Baptisms 1562 to 1668

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Beverly Roth


The Parish Register is very difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

ForenameSURNAME DayMonYearFatherMotherTranscriber notes
JoneWEBBEDau   1563JohnAlice 
(Torn)STOODLIEDau   1563Tristeram Daughter’s name must be short - 4 or 5 letters because of space torn out
(Torn)WEBBEDau   1563Peter Daughters name longer and seems to end in "t" so possibly Margaret? Surname possibly WEBBE
(Torn)BURGINSon   1563Robert Son - only has bottom part of some of the letters but may be George
WilliamBAKERSon   1563Robte  
CatherineBURGINDau   1563John  
TobiasSTDGE?Son   1563Robte The only surname this resembles and has a father Robert is STOODLEY but this name doesn’t quite fit. The name definitely looks like SUDGE
ThomasREADSon   1563Thomas  
EdithBAKERDau   1563Richard  
HenryPAULESon   1564Hugh  
HughMOORECOCKSon   1564John  
(Torn)CLEMENT    1564Thomas  Childs name torn and ends in "at" and the 4th to the last letter is probably an "s" so ends in "s?at" which does not fit any I know
(Torn)BICKERSTAFFDau 27 1564Will’m  Childs name is torn in part of it but possibly George
(Torn)DYMETE 23  1564Thomas  
(Torn)WEBBE?    1564John  
(Torn)PHELYSE?Dau   1564John  
(Torn)DENB….?Dau   1564John  
(Torn)(Torn)(Torn)   1564Robte Surname may be GOARD? Or STOODLIE?
(Torn)M…….?Dau   1564William Surname may be MOORECOCK?
(Torn)BAGGWELL    1564Thomas   
(Torn)LANGLIESon   1564 JoanPossibly has widow after the surname
(Torn)CLUTTERIE?Dau   1564John  
MargaretSWEETEDau   1565Barnard  
(Torn)LIMBIRY?Dau   1565John Surname unclear but looks like ROBBINS except that the first letter may be an "L"
(Torn)WEBBESon   1565John  
(Torn)WEBBE    1565Peter  
(Torn)LYM…?Dau   1565John  
(Torn)DYMETESon   1565Thomas  
TristramBICKERSTAFFSon   1565William   
Will’mFRENCHSon   1565John Surname could be FRENCHMAN since the end is unreadable
(Torn)heKYBBINS?Son   1565Thomas  Sons name seems to end in "he" so is possibly Hughe?
(Torn)(Torn)Dau   1565George Daughter’s name seems to end in "ln" or "lr..?" and surname could possibly be "COLMER" like the other father’s listed as George because there is definitely an "l" or "k" in the middle of the surname and possibly an "lm"
(Torn)PAULESon   1565Hugh  
(Torn)BAKERDau   1566Robert  
(Torn)STEGGE?Dau   1566Nicholaus End of child’s name seems to be "" so possibly Susanna?
(Torn)BURGINSon   1566Robte Childs name ends in "m" or "n" but I believe it is too long for John
ElizabethCOLMER?Dau   1566John  
JohnSTOODLEY?Son   SonTristeram Surname very difficult but definitely starts in "S" and has "od" later
JohnBAGWELLSon26  SonRichard  
ElizabethCLEMENT?Dau 3AugAugThomas  
DeanisBAKERDau   DaughterRichard  
AgnesWEB(torn)Dau   DaughterPeter  
AliceBURGIN?Dau30 Mar(Torn)Robte  
AgnesDENBRIDGE?Dau7 Jul(Torn)John Third letter in the surname could be either an "n" or "r" but I believe it more closely resembles an "n"
Will’mBAGW…?Son 8Jul(Torn)Thomas  
Will’mWH…..?Son 5Oct(Torn)John Surname may be WHITE
Will’mBAGWELL?Son 27Oct(Torn)Augstine  
Tho Son2 Nov(Torn)Thomas  
KatherineS..?Dau12 Nov(Torn)John Surname seems to start with "S" and possibly "Sw"
Dorothy(Part torn)Dau 17Dec(Torn)John? Surname unreadable but possibly starts with "L" or "C"
John(Part torn)Son18 Dec(Torn)John  
Alice(Part torn)Dau 25Dec(Torn)John Surname could be either Moorecocke or Hutchings from what I can see of the beginning of the name
JohnPAULESon18 Jan(Torn)Hugh  
Margaret(Part torn)Dau 31Jan(Torn)Robt  
Isabell(Part torn)Dau 6Feb(Torn)George  
Marie?(Part torn)Dau 3Mar(Torn)John Surname looks like it may have "oo" in the center
Thomas?(Part torn)(Part torn) 20Mar(Torn)Thomas? Whole entry very unreadable and questionable
Mathew?(Part torn)(Part torn) 28Apr156(?)George The child could be Martha because end of name obscure
John(Part torn)Son21 May156(?)156(?)  
ElizabethP………?Dau  Nov156(?)John  
John…………LL?   Nov156(?)Thomas Surname possibly BAGWELL but the ending more like "all" and the letter before is probably "w" but could also be "t"
Margery? Dau  Nov156(?)George?  
George? Dau1 Dec156(?)John  
????CLEMENTS?Dau  Dec156(?)Thomas Child’s name short - 4 to 5 letters
David?L…..?Son?6 Jan156(?)Will’m Surname starts with "LA" or "LO" and 3rd letter does not go below the line
RobertWEB…?Son   156(?)Peter  
Peter     156(?)156(?)  
156(?)156(?)    156(?)156(?)  
156(?)156(?)    156(?)Richard  
Richard(Torn)    156(?)Will’m   
Will’mBURG(torn)?Dau   156(?)Robert?  Surname probably BURGIS but could be BAGWELL
 ??Dau   156(?)John Surname seems to end in "ll" but doesn’t quite look like Bagwell
 ?Dau   156(?)156(?) Surname seems to end in "ll" but doesn’t quite look like Bagwell
Thomas Son   156(?)Thomas Surname almost looks like COLSETARD? Or possibly ORCHARD?
Elizabeth?     156(?)Richard?   
GeorgePAULSon   1569(Blank)  
JohnBAKERSon   1569Will’m  
Richard?BRIANTSon   1569Robte  
GilesSIMSONSon   1570Robte  
EdithGOARDEDau   1570Robte  
GilesLOSCOMBESon   1570Thomas  
JohnTRINCOLLSon   1570Thomas  
EdithBAGWELLDau   1570Rich’d  
GilesSTOODELIESon   1570Tristram  
AliceGRENTERDau   1570Walter  
JohnPAULSon   1570Will’m  
MarieWEBBEDau26  1570John  
MargaretCLUTTERIESon  Aug1570John  
John…..H….T?Son  Oct1570John Surname starts with either a "K" or "R" and looks the shape of Richeat?
WilliamCERUM?Son6 Oct1570Oct  
OctBAGWELLDau8 Oct1570Nicholas  
 LYMBRAS?  9Oct1570John Child has alonger name like Elizabeth - although the shape of the shadow doesn’t exactly fit that name
JohnBONNISSon1 Nov1570Thomas  
Mary?????CHENT  10Dec1570James Surname about 10 letters long and looks like it ends in "…..chent"?
 M??????Son?  Feb1570George Surname starts with "M" and could be either MOORECOCK or MARKES
 CLEMENTS   Mar1570Thomas  
ThomasCOX   Mar1570Robt  
(Torn)WHETHAM   (Torn)1571John  
(Torn)(Torn)(Torn)  (Torn)1571Nicholas  
(Torn)PAULSon  (Torn)1571John  
(Torn)COX   (Torn)1571Robte  
(Torn)COLM(ER)Dau  (Torn)1571John  
Alice Dau  (Torn)1571Peter There is something before Alice that is torn off so may be another child baptized also
(Torn)SYMSONDau  (Torn)1571Robte  
(Partly torn)CHEEKE   (Torn)1571John  
(Partly torn)DYMATE   (Torn)1571John  
(Partly torn)(Part torn)(Part torn)  (Torn)1571Will’m  Part of surname I can see almost looks like Ford?
(Partly torn)(Part torn)(Part torn)  (Torn)1571(Torn)   
(Partly torn)(Part torn)(Part torn)  (Torn)1571Thomas   
(Partly torn)GRIFFIN   (Torn)1571William   
(Partly torn)STE…(torn)?   (Torn)1571John Surname could be "STO…"
Jo…?BERGIN?   (Torn)1572(Torn) Shadow of father’s name could be John?
     (Torn)1572(Torn) Shadow of father’s name could be John?
JohnCOLM(ER)Son8 May1572George  
Will’mCOLM(ER)Son 8May1572George  
Will’mSHEATSon 23May1572John  
HerculesWHETHAMSon11 Jun1572John  
MargeriePAULDau13 Jul1572Hugh  
JohnLOGGETSon28 Aug1572Thomas  
MarieBRODLIEDau7 Sep1572Nicholas  
TristramBAKERSon19 Sep1572Will’m  
RobteSTOODLIESon18 Oct1572Thomas  
JoneBAGWELLDau1 Nov1572Thomas  
TobieORCHARDSon9 Nov1572Robt  
BridgetMORGANDau23 Nov1572Henrie  
GilesBAGWELLSon28 Nov1572Rich’d  
BarnardeBYSHOPESon5 Dec1572Thomas  
MathewPAULSon6 Dec1572William  
GeorgeTRINCOLLESon14 Dec1572Thomas  
TrystramCOLM(ER)Son 9Jan1572John  
JoneKENWAYDau28 Jan1572Charles  
Will’mCLEMENTSSon 8Feb1572Thomas  
JohnPAULSon10 Feb1572John  
MorganBONNISSon1 Mar1572Thomas  
Hugh Son17 Mar1572  First letter of surname is probably a "P" and father’s name possibly be Robte or Tobias….just not clear
JohnLYMBERIE?Son17 May1573John  
Elizabeth(Torn)Dau12  1573Edward Surname torn but first letter there and weems to be a "D"?
RobertS…………..?Son  Jul1573John Surname may be STOODLEY since it has a ’d’ in about the right place but part is torn and hard to be sure
Alice(Torn)Dau  Aug1573Thomas  
Lawrence(Torn)Son  Aug1573Nicholas  
JohnBRIANTSon   1573Robte  
GilesCOXSon   1573Herculis  
JohnLOGGETSon   1573Thomas  
DorothieDENB…?Dau   1573Anthonie  
JohnS……?Son   1573John Surname could be Stoodley or Stowbridge?
JohnDYMETSon   1573John  
(Torn)(Torn)(Torn)   1573George  
(Torn)WEBB(torn)    1573Peter   
HughLYMBERIE?Son   1573James Surname is torn in the center but I am pretty sure of the name
John?(Torn)(Torn)   1573(Torn) This child and Jone in the next line are in the same entry if I am reading it correctly but much is torn
Jone(Torn)Dau   1573Daughter This child and Thomas? in the previous line are in the same entry if I am reading it correctly but much is torn
(Torn)L……?Dau   1573John  
No entries until 1583
SylbeeRICHMANDau   1582Nicholas  
KatherineDOUCHDau   1582John  
JoneMOORECOCKEDau  Nov1582John  
JoneTUCKERDau23 Nov1582Hugh  
MariePALM(ER)Dau25 Nov1582Leonard  
GregorieBOWDAGESon16 Dec1582Robte  
JohnSMITHSon  Jan1582Henry  
JoneMANTELLDau  Mar1582Thomas Child’s name originally written "John fil" and this was crossed out and after the entry is written "Jone filia"
MathewBRODLIESon5 Apr1583Nicholas  
JoneMANTELLDau6 Apr1583Laurence  
JohnNORRICESon8 Apr1583Hughe  
JohnWOODBERIESon9 Apr1583Will’m  
ArthurBAGWELLSon17 Apr1583Thomas senior  
AliceBAGWELLDau12 Jun1583Thomas junior  
JoneTAILORDau5 Jul1583Tristram  
JohnSTAUNTONSon7 Jul1583Thomas  
JohnPHILLICESon24 Jul1583Robte  
JohnSTOODELIESon24 Jul1583John  
JoneSAILARDDau23 Aug1583Robte  
RogerLASKINSon8 Sep1583John  
EdithORCHARDEDau15 Sep1583Robte  
ElizabethLANGLIEDau 4Oct1583Hugh  
IsabellFFURSEDau7 Dec1583John  
GilesWELLMANSon1 Jan1583Walter  
ThomasPARTRIDGESon1 Jan1583John  
GilesMORIESon   1583George  
JohnMARKSSon   1583John  
AliceHUTCHINSDau19  1583John  
JulianPAULDau   1583Will’m  
TomsinTRINCOLLDau31 Jan1583John  
RobteDRAYTONSon5 Feb1583Thomas  
JoneSPRAKEDau  Feb1583Andrew  
MargeryHOOPDau  Mar1583John Surname probably HOOP(ER)
AliceMAINTELLDau3  1584Heugh  
JohnHUTCHENSSon5  1584John  
ElizabethPYNNEYDau5  1584Thomas  
MarieHOOPDau   1584Walter Surname probably HOOP(ER)
MarieDEMETDau   1584Thomas  
JaneBYSHOPDau13 Jun1584John  
JoneBYSHOPDau13 Jun1584John  
EmmanuelSTEGSon19 Jul1584John  
MargerieMOORCOCKDau 26Jul1584Will’m   
ThomasMARKESSon29 Jul1584George  
MarieBROWNEDau1 Aug1584Nicholas  
TristramEMMETSon23 Aug1584John  
JoanGRIGGEDau29 Aug1584John  
Will’m Son 13Sep1584Sep  
AmieSTOODLIE?Dau9 Oct1584John  
GilesPHELPSSon13 Nov1584Hughe?  
AnneSTOODLEYDau11 Dec1584John  
AliceRICHMANDau13 Dec1584Nicholas  
JamesTAYLORSon20 Dec1584Hughe  
RichardBOWDAGESon28 Dec1584Robte  
ThomasT……?Son19 Jan1584Thomas  
RobertBAGWELLSon31 Jan1584Thomas junior  
HughSAULWAY?Son3 Feb1584Walter  
ThomasSYMSONSon16 Feb1584Robte  
DorothieDYMETDau28 Feb1584Thomas  
RichardDRAYTONSon20 Apr1585Thomas  
RebeccaFFURSEDau22 Apr1585John  
Will’mWOODBERIESon 5Jun1585Hugh  
RobertRobert 10 Jun1585….Rinsdam? Fathers name probably is meant to be Tristram and last name closest to Langlie that would match that father’s name - but surname is really unreadable and can only see the shape
NicholasLAMB?Son11 Jul1585E…..? Parents name is probably Eusabie or Elisabeth
ThomasDOUCHSon29 Aug1585John  
AliceMILLERDau1 Sep1585John  
ThomasSTAUNTONSon3 Sep1585Thomas  
JulianPALMERDau22 Nov1585Leonard  
EdwardPHELPSSon3 Dec1585Heugh  
AngeilTALLORDau24 Dec1585Tristeram  
SpesJEFFEDau10 Jan1585(Blank)  
JoneORCHARDDau26 Jan1585Robte  
Elion’rGRIGGEDau 2Feb1585John  
Hugh?GRIFFINSon5 Feb1585John  
BridgetPOWELDau14 Feb1585Thomas Surname could be COWEL
JonePHELPS?Dau21 Feb1585Thomas  
PeterCOXSon21 Mar1585Humfrey  
Will’mWELMANSon 2Apr1586Walter  
NicholasMORIESon17 May1586George  
BarnardOSBORNESon26 May1586Barnard  
AneSTOODLYDau23 Jun1586John  
JonePAULDau23 Jul1586Henry  
RobertLANGLEYSon27 Jul1586Hugh  
AgnesPARTRIGEDau  Aug1586John  
NicholasHILLARIESon  Aug1586John  
RichardLASKINSon  Aug1586John  
GilesPAULSon10 Sep1586Will’m  
MarieMANTELLDau20 Sep1586Thomas  
NicholasHUTCHENSSon 15Oct1586John  
?????LANGLEYDau  Oct1586Tristeram Childs name is short and has an "I" (not "L") in it like Marie or Alice
Marjorie?HUTCHENSDau 29Oct1586John  
JohnGIBBESSon7  1586Roger  
MarieMANTELLDau   1586Hugh  
JohnEMMETSon   1586John  
No entries until 1592
TristerumMARKES als HORNESon 19Apr1592George  
RobertWHETAMSon21 Apr1592Thomas  
ThomasHOARD?Son22 Apr1592John  
Elizabeth Dau7 May1592Nicholas Surname unreadable but is relatively short like Perrie or Brown
Katherine Dau7 May1592Nicholas Surname unreadable but is relatively short like Perrie or Brown
MariaMARSHALLDau13 May1592John  
TristramLANGLIESon11 Jun1592Tristrum  
JohnLANGLIESon18 Jun1592Hugh  
ThomasHANIE?Son22 Jun1592Edmond  
Hercule…………LER?Son16 Jul1592John Surname starts in S or G and has an H about 3 letters in then about 3 small letters until the end of "ler" - SCHE…LER??
JohnWELLMANSon6 Aug1592Walter  
Elizabeth Dau20 Aug1592John Surname starts with "C" "K" or "R"
JohnWHETAMSon27 Aug1592Thomas "Of Thomas" at the end so this may be the grandfather
Will’mHILLSon 5Sep1592Henrie  
JoneSTOODLEYDau27 Sep1592Giles  
MarieSTROWBRIDGEDau   1592John  
MarieSTAUNTONDau   1592Thomas  
HenrieSWEETESon   1592Will’m  
KatherineTAILORDau   1592Tristrum  
JohnBICKERSTAFFESon   1592Tristrum   
JohnPINNEYSon   1592Hugh  
MagdalenMICHELLDau7 Dec1592Will’m  
JohnCHAMPNOWNESon  Dec1592Arthor  
BriantLANGLEYSon17 Dec1592John  
DorothiePALMERDau7 Jan1592Henry  
RoberteSIMSONSon17 Feb1592Robte  
MarieTRINCOLLDau21 Mar1592John  
ThomasPAULSon11 Apr1593Henrie  
RobertFFURSESon22 Apr1593Will’m  
HughDIPERSon20 May1593Anthonie  
EdithSINKLERDau24 Jun1593Xpofer  
AliceDAMETDau6 Jul1593Thomas  
RichardBAKERSon11 Jul1593Hugh  
ThomasWHITESon5 Aug1593Edward  
JoneBICKERSTAFFEDau 5Oct1593John  
SusanGRIGDau7 Oct1593Will’m  
JohnHOOPSon14 Oct1593Walter Surname probably HOOP(ER)
ThomasPERCIESon16 Oct1593Will’m  
Will’mMEREFIELDSon 2Dec1593Robte  
AliceSTEGDau11 Dec1593Peter  
AnneCHAPPELLDau26 Jan1593John  
GeorgeHUTCHENSSon27 Jan1593John  
JoneDRAYTONDau30 Jan1593Thomas  
ElizabethBICKERSTAFFEDau 8Feb1593Nicholas  
RapheHAMLYNSon1 Mar1593John  
NicholasCLUTTERIESon 6Mar1593Thomas  
EdithLANGLIEDau12 Mar1593Hugh  
AliceSTOODLYDau19 Mar1593John  
StevenHUTCHINS?Son  Apr1594George  
RebeccaBEL..?Dau19 May1594Walter Surname almost looks like BELMAN but definitely starts with a "B"
RobertBRIANTSon  May1594John  
Will’mP…?Son  May1594Tho’s Surname unclear but may be PHELPS?
Hugh? Son20 Jun1594Stephen Stephen may be surname but I don’t believe so
 TANNERSon39 Jun1594John Child’s name is short and seems to end in "ers".
JamesWHETAMSon21 Jul1594Thomas  
JohnMARSHALSon30 Sep1594John?  
William?BURGINSon23 Oct1594Hugh  
HughDOUCH 23 Oct1594John The child may be named Elizabeth but too unreadable
Mar…?LANGLIE 27 Oct1594Tristram  
JohnPALMERSon7 Nov1594Henry  
HenryTAYLOR?Son12 Nov1594Heugh  
Robt? Son20 Nov1594John Surname is about 4 letters long and almost looks like FORD?
Will’mPYNNEY?Son 15Dec1594Hugh  
RobertLANGLIE?Son19 Dec1594John  
Will’mTANNERSon 31Dec1594Thomas  
MagdalenBICKERSTAFFEDau 16Jan1594Tristram  
Will’m? Son 25Feb1594Feb  
   2 Mar1594An……? Child’s name possibly George?
Will’mMANTELLSon 15May1595John  
JamesROSSETER?Son29 May1595Richard  
RichardFFURSESon19 Jun1595Will’m  
MargaretCHAMPNOWNEDau 22Jun1595Arthur  
MarieDRAYTONDau29 Jun1595Thomas  
RobertDALABERSon2 Jul1595Robte  
ElizabethSTEGDau2 Jul1595Peter  
JohnPAULSon6 Aug1595Henrey  
AliceSTOODLIEDau10 Aug1595Giles  
RobertWOODEBERIESon 3Sep1595Hugh  
KatherineSTROWBRIDGEDau 7Sep1595John  
SusanSWEETEDau14 Sep1595Will’m  
JoneHILLDau28 Sep1595Henrie  
RobertDENBERTSon6 Nov1595(Blank)  
JoneSTOODLIEDau8 Feb1595John  
ThomasBRIANTSon18 Feb1595Richard  
HughLANGLIESon9 Mar1595Hugh  
JoneGRIGDau8 Apr1596John  
DorathieEGGERDONDau 18Apr1596Henrie  
JohnPANTERSon25 Apr1596John  
JoneWHITEDau23 Jun1596Edward  
JoneHILARIEDau2 Jul1596Xpofer  
ThomasREADSon9 Jul1596Stephen  
AlicePERCIEDau18 Jul1596Nicholas  
JohnCOLMERSon1 Aug1596Tristram  
RobertMORIESon12 Sep1596Georg  
RobteHANIESon24 Sep1596Edmund  
AlicePYNNEYDau3 Oct1596Hugh  
Eln’rTANNERDau 3Oct1596John  
Maryan Dau5 Nov1596  Father’s name is simply a shadow but shaped like Walter and surname short and shaped like Hart?
MariaBICKERSTAFFEDau   1596Nicholas   
 BAKERSon   1596Thomas Childs name has "reth" or "roth" in the center and seems to end in "e"
MarieBURGINDau   1596Hugh  
SpesB….?Dau   1596Thomas  
Jone(Partly torn)Dau 8 1596Steven Surname seems to start with "L" or "H" like Hutchins
PeterWEBBESon14 Mar1596Robert  
MargaretCLUTTERIEDau 20Apr1597Thomas  
Katherine Dau22 Apr1597John? Surname badly damaged and unreadable but my best guess is STOODLIE
Agnes Dau27 May1597Thomas Surname badly damaged but my best guess is WHETAM
John Son1 Jun1597John Surname badly damaged but seems to end in "ant"
AliceHILLSDau   1597Rob’te  
Margaret Dau17  1597Mathew  
HenrieHUTCHENS?Son4  1597John  
 BAGWELL    1597Giles?  Child’s name may be Richard - and father’s name has an "l" in the middle Giles
JonePAULLDau8 Nov1597John  
Will’m?MANTELL  11Dec1597John  
RobertTUCKERSon  Jan1597Jan  
DorathiePEACHDau  Feb1597Will’m  
Thomsin?PAUL?Dau  Mar1597  Father’s name similar to Tristram but there is no other entry for a PAUL by that name in this time period
GraceHUTCHENSDau   1598George  
AviceSTEGDau   1598Peter  
SusanMARSHALLDau30 (Torn)1598John  
 STOODLIE   (Torn)1598Giles  Looks like it says daughter but the name is short like Giles and starts with "G" or "S"
 BAKERDau9 (Torn)1598Hugh I think the child’s name starts with "D"
El…?CHAPPELLDau13 (Torn)1598John Child’s name shorter like Ellen but can’t read rest of it
ElizabethHODDERDau  (Torn)1598Stephen  
BridgetCHAMPNOWNEDau  (Torn)1598Arthur   
JulianSAL…..?Dau  (Torn)1598Walter Surname shaped like the SALWAYE? Previously seen
RichardBRIANTSon9 (Torn)1598RichardThomsin 
Thomas Son7 (Torn)1598William Surname starts with either an "E" or "C" and almost looks like Chambers except the first letter looks more like an "E"
RobertBICKERSTAFFESon 12(Torn)1598Tristram  
KatherinePINNEYDau26 (Torn)1598Hugh  
RichardHILLSon17 Dec1598RobteAgnes 
PhillipPANTERSon21 Dec1598JohnAnn 
JoneWOODEBERIEDau6 Jan1598HughPhillip 
StevenWELCHSon8 Feb1598JohnAgnes 
TomsenHILLDau23 Feb1598HenryKatherine 
JohnTANNERSon8 Mar1598JohnSpes 
ElizabethDOUCHDau18 Mar1598JohnElizabeth 
RebeccaLANGLEYDau28 Mar1599HughJone 
ThomasSWEETESon13 May1599Will’mWill’m 
AliceBURGINDau16 Jun1599HughMarie 
AliceMANTELLDau25 Jul1599JohnAlice 
EmDRAYTONDau2 Aug1599ThomasEm 
TristramBRIANTSon19 Aug1599JohnKatherine 
JohnBAKERSon  Sep1599ThomasElMother’s nam has a hole after El
ElinerSTEGDau  Oct1599PeterAnne 
William?VILE    1599NicholasCicelie 
PhelipFFURSEDau18 Nov1599William  
HughBAGWELLSon26 Nov1599GilesMarie 
HughPAULSon  Dec1599ThomasAgnis 
Will’mPHELPSSon 13Jan1599TristramJone 
ThomasPEACHSon3 Feb1599Henrie  
NathanallTILLYSon17 Feb1599Will’mAlice 
Richard(Blank)Son16 Mar1599 AliceBase son
NicholasPERCIESon18 Mar1599Nicho’s  
Will’mBICKERSTAFFESon 19Mar1599Nicho’sAlice  
Rob’teBOWDAGESon 29Mar1600John  
EdithTUCKERDau30 Mar1600Hugh  
(Blank)TANN(ER)Son   1600JohnSpes 
 WELSH    1600JohnAgnisChild’s name looks like Efofes except that the "E" isn’t written correctly and s and f can’t be told apart in a smeared entry like this one - probably meant to be short for Christopher
TristramEGGERDONSon 20Jul1600HenryKatherine 
GilesBAGWELLSon  Aug1600ThomasAlice 
JohnSTOODELEYSon28 Sep1600JohnDorothie 
Mary?PYNNEY    1600Hugh Entry inserted between 2 lines
 WHETAM   Oct1600ThoDorothieChild’s name unreadable but seems to be shaped a bit like Hugh
MariePAULDau  Oct1600JohnJohn 
PeterSTEGGSon  Oct1600PeterAnne 
GeorgeCLUTTERIESon28 Oct1600ThomasA..? 
HughBAK(ER)?Son28 Oct1600Hugh  
WmBAK(ER)?Son28 Oct1600Hugh  
EmeMARKESDau  Nov1600 EdithChild’s name could be Eve
Laurence Son30 Nov1600Tho Surname starts with "SHA…" or "PHA…"
RobtCLEMENT?Son6 Jan1600Will’m  
MariePANTERDau  Feb1600John  
MarieCHAPPELLDau8 Feb1600John  
AliceBRIANTDau15 Feb1600JohnKatherine 
ThomasVILESon24 Feb1600Nich’as  
JoneGREYDau4 Mar1600JohnJohn 
H….?SHENDLERSon5 Mar1600John The child’s name is either Hughe or Henrie
JamesPAULSon29 Mar1601George  
Will’mMANTELLSon 14Apr1601Tristram  
AliceLANGLIEDau17 May1601JohnAlice 
MathewHUTCHENS   Jul1601George  
JohnLANGLEYSon31 May1601Tristram  
JoneSTEGDau30 Aug1601George  
PhilipMARSHALLDau9 Sep1601John  
AliceBAGWELLDau8 Oct1601GilesMarie 
AbrahamBRIANTSon22 Nov1601RichThomsen 
ThomasMANTELLSon29 Nov1601JohnAlice 
ElyzabethWILLESDau  Dec1601EdgarMarie 
JohnBURGINSon17 Feb1601 Marie?Base son
MarieRIALLDau20 Feb1601 JoneBase daughter
JohnTILLYSon24 Feb1601Will’mAlice 
AliceBAGWELLDau4 Apr1602 KatherineBase daughter
Eln(er)DOUCH 18 Apr1602JohnElizabethChild’s name written Eln and then the upward stroke that usually means "er" or "or" so I believe it is a daughter Elner
MarieWAYDau18 Apr1602Thomas  
UrsulaSAULWAYDau20 Jun1602JohnJone 
JosephPAULSon24 Jun1602HughAgnes 
JohnWOODBERIESon4 Jul1602HughPhillip 
JohnMASONSon1 Aug1602ThomasDorothie 
JohnCOLMAR als PHELPSSon 8Aug1602JohnJoan 
JohnBOWDAGESon12 Sep1602JohnJone 
GabriellPEACHSon26 Sep1602Henry  
MichaellPHELPSSon3 Oct1602TristramJone 
HonorDAVIEDau24 Oct1602HenryKatherine 
MarieMANTELLDau21 Nov1602RobteElin(er) 
ThoMANTELLSon26 Nov1602Thomas  
ThomasSTEGSon25 Dec1602PeterAnne 
ElizabethCLUTTERIEDau 30Jan1602 ElizabethBase daughter
AbrahamBICKERSTAFFESon 30Jan1602Nicho’Alice 
ElizabethCLEMENTDau 14Feb1602Will’mEliza 
ElizabethMARKESDau  Mar1602George - juniorAlice 
Hugh?BURGIN   Mar1602HughAlice 
ElizabethPYNNEYDau  Mar1602Hugh  
JohnVILESon   1603Nicho(las)Cicelie 
Joan?PAULDau   1603George  
Tristram?MANTELL    1603Tristr   
EdithMOORECOCKDau   1603JohnElion(er) 
Marie?PALM(ER)    1603JamesElizabeth  
MariePERCIEDau   1603Nicholas  
SusannTECKER?Dau   1603HughElizabeth 
Hugh?HODDER    1603Steven  
(Blank)FFORT    1603….Ilibert?….Ilibert?More to this entry but is unreadable
Will’mORCHARD?Son   1603JohnJone 
JohnCRANTONSon   1603 AliceBase
Margaret?     1603Will’m?Elizabeth Surname may start with "B"
Lydia?     1603  Father’s name is either Nicholas or William and I believe mother’s name is Jone and surname is short
ThomasBAGG…?Son   1603Thomas?Anne? 
Anne?     1603   
Abraham     1603    
JoneBRIANTDau19 Feb1603JohnKatherine 
ThomasPAULSon18 Mar1603John - juniorJone 
NicholasTANN(ER)Son 1Apr1604JohnSpes 
JohnTANN(ER)Son1 Apr1604JohnSpes 
EmmeBAKERDau9 Apr1604ThoEln 
Will’mMORIE als WILSESon 15Apr1604JohnMarie 
HughWOODBERIESon26 Apr1604John  
SusanPAULSon6 Jun1604John  
SaraBRIANTSon29 Jun1604Ric  
JohnCLUTTERIESon16 Jul1604Tho  
DorothieCLUTTERIEDau 16Jul1604Tho  
ThomasJEFFERYESSon29 Jul1604Tho  
AgnesLOKIERDau19 Aug1604James  
MarieMILLERDau30 Sep1604John  
MariePHELPSDau21 Oct1604Tristeram  
AlicePAULDau21 Oct1604George  
GilesFFARNAMSon23 Oct1604Robte  
AbrahamBUNT?Son11 Nov1604Tho  
ElizabethMANTELLDau 11Nov1604Robte  
JoneMANTELLDau2 Dec1604Tristeram  
MariePENNEYDau9 Dec1604John  
JohnDENUMSon10  1604John  
JohnSMARTSon22  1604Owen  
SusanVILEDau27  1604Nich  
MargaretCHICKEDau3 Mar1604Henry  
ElizabethPHELPSDau10 Mar1604John  
JoneWILLESDau24 Mar1604Edgar  
AviceFFARNAMDau21 Apr1605Ffrancys  
GilesPYNNEYSon15 May1605Hugh  
PhillipFFORTDau2 Jun1605 MargareteWidow
JohnWOODBERIESon18 Aug1605John  
JohnGOLLOPSon1 Sep1605Roger  
JohnBAGW…?Son15 Sep1605 MargaretBase - I believe the surname is BAGWELL but could be BAGWAY
ChristopherSTEGSon22 Sep1605Peter  
JohnSAULWAYSon22 Sep1605John  
JohnPAULSon1 Jan1605Hugh  
ThomasLOKIERSon1 Jan1605James  
AliceHECKSDau6 Jan1605John  
JoneWAYDau19 Jan1605Thomas  
DorothiePALMERDau2 Feb1605James  
Will’mTILLYSon 9Feb1605Will’m  
AnneMANTELLDau16 Feb1605Tristram  
BennetPHELPS 23 Feb1605Will’m Something in a note about a burial
RobertBAGGSon30 Mar1606Haphard?  
ThomasMAJOR 6 Apr1606GeorgeAlice 
Sara?MANTELL 6 Apr1606John  
JohnGREENE 16 Apr1606JohnJane 
GeorgeCOLMAR als PHELPS  21Apr1606John  
RichardCLARKE   May1606RichardGrace 
JohnBURGIN   Jun1606HughAlice 
ElianorSTOODELIE   Jun1606HughAnne 
PeterCHICK 29 Jun1606HenryJone 
ThomasDRAKE 6 Jul1606HenryAnne 
BarnardePAUL 31 Aug1606John  
Will’mSHILCOT  14Sep1606RobertMarie 
SusanLANGLIE   Oct1606Tristram  
EdithPAUL   Oct1606Thomas  
WillmSTEG 19 Oct1606George  
EdwardDYMET 22 Oct1606George  
GeorgPAUL 2 Nov1606GeorgeAnne 
EdwardMAURICE  7Dec1606ThomasElin(er) 
NicholasVILE 21 Dec1606NichoCisley 
Elion(er)MARKES   Jan1606GeorgeAlice 
ThomasinMARKES   Jan1606GeorgeAlice 
Will’mTILLY  8Feb1606Will’mWill’m Mother’s name unreadable but appears to be Ales?
RebeccaTRINCOLL  8Mar1606GeorgeEln(er) 
JohnGREENE 6 Apr1607JohnJone 
DaniellBRIANT  19Apr1607RichardThomsin 
JaneMILLER   May1607JohnMarie 
HenrieBAGWELL  14May1607JohnFlorence 
ThomsinPHELPS  17May1607Will’mElizabeth  
HughMANTELL 26 May1607RobteEln(er) 
GilesCLUTTRIE  19Jul1607Thomas  
JoneSMARTE 19 Jul1607Owen  
KatherineBRIANT  30Aug1607John  
LaurenceDERMN?  9Oct1607John  
DorothieDERMN?  9Oct1607John  
JohnPAUL 8 Nov1607John Junior
JohnSTEG 25 Dec1607Peter  
ChristianATWELL  2Feb1607John  
ElizabethTUCKER  29Feb1607Hugh  
TristeramMANTELL  28Mar1608Tristram  
HenriePAUL 27 Mar1608Hugh Note: Precedent? In Latin
AnneSTOODLIE 1 May1608Hugh  
Will’mPAUL  8May1608Thomas  
EdithPHELPS 31 Jul1608Tristram  
JoneDYMET 7 Aug1608FfelipJane 
JohnGILBERD 28 Aug1608Roger  
EdwardHECKS 9 Oct1608Edward  
RichardCOLMAR als PHELPS  6Nov1608John  
KatherineORCHARD  13Nov1608Tobias  
JohnEGGERDON 27 Nov1608Henry  
JoneBARNARD 4 Dec1608Robte  
JohnPAUL 11 Dec1608John  
NicholasBAGGE  18Dec1608Humphrey  
RuthWHEADON 22 Jan1608Thomas  
MarieBURGINDau22 Jan1608Hugh  
GregorieSTEG 12 Feb1608George  
Will’mCOLMAR als PHELPS  12Feb1608Will’m   
Will’mPYNNEY  25Feb1608Will’mJudith It looks like Judith may have had a surname of BAG and if so this child could have been illegitimate
ElizabethCOX 18 Apr1609John  
GeorgeMARKES als HORNE  23Apr1609George  
HenryHODDIE 30 Apr1609Will’m  
RichardPAUL 7 May1609George  
BeniaminTILLY  14May1609Will’m   
MariaRAW 28 May1609Robte  
AliceCOLMER 11 Jun1609John  
RobertHECKS 19 Jun1609John  
RichardVILE 10 Sep1609Nicho’  
HenryMORGAN 24 Sep1609Robte  
JaneORCHARD 8 Oct1609Rob  
AmbroseQUIRE 25 Oct1609 JoneBase
JohnGILBERD 25 Oct1609 KatherineBase
GeorgeSIMSON 29 Oct1609 JaneBase
WilliamSMART   Jan1609Owen  
James    Feb1609Raphe This name could be YEOMAN like elsewhere but is very poorly written
TristramSTOODLIE  18Feb1609Tristram  
RapheYEOMAN 25 Feb1609Raphe  
Marie?DERUM 4 Mar1609John  
JohnSTAUNTON 11 Mar1609John  
JamesORCHARD 5 Apr1610Tobie  
ChristoferHECKS?  8Apr1610Edward Surname is most likely HECKS but is not as clear as I would like it to be
ChrisoferBETISCOME?  22Apr1610Xpofer  
Will’mMAURICE  22Apr1610Thomas  
MarieCOX 29 Apr1610Peter  
Marie?PAUL 29 Apr1610Hugh  
WilliamFFORT 13 May1610 Margaret - widow 
?????WILLES   May1610Giles? Given name is about 5 letters long
ThomasWOODBERIE  17Jun1610 Agnes - widow Date could be 17th
GeorgeCOLMER alias PHELPS  29Jun1610William Date could be 19th
EliabethPAUL 19 Aug1610John  
HenrieMANTELL  26Oct1610Robte  
RobtPAUL 26 Oct1610John  
GeorgeTRINCOLL  11Nov1610George  
JoneHOOP 11 Nov1610Hugh Surname probably HOOP(ER)
ElizabethWHEADON  25Nov1610Thomas  
JoneHALLET 16 Dec1610Henry  
AgnesPARTRIDGE  16Dec1610Thomas  
JohnMOORECOCK  23Dec1610John  
RobertPHELPS als COLM(ER)  1Jan1610John  
GilesBAKER 10 Feb1610John  
DorothieSTOODLIE  10Mar1610Tristram  
JonePHELPS   Mar1611John - junior  
DorethieSTROWBRIDGE  7Apr1611John  
KatherineEGGERDON  28Apr1611Henry  
TryphenaTILLY   May1611Will’m   
ElizabethBEER  14May1611Robte  
ThomasDYMET 19 May1611Ffelip  
AliceWHETAM 3 Jun1611John  
JohnFOARD 28 Jul1611Thomas  
ThomasFOARD 28 Jul1611Thomas  
RobertRAW 28 Jul1611Robert  
JonePHELPS   Aug1611Tristram  
MarthaCOX   Aug1611John  
RichardHUTCHENS  18Aug1611John  
MarieCHICK 8 Sep1611Henry  
KatherineBAILIE  8Sep1611Alexander  
JohnHECKS 6 Oct1611Edward  
WalterORCHARD  13Oct1611Robte - jun’r   
ArthureSTILLERD  27Oct1611Thomas  
JohnHUTCHENS 27 Oct1611John - junior  
SusanPAUL 10 Nov1611Robte  
AliceSTAUNTON  10Nov1611John  
KatherineMORGAN  17Nov1611Robte  
PeterCOX 24 Nov1611John  
ThomsinADAMS   Dec1611Henry  
ChristianPAUL  8Dec1611Thomas  
Will’mORCHARD  5Jan1611Robte - sen’r   
MarieCLEYL 12 Jan1611Richard  
JamesBARNARD 9 Feb1611Robte  
Mary  25 Feb1611John I think the surname may be Sweete but just doesn’t look quite right.
BridgetCOX   Apr1612Peter  
JonePYNNEY 3 May1612John  
JohnROSCETER 6 May1612Thomas The surname could be NOSCETER because the first letter is written halfway between an "R" and "N"
RichardPYNNEY  7Jun1612Robte  
JoneHECKS 7 Jun1612John  
HenrieHALLET 28 Jun1612Henry  
GeorgeSTEG 12 Jul1612George  
PeterDRAYTON 19 Jul1612Tobie  
LydiaDERUM 9 Aug1612John  
Elion(er)MOORECOCK  30Sep1612John  
OwenSMART 1 Nov1612Owen Son
AbrahamRENDELL  22Nov1612Philippe  
AlicePARTRIDGE  10Jan1612Thomas  
WalterBURGIN 17 Jan1612Hugh  
JohnWILLES 17 Jan1612Giles  
WilliamPHELPS als COLM(ER)  17Jan1612William  
KatherinePAUL  17Jan1612Hugh  
EdwardPARKER 24 Jan1612Edward  
RobertHECKS 3 Feb1612Robert  
RobtCOOME 10 Feb1612John  
RobtPAUL 14 Feb1612John - junior Drempton
ElizabethYOU’MS  21Feb1612Raphe  
RobertHUTCHENS  7Mar1612John - junior  Drempton
LydiaHOOP 4 Apr1613Hugh Surname probably HOOP(ER)
MathewPAUL 25 Apr1613Mathew  
ArthureCHAMPERNOWN  23May1613Henry  
LaurenceMANTELL  15Aug1613Robte  
AgnesPAUL 22 Aug1613John  
ElizabethHECKS  22Aug1613Edward  
SusannaTILLY 3 Oct1613Will’m  
JohnMUNDAY 18 Oct1613John  
HenrieRAW 12 Jan1613Robte  
ThomasORCHARD  12Jan1613Robert  
RobertPHELPS 2 Feb1613John  
DorothieHUTCHENS  9Feb1613John - junior   
EmmeSTOODLIE 23 Feb1613Trist.  
EdithPHELPS als COLM(ER)   Mar1614John - junior   
CatherineSTILLERD    1614Thomas   
GartradeWHETAM  3Jul1614John  
CatherineHUTCHENS  3Jul1614John  
MarggetPAUL 23 Oct1614Thomas  
MariaHOSKINS 23 Oct1614Will’m  
ElizabethADAMS  9Nov1614Henry  
HughTUCKER 11 Dec1614James  
AmieCHAMPERNOWN  23Dec1614Henry  
Will’mSTEGG  25Dec1614Peter  
JohnCOX 6 Jan1614Peter  
Will’mHUTCHENS  13Jan1614Thomas  
GraceDERUM 10 Feb1614John  
WilliamSIDENHAM  17Feb1614Will’m   
MarieHUTCHENS  5Mar1614John - junior   
Will’mHALLET  7Apr1615Henry  
MagdalenDYMET  9Apr1615Ffelix  
SaraHECKS 11 Apr1615Edward  
JohnCOLM(ER) 14 Apr1615John Twin
ElizabethCOLM(ER)  14Apr1615John Twin
KatherineSTAUNTON  28Apr1615John  
DorothieMORGAN  30Apr1615Robte  
JohnSTROWBRIDGE  21May1615John  
ElizabethPAUL  30May1615Thomas  
RobtORCHARD   Jun1615Robte - jun’r  
RobtPAUL 11 Jun1615Mathew  
JoanLANGLIE 16 Jun1615Brian  
MarieBARNARD 18 Jun1615Robte  
RobtPAUL 24 Sep1615Robte  
MathewBRODLIE  15Oct1615John  
UrsulaPAUL 29 Oct1615John  
JohnBURGESS 15 Nov1615John  
KatherineNORRICE   Nov1615Giles  
JohnJONES   Nov1615John  
JohnSANDIFORD   Nov1615John  
GilesMORIE   Dec1615George  
Katherine(Blank)  12Jan1615(Blank)  
GeorgeMARKES als HORN  14Jan1615Abraham  
MarieTILLY 21 Jan1615Will’m  
JohnCOOME 2 Feb1615John  
PeterCOX 6 Feb1615Peter  
AnneWILLS 25 Feb1615Giles  
Elion(er)BURGIN  25Feb1615Hugh  
EdithWHITE 3 Mar1615 KatherineBase
JohnREAD   Mar1615Hugh  
WilliamPAUL 31 Mar1616Hugh  
RobtSMARTE 25 Apr1616Owen  
AnneRANDELL 25 Apr1616Phipp  
AnneADAMS 2 Jun1616Henry  
ThomasSTEGG 16 Jun1616George  
JoneSTOODLIE 7 Jul1616Trist.  
MarieBAKER 7 Jul1616John  
MarieBAGWELL 21 Jul1616Robte  
MathewHUTCHENS  11Aug1616John - junior  Gent
JanePAUL 18 Aug1616Robte  
HenriePAUL 18 Aug1616Thomas  
MariePAUL 29 Sep1616John  
PhillipTUCKER  29Sep1616James  
JoneHOOP 29 Sep1616 MargerieBase - surname probably HOOP(ER)
BridgetWHETAM  23Oct1616Tho "Vidue post sepult"
AnnePALM(ER) 10 Nov1616 MarieBase - possibly says buried Nov 15??
MarieEGGERDON  6Dec1616Hen? Unsure of parent - did not say "base"
JoneSER…T..? 6 Dec1616 Agnes 
JohnHECKS   Jan1616John  
AlceDYMOT 26 Jan1616Ffelix  
CharityRAPSHAN?  26Jan1616John  
GilesCOX? 9 Feb1616 Jesime?Base
FfrancisSIDENHAM  4Mar1616William  
AnneHUTCHENS 4 Mar1616John - junior Drempton
MargaretORCHARD  23Mar1616Robte  
IsaacWHETAM 6 Apr1617James  
BlaunchPYNNEY  6Apr1617John  
HeughPETIBONE  6Apr1617Henry  
GilesNORRICE 20 Apr1617Giles  
SusanHECKS 27 Apr1617Edward  
MarieSTROWBRIDGE  1Jun1617John  
JoneCHICK 8 Jun1617Henry  
ElizabDRAITON  29Jun1617Tobie  
AgnesMORGAN 27 Jun1617Robte  
JohnREAD 14 Sep1617Hugh  
EdwardSANDIFORD  14Sep1617 Katherine - widow  
Will’mPHELPS  21Sep1617John  
KatherineJONES  28Sep1617John  
MargaretMARKES  24Oct1617John  
RobtSTAUNTON 16 Nov1617John  
JoneHUTCHENS 7 Dec1617John Seems to say that this John is the son of James Hutchens
JulianBEANNARD?  14Dec1617Will’m   
ThomasHALLET 21 Dec1617Henry  
JoneCARTER 11 Jan1617John  
FfrauncisKNOTDau  Feb1617Will’m  
Will’mPHELPS  2Feb1617John - junior   
MarieMORIE   Feb1617George - junior  
MathewPAUL 20 Feb1617Robte  
ElizabethSTOODLIE   Mar1617Hugh  
XpianWHITE   Mar1618 KathBase
WilliamSWEETE  12Apr1618Wm  
IsaacWHETAM 15  1618James  
JonathanTILLY?  26 1618Will’m  Surname may be TILLY but is unreadable
TristeramMARKES  17 1618Abraham  
LydiaBURGESSE  22 1618Giles Surname very bad - is not Willes but appears to be BURGESSE?
ThomasHAINE 5  1618Tho  
JohnCOOMS 14  1618John  
JamesPHELPS 16  1618William  
MathewSTOODLIE  21Sep1618Tristram  
PhillipRENDALL  5 1618John?  
AliceBURGESSE  8 1618John  
SaraPAUL 13  1618Tho’s  
AgnesMORGAN 15  1618Robte  
ElizabethPAUL  22 1618Robte  
MarieJUSTR…?    1618Ric  
ThomasRAW 18 Oct1618Robte  
Will’mL…?  26 1618Will’m  Surname unreadable but shaped like LOCKIER?
RobteGREENEWAY    1618Robte   
Richard   28 1618Henry Surname unreadable but shadow shaped like Hallet
Will’mBRAGG   Jan1618Augustine   
Anne  15 Jan1618Henry Surname unreadable
SamuelPAUL 21 Jan1618John  
William   7Feb1618James Surname unreadable but looks like it may have an "h" in it
SaraHUTCHENS 21 Feb1618John  
Elizabeth   5Mar1618Robte Surname unreadable
Eln(or)BARNARD  7Mar1618Robte  
Bridget   12Mar1618William Surname unreadable
JohnBAGWELLSon2 Apr1619Robte  
SaraPAULDau4 Apr1619Hugh  
JoneWHETAMDau25 Apr1619Henry  
Elizabeth Dau2 May1619  Father’s name unreadable but the shadow looks like Mathew? And surname is short and possibly PAUL
FflowerHECKS   Jun1619Edward  
GilesPHELPSSon17 Jun1619Will’m  
ChristianGOLLOP  9Jul1619Roger  
John Son  Aug1619John  
EdithCOXDau  Sep1619Peter  
JohnM……?Son8 Oct1619Oct  
AnneSTEGGEDau  Nov1619Peter  
AliceMARKES?Dau17 Nov1619Trist Surname could also be MANTEL because the end of it unclear
AnneMANTELLDau28 Nov1619John  
Thomas Son28 Dec1619Edgar? If the father’s name is Edgar as it appears the surname is probably WILLES even thought it is unreadable
SusanDERUMDau  Jan1619John  
AnneHUTCHINS?Dau30 Jan1619Steven  
Will’mWHETAMSon  Feb1619Tho - jun’r   
David Son20 Feb1619John Surname unreadable but seems to be about 5 letters and possibly starts with "N" or "H"?
PhillipLARRICE?   Feb1619Robte  
FfelixDYMOT?Son19 Mar1619Ffelix  
RebeccaCERTRAM?Dau2 Apr1620John  
JohnPOPESon14 Apr1620James  
IsaacWELMANSon  Apr1620Wm  
RichDENITON?Son30 Apr1620Tobie Surname for Tobie is DRAYTON elsewhere and this is hard to read so suspect just poorly written
 JONES? 5 May1620Jn? Entry very condensed and unclear but I believe Jn Jones is probably correct but the childs name is 3 or 4 letters and first is "S" or "G" and last "g" or "x" and the only combination I can thing of for this is Geog?
AlexanderREADSon6 Jul1620Heugh  
JoneSTAUNTONDau13 Jul1620John  
Marie Dau2 Sep1620Tho Surname is crossed with letters from above and below so hard to read but looks like first letter unreadable then "oame"? - really questionable
TristermMARKESSon1 Oct1620Tristr  
JohnSTOODLIESon8 Oct1620Trist  
JohnCREECHSon8 Oct1620John  
JudithPOWELLDau   1620Nicholas Entry followed by "prdecdecet?
AgnesWHITEDau19 Nov1620Robte  
AlicePARKERDau17 Dec1620Robt  
JonasMILLERSon28 Jan1620Jn  
GilesWILLESSon18 Feb1620Giles  
MariePAULDau18 Feb1620Robt  
JamesCOLM(ER)Son25 Feb1620John  
AusticePHELPS  25Feb1620John - sen’r   
MariePAULDau30 Mar1621Robte  
IsaacRANDOLL?Son13 Apr1621Philippe  
GraceWHETAMDau20 Apr1621Thomas - jun’r  
JohnPETIBONESon29 Apr1621Henry  
MarieCOXDau6 May1621Thomas  
ChristoferHECKSSon13 May1621Edward  
Eln(or)PAULDau8  1621John  
ThomasHUTCHENSSon24  1621John - jun’r Gent
MariePHELLICE?Dau3  1621John  
MarieWHETAMDau27  1621Robt Father’s name originally written Tho but this was crossed out and replaced with Robt
ElizTUCKERDau(Torn)  1621John  
GraceORCHARDDau(Torn)  1621Robte  
Bridget Dau(Torn)  1621Nich Surname could be Locoite, Lococke.?? Can’t be sure exactly how to write it
Josias?BERNARD  (Torn) 1621Robte   
MargaretGREENEWAYDau 30 1621Robte  
StevenHUTCHENSSon(Torn)  1621Steven  
JohnSTOODLIESon21  1621Hugh  
BarnardCOOMS?Son(Torn)  1621John  
JoneREADDau30  1621Robte  
ConstanceBAGWELLDau (Torn) 1621Robte   
ConstanceBURGINDau23  1621Will’m  
JosephWHETAMSon(Torn)  1621Hen  
KatherineBALLERDau3 Feb1621Edmund  
JoneHAZARDDau(Torn)  1621Roger  
KatherineCREECHDau10  1621John  
NicholasBAKERSon(Torn)  1621John  
HenrieHALLETSon3 Mar1621Hen Twin
SusanHALLETDau3 Mar1621Hen Twin
 STOODLIE  (Torn) 1621    
JohnNORRICESon24  1621Giles  
ElizabethPALMERDau(Torn)  1622 JulianBase
ElizHUTCHINSDau31  1622Thomas  
JonePHELPSDau   1622Will’m  
JoneBRODLIEDau26  1622John  
JohnPARKERSon   1622Will’m  
SusanHOLWAY?Dau   1622Richard  
RichardPARKER    1622Robt Child’s name may be Thomas?
TabithaPARTRIDGE?Dau 11Sep1622Robt  
David?CHARITON    1622Charles   
AliceJONESDau6 Oct1622John  
JohnREAD    1622Hugh  
DeboraWHETAMDau17 Nov1622John  
..Est…?YOMINS    1622Raph Child’s name could be Hester but first letter looks more like a "J" - really all too unclear to be sure
RuthMORIEDau5 Jun1622George  
GeorgeHAYNE    1622Thomas  
JoneSHAW?Dau31  1622John  
JohnWHETAM    1622Thomas  
RuthBAGGEDau   1622Humfry  
Giles?TOOGOOD    1622Giles   
KatherineBRIANTDau2 Mar1622John  
SamuelMILLERSon   1623John  
SamuelWILLESSon   1623Edgar  
Steven Son   1623  Father’s name possibly Roger but too hard to tell for sure
FfrancesHOBB?    1623 JoneBase
Marie Dau20  1623John Surname short - may be Paul
 PAUL    1623Robte Although the child’s name is unreadable - the shadow looks like Phillipe - but it may be because of overlap of adjourning lifes
Will’mSTAUNTONSon 24 1623John  
JohnPLUMM(ER)    1623Alexander  Child’s name short like James or David
Arthur  21 Sep1623Rich  
ElizabethBAKERDau22  1623John  
Will’m Son 26Oct1623John?  
EdithGOLLOPDau   1623Roger  
Jone Dau11 Jan1623Tristram Surname unreadable but the center looks like it may have "oo" so possibly Stoodley?
JosephBURGINSon29 Jan1623Will’m  
Agnes Dau   1623Marshall  
Will’mWILLESSon 15Feb1623Giles  
JohnCOX?Son29 Feb1623Thomas?  
Will’mHECKSSon  Mar1623Edward  
Constance Dau  Mar1623Steven?  
JoneWHI…..?Dau  Mar1623Richard Surname could be Whiblie or Whittle or other similar spellings because the tall middle letters are hard to tell apart and could be T B or L
Sara?WILLIAMS   Mar1624Mar Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
NichWENTR…?Son29 Mar1624John Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
 BAGWELL    1624Giles?  Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
Sarah?     1624Sarah? Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
Jo…?…….LL?    1624Joseph? Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
Will’m?     1624Henry?  Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
Jone?     1624…….T? Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
John  12 Sep1624Robt Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
Elner?     1624Elner? Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
John     1624Wm Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
Simphora?     1624John?  Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
Robt     1624Robt Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
StevenHODDER?    1624John Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
ElizabethCOX?  2Jan1624Jan Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
John?………LL?    1624Robt? Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
John     1624John Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
John?TUCKER?    1624John Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
      1624  Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
John?….T….?    1624Thomas? Entry essentially unreadable and transcription is only a good guess
GeorgHUTCHENSSon27 Mar1625Steven  
John Son26 Jun1625John  
JoneBENNETDau8 Jul1625Andrew  
AliceMARSHALL?Dau14 Aug1625John?  
JohnSTOODLIESon28 Aug1625Giles  
MarksCHERITON?Son14 Sep1625Charles  
NathaniellWHETAMSon 16Oct1625Robte  
Will’mPLUMM(ER)Son 20 1625Alexander   
JohnORCHARDSon30  1625Robte - jun’r  
EdithM….?Dau1 Dec1625John  
JohnLANGLIEDau8 Jan1625Robte  
MargaretPAUL?Dau8 Jan1625Jan Father’s name may be Robert but it is too bad to be sure
AnnePOWELLDau2 Feb1625Marshall  
JohnPARR…?Son19 Feb1625 MarieSpurious (base)
JoneCOXDau  Mar1625Peter  
HenryPETIBONE  9Apr1626Henry  
JohnNORORCE? 23 Apr1626Giles  
JohnBARNARD 7 May1626Robte  
JohnSWEET 28 May1626John  
PhillipGOLLOP  29Jun1626John  
GilesBAGWELL 6 Aug1626Ric’d  
WalterPHILLICE  20Aug1626John  
Elizab  3 Sep1626Hugh  
RobtJONES 24 Sep1626John  
MargaryHUTCHENSDau1 Oct1626John  
JohnCROCKER 1 Nov1626John  
JohnWHITE 5 Nov1626Robte  
FfaithTOOGOOD  17Nov1626Giles  
JonePHELPS? 26 Nov1626Will’m  
KatherineSWEET  26Nov1626Hen  
AliceWEB? 3 Dec1626Will’m  
HenrieHUTCHENSSon27 Dec1626Rich  
Marie?  12 Jan1626Robt  
JohnCOLLINS 21 Jan1626 ElizabethWidow. Spurious (base)
Ruth  10 Mar1626Mar  
PeterCOX 25 Mar1627Tho  
RichardBENNETTSon27 Mar1627Andrew  
SaraMANTELL 30 Mar1627Tho  
James….OO…..?Son24 Apr1627Apr Twin
Tho….OO…..?Son24 Apr1627Apr Twin
GeorgeCOX 11 May1627Peter  
Gyles  27 May1627Tristram Surname possibly starts with "M" but seems a little too long for MARKS
JohnBICKERSTAFFE  8Jun1627John  
RobertPARTRIDGESon8 Jul1627Robte  
JohnDAMMETT 22 Jul1627Robt  
JoneWHITE…? 17 Aug1627Henry Surname may just be WHITE but seems to go about 4 or 5 letters longer that can not be deciphered
MaryTILLY 26 Aug1627Joseph  
DorothyGREENWAY  30Aug1627Robt  
AmyWHETTAM 2 Sep1627Robt  
JamesPALMER 9 Sep1627 DorothySpurious = base
MargaretPLUMM(ER)  30Sep1627Alexamder  
Elizabeth   4Nov1627Nov  
LydiaLANGLY 11 Nov1627Robt  
Thomas  1 Feb1627Thomas Surname looks like WEBBER but the "W" doesn’t seem wide enough
ElizabethDODGE  3Feb1627Giles  
JoneHUTCHENS?  15Feb1627Steven  
RichardBRYANT  16Feb1627Daniel  
John  17 Feb1627Steven Surname seems to start with "M" or "W" but the rest is missing
MaryHAZARD 9 Mar1627Roger  
MarySWE…?Dau9 Mar1627John  
SaraHUTCHINS 4 Apr1628 DorBase
Thomas  13 Apr1628Will’m  
JohnDUNNE 18 May1628William  
RobertPAUL 22 May1628Robert  
EdmundHAYNE 1 Jun1628Thomas  
HenryDA…? 8 Jun1628Will’m Looks like a 4 letter surname with part of paper or ink missing in the middle
JoneHECKSDau27 Jul1628Edward  
AliceHARTDau10 Aug1628Peter  
RobertPAULSon14 Sep1628Abraham  
Andrew Son21 Sep1628John Surname looks like R_SR……?
WilliamTILLYSon19 Oct1628Joseph  
WalterYOUNGSon2 Nov1628George  
JohnWHETTAMSonUlt Nov1628John  
John Son25 Dec1628John Part of surname missing - shaped like PHELPS but the first letter looks like a D? and where the second "P" goes - it looks more like an "E"
JohnHOYTSon25 Dec1628Symon  
George Son11 Jan1628Robt Surname shaped like DAUBER?
JohnHUTCHINSSon25 Jan1628Thomas  
DanielB….?Son1 Feb1628Humfrey  
BeniaminLANGLY   Feb1628Robt Date is either 15th or 25th
Alice?MA….? 8 Mar1628Tristram  
DanielBRYANT 13 Mar1628Daniel  
William   20Mar1628Will’m   
JohnMANTELL 27 Mar1629Thomas  
LorcinHUTCHENSDau27 Mar1629Matthew  
RuthPHILLICEDau19 Apr1629John  
MaryROBINSDau1 May1629 KatherineBase
ElnorHECKSDau17 May1629Robert  
MaryPALMERDau24 May1629William  
DeborahWHETTAMDau10 Jun1629Thomas  
JosephHALSONSon28 Jun1629William  
HenrySTAUNTONSon28 Jun1629John  
JohnWARREN 3 Jul1629Peter I think the child’s name starts with an "M"?
MargarettBRAGGEDau12 Jul1629John  
ElizabethMARKSDau   1629Hugh  
Rebecca?APPLEFORD    1629 Elizabeth Base
KatherineMORIEDau4  1629Thomas  
JosephSTOODLYSon   1629Gyles  
Ursula?BICKERSTAFFEDau   1629John  
SusanBENNETDau   1629Andrew  
MaryLYMBRYDau   1629William  
MargaretCOXDau   1629Peter  
MaryPHELPSDau20  1629William  
LydiaWHITEHEADDau   1629John  
Thomas?SWETLYNG  10 1629John  
AlexanderTOOGOODSon 10 1629Gyles  
JanePAULDau21  1629Joseph  
EmmePLUMMERDau23  1629Alexander  
JohnBURGINSSon4 Apr1630Will’m  
Katherine Dau11 Apr1630John Surname seems to end in "LY" and the only surname I can think of that is long ehough and similar would be Stoodly but it just doesn’t quite fit the shadow
JosephPARKERSon23 Apr1630Robte  
ThomasBAGGE?Son25 Apr1630Edward Surname is only a shadow and is shaped like BAGGE but I have not seen and Edward Bagge
RichardCHAUNT?Son2 May1630Edward  
JoneBEAMOND?Dau  May1630Henry Surname only a shadow but is shaped like Beamond
WilliamDAVIESon9 May1630William  
John Son  Jun1630Jun  
RichardORCHARDSon  Jun1630Robert  
John Son  Jun1630 Elizabeth 
DorothyHUTCHENSDau20 Jun1630Steven  
MariePAULDau30 Jul1630John - jun’r  
JaneCOX?Dau1 Aug1630Giles  
JohnHUNTSon15 Aug1630John  
LydiaMANTELL?Dau27 Aug1630William  
GilesJONES?Son10 Oct1630John Surname could be JAMES - the "N" is not as clear as I would like
RobertRAINOLDESSon24 Oct1630Lancelot  
AgnesH…?Dau24 Oct1630Steven Surname very unclear - looks like HIDS but is probably HICKS
Mathew Son14 Nov1630Nov Father’s name is only a shadow but shaped line Nich?
LancelotPAULSon28 Nov1630Robte  
Susan Dau26 Dec1630Dec  
GeorgeYOUNGSon26 Dec1630George  
Marie Dau26 Dec1630 DorothieUnsure but shadow of surname may be Norrice?
RobtSTOODLIE?Son  Jan1630 Eln’rBase
Alice Dau16 Jan1630Tristram  
JohnBAGGESon23 Jan1630Humfrey  
Andrew Son30 Jan1630Steven  
MaryHOITDau12 Feb1630Rich Child’s name is possibly George because it is unclear but I am quite sure Mary is correct
ThomasM…..?Son12 Feb1630Thomas Surname may be MANT…? Or MARKS?
AndrewFFOSTERSon  Mar1630Andrew  
Katherine Dau13 Mar1630Mar  
ElizabethHUTCHINSDau 27Mar1631Mathew  
MargaretW..?Dau27 Mar1631Peter Surname probably WARREN but doesn’t seem long enough
ElizabHAIN?Dau10 Apr1631Thomas  
John Son13 May1631John Surname unclear but shaped like BOWNTUM? - could be BOWDAGE except there is no letter going below the line line "G" unless it is faded out
ElizabethHOLSENDau  May1631Wm  
RogerPARKERSon1 Jul1631Robert  
JohnELIOTSon  Jul1631Edward  
ElizabMANTEL?Dau3 Jul1631Georg Surname could be MARKES but the shadow looks more like MANTEL
JohnWATTSSon7 Aug1631Henry  
RichardWHIT…..(faded)?Son 7Aug1631Roger  
BeniaminSTOODLIESon 14Aug1631Giles  
Robt Son26 Aug1631Edward  
JosephWELSHSon4 Sep1631William  
Sara Dau4 Sep1631Sep Parent’s name looks like Jane and surname may begin with "P" but that is very unclear.
ElizabethT….?Dau2 Oct1631John Entry interpolated between 2 lines and is small. Surname starts with "T" then a small letter like "a" then a "L" or "B". It ends with a "W" or "RO"?
JohnBEAMONDSon15 Nov1631Hen  
Robert Son  Dec1631Robert Surname is only a faded shadow but shaped like Langlie?
MarieMARKESDau8 Jan1631Tristram  
Jone Dau22 Jan1631William Surname is only a faded shadow but shaped like Langlie?
EdwardBRAGGDau   1631John Twin
SaraBRAGGSon   1631John Twin
Jane Dau18  1631Daughter  
RichardHUTCHENSSon8 Apr1632Ric  
KatherneHAWKINSDau6 May1632Humfry  
JohnPAULSon13 May1632Abraham  
ElizRAINOLDESDau13 May1632Lancelot  
EdmundCREECHSon20 May1632John  
JosephBRIANTSon24 Jun1632Daniell  
ElizabethBICKERSTAFFEDau 1Jul1632John  
Will’mDARBE?Son 2Sep1632 JoneBase
SaraPHELPSDau9 Sep1632Michaell  
JoneWHITEDau7 Oct1632Tho  
SamuellSTOODLIESon14 Oct1632Trist  
RobtSLOODESon  Oct1632Robte I am quite sure the surname is to be STOODLIE but the "T" looks like an "L" and the "I" was left out
JonePAULDau4 Nov1632Will’m  
ThomasBAKER?Son4 Nov1632Will’m  
Will’mREAD?Son 25Nov1632(Blank) Surname partly covered with an inkspot and could be BOND but I know of none by that name in this parish
HughBAKERSon25 Nov1632Wm  
JohnWH….?Son25 Nov1632Wm  
NicholasRAWSon30 Dec1632 (Blank)Mother is the daughter of Robert Raw
RichardBAGWELLSon6 Jan1632Rich  
MarieWILL….?Dau6 Jan1632John Surname probably WILLS but not sure if more in the smear
MarthaWILL….?Dau6 Jan1632John Surname probably WILLS but not sure if more in the smear
JohnTOOGOODSon13 Jan1632Giles  
Mary Dau20 Jan1632Jan  
WilliamHALSONSon17 Feb1632Will’m  
Dorothie(Not given)Dau 17Feb1632 (Unknown)A wandering woman
JohnSPRAKESon24 Feb1632John  
JoneDAVIEDau3 Mar1632Will’m Surname may have an "S" on the end but it would be in the smear
JamesBAYSon17 Mar1632Humfrey  
JoneBASCETERDau17 Mar1632Steven  
JoneCOXDau22 Mar1632Peter  
TristELIOTSon24 Mar1632John  
SanderPLUMME(ER)Son 14Apr1633Sander  
ThomasRUSSELLSon28 Apr1633Thomas  
GraceCOMBE?Dau26  1633John  
AnLOCKEDau   1633Robte  
JaneVILEDau   1633Nicholas  
JohnWHITHEDSon   1633John  
KatherineSMALCORNEDau  Sep1633Giles  
DorothyBEAMONDDau20 Oct1633Henry  
Edward Son   1633Will’m Surname smudged in middle but it looked like it should be LUMBRY?
ElizabethPAULDau4 Nov1633John - junior  
MarieSTOODLIE?Dau   1633Giles Hole in first of surname but ends in "OODLIE" so I believe this is correct
ThomasBAKER alis MORISH  1 1633Will’m   
JamesHANIESon8 Dec1633Thomas  
JonePAULDau8 Dec1633Joseph  
Will’mELLOTTSon 15Dec1633Edmont  
ThomasMARKSSon22 Dec1633Tristram  
MarieBURGENDau10 Jan1633Hugh  
MariePAULDau  Jan1633Will’m  
Will’mHED?Son 14Jan1633John Surname probably meant to be HEX for HECKS?
DorothieDOGHDau23 Jan1633Giles  
RichardLEGGSon24 Jan1633Richard  
MarlineDRAITONDau  Jan1633 EmBase
An……GE?Dau7 Mar1633George Inkspot over first of surname but it is only about 2 letters - just can’t tell which letters
ThomasLOKIERSon  Mar1633Tho  
MarieWILESDau16 Mar1633John  
ThomasCHANING?Son16 Mar1633Thomas Suname could be CHARING? Because the middle letter unclear and could be either "N" or "R"
JohnHICHCOCKSon8 Apr1634JehossuahAlice 
ElizabethHUNTDau8 Apr1634JohnRebecka 
JohannaHUTCHINSDau20 Apr1634MathewMargery 
JudithRAYNOLDSDau4 May1634LancelotElizabeth 
JaneBRIANTDau7 May1634DanielSusanna 
LidiaRUSSELLDau10 May1634ThomasJohanna 
JohnSTREETSon13 Jun1634NicholasAnne 
UrsulaPHELPSDau13 Jun1634WilliamMarie 
SamuelDELABERSon1 Aug1634SamuelRebecka 
ElizabethENGLANDDau 14Sep1634GeorgeEleanor 
JonathanSTUDELYSon2 Nov1634TristramAlice 
WilliamRICHSon16 Nov1634WilliamMary 
JaneMORGANDau28 Nov1634RobertSusanna 
LancelotMANTLESon12 Dec1634ThomasAlice 
GeorgePARKERSon21 Dec1634RobertAlice 
SamuelDONNSon6  1634WilliamCatherine 
George?PHELPSSon   1634George  
WilliamBAKERSon8 Feb1634WilliamElizabeth 
WilhelmusWHITHEADSon 22Feb1634RogerElizabethChild’s name in Latin
RuthHAWKINSDau22 Feb1634Humphery  
RobertBAGWELLSon27 Feb1634RichardSusanne 
ThomasBICKERSTANESon 1Mar1634JohnElizabeth 
JohnDODGESSon15 Mar1634GilesWinifred?Mother’s name in Latin is Wilmeta
MathewPAULESon31 Mar1635HughDorothy 
JosephLANGLYSon3 Apr1635RobertPrudence 
ThomasBASSETERSon3 Apr1635StephenKatherine 
NicholasVILESon7 Apr1635MathewElizabeth 
JohnPAULESon9 Apr1635RobertJane 
JohnDERHAMSon17 Apr1635LaurenceMarie 
WilhelmusMANTLESon17 Apr1635WilhelmiMarieChild’s and father’s names in Latin
PeterBANKESSon7 May1635Morgan  
JohnPETIBONESon10 May1635HenryMagdalene 
SusannaCOXDau19 May1635Thomas  
HenryBEAMONTSon29 May1635HenryDorothy 
RachelPHELPSDau14 Jun1635Michael  
ElizabethPAULDau18 Jun1635George  
ThomasMARKSSon21 Jun1635ThomasMarie 
MarieCHICKDau26 Jun1635Peter  
MarieMO….?Dau17 Jul1635JohnAgnesSurname almost looks like MARKS drawn out with another letter in the center like an "M"
ElizabethCRABDau19 Jul1635John  
Charles(Blank)Son30 Aug1635(Blank) Filus cujastam? Ignoti
JoshuaHITCHCOCKESon 2Oct1635JoshuaMarie 
JosephWHITHEADSon16 Oct1635John  
JohnSTOODLEYSon8 Nov1635JohnTomasen 
WilliamNORRICESon8 Nov1635William  
JohnDANTENSon15 Nov1635John  
DorothyDALIBERSon15 Nov1635Samuel  
AlicePLUMMERDau11 Dec1635Alexander  
JohnBARGERYSon13 Dec1635JohnElionor 
MarieSTUDELYDau25 Dec1635TristramAlice 
JohnTOCKERSon27 Dec1635John  
RobertCOOMSon6 Jan1635Robert  
JohnIEGSon28 Jan1635RichardAlice 
JohnLOCKETTSon14 Feb1635ThomasMargaret 
ElionerKUNNOCKDau6 Mar1635Edmund  
JohnEGERTONSon13 Mar1635JohnJohane 
MarieTOOGOODDau20 Mar1635Giles  
NathanielBICKERSTANESon 23Mar1635JohnElizabeth 
RobertSMARTSon25 Apr1636JohnRachel 
EdwardHUNTSon1 May1636JohnRebecca 
RobertELLOTSon8 May1636EdmundMary 
EdithLYMBREYDau19 Jun1636William  
RobertMANTLESon3 Jul1636Will’mAlice 
Grace….HERID?Dau3 Jul1636J…?J…?Surname looks like he reverted to the old "H" but it could also be "LUD" at the beginning and father’s name is unusual - looks like Jusher?
ElizabethPAULDau6 Jul1636HughHugh 
ElizabethHAWKINS?Dau  Jul1636Humphery?  Both father’s given name and surname VERY faint
Thomas Son  Jul1636Daniel? Father’s given name very faint and the surname is only a shadow but it could easily fit BRIANT
Ellice(Blank)(Blank) 31Jul1636(Blank)  
JohnHUTCHINGSSon7 Aug1636Robert  
GeorgeSMALLCORNESon 21Aug1636Gilles  
HenryPAULSon7 Sep1636Abraham  
ElizabethWILLSDau9 Sep1636John"Widow"Father is deceased and mother a widow
EleonerREADDau2 Oct1636HughEdith 
MargeryCOPSTONDau12 Oct1636Marks  
GeorgeHOOPERSon30 Oct1636RichardMary 
EdmundBANKSSon30 Oct1636MorganMary 
WilliamPAULSon1 Nov1636WilliamMary 
AnnaRAYNOLDESDau25 Nov1636LancelottElizabeth 
HughMARKSSon27 Nov1636ThomasAlice 
ChristianSTOODLYDau 18Dec1636TristramAlice 
RobertCOOMESon18 Dec1636RobertJane 
SammuelDONSon27 Dec1636WilliamKatherine 
SammuelLANGLEYSon29 Dec1636RobertPrudence 
MaryENGLANDDau15 Jan1636GeorgeEleanor 
ElizabethTAHUTA?Dau 22Jan1636WilliamMarie 
StephenCREECHSon29 Jan1636John  
ElishaPARKERSon5 Feb1636RobertAlice 
BernardSTOODLYSon12 Feb1636JohnThomasen 
WilliamMANTLESon19 Feb1636Tristram  
JosephSTOODLEYSon26 Feb1636Joseph  
MaryVILEDau26 Feb1636MatthewElizabeth 
HughBURGENSon26 Mar1637HughMary 
WilliamPAULSon28 Mar1637WilliamAnne 
JohnWESTSon2 Apr1637George  
AnneDERHAMDau7 Apr1637LawrenceMary 
JoaneHALSE?Dau16 May1637William  
AnneBASSITERDau23 May1637Stephen  
JohnBAKERSon30 May1637WilliamElizabeth 
EleonerBRAGDau1 Jul1637John  
AugustineSWAFFELL?Son 11Jul1637ThomasMlline? 
JoaneSTUDLEYDau6 Aug1637GilesChristian 
HenryMEECKSon6 Aug1637Henry  
MarthaLEGGDau5 Sep1637RichardAlice 
KatherinePAULDau5 Sep1637Giles"Widow"Father is deceased and mother is a widow
CharitiePAULDau5 Sep1637Joseph  
ThomasHICKSSon22 Oct1637Edw  
EleanorMORRISON?Dau 22Oct1637William  
DorothyPAULDau4 Nov1637Hugh  
PhilipTUCKSSon31 Dec1637(Blank)  
AgnesBRYANTDau10 Jan1637JohnKatherine 
ElizabethHISCOCKDau 4Feb1637JosephMaria? 
LaurencePHELPSSon4 Feb1637William  
SamuelHAYNESon5 Feb1637"Mr" Daniel  
MarySMITHDau15 Apr1638John  
GeorgeDODGESon15 Apr1638Gilles  
JoneVILE?Dau22 Apr1638Nicholas Surname very short and unreadable and the only one I can think of that would fit is VILE
Robert Son  Apr1638Henry Surname unreadable but looks like BEASMONDE?
SamuellDALLIBERSon  May1638Samuell  
SamuellHOOPERDau   1638John  
Mary?MORGANDau   1638Robert  
JohnSTROABRIDGESon   1638John  
AlexanderMANTLESon   1638Tristram  
Joan?CHANINGDau22 Jul1638Thomas  
JohnBAKERSon  Sep1638Robert  
Ruth?STUDELYDau   1638Tristram  
RichardFRYESon   1638X’fer  
James?DONNSon   1638William  
BenedictaBRAGDau   1638John  
MaryNORRISDau   1638Giles  
WilliamPALMERSon   1638William  
Hester?PHELPSDau   1638John  
JohnLEGDau   1638Richard Child’s name sems to have been written over - unclear if the written over part is Mary or if it is part of the name that seems to start with "B" so may be Brabary?
SammuelMARKESSon5  1638Thomas  
MaryBANKESDau   1638Morgan  
ElionourHUNTDau27  1638John  
JohnTOOGOODSon   1638Giles  
BenjaminSTUDLYSon   1638Giles  
KatherineWAYDau   1638Robert  
DorothyBAGWELLDau   1638Richard  
HenryCEECHSon23  1638Henry  
WilliamCOOMESon30  1638Robert  
HughREADSon3  1638Hugh  
LancelotREYNOLDSon14  1638Lancelott  
RichardSTUDELYSon29  1638John  
MargaretSMALECORNDau 10Mar1638Giles  
HenryPAULESon24 Mar1638Joseph  
ElizabethVILEDau28 Apr1639Mathew  
AgnesSTUDLEYDau28 Apr1639Mathew  
ThomasSWAFFIELDSon26 May1639Thomas  
WilliamRAYNESSon9 Jun1639William  
JoaneHAWKINSDau16 Jun1639Humphey  
PeterWARRESon23 Jun1639Peter  
JoaneBICKERSTAFFEDau 25Jul1639John  
HughPAULLESon4 Aug1639Hugh  
JohnPHELPSSon11 Aug1639George  
MaryDERHAMDau12 Aug1639Lawrence  
SusannaSTANTONDau18 Aug1639John  
JamesHITCHCOCKSon25 Aug1639Joshua  
ThomasEGGERTONSon8 Nov1639John  
MaryBASSITERDau17 Nov1639Steaphan  
MartinPHELPSSon5 Jan1639John  
JudithENGLANDDau5 Jan1639George  
MargaretP…?Dau12 Jan1639John First letters of surname look like PEG or PEY?
MaryHOOPERDau12 Jan1639John  
Constance Dau19 Jan1639William Surname is unreadable but looks like about the length and shape of PAUL?
SusannaTUCK…?Dau19 Jan1639John I believe the surname is TUCKER
JohnPAULLESon24 Mar1639William  
JosephDONNESon12 Apr1640Wm  
DenisHUTCHENSDau19 Apr1640Rob  
MarieDOWN?Dau19 Apr1640Nicholas Small hole in middle of surname
AnnPAULDau3 May1640Georg  
JulianLEGGDau12 May1640Richard  
JohnFFRYESon16 Aug1640Christoph  
AgnesHAWKINSDau16 Aug1640Humphr  
MarieWILLSDau16 Aug1640John  
MathewHUTCHINSSon6 Sep1640Mathew  
MariePHELPSDau29 Sep1640Richard  
RobertDALIBERSon11 Oct1640Samuel  
ElizabethBANKESDau18 Oct1640Morgan  
RobertCHEEKESon15 Nov1640Peter  
MathewVILESon15 Nov1640Mathew  
KatherinePINNYDau15 Nov1640Robert  
MarieBAKERDau22 Nov1640Henrie  
NicholasBEAMONTSon6 Dec1640Henrie  
SusannaRAYNESDau20 Dec1640William  
MarieDUNSCOMBE?Dau14 Feb1640Nicholas Surname interpolated between 2 lines which overlap a bit but the surname seems to be DUNSCOMBE which I haven’t seen here before - so could either be a visitor or incorrect spelling of a name here
ElizabethCUNNICKDau 28Feb1640Edmund  
AgnesPHELPSDau28 Feb1640George  
SamuelPHELPSSon7 Mar1640Michael  
DorotheeSMITHDau7 Mar1640John - jun’r  
AmyBOWAGE?Dau14 Mar1640John  
JohnCOLEMAN?Son4 Apr1640Apr Father’s name unreadable but shadow fits Cornelius and if this is correct then the surname could be TOLEMAN?
WmBOUR…?Son   1641Son  
JohnBOWEDGE?Son   1641Son Father’s name unreadable but seems to end in "hard" so probably Richard
MargaretPAULDau   1641Daughter Father’s name unreadable but seems to be Nicholas from the shape of the shadow
William?STUDLEYSon   1641John  
JohnS….F…..D?    1641S….F…..D?   
JohnFULLERSon6 Jun1641JunElenior?Father seems to be either Stephen or Thomas
JohnREADSon21 Jun1641Hugh  
AliceLEGGDau6 Jul1641Richard  
ElizabethJONESDau11 Jul1641Rhese  
WilliamWHITESon11 Jul1641George  
MarieWHETTENDau21 Jul1641Roger  
MargaretTUCKERDau6 Aug1641John  
SarahDERIAN?Dau21 Aug1641 Maria 
Anne?HALLETTDau12 Sep1641Richard  
MathewHITCHCOCKSon17 Sep1641Josuah  
KatherinePAULDau  Sep1641Hugh Day is either 20th or 30th
WmDODGESon  Oct1641Giles  
HenriePAULSon17 Oct1641Joseph  
FfrancesRICHARDS?  24Oct1641Ffrances  
JohnHODDERSon14 Dec1641Gaus? Father’s name in Latin but doesn’t match the reist - is probably short for Janus or Johannes or John
JohnHALLETSon19 Dec1641Wm  
ElizabethBANKSDau19 Dec1641Morgan  
AnneMANTELLDau6 Jan1641George  
JohnCOOP….?Son9 Jan1641Robert  
AnnePAULDau23 Jan1641John  
SamuelPEERSE?Son  Feb1641Lawrence  
Martha?PHELPS   Feb1641George  
Joan?WOOD? 6 Mar1641Christopher  
ChristopherNORRIS  1Apr1642Giles Child’s name short like John or Joan
 CHEEKE   May1642Peter Child’s name short - maybe Emm?
 MUNDIN    1642Joseph Child’s name seems to start with a "D" but is very unclear if this is correct
 SMART    1642John  
MarieBAKERDau   1642Wm  
JohnHUTCHINSSon5  1642John Tych at end of surname so unclear what it means
JudirhREYNOLDSDau6  1642Lancelott  
ChristianHAWKINS  31 1642Humphrey  
MariePINNYDau   1642Rob  
AliceMARKSDau1 Jul1642Tristr  
HenrieEGERTONSon3 Jul1642John  
SarahPHELPSDau20 Jul1642 Joane 
SamuelBASESTERSon10 Aug1642Stephen  
JohnCOLMERSon12 Aug1642Keb? Father’s name as written is in Latin and I am unsure of the translation of Keb
WilliamBASERTERSon14 Aug1642Stephan  
ThomasSTUDLEYSon21 Aug1642Giles  
ThomasRAYNESSon21 Aug1642Wm  
MarieJEFFERIESDau2 Sep1642Giles  
MargaretSWAFFIELDDau 2Oct1642Thomas  
JudithLEGGDau20 Oct1642Richard  
ElenorVILEDau23 Oct1642Mathew  
AliceHUTCHINSDau24 Oct1642Mathew  
JamesPAUL?Son  Jan1642George  
Mathew Son12 Feb1642Feb  
Dorothy Dau  Feb1642Nicholas Surname unreadable but looks like it starts DOUN…?
GilesSMALLCORNESon5 Mar1642Giles  
HenriePAULSon17 Mar1642Henry  
JohnHAWKINSSon19 Mar1642Tho  
JoanPOPEDau4 Apr1643John  
RobertTAYLERSon14 Apr1643Rob  
RogerHUTCHINSSon16 Apr1643Mathew  
MargaretNORRISDau30 Apr1643Giles  
Joan?NICHELOS?  30Apr1643Hugh Entry small and between 2 other lines
ThomasTUCKERSon7 May1643John  
JohnPAULSon6 Jun1643Hugh  
GracePAULDau25 Jun1643Samuel  
KatherineWARDDau16 Jul1643Richard  
ElizabethSMITHDau13 Aug1643John  
GraceMUNDENDau3 Sep1643Joseph  
SamuelTOLMANSon24 Sep1643Cornelis  
EllisROGERSSon24 Sep1643Ellis  
AliceJONESDau13 Oct1643Rhese  
RichardENGLANDSon26 Nov1643George  
WmHITCHCOCKSon10 Dec1643Josuah  
GraceWHITINGDau10 Dec1643Roger  
AmyBRIANTDau17 Dec1643Robert  
ChristopherATY?Son24 Dec1643Christoph  
SamuelPAULSon24 Dec1643Joseph  
BarnardLEGGSon2 Jan1643Richard  
NathanielSTUDLYSon3 Jan1643Tristram  
JoanCHEEKEDau21 Jan1643Peter  
BlanchPINNY 21 Jan1643Rob  
DanielBANKSSon26 Jan1643Morgan  
MathewWOODSon  Feb1643Christoph  
JohnPAULSon3 Mar1643Wm  
LaurenceDERRA(M)?Son 17Mar1643Laurence  
ElizabethHUTCHENSDau 14Apr1644Mathew  
ElizabethWISEDau14 Apr1644(Blank) Of Netherhay
RogerHOYTSon23 Apr1644Roger  
MargaretSTUDLYDau24 Apr1644Giles  
KathernERLEDau28 Apr1644Hercules  
JamesPAULSon12 May1644John  
AmyJUSTYDau10 Jun1644Gubertum? Father’s name is in Latin
AgnesNORRISDau16 Jun1644Giles  
AgnesCOLMERDau23 Jun1644Robert  
GilesDODGESon30 Jun1644Giles  
ThoHALLETSon7 Jul1644Richard  
WmCASESon28 Jul1644Phillip  
SusannaNORRISDau6  1644Giles  
SusannaSMARTDau14  1644John  
MarieNICOLLSDau   1644Hugh  
MarthaPHELPS?Dau10  1644George  
JaneREYNOLDSDau24  1644Lancelott  
ElizabethHOLCOMBDau  Dec1644Wm  
AbrahamEGGERTONSon19 Jan1644 "Widow" 
JohnGIFFORDSon5 Feb1644Giles  
WmPAULSon23 Feb1644George  
WmADAMSSon23 Mar1644 Eliz 
NicholasLEGGSon19 May1645Richard  
TobiasROGERSSon1 Jun1645Giles  
MargaretHUTCHINSDau 8Jun1645Matth  
WmTUCKERSon27 Jul1645John  
SarahSWAFFIELDDau5 Aug1645Tho  
JaneJONESDau17 Aug1645Rhese  
JohnHALLETSon7 Sep1645Wm  
MarieGUDGEDau21 Sep1645John  
JohnSMITHSon28 Sep1645John - jun’r  
MaryVILEDau21 Jan1645Math  
WilliamPAULESon25 Jun1646Mathew  
Mathew Son2 Jul1646Richard  
**These entries seem to be out of place**
WilliamBAGWELL?Son30 Aug1641?William This seems to be out of place so may be 1647 with the top of the "7" missing
JohnHUTCHENSSon16 Sep1641?Mathew This seems to be out of place so may be 1647 with the top of the "7" missing
SarahPAULDau4 Sep1671Hugh  
DorcasPAULSon2 Feb1673Hugh  
RachellPAULLDau23 Mar1675Hugh  
HannahPAULLDau19 Sep1678Hugh  
**Back to baptisms in order
Jn’oHAZARDSon  Dec1648Thom  
WilliamHOLCOMBESon17 Jan1648William Gent
HannaVILEDau21 Jan1648Mathew  
AllsCHEEKDau5 Mar1648George Father’s given name is difficult to read but I believe it is correct
HenryHUTCHINSSon1 Feb1648Matthew  
MaryEWENSDau19 Feb1648Ralph  
MaryCOXDau21 Mar1648Robt  
JohnTOOGOODSon  Mar1648 Ffaith 
JohnWOODSon1 May1649Christopher  
RobtSTROBRIDGESon4 May1649John  
JoaneTHETCHERDau14 May1649John  
ElinorHAINEDau3 Jun1649Thhomas Junior
RobertPAULDau20 Jun1649William  
JohnPINNEY?Son11 Jun1649Leonard I believe the surname is PINNEY but the first part looks like PRINCE and the whole thing PRINCENY like the 2 names we combined - possibly bleedwhrouth?
MatthewHAINESon1 Jul1649Matthew Clothier
ElizabethDAMETDau21  1649Robt  
BeniaminSWAFFIELDSon 23 1649Thomas  
JoneBAGWEL?Dau30    Elianor? 
SarahBEAREDau21 Feb1649John  
PeterBANKS?Son25 Feb1649Morgan Surname essentially faded out but the first letter looks like a "B" or "D" and thre is a "K" in the shadow and BANKS fits the father’s name of Morgan
JoneCOXDau26 Feb1649John  
HenryRAWESon1 Mar1649Thomas  
ThomasRAWESon1 Mar1649Thomas  
JosephHAZARDSon12 Apr1650Thomas  
JohnDAMMATSon14 Apr1650John  
SaraPINNEYDau5 May1650John Clothier?
AlceMUNDENDau16 Jun1650Josua  
JaneCOLEDau  Aug1650Roger  
SusanCOOMEDau26 Sep1650John  
Joseph Son26 Sep1650George? Entry on edge and name of parent essentially unreadable - surname above the line and appears to start with a "W" but that is even debatable
JonePINYDau16 Nov1650Robt  
TristramMARKES - HORNESon 1Dec1650Thomas MARKESAlice HORNE The entry does not say the child is illegitimate but is written in such a way as to have a differrent surname on each parent
MaryWHETHAMDau10 Dec1650Thomas  
HenryTRENCHARDSon2 Dec1650Henry  
GraceHUTCHINSDau1 Feb1650Mathew  
GylesSTROWBRIDGESon 23Mar1650John  
SamCOLMERSon11 Jun1651James  
ElizabethHIXTDau5 Oct1651 EllenBase
MaryPAULEDau7 Oct1651Matthew  
JohnCOXSon12 Oct1651John  
JaneHARTDau14 Oct1651William  
JohnCOX?Son19 Oct1651Robt  
MaryEWENSSon29 Oct1651Christopher  
JohnRUSSELLSon11 Nov1651Edward  
HannaPEARCEDau20 Nov1651Thomas  
EmHUTCHINSDau23 Nov1651Arthur  
SamuelDENIS?Son30 Nov1651John  
RogerHAZARDSon30 Mar1652Thomas  
PeterCOXSon31 Mar1652Robt  
ThomasRAWESon6 Apr1652Thomas  
JosephPAULESon8 Apr1652Hugh  
JohnSMYTHSon22 Jun1652John - jun’r  
RobertDAMETSon18 Aug1652John  
RachelPINYDau22 Aug1652John Clerk
JosephWHETHAMSon12 Sep1652Thomas  
MathewHUTCHINSSon26 Sep1652Mathew  
RobertHAWKINSSon24 Oct1652Thomas  
WilliamHALLETSon24 Oct1652Wil  
AnnaMULLETDau31 Oct1652Amos  
JoaneCOOMBEDau8 Jan1652John  
JohnCOLMERSon19 Jan1652James  
WilliamWHETTHAMSon30 Jan1652John  
JohnHARTESon24 Feb1652Ffrancis  
JoaneHUTCHINSDau21 Feb1652Arthur  
JohnDUNSon13 Apr1653John  
RobertBARNARDSon17 Apr1653John  
JohnTHETCHERSon5 May1653John  
GylesJOANES?Son17 May1653Gyles  
ThomasMERKESSon  Aug1653Thomas  
MatthewSTUDLEY?Son1 Jun1653Mathew Surname is questionable but the only one that seems to fit
Mary Dau   1653William Surname seems to be spelled WESTENT?
ElizabethPAULEDau10  1653Robt  
JoaneCOLMERDau4 Sep1653Tristram  
JoaneWILTS?Dau29 Oct1653Tremor?  
ThoSCROWBRIDGESon21 Nov1653John  
RichardEWENSSon30 Nov1653Ralph  
RobtDAMMETSon4 Dec1653Robert  
RobtBRYANTSon1 Dec1653John  
JohnHUTCHINSSon19 Jan1653George  
ThomasCOOMESon  Mar1653John  
SusanCOXDau20 Mar1653John  
ArthurHUTCHINSSon24 Mar1653Matthew  
SarahBAGWELLDau6 Apr1654William  
John Son   1654Alexander Surname looks like it could be READ but the first letters is more like a "P" and the whole entry is very faded so if only part of the surname is seen - it could be PLUMMER
WilliamBAKERSon  May1654Richard  
JoneSWEETEDau   1654William  
JohnPINNYSon   1654John Clerk
HughHODDERSon   1654Hugh  
SamuellSTANTONSon   1654John  
ElizabethCOXDau   1654Robte  
NathaniellURRENSon   1654Thomas  
M…?DENIS    1654John  
RobtCOLMERSon   1654James  
JohnMUNDINSon   1654Josua  
ThomasCRABSon   1654Will’I  
Will’IPHELPESDau   1654George  Childs given name seems to be Jo….? But too hard to be sure
 BARNARDDau   1654John  
William?DAMMETSon   1654John  
MatthewHUTCHINSSon   1654George  
Robte?COMBE    1654John  
JosephSTANTONSon30 Mar1655Robte  
BridgetWHETHAMDau8 Apr1655John  
JamesHUTCHINSSon17 Apr1655Arthur  
SarahGILESDau17 Apr1655Andrew  
FfrancisMULLET  29Apr1655Ames  
RuthALLENDau29 Apr1655John  
SarahBAKERDau29 Apr1655Robte  
ThomasCOXSon4 May1655Peter  
SusannaEWENSDau8 May1655Christopher  
JohnSHARLOCKESon27 May1655William  
RobtePAULESon  Jul1655Robt Drempton
KatherinWOODDau31 Jul1655Christopher  
JohnR….?Son31 Jul1655Wil First part of surname seems to be "RO" then the page ends
AlceMULLETDau5 Aug1655John  
WilliamH….? 1 Sep1655Wm Surname interpolated above this line and seems to be "HA" and then the page ends
WilliamYEATMANSon16 Sep1655George  
AnnaRUSSELLDau14 Oct1655Edward  
William Son16 Oct1655Petter? The whole entry is either along a break in the paper or is crossed out but very smudged and difficult to read
JosephSTRUBRIDGESon 4Nov1655John  
ElizabethMARKESDau30 Nov1655Thomas  
PrudenceMARKESDau11 Dec1655Edward  
JoneBRYANTDau20 Dec1655John  
MarySTOODLEYDau1 Jan1655Matthew  
SamuellCOLMERSon1 Feb1655Tristram  
TryphenaDENNISDau  Feb1655John  
JoneCOXDau12 Feb1655Robte  
JohnBEER?Son21 Feb1655Rich  
AnnaHAWKINSDau24 Feb1655Thomas  
AnneEWENS?Dau26 Feb1655Ralph  
RichardBRAGSon22 Sep1656Richard This entry is written up by the year like it had been forgotten and entered later
BarnardCOOMESon18 Apr1656John  
CalebPINNYSon27 Jul1656John Clerk
RichardNORISSon2 Sep1656Gyles  
AlceSWEETEDau21 Dec1656William  
JohnSWAFFEILDSon28 Dec1656Tho  
RichardAPLENSon28 Dec1656Rich  
JamesCOLMERSon2 Nov1656James  
WilliamDUNSon2 Nov1656John This entry was compressed on border and may be backwards with John as the son
ElizabethBUNTKOMBE?Dau 18Nov1656John  
JohnBAGWELLSon18 Dec1656William  
JohnEWENSSon13 Apr1657Christopher  
JohnWILLESSon18 Apr1657William  
RebeckahHUTCHINSDau 26Apr1657George  
AbigailMOLUM?Dau17 May1657Hugh  
ElizabethMUNDINSon17 May1657Josua  
Robte  24 May1657Robt This entry is compressed. The surname is unreadable but is short
AnnaSHARLOCKDau7 Jun1657William  
ElizabethWHETHAMDau 21Jun1657John  
HesterPINNYDau26 Jul1657John Clerk
ElizabethPLUMMERDau  Aug1657Allexander   
JoneORCHARDDau13 Sep1657Robte  
GeorgeROGERSSon4 Oct1657William  
WilliamRUSSELLSon   1657Edward  
BenjaminSTOWBRIDGESon   1657John  
GilesHUTCHINSSon   1657Arthur  
JohnMARKESSon7  1657Edward  
JohnCOXDau3 Jan1657Peter  
ConstanceBRYANTDau24 Jan1657John  
JamesCOOMESon28 Feb1657John  
ElizabethWHETHAMDau 14Mar1657Mar The father’s name is either missing or written insead of the Latin word for daughter - either way I can not decipher what the name would be
RobtePAULESon2 Apr1658Robt  
AnnaCOXDau2 Apr1658Robte  
JaneMANTLEDau  Apr1658John  
JoneWAT?Dau  Apr1658Ffrancis  
HenerySTANTONSon2 May1658Henry  
WilliamWOODSon2 May1658Christopher  
AgathaSTOODLEYDau30 May1658Matthew  
SarahEWENSDau   1658Ralph  
Henry Son   1658Rich The surname is compressed by edge of paper and could conceivably be read several ways because it is unclear where the letters break. It looks like BRAIM?
MarySTONEDau30  1658Christopher  
NathaniellCOLMERSon 14Nov1658James  
MaryWILLESDau29 Dec1658William  
NathanielPINNYSon2 Jan1658John  
GeorgeHOYTESon9 Jan1658George  
GeorgeSTOODLEY  30Jan1658Gyles Child’s given name is long and looks like Corigianer?? - just can’t make anything of it
WilliamCOLMERSon6 Feb1658Tristram  
AnnaHARTEDau13 Feb1658Ffrancis  
SusannaBAG?Dau2 Feb1658Joseph  
JohnCHICKESon3 Mar1658Niclis  
CalebSWAFFIELDESon20 Mar1658Tho  
MosesHAYNESon23 Mar1658Daniel  
WilliamSWEETESon3 Apr1659William  
ZachariasAPLINSon10 Apr1659Richard  
WilliamSPRAKESon1 May1659John  
Jone Dau8 May1659Robt Surname seems to be missing off the endge of the page
NathaniellJEFFORDSon 19Jun1659Giles  
Rebecka?GEORGE?Dau25 Aug1659Aug Parents name could be Hugh or Joan….? - entry is condensed along the edge of the page - it could be possible that the surname was Hutchins and it was place before a given name of George for the father?
 EWENS 24  1659Christopher Child’s name faint - looks like it may have Ff……?
NathanielSTAUNTONSon   1659William   
William   19Jul1659Jul Surname and father’s given name must be combined in one word or else one is missing - there is only "humofilm" after "fil" for child
AllexanderPLUMERSon   1659Allexander   
RebeckahJEFFERT?Dau   1659Robte   
WilliamHUTCHINSSon   1659Arthur  
RachelOLIVER?Dau   1659Nathaniel  
EdwardMARKESSon   1659Edward  
SusnnaBRYANTDau   1659John  
MargaretCOXDau26 Mar1659Robt  
NathanielWHETHAMSon  Mar1659John  
SamuelDUNSon21 Apr1660John  
DorothyPALMERDau21 Apr1660James  
ElizabethROGERSDau29 Apr1660Ellis  
MarySPRAKEDau29 Apr1660John  
RobteHARRISSon26 May1660Phillip  
ElizabethSTEVENSDau 26May1660George  
JohnWOLLEYSon  Jun1660Robte  
Aniel?BRYANT   Jun1660Joseph  
JohnYEATMANSon1 Jul1660George  
ElizabethRAWEDau6 Jul1660Edward  
WilliamEWENSSon   1660Ralph  
StevenMUNDINSon   1660Joseph  
SarahCOLMERDau   1660Matthew  
EdithWHETHAMDau   1660Thomas  
John?MARTIN    1660William  
HesterMARTINDau   1660William  
JohnHUNTSon   1660John  
WilliamRUSSELLSon28  1660Thomas  
CharlesCHICKESon   1660Niclis  
EllisMARKS?Son   1660John  
ThomasCOOMSon   1660William  
DanielSWAFFIELDSon   1660Tho  
JohnCOOMSon   1660John  
JosephCOLMERSon   1660James  
JamesPHELPS    1660Robte  
JoneBUNCOMB?Dau18  1660John  
WilliamNORMANSon   1660Robte  
ElizabethSHARLOCKEDau 27Jan1660William  
RichardWIET?Son   1661Richard  
Jone Dau   1661Christopher  
MaryPAULEDau   1661 Mary 
WilliamSWEETESon   1661William  
WilliamDAMMET    1661Robte  Child’s name failt but ends in "ath" or"ack" and has an "L" earlier - it could be Elizabeth or Isaack
Calleb?EWENS    1661Christopher  
Hugh?PAULE    1661Hugh  
HughSTOODLEY    1661Matthew  
Mary?WINTERHAY?    1661Josias   
JosiasDEMECK    1661John  
MaryPLUMMERDau   1661Alexander  
AlexanderPINNY    1661John Clerk
MaryCOXDau   1661Robt  
RobtHUTCHINS    1661George The shadow of the child’s name may be Joseph?
Niclis     1661Niclis  
ThomasLOCKESon   1661Thomas  
LeahOLIVERDau   1661Nathaniell  
Marie?BRYANTDau   1661Joseph  
RachellCOLMER alias PHELPSDau   1662Tristram   
AliceLEGGDau  May1662Rich’dAlice 
JohannaWHETTAMDau21  1662ThomasJohanna 
MariaHUTCHINSDau   1662ArthurEmma 
JanePAULLDau17 Aug1662(Blank)  
ElizabethPAULEDau15  1662Hugh  
ElizabethGALLOPDau3 Jun1662Will Gent
MathewPAULL?Son24 Jun1662Hugh  
Isaack  25 Apr?1663Tho Surname extremely faint but may be GOARD?
HesterWHETTAM?Dau9 Jun1663Thomas  
ElizabethCADDEYSTOKE?Dau 4Jul1663John  
RuthPAULDau1 Sep1663RobteElizabeth 
RichardRichardSon18 Oct1663Richard  
JonePLUMMER?Dau28 Oct1663Alexander  
MarySTA….?Dau1 Nov1663Henery I believe the surname is STAUNTON but all of it can not be seen
John Son8 Nov1663Hugh Surname is unreadable but first letters may be "BU…..?"
MariaHUTCHINSDau30 Nov1663John  
Thomas Son  Jan1663Jan Surname unreadable - may start with a "D" and the father’s name may be Robt?
ElizabethCOXDau23 Feb1663John  
ElizabethSTOODLEYSon 28Feb1663Matthew  
JaneBRYANTDau10 Jun1663Joseph  
MaryB……..?Dau  Mar1664John Surname impossibly to read - but could be Borman, Bargery or something similar
JoneSTOODLEY?Dau26 Mar1664George  
FfranciscaGOLLOPDau 15Apr1664Willi  
SamuelAKERMANSon1 May1664Samuel  
AnWIETDau1 May1664Richard  
Ussela?COLMERDau15 May1664John  
ElizabethSTOODLEYDau 6Jul1664Richard  
HannaPINNYDau30 Jul1664John  
SolomonSUGH?Son14 Sep1664JohnJone 
GeorgeYEATMANSon23 Oct1664GeorgeMarie? 
JaneLEGGEDau1 Nov1664Richard  
Samuel?(Blank)    1664(Blank)  This is just something interpolated between two lines and does not seem to be a complete entry
MaryBAKERDau24 Nov1664Richard  
Mary Dau12 Feb1664Thomas Surname torn off the edge of the paper but seems to begin with "S"
Ffrancis   12Feb1664Thomas Surname torn off the edge of the paper but seems to begin with "S"
GylesHILLSon5 Mar1664John  
DanielMARKESSon19 Mar1664Edward  
JamesCOLMERSon9 Apr1665Matthew  
ThomasinWHE….?Dau9 Apr1665Thomas  
MaryCOXDau16 Apr1665John  
JosephBRYANTSon28 Apr1665Joseph  
HannahTOOGOODDau12 May1665 FaithBase
JacobSTAUNTONSon29 May1665Robert  
(Blank)BAKER    1665John  
JohnFFONESon16 Jun1665Thomas  
WilliamELLIOTSon16 Jul1665William  
ElizabethPAULLDau11 Aug1665 Elizabeth 
RogerWITHIRILLSon8 Sep1665Roger  
RebeckaHUNT?Dau17 Sep1665John  
JohnRAWESon15 Oct1665Nicles? The father’s name is written in such as way as to look like Xistes or Christopher
MathewCOLMERSon17 Oct1665James? Entry in border, dar, compressed and hard to decipher
JohnCOOMESon22 Oct1665John  
CalibWHETHAMSon   1665Thomas  
ElizabethCHICKDau   1665Nice? The parents name could be short for Nicholas or Xist for Christian - entry was condensed for the space
JohnPAULL?Son   1665Hugh  
WmWHETHAMSon   1665Nathaniell  
ElizabethPLUMERDau   1665Alexander  
ElizabethWAIT?Dau   1665Richard  
ElizabethPAULEDau   1665Robert  
JohnSTOODLEYSon   1665Richard  
RobertCOOMESon   1665William  
JohnBERNARDSon8 Apr1666John  
SarahHALSONDau  Apr1666Joseph  
ElizabethDOWNSDau   1666Xists?  
WilliamSTAUNTONSon6 May1666Henry  
SarahHUTCHDau4  1666John  
ThomasHUTCHINSSon25  1666Arthur  
JaneSTAUNTONDau3  1666Robert  
ConstanceIRELANDDau 6 1666John  
KatherineIRELANDDau 6 1666John  
MaryIRELANDDau6  1666John  
AnnaIRELANDDau6  1666John  
JamesPALMERSon6  1666James  
SarahBRAYMEDau(Torn) (Torn)1666Richard  
ChristopherEWENSSon (Torn)(Torn)1666Christopher   
WilliamHUTCHINGSSon (Torn)(Torn)1666John  
Sarah?PINNY (Torn) (Torn)1666John  
Mary?  (Torn) (Torn)1666(Torn) Unreadable but father’s name may be John - surname is at least 7 letters long and seems to have a v, r, c possibly in it
Elizabeth Dau(Torn) (Torn)1666Thomas? Surname short - 4 or 5 letters
WilliamGOLLOPSon(Torn) (Torn)1666William Gent
JosephPRISTSon(Torn) (Torn)1666Joseph  
Ane?ROGERS 18 Nov1666Simeon  
AbigailCHAUCKLEY?Dau 30Nov1666John Surname could be CHANCKLESS?
ThomasBRYANTSon16  1666Joseph  
JoneYEATMANDau(Torn) (Torn)1666George  
ElizabethROGERSDau13 (Torn)1666Ellis  
JohnPITFOLDESon  Feb1666Robert  
MaryLEGGE 24 Feb1666Richard  
ThomasMANTLESon10 Feb1666John  
WilliamPAULESon10 Mar1666Robert  
WilliamHALSONSon28 Mar1667William  
AlliceMARKESDau1 May1667Edward  
ThomasSWAFFEILDSon23  1667Thomas  
MaryWHETHAMDau28 Jul1667Nathaneil  
ThomasELLIOTSon   1667William  
AlliceCOOMEDau   1667William  
WilliamCOOMESon3  1667John  
Jehard?GOLLOPSon   1667William Gent
Peter?COX 1  1667John  
MaryBANKS?Dau   1667Edward  
Niclas?CHICKE    1667Niclis?   
MaryH……..?Dau   1667 HepsibahBase - surname unusual - can’t figure out what it is but looks like Henebd..?
RichardSTOODLEYSon   1667Richard  
MaryPAUL?Dau   1667Daughter Can’t figure out the father’s name - partly because the line is put so close to the above line that it is hard to differentiate
MaryCHAD…?Dau27 Dec1667 Mary 
HughHUTCHINSSon1 Jan1667Matthew  
RichardBAKERSon1 Jan1667John  
SarahROGERSDau1 Jan1667Simon  
JohnSTOODLEYSon12 Jan1667John  
RichardFFONESon6 Mar1667Thomas  
ElizabethSUG…G?Dau29 Mar1668John  
JohnCOXSon1 Apr1668Robert  
BeniaminSTOODLEYSon 5May1668Beniamin  
JanePAULLDau31 May1668Robert  
MaryLOCKE?Dau4 Jun1668Thomas  
Elizabeth Dau12 Jun1668George Surname unreadable but seems to have Demmyat?
HannahCOLMERDau26 Jun1668James  
SusannaP….?Dau5 Jul1668James Surname looks like it may be PALMER?
AnHALLETTDau19 Jul1668Thomas  
AnROGERSDau26 Jul1668Ellis  
KatherinePLUMMER?Dau 9Aug1668Allexander  
Christopher Son 23Aug1668Henery Surname is either short or partly torn off
JohnSWAFFEILDson6 Sep1668John  
MaryHALSON?Dau27 Sep1668Joseph  
MaryBR….?Dau2 Oct1668Joseph  
ThomasTHET….?son11 Oct1668John  
ElizabethCHAUCKLEYDau 11Oct1668John  
WilliamPAULLson14 Oct1668William  
JoneBASS…?Dau25 Oct1668William  
JohnPAULson15 Nov1668Robert  
PeterGOLLOPson17 Nov1668William  
MatthewHUTCHINSson9 Oct1668Roger  
ElizabethHUNTDau13 Oct1668John  
MarySTAUNTONDau13 Oct1668Henry  
SusannaHUTCHINS?Dau 7Feb1668Arthur  
JohnMUN….?son28 Feb1668Joseph  
MaryBAKERDau14 Mar1668Arthur  
SamuellRAWson17 Mar1668Niclis  
JohnAPKINson17 Mar1668Richard  
WilliamBROWNEson18 Mar1668Henery  
JoneWAYDau18 Mar1668Edward  
DorothyPAULLDau   1669Hugh  

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