Buckland Newton (Plush)

1901 Census Class RG13 Piece 2005

Transcribed by Jon Baker, from copies of the original enumerator's books, 2009

Buckland Newton consists 2 Enumeration Districts, 2 & 3

District 2: (Part of Alton Pancras) An existing detached part of the Civil Parish of Buckland Newton known as Plush Tything including Plush Village, The Folly, Armswell Farm and Monkwood Hill, situated between the parishes of Mappowder, Melcombe Horsey, Chesleborne, Piddletrenthide and Alton Pancras

District 3: All that part of the parish of Buckland Newton, comprising Buckland Newton Tything, Knowle Tything, Brockhampton Tything and Duntish Tything, including Henley, Rue, Brockhampton, Bookham, Noake, Beaulieu Wood, Duntish Common, Castle Hill, Revels, Clinger Farm and Cottages in Cosmore Common and Minterne Parva Tything

Ref No Address Inhb Unhb Names Surname Rltshp Cond Age Occupation Where Born Other
 District 2 Plush
F20p1 1 Armswell 1   Walter John Cross Head M 42 Farmer Mappowder  
          Martha Cross Wife M 47   Hilton  
          Henry Ashley Cross Son S 14   Mappowder  
          Arthur Trevor Wyatt Cross Son S 12   Haselbury Bryan  
          Edward Bentley Cross Son S 10   Plush  
          Francis William Cross Son S 6   Plush  
          Henry Cross Father Widr 79 Living on own means Mappowder  
  2 Armswell 1   Edward Upshall Cuff Head M 25 Carter on farm Haselbury Bryan  
          Allie Louise Cuff Wife M 26   Hilton  
          Edward Cecil Cuff Son S 1   Plush  
          Eliza Annie Louise Cuff Daur S 5mo   Plush  
          George Mowlem Boarder S 35 Horse man on farm Whitchurch  
  3   1   Edward Mowlem Head M 38 Cattleman on farm Spetisbury  
          Emma Jane Mowlem Wife M 24   Chesilbourne  
          Elizabeth Kate Mowlem Daur S 4   Plush  
          Edward George Mowlem Son S 3   Plush  
          Florence Daisy May Mowlem Daur S 11mo   Plush  
          Charles Chelton House Boarder Widr 53 Agricultural Labourer Moreton  
F20p2 4 Monkwood Hill 1   Edward Billen Head M 54 Agricultural Labourer Great Toller  
          Mary Ann Billen Wife M 50   Powerstock  
          Harry Billen Son S 11   Haselbury Bryan  
          Elsie Mabel Billen Daur S 6   Plush  
  5 Monkwood Hill 1   John Newton Head S 72 Agricultural Labourer Mappowder  
  6 Monkwood Hill 1   John Paige Doble Head M 37 Farmer Cuthay  
          Emily Aurelia Doble Wife M 36   Poole  
          Alfred Hugh George Doble Son S 2   Plush  
  7 Fox Inn Plush 1   Henry Croft Head M 74 Inn Keeper Maiden Newton  
          Jane Croft Wife M 64   Clapham, Somerset  
          William Croft Son S 25 Ordinary Agricultural Labourer Kingston Russell  
  8 Plush 1   Ann Bennett Head Wid 75 Living on own means Whitchurch Carnicorum  
          Caroline Perrett Servant Wid 52 General servant Moreton  
  9 Plush 1   Ann Warren Head Wid 65   Plush  
          George Warren Son S 45 Labourer Piddletrenthide  
  10 Plush 1   Gordon McDonald Head S 25 Living on own means London NK  
          Isabella Russ Servant S 56 Housekeeper Clithome Dower, Somerset  
  11 Plush 1   John Read Head M 44 Labourer Piddlehinton  
          Sarah Ellen Read Wife M 43   Leigh  
          Annie Read Daur S 18   Piddlehinton  
          William Read Son S 13   Plush  
          Ethel Read Daur S 10   Plush  
  12 Plush 1   Mary Lovell Head Wid 83   Stratton  
  13 Plush 1   George John Hicks Head M 30 Carter on farm Piddletrenthide  
          Beatrice Marion Hicks Wife M 23   Henly  
          Elizabeth Jane Hicks Daur S 4   Rue  
  14 Plush 1   Charles Henry Harvey Head M 30 Labourer Piddletrenthide  
          Anne Harvey Wife M 32   Piddlehinton  
          Frank Charles Harvey Son S 10   Piddletrenthide  
          Louisa Emily Harvey Daur S 6   Lower Waterson  
F21p3 15 Plush 1   Elizabeth Vincent Head M 39   Buckland Newton  
          Lucy Ellen Vincent Daur S 7   Buckland Newton  
          Albert Ernest Vincent Son S 6   Buckland Newton  
          Livinia Ann Vincent Daur S 4   Buckland Newton  
          Edith Evelyn May Vincent Daur S 1   Plush  
  16 Plush 1   John Hardy Gillingham Head M 40 Farmer Hazelbury Bryan  
          Frances Gillingham Wife M 44   Stanwick, Northamptonshire  
  17 Plush 1   John Durrant Head S 45 Agricultural Labourer Mappowder  
  18 Plush 1   Enos New Head M 61 Agricultural Labourer Plush  
          Emily New Wife M 56   Puddletown  
  19 School 1   Elizabeth Maria Elsworth Head S 27 School mistress Odcomb, Somerset  
          Emma Upshall Sister M 32 Hospital Nurse Dorchester  
  20 Plush 1   Priscilla Vincent Head Wid 58   Buckland Newton  
          Henry Vincent Son S 31 Carter on Farm Buckland Newton  
  21 Plush 1   Arthur Goddard Head M 31 Labourer, Agricultural Plush  
          Elizabeth Goddard Wife M 30   Plush  
          Fred Goddard Son S 1   Dorchester  
  22 Plush 1   Ann Kingman Head S 84 Living on own means Buckland Newton  
  23 Plush 1   John Harwood Head S 48 Agricultural Labourer Plush  
  24 Plush 1   Sarah Ellen Riggs Head W 69 Shopkeeper Affpuddle  
  25 Plush 1   George Henbert Head S 79 Agricultural Labourer Plush  
  26 Plush 1   Eliza Symes Head W 82 In receipt of parish relief Hilton  
  27 Plush 1   Hannah Old Head W 63   Cerne  
          John Old Son S 29 Shepherd on Farm Cerne  
          James Old Son S 26 Agricultural Labourer Cerne  
          Martha Will Visitor S 13   Martinstown  
  28 Plush 1   William Hicks Head M 63 Carter on farm Rodden  
          Louisa C Hicks Wife M 63   Piddletrenthide  
          James W Hicks Son S 31 Gardener Piddletrenthide  
          Tom Hicks Son S 21 Shepherd on Farm Piddletrenthide  
F21p4 29 Harveys Farm 1   Alfred Masters Head M 42 Farmer Alton St Pancras  
          Elizabeth C Masters Wife M 42   Henstridge, Somerset  
          Ethel Masters Daur S 18   Buckland Newton  
          Maggie Masters Daur S 16   Buckland Newton  
    Shop   1                
End of the Ecclesiastical parish of Buckland Newton Holyrood with Plush Chapel (part of)        


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