Marriages 1753 - 1761

Transcribed from the Bishops Transcripts and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

There is a gap in the Broadwinsor Parish Marriage Register from 1753-1761, so weddings for that period have been transcribed from the Bishop’s Transcripts


16-May-1754; William ALLEN labourer & Ellen RUSSELL

19-May-1754; James TUCKER labourer & Christian GREENHAM

27-May-1754; Thomas EDWARDS mason & Ann HARDY

29-Sep-1754; Joseph SWAFFIELD labourer & Betty WADDON


28-Jan-1755; Thomas SANDIFORD clothier & Sara DOWN

11-Aug-1755; Benjamin SALTER & Sara PRIEST

15-Sep-1755; John ORCHARD & Jone EDGAR


20-Apr-1756; Thomas HOPKINS of South Parrot & Betty SWAFFIELD

06-Jun-1756; Robert SYMS of Burstock & Jenny MILLAR

20-Jun-1756; Thomas FOWLER & Susanna SALTER

18-Jul-1756; William ROE & Joanna BAGG

28-Nov-1756; Alexander PLUMMER & Bettey PESTER

12-Dec-1756; Thomas CLEAL & Ann CLEAL of South Parrot


10-Apr-1757; James RENDAL & Bettey MELLICK

12-Apr-1757; John DAW of Rampisham & Grace GRIBBEL

02-May-1757; William FOWLER of Bemister & Mary PLOWMAN

25-Oct-1757; Adam DAVY & Elizabeth HOWARD of Battiscomb


15-Jan-1758; Anthony BAKER & Mary GIBBS

29-Mar-1758; John READER & Bettey DAVY

10-Apr-1758; Thomas DAVY & Bettey BETTIS

08-Jun-1758; John COLMER of Pilsdon & Bettey LACY

06-Nov-1758; Francis BISHOP & Susanna SWAFFIELD


24-Jan-1759; William DOUCH of South Parrot & Ann GANGE

26-Feb-1759; Buncombe EVELEIGH of Bemister & Elizabeth RUSSEL

13-May-1759; Edward PAULL & Mary FARTHING

19-Aug-1759; John JEFFERY & Sarah VALLIS

29-Sep-1759; Thomas HUNT & Ann BRIANT of Thorncombe

03-Dec-1759; Charles HALSON & Elizabeth NORTH


16-Apr-1760; Samuel EWENS innholder & Hanna FOWLER of Burstock

24-May-1760; Edward CRANTON labourer & Bettey ELLIS

16-Aug-1760; John WARREN labourer & Molley RENDEL

02-Sep-1760; Austin CHAMBERLAIN perukemaker & Bettey RUSSELL

02-Sep-1760; Enoch HODDER weaver & Leah PAULL

24-Sep-1760; George PAULL weaver & Mary COOK sojourner, by Licence


04-Apr-1761; Richard WHETHAM & Sara MASTER

22-Apr-1761; John LACY & Bettey BRAGG

29-Apr-1761; Edward BEAL & Bettey PEARCE

11-May-1761; Robert ROE & Sara RUSSELL


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