Buckland Newton

1861 Census Class RG9/1357

Transcribed by Jon Baker, from copies of the original enumerator's books

District 2: Part of the Parish of Buckland Newton comprising the Ecclesiastical District of Plush including Plush Village & Folly Armswell Farm and Monkhood Hill

District 3: All that part of the Parish of Buckland Newton comprising Buckland Tything, Knowle Tything, Brockhampton Tything & Duntunish [sic] Tything including Henley, Rue, Brockhampton, Bookham, Noake, Bewley wood, Duntish common, Castle Hill, Revels Inn, Clinger Farm & Cottages in Cosmore Common

District 4: Part of the Parish of Buckland Newton comprising the Hamlet of Minterne Parva

Ref No Address Inhb Unhb Names Surname Rltshp Cond Age Occupation Where Born
Dist 2 Plush                    
F37p12 59 Monkhood Hill 1   George Kingsman Head Mar 39 Dairyman Plush  
          Mary A Kingsman Wife Mar 35 Dairyman Wife Edmonsham, Suffolk  
          Lydia A Kingsman Daur   9 Scholar Plush  
          Fanny M Kingsman Daur   6 Scholar Plush  
      Henry T Kingsman Son   4 Scholar Plush  
  60   1   George Kingsman Head Widr 76 Dairyman Plush  
          Ann Kingsman Daur Unm 43 Dairyman's Daur Plush  
          Frances Kingsman Daur Unm 35 Dairyman's Daur Plush  
          Anna Kingsman G-Daur   8   Plush  
          Edward Jeans Servant Unm 20 Carter Plush  
  61   1   Mary J Foot Head Widr 50 Dairywoman Sherbourne  
  62       Samuel Mullett Lodger Unm 46 Ag Lab Glanvilles Wootton  
          Charles Drake Lodger Widr 45 Woodman Hartfoot Lane  
  63 Armswell 1   Robert Foot Head Mar 41 Ag Lab Buckland Newton  
          Ann Foot Wife Mar 39 Lab's wife Pulham  
          Elizabeth Foot Daur   16 Lab's Daur Buckland Newton  
          Susan Foot Daur   14 Lab's Daur Buckland Newton  
          Thomas Foot Son   9 Lab's son Buckland Newton  
          John Foot Son   6 Lab's son Buckland Newton  
          Mary Foot Daur   3 Lab's Daur Buckland Newton  
  64   1   Samuel Hounsell Head Mar 31 Farmer 538 acres emp 10 labs, 3 boys Melbury Bubb  
          Sarah A Hounsell Wife Mar 24 Farmer's wife Charminster  
          Mary Hounsell Mother Wid 65 Landed Proprieter Poorstock  
          Marwood Hounsell Son Unm 20 Farmer Buckland Newton  
          Jane Lush Servant Wid 46 Nurse Glanvilles Wootton  
F38p13   Armswell     Emily Foot Servant   12 Housemaid Buckland Newton  
          George House Servant Widr 47 Dairyman Haselbury Bryant  
  65       Francis Old Lodger Unm 30 Ag Lab Piddlehinton  
  66   1   Robert James Head Mar 32 Carter Woolbridge  
          Sarah James Wife Mar 33 Lab's wife Winfrith  
          Eliza James Daur   9   Woolbridge  
          George James Son   7   Woolbridge  
          Robert James Son   5   Broad Magna  
          Ellen James Daur   2   Buckland Newton  
          Henry James Son   1mo   Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Leniton Lodger Wid 69   Milbourne St Andrew  
  67 Plush, Fox Inn 1   George Symes Head Mar 51 Innkeeper Plush  
          Sarah Symes Wife Mar 51 Innkeeper's wife Buckland Newton  
          Mary J Symes Daur Unm 21   Piddletrenthide  
          Ann Symes Daur   16 Scholar Piddletrenthide  
  68   1   Benjamin Warren Head Mar 26 Ag Lab Mappowder  
          Ann Warren Wife Mar 25 Lab's wife Plush  
          Henry G Warren Son   5 Scholar Piddletrenthide  
  69 Plush House 1   Michael Miller Head Mar 70 Landed Proprieter farming 389 acres Plush  
          Eliza Miller Wife Mar 70 emp 13 men 1 boy Clapham, Surrey  
          Eliza Miller Daur Unm 41   Plush  
          Charles Miller Son Unm 38 Farmer of 390 acres emp 15 men 6 boys Plush  
          Ca__ T Bennett Bailiff Unm 34 Farm Bailiff Plush  
          Elizabeth Vincent Servant Unm 24 Housemaid Plush  
          Susan J Rendle Cook Unm 20 Cook Hook Beaminster  
F38p14         Walter Wrexon Servant   15 Footman Upway  
  70   1   Robert Miller Head Mar 29 Farmer 350 acres emp 9 men 3 boys Plush  
          Jane Miller Wife Mar 27 Farmers wife Bishops Canning, Wiltshire  
          Douglas C Miller Son   4   Plush  
          Gertrude A Miller Daur   10mo   Plush  
          Sarah Swaffield Servant Unm 27 Nurse Bradford  
          Elizabeth Watts Servant Unm 22 Cook Woolcombe  
          Fanny Fox Servant Unm 20 Housemaid Lions Gate  
  71   1   Henry Vallance Head Mar 50 Ag Lab Knighton  
          Fanny Vallance Wife Mar 46   Fontmell  
          Jane Vallance Daur Unm 16   Broad Magna  
          Emily Vallance Daur   11   Broad Magna  
          Albert Vallance Son   7   Broad Magna  
          Charles Vallance Son   2   Broad Magna  
  72   1   Charles Besent Head Mar 35 Farm Bailiff Moreton  
          Sarah A G Besent Wife Mar 30   Piddletown  
          Cristopher C B Besent Son   7 Scholar Church Knowle  
          Caroline Besent Daur   5 Scholar Church Knowle  
  73   1   Robert Lovell Head Widr 69 Ag Lab Plush  
          George Henbest Son in Law Widr 40 Shepherd Plush  
          Elizabeth Lane Gd Daur Unm 17 Servant Plush  
  74   1   George Perrett Head Mar 40 Journeyman Miller Hilfield  
          Mary Perrett Wife Mar 34   Plush  
          John C Perrett Son   9 Scholar Plush  
          Frederick Perrett Son   8 Scholar Plush  
F39p15         Anna Perrett Daur   4   Plush  
          Ada E Perrett Daur   5mo   Plush  
  75   1   Martha Guppy Head Mar 51 Grocer Milton Abbey  
          Henry God--- Visitor   11   Bere Regis  
          Mary Crocker Servant Unm 60 Dairymaid Buckland Newton  
  76   1   Thomas Vincent Head Mar 62 Ag Lab Plush  
          Lenions Vincent Wife Mar 60   Bristow, Somerset  
          John Upward Lodger Widr 64 Ag Lab Melcombe Horsey  
          Elizabeth Lovell Visitor   4 Scholar Portisham  
  77   1   Samuel Symes Head Mar 46 Groom Plush  
          Eliza Symes Wife Mar 43 Dressmaker Hilton  
          Lenord Biggs Son Unm 20 Ag Lab Hilton  
  78   1   Edmund Lovell Head Widr 29 Groom Plush  
          Samuel Lovell Son   8   Plush  
          William Lovell Son   6   Plush  
          Sarah Biggs Niece Unm 37 Housekeeper Chesilbourne  
  79   1   Jane Symes Head Widr 70 Pauper Buckland Newton  
          Ann Masters Daur Widr 43 Pauper Plush  
  80   1   Elizabeth Pain Head Unm 70 Independent Weston, Somerset  
          Teresa M Marsh Visitor Unm 19   Haselbury Bryant  
          Ann Gibbs Servant Unm 15 House servant Piddletrenthide  
  81   1   Robert Lovell Head Mar 43 Ag Lab Plush  
          Mary Lovell Wife Mar 42   Stratton  
          Sydney Lovell Son   13 Ploughboy Plush  
          Jane Lovell Daur   9 Scholar Plush  
F39p16         Charles Lovell Son   5 Scholar Plush  
  82   1   Robert Symes Head Widr 69 Garener Liscombe  
  83   1   Samuel Mans Head Mar 57 Carter Plush  
          Martha Mans Wife Mar 50   Alton Pancras  
          George Mans Son Unm 23 Carter Plush  
  84       William Goddard Lodger Unm 22 Carter Sturminster Newton  
  85   1   James Lovell Head Mar 33 Shepherd Plush  
          Elizabeth Lovell Wife Mar 33   Plush  
          John E Lovell Son   10 Shepherd boy Plush  
          Jacob Lovell Son   8 Scholar Plush  
          Charles Lovell Son   6 Scholar Plush  
          John Lovell Father Widr 65 Ag Lab Plush  
  86   1   William Crocker Head Mar 55 Carter Piddletrenthide  
          Eliza Crocker Wife Mar 52   Buckland Newton  
  87   1   John Tanswell Head Mar 35 Groom Aff Puddle  
          Charlotte Tanswell Wife Mar 28   Blandford  
          Charles Tanswell Son   10 Ploughboy Piddletown  
          James Tanswell Son   8 Scholar Piddletown  
          Tom Tanswell Son   6 Scholar Piddletown  
          George Tanswell Son   4 Scholar Piddletown  
  88   1   Thomas Hicks Head Mar 54 Ag Lab Sydling St Nicholas  
          Mary Hicks Wife Mar 48   Langton Heron [sic]  
          William Hicks Son Unm 23 Carter Abbotsbury  
          George Hicks Son Unm 20 Ag Lab Abbotsbury  
          Rebecca Hicks Daur   15   Abbotsbury  
F40p17         James Hicks Son   12 Ploughboy Abbotsbury  
          John Hicks Son   10 Ploughboy Broadway  
          Hannah Hicks Daur   7 Scholar Martins ???? Dorset  
          Henry Hicks Son   4 Scholar Winterbourne Abbas  
  89   1   William Watts Head Mar 30 Farm Bailiff Bradford Peverill  
  90   1   Edmund Harwood Head Mar 32 Ag Lab Plush  
          Elizabeth Harwood Wife Mar 30   Plush  
          John Harwood Son   8 Scholar Plush  
          Tom Harwood Son   6 Scholar Plush  
          Eliza Harwood Daur   2   Plush  
          John Dunn Lodger Unm 19 Ag Lab Bradpole  
          George Dunn Lodger Unm 23 Ag Lab Netherbury  
  91   1   John Symes Head Widr 55 Ag Lab Plush  
          Catherine Symes Daur Unm 24   Plush  
          Charles Symes Son Unm 17 Groom Plush  
  92   1   Charles Jeans Head Mar 57 Ag Lab Lydlinch  
          Catherine Jeans Wife Mar 52   Haselbury Bryant  
          Sarah Jeans Daur Unm 22   Plush  
          Levi Jeans Son Unm 18 Ag Lab - should have been a tailor :-) Plush  
          Sylvia Jeans Daur   12   Plush  
          Charles Jeans Son   10   Plush  
Dist 3 Buckland Tything                    
F44p1 1 Henly 1   Elizabeth Payne   Widow 60 Independan [sic] Mappowder  
  2 Henly 1   Louisa Batten Head Widow 40 Laundress Maiden Newton  
          John Batten Son Un 17 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Henry Batten Son   15 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Batten Daur   12 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Eliza Batten Daur   11 Scholar Buckland Newton  
  3 Henly 1   Phelix Foot Head Mar 52 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Foot Wife Mar 62 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
  4 Henly 1   James Isaac Head Mar 55 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Mary Isaac Wife Mar 51 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
  5 Henly 1   Thomas Mullett Head Mar 77 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Mary Mullett Wife Mar 78 Washer woman Holnest  
  6 Henly 1   George Mullett Head Mar 41 Journeyman Blacksmith Buckland Newton  
          Mary Mullett Wife Mar 41   Wootton Glanville  
          Eli Mullett Son   11 Scholar Buckland Newton  
  7 Henly 1   Reuben Mitchell Head Mar 33 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Eliza Mitchell Wife Mar 30   Buckland Newton  
          Andrew Jesse Mitchell Son   10   Buckland Newton  
          Ann Maria Mitchell Daur   7 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Emma Mitchell Daur   4   Buckland Newton  
          Fanny Sophia Mitchell Daur   2   Buckland Newton  
          Phebe P Mitchell     1mo   Buckland Newton  
F44p2 8 Henly 1   James Major Head Mar 33 Woodman Buckland Newton  
          Caroline Major Wife Mar 32   Buckland Newton  
          Susan Major Daur   10 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          John Major Son   9 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Wm Major Son   8   Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Ann Major Daur   5   Buckland Newton  
          George Major Son   3   Buckland Newton  
          Thomas Major Son   1mo   Buckland Newton  
  9 Henly 1   George Batten Head Mar 66 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Susanna L Batten Wife Mar 30   Fifehead Neville  
  10 Henly 1   John Trevett Head Mar 28 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Trevett Wife Mar 21   Buckland Newton  
          Mary Trevett Daur   1   Buckland Newton  
  11 Henly 1   Michael Foot Head Mar 30 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Lavinia Foot Wife Mar 29   Buckland Newton  
          Joseph Foot Son   9 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          William Foot Son   7 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Henry Foot Son   5   Buckland Newton  
          Michael Foot Son   3   Buckland Newton  
  12 Henly 1   Ambrose Foot Head Mar 67 Cooper Mappowder  
          Ann Foot Wife Mar 62   Buckland Newton  
F45p3 13 Henly 1   Robert Bridle Head Mar 44 Cooper Parish Clerk Frampton  
          Susan Bridle Wife Mar 44   Buckland Newton  
          Susan A Bridle Daur   20 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Lucy Jane Bridle Daur   18 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Sabrina Mary Bridle Daur   13 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Amelia Maria Bridle Daur   11 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          William Henry Bridle Son   8   Buckland Newton  
          Fanny Foot Bridle Daur   5   Buckland Newton  
  14 Henly 1   Charles Warren Head Mar 38 Thatcher Mappowder  
          Jane Warren Wife Mar 37   Lydlinch  
          James Warren Son   16 Acricult Work Piddletrenthide  
          Mary Jane Warren Daur   13 Scholar Piddletrenthide  
          Charles Warren Son   11 Agricult Work Buckland Newton  
          John Tom Warren Son   9 Agricult Work Buckland Newton  
          ???? Warren Son   7   Buckland Newton  
          Tom John Warren Son   4   Buckland Newton  
          Eliza Warren Daur   1   Buckland Newton  
  15 Henly 1   James Yetman Head Mar 83 Woodman Mappowder  
          Jane Yetman Wife Mar 58   Longburton  
  16 Buckland 1   Louisa Foot Head ??? 50 Glover Hillfield  
          Elizabeth E Foot Daur   17 Glover Buckland Newton  
          William John Foot Son   15 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
F45p4 17 Buckland 1   George Russell Head Mar 51 Mason Buckland Newton  
          Caroline Russell Wife Mar 33   Buckland Newton  
          John Russell Son   18 Mason Buckland Newton  
          Anne Russell Daur   3   Buckland Newton  
          Edwine G Russell Son   1   Buckland Newton  
          Caroline Russell Daur   1week   Buckland Newton  
  18 Buckland 1   Silvester Gale Head Mar 52 Inn Keeper Somerset Hambridge  
          Ann Gale Wife Mar 49   Upottery Devonshire  
          Walter Gale Son   22 Tailor Somerset Martic  
          John T Dover Visitor Mar 29 Tailor Somerset Milborne Port  
          Emma Dover Wife Mar 26   Somerset Stoak Under Ham  
          Wm H Dover Son   5   Somerset Ash  
          Mary J Dover Daur   2   Somerset Martock  
          Alas Ohlivia Dover Daur   2   Somerset Ash  
          Richard Bellemy Lodger Wid 57 Carpenter Dorset White Church  
  19 Buckland 1   John Hopkins Head Mar 77 Blacksmith Buckland Newton  
          Jemima Hopkins Wife Mar 65   Buckland Newton  
          Herbert Hopkins Son Un 42 Carpenter Buckland Newton  
          Horatio Hopkins Son Un 33 Blacksmith Buckland Newton  
          Hilary Hopkins Son Un 28 Carpenter Buckland Newton  
          Hiram Hopkins Son Un 26 Blacksmith Buckland Newton  
          Maria Hopkins Daur Un 24 School Governess Buckland Newton  
F46p5 20 Buckland 1   John Meech Head Mar 51 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Ann Meech Wife Mar 60   Buckland Newton  
          James Meech Son Un 23   Buckland Newton  
          Mary Meech Daur Un 20 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Jane Meech Daur Un 17 Glover Buckland Newton  
  21 Buckland 1   George Major Head Mar 26 Woodman Buckland Newton  
          Eleanor Major Wife Mar 39 Dressmaker Buckland Newton  
          Louisa J Janes Daur in law Un 17 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Jane Bazell Mother in law Widow 67 Formerly Tailoress Glanvilles Wootton  
  22 Buckland 1   James Croad Head Mar 61 Agricultural Labourer Alton Pancras  
          Elizabeth Croad Wife Mar 60   Thornford  
          Susan Croad Daur Un 27   Dewlish  
          George Croad Son Un 17   Alton Pancras  
  23 Buckland 1   Edward Best Head Mar 48 Grocer & Carrier Somerset Ilminster  
          Maria Best Wife Mar 55   Hillfield  
  24 Buckland 1   Wm Edwards Head Mar 52 Baker Piddle Town  
          Sarah Edwards Wife Mar 57   Wraxwell  
  25 Buckland 1   Wm Harwood Head Mar 44 Agricultural Labourer Piddletrenthide  
          Jane Harwood Wife Mar 40   Wimborne  
          Susan Harwood Daur Un 15 Glover Alton Pancras  
          Levi Harwood Son   12 Scholar Alton Pancras  
          Lucy Harwood Daur   9 Scholar Alton Pancras  
          Wm Harwood Son   7 Scholar Buckland Newton  
F46p6 26 Buckland 1   George Meech Head Mar 42 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Meech Wife Mar 39 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Wm Meech Son   14 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          James Meech Son   10 Schollar Buckland Newton  
          Mary Meech Daur   7 Do Buckland Newton  
          John Meech Son   5 Do Buckland Newton  
          Herbert Meech Son   2 Do Buckland Newton  
  27 Buckland 1   Mary Mullett Head Widow 44 Laundress Cerne Abbas  
          Joseph Bazzell Son Un 26 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Edward Mullett Son   18 Do Buckland Newton  
          Ann Mullett Daur   15 Schollar Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Mullett Daur   11 Do Buckland Newton  
          Richard Mullett Son   7   Buckland Newton  
          James Lambert Head Mar 55 Agricultural Labourer Glanvilles Wootton  
          Keamey Lambert Wife Mar 55 Laundress Buckland Newton  
          Ann Lambert Niece Un 22 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Susan Yeatman Visitor   13 Schollar Buckland Newton  
          Edward Yeatman Head Widr 29 Baker & Grocer Hazelbury Bryant  
          Susan Jane Yeatman Daur   1   Buckland Newton  
      1   George Tompkins Head Mar 41 Butcher Lydlinch  
          Jane Tompkins Wife Mar 50 Dressmaker Somerset Ryme  
          Elizabeth Mullett Daur in law Un 24 Do Pool [sic]  
          Charles Tompkins Son   15 Woodman Buckland Newton  
          Joseph Tompkins Son   13 Schollar Buckland Newton  
F47p7         John Tompkins Son   11 Schollar Buckland Newton  
          Sarah A Tompkins Daur   8 Do Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Ann Yeatman Visitor   5   Buckland Newton  
  31     1U                
  32 Buckland 1   Wm Yeatman Head Mar 41 Woodman Buckland Newton  
          Kembrah Yeatman Wife Mar 40   Mappowder  
          Robert Yeatman Son   9 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Yeatman Daur   4   Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Pople Mother in law Widow 71   Mappowder  
  33 Buckland 1   William Stickland Head Mar 33 Agricultural Labourer Chinehill  
          Elizabeth Stickland Wife Mar 38   Perbic  
          Wm Stickland Son   8 Schollar Piddletrenthide  
  34 Buckland 1   James Cull Head Mar 71 Farmer 350 Acres 9 Labourers 3 boys Tolpuddle  
          Francis Gurgxx Cull Wife Mar 52   Kent Margate  
          Wm Watts Cull Son Un 23   Frome Dorchester  
          Alice Ruperta Cull Daur Un 17   Frome Dorchester  
          Sophia Cull Daur   10   Frome Dorchester  
          Ellen Kennard Cull Daur   7   Buckland Newton  
          Mary Green Servant Un 20 House servant Iwerne Minster  
          Emily Green Servant Un 18 House servant Iwerne Minster  
  35 Bukland 1   John Ward Head Mar 64 Dairyman Chideock  
          Mary Sprake Ward Wife Mar 58   Symondsbury  
F47p8 36 Buckland 1   John Trowbridge Head Mar 29 Carter Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Trowbridge Wife Mar 32 Work Woman Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Ann Trowbridge Daur   7 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Alfred Trowbridge Son   5   Buckland Newton  
  37 Buckland 1   Daniel Cole Head Mar 42 Farm Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Melina Cole Wife Mar 41 Work Wooman Buckland Newton  
          Louisa Cole Daur Un 10 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Richard Cole Son   7 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Andrew Cole Son   2   Buckland Newton  
  38 Buckland 1   Frederick Isaacs Head Mar 31 Carter Sherborne  
          Charlotte Isaacs Wife Mar 36 Work Woman Hilfield  
          Mary Isaacs Daur   9 Scholar Hilfield  
          Edward Isaacs Son   8 Scholar Hilfield  
          William Isaacs Son   6 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          George Isaacs Son   3   Buckland Newton  
  39 Buckland 1   Joseph Crocker Head Mar 58 Farmer Buckland Newton  
          Mary Crocker Wife Mar 59   Hartfootlane  
          Joseph Meech Nephew Un 26 Carter Buckland Newton  
  40 Buckland 1   Wm Saunders Head Mar 50 Publican & Farmer South Perrott  
          Elizabeth M Saunders Wife Mar 48   South Perrott  
          Wm Saunders Son Un 20   Alton Pancras  
          Richard Saunders Son Un 18   Alton Pancras  
          Aldon H Saunders Son Un 15   Alton Pancras  
          Elizabeth Darper Saunders Daur   12 Schollar Alton Pancras  
          Edwin Saunders Son   3   Alton Pancras  
F48p9 41 Buckland 1   Wm Curtis Head Mar 27 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Mary Ann Curtis Wife Mar 28 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Caroline Mary Curtis Daur Un 1   Buckland Newton  
          Hester Foot Lodger Un 26 Glover Buckland Newton  
  42 Buckland 1   Richard Brooks Head Mar 34 Fomerly Labourer now Invalid Glos Stow on the Wold  
          Caroline Brooks Wife Mar 33 Invalid Buckland Newton  
  43 Buckland 1   John Mullett Head Wid 66 Formerly Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Edward Mullett Son Un 18 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
  44 Buckland 1   George Brown Head Mar 27 Journeyman Carpenter Compton  
          Elizabeth Brown Wife Mar 30   Thornford  
          Wm Brown Son   2   Longburton  
  45 Buckland 1   James Helliar Head Mar 31 Thatcher Buckland Newton  
          Tabitha Helliar Wife Mar 28   Buckland Newton  
          Herbert G Helliar Son Un 5   Buckland Newton  
  46       George Talbot Lodger Un 17 Gentlemans Servant Maiden Newton  
  47       John Pauley Lodger Un 22 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
  48 Buckland 1   Charles Curtis Head Mar 60 Journeyman Blacksmith Buckland Newton  
          Ann Curtis Wife Mar 61   Buckland Newton  
          Emily Mary Curtis Granddaughter   5   Cerne Abbas  
  49 Buckland 1   Thomas Haines Head Mar 46 Agricultural Labourer Corscombe  
          Francis Haines Wife Mar 46   Buckland Newton  
          William Haines Son   16   Buckland Newton  
          John Haines Son   13 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Frances Haines Daur   5   Buckland Newton  
F48p10       Mary Jane Haines Daur   2   Buckland Newton  
  50 Buckland 1   Samuel Derriman Head Mar 43 Plumber & Glazier Somerset, Crewkerne  
          May Ann Derriman Wife Mar 34   Surrey, Fetcham  
          Charlotte M Derriman Daur   2   Buckland Newton  
  51   1   Thos. A Hanne Head Mar 46 Gent Benvill  
          Fanny Hanne Wife Mar 58   Cerne Abbas  
          Hester Curtis Serv Un 28 House Servant Buckland Newton  
  52 Buckland 1   Henry E Ravenhill Head Un 29 Vicar of Buckland Newton Oxford Univ Wiltshire Warminster  
          Caroline Jaxon Visitor Un 21 Schoolmistress Surrey Godalming  
          Elizabeth Hodges Serv Un 24 Cook Somerset Wells  
          Martha Booker Serv Un 28 House maid Berkshire Wantage  
          Herbert Waygood Serv Un 17 Stable lad Buckland Newton  
  53 Buckland 1   Thomas Durrant Head Widr 67 Groom Buckland Newton  
          Ann Durrant Niece Un 33 Needlewoman Buckland Newton  
  54 Buckland 1   Edwin Ridout Head Mar 42 Card winder Pulham  
          Emily Jane Ridout Wife Mar 41   Radipole  
          Lucy Jane Ridout Daur Mar 15   Buckland Newton  
          Edwin Francis Ridout Son Un 15   Buckland Newton  
          Wm Henry Ridout Son   12   Buckland Newton  
          Ann Ridout Daur   10 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Samuel Upward Apprentice Un 13 Cordwinder Pulham  
          Jane Sherry Relation Widow 71 Formerly Labourers Wife Buckland Newton  
F49p11 55 Buckland 1   Richard Guy Head Un 27 Sheperd Sydling  
  56 Buckland 1   Henry Guppy Head Mar 59 Blacksmith Pulham  
          Ann Guppy Wife Mar 60 Laundress Buckland Newton  
  57 Buckland 1   James Sherry Head Mar 44 Grocer & Draper Buckland Newton  
          Eliza Sherry Wife Mar 40   Buckland Newton  
          Anna Sherry Daur Un 17   Buckland Newton  
          Charles James Sherry Son   15 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Lucy Mary Sherry Daur   12 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Sherry Daur   10 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Emily Sherry Daur   7 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Kitty Sherry Daur   3   Buckland Newton  
          Joseph Sherry Son   1   Buckland Newton  
          Anna Marsh Visitor Widow 70   Hammoon  
          Mary Jackson Serv Mar 41 House servant Mappowder  
  58 Buckland 1   Elizabeth Galpin Head Widow 43 Shop Keeper Devonshire Honiton  
          Arabella L Galpin Daur   9 Scholar Somerset Stowery  
          Sarah B Galpin Daur   6 Scholar Buckland Newton  
  59 Buckland 1   Saul Curtis Head Mar 24 Plumer & Gazier Buckland Newton  
          Dorcas Jane Curtis Wife Mar 26 Dressmaker Buckhorn Weston  
          Walter James Curtis Son   1   Buckland Newton  
          Ruth Helliar Visitor Un 24 Glover Buckhorn Weston  
  60 Buckland 1   William Foot Head Mar 63 Agricultural Labourer Monket Hill  
          Elizabeth Foot Wife Mar 56   Haselbury Bryant  
          Elizabeth Trobridge Daur in law   19 Glover Buckland Newton  
F49p12 61 Buckland 1   Andrew Ryall Head Mar 21 Agricultural Labourer Holwell  
          Jane Ryall Wife Mar 20 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Ann Meech Visitor Un 18 Glover Buckland Newton  
  62 Buckland 1   George Curtis Head Widr 64 Farrier Buckland Newton  
          George Curtis Son Un 31 Smith & Farrier Buckland Newton  
          James Curtis Son Un 19 Smith Buckland Newton  
          Jane Alice Curtis Daur   16   Buckland Newton  
  63 Buckland 1   Joseph Knell Head Mar 58 Carpenter Master Gloster Strodwarter  
          Ann Knell Wife Mar 62   Grimstone  
  64 Buckland 1   George Vincent Head Widr 25 Agricultural Labourer Stinsford  
  65 Buckland 1   Charles Vincent Head Mar 32 Agricultural Labourer Abbey Milton  
          Elizabeth Vincent Wife Mar 40   Buckland Newton  
          George F Vincent Son   10   Buckland Newton  
          Harriet Vincent Daur   8 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Alice M M Vincent Daur   1   Buckland Newton  
  66 Buckland 1   Charles White Head Mar 55 Sawyer Buckland Newton  
          Susannah D White Wife Mar 60 Dressmaker Chetnole  
  67 Buckland 1   Loammi Lush Head Mar 27 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Ann Lush Wife Mar 26   Buckland Newton  
          Frank Chaffy Son   5   Buckland Newton  
          Hannah Lush Daur   2   Buckland Newton  
F50p13 68 Buckland 1   James Thorne Head Mar 36 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Mary Ann Thorne Wife Mar 29   Buckland Newton  
          John Thorne Son   10   Buckland Newton  
          Tom Thorne Son   5 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          William Thorne Son   3   Buckland Newton  
          Caroline Thorne Daur   1   Buckland Newton  
          Jane Helliar Daur   8 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Agness Martin Lodger Widow 70   Buckland Newton  
  69     1U                
  70 Buckland 1   Louisa Foot Head Widow 35 Laundress Batcomb  
          Henry Foot Son   12 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Mary Jane Foot Daur   10 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Fanny Foot Daur   7   Buckland Newton  
  71 Buckland 1   Jane Dunning Head Widow 74   Buckland Newton  
          Jane Dunning Daur Un 36 Dressmaker Buckland Newton  
  72 Buckland 1   Edwd S Woodrow Head Mar 44 Police Constable Norfolk Fish Needham  
          Emma S Woodrow Wife Mar 42   Norfolk Fish Needham  
          Wm S Woodrow Son Un 18 Fish Monger London Mile End  
          Elijah S Woodrow Son Un 14 Scholar London Popler New Town  
          Eliza S Woodrow Daur   11 Scholar London Popler New Town  
          Frederick S Woodrow Son Un 7mo   Broadwinsor  
  73 Buckland 1   Wm Lovelac Head Mar 78 Farmer Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Lovelac Wife Mar 69   Buckland Newton  
          Anna Lovelac Daur Un 32 Dressmaker Buckland Newton  
F50p14 74 Buckland 1   James M Hounsell Head Mar 29 Invalid Melburybubb  
  75 Buckland 1   James Newton Head Mar 28 Agricultural Labourer Mappowder  
          Jane Newton Wife Mar 22   Buckland Newton  
  76 Buckland 1   George Ryall Head Mar 45 Blacksmith Hazelbury Bryant  
          Susana Ryall Wife Mar 46   Lydlinch  
          Wm Thos Ryall Son Un 24 Blacksmith Hazelbury Bryant  
          Henry Ryall Son Un 17 Blacksmith Buckland Newton  
          George Ryall Son   15 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Roseanna Ryall Daur   10 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Christopher Ryall Son   8 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          John Ryall Son   4   Buckland Newton  
  77 Rue 1   Joseph Beck Head Mar 25 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Eliza Beck Wife Mar 26 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Cordelia Beck Daur   3   Buckland Newton  
          Amelia J Beck Daur   1   Buckland Newton  
  78 Rue 1   John Chaffey Head Mar 30 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Chaffey Wife Mar 32 Glover Piddletown  
          Elizabeth Jane Chaffey Daur   3   Buckland Newton  
          Emma Chaffey Daur   1   Buckland Newton  
  79 Rue 1   George Foot Head Mar 52 Agricultural Labourer Little Minterne  
          Charlotte Foot Wife Mar 55   Glanvils Wooton  
          Francis Foot Son Un 21   Minterne Magna  
          Fanny Foot Daur Un 19   Minterne Magna  
          Herbert Foot Son   14 Scholar Minterne Magna  
F51p15 80 Rue 1   Samuel Thorne Head Mar 59 Agricultural Labourer Somerset Bath  
          Grace Thorne Wife Mar 61   Buckland Newton  
          Eliza Thorne Daur Un 23   Buckland Newton  
          George Thorne Son   10 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Thomas Thorne Grandson   3   Dorchester  
  81 Rue 1   Thos Helliar Head Mar 28 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Helliar Wife Mar 47 Glover Glanvills Wooton  
          Thomas Beck Son in law Un 23 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Priscilla Beck Daur in law Un 18 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Lucy Jane Beck Daur in law   14 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Ellen Beck Daur in law   11 Scholar Buckland Newton  
  82 Rue 1   Angel Lock Head Mar 63 Agricultural Labourer Plush  
          Charles Lock Son Un 22   Buckland Newton  
          Jane Lock Daur Un 18   Buckland Newton  
  83 Rue 1   Enos Major Head Mar 38 Agricultural Labourer Batcombe  
          Rosannah Major Wife Mar 30   Pulham  
          Elizabeth Mary Major Daur   4   Buckland Newton  
          Ellen Rebecca Major Daur   3   Buckland Newton  
          James George Major Son   1   Buck  
  84 Rue 1   James Guppy Head Mar 67 Cordwinder & Grocer Maiden Newton  
          Ann Guppy Wife Mar 52   Hartfootlane  
          Simon Guppy Son Un 16   Buckland Newton  
          Frank Guppy Son   15   Buckland Newton  
          Martha A Guppy Daur   13 Scholar Buckland Newton  
F51p16 85 Rue 1   John Beck Head Mar 58 Agricultural Labourer Piddletrenthide  
          Mary Beck Wife Mar 56   Piddletrenthide  
          Elizabeth Beck Daur Un 28   Alton Pancras  
          Thos Beck Son Un 26   Buckland Newton  
End of Buckland Tything                    
Knowle Tything                    
F52p17 86 Rue 1   Albert Thorne Head Mar 26 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Anna Maria Thorne Wife Mar 24 Glover Mappowder  
          Frederick J Thorne Son   5   Buckland Newton  
          Anna Maria Thorne Daur   3   Buckland Newton  
          Charlotte Thorne Daur   7mo   Buckland Newton  
  87 Rue 1   Mary Spicer Head Widow 47 Glover Pulham  
          Grace Chaffey Lodger Un 85   Buckland Newton  
  88 Rue 1   James Bazell Head Mar 65   Buckland Newton Blind
          Charlotte Bazell Wife Mar 58   Buckland Newton  
          Matthew Helliar Son in law Un 17 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Helliar Daur in law Un 14 Glover Buckland Newton  
          Stephen Helliar Son in law Un 23 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
  89 Rue 1   Joseph Saunders Head Mar 39 Cordwinder Buckland Newton  
          Louisa Saunders Wife Mar 29   Hillfield  
          Jane Saunders Daur   2   Buckland Newton  
  90 Rue 1   Michael Mullett Head Mar 43 Agricultural Labourer Glanvills Wooton  
          Susannah Mullett Wife Mar 44   Buckland Newton  
          Robert Mullett Son Un 14   Buckland Newton  
          Michael Mullett Son   9   Buckland Newton  
          Henry Thos Mullett Son   7   Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Ann Mullett Daur   5   Buckland Newton  
F52p18 91 Rue 1   Wm Watts Head Mar 53 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Louisa Watts Wife Mar 26   Buckland Newton  
          Richard Wm Watts Son   7   Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth A Watts Daur   4   Buckland Newton  
          Eli Watts Son   1   Buckland Newton  
  92 Rue 1   Mary Spicer Head Un 63   Buckland Newton  
          Bethia Spicer Sister Un 52   Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Spicer Daur   13 Glover Buckland Newton  
  93 Rue 1   Wm Dunning Head Mar 49 Cordwinder Buckland Newton  
          Hannah Dunning Wife Mar 49 Glover Grimpson (????)  
          George Henry Dunning Son Un 21 Agricultural Labourer Mappowder  
          Jane Elizabeth Dunning Daur Un 19 Glover Mappowder  
          Charlotte Dunning Daur   17 Glover Mappowder  
          James Wm Dunning Son   11   Buckland Newton  
          Maria Dunning Daur   9   Buckland Newton  
  94 Henly 1   Eli Goff Head Mar 26 Agricultural Labourer Hallstock  
          Elizabeth Goff Wife Mar 25   Hallstock  
          Henry George Goff Son   1   Hallstock  
F53p19 95 Henly 1   John Croad Head Mar 56 Agricultural Labourer Alton Pancras  
          Mary Ann Croad Wife Mar 55   Hampshire Gosport  
          Catherine Croad Daur Un 28   Alton Pancras  
          Henry Croad Son Un 14   Alton Pancras  
          Emily Croad Gran Daur   7   Alton Pancras  
          Mary Ann Croad Gran Daur   3   Dorset ?????  
  96 Henly 1   John House Head Mar 34 Shepard Kimmbridge  
          Harriet House Wife Mar 38   Alton Pancras  
          Elizabeth House Daur Un 7 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Wm House Son   5   Buckland Newton  
          Henry House Son   3   Buckland Newton  
          Thomas House Son   1   Buckland Newton  
  97 Henly 1   John Forcey Head Widr 64 Agricultural Labourer Hook  
          John Forcey Son Un 20 Carter Hook  
          George Forcey Son Un 17 Carter Hook  
          Ann Hebitt Visitor   11 Scholar Hallstock  
          Job Forcey Visitor Un 30 Carter Hook  
  98 Henly 1   Thos Furber Head Un 65 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
F53p20 99 Henly 1   Thos Kingsbury Head Mar 54 Farmer 190 acres 4 Labours 2 boys Pulham  
          Lucy Kingsbury Wife Mar 51   Cheselbourne  
          Harriett Kingsbury Daur Un 28   Cheselbourne  
          Mary Ann Kingsbury Daur Un 24   Cheselbourne  
          Elizabeth Kingsbury Daur Un 19   Cheselbourne  
          Joseph Kingsbury Son Un 17   Cheselbourne  
          Thomas Kingsbury Son   15 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Samuel Kingsbury Son   8 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Baker Kingsbury Son   5   Buckland Newton  
          Emily Goldring Visitor   9 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Charles Witt Lodger   25 Carter Buckland Newton  
  100 Henly 1   Wm Took Head Mar 58 Agricultural Labourer Cambridge  
          Mary Took Wife Mar 64   Buckland Newton  
          Harold Samson Son Un 28 Carrier Buckland Newton  
  101 Henly 1   Joseph Croad Head Mar 24 Agricultural Labourer Alton Pancras  
          Emily Croad Wife Mar 25   Buckland Newton  
          James Croad Son   3   Buckland Newton  
          Jane Croad Daur   1   Buckland Newton  
          Wm Chaffey Lodger Widr 70 Agricultural Labourer Longburton  
          Susana Chaffey Daur Un 20   Buckland Newton  
          Robert Chaffey Son   13   Buckland Newton  
          Mary Ann Chaffey Daur   10 Scholar Buckland Newton  
F54p21 102 Henly 1   James Croad Head Mar 21 Agricultural Labourer Alton Pancras  
          Emily Croad Wife Mar 22   Alton Pancras  
          Levi Seal Lodger Mar 23 Agricultural Labourer Alton Pancras  
          Elizabeth A Seal Wife Mar 24   Cerne Abbas  
          Amelia Jane Seal Daur   10   Buckland Newton  
  103 Bookham 1   Thomas Galpin Head Mar 49 Farmer 226 acres 4 men & 4 boys Marnhull  
          Cordelia Galpin Wife Mar 45   Stoke Wake  
          Susan Galpin Daur Un 23   Marnhull  
          Henry Galpin Son Un 18   Buckland Newton  
          Cordelia Galpin Daur   15   Buckland Newton  
          Fanny K Galpin Daur   10   Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth S Galpin Daur   5   Buckland Newton  
          Ann Beck Servant Un 20 House servant Buckland Newton  
  104 Bookham 1   Samuel Fudge Head Mar 49 Dairyman Hilton  
          Sarah Fudge Wife Mar 47   Stalbridge  
          Edwin Fudge Son   13   Stoke Wake  
          Herbert Fudge Son   11 Scholar Stoke Wake  
          Jane Ann Fudge Daur   8 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Eli Fudge Son   4   Buckland Newton  
          Mary Ann Trim     15 Dairy Maid Buckland Newton  
  105 Bookham     John Clarkson Head Mar 60 Farmer Yorks Malton  
          Hannah Clarkson Wife Mar 52   Wimborne  
          Ann Clarkson Daur Un 24 Schoolmistress Wimborne  
          John Clarkson Son Un 19   West Porley  
          Alice Clarkson Daur   15   Buckland Newton  
F54p22 106 Bookham 1   Robert Ackerman Head Mar 45 Carter Alton Pancras  
          Mary Ann Ackerman Wife Mar 51   Yetminster  
          John Ackerman Son Un 19 Carter Buckland Newton  
          Susan Ackerman Daur   12 Scholar Buckland Newton  
  107 Sharnell Green 1   Wm Beck Head Widr 44 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
  108 Sharnell Green 1   Susanna Foot Head Widow 80   Mappowder  
  109       David War Lodger Mar 34 Agricultural Labourer Glanvilles Wootton  
          Jane War Wife Mar 47   Buckland Newton  
          Wm War Nephew Un 22 Agricultural Labourer Glanvilles Wootton  
  110 Sharnell Green 1   Joseph S Dibben Head Widr 48 Farmer 170 acres 3 men 1 boy Stoke Wake  
          George Wm Dibben Son Un 18   Buckland Newton  
          Barwell B Dibben Son Un 17   Buckland Newton  
          Joseph S Dibben Son   15   Buckland Newton  
          John Cave Dibben Son   14   Buckland Newton  
          Edwin Henry Dibben Son   11 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Herbert J Dibben Son   9 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Charles A Dibben Son   8 Scholar Buckland Newton  
  111 Sharnell Green 1   Joseph Candy Head Mar 24 Dairyman Stoke Wake  
          Sarah Candy Wife Mar 28   Belchawell  
          Grace Candy Daur   1   Stoke Wake  
          Jane Candy Visitor Un 24 Dressmaker Fordington  
          Mary Collins Visitor   11   Fifehead Neville  
  112 Sharnell Green 1   Barbara Foot Head Widow 70 Domestic Work Buckland Newton  
          John Wellman Lodger Widr 82 Pauper Chillfroome  
          George Mullett Lodger Un 13 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
F55p23 113 Sharnell Green 1   Benjamin Mullett Head Un 79   Buckland Newton  
          Jonathan Russell Head Mar 51 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Priscilla Russell Wife Mar 39   Buckland Newton  
          Henry Russell Son Un 18   Buckland Newton  
          Jonathan Russell Son Un 16   Buckland Newton  
          Hamilton Russell Son   11   Buckland Newton  
          Pheobe Russell Daur   9 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Rosetta Russell Daur   5 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Louisa Russell Daur   2   Buckland Newton  
  114 Sharnell Green 1   Isaac Russell Head Widr 41 Mason Buckland Newton  
          James J Russell Son   12   Buckland Newton  
          Frederick Russell Son   10 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Emily Beck Boarder Un 26 Laundress Buckland Newton  
  115 Shanell Green 1   Wm Mitchell Head Mar 46 Basketmaker Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Mitchell Wife Mar 44   Buckland Newton  
          George Mitchell Son Un 19 Basketmaker Buckland Newton  
          Maria Mitchell Daur   15 Farm Work Buckland Newton  
          James Mitchell Son   14 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Isaac R Mitchell Son   12 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Lydia Mitchell Daur   10 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Mary Ann Mitchell Daur   8 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Bethia Mitchell Daur   8 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          Eli Mitchell Son   5   Buckland Newton  
          Frederick Wm Mitchell Son   3   Buckland Newton  
          Ellen A Mitchell Daur   1   Buckland Newton  
F55p24 116 Sharnell Green 1   Elizabeth Cole Head Widow 68   Buckland Newton  
          Henry Cole Head Mar 26 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Mary Jane Cole Wife Mar 23   Pulham  
          Henry N Cole Son   1   Buckland Newton  
End of Knowle Tything                    
Start of Brockhamptom Tything                    
F56p25 117 Brockhampton 1   George Mogg Head Widr 39 Hurdlemaker Stalbridge  
          Elizabeth Mogg Daur   11   Buckland Newton  
          Samuel Mogg Son   9   Buckland Newton  
          Amelia Mogg Daur   5   Buckland Newton  
  118 Brockhampton 1   Charles Mullett Head Mar 30 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Adlaire Mullett Wife Mar 26   Mappowder  
          Mary Mullett Daur   3   Buckland Newton  
          Frank Mullett Son   1   Buckland Newton  
          Thos Samways Lodger Widr 57 Cordwinder Baxwell  
          Jane Samways Lodger Un 18 Glover Buckland Newton  
  119 Brockhampton 1   Robert Williams Head Mar 50 Farmer of 250 acres 6 men 3 boys Somerset Dulverton  
          Betsy Williams Wife Mar 50   Somerset Brompton Regis  
          Henry Williams Son Un 23   Somerset Stilyate  
          Betsie Williams Daur Un 21   Somerset Stilyate  
          Annie Williams Daur Un 20   Somerset Stilyate  
          Mary Williams Daur Un 18   Somerset Stilyate  
          George Williams Son   14   Somerset Bridgwater  
          Emily Williams Daur   12   Somerset Bridgwater  
          Ellen Williams Daur   9   Somerset Clevedon  
          Sarah Williams Daur   7   Somerset Clevedon  
  120 Brockhampton     John Groves Head Mar 66 Farmer Abbotsbury  
          Martha Groves Wife Mar 54   Wimborne  
          Martha Groves Daur Un 37   Bettscombe  
          John Groves Gran son   9 Scholar Hawkchurch  
F56p26 121 Brockhampton 1   Edward Bennett Head Mar 55 Farmer 150 acres 3 men 2 boys Hazelbury Briant  
          Elizabeth Bennett Wife Mar 48   Littan  
          Edward Bennett Son Un 21   Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth Bennett Daur Un 18   Buckland Newton  
          Elizabeth -illen Servant Un 19 Dairymaid Toller Percorum  
  122 Brockhampton 1   Thophilus Head Head Mar 63 Dairyman Winterborne  
          Mary Head Wife Mar 44   Powerstock  
          Stephen T Head Son Un 17   Hazelbury  
          Mary A J Head Daur   15   Hazelbury  
          James Head Son   11   Bagber  
          Rhodia Head Daur   8   Glanvels Wooton  
          George H Head Son   5 Scholar Buckland Newton  
          John H Head Son   3   Buckland Newton  
  123 Brockhampton 1   David Thorne Head Mar 32 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton  
          Margarate Thorne Wife Mar 33   Mappowder  
          Mary Ann Thorne Daur   9   Buckland Newton  
          Tom Thorne Son   7   Buckland Newton  
          Henry Wm Thorne Son   2   Buckland Newton  
          George Leg Brother in law Un 30 Agricultural Labourer Mappowder  
  124 Brockhampton 1   Thos Pane Head Mar 30 Agricultural Labourer Piddlehinton  
          Harriet Pane Wife Mar 29   Piddletrenthide  
          Herbert Pane Son   5   Piddletrenthide  
          George Pane Son   1   Piddletrenthide  
F57p27 125 Brockhampton 1   Charles Bartley Head Mar 54 Dairyman Gillingham  
          Anna Maria Bartley Wife Mar 43   Ashmore  
          George Bartley Son Un 24   Somerset Horsington  
          Emily Bartley Daur Un 16   Wilts Sutton Mandeville  
          Louisa Bartley Daur   15 Scholar Wilts Sutton Mandeville  
          Edwin C Bartley Son   13 Scholar Motcombe  
          Albert Bartley Son   10 Scholar Wilts Sutton Mandeville  
          Ellen Bartley Daur   9 Scholar Wilts Hardour  
          Frank Bartley Son   7   Wilts Hardour  
          Sidney Bartley Son   2   Buckland Newton  
          William Babbits Relative Mar 20 Agricultural Labourer Dorset ?????  
          Ellen Babbits Relative Un 16 Scholar Dorset ?????  
  126 Brockhampton 1   Ann Holland Head Widow 79 Land Proprietor Buckland Newton  
          Silace Holland Son Un 43   Buckland Newton  
          Saul Holland Son Un 39   Buckland Newton  
  127 Brockhampton 1   George Chaffey Head Widr 57 Carter Pulham  
          Cornelias New Son in law Mar 27 Labourer Mappowder  
          Ann New Daur Mar 26   Buckland Newton  
          Jane New Gran Daur   5   Buckland Newton  
          George New Gran Son   3   Buckland Newton  
          Priscilla New Gran Daur   2   Buckland Newton  
          Infant New Gran Daur   2 wks   Buckland Newton  
F57p28 128 Brockhampton 1   Walter Samways Head Mar 31 Agricultural Labourer Mappowder  
          Ann Samways Wife Mar 33   Sydling  
          Amelia Samways Daur Un 11   Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Ann Samways Daur   9   Buckland Newton  
          Frances Samways Son   6   Buckland Newton  
          Thos Samways Son   4   Buckland Newton  
          Walter Samways Son   4   Buckland Newton  
  129 Brockhampton 1   Wm Foot Head Mar 71 Farmer 400 acres 8 men 4 boys Buckland Newton  
          Jane Foot Wife Mar 66   Buckland Newton  
          Wm Foot Son Un 29   Buckland Newton  
          John Foot Son Un 27   Buckland Newton  
          Emm Sampson Visitor Un 18   Fiddleford  
          Elizabeth Spicer Serv Un 23 House servant Buckland Newton  
          Sarah Drake Serv Un 16 Dairy Maid Wareham  
          Mary Elkins   Widow 62 Washerwoman Firedhead  
  164   1   James Philips Head Mar 36 Carter Poxwell  
          Susan Philips Wife Mar 43   West Stafford  
End of Brockhampton Tything                    
Start of Duntish Tything                    
F58/P29 130 Duntish 1   James Collier Head Mar 39 Dairyman Piddletrenthide
          Mary Ann Collier Wife Mar 36 Dairyman Wife Kinson
          Jane Collier Daur   11 Scholar Piddletrenthide
          Ann Collier Daur   7 Scholar Piddletrenthide
          Elizabeth Collier Daur   4   Buckland Newton
          William Collier Son   2   Buckland Newton
    Castle Hill Great House   1U              
  131 Duntish 1   Andrew Old Head Mar 32 Farmer 305 acres 7 men & 4 boys Piddletrenthide
          Mary Old Wife Mar 27 Farmers Wife Minterne Magna
          Andrew J H Old Son   4 Scholar Buckland Newton
          Infant Old Daur   2 wks   Buckland Newton
          Susanna Rolls Aunt Widow 73 Fund holder Piddletrenthide
          Mary Durrant Boarder Widow 55 Nurse Buckland Newton
          Lydia Russell Serv Unm 21 House Servant Buckland Newton
          Edward Beck Serv Unm 21 Shepherd Buckland Newton
  132 Duntish 1   Henry Ridout Head Mar 52 Gardner Gunvill
          Dorothea Ridout Wife Mar 40 Dress Maker Somerset Yarlington
          Frederick J Ridout Son Unm 14 Scholar Buckland Newton
          Ann Agusta Ridout Daur   13 Scholar Buckland Newton
          Ann Davis Ridout Daur   11 Scholar Buckland Newton
          Wm Henry Ridout Son   11 Scholar Buckland Newton
          Arthur C Ridout Son   8   Buckland Newton
          Emily Rachel Ridout Daur   5   Buckland Newton
          Flora Ridout Daur   1   Buckland Newton
F58/P30 133 Duntish 1   H Isaac Durrant Head Mar 53 Carpenter Buckland Newton
          Eliza Durrant Wife Mar 57   Buckland Newton
          Sarah K Durrant Daur Unm 20   Buckland Newton
          James Durrant Son Unm 18   Buckland Newton
          Isaac Durrant Son   15 Scholar Buckland Newton
          James R King Visitor   16   Buckland Newton
          Elizabeth Loader Visitor   14   Lonburton
          Elizabeth Fox Visitor   7   London
          George Pople Visitor Mar 63 Carrier Buckland Newton
  134 Duntish 1   Robert Allen Head Mar 84 Formerly labourer Buckland Newton
          Hannah Allen Wife Mar 79   Devon Fearway
          David Luckett Lodger Widr 61 Drainer  
          Thomas Shepard Lodger Widr 55 Carpenter Stalbridge
  135 Duntish 1   Samuel Short Head Mar 23 Mason & Bricklayer Hermitage
          Jane Short Wife Mar 18   Hermitage
  136 Duntish 1   James Batten Head Mar 36 Labourer Buckland Newton
          Maria Batten Wife Mar 35   Buckland Newton
          Abner E Batten Daur   11 Scholar Buckland Newton
          James H Batten Son   8   Buckland Newton
          Joshua D Batten Son   2   Buckland Newton
          Joseph R Batten Son   5 mo   Buckland Newton
F59/P31 137 Duntish 1   Philip Bazle Head Mar 43 Carter Buckland Newton
          Susannah Bazle Wife Mar 43   Cerne Abbas
          John Bazle Son   13 Labourer Piddletrenthide
          Frederick Bazle Son   7 Scholar Buckland Newton
          James Trim Lodger Unm 18 Labourer Cerne Abbas
          Thos Hackford Lodger Unm 18 Labourer Stalbridge
  138 Duntish 1   Henry Hopkins Head Widr 63 Butcher Buckland Newton
  139 Duntish 1   Wm Crocker Head Mar 30 Dairyman Stalbridge
          Jane Crocker Wife Mar 30   North Wooton
          Wm Gillard Nephew   3   North Wooton
          John Ashman Serv Unm 17 Dairyman Stalbridge
  140 Duntish 1   Zaccheus Gray Head Mar 65 Farmer 114 acres 2 men 1 boy Duntish
          Susan Gray Wife Mar 65   Somerset Montecute
          Isaac Gray Son Unm 25   Duntish
  141 Duntish 1   James Short Head Mar 24 Labourer Chelebourne
          Maryann Short Wife Mar 23 Glover Cerne Abbas
          Wm Short Son   11mo   Duntish
  142 Duntish 1   William Drake Head Mar 63 Farmer of 120 acres 1 man 1 boy Hilton
          Frances Drake Wife Mar 63   Portesham
          Sarah Drake Daur Unm 31   Buckland Newton
          Benjamin Drake Son Unm 30   Tolpuddle
          James Drake Son Unm 25   Tolpuddle
          Elizabeth Drake Daur Unm 22   Tolpuddle
          Wm Drake Son Unm 20   B???iges
F59/P32 143 Duntish 1   Joseph Chaldecott Head Mar 39 Miller & Baker Mappowder
          Maria Chaldecott Wife Mar 33   Edmondsham
          Maria Chaldecott Daur   1   Buckland Newton
          Sarah J Fox Serv Unm 14 House Servant Minterne
  144 Duntish 1   Thos W Sanford Head Mar 36 Farmer 300 acres 4 men 3 boys Somerset Pitcombe
          Letitia Sanford Wife Mar 32   Somerset Wyke Champflower
          Caroline Mogg Visitor Unm 27   Somerset Wyke Champflower
          Richard Mogg Visitor Unm 29   Somerset Wyke Champflower
          Elizabeth Mogg Visitor Unm 33   Somerset Wyke Champflower
          Bathsheba White Serv Unm 15 House Maid Somerset Bruton
          Wm Welman Serv Unm 30 Dairy Man Holwell
  145 Revels Inn 1   Christopher Atkinson Head Mar 66 Farmer 175 acres 2 men 1 boy Yorkshire
          Chatwin Atkinson Wife Mar 62   Worstershire [sic] Tarnworth
          Catherine Atkinson Daur Unm 24   Blandford
          Henery Atkinson Son   28   Felcham?
          Victoria Atkinson Daur Unm 23   Blandford
          Catherine Derriman Grand Daur   4 Scholar Buckland Newton
  146 Revels Inn 1   James Woodfords Head Mar 58 Carter Cattistock
          Jane Woodfords Wife Mar 44   Pulham
          Edward Hawkins Son in Law Mar 23 Carter Wareham
          Jane Hawkins Wife Mar 27   Great Toller
          George Hawkins Son   1   Cerne Abbas
          James Hawkins Son   2wks   Buckland Newton
F60/P33 147 Revels Inn 1   Charles Curtis Head Mar 51 Agricul Labourer Buckland Newton
          Eliza Curtis Wife Mar 49   Crewkerne [Somerset]
          Priscilla Curtis Daur Unm 18 Glover Buckland Newton
          Elizabeth Curtis Daur Unm 14 Glover Buckland Newton
          Eliza Curtis Daur   12 Scholar Buckland Newton
          Ann Curtis Daur   9 Scholar Buckland Newton
          George Curtis Son   7 Scholar Buckland Newton
          Samuel Curtis Son   3   Buckland Newton
  148 Revels Inn 1   John Brake Head Mar 60 Agricul Labourer Netherbury
          Elizabeth Brake Wife Mar 58   Portesham
          John Brake Son   14 Shepherd Buckland Newton
  149 Revels Inn 1   Charlotte Durrant Head Widow 59   Liy ??
          George Durrant Son Unm 27 Sawerer [sic] Buckland Newton
          Catherine Durrant Daur Unm 19 Servant Buckland Newton
  150 Revels Inn 1   Georg Waygood Head Mar 53 Agricul Labourer Minterne Magna
          Amey Waygood Wife Mar 46   Glanvilles Wootton
          Thirza Ann Waygood Daur   9 Scholar Buckland Newton
  151 Revels Inn 1   Hannah Spicer Head Widow 57 Seamstress Purbeck
          Elizabeth Spicer Daur Unm 31 Seamstress Buckland Newton
          Emma Spicer Daur Unm 26 Seamstress Buckland Newton
          Harriette Spicer Daur Unm 24 Seamstress Buckland Newton
          Abraham Spicer Son Unm 20 Labourer Buckland Newton
          John Spicer Son Unm 18 Labourer Buckland Newton
F60/P34 152 Revels Inn 1   Richard Foot Head Mar 57 Agricultural Labourer Buckland Newton
          Rosanah Foot Wife Mar 56   Glanvilles Wootton
          George Foot Son Unm 20   Minterne Magna
  153 Revels Inn 1   Robert Beck Head Mar 30 Labourer Alton Pancras
          Eliza Beck Wife Mar 34   Buckland Newton
          Eli Beck Son   9   Buckland Newton
          Emma Beck Daur   7 Scholar Buckland Newton
          George Beck Son   5 Scholar Buckland Newton
          Louisa Beck Daur   4   Buckland Newton
          Maryann Beck Daur   2   Buckland Newton
  154 Revels Inn 1   Thos Trowbridge Head Mar 38 Labourer Buckland Newton
          Mary Trowbridge Wife Mar 37   Buckland Newton
          Sarah Trowbridge Daur   8mo   Buckland Newton
  155 Revels Inn 1   John Durrant Head Mar 32 Tailor Buckland Newton
          Thurza Durrant Wife Mar 30   Shillingstone
          Frederick J Durrant Son   8   Sherborne
          Benjamin Durrant Son   5   Buckland Newton
          Arthur Durrant Son   3   Buckland Newton
          Walter Durrant Son   1   Buckland Newton
  156 Revels Inn 1   Wm Batten Head Mar 62 Labourer Buckland Newton
          Harriet Batten Wife Mar 58   Holnest
          Elizabeth Batten Daur Unm 15 Scholar Buckland Newton
F61/P35 157 Revels Inn 1   John Cats Head Mar 47 Inn Keeper Godmanstone
          Elizabeth Cats Wife Mar 46   Frampton
          Emma Cats Daur   15   Charminster
          George Cats Son   13 Scholar Charminster
          James Cats Son   11 Scholar Charminster
          Charles Cats Son   9 Scholar Charminster
          Ann Cats Daur   7   Charminster
          Tom Cats Son   5   Buckland Newton
  158 Revels Inn Tiley 1   Samuel Watts Head Mar 45 Dairyman Holnest
          Sarah Watts Wife Mar 44   Broadwinsor
          Elizabeth Watts Daur   7   Lillington
          Mary Watts Daur   5   Somerset Thorn Coffin
          Martha Watts Daur   4   Minterne
          Thirza Watts Daur   1   Minterne
  159 Revels Inn Tiley 1   Joseph Hilliar Head Mar 49 Labourer Upcerne
          Mary Hilliar Wife Mar 44   Cattistock
          Harriet Hilliar Daur   14   Upcerne
          Charles Hilliar Son   11 Labourer Cerne Abbas
          Eliza Hilliar Daur   8   Cerne Abbas
          George Hilliar Son   5   Buckland Newton
          James Hilliar Son   2   Buckland Newton
F61/P36 160 Clinger 1   John Hearn Head Mar 26 Farmer 360 acres 6 men 2 boys Minterne
          Ann Hearn Wife Mar 26   Bishops Caundle
          Henry J Hearn Son   11mo   Buckland Newton
          Elizabeth Whitby Serv Unm 17 House Servant Longburton
  161 Clinger 1   Wm Butt Head Mar 40 Dairyman Stour Provost
          Rachael Butt Wife Mar 38   Charlton Hawthorne
          Mary Butt Daur   12 Scholar Hillfield
          Martha A Butt Daur   8 Scholar Stalbridge
          Edgar Butt Son   6 Scholar Buckhorn Weston
          Bessie E Butt Daur   2   Buckland Newton
          Emma R Butt Daur   5mo   Buckland Newton
          Kitty Granger Serv Unm 17 Dairymaid Hazelbury Bryant
  162 Duntish 1   Francis Handsford Head Mar 25 Carter Puncknole
          Elizabeth Handsford Wife Mar 23   Sydling
  163 Duntish 1   Solomon Samson Head Mar 47 Labourer Pulham
          Philis Sansom Wife Mar 49   Hazelbury Bryant
          Jane Sansom Daur Unm 21   Buckland Newton
          Wm Sansom Son   16   Buckland Newton
          Sarah Sansom Daur   13   Buckland Newton
          Henry Sansom Son   11   Buckland Newton
          Elizabeth New Grand Daur   1   Buckland Newton
Dist 4 Minterne Parva                  
F67/P5 12 Farm House 1   William Cross Head Mar 43 Farmer 341 acres 8 men 3 boys Mappowder
          Anne Cross Wife Mar 39   Haydon
          William Cross Son   10 Scholar Minterne Parva
          Henry Cross Son   9 Scholar Minterne Parva
          Henry Meech Uncle Wid 75 Retired farmer Glanvilles Wootton
          Annie Fox Servant Unm 22 House Servant Glanvilles Wootton
  13 Cottage 1   William Payne Head Mar 49 Shepherd Minterne
          Mary Payne Wife Mar 45 Housewife Minterne
          George Payne Son Unm 19 Carter Minterne
          William Payne Son Unm 16 Agricultural Labourer Minterne
          James Payne Son Unm 11 Agricultural Labourer Minterne
          Mary Jane Payne Daur   8 Scholar Minterne
  14 Cottage 1   William English Head Wid 63 Agricultural Labourer Minterne
          Mary Ann English Daur Unm 25 Agricultural Labourer Minterne
  15 Cottage 1   Mark Fox Head Mar 64 Agricultural Labourer Minterne
          Harriett Fox Wife Mar 70   Warmill
          Martha Pauley Daur Mar 25   Minterne
          Edwin Pauley Son in law Mar 23 Carter Minterne
          William Pauley Grandson   2   Minterne
  16 Cottage 1   James Foot Head Mar 60 Shepherd Minterne
          Martha Foot Wife Mar 52 Housewife Marnhull
          James Frank Lodger Unm 43 Plumber Middlesex Wandsworth
          John Stubbins Lodger Unm 38 Carpenter Somerset Wick St Laurence
F67/P6 17 Cottage 1   Robert Diment Fox Head Mar 47 Agricultural Labourer Toller Porcorum
          Catherine Way Fox Wife Mar 46 Housewife Loader
          Ezekial Fox Son Unm 17 Agricultural Labourer Mintene
          Arabina Fox Daur Unm 12 Scholar Upcerne
          Sophia Fox Daur Unm 11 Scholar Upcerne
          Phebe Fox Daur Unm 8 Scholar Minterne
          James Fox Son Unm 6 Scholar Hermitage
          Mary Ann Fox Daur Unm 3   Hermitage
          Catherine Fox Daur Unm 1   Minterne Parva
  18 Cottage 1   Job Ridout Head Mar 31 Agricultural Labourer Minterne
          Edith Ridout Wife Mar 42 Housewife Mapperton Marsh
          Mary Ridout Daur   2   Minterne Parva
          Sarah Ridout Daur   1   Minterne Parva
  19 Cottage 1   William Biles Head Mar 40 Agricultural Labourer Cattistock
          Dinah Biles Wife Mar 64 Laundress Durweston
          James Fox Stepson Unm 18 Agricultural Labourer Minterne
          Susan Bartlett Stepdaur Unm 26 Dressmaker Minterne Parva
          Anna Maria Bartlett Granddaur   1mo   Minterne Parva
          Elizabeth Coomes Lodger Mar 28 Agricultural Labourer Durweston
F68/P7 20 Cottage 1   Edward Wellman Head Mar 36 Blacksmith Piddletown
          Sarah Wellman Wife Mar 39 Housewife Piddletown
          Jane Wellman Daur   12 Scholar Curleston
          Thomas Wellman Son   10 Scholar Waddock
          Emma Wellman Daur   8 Scholar Tolpuddle
          Charles Wellman Son   3   Tolpuddle
  23 Cottage 1   Thomas Mullet Head Mar 29 Agricultural Labourer Minterne
          Elizabeth Mullet Wife Mar 27 Agricultural Labourer Minterne
  24 Cottage 1   John Downton Head Mar 28 Carter Glanvilles Wootton
          Elizabeth Downton Wife Mar 24 Glover Plush
          Sarah Jane Downton Daur   5   Buckland Newton
          Charles Downton Son   4   Buckland Newton
          Emelia Ann Downton Daur   2mo   Buckland Newton
    Cottage   1U              

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