR E Richards, Offg. Minr.
87EdwardCHRISTOPHER Bourne Valley, BranksomeJan19188639 Herbert A Mais 
88FredHARRISS Aldhelms, Branksome Feb618865Charles G Doyne 
89Alice BeatriceMORRIS S Aldhelms, BranksomeFeb1718864mo Charles G Doyne 
90EdnaHALLS Aldhelms, Branksome Feb17188681Charles G Doyne 
91HenryBRINSMEADS Aldhelms, Branksome Feb20188673Herbert A Mais 
92Lily Maud BeatriceHARRIS S Aldhelms, BranksomeFeb2018866 Herbert A Mais 
93GeorgePENNEYS Aldhelms, Branksome Feb25188644Herbert A Mais 
94William BoydBUCKLE Cedar Lea, BournemouthMar11188665 F E Toyne, Vicar of St Michaels, Bournemouth
95Francis Victor CleallPRESTON S Aldhelms, BranksomeApr8188618m Herbert A Mais Assistant Curate
96Alice RebeccaFELTHAM S Aldhelms, BranksomeApr1018864hrs Charles G Doyne 
97Alice KatherineBUCKLE Buried at Brighton. Removed by FacultyApr21886 38Fredk. E. Toyne, Vicar of S. Michael’s Bournemouth Assumed moved from Brighton to be buried in Branksome Park 2nd ~April 1886 (died 6 Jul 1883 aged 38) – Pencil note added later
98Mabel EmilyCOXS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome May918862 daysCharles G Doyne  
99Rosalie AliceALLNER S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMay171886 10 moHerbert A. Mais 
100MillieJAMESS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome May21188618 moHerbert A. Mais first name not clear
101FrankSTEELES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jun718864Charles G Doyne 
102CharlesHALLS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jun10188647Charles G Doyne 
103AnnaROSES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jul27188640Herbert A Mais 
104Sarah AmeliaGARLAND S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeSep121886 7moCharles G Doyne 
105John SimpsonNICHOLSON Pinedene,Branksome ParkSep14188641 Charles G Doyne 
106Ernest FrederickFISHLOCKE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeSep181886 2Charles G Doyne 
107GeorgeHARVEYS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Oct1318868 moHerbert A Mais  
108GeorgeSTANDINGFORD S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeOct221886 49Charles G Doyne 
109AmeliaWEEKSSt. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Nov618863 wksCharles G Doyne  
110Herbert GeorgeWHITING St. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeNov301886 7 daysHerbert A Mais 
111John GeorgeSELBY S. Aldhelm’s, Heatherlands, BranksomeDec6 18865 wksCharles G Doyne 
112Elsie MayCAWSS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Dec1918864 moCharles G Doyne  
113Alfred SidneyCOLE S. Aldhelm’s, (Heatherlands), BranksomeDec24 18867 wksCharles G Doyne 
114Frederick WilliamTOOP S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJan211887 9 wksCharles G Doyne 
115HerbertGIBBS/GILLS The Farm, Branksome TowerJan31188741 Charles G Doyne 
116FrederickJAMESSt. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Feb19188732Charles G Doyne 
117Arthur GeorgeADLAM S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMar211887 3 daysCharles G Doyne 
118Edward StephenHINDLES? S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMay11887 9 daysHerbert A Maisfirst letter of surname could be N
119LucyROBERTSS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome May8188761Charles G DoyneUnclear note in brackets after age
120JaneFRICKERS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome May21188754Charles G Doyne 
121EllenNICHOLLSS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jun24188729Charles G Doyne 
122HenryWORTHEYS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jun25188753Charles G Doyne 
123Frances EmmaDART S. Aldhelm’s, HeatherlandsJul71887 11 Herbert A Mais 
124JaneHALES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jul18188755Herbert A Mais 
125Emma MaryBLACKETT Lissenden, BranksomeAug10188756 Charles G Doyne 
126Ann CatherineCARTER Stroud Green, LondonSep24188736 George H Bourne sub.dean of Sarum? y or ?7 in margin
127JohnNEWMANPoole Union S. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Nov5188785Charles G Doyne 
128DaisyFANCYS. Aldhelm’s, Bourne Valley Dec1518877 daysJ S Gale 
129WilliamCOOKS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Dec24188768J S Gale 
130William HenryTOOMER S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeFeb141887 9 moCharles G Doyne 
131Gertrude GeorginaFORBES S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeFeb251887 1 yrCharles G Doyne 
132George SargeantMORRIS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMar61887 55Charles G Doyne 
133ArthurRUDGES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Apr8188710 hrsCharles G Doyne  
134Maude Maria ElizabethSIMMONDS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeApr301887 8 moCharles G Doyne 
135MayTRICKETTS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome May1218874 moW Jacob 
136Ada TrelynCOXS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome May3118871 yrCharles G Doyne  
137EthelMARSHALLBranksome Park Jun2118873Charles G Doyne 
138Alfred EdwardBAYMAN S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJul41887 46Charles G Doyne 
139MaryADAMS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Aug17188730W Jacob 
140JohnRIGGSS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Sep26188744Charles G Doyne 
141Eliza AliceHARVEY S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeOct91887 4 yrs & 9 moCharles G Doyne 
142CharlesCROUCHER/N S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeNov281887 39Charles G Doyne 
143Frank EdwinWHITE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec81887 6 wksW Jacob 
144Ethel KateFANCYSt. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Dec1318873Charles G Doyne 
145AlfredCHILDTherapia, Branksome Dec15188766Charles G Doyne 
146Albert JamesWINDLESS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJan51888 7 wksPhilip W Doyne 
147CarolineSHARPS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jan11188850Charles G Doyne 
148Charles HenryTRIMBLE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJan171888 3Charles G Doyne 
149Ethel Mary ElizabethMORRIS S. Aldhelm’sMar218881 W Jacob 
150ElizabethSHEPPERD S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeApr121888 73Charles G Doyne 
151Joseph EbenezerBENNETT S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMay31888 74W Jacob 
152William RobertLOCKE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMay231888 4 moW Jacob 
153WilliamDASHWOODS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jun1818892moCharles G Doyne  
154Mildred EmmaWOODWARD S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMay301889 9 moCharles G Doyne 
155FredFANCYS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Sep1418891 dayW Jacob 
156FrankKEMPS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Oct30188938Charles G Doyne 
157ElizabethHISCOCK S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeOct301889 83Charles G Doyne 
158Infant son of John and Sarah BRADLEYS. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeNov2 18896 wksW Jacobpossible Charles Henry from BMD
159Reginald ThomasHARRIS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeNov41889 1 yrCharles G Doyne 
160EiffelMERRIFIELD S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJan301890 4mo 4daysCharles G Doynename in register smudged, confirmed with Death Registration
161JesseJAMESS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Feb20189052Charles G Doyne 
162ThomasWALLBRIDGE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeApr171890 75/6W Jacob 
163Henry ThomasRANDALL S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeApr211890 18 moW Jacob 
164FrankHAYWARDS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome May1718905Charles G Doyne 
165Alfred AmosATKIN P?igh, BranksomeJul7189066 R J Hutchings, Vicar of Alderney
166AmbroseSELBYS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Sep25189056W Jacob 
167Henry GeorgeBUGG HeatherlandsOct6189033Charles G Doyne  
168EthelCASES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Oct9189013 moCharles G Doyne  
169SusanDALBYCounty Gates Lodge, Branksome Park Oct24189083Charles G Doyne 
170Mary AnnJUDDS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Oct28189029W Jacob 
171Albert FrancisWATERMANS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeNov61890 11 moCharles G Doyne 
172Louise BeatriceWAY S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeNov61890 19 moCharles G Doyne 
173EdmundHABGOODS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Nov17189057W Jacob 
174Infant daughter ofCARTER S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec11890 4 moCharles G DoynePossibly registered name Janet
175Ethel EllenHARVEY S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec51890 5 moCharles G Doyne 
176ElizaHISCOCKTrelawny, Branksome Park Dec18189068Charles G Doyne 
177RoseSHINERS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jan10189188Charles G Doyne 
178Alice MayBASONS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jan2218911 y 1moCharles G Doyne  
179MaryBOYDCamelot, Branksome Park Jan24189140Charles G Doyne 
180Albert CharlesPRESTON S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMar21891 6 moCharles G Doyne 
181BessieJOINERS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Mar918911 moCharles G Doyne  
182GeorgeRABBITTSS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Mar17189174Charles G Doyne 
183ElizabethRABBITTS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeApr21891 73Charles G Doyne 
184FrankONSLOWS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Apr2518914 daysCharles G Doyne  
185Rose FrancesSTEELE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeApr271891 17Charles G Doyne 
186HarryTRICKETTS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jul1818915Charles G Doyne 
187Frederick WilliamWISEMAN S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeAug11891 11 moW Jacob 
188Percy JohnNEWELL S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeSep91891 15 moCharles G Doyne 
189Lilian WinfredAIREY S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeOct221891 8 moCharles G Doyne 
190Peregrine HenryFELLOWES Harwood, Branksome ParkNov26189170 Charles G Doyne 
191Richard JamesPIKE Sandalwood, Branksome ParkDec3189141 Charles G Doyne 
192Hetman Charles HenryPARHAM A? Lodge, Poole RoadDec7189125 Charles G Doyne 
193Winifred AnnieBRIDLE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec191891 1 yr & 7 moW Jacob 
194Ada MaudEVERETTS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Dec2118915 moCharles G Doyne  
195Dorothy LouiseDREW S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJan11892 16 moCharles G Doyne 
196MaryDAVIDGES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jan5189233Charles G Doyne 
197Florence MaudADLAM S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJan91892 18 moW Jacob 
198AlfredCRIBBS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jan10189218Charles G Doyne 
199Emily Mary AnnPALMER S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJan161892 24Charles G Doyne 
200GeorgeSTEELES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jan18189258Gerard S Rogers 
201Matilda RiggsLANNING S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJan291892 64Charles G Doyne 
202ArthurD?ALLATTS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Feb1718925 moCharles G Doyne Surname is Dine in Death register
203Francis ColvilleHYDE Wilderton, Branksome ParkMar15189265 Charles G Doyne 
204HepzibahCUTTSMylor House, Branksome Park Mar23189241Charles G Doyne 
205Mary CatherineFOX Birkdale, Branksome ParkMar30189262 Charles G Doyne 
206Caroline LouisaBURY Branksome TowersJun11189233 Charles G Doyne 
207Mary AnnGOCHERWesterkirk, Branksome Park Jun15189260W Jacob 
208JohnRIDOUTS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Aug4189234W Jacob 
209Sarah AnnieGARLAND S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeNov121892 2 moCharles G Doyne 
210Evelyn MayWATERMAN S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeNov121892 1y 5mCharles G Doyne 
211William CharlesHASKELL S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec51892 23 hrsW Jacob 
212Gregory BirchBORARTON Tranmere, Branksome ParkDec5189290 Charles G Doyne 
213Herbert VictorCUNNINGHAM S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec151892 9 moCharles G Doyne 
214AlbertSHARPS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Dec29189261Charles G Doyne 
215JohnBARRETTS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jan11189343Charles G Doyne 
216EllenPAINTERS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jan25189372Charles G Doyne 
217Lilian MaryHOUSE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeFeb91893 1 dayW Jacob 
218Constance VeraHYDE Wilderton, Branksome ParkFeb22189328 Charles G Doyne 
219Samuel RichardBROWN S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMar301893 9mCharles G Doyne 
220Ester RaineBARKER Southbourne-on-SeaApr4189317 Charles G Doyne 
221Ethel MaudDOLMAN S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeApr71893 22 mCharles G Doyne 
222FrankSTEELES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Apr8189342Charles G Doyne 
223Percy InwoodBASON Birkdale, Branksome ParkJun10189316m Charles G Doyne 
224SarahBROWNS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jun22189359Charles G Doyne 
225Florence AnnieGIBBINS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJun301893 4mCharles G Doyne 
226WilliamHALES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jul81893fadedCharles G Doyne? Aged 75 according to Death registration
227ThomasPRIDES. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jul21189357W Jacob 
228Charles ThomasHILLSMITH S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeAug91893 61Charles G Doyne 
229William ArthurCURTIS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeAug91893 3mCharles G Doyne 
230Walter JohnJOINER S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeAug101893 1mCharles G Doyne 
231Thomas WalterKING S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeAug101893 2mCharles G Doyne 
232Helen MaryHILLS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Aug2118931mCharles G Doyne 
233OliveTAYLORS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Aug24189321 daysCharles G Doyne  
234EmmaAPLINS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Sep25189327Charles G Doyne 
235William Arthur JohnHARVEY S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeSep261893 2 moW Jacob 
236ElizabethJAMESS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Oct10189322Charles G Doyne 
237JamesBUSHS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Oct31189345J. J. Pallerin? Curate of St Peters
238JaneFOSTERS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Nov3189364Charles G Doyne 
239Sidney AlbertAPPLIN S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeNov211893 5 moW Jacob 
240James Foster ThomasHILLIER S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec51893 4Charles G Doyne 
241Frank AlbertDUNN Princess Road, BournemouthDec16189342 Charles G Doyne 
242JohnOLDS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Dec22189366W. Jacob 
243Violet AnnieSHEARING S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeFeb281894 6moW Jacob 
244LydiaARTHURS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Mar5189432Charles G Doyne 
245Hiram JohnLAMBERT S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMar141894 3 moCharles G Doyne 
246Mabel FlorencePARKHURST Therapia Stables, BranksomeMar271894 18 moG S Rogers 
247Mary BeatriceMORRIS Yaverland? BranksomeApr4189422 Charles G Doyne 
248Charlotte MarianneFORFAR Trelarone?, BranksomeApr11189466 W. Jacob 
249Frances JaneDUNN Princess Road, BournemouthMay9189439 Charles G Doyne 
250John PenningtonLEGH Gladwyn BranksomeJun7189466 W. Moyle Rogers 
251EllenGARRETTPrincess Road Bournemouth Jun15189461Charles G Doyne 
252Harry MatthewsPARHAM A/Ch? Lodge Poole Road BournemouthJun181894 61Charles G Doyne 
253Mary AnnMORRISLindsay House Branksome Park Jun21189487Charles G Doyne 
254Sidney JamesPALMER S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJul61894 20Wm. Jacob 
255MaryLANGLEYCounty Gates Lodge, Branksome Park Jul25189468Charles G Doyne 
256Berrie EmilyWOODHOUSE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJul311894  Charles G Doyne 
257ThomasHAWKINSS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Aug14189478H. W. Laidley 
258Cyril EdenFAWCOTT BournemouthSep3189442Charles G Doyne  
259Winifred Elsie MaudSHARPE South View Vale Rd. Upper ParkstoneOct111894 3 moW.M. Abbott 
260MarySTEWARDPoole Road, Branksome Nov24189476 yrsH.W. Laidley  
261Clara EllenMCKENZIE HeatherlandsDec1518943 yrsH.W. Laidley  
262Elizabeth AnneWAREHAM S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJan221895 39Charles G Doyne 
263GeorgeTREGILLISS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Mar2189514R.B. Morison Baptist Minister
264JohnCOLEMANParkbury, Branksome Pk. Parkstone Mar9189548W M Abbott 
265MarySQUIRESMarrington, Branksome Park Mar13189580Charles G Doyne 
266EdwardCOPERMANAlbany House, Branksome Park Mar15189573Charles G Doyne 
267William BentinckFORFAR Pine?errich?, BournemouthMar23189584 Charles G Doyne 
268Elizabeth FurseELLIS BournemouthMar30189582W M Abbott  
269Kate Maud BowyerTREGELLIS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeApr51895 9Charles G Doyne 
270BessieSNELLHeatherlands, Branksome Apr13189526Charles G Doyne 
271FrankBROWNS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Jul24189516Charles G Doyne 
272EllenKELLAWAYS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Sep10189558Charles G Doyne 
273EdmundHABGOODS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Sep2518953 moCharles G Doyne  
274AnneELLIOTTMaisonette Branksome Park Oct3189576Charles G Doyne 
275William Lancelot JohnWOODHOUSE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeOct81895 4 moCharles G Doyne 
276William BertieYOUNG S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeOct101895 13 daysH W. Laidley 
277James Arthur GeorgeHUNT S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec101895 19 moCharles G Doyne 
278MarthaWALLBRIDGE LongfleetDec13189579Charles G Doyne  
279Arthur FrancisBARE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec131895 42Charles G Doyne 
280AnnieLARGENorth Lodge Branksome Park Dec23189524Charles G Doyne 
281JamesMACKIEIvanhoe, Branksome Feb1189666W M Abbottaddress originally shown as Parkstone but corrected and initialled WMA
282Sarah MariaHARRISON CheltenhamFeb4189668Charles G Doyne  
283BenjaminLOCKEAvenue Rd S Aldhelm’s Apr5189676Charles G Doyne 
284Walter Sidney CecilCARD Gasworks Road BranksosmeMay718964 H W Laidlay 
285EllenoraBRISBEN1 Weston Villas May11189668Gerard S. Rogers  
286Amelia SeymourHARRIS Lissenden Branksome ParkMay19189654 Charles G Doyne 
287William EdgarPENNISTONE Lime Kiln Road BranksomeMay2318965 H W. Laidley 
288Helena Alice MaryKING Langley Road S AldhelmsMay2618963 Charles G Doyne 
289Annie GertrudeHARDY S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMay301896 8 moCharles G Doyne 
290Owen VictorSTOCKS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJun21896 14 moCharles G Doyne 
291Elizabeth HarrietMUNDEN S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJun191896 13 moCharles G Doyne 
292Rupert Fred WebbLEIGH S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJun221896 6 moCharles G Doyne 
293Charley JohnCOLEMAN Parkbury, BranksomeJul22189627 Charles G Doyne 
294Walter EdwardSHARP S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeJul231896 1 yrCharles G Doyne 
295KeziahMULLETTBournemouth Aug24189630W M Abbott 
296William GeorgeTREGILLIS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeAug251896 54W M Abbott 
297Mary ElizaPRIDEBranksome Railway Hotel Aug28189662W M Abbott 
298SarahHAYWARDCantermere? Branksome Sep24189679Charles G Doyne 
299Vera Louis EllenGIBBS S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeOct11896 1 yr & 5 moCharles G Doyne 
300ElizabethMOCKFORD Branksome Court BranksomeOct13189656 Charles G Doyne 
301WalterHABGOODS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Oct17189639Charles G Doyne 
302Ann ElizabethSQUIRE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeOct171896 49Charles G Doyne 
303Joseph HenryGREEN Parkbury LodgeNov10189642Herbert B Hunt  
304Sarah JaneCALDER S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec181896 66Charles G Doyne 
305Robert SidneyDASHWOOD Avenue Road S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec23 189618 moCharles G Doyne 
306Ann DeborahMORRIS BoscombeDec23189664Charles G Doyne  
307Arthur GeorgeALLEN S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec301896 11 moCharles G Doyne 
308Emily MarySHEARING S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeDec311896 3 moCharles G Doyne 
309James John GrenfellBORLASE BournemouthFeb3189785Charles G Doyne  
310Arthur GeorgeCOOK S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeFeb151897 17 moCharles G Doyne 
311SarahMAPLELINS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Mar27189762Charles G Doyne 
312Arthur JamesSTEELE S. Aldhelm’s, BranksomeMar271897 10 moF. Wright Anderson
313Violet IreneROLES Green?lodge? BranksomeMar3018977 mo Robert Glarange?
314ElizabethLOWMANS. Aldhelm’s, Branksome Apr12189740Charles G Doyne 
315DorothyKNIGHTCottages Gas Works Road Branksome May618974 yrsGeoge Thompson Offn. Minr.
316Sarah RebeccaMOSS Wilderton Branksome ParkMay7189752 W M Abbott 
317WilliamSPENCERNetley Cottage Lime Kiln Rd. Branksome May10189753W M Abbitt 
318ElizabethWHEELER Princess Road, BranksomeJun17189784 Charles G Doyne 
319Doris HannahWILKES Pinehurst? Branksome ParkJul718975 mo Wm. Sloper 
320JamesMORRISBranksome Jul9189747Francis. J. Thompson
321Elizabeth CharlottePARSONS Avenue Road, BranksomeJul22189770 Francis. J. Thompson
322Charles HenrySPACKMAN 3, Mount Pleasant, Lime Kiln Road BranksomeAug3 189711 moW M Abbott 
323WilliamHORLOCKBournemouth Aug17189751W M Abbott 
324Frederick ArthurBROWN S. Aldhelm’s BranksomeAug231897 24 daysF. J. Thompson 
325Cyril Frederick NormanWHITELOCK S. Aldhelm’s BranksomeSep61897 4 moW M Abbott 
326Richard JamesSQUIBB Garden Cottage Branksome ParkOct121897 12Charles G Doyne 
327AnnROSE3 Sunny Villas, Branksome Oct20189743Charles G Doyne 
328DavidLOWRYPrincess Road Oct21189767Charles G Doyne 
329Gladys MaryWRIGHT Gas Work Road BranksomeOct2518972 mo Francis J Thompson
330ElizabethBARTLETT S. Aldhelms BranksomeOct28189748 Charles G Doyne 
331JamesMILESLangley Road Nov12189769Francis J Thompson
332Gilbert JesseJAMES Langley RoadNov1418974Charles G Doyne  
333Sarah AnnSOLES. Aldhelms Branksome Nov20189741Charles G Doynelast digit in age not clear
334Charles Henry John?WARREN S. Aldhelms BranksomeNov2218972 mo Charles G Doyne 
335IsabellaBOYDMaisonnette Datchet Dec1189745Charles G Doyne 
336Alice MayPRESTON HeatherlandsDec218975Charles G Doyne  
337MaryALLERTONS. Aldhelm’s Branksome Dec8189755Charles G Doyne 
338Winifred VioletBAILEY Gablehurst, S??tter BranksomeDec141897 7 daysCharles G Doyne 
339Mabel EvelynCOCKRANE Alder Road BranksomeDec1818971 y 10m F Wright Anderson
340Arthur HenryCASE S. Aldhelms BranksomeDec2118975 Charles G Doyne 
341ElizabethADLEMS. Aldhelms Branksome Dec29189716Charles G Doyne  
342Charlotte CatherineFLAMSTEED Wylye Branksome ParkJan11189887 J R B Walton/Watson
343GeorgeFOOTS. Aldhelms, Branksome Feb23189820 daysCharles G Doyne
344Edwin CharlesDERRICK 5, Sandy Lane, ParkstoneMar518983 mo W M Abbott 
345George HerbertHILLIER 5 Gas Works Rd. BranksomeMar1518983 days W M Abbott 
346Lily VictoriaBICKNELL Sea View BranksomeMar25189820 Charles G Doyne
347Catherine JaneATTFIELD Cranford Princess Road BranksomeMar291898 67R. George Booth 
348GertrudeBARRETTBourne Valley Branksome Apr2189819Charles G Doyne
349James HenryMOORE BournemouthApr4189853 Charles G Doyne
350Mary EmmaATTFIELD Cranford Princess Road BranksomeApr71898 76R George Booth 
351ElizabethSWALLOW 8 Branksome Villas Poole RoadApr71898 68F J Thompson 
352Annie AmyWHITCHER Bourne Valley BranksomeApr14189835 Charles G Doyne 
353Rosa AnnaMINNETT BranksomeMay18189852Charles G Doyne  
354Henry WilliamFRANCIS (Salisbury) Kilbade? BranksomeJun21898 17Charles G Doyne 
355WilliamGILES(Rochford) Birch?lo??ds Jun4189821Charles G Doyne 
356FrancesBURKBranksome Jun8189850Charles G Doyne 
357Arthur GeorgeCARD BranksomeJun15189826Charles G Doyne  
358Mary AnnTAYLORBranksome Jul1189870Charles G Doyne 
359William JamesHUNT BranksomeJul12189835Charles G Doyne  
360Florence LouisaDERRICK BranksomeSep1518988 moCharles G Doyne  
361Leonard Tom LangtrySMITH BranksomeSep1618981y 8mCharles G Doyne  
362ErnestJAMESBranksome Nov5189816Charles G Doyne 
363Edith EmilySTREET Poole Road BranksomeNov718986 mo W M Abbott 
364MatildaSLADETreberric, Princess Road Nov101898 Charles G Doyne  
365SamuelWICKSMarchwood Poole Road Jan2189973Charles G Doyne 
366William HerbertYOUNG BranksomeJan26189911Charles G Doyne  
367Ellen FrancesSCONCE BranksomeFeb2189957 R Bruce Dickson Vicar of Stewkley Bucks
368Arthur SidneyDERRICK BranksomeFeb1118994Charles G Doyne  
369EdithPOLTERCerne Abbas, Branksome Feb13189917Charles G Doyne 
370John Henry RolandHOOPER BranksomeFeb2518991 moCharles G Doyne  
371John NewleyHOWEPoole Road, Parkstone Feb25189973Charles G Doyne 
372Hilda MayBROWNBranksome Mar3189925 daysF J Thompson  
373Janet AnneBURYStoudleigh Ewell (late Branksome Towers Branksome) Mar4189975Charles G Doyne 
374Dorothy Alice ElizabethSANDERS BranksomeMar418997 mCharles G Doyne  
375ElizabethRIGGSSurrey Road Branksome Mar8189969Charles G Doyne 
376JamesWALKER3 Woodbine Cottages Branksome Mar27189935Edmund W. Sergeant
377William FrederickMACHIN Combehurst Branksome ParkApr6189987 W M Abbott 
378Hilda LilySUTTON Cardigan Rd BranksomeApr12189922 m W M Abbott 
379Walter Albert HarryHORLOCK BranksomeMay818993 mCharles G Doyne  
380Albert Henry Charles George WAYBranksomeMay1318994 Charles G Doyne 
381Kathleen AnnieCOLE Upper ParkstoneJun2189913mW M Abbott  
382Thomas HerbertBROWN BranksomeJun518991mCharles G Doyne  
383SarahHILLARDWestminster Road, Branksome Park Jun20189982Charles G Doyne 
384WilliamGAILORAlder Road, Branksome Aug418992dW M Abbott 
385JohnSEARLEClent Cottage Branksome Aug20189945W M Abbott 
386Albert VernonDERRICK Langley Road BranksomeAug2218991m F J Thompson 
387Kate FrancesTREGILLIS 13 Station Road BranksomeAug3018993y W M Abbott 
388MariaYOUNGBranksome Sep9189962Charles G Doyne 
389RobertFELKINCoombe Pyne Branksome Oct7189971Charles G Doyne 
390LauraGARDINERBalcombe Tower, Branksome Nov18189948Charles G Doyne 
391Alice LindaBROWN BranksomeNov2518996 dF J Thompson  
392Charles CherryMUICHIN Hatfield, Poole RoadDec6189970 H H Muichin Rector of Little Bromley St. Albans
393GeorgeROSES. Aldhelm’s Branksome Dec8189948Charles G Doyne 
394Helena Ivy RoseWEEKS Gas Works Road BranksomeDec9189918m Francis J Thompson
395Margaret CharlotteRUDGE BranksomeDec9189970 Francis J Thompson
396Florence MayLAWRENCE BranksomeDec1118994 mCharles G Doyne  
397HarrietDAYBranksome Dec11189968Charles G Doyne 
398Arthur WilliamsLOCKE BranksomeDec20189916mCharles G Doyne  
399Mary AnnFORDBranksome Dec26189960Charles G Doyne 
400SarahADLAMBranksome Dec27189962Charles G Doyne 
401William JacobTATE Redcroft Branksome ParkDec28189946 Charles G Doyne 
402Mary LovedayBELBEN (of Hoo Meavy Branksome) BournemouthDec301899 65Charles G Doyne 
403William DuffBROOK Roseland Princess RoadJan1190073 Charles G Doyne 
404Roland WilliamWATSON BranksomeJan2190031Charles G Doyne  
405TheodoreSNOWBranksome Jan13190023Charles G Doyne 
406Augustus WilliamGREEN Rothwell Dene BranksomeFeb15190076 Fredk. E Toyne 
407RobertREDPATHBranksome Feb15190069Charles G Doyne 
408Sarah HomerSQUIRES BranksomeMar6190049Charles G Doyne  
409JosephusGLOVERBrankholm Branksome Mar9190076Charles G Doyne 
410William HughCALDER BranksomeMar19190045Charles G Doyne  
411Edith FrancesCROUCH BranksomeMar1919006 mCharles G Doyne  
412ClaraGIRLINGBranksome Mar29190044R Boyd Morrison 
413Sidney JohnSAWYER Layton Road West, BranksomeApr7190014m Charles G Doyne 
414Ethel JanetBEAKBranksome Apr19190014Charles G Doyne 
415Arthur JohnHARMAN BranksomeApr23190020Charles G Doyne  
416Mary Amelia StuartBRIANT Alexandra RoadMay9190041W M Abbott  
417FlorencePEARCES. Aldhelms Branksome May31190044Charles G Doyne 
418Elsie JanePENNEY Ashley Road, BranksomeJul2119004m Francis J Thompson
419KathleenDERRICKLangley Road Branksome Jul2819001yFrancis J Thompson
420Arabella (Martha) Tempest HICKSCamelot, BranksomeSep291900 68Charles G DoyneMartha written above name
421EvelynWATKINSBranksome Sep29190018Charles G Doyne 
422Mary JaneREADBranksome Oct10190039Charles G Doyne 
423GeorgeSLADESt Aldhelm’s, Branksome Nov21190049EW Sergeant 
424Hilda AliceKERSLAKE BranksomeDec819006mF J Thompson  
425AnnieWARRINGTONBranksome Dec8190020d- -no name given for Vicar
426Henry FrancisBENNETT BranksomeDec1719008Charles G Doyne  
427BlancheTRICKETTBranksome Dec20190020Charles G Doyne 
428Mary MatildaKING BranksomeDec2919007mW M Abbott  
429JohnPOTTERBranksome Jan2190120Charles G Doyne 
430Alice LongEDWARDS BranksomeJan12190118Charles G Doyne  
431Mabel LaviniaMOORE BranksomeJan14190113Charles G Doyne  
432FlorenceGAILORBranksome Jan1419013 wCharles G Doyne  
433EmilyEVANSBranksome Feb11190123Charles G Doyne 
434Sarah ElizabethDOLMAN BranksomeFeb16190167Charles G Doyne last letter of surname not clear
435ElizaBONDBranksome Feb16190181Charles G Doyne 
436Eileen PhyllisTURNER BranksomeFeb22190118mCharles G Doyne  
437George Henry TempestHICKS Camelot BranksomeFeb23190182 Charles G Doyne 
438George EugeneFASNACHT Boballic Tower BranksomeMar9190169 J. I. Patterson Curate S. Peters Bournemouth
439EmmaKITSONPrincess Road, Branksome Mar14190155Charles G Doyne 
440Ethel VictoriaLAWRENCE BranksomeMar1619013Charles G Doyne surname smudged
441WilliamCOURTS. Aldhems Branksome Mar20190152Charles G Doyne 
442Charles EdgarCOOK S. Aldhems BranksomeApr319013 Charles G Doyne 
443EmilyWEEKSHeatherlands Apr8190147Charles G Doyne 
444Mary AnnCOOKEParkstone May8190179W M Abbott 
445JohnWARRENBranksome May9190173E W Sergeant 
446ElizabethRICEKingsbridge Road Parkstone (of Branksome) Jun4190178Charles G Doyne 
447Martin Ernest VictorHUNT S. Aldhelms BranksomeJun619014 Charles G Doyne 
448GeorgeHOUSES. Aldhelms Branksome Jun6190138Charles G Doyne 
449William GeorgeHORWOOD S. Aldhelms BranksomeJul119017m A. E. Corner 
450Dorothy Mary AnnEAVES Lime Kiln Rd. BranksomeJul2190118m F. Whiglor? Anderson
451Ellen TempestHICKS Camelot, Branksome ParkJul9190182 Charles G Doyne 
452Henry KnightHITCHCOCK Christowell Branksome ParkJul13190156 J. I. Patterson Curate S. Peters Bournemouth
453HarrietREIDMastrick Hall Branksome Pk. Bournemouth Jul29190162G O Pardoe Vicar of Hu?t?n
454Elizabeth MaryHUSSEY 1 Turkey Villas Gas Woks Road Branksome BournemouthAug 1190143E W Sergeant 
455CharlesDERRICK5 S. Aldhelms Rd. Parkstone Aug519011mW M Abbott 
456Godfrey Arthur WarryHUNT Martrick Hall Stables The Avenue BranksomeAug19 19015A. E. Corner 
457William JosephDAVIDGE BranksomeSep4190118- - no name given for Vicar
458ThomasCAMPBELLBranksome Sep25190182Charles G Doyne 
459Ada Mary JaneHILLIER BranksomeOct2190111Charles G Doyne  
460RobertHAYWARDC?mere Branksome Oct14190179Charles G Doyne 
461George AndrewWEBB BranksomeOct3119017Charles G Doyne  
462Arthur LeslieLAWRENCE BranksomeNov1919016mCharles G Doyne  
463JaneROBBINSBranksome Nov21190177Charles G Doyne 
464DorothyMUNNINGSBranksome Dec619013Charles G Doyne 
465Ethel MayDOLMANBranksome Dec1619014mCharles G Doyne 
466Isabel MargaretBRACKEN Princess Road BranksomeDec17190120 Charles G Doyne 
467Ena MayGRIMSHAWBranksome Dec20190119mCharles G Doyne  
468Lily FredaHASKELL BranksomeJan4190228dIan G Cameron  
469Katharine Scott ForbesCOWIE Bon Accord BranksomeJan10190230 Charles G Doyne 
470Thomas ConnockELLIOTT Maisonette BranksomeJan16190286 Charles G Doyne 
471William HenryBLACKALLER HeatherlandsJan22190259Charles G Doyne  
472WinifredMITCHELL Vale Road ParkstoneFeb3190210m Ian G Cameron 
473Sydney JohnCAKEHEAD Aysgate/h Stables? Bournemouth (Brackl??agh Branksome)Feb 10190222Charles G Doyne 
474Emma HannahJAMES BranksomeFeb21190263Charles G Doyne  
475Hester MatildaCAVE Laburnum Cottage Alder Road BranksomeFeb241902 12mIan G Cameron 
476Helena Lilian MayHARDY North Rd. BranksomeMar5190215m Ian G Cameron 
477Henrietta ElizabethWORTHINGTON Osmund Road BranksomeMar7190248 Charles G Doyne 
478Edmund AdolphusKIRBY Cerne Abbas, Branksome ParkMar7190277 W.WEWou?Kirby Priest Officient
479Marianne AgathaDOWLING Upper ParkstoneMar819027mCharles G Doyne  
480Annie MariaSAUNDERS BranksomeMar10190225Charles G Doyne  
481George ArthurINGRAM 16 Ashley Rd. BranksomeMar11190279 Ian G Cameron 
482EmmaWADEBranksome Mar13190260Charles G Doyne 
483ElsiePENNYBranksome Mar2519022Ian G Cameron 
484Charles EdwardGINGELL BranksomeApr119024mCharles G Doyne  
485Eliza JaneWILLSLangley Rd. Branksome Apr16190257W M Abbott 
486Edward CharlesCUFF Poole Road ParkstoneApr29190251 Ian G Cameron 
487JohnCOWIEBon accord Branksome May8190244? Cotterill Rector of Idlicot Warwickshire
488HenryEVANSBranksome May26190236Charles G Doyne 
489JesseCHAMPIONBranksome Jun10190261Charles G Doyne 
490ElizabethTHOMPSON BranksomeJun13190271Charles G Doyne  
491Christopher TregellisFOX BranksomeJun16190218mCharles G Doyne  
492Gladys WinifredSEDWELL BranksomeJun1819023Charles G Doyne  
493John WilliamHORSWILL BranksomeJun30190261Charles G Doyne  
494Reginald HenryKELLAWAY BranksomeJul519022Ian G Cameron  
495ElizabethMORLEYBournemouth West Jul9190279J. I. Patterson Curate S, Peters Bournemouth
496Wilfred Redvers GeorgeBIDDLECOMBE BranksomeJul14190215mIan G Cameron  
497Walter WrightSTEVENS Langley Rd. BranksomeJul29190250 W.M. Abbott 
498DorcasHASKELLCyprus Villa Surrey Rd. Branksome Aug2190231W.M. Abbott 
499JohnFOWLERAncrum House Aug11190276W.A. Firth Officn. Min
500Cecilia Dorothy MayMITCHELL Albert Road BranksomeAug3019024 W.M. Abbott 
501Ellen JaneHARDYNorth Road, Branksome Sep27190249Ian G Cameron 
502Lilian EthelBUNNEY Rosemeath Poole roadSep2919029 Charles G Doyne 
503Dorothy JuliaWRIGHT Avenue Road BranksomeOct719025m Ian G Cameron 
504Albert EdwardMOORE Heatherlands Upper ParkstoneOct111902 10Charles G Doyne 
505WilliamOSMONDAlder Road Branksome Oct14190262Ian G Cameron 
506RobertROBBINS10 Rose Cottage, Gas Works Road Branksome Oct17190277Ian G Cameron 
507DorothyNEWELLPinewood Rd. Branksome Pk. Nov719029dW M Abbott 
508George HaynesHETHERINGTON Tower House, Branksome ParkNov8190246 Charles G Doyne 
509Henry DavisEVANS Princess RoadNov8190270 Stanley M? Butters Wesleyan Minister
510Maurice GerardMcGILL Valley Road, BranksosmeDec12190213m Ian G Cameron 
511Dorothy AnnieHARKELL Lime Kiln Road BranksomeDec30190223d Charles G Doyne 
512Dora MackenzieFELLOWES Torridon BranksomeJan1190336 Edmund H. Fellowes
513Harold GeorgeBARRETT BranksomeJan319034mIan G Cameron  
514James InnesMINCHIN ParkstoneJan20190377Charles G Doyne in ?father’s grave
515George Ernest ArthurUPWARD BranksomeJan21190319mIan G Cameron  
516William HenryHONEYWELL BranksomeJan30190339Charles G Doyne  
517Gladys IsabelHILL WestbourneFeb25190316mCharles G Doyne same grave as another child
518Samuel SuttonSTOKES BranksomeMar12190350Charles G Doyne  
519Frances LouisaWICKHAM Gerford? Branksome ParkMar27190344 Charles G Doyne 
520Dorothy Ethel LangtrySMITH HeatherlandsApr419031mCharles G Doyne same grave as brother
521ThomasSHACKLETON Fawley Lindsay Road Branksome Park BournemouthMay5 190372J. R. G. Taylor 
522Stella KathleenTURVEY Balcombe Towers Branksome Pk.May91903 15mW M Abbott 
523Winifred ElsieHOPKISS Poole Road BranksomeMay13190321 W M Abbott 
524Charles NormanBOWTELL Surrey Villas Parkstone (Branksome)May301903 2mW M AbbottLord? Written in front of forename
525MariaHULLTherapia Branksome Pk. May31190362W M Abbott 
526ElizabethFAUSTONE Caradon Poole Rd. BranksomeJun3190360 W M Abbott 
527SidneyMACKLIN2 Branksome Villas Poole Road Branksome Jun2419033dW M Abbott 
528RebeccaBORLASE12 Lansdowne Place Cheltenham Jun24190390W M Abbott 
529George GloverWESTCOTT Ashley Rd. Upper Parkstone BranksosmeJun241903 68W M Abbott 
530EllenFORD4 Gordon Buildings Poole Rd. Parkstone Branksome Jul1190330W M Abbott 
531AliceAPLIN5 Cromer Rd. Branksome Upper Parkstone Aug8190332Clifford Hawker Off. Minister
532MarthaSHARP6 Leyton Road East Branksome Upper Parkstone Sep2190367Ian G Cameronsame grave as husband
533Flora Mary EllenALLEN Avenue Rd. BranksomeSep1519031m W M Abbott 
534ClaraHULLOsborne Rd. Parkstone Branksome Sep18190332W M Abbott 
535Gilbert Steward RalphNEWELL Victoria Rd. HeatherlandsSep2419036 W M Abbott 
536FaithTRICKETTBeaconsfield Road, Heatherlands Oct7190330Charles G Doynesame grave as ?
537AliceDASHWOODAvenue Rd. Branksome Oct2819033dW M Abbottaddress corrected from Parkstone to Branksome
538AnnieRATTEWPembroke Cottages Gas Works Rd, Branksome Nov10190339W M Abbott 
539Doris RubySHARPChurch Rd. Heatherlands Nov1019038mW M Abbott 
540Emma FrederickaKIRBY Cerne Abbas, BranksomeNov27190379 Norman W Shelton
541Arthur JamesTREVITT Langley Road, BranksomeNov28190324 Charles G Doyne
542MaryCHAPPLOWPoole Road, Branksome Nov28190370Charles G Doyne
543Caroline ElizabethFELLOWES 4? Southgate Street, WinchesterDec51903 85Charles G Doynehouse number smudged
544FannyCARDLime Kiln Road, Branksome Dec7190350Charles G Doyne
545Ellen SusanDODSLEY-FLAMSTEED ’Wylye’ Osborne Road, Branksome ParkDec8 190368C. Stewart? Miller
546William Edwin JohnWEEKS Gas Works Rd. BranksomeDec1719031y W M Abbott 
547Letitia KateJONES Ashley Rd, RanksomeDec2819032m Charles G Doyne
548Robert CharlesHILL Alder Road BranksomeDec31190342 Charles G Doyne
549Edith KathleenJOHNSTONE St Olave’s Branksome ParkJan231904 16mCharles G Doyne
550Eleanor AnneHEATH Rozel BournemouthJan25190484 Charles G Doyne
551Lily VioletGLASSON Valley Road BranksomeJan27190414w Charles G Doyne
552Charlotte Catherine Dorothy DODSLEY-FLAMSTEEDWylye Osborne Road Branksome ParkFeb 15190472Charles G Doyne
553LaviniaHUNTCardigan Road, Branksome Feb18190444Charles G Doyne
554Ellaline ElizabethGINGELL 4 Shirley Villas Gas Works Road BranksomeFeb25 19047mIan G Cameron 
555Dorothy BerthaSNOW Frankland Leyton Road East BranksomeFeb251904 2yIan G Cameron 
556Millie EdithWHITE Lime Kiln Road BranksomeFeb2919041m Charles G Doyne
557Charles SamuelBULLEN Ashley Road BranksomeMar15190465 Ian G Cameron 
558FrankDOLMANAvenue Road Branksome Mar19190468Charles G Doyne
559Ernest CharlesCULLIP North Road Branksome ParkMar2619047m Charles G Doyne
560Everina Mary MarryJOHNSTONE St Olave’s Branksome ParkApr111904 28Charles G Doyne
561Richard JohnYOUNG Vale Road BranksomeApr1519048m Ian G Cameron 
562CatharineTURNERMerioda? Tower Road Branksome Apr19190474Ian G Cameron 
563GeorgeWHITELOCKPoole Road Branksome Apr19190449Ian G Cameron 
564LawrencePARSONS’Woodend’ Tower Road, Branksome Apr26190411?mIan G Cameronage corrected and not clear
565KathleenBARRY’Parksbury’ Branksome Apr26190419Ian G Cameron 
566Albert EdwinKEEVIL 3 Bury Terrace Poole Rd. BranksomeApr271904 33Ian G Cameron 
567ElizabethATKINBattledown Lodge Parkswood Road Pokesdown Apr27190475Duncan Woodroffe S Swithuns Bournemouth (same grave as husband)
568Albert Walter George Charles RATTEWStoke Cottage Poole Road (Branksome)May 519048mIan G Cameron(same grave as others) register has child added later for grave
569Dulcie Evelyn RoseWEEKS Gas Works Rd. BranksomeMay2819043m Charles G Doyne
570Henry ParsonsHARRIS Langley Road BranksomeJun12190459 Charles G Doyne
571Leslie JamesBROWN BranksomeJun14190410 Charles G Doyne
572Leonard JohnSHADWICKE Poole Rd. BranksomeJun1519041y Charles G Doyne
573WilliamFOWLEPoole Rd. Branksome Jun17190472Charles G Doyne
574William AlexanderCOCKRANE Ashley Road BranksomeJun17190449 Percival Stanley 
575HughGRIMSHAWVale Road Branksome Jun22190434Charles G Doyne
576CharlotteFRAMPTON Archway Rd. BranksomeJun25190472 P Stanley 
577WilliamALEXANDER Glenlui? Branksome ParkJul6190488 Charles G Doyne 
578MatthewYARROWAshley Road Branksome Jul19190467R. B. Morison Baptist Minister
579George FrancisBUCKLE Poole Road BranksomeAug3190439 Ian G Cameron 
580Thomas ScottTAYLOR North Road BranksomeAug29190424 Charles G Doyne
581Albert EdwardMOORE Courthill Park Rd. BranksomeSep51904 8mP. Stanley 
582Wilhelmina ConstanceYOUNG Archway Road BranksomeSep1419042m Ian G Cameron 
583HenryWILLIAMSAlder Road Branksome Sep14190477Ian G Cameron 
584Lily MayHORWOODPoole Rd. Parkstone Sep2719047mCharles G Doyne same grave as another child
585Frances GwenllianBISHOP Pen y-Coed Poole RoadOct15190468 Charles G Doyne 
586RobertSTEPHENSON Strathmore Chester Road Branksome ParkOct191904 28Charles G Doyne 
587MarthaFOWLERParkstone Poole Oct25190482Charles G Doyne  
588JamesWEEKSGas Works Road Branksome Nov1190431Ian G Cameron 
589Ellen ElizabethHODGSON Allerton Ashley RoadNov24190421 Charles G Doyne 
590William MorleyGRIMSHAW Stourfield Rd WintonDec6190428 Charles G Doynesame grave as ?brother
591Horace GeorgeARNOLD BranksomeDec13190413 Charles G Doyne  
592JohnFOSTERLongfleet Dec16190472Ian G Cameronsame grave as ? (not completed)
593Martha AnneROLFE ParkstoneDec20190462 Charles G Doyne margin note not legible – smudged ink
594JosephGRAYBranksome Jan5190555Charles G Doyne 
595Winifred MayLOCKE BranksomeJan719053Percival Stanley  
596MurielALLERTONLangley Rd. Branksome Jan11190523mIan G Cameron 
597CharlesDENNYClivedene, Branksome Park Jan13190582Charles G Doyne  
598Louis Frederick EdenKING-HALL Park View, BranksomeJan2519054 Charles G Doynedate of burial could be 21st
599Montague EdwardONSLOW BranksomeFeb919052Charles G Doyne difficulty reading surname
600Maria EvelynANSON Needwood, BranksomeFeb14190542 H.R.Anson, Curate of Kelvedoncomment after Kelvedon unclear
601JohnPALMERBranksome Feb23190558Ian G Cameron 
602GertrudeWEBBGlencoe, Eaton Road Mar1190514 hoursCharles G Doyne  
603Thomas RichardSHARPE Heatherdene, Princess RoadMar29190574 Charles G Doyne 
604Gerard SaltrenROGERS The Old Ride, BranksomeApr10190546 Charles G Doyne 
605ElsieLOCKEAvenue Road, Branksome Apr18190512Charles G Doyne  
606Edmund WilliamSERGEANT Aldhurst, BranksomeAug18190569 C.H.Griffith Officiating Minister
607MarthaSTICKLEYBranksome Sep11190562Charles G Doyne  
608ThomasBUNDYBranksome Oct12190582Charles G Doyne  
609Christiana MayBROWN BranksomeOct1619059Charles G Doyne  
610Florence LilianPEACH BranksomeOct18190513 hrs Charles G Doyne  
611ElizaBARNESBranksome Oct24190581Charles G Doyne  
612ReginaldHILLIERBranksome Oct3019057P Stanley 
613ConwayJOYCEBranksome Nov1190578Fredk. Youngnoted on MI as a Vicar
614Sophia JaneMORRES Gaversand?, BranksomeNov2190571 Charles G Doyne 
615AliceFOSSAshley Road, Branksome Nov17190542P Stanley 
616GeorgeBROWNChristchurch Nov23190580P Stanley 
617Emma MaryPERRYR?, Branksome Park Dec4190583J. J. Carroll Rom Cath. Pries house name not clear
618MargaretSTRUGWELL 5 Davenport Cottages, Surrey Rd. BournemouthDec7 190555C Steward Miller Vicar of St. John’s Surrey Road
619SarahDAWEBranksome Dec20190567Charles G Doyne  
620Daphne Isabella MariaONSLOW BranksomeDec21190510m Charles G Doyne  
621Constance Irene ScottSEDWELL BranksomeDec23190527days Charles G Doyne  
622JamesBLANCHARDParkstone Dec24190541Ian G Cameron 
623ElizabethWINDSOR Gatcombe, Princess RoadDec30190567 Charles G Doyne 
624WilliamPRUDAMESBranksome Jan6190655P. Stanley 
625Frederick BullerLITTLE Skasgill?, Branksome ParkJan9190670 Charles G Doyne 
626Frank RaynorCHAPMAN Vale Road, BranksomeJan17190635 Charles G Doyne 
627Mary AnnWINDSORGatcombe, Princess Road Jan30190669Charles G Doyne  
628ElizaMINERS. Aldhelms, Clavy? House, Branksome Feb2190667Charles G Doyne 
629Thomas Millard BentonEDEN Milcote, Crescent Road, Branksome ParkFeb161906 69Ian G Cameron 
630Peter George RowlandJOHNSTON Layton Road, Upper ParkstoneMar151906 58Charles G Doyne 
631Caroline SarahCLEMENTS Ninchfield, Station Road, BranksomeMar161906 85Ian G Cameron 
632Blanche EmmaNURSE Alexandra Cottages, Florence Road, ParkstoneMar20 19067mIan G Cameron 
633Eva MillicentBRIND Limekiln Road BranksomeApr319061m Ian G Cameron 
634Gladys VeraJAMES Alum?Villa? Langley Road, ParkstoneApr71906 4Charles G Doyne 
635Reginald FrankBENNETT Gas Works Road, BranksomeApr919063m Ian G Cameron(unbaptised)
636Samuel ArthurMARRIS Kirby Gate Eaton Road Branksome ParkApr121906 63Ian G Cameron 
637Eva DorothyLOCKE Avenue Road BranksomeApr1819067m P. Stanley 
638GeorgianaSANDOW5 Buckers/Beechers? Terrace, Bournemouth Rd. Parkstone Apr26190644P. Stanley 
639Marion WyldGREEN The Hurst, Burton Road, Branksome ParkMay81906 69Reginald ? Hunt. Vicar of S. James’ Bournemouth
640RobertHOLLINGSPine Grange, Burton Road, Branksome Park May8190670Ian G Cameron 
641John HenrySUTTON Vale Road BranksomeMay23190618m Charles G Doyne 
642JohnP?MULLER?Vale Road Branksome Jul13190668Charles G Doyne  
643FrederickDARTLangley Road Branksome Aug30190628Charles G Doyne  
644Annie JuliaGILLINGHAM Gas Works Road BranksomeSep6190633 Charles G Doyne 
645Robert EdenHOPEBramley Dene Branksome Park Sep12190674J E Floyd Vicar of Ashworth
646WilliamLANGLEYCounty Gates Lodge Branksome Sep14190677Charles G Doyne  
647RoseHAMPTONLangley Road Branksome Oct25190616Charles G Doyne  
648Mary EllenPEACHPembroke Cottages Valley Road Branksome Nov919069dIan G Cameron 
649Horace GeorgeROLFE 24 Kemp Road, WintonNov24190626 Ian G Cameron 
650Charles David CunynghameELLIS Branksome Chine Home BranksomeDec71906 73Charles G Doyne 
651Leonard HerbertHAIM Avenue Road, BranksomeDec1019061m Charles G Doyne 
652WilliamWARRENS. Aldhelms C? House Dec27190682Charles G Doyne  
653Richard WilliamRANDALL Pelham Branksome ParkDec28190682 P H Leary Vicar of All Saints Notting Hill WRev. (Dean of Chichester)
654NormanBRINDBranksome Dec31190610mCharles G Doyne  
655Edward KingtonHANSON Brunstead Lodge Brunstead Rd BranksomeJan21907 67C Stewart? Miller Vicar of S. John Gr. Surrey Rd
656MaryLOCKE1 Ivy Cottages, Avenue Road, Branksome Jan9190774Gerald W. U. Maude
657MaryDENNYCliveden Ferndown Hampreston Jan18190778Charles G Doyne  
658MarthaLACEYArchway Road, Branksome Jan26190746Charles G Doyne  
659MaryCHATERToorak, Clarendon Rd. Bournemouth Jan30190771J I Patterson Curate of St Peters
660AliceHARVEYVale House, Gas Works Road Branksome Mar28190752Ian G Cameron 
661NellHALCOMBEKilsly Forest Road Branksome Apr2190747J I Patterson Curate of S Peters Bournemouth
662ElizabethALEXANDER Glenlui Branksome ParkApr6190748 Charles G Doyne 
663AnnRHYMES2, Gordon Buildings, Bournemouth Road, Branksome May4190766Gerald W. U. Maude
664SarahSTEELE2 Flaxley Villas Gas Works Road Branksome May20190779Ian G Cameron 
665Augusta MayMACEY BranksomeMay22190719 Charles G Doyne  
666Walter RobertHAYWOOD Abingdon BranksomeMay25190758 Charles G Doyne 
667JohnSMITHBranksome Jun15190778Charles G Doyne  
668Douglas ThomasBARFOOT BranksomeJun1819074Charles G Doyne  
669Mabel Kathleen AnniePRIDE Upper ParkstoneJun19190721m Charles G Doyne 
670Charles FrederickHOPE Desmond Branksome ParkJun26190753 Charles G Doyne 
671JohnWALKERBranksome Jul4190744Charles G Doyne 
672William Alfred HenryTREW BranksomeJul8190738 Gerald W . U. Maude
673LucyBROCKWAYAt ’Forest Lodge’ Branksome Park Aug9190746Ian G Cameron 
674Eliza ElsieCHAMBERLAIN Raymond Langley Rd. BranksomeSep171907 47Ian G Cameron 
675Mary AnnAPLINCromer Rd. Branksome Oct11190769Charles G Doyne  
676EmilyPOTTLEHomelea Burton/Barton Road Branksome Oct25190711dJ I Patterson 
677KatherineGRIMSHAW Morval ParkstoneNov119074m Charles G Doyne  
678AliceARNOLDBranksome Nov5190742Charles G Doyne 
679Henry JosephBAYMAN Albert Rd Upper ParkstoneNov5190732 Charles G Doyne 
680AliceACOCKEversley Branksome Nov9190757Charles G Doyne 
681George AbrahamPOOLE BranksomeDec7190769Charles G Doyne  
682EdithLITTLESkirsgell, Branksome Dec30190742Charles G Doyne  
683James ThomasSIMPSON Wayside Braksome, PooleDec31190758 Charles G Doyne 
684Emily SophiaDOYNE Branksome VicarageJan2190877 George H Bourne Treasurer of Salisbury Cathedral
685Henry ArthurKELLAWAY Barton Road BranksomeJan30190820m Ian G Cameron 
686Emma JaneCOOKAvenue Road Branksome Feb10190856Charles G Doyne  
687CharlesSTICKLEYBourne Valley Road Branksome Feb17190863J. W. H. WatsonFoale Assistant Priest
688CarolinePOWELLPoole Road, Branksome Mar7190879Charles G Doyne 
689Henry RobertHYNARD Bourne Valley Road, BranksomeMar71908 51Ian G Cameron 
690AliceWOODHedington? Poole Road Branksome Mar27190866Fred? Toyne 
691 HAIM10 Surrey View Avenue Road Branksome Apr21190821hoursIan G Cameron no first name, female on death records
692MurielARNOLDPoole Road Branksome Apr2419085mIan G Cameron 
693Charles WilliamFRANCIS Barton Rd BranksomeMay21190813m Charles G Doyne 
694CharlesEVANSCardigan Rd. Branksome May3019089mIan G Cameron 
695Edward BertramHALL Archway Rd. BranksomeAug7190810m Ian G Cameron 
696Frederick HenryALDERSON Aboukin? House Poole Rd BranksomeSep81908 69Charles G Doyne 
697PercyPEARCEFirs Home Bournemouth Sep19190822Charles G Doyne  
698AnnHODGESBranksome Sep26190884Charles G Doyne  
699Frederick BoulterCOOKE The Haze Barnaby Road BournemouthSep301908 71Charles G Doyne 
700Henry WebberBEVERLEY Lillington Poole Road BranksomeOct161908 72Charles G Doyne 
701ElizabethHOBBSBranksome Manor Cottage Oct29190860Charles G Doyne  
702Lucie SusanWILLIAMS Redmine? Branksome ParkOct31190852 Charles G Doyne 
703EmmaMARRISEaton Road Branksome Park Nov2190862Charles G Doyne 
704CharlesONSLOWWoodside Langley Road Branksome Nov719081mA W Hux?forename added later in pencil
705CharlesOLDBranksome Nov18190874Charles G Doyne  
706William TomTRINKLE BranksomeNov28190811 Charles G Doyne  
707Arthur MatchamDAVIES Melton BranksomeDec23190876 T.M.M. Griffiths Rector of Warmingham
708George EdwinDERRICK BranksomeDec2619089A W Hux? Curate  
709Sydney JohnRUSSELL BranksomeJan2190957Charles G Doyne  
710Sarah AnnPIGGOTT BranksomeJan8190981Charles G Doyne  
711John William CharlesRATTERS ParkstoneJan1619095m Charles G Doyne margin note same grave as relative
712Mary DavisINGRAM BranksomeJan20190980 Charles G Doyne  
713Reginald Lloyd GeorgeDICKER BranksomeMar1190915m Charles G Doyne  
714Charles GoddardDOYNE BranksomeMar24190956George H Bourne Preby. And Treas. Of Salisbury Cathedral Parish Priest for 27 years’
715Percy StanleyDRUITT Parkstone S. LukeMar31190953 ? Edward Duymne? Vicar of Parkstone
716JohnCARDUpper Parkstone Apr5190968A W Hux Curate 
717Nellie AmandaDICKINSON BranksomeApr24190935 F F Toyne Vicar of S Michael’s Bournemouth
718HenryGALEBranksome Apr27190970J W H Watson Foale?
719JaneCARDBranksome or Upper Parkstone May15190959A W Hux Curate 
720JamesWHITE86, Poole Road, Branksome May22190965J W H Watson Foale
721Willoughby Charles Stanley CLARKEBranksomeJun3190976 A W Hux Curatecremated ashes
722James WilliamBENNETT Harwood Lindsay Road Branksome ParkJun31909 58J W H WatsonFoale
723Annie LoomisHUNT Trinfield Tower Road Branksome ParkJun171909 53J W H Watson Foale
724Sarah NellieANSON Suffolk House, Barton Rd. BranksomeAug51909 37Henry Chas. Percival VicarDied at King’s Sutton, Northants
725Thomas HerbertYARROW Fairview Hermitage Rd. Upper ParkstoneAug91909 44A W Hux Curate 
726Alan HenryBENNETT 2 Josephine Villas, Bourne Valley Road, BranksomeAug31 19091mJ W H Watson Foale
727Gilbert FrancisJAMES Mayfield Villa, Barton Road, BranksomeAug311909 6mJ. W. H. WatsonFoaleDied at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Bournemouth
728Evelyn Iris BennettGRANT Clovelly Villas, James Road, BranksomeSep71909 9mH. C. Percival, Vicar
729Alexander CharlesCOCHRANE 2 Sandringham Villas, Poole Rd. BranksomeSep14 19093mH. C. Percival, Vicar
730Victor NehemiahUPWARD Gwynne Road, BranksomeOct11190910 A W Hux Curate 
731James BarnesFORD 4 Ruby Villas, James’ Road, BranksomeOct13 190923J. W. H. WatsonFoale
732JeremiahDEMPSEYLamlash? Ashley Road Upper Parkstone Nov11190962J. W. H. WatsonFoale
733Charles HamesCHATER Park House, Knighton Park Rd. LeicesterNov161909 70H. C. Percival, Vicar
734Marjorie MaryFOWLE Winchfield, Wills Rd. BranksomeDec221909 2mA W Hux Curate 
735Mary DorothyNEWTON Marrington, Balcombe Rd,Jan15191093 H. C. Percival, Vicar
736KateMINTEYWhite Heather, Bournemouth Rd. Branksome Jan15191045H. C. Percival, Vicar (Parkstone Cemetery)
737BertieBAILEYGablehurst Cottage, Lindesay Rd. Feb10191028H. C. Percival, Vicar
738Doris OliviaMERRIFIELD Hambledon, Bourne Valley Rd.Apr21910 4H. C. Percival, Vicar
739Violet KatieMERRIFIELD Hambledon, Bourne Valley Rd.Apr21910 3H. C. Percival, Vicar
740John GoodmanDAVIES Spur Villa, King’s Avenue,Apr181910 58H. C. Percival, Vicar(Buried in Parkstone Cemetery)
741JamesHOUSELangley Road, Branksome Apr22191060A W Hux Curate 
742ElizabethPHILOAthens, Ashley Rd. Upper Parkstone Apr29191074H. C. Percival & Will? Toyne
743EllenROOInglehurst, Westminster Road Apr30191079H. C. Percival, Vicar
744Violet LilianTOUT Langley Road BranksomeMay2019104 A W Hux Curate 
745Helen MaryBROWNBrentford 7 Cardigan Road, Branksome May28191012dJ. W. H. Watson Foale Assistant Priest
746RichardHARDY15 Avenue Road, Branksome May28191068J. W. H. Watson Foale Assistant Priest
747Leonard CharlesCHAPMAN Poole Road, BranksomeMay2119102m J. W. H. Watson Foale Assistant Priest(Buried in Branksome Cemetery)
748HarrySOUTHCOMBESaint Kathleen, Ashley Road, Upper Parkstone Jun6191040J. W. H. Watson Foale Assistant Priest
749JohannaWARRENHeathfield, 106 Poole Road, Branksome Jun2191083J. W. H. Watson Foale Assistant Priest (otherwise ’Mary’ noted in forename)
750ElizabethHARRISIsca? Villa, 52 Princess Road, Branksome Jun22191078H. C. Percival, Vicar
751ThomasSPRACKLING Bedford Cottage, BranksomeJun23191050 J I Patterson Curate of S. Peters Bournemouth
752WalterDAUBERRYThe Whare, 47 Princess Rd. Branksome Jun24191076H. C. Percival, Vicar
753KateJONES4 Mills Road, Branksome Aug31191058J. W. H. Watson Foale
754Alice AmeliaGARLAND 12 James Road, BranksomeSep9191023 H. C. Percival, Vicar
755LilyL’HERMING Branksome Cliff, PineWood Road, BranksomeSept17 191061H. C. Percival, Vicar(Ashes interred after Cremation at Golder Green)
756LaviniaGARDINER19 Princess Road Bournemouth W, Branksome Oct10191069G H Haines 
757Laura Stanway LewisLAW Cliveden, Branksome AvenueOct10191048 H. C. Percival, Vicar(Interred at Brookwood Cemetery, Woking)
758JamesHODGES114 Ashley Rd. Branksome Oct12191081H. C. Percival, Vicar
759Charles BarnesFORD 2 Vale Road, Branksome, Upper ParkstoneOct171910 88H. C. Percival, Vicar
760Ernest ClarenceELLIOTT The Beacon House, Monken Hadley, BarnetDec61910 37H. C. Percival, VicarDied at South Cliff Hall Exeter Road, Bournemouth
761EmmaHODGESRoseneath, Poole Road, Branksome Dec20191078H. C. Percival, Vicar (see No. 758)
762ChristianaWILLIAMS Beandon Lead, 36 Poole Road, BranksomeDec241910 80J. W. H. Watson Foale
763Blair ThomasREID Mastrick Hall, The Avenue, Branksome ParkDec30 191085C Stewart Miller Vicar of St. John’s Surrey Road (Major General)
764EdwardMULLETTDelstone, Langley Road Dec28191067J. W. H. Watson Foale (Interred in Bournemouth Cemetery)
765SarahPITHER4 Milton Terrace, Valley Road, Branksome Jan16191156J. W. H. Watson Foale
766FrancisKITSONHey-Tor, Alexandra Road Jan23191169H C Percival, Vicar
767GeorgeBUNGAYLangley Road, Branksome Jan23191176J. W. H. Watson Foale
768Albert TomPOOLNorth Lodge Road, Branksome Feb24191114y10mH C Percival, Vicar (Chorister at St. Aldhelm’s)
769Frederick ThomasGOODMAN Court Lodge, Tower Road, BranksomeFeb271911 68H C Percival, Vicar
770AllanCHAPMANHolt Villa, Vale Road, Branksome Mar319114 mH C Percival, Vicar
771Arthur Donald McLeodWOODHOUSE Tuxford Vicarage, NottsMar4191123 H C Percival, Vicar(Kinderfield, Westminster Rd. Branksome)
772Harold CharlesSCAMMELL Heath Cottage, Bourne Valley Rd, BranksomeMar8 191111mH C Percival, Vicar
773Charles StanleyHAM Ashley Rd. BranksomeMar1419112 H C Percival, Vicar
774Montgomery FergusonBARNES Ballyglass, Forest Rd, BranksomeMar171911 70H C Percival, Vicar
775Mary ElizabethFROUD 12 Avenue Rd. BranksomeMar30191140 H C Percival, Vicar
776George VictorNORTON Cardigan Rd. BranksomeMar31191115m Henry Baron Nichol (Offc. Priest)(Interred in Branksome Cemetery)
777HenryTAYLORHarrow, Forest Road, Branksome Park Apr1191183Henry C Percival, Vicar
778Ela Cicely CromptonODDIE Delabole, Westminster Road, BranksomeApr111911 25Henry C Percival, Vicar
779FrankSQUIBB1 Osmund Villas, Poole Rd. Branksome Apr22191138Henry C Percival, Vicar
780Thomas JamesJAYMount Avalon, Glastonbury, & Belgrave Road Branksome May11191167H C Percival, Vicar (Interred in the Bournemouth Cemetery)
781HenryPEARCE72 Ashley Rd. Branksome May26191154H C Percival, Vicar
782ThomasWADEIvanhoe, North Lodge Road Jun8191168H C Percival, Vicar
783MargaretTHOMSONArdgowan, Crescent Road Jun9191179H C Percival, Vicar
784John William HenryWATSON-FOALE Heathfield, Poole Rd.Jun20191142 H C Percival, Vicar & Stanley F MassThe Revd. (Assistant Priest of the parish) (Interred in Westbury Cemetery, Wilts.)
785CatherineJONESBramley Dene, Lindsay Rd. Jun30191163H C Percival, Vicar
786Frederic CharlesMARQUIS Pine Cottage Chester Rd., Branksome ParkJul41911 65H C Percival, Vicar
787Alice DorothyASHTON Redlands, Branksome ParkJul15191136 Frederick Fisher Vicar of St. Luke’s Parkstone
788Henry JamesROBERTS Glen View Bournemouth RoadJul15191176 H C Percival, Vicar
789William James OwenABRAHAM Elsinore 67 Princess RoadJul17191115m H C Percival, Vicar(Buried in the Branksome Cemetery)
790ThomasGOCHERAstley Farquhar Rd. Edgbaston, Birmingham Jul26191182H C Percival, Vicar
791MarthaDUTTONEttrick House, Ettrick Road, Branksome Park Aug4191178J I Patterson 
792Samuel GeorgeDATE Windsor, Horning Rd, BranksomeAug211911 45C H Britten 
793Eric GeorgeWHITCHER Alder Road BranksomeSep6191129d H C Percival, Vicar
794Winifred MayGIBBS Offley Cottages, Poole Rd.Sep11191114d H C Percival, VicarInterred in Branksome Cemetery
795Rose ElizabethCOX Bayonne’ Bourne Valley Rd.Sep271911 20H C Percival, Vicar
796Ferdinand Henry OscarOESTERLEY ’Maisonette’ Barton Rd BranksomeOct10 191149H C Percival, Vicar
797GeorgeTAYLORTennyson Buildings Ashley Road Oct16191171H C Percival, Vicar
798Zoe MargaretWOODHOUSE Grendon Vicarage Northampton and ’Millais’ 21 Princess Rd. Branksome Oct30191120F E Nugee Rector of Muston Leicestershire Margin note ’see 771’
799Walter RichardWHITBOURN ’Hazelwood’ Barton Rd BranksomeNov14 191128C H Brittan Asst Priestburied Bournemouth cemetery
800Leslie JackPRIDE ’Hambledon’ Warren Rd ParkstoneNov22 19113H C Percival, Vicarburied in family grave. Margin note see 669

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