WEDDINGS 1667 to 1837


Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

From July 1837 onwards, unless otherwise stated, place of abode at the time of the wedding is Broadmayne

The register is difficult to read in places, so researchers are urged to use this transcript only as a guide and to check the original in Dorchester


17-Sep-1667; Leonard STRODE & Maria POOLE

24-Jan-1667/8; Robert KATE & Elizabeth ROSE

16-Nov-1668; Charles DAMMAN & Alicia PHELPS

31-Jan-1670/1; Robert JEFFERY of Sherborn & Elizabeth KATE

09-Feb-1670/1; William SPRAT of Witcomb & Agnes WHITE

27-May-1672; James COOK & Jane THORNHULL

28-Oct-1672; Edmund TAUNTON & Maria SYMMES

13-Jan-1673/4; William CHILD & Maria EVORY

15-Jan-1673/4; Dionysius TILLY & Elizabeth PARTRIDGE

25-Apr-1676; Richard EVORY & Alicia SHERREN

16-Sep-1677; Henricus COAT & Christian MEADEN

15-Jul-1678; Richard GRANT & Jane LEWIS

22-Oct-1679; William KEAT & Alicia DURNEFORD of Poole

27-Dec-1679; William MYCHELL & Agnes GOOK of Littlemayne

15-Apr-1680; Roger WOOLFRYS of Milton Abbas & Jane SHERRING

25-May-1681; Francis BASSET of Puddletown & Alicia MYCHELL

17-Jul-1681; William TIZARD of West Knighton & Elizabeth TOOGOOD

02-Aug-1681; Joseph NOWELL & Catherine CRAFT of Woodsford

31-Mar-1684; John DAMMAN of Osmington & Elizabeth DEVENISH of Littlemayne

15-Apr-1684; William SQUIBB & Joanna COARING of Litchet Minster

20-Apr-1685; John MYCHELL & Maria GAPEN of Dorchester

10-Jun-1686; John WINTRY of Witcomb & Alicia EVERY

05-Aug-1686; John GILLINGHAM of Catistock & Lydia SYMONDS

18-Mar-1687; Robert PUPLER & Elizabeth ELLIS

04-Apr-1687; William SYMONDS of Winfrith & Christian HARRIS of Witcomb

20-Jun-1687; John TIBBS & Jane WILTSHIRE of Osmington

24-Jul-1687; [blank] & Catherine BURLEY of Poxwell

30-Oct-1690; John DAVIS of Dorchester & Margery WEY of Corfe Castle

13-Mar-1692/3; John CLARKE of Melcombe Regis & Avice MYCHELL

11-May-1693; Owen BUTT of Puddletowne & Elizabeth CRUMMEE

16-Mar-1693/4; John BARTLET of Litton & Jane KEAT of Beamister

28-Jun-1694; John SEAMAN & Jane BALLINGER of Dorchester

20-Feb-1694/5; William TALBOT of Littlemayne & Elizabeth PAGETT widow

26-Mar-1695; John JAY of West Knighton & Maria VALENCE widow

12-Oct-1697; Richard HARRIS & Maria JAY widow

05-Jan-1697/8; John BEER of Evershot & Jane GLASBROOKE, daughter of John GLASBROOKE

14-Feb-1697/8; Thomas BASON of Will-butts in Wimborne & Lydia SYMONDS

06-Mar-1697/8; John SPRAT & Catherine WILLIAMS

25-May-1702; Wiiliam GOARIDGE & Elizabeth CORBEN

23-Jun-1702; Jeremiah CRUMMEE & Grace DAVIS

31-Jan-1703/4; John HEWLET of Osmington & Grace OYLE of Abbotsbury

01-Nov-1704; Hastings TURNER of Winfrith & Maria KEATE widow

20-May-1705; Richard HARRIS & Elizabeth SYMONDS

09-Jul-1706; Walter SWYER of Winfrith & Ann TILLY

10-May-1708; Joshua COFFIN of West Knighton & Amia SLADE

07-Nov-1709; Henry SAMWAYS of Weymouth & Maria PITMAN of Winfrith

10-Feb-1711/2; John VALLENCE of Portesham & Elizabeth GREEN

25-Jan-1713/4; William SIMS & Thomasina STENT

19-Jan-1713/14; William GRAHEM of Wapping, co. Middlesex & Joanna MASON of St. Peter’s, Dorchester

02-Feb-1716/7; John SHERREN & Barbara HEWLET

17-May-1716; Giles LILLINGTON & Elizabeth HIBS of Winfrith

21-May-1716; James HEWLET & Martha LILLINGTON

21-May-1716; Luke TIZARD & Rebecca TAPLIN

01-Aug-1716; Edward DAVIES & Virtue BISHOP

27-Dec-1716; John KLEIN & Maria CORBAN

12-Feb-1717/8; Robert SLADE & Jane HEWLET

07-Sep-1718; John HUNT & Anna PHYANDER [name more usually spelt FIANDER]

07-Sep-1718; John SALSBURY & Grace HARDY

01-Jan-1718/9; Nicholas SWIRE of Whitchurch & Jane SPAT (?)

31-Jan-1721/2; John STROUD of Warmwell & Maria BUTT

06-Jun-1722; Joseph WILSHIRE of Warmwell & Elenora DAVIS

15-Jul-1722; James HEWEL & Maria KEAT

25-Jul-1722; Peter MABER of Hilfield & Jane BEER of Evershot

15-Nov-1722; George LINSEY of Affpuddle & Elizabeth TALBOT

14-Jul-1728; Henry TIZARD & Grace FOOT

07-Apr-1729; Thomas SEYMOUR of Melcomb & Hannah SPINNEY of Weymouth

01-Jul-1729; William TAYLOR & Elizabeth GRANT

19-Apr-1730; Seth BANKES & Elizabeth BUTTER

25-Jul-1731; Laurence HUNT & Elizabeth DAY

14-Jan-1731/2; John MUNN & Mary MOULHAM Sojourner of West Knighton

07-May-1732; Thomas POOK & Mary BRYANT both of Dorchester

18-May-1732; Thomas MARSHALL & Sarah INGRUM [in BTs as Thomas INGRUM & Sarah MARSHALL]

01-Jan-1732/3; James YOUNG & Dorothy BUTTER

01-Nov-1733; Robert BURT of Whitcombe & Elizabeth BURT of West Knighton

07-Jan-1733/4; Thomas SPICER & Anne SWYER

11-Feb-1733/4; Richard [Nicholas in BTs] BROWN of Possum & Elizabeth LEVERIDGE

03-Jun-1734; William HONEYBOURNE & Elizabeth DENNIS both of West Knighton

15-Jan-1734/5; Archelaus COSTEN of Warmwell & Elizabeth SYMONDS

11-Apr-1737; George EDWARDS of Tengleton & Elizabeth SAXTON

11-Jun-1738; Robert GRANT & Ann RUNYARD

23-Feb-1738/9; Henry POULDEN & Elizabeth SWYER

25-Dec-1739; John MASTERS & Esther CAKE

07-Nov-1743; John Richard HARDY & Jane EVERETT

22-Sep-1744; Nicholas STARK of Coscombe & Jane MUNN of West Knighton


Gap in Parish Register; from Bishops Transcripts:


27-Sep-1750; Thomas GRINNING of Stafford & Mary SWYER

30-Sep-1751; Robert BURT & Martha DRAYTON

17-May-1752; George THORN & Sarah MARSHFIELD also registered at West Knighton


Parish Register resumes


10-Jun-1754; James BUSHROD & Mary TAYLOR

witnesses: John SWYER, George SAMWAYS


23-Jan-1757; John SWYER & Ann SAMWAYS/ SAMWAIES by Licence, with consent of parents


12-Jan-1758; William SWYER & Mary BASON

witnesses: Henry SAMWAYS, William TAYLOR


26-Apr-1758; Benjamin COUSENS of Melcombe Regis & Mary BUSHROD

witnesses: John SWYER, William TAYLOR


12-Oct-1760; Francis OLIVER & Anne GIFFARD

witnesses: John SWYER, Henry SAMWAYS


10-Jun-1761; David PHIPPARD of Fordington & Mary TALBOT by Licence

witnesses: William TAYLOR, John SHERREN


28-Jun-1760; Thomas WELLSPRING & Elizabeth DRAYTON

witnesses: William TAYLOR, Robert AMEY


02-Jun-1762; Seth MARSHFIELD & Ann COULSON

witnesses: William TAYLOR, James BUTTER


30-Jun-1763; Anthony LILLINGTON of Chaldon Herring & Hannah SAMWAYS By Licence

witnesses: William TAYLOR, Henry SAMWAYS


08-Aug-1763; John BILLOWES blacksmith of Winterbourne Zelston & Elizabeth BURT widow, by Licence

witnesses: William TAYLOR, Anthony LILLINGTON


23-Oct-1763; Thomas LYLE of West Knighton & Jane SEAMAN

witnesses: Elizabeth SAMWAYS, Mary SAMWAYS


05-Mar-1764; John LILL of Dorchester All Saints & Ann BASON

witnesses: James SPENEY, William TAYLOR


14-Jan-1766; Abraham PEPLER of Brinston & Martha STEVENS

witnesses: William TAYLOR, James SPENEY


18-May-1766; Cornelius MARSHFIELD & Elizabeth DENNIS

witnesses: Thomas INGRAM, William TAYLOR


01-Aug-1768; Fortunatus FORDINGTON of Fordington & Ann STEVENS [last bans published 17-Jul-1768; date from West Knighton PRs]

witnesses: William TAYLOR, Elizabeth BUTTER


16-Apr-1769; Seth MARSHFIELD & Ann DAVIS

witnesses: William TAYLOR, Elizabeth BUTTER


16-May-1769; William BALLAM & Elizabeth POUNT

witnesses: Mary POUNT, Elizabeth BUTTER


16-May-1769; James BARTLET of Long Bredy & Rebekah BUSHROD

witnesses: Elizabeth BUTTER, Mary POUNT


10-Oct-1769; David KEATE & Ann Carter SALISBURY

witnesses: William TAYLOR, Mary POUNT


25-Sep-1770; Robert OKE of Dorchester St. Peter’s & Mary SAMWAYS

witnesses: Richard LACY, Mary COOMBS


08-Jun-1772; John WILLIAMS of Yarlcombe, co. Devon & Jane POUNT by Licence

witnesses: Elizabeth BANCKS, Martha POUNT


28-Nov-1772; George THORN & Jane SCUTT

witnesses: James BUTTER, William TAYLOR


10-Jan-1775; John BOYLING [signed BOYLAND] & Maria MITCHELL

witnesses: William TAYLOR, Elizabeth BUTTER


05-Jun-1775; Walter Swyer SPICER & Mary TALBOT

witnesses: Elizabeth BUTTER, William TAYLOR


10-Dec-1776; Simon BALSTON of Portesham St. Peter’s & Christian MITCHELL

witnesses: Rebecka SLADE, John STEVENS


12-Feb-1778; John GILL & Maria BOYLAND

witnesses: Elizabeth BUTTER, George VOSS


27-Apr-1778; Robert GRANT & Jane TALBOT

witnesses: Robert INGRAM, Thomas VOSS


26-Jan-1779; George RICHARDS & Elizabeth BUTTER

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, George VOSS


04-Mar-1779; George VOSS & Elizabeth HEXTONE [signed HEXONE]

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, John SAMWAYS


03-Jan-1780; Thomas BARTLETT & Mary GIBBONS

witnesses: George VOSS, Thomas VOSS


16-Apr-1782; Arnold WOODROW of Warmwell & Margaret GRANT

witnesses: Thomas WARD, Thomas VOSS


06-Jun-1782; William BURT & Sarah VIVIAN

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, John SHERREN


19-Aug-1782; Edward HIBBS & Jane OLD

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, Thomas SALISBURY


25-Jun-1783; Daniel WHITTEN & Mary BILLET

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, Elizabeth RICHARDS


24-Sep-1783; Joseph BILLET & Elizabeth SPINNEY

witnesses: John SAMWAYS, Thomas VOSS


09-Aug-1784; John SAMWAYS & Mary BUSHROD

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, George VOSS


02-Apr-1786; William AISH of Knighton & Margaret BILLET

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, John FOSS


11-Jul-1786; Richard GATCOMBE of N. Petherton, co. Somerset & Anne SWYER

witnesses: Susannah OKE, William SAMWAYS


20-Aug-1786; William GIBBONS & Mary SPINNEY

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, Thomas BARTLETT


22-Mar-1787; John WALLIS & Anne BUSHROD

witnesses: Robert WALTERS, Mathew LENSON


04-Nov-1787; James HONEY & Mary HALLEM

witnesses: Robert GRANT, William TAYLOR


09-Apr-1789; Thomas WARD & Fanny SNELL of Wooll by Licence

witnesses: Thomas STICKLAND, Josiah SNELL


10-Apr-1790; George VOSS & Mary GRANT

witnesses: Robert GRANT, John SAMWAYS


19-Feb-1791; Benjamin DOMETT of Lyme Regis & Mary SWYER by Licence

witnesses: Thomas WARD, William BENNICK


05-Jul-1791; Robert SAMWAYS & Susannah BURT

witnesses: Robert GRANT, Richard CHICKMAN


13-Oct-1791; William COOK & Martha POUNT by Licence

witnesses: Robert GRANT, Fanny MAYNARD


08-Nov-1792; William BUSHROD & Martha SAMWAYS

witnesses:  Robert GRANT, George SAMWAYS


08-Nov-1792; James SELBY & Anne ORCHARD

witnesses: Robert GRANT, William BUSHROD


06-Aug-1793; Joseph ORCHARD & Mary BULLOCK

witnesses: Robert GRANT, William BUSHROD


09-Jun-1794; John WILLIS of Stratton & Mary THRESHER

witnesses: William WOODLAND, Robert GRANT clerk


24-Aug-1794; William OLIVER of West Knighton & Martha BURT

witnesses: William BUSHROD, Robert GRANT clerk


22-Jan-1795; William GRANT & Mary BEASANT widow of Piddletown, by Licence

witnesses: Thomas WARD, Robert GRANT


19-Jan-1796; Ruben RICHARDS & Emme FLOOK

witnesses: John WHETAM, Robert GRANT


11-Sep-1796; John CHATHAM [banns published as CHILTOM] & Mary FELL

witnesses: Robert GRANT


30-Mar-1797; William BUSHROD of Melcombe Regis & Elizabeth THRESHER by Licence

witnesses: J. HAMILTON, John STYLE


18-Sep-1797; Alexander DERRY of Royal Artillery, Blandford & Mary COZENS

witnesses: Robert GRANT, Joseph FOTHERGILL


27-Nov-1797; Thomas GREEN of Charminster & Ann GALE by Licence

witnesses: James ROBERTS, Robert GRANT


14-Jul-1798; Robert WHITE & Catherine HOUSE by Licence         

witnesses: Joseph WOODLAND, Robert GRANT


02-May-1799; Samuel SAMWAYS & Grace GALE

witnesses: Robert GRANT, William SALISBURY


19-Mar-1800; William SALISBURY & Anne WARD

witnesses: John TAYLOR, Lucy LILLINGTON, Robert GRANT


07-May-1800; William ANDREWS of Leigh & Lucy LILLINGTON by Licence

witnesses: William BURT, James LILLINGTON, Robert GRANT


18-Jun-1800; Samuel STICKLAND & Ann SPICER

witnesses: Robert GRANT, Frances BEISLEY


09-Oct-1800; John TUP & Jane BILETT

witnesses: Robert GRANT

05-May-1801; Thomas GILLINGHAM & Mary AILS

witnesses: Robert GRANT, Robert GILLINGHAM


26-Nov-1801; James LISCOMBE of Winfrith & Fanny WARD by Licence

witnesses: George SAMWAYS, Robert GRANT


20-Jan-1802; John DAW of Dorchester Holy Trinity & Rebecca SWYER

witnesses: William STRONG, Robert GRANT


28-Feb-1804; Isaac GIBBONS & Maria BALSTON

witnesses: Robert GRANT


08-Dec-1804; William LILLINGTON of Radipole & Ann SAMWAYS

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, George VOSS


11-Sep-1805; Robert GRANT & Ann HODDER

witnesses: Joseph WOODLAND, Thomas VOSS


29-Sep-1805; Benjamin HALL & Margaret VOSS

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, Ann GRANT


26-Nov-1807; John PALMER & Elizabeth BALSTON

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, Isaac GIBBONS


07-Jul-1808; James WALLIS & Mary / Charlotte REDWOOD [signed Charlotte]

witnesses: William SALISBURY, Thomas VOSS


06-Jul-1809; Eli PAUL & Judith FOOKS widow

witnesses: Thomas VOSS George VOSS


19-Jul-1809; James BUSHROD & Mary SAMWAYS

witnesses: Harriet SAMWAYS, Joseph PHILIPS


14-Feb-1810; John BURT of West Knighton & Susanna BURT

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, Ann WALLIS


20-Jun-1810; William BALSTON & Mary SAMWAYS

witnesses: Samuel SAMWAYS, Thomas VOSS


24-Dec-1812; Henry PHILIPS of St. Mary Rotherhithe, co. Surrey & Dinah CHURCHILL

witnesses: George NEWMAN, Susanna FRYER


28-Jan-1813; Thomas KING & Mary MORRIS by Licence, with consent of parents

witnesses: Thomas VOSS, Bethick ROPER


17-Jul-1813; John WALLIS & Sarah VOSS with consent of parents

witnesses: John BASCOMBE, Elizabeth WOODLAND


25-Jul-1814; John WHITE & Elizabeth Bushrod SAMWAYS

witnesses: George BURT, Mary BUSHROD


06-Oct-1814; John TILLERFIELD of Warmwell & Betty VOSS by Licence

witnesses: John WALLIS, William SQUIBB


17-Oct-1814; Samuel BUSHROD & Jane SIBLY

witnesses: George BURT, Ann WALLIS


14-Jan-1815; George BURT & Elizabeth CANDLE of Tingleton

witnesses: William BUSHROD, Jane CANDELL


11-Jul-1815; William BUSHROD & Sarah WHITE of West Knighton

witnesses: George BURT, John BUSHROD


30-Dec-1816; George VOSS widower & Ann MEECH

witnesses: Thomas WALLIS, Margaret SAMWAYS


10-Jul-1817; Richard DORE of Sherborne & Ann SAMWAYS by Licence

witnesses: William SAMWAYS, Edith SAMWAYS


23-Mar-1818; Samuel SAMWAYS widower & Jane WOODLAND

witnesses: John WOODLAND, George VOSS


21-Sep-1819; James BURT & Jane GIFFORD

witnesses: John BOWRING, Thomas VOSS


20-Dec-1819; Thomas WHITE & Rebecca KEATES

witnesses: John HIGGONS, George VOSS


17-Jan-1820; William SAMWAYS & Sarah BRETT

witnesses: Walter BRETT, Charles BRETT


12-Apr-1820; William BRIDLE & Phebe DAVIS of Charminster

witnesses:  Robert BRIDLE, Robert GALE


16-Sep-1820; Samuel GIFFORD & Frances SPICER

witnesses: Robert BARGE, Elizabeth HIMBOROUGH


18-Jan-1821; Samuel SAMWAYS widower & Sarah BURT



01-Sep-1821; George VOSS & Elizabeth COX

witnesses: George COX, Robert BARGE


13-Sep-1821; James WEBB widower of Fordington & Elizabeth POND

witnesses: Mary POND, George WEBB


09-Jul-1822; Robert HUTCHINGS of West Knighton & Ann GILLINGHAM

witnesses: Thomas HUTCHINGS, Fanney GILLINGHAM


15-Aug-1822; James SAMWAYS & Elizabeth HIMBOROUGH of Dorchester Holy Trinity

witnesses: John PORTER, Elizabeth DAVIS


13-Mar-1823; James SELBY & Ann BUSHROD

witnesses: Richard WILLS, Elizabeth BUSHROD


08-Jun-1824; John GILL widower & Betthia / Beirthea STICKLAND widow [signed Beirthea]

witnesses: William SAMWAYS, Jane SAMWAYS


18-Jan-1825; George SAMWAYS widower & Mary SHERREN

witnesses: William SAMWAYS, Sarah GIFFORD


28-Apr-1825; William SAMWAYS & Elizabeth FOOT by Licence

witnesses:  Mary Ann BOWRING, John BOWRING


21-Jan-1826; George GIFFORD & Avice DAW

witnesses: James GIFFORD, Mary SPICER


15-Mar-1826; James WILLIAMS & Sarah TOUP

witnesses: _. STEVENS, Charlotte VOSS


16-Nov-1826; Robert BARGE of West Knighton & Mary WALLIS

witnesses: Thomas WALTERS, Mary BARGE, John BOWRING


14-Feb-1827; Isaac TREVETT of West Knighton & Eliza CHARLES

witnesses: Elizabeth Mary CHARLES, Francis CHAMP


22-Apr-1828; George HARVEY of Moreton & Mary SPICER

witnesses: Charles HARVEY, Frances GIFFORD


15-Jan-1829; Samuel WALLIS & Peggy HALLETT by Licence, with consent of parents

witnesses: John SAMWAYS, John BOWRING


12-Feb-1829; Henry ROGERS & Mary (Ann) BOWRING [signed Mary Ann]

witnesses: Robert BOWRING, Jane ROGERS


03-Aug-1829; Edmund VALLENCE & Maria STEELE

witnesses: George GARRETT, Jane STILL


18-Mar-1830; John HOBBS & Ann FOOT

witnesses: William SAMWAYS, Ann FOOT


17-Mar-1831; John SAMWAYS & Eliza WALLIS

witnesses: Samuel WALLIS, Ann SAMWAYS


14-Apr-1831; Richard WILLS of West Knighton & Elizabeth BUSHROD

witnesses: George FRAMPTON, Isabella BUSHROD


30-Nov-1831; John HUNT of West Knighton & Louisa GREENING

witnesses: Charles GREENING, Henry GREENING


26-Dec-1831; Isaac GIBBONS & Mary SELBY

witnesses: Mary BALSTON, Abraham GIBBONS


24-Jan-1832; William TOUP & Anne KEATES

witnesses: John SAMWAYS, John BOWRING


04-Apr-1832; John BURT & Anne VOSS

witnesses: James TREVETT, John BOWRING


24-Apr-1832; Thomas ALLINGHAM & Elizabeth BRETT widow

witnesses:  William SAMWAYS, Sophia PARKER


30-Apr-1832; William ALLINGHAM & Ann WILLS of Knighton

witnesses: Elizabeth WILLS, John BOWRING


08-May-1832; Charles CAUNDLE of Tincleton & Anne EVANS

witnesses: James HORNER, Martha CANDLE


14-Jan-1833; Robert GARLAND & Harriet LOCK

witnesses:  Thomas GARLAND, Rhoda GARLAND


30-Sep-1833; William BRIDLE & Sarah NORMAN

witnesses: Ann HOBBS, John BRIDLE


07-Oct-1833; John VALLENCE & Sarah SWYER

witnesses: Edmund VALLENCE, John BOWRING


16-Oct-1833; Henry BUSHROD & Ann VALLANCE

witnesses: Thomas SAMWAYS, Isaac TREVETT


07-Nov-1833; George SAMWAYS & Susannah WALLIS

witnesses: Samuel WALLIS, Eliza BURT


28-Aug-1834; William SAMWAYS & Mary GILLINGHAM

witnesses: Samuel WALLIS, Ann SAMWAYS, Joseph BASCOMBE


18-Sep-1836; Job BOLLON & Hannah BOWRING

witnesses: M. A. ROGERS, Jacob BOLLEN


10-Nov-1836; William FRAMPTON of West Knighton & Isabella BUSHROD

witnesses: Elizabeth WILLS, George FRAMPTON


12-Feb-1837; Thomas SAMWAYS & Sarah VALLENCE

witnesses: Ann BUSHROD, Edward VALLANCE, Robert BOWRING


27-Oct 1837; John DIFFEY full age Bachelor Labourer & Susanna BUSHROD minor Spinster

Son of William DIFFEY Labourer; Daughter of Samuel BUSHROD Mason

Witnesses: Frances RICKETTS, Ann BUSHROD