Buckland Newton

BAPTISMS 1652 to 1812

Translated, transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Kim Parker from the Parish Registers


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

Until 1738, Parish Registers were supposed to be kept in Latin. From the Civil War onwards, this rule was respected more in the breach than the observance. Buckland Newton is an exception, with extensive use of Latin up until 1737. It is, however, erratic, swapping back and forth between English and Latin every few years. The standard of the Latin is also variable, making interpretation more challenging. I have therefore translated the Latin entries into English. Those entries with an 'L' shown before the date were orginally entered in Latin.

NB: Translation of christian names into English is problematical in some instances. For example, Jacobi was the Latin version of James, but was also occasionally used in its own right for Jacob, while Elena could mean Eleanor or Helen. Sometimes clerks used dog Latin and their ad-hoc latinisation of English names provides a clue. Where there are no such clues and a name could be translated in a variety of ways, I have chosen the most common alternative. In the 19th Century, certain Latin names (e.g. Maria for Mary and Matilda for Maud) became names in their own right. I have translated these names to the English equivalents that would have been used at the time.

From 1778 to mid-1802 two copies of the Parish Register were kept, one in the same volume used up until that point in a variety of hands and another in a separate book in a single hand and with consistent (mis-)spelling. I have called the 1778-1802 version the preliminary register and the other version the official register. Judging by certain errors in the official register (such as 1793 entries being duplicated in 1794 and the occasional merging of two entries in the preliminary register into one entry in the official register) it appears that entries were first recorded in the preliminary register and then copied over, using the spelling preferences of whoever was doing the copying, providing the opportunity for additional errors to creep in. The preliminary register generally contains extra details and often additional entries, although there are a couple of entries in the official register that do not appear in the 1778-1802 version. This, coupled with spelling differences makes it difficult to reconcile the two at times.

Translation involves choices, and the Parish Register is in any case difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.


MISCELLANEOUS ENTRIES INSERTED BETWEEN ENTRIES ON 14 JAN 1655/6 & 25 MAR 1656 Whereas and for as much as … children borne and baptised within the parish of Buckland Newton have been ommitted to the Register and now beinge newly informed by theyre parents of the time of theyr Baptisms have nowe been registered each man's chyldren (herein) altogether and have definitely noted the daye and yeare of the Baptism of Each one of them: accordinge as I have been informed by theyr parents


 29Sep1652AnnROBERTSdau ofJohn & MaryROBERTSof Plush
 08Jan1653/4 JohnROBERTSson ofJohn & MaryROBERTS of Plush
 14Feb1655/6 EdmondROBERTSson ofJohn & Mary ROBERTSof Plush
 10Feb1652 SusannaLOVELACEdau ofJohn & Katheren LOVELACEat Plush
 24Dec1655 WilliamARNOLDson ofWilliam & Margery ARNOLDof Clinger, born 20-Nov-1655
 20Dec1648 JohnARNOLDson ofJohn & JudethARNOLD of Brockhampton, born 20-Oct-1648
 01Mar1650/1 SamuellARNOLDson ofJohn & Judeth ARNOLDof Brockhampton, born 27-Jan-1650/1
 10Sep1653 WilliamARNOLDson ofJohn & Judith ARNOLDof Brockhampton, born 03-Aug-1653
 18Mar1655/6 MaryeARNOLDdau ofJohn & Judith ARNOLDof Brockhampton, born 02-Feb-1655/6
 15Jul1653 MaryeDAMPNEYdau ofRaynold & Elizabeth DAMPNEYof Plush, born 15-Jun-1653
 10Aug1655 WilliamDAMPNEYson ofRaynold & Elizabeth DAMPNEYof Plush, born 10-Jul-1655
 18May1656 AngellHARDYEdau ofGeorge & Ellnor HARDYEof Plush, born 06-Apr-1656
 - -- - 1643/4MargerettHOLLANDdau ofWilliam & [his wife] HOLLANDborn 15-Jan-1643/4
 - -- - 1645/6ChristopherHOLLANDson of WilliamHOLLANDof Monkwoodhill, born 15-Feb-1645/6
 - -- - 1657MaryHOLLANDdau ofWilliam HOLLANDborn 15-Aug-1657
 Third of April 1654. This booke seene and allowed to be continued as Register Booke for the Parish of Buckland Newton by me John ARNOLD
 Herewith to be noted that here following or hereafter severall … births and buryalls accordinge to the … … thereof but not all in order as they were borne or buryed (or marryed)
 by reason that it came not to the knowledge of the parish being variants (?) and myselfe not able by reason of sickness to enquire after it and for to do it orderly.
 [Note that there are several duplicate entries for 1655 with slight variations in spelling, suggesting they were inserted by a different clerk]
 09Feb1653/4 MaryCAINSdau ofWilliam & Sebble CAINSof Buckham
 12Feb1653/4 RogerVARWELLson ofRoger & Constance VARWELLof Buckland
 27Feb1653/4 RobertLANEson ofElis & EdithLANE of Tily
 07Mar1653/4 JoaneTALBUTdau ofWalter & Ealce TALBUTof Tily
 02Apr1654 EdwardCOXson ofEdward & AnnCOX of Tily
 09Apr1654 DorateCHURCHOUSEdau ofJohn & Deborah CHURCHOUSEof Duntish
 11Apr1654 EalceMARTENdau ofWilliam & Ealce MARTENof Buckland
 25Apr1654 ElizabethKIDDLEdau ofWilliam & Ann KIDDLEof Brockhampton
 04May1654 MathewGILLINGHAMson ofRalph & Luce GILLINGHAMof Duntish
 08Jul1654 RobertROPPERson ofMargarettROPPER servant to Mr John ROPPER of Buckland; reputed father = Andrewe MYNTERNE
 03Aug1654 RogerCOWARDson ofEdmond & Edith COWARDof Wimborne
 27Oct1654 JoanCOWARDdau ofRaynold & Mary COWARDof Henly
 01Nov1654 RichardCAYNESson ofJohn & AnnCAYNES of Duntish
 28Jan1654/5 GeorgeSAWAYEson ofHenry & Eadeth SAWAYEof Duntish
 04Feb1654/5 KatherineWATTSdau ofRobert & Elizabeth WATTSof Sharnhull
 23Mar1654/5 HenryHOLLIERson ofGeorge & Elizabeth HOLLIERof Buckland
 13May1655 JohnHOLLEYson ofRichard & Theophila HOLLEYof Duhaye [sic] - this family’s name usually spelt ’HOLLAND’
 20May1655 AnnDUNINGdau ofWilliam & Martha DUNINGof Brokhamto [sic]
 22May1655 CatharineBRIDLEdau ofThomas & Katharine BRIDLEof Duhaye [sic]
 22May1655 WilliamWATTSson ofWilliam & Bridgett WATTSof Buckland
 22Jul1655 MaryBRYCEdau ofWilliam & Katheren BRYCEof Buckland
 13Aug1655 JamesFURBERson ofThomas & Elizabeth FURBERof Clynger
 28Aug1655 JohnJOHNSONson ofWilliam & Mary JOHNSONof Duntish
 03Nov1655 ManuellLOVELACEson ofJohn & Katheren LOVELACEof Plush
 23Dec1655 ElizabethCLARKEdau ofThomas & Elizabeth CLARKEof Wickmarshgate
 14Jan1655/6 EdwardLANEson ofElis & EdithLANE of Clynger
 25Mar1656 JohnGRAYEson ofWilliam & Margerett GRAYEof Duntish
 25Mar1656 WilliamCOWARDson ofRaynold & Mary COWARDof Henly; ’both born and baptised’
 01Apr1656 MaryWILKINSdau ofNicholas & Mary WILKINSof Brockhampton
 29Apr1656 ElizabethPOPLEdau ofWilliam & Elizabeth POPLEof Duntish
 13Jul1656 WilliamTASEWELLson ofRalph & Joan TASEWELL 
 25Jul1656 RichardKIDDLEson ofWilliam & Ann KIDDLEof Brockhampton
 11Sep1656 WilliamROBERTSson ofJohn & Salina ROBERTSof Sharnhill, born 21-Aug-1656
 12Sep1656 RobertMARTYNson ofWilliam & Alice MARTYNat the Parsonage House
 18Sep1656 JohnLEGGson ofJohn & MaryLEGG of Brockhampton
 20Oct1656 AnnCORBYNdau ofWilliam & AnnCORBYN of Buckland, born 21-Sep-1656
 19Jan1656/7 MargerettSAWAYEdau ofHenry & Edith SAWAYEof Duntish, born 16-Dec-1656
 - -- - 1656[un-named]DAVISson ofJohn & Grace DAVISfellmonger; child born, died & buried on 12-Dec-1656
 26Jan1656/7 MaryHARKNELLdau ofAndrew & Joan HARKNELLof Taunton, born at Duntish on 31-Dec-1656
 17Feb1656/7 NicholasGILLINGHAMson ofNicholas & Ann GILLINGHAMof Plush, born 20-Jan-1656/7
 11Apr1657 RobertWATTSson ofRobert & Elizabeth WATTSof Brockhampton, born 13-Mar-1656/7
 14Apr1657 BridgettWATTSdau ofWilliam & Bridgett WATTSof Buckland, born 18-Mar-1656/7
 31Mar1657 WilliamMOORESson ofAnnMOORES born 12-Mar-1656/7, reputed father = William COWARD of Henly
 08May1657 RobertHELLYERson ofGeorge & Elizabeth HELLYERof Buckland, born 09-Apr-1657
 15Jun1657 JoanBAKERdau ofThomas & AliceBAKER of Plush, born 17-May-1657
 10Sep1657 IsraellROBERTSson ofJohn & Mary ROBERTSof Plush, born 10-Aug-1657
 17Sep1657 MaryJOHNSONdau ofWilliam & Mary JOHNSONof Duntish, born 04-Aug-1657
 29Sep1657 RichardBRYCEson ofWilliam & Katheren BRYCEof Buckland, born 30-Aug-1657
 05Oct1657 AlisTOLLERFYLLdau ofWilliam & Joan TOLLERFYLLof Bowcomb, born 30-Sep-1657
 - -- - 1657ElizabethDAMPNYdau ofRaynold DAMPNYof Plush, born 03-Oct-1657
 14Jan1657/8 JohnHARDYEson ofGeorge & Elynor HARDY [sic]of Plush, born 12-Dec-1657
 14Jan1657/8 HenrySYMESson ofWilliam & Amye SYMESof Plush, born 13-Dec-1657
 18Feb1657/8 AnnTRIPPERdau ofHenry & MaryTRIPPER of Brockhampton, born 18-Jan-1657/8
 06Apr1658 ElizabethGRAYEdau ofWilliam & Margaret GRAYEof Buckland, born 03-Mar-1657/8
 13Apr1658 JaneCOWARDdau ofRaynold & Mary COWARDof Henly, born 19-Mar-1657/8
 06May1658 MarthaARNOLDdau ofWilliam & Margery ARNOLDof Clinger, born 06-Apr-1658
 08Jun1658 KatherenMIDLANEdau ofThomas & Agnes MYDLANEof Buckland, born 04-May-1658
 06Jul1658 MaryDAVISdau ofJohn & GraceDAVIS of Duntish, born 11-Jun-1658
 08Jul1658 WilliamCORBYNson ofWilliam & Ann CORBYNof Sharnhill, born 02-Jul-1658
 10Aug1658 WilliamVINCENTson ofJames & Grace VINCENTof Duntish, born 13-Jul-1658
 19Aug1658 KatherenLANEdau ofJohn & Katheren LANEof Brockhampton, born 08-Aug-1658
 - -- - 1658HannahBRYDLEdau ofThomas & Katheren BRYDLEof Duntish, born 02-Sep-1658
 - -- - 1658GeorgeLOCKEson ofGeorge & Ann LOCKEof Bowcombe, born 18-Oct-1658
 - -- - 1658StephenILESson ofStephen & Christian ILESborn 29-Apr-1658
 - -- - 1658FrancesVINCENTdau ofJohn & Frances VINCENTof Ryvells, born 31-Oct-1658
 - -- - 1658ElizabethDAMPNYdau ofReynold DAMPNYof Plush, born 20-Oct-1658
 16Dec1658 JaneHARDYdau ofEdward & AnnHARDY of Plush, born 11-Nov-1658
 19Dec1658 RichardHOLLANDson ofRichard & Theophila HOLLANDof Duntish, born 20-Nov-1658
 16Jan1658/9 SaraBROWNSEYdau ofJames & Mary BROWNSEYborn 21-Dec-1658
 -----1658/9 MargeryKIDDLEdau ofWilliam & Ann KIDDLEof Brockhampton, born 06-Jan-1658/9
 25Feb1658/9 JohnWEEKESson ofJohn & Elizabeth WEEKESPastor of Buckland, born 25-Jan-1658/9
 -----1658/9 MaryMARTYNdau ofWilliam & Alice MARTYNof Buckland, born 16-Feb-1658/9
 -----1659 JohnCOLLINGEson ofRogerCOLLINGE born at Moohkett Hill in Plush 25-Oct-1658
 21Apr1659 WilliamROBERTSson ofThomas & Mary ROBERTSof Buckham, born 17-Mar-1658/9
 -----1659 WilliamMULLETTson ofJohnMULLETT of Duntish, born 27-Mar-1659
 -----1659 JohnCORBYNson ofJohnCORBYN of Little Minterne, born 02-Feb-1655/6
 -----1659 WilliamCORBYNson ofJohnCORBYN of Little Minterne, born 01-Apr-1657
 -----1659 MarySQUIREdau ofMarySQUIRE of Sharhill, born 05-Feb-1658/9, reputed father = Samuel BROWNSEA of Haselber
 24May1659 WilliamWILKINSson ofNicholas & Mary WILKINSof Brockhampton, born 30-Apr-1659
 -----1659 SarahSPENSERdau ofNicholas & Judeth SPENSERof Sharnhill, born 23-Apr-1659
 16Jun1659 AmyHELLYERdau ofGeorge & Elizabeth HELLYERborn 20-May-1659
 -----1659 MarthaSAVAGEdau ofHenry & Edith SAVAGEof Duntish, born 19-Jun-1659
 -----1659 GeorgeFRAMPTONson ofWalter & Christian FRAMPTONof Henly, born 03-Jul-1659
 -----1659 WilliamBYSHOPEson ofWilliamBYSHOPE of Little Minterne, born 09-Sep-1658
 -----1659 AnnLOVELACEdau ofJohn & JaneLOVELACE born 20-Sep-1659 [buried 06-Oct-1659, possibly not christened]
 -----1659 JoanVYNCENTdau ofJohn & Frances VYNCENT 
 -----1659/60 WilliamJOHNSONson ofWilliam & Mary JOHNSONof Duntish, born 16-Jan-1659/60
 -----1659/60 GraceVYNCENTdau ofJames & Grace VYNCENTborn 20-Jan-1659/60
 -----1659/60 MargettGOLDdau ofEdwardGOLD of Henly, born 04-Mar-1659/60
 -----1659/60 HenryHARDYson ofGeorgeHARDY of Plush, born 02-Mar-1659/60
 -----1659/60 AnnFURBERdau ofElizabethFURBER of Buckland, born 04-Mar-1659/60, John TEASER reputed father
 -----1660 LawrenceBRYCEson ofWilliam & Katheren BRYCEof Buckland, born 06-Apr-1660
 14May1660 WilliamHOLLANDson ofWilliamHOLLAND of Monkwoodhill, born 22-Apr-1660
 05Jun1660 MaryILESdau ofStephen & Christian ILESof Buckland, born 30-Apr-1660
 15Jun1660 MaryLANEdau ofElis & EdithLANE of Clinger, born 27-May-1660
 23Jun1660 KatherenILESdau ofEdmond & Katheren ILESof Tyly, born 16-Jun-1660
 31Jul1660 LathanLOCKEson ofGeorge & AnnLOCKE  
 31Oct1660 JoaneSPENSERdau ofNicholas & Judith SPENSER 
 22Nov1660 ThomasBAWDENson ofThomasBAWDEN clerk
 30Nov1660 JosephFRAMPTONson ofWalterFRAMPTON gent of Henly
 20Jan1660/1 AnneHENLEYdau ofJohnHENLEY of Netherbrooke, born ’the fourteenth day’
 31Jan1660/1 DanielVINCENTson ofJohnVINCENT of Rivell
 -----1660/1 ElizabethWEKSdau ofJohnWEKS born 09-Feb-1660/1
 12Feb1660/1 ThomasHOLLANDson ofRichardHOLLAND  
 23Feb1660/1 MarySPICERdau ofJohnSPICER junior of Buckland
 28Feb1660/1 ElizabethWEEKSdau ofJohnWEEKS of Buckland, vicar
 26Feb1660/1 RobertARNOLDson ofWilliamARNOLD  
 16Mar1661 RobertSKIPPson ofHenrySKIPP  
 23Apr1661 JohnMULLETson ofJohnMULLET  
 19Jun1661 WilliamSPENSERson ofHenrySPENSER  
 30Jun1661 MarthaSAVAGEdau ofHenrySAVAGE  
 08Jul1661 DanielDAVISson ofJohnDAVIS  
 08Jul1661 RalphHOLLANDson ofWilliamHOLLAND  
 16Jul1661 DanielHOLLANDson ofWilliamHOLLAND  
 24Aug1661 AnneSTICKLANDdau ofHenrySTICKLAND  
 02Sep1661 EdithHELLIORdau ofGeorgeHELLIOR  
 10Oct1661 JaneCLAVELdau ofGeorgeCLAVEL  
 12Dec1661 ElizabethMARTINdau ofWilliamMARTIN  
 06Feb1661/2 AnnSAVAGEdau ofHenrySAVAGE  
 03Apr1662 HenryDUNNINGson ofHenryDUNNING  
 10Apr1662 JoanMIDLANEdau ofThomasMIDLANE  
 29Apr1662 NicolasWILKINSson ofNicolasWILKINS  
 13Jul1662 MaryBROWNdau ofRichardBROWN  
 02Sep1662 MichaelBRIERson ofWilliamBRIER [buried as BRICE]
 13Sep1662 AnnGRAYdau ofWilliamGRAY  
 02Nov1662 WilliamVINCENTson ofJohnVINCENT  
 13Nov1662 JoanGOULDdau ofThomasGOULD  
 18Nov1662 OsmondJOHNSONson ofWilliamJOHNSON  
 26Dec1662 JohnLOCKson ofGeorgeLOCK  
 07Jan1662/3 MaryHENLYdau ofJohnHENLY Esq., born Christmas Eve
 10Feb1662/3 ChristianILESdau ofStevenILES  
 05Mar1662/3 WilliamCOWARDson ofRaynoldCOWARD  
 17Mar1662/3 SamuellWEEKSson ofJohnWEEKS born 07-Mar-1662/3
 05Apr1663 RobertROPERson ofRobertROPER  
 20Apr1663 ElizabethILESdau ofEdmondILES  
L04May1663 ThomasVINCENTson ofJamesVINCENT  
L07May1663 ElizabethHEPDITCHdau ofHumphrey HEPDITCH 
L12May1663 WilliamPOPELLson ofWilliamPOPELL  
L29May1663 MaryARNOLDdau ofWilliamARNOLD  
L02Jun1663 MarySKIPPOTHdau ofHenry & Maria SKIPPOTH 
L13Jul1663 MariaHELLIARdau ofGeorge & Elizabeth HELLIAR 
L06Sep1663 GeorgeBROWNSYson ofJamesBROWNSY  
L15Sep1663 ElizabethFRAMPTONdau ofWalterFRAMPTON  
L29Sep1663 ThomasMULLETson ofJohnMULLET  
L29Sep1663 ChristianHOLLANDdau ofRichardHOLLAND  
L11Oct1663 ThomasROBERTSson ofThomasROBERTS  
L14Dec1663 MaryLANEdau ofAnnLANE [father possibly Edward LANE of Clinger buried the same day]
L21Feb1663/4 JamesROBERTSson ofJohnROBERTS  
L22Feb1663/4 JohnSPENSERson ofFrancisSPENSER  
L29Mar1664 CatherineCLAVELLdau ofGeorgeCLAVILL  
L01May1664 RichardROPERson ofRobert & Elizabeth ROPER 
L07Jun1664 HenryMANIFORDson ofHenryMANIFORD  
L13Aug1664 MarthaILESdau ofEdmundILES  
L18Aug1664 ElizabethVINCENTdau ofJohnVINCENT  
L30Oct1664 ThomasGOLDson ofThomasGOLD  
L30Oct1664 GeorgeBROWNson ofRichardBROWN  
L27Nov1664 RachelHABDITCH    of Bewly Wood
L04Dec1664 MaryGOLDdau ofLeonardGOLD  
L27Mar1665 MarthaLANEdau ofEllisLANE  
L27Mar1665 LucyLOCKdau ofGeorgeLOCK  
L17Apr1665 AlandoJOHNSONdau ofWilliamJOHNSON [child’s name does not readily translate to an English name]
L26Apr1665 MargaretILESdau ofStephenILES  
L Jun1665 KatherineHENLEYdau ofJohnHENLEY born on Whitsunday
L09Jul1665 MaryVINCENTdau ofJamesVINCENT  
L16Jul1665 KatherineROBERTSdau ofThomasROBERTS  
L25Jul1665 AnnCORBANdau ofJohnCORBAN  
L24Dec1665 ElizabethLANE    of Clinger
L10Aug1665 MarthaMIDLANEdau ofThomasMIDLANE  
L21Aug1665 MargaretGREYdau ofWilliamGREY  
L27Aug1665 EleanorSPISERdau ofJohnSPISER  
L02Sep1665 AnnHOLLANDdau ofRichardHOLLAND  
L17Sep1665 KatherineBROWNSYdau ofJamesBROWNSY  
L15Oct1665 EdwardROPERson ofRobertROPER  
L24Oct1665 MaryFRAMPTONdau ofWalterFRAMPTON  
L24Jan1665/6 JohnMULLETson ofEdwardMULLET  
L19May1666 AgnesILESdau ofEdmond & Elizabeth ILES 
L29May 1666MargaretILES dau ofStephen & Christian ILES 
L20Jun1666 MarthaCOLLIERdau ofElizabethCOLLIER  
L12Aug1666 JohnVINCENTson ofJohnVINCENT  
L26Nov1666 MarySIMESdau ofJohnSIMES  
L13Dec1666 JohnWATSson ofSimonWATS  
L10Mar1666/7 MargeryLOVELACEdau ofThomasLOVELACE  
L26Mar1667 RobertLOCKSson ofGeorgeLOCKS  
L16Apr1667 AnnVINCENTdau ofJamesVINCENT  
L26Apr1667 SarahSPENSERdau ofNicholas & Judith SPENSER 
L03May1667 MaryFURBURdau ofJamesFURBUR of Buckland
 21Sep1667 JoneILESdau ofEdmond & Elizabeth ILESof Tiley
 28Oct1667 MareyHOLANdau ofRichardHOLAN  
 19Dec1667 JohnSANDERSson ofJohnSANDERS of Buckland
 30Dec1667 GeorgeJOHNSON    Duntish ye elder
 14Jan1667/8 RobartCLAVELLson ofGeorgeCLAVELL of Sharnhill
 16Feb1667/8 ElizabethDUNNINGdau ofChristofer DUNNINGof Buckland
 06Mar1667/8 RobartILESson ofStephen & Christian ILESof Buckland
 07May1668 GeorgeLANEson ofWilliamLANE of Brockhampton
 10May1668 RichardBROUNSYson ofJamesBROWNSEY of Cosmore [father’s details entered in a different hand]
 12May1668 JohanaARNOLDdau ofWilliamARNOLD of Clinger
 14May1668 JohnROBERTSson ofThomasROBERTS of Beuly Wood
 12Jul1668 ElizabethDAVIES    of Duntish
 19Jul1668 ThomasLANEson ofElias & EdithLANE of Clinger
 12Oct1668 Alice (?)VINCENTdau ofJohn & Frances VINCENTof Duntish
 30Nov1668 JonathanLANEson ofKatherineLANE of Sharnhill; reputed father = Jonathan RUSSELL
 03Dec1668 ConstansLANEdau ofThomas & Elizabeth LANEof Clinger
 29Dec1668 WilliamCROSSEson ofEteldredMARTIN of Duntish, the daughter of James MARTIN
 14Feb1668/9 NicklesGILLENGAMson ofWilliam & Ann GILLENGAMof Sharnell
 03Mar1668/9 AnnLOCKEdau ofGeorge & AnnLOCKE of Duntish
 09Mar1668/9 CristianGRAYdau ofWilliam & Margaret GRAYof Buckland
 12Apr1669 MareyLOVLASdau ofThomas & Mary LOVELESSof Sharnold
 08Jul1669 JohnCAINESson ofJohn & SarahCAINES of Duntish
 23Aug1669 ConstansCOWARD    of Henly
 27Aug1669 EdwardMULLET    of Duntish
 27Aug1669 RichardMULLET    of Duntish
 04Sep1669 JohnBROWNE    of Sharnold
 10Oct1669 EdwardFURBOR    of Buckland
 24Nov1669 TempransVINCENT    of Buckland
 25Nov1669 MareyELKINS    of Sharnold
 18Dec1669 MareySANDERS    of Buckland
 10Mar1669/70 JohnILESson ofEdmond & Elizabeth ILESof Duntish
 26Mar1670 JohnCHURCHOUS    of Duntish
 20Apr1670 MareyVINCENT    of Bucklan
 30Apr1670 ElizabethSQUIRE    of Bucklan
 19May1670 WilliamDUNING    of Brockhampton
 24May1670 MarthaILESdau ofSteven & Christian ILESof Buckland
 16Jun1670 TempransGOULDdau ofThomas & Dorothy GOULDof Bucklan
 10Sep1670 JohnHOLLANDson ofRichard & Theophila HOLLAND HOLLANDof Duntish [8 Jan 2016, previously transcribed as Burial]
 31Jan1670/1 MareyGRAYdau ofWilliamGRAY of Duntish
 02Apr1671 WilliamCOLLIERson ofAliceCOLLIER reputed father = William DUNNING of Sharnold
 25Apr1671 VallentineFURBORson ofJames & Mary FURBERof Buckland [parents’ details entered in a different hand]
 14Jul1671 EdwardCROSSEson ofEtheldredMARTIN of Duntish, the daughter of James MARTIN
 08Aug1671 WilliamGRAYson ofWilliam & Margaret GRAYof Buckland
 16Aug1671 SaraJOHNSONdau ofWilliam & Mary JOHNSONof Duntish
 22Aug1671 WilliamLOCKson ofGeorge & Anne LOCKof Duntish
 01Oct1671 JamesELKINSson ofJames & JaneELKINS of Duntish
 09Oct1671 WilliamSQUIREson ofJamesSQUIRE of Buckham
    1671/2ThomasSQUIERson ofThomas & Sarah SQUIERborn 25-Jan-1671/2 [entered out of sequence]
 05Feb1671/2 RobertMULLETson ofEdwardMULLET of Duntish
 20Feb1671/2 ThomasSQUIREson ofThomasSQUIRE of Henley
 24Mar1671/2 RichardCHURCHOUSE    of Duntish
L12May1672 MaryDUNNINGdau ofChristopher & Elizabeth DUNNING 
L21Jul1672 RobertHOLLANDson ofWilliamHOLLAND of Plush
L22Jul1672 MaryCOWARDdau ofHenry & Dorothy COWARDof Plush
L24Jul1672 ThomasLOVELACEson ofThomas & Mary LOVELACEof Sharnhill
L02Sep1672 PeterYETMANson ofPeter & Sarah YETMANof Duntish
L03Sep1672 JohnMICHILson ofJohn & Isabella MICHILof Tily
L22Sep1672 WilliamGILLAMson ofWilliam & Agnes GILLAMof Sharnhill
L09Oct1672 ElizabethMICHILdau ofJohn & Joan MICHILof Clingar twin
L09Oct1672 MaryMICHILdau ofJohn & JoanMICHIL of Clingar twin
L09Nov1672 JoanHOLLANDdau ofRichard & Theophila HOLLANDof Duntish
L02Feb1672/3 Mary MulletSAVAGEdau ofMarySAVAGE reputed father = Edward MULLET of Duntish
L26Feb1672/3 JaneSQUIREdau ofRoger & Elizabeth SQUIRE 
 04May1673 JamesVINCENTson ofJamesVINCENT  
 11May1673 JoneHARDENdau ofEdwardHARDEN of Plush
 19May1673 JoneDOMENYdau ofJohnDOMENY of Plush
 06Jun1673 ThomasFURBORson ofJamesFURBOR of Buckland
 13Jul1673 ElizabethVINCENTdau ofMatheuVINCENT  
 17Aug1673 GeorgeRABBETSson ofGeorge & Mary ROBERTS[parents’ details entered in a different hand]
 16Oct1673 JacobBARNETson ofEdwardBARNET of Plush
 19Oct1673 MagretROPERdau ofEdwardROPER of Plush
 21Oct1673 RichardLOCKson ofGeorgeLOCK of Duntish
 04Dec1673 JoneELKINSdau ofJamesELKINS of Duntish
 27Dec1673 RaynoldCORBENson ofJohnCORBEN of Mitern
 15Feb1673/4 JoneGILHAMdau ofAndrewGILHAM of Sharnel
 19Feb1673/4 JamesGOULDson ofThomas & Dorothy GOULDof Henly
 01Mar1673/4 JohnBACKERson ofThomasBACKER of Plush
 11Mar1673/4 AgnesGRAYdau ofWilliamGRAY of Buckland
 06Apr1674 ElizabethLANEdau ofWilliamLANE of Brockhampton
 26Apr1674 SaraYATMANdau ofPeterYATMAN of Duntish
 30Apr1674 EdwardILESson ofStephenILES  
 16May1674 MarthaLANEdau of[Jone][LANE] reputed father = Thomas TREW of Clinger [mother’s name from child’s burial entry]
 17May1674 JoneCOWARDdau ofHenryCOWARD of Plush
 11Jun1674 OliferLARENCson ofRawlyLARENC of Revels
 21Jun1674 AnnMIDLANdau ofBridgetMIDLAN of Buckland, reputed father = Edward BRICE
 15Jul1674 JohnLOVLASson ofThomasLOVLAS of Sharnell
 27Sep1674 ElizabethSANDERSdau ofJohnSANDERS of Buck
 04Oct1674 CharlesCHURCHOUSson ofJohnCHURCHOUS of Duntish
 13Dec1674 AnnSPISERdau ofJohnSPISER of Buckland
 21Feb1674/5 ThomasWATTSson ofSimonWATTS of Cosmor
 13Apr1675 ElizabethSUMERSETTdau ofValentine & Ann SUMERSETT[father’s name also spelt as ’Folintin’]
 06May1675 MaryMILLERdau ofGeorgMILLER  
 17Jun1675 HenryHOLANDson ofRichardHOLAND  
 29Jun1675 JohnGREYson ofWallterGREY  
 01Jul1675 MaryILESdau ofEdward & Elizabeth ILES[surname also spelt as ’IOYLES’]
 28Nov1675 HenryCOWARDson ofHenryCOWARD of Plush
 12Dec1675 AnnROPPERdau ofEdwardROPPER  
 07Feb1675/6 JohnDONINGson ofHenryDONING  
L03Apr1676 MargaretDAVISdau ofWilliam & Ann DAVISof Buckland
L20Apr1676 JamesVINCENTson ofJames & Grace VINCENTof Wikmarsh
L30Apr1676 CharlesYEATMANson ofPeterYEATMAN of Duntish
L27Jun1676 MichaelMILLERson ofJohn & AnnMILLER of Plush
L30Jul1676 JohnHARDYson ofJohn & MaryHARDY of Henly
L27Aug1676 AmyGILLHAMdau ofAndrew & Agnes GILLHAMof Sharnhill
L29Aug1676 ElizabethLOCKdau ofGeorge & Ann LOCKof Duntish
L03Sep1676 ThomasYEATMANson ofMaryYEATMAN of Duntish, reputed father = Thomas SAVIDG
L12Dec1676 LawrenceELKINSson ofJames & Joan ELKINSof Buckland
L26Dec1676 ThomasLOVELACEson ofThomas & Mary LOVELACEof Sharnhill
L16Jan1676/7 JohnSPICERson ofJohn & Rebecca SPICERof Buckland
L18Feb1676/7 JohnGILHAMson ofWilliamGILHAM of Sharnhill
L25Feb1676/7 MaryROBERTSdau ofGeorge & Mary ROBERTSof Buckland
L03Mar1676/7 RobertWATTSson ofSimon & Pentecost WATTSof Clianger
L22Mar1676/7 RichardLANEson ofWilliam & Mary LANEof Brockhampton
L25Mar1677 SusannaBAKERdau ofThomasBAKER  
L25Mar1677 MargaretCOWARDdau ofHenry & Dorothy COWARDof Plush
L16Apr1677 WilliamFURBERson ofJames & Mary FURBERof Buckland
L08May1677 SamuelMULLETson ofEdward & Sarah MULLETof Duntish
L26Jun1677 JohnILESson ofStephen & Christian ILESof Buckland
L16Sep1677 WilmotteSANDERSdau ofJohn & Elizabeth SANDERSof Buckland
L19Oct1677 EdmundILESson ofEdmund & Elizabeth ILESof Tily
L21Oct1677 AbrahamCOXson ofNicholas & Joan COXof Buckland
L23Oct1677 WilliamSOMERSETson ofValentine & Ann SOMERSETof Wikmarshgate
L25Oct1677 SarahCOSENSdau ofJohn & JaneCOSENS of Duntish
L09Nov1677 MaryMILLERdau ofJohn & AnnMILLER of Plush
L09Dec1677 RobertHARDYson ofJohn & MaryHARDY of Henly
L02Jan1677/8 SarahHINKSTRIDGEdau ofWilliam & Sarah HINKSTRIDGE 
L08Jan1677/8 GilesWHETCOMBson ofRobert & Sarah WHETCOMBof Buckland
L22Jan1677/8 FitzwalterFOYson ofWalter & Edith FOYof Bewliwood
L01Apr1678 WilliamHOLLANDson ofRichard & Theophila HOLLAND 
L29Apr1678 ElizabethDUNNINGEdau ofChristopher & Elizabeth DUNNINGE 
L17Jun1678 EdithGILLINGHAMdau ofAndrewGILLINGHAM of Sharnhell
L17Jun1678 ElizabethBORNARDdau ofEdward & Ann BORNARDof Monkswoodhill
L06Aug1678 ElizabethMARTENdau ofRobert & Elizabeth MARTEN 
L24Sep1678 SamuelLOCKEson ofGeorge & AnnLOCKE of Duntish
L03Oct1678 WilliamDOLLANson ofWilliam & Ann DOLLANof Buckland
L10Oct1678 EdwardBRICEson ofEdward & Elizabeth BRICEof Duntish
L27Nov1678 JaneMILLERdau ofJohn & JaneMILLER  
L05Dec1678 WilliamNOZERson ofWilliamNOZER of Buckham
L14Jan1678/9 AnnCOWARDdau ofHenry & Dorothy COWARD 
L17Mar1678/9 AnnCAINESdau ofRichard & Elizabeth CAINESof Buckham
L17Apr1679 SarahLANEdau ofWilliam & MaryLANE of Brockhampton
L22Apr1679 JohnCOXson ofNicholas & JoanCOX of Duntish
L28Apr1679 MarthaPOLDENdau ofJohn & Dorothy POLDENof Buckland
L12May1679 RobertFOOTson ofJohn & MaryFOOTE of Noake
L14May1679 AbelSYMESson ofElizabethSYMES reputed father = Roger MARTIN
L03Jun1679 JoanROPERdau ofRobert & Frances ROPERof Buckland
L03Jun1679 AnisheyHENSTRIDGEdau ofWilliam & Mary HENSTRIDGEof Brockhampton [no known English version of the child’s name]
L28Oct1679 EdithFOYdau ofWalter & EdithFOY of Bewley Wood
L23Dec1679 DorothyMORRISdau ofJohn & Bridgett MORRISof Buckland
L27Jan1679/80 JohnNOZERson ofWilliam & Edith NOZERof Buckham
L13Mar1679/80 AnnSANDERSdau ofJohn & Elizabeth SANDERSof Buckland
L14Mar1679/80 JamesGILLINGHAMEson ofAndrewGILLINGHAME of Sharnhull
L14Mar1679/80 SarahFURBERdau ofJamesFURBER of Buckland
L13Apr1680 ElizabethMILLERdau ofJohnMILLER of Sharnhull
L14Apr1680 ElizabethBRICEdau ofEdward & Elizabeth BRICEof Duntish
L07May1680 ElizabethMARTENdau ofRobert & Elizabeth MARTENof Little Minterne
L09May1680 EleanorMILLERdau ofJohn & AnnMILLER of Plush
L18May1680 JohnYEATMANson ofPeter & Sarah YEATMANof Duntish
L26May1680 MaryWATTSdau ofSimon & Pentecost WATTSof Clinger
L01Jun1680 ThomasFURBERson ofJohn & MaryFURBER of Buckland
L17Jun1680 ThomasHARDEYson ofJohn & MaryHARDEY of Henley
L03Aug1680 FrancesWATTSdau ofJohn & Elizabeth WATTSof Buckland
L17Aug1680 MarthaLOCKEdau ofJohn & MaryLOCKE of Roe
L28Sep1680 HenryHELLIERson ofHenry & Mary HELLIERof Buckland
L08Oct1680 MaryPOLDENdau ofWilliam & Joan POLDENof Plush
L15Oct1680 ElizabethCAINESdau ofRichard & Elizabeth CAINESof Henley
L04Nov1680 HenryDAVISson ofWilliam & AnnDAVIS alias DOLLEN of Buckland
L12Mar1680/1 AnnMORRISdau ofJohn & Bridgett MORRISof Buckland
 04Apr1681 JohanaCOXdau ofNicholas & Johana COXof Buckland
 04Apr1681 WilliamMASTERSson ofRobertMASTERS of Plush
 26May1681 TheophiliaHOLLANDdau ofRichard HOLLANDof Duntish
 08Jul1681 ElizabethLAWRENCEdau ofRaleyLAWRENCE Mr, of Revell
 02Aug1681 JaneFOYdau ofWalter & EdithFOY Mr, of Bewleywood
 12Sep1681 FrancesLANEdau ofWilliamLANE of Brockhampton
 24Oct1681 SarahFURBURdau ofJohn & MaryFURBUR  
 13Dec1681 RobertROPERson ofRobert & Frances ROPERof Buckland
 27Dec1681 ThomasWATTSson ofJohn & Elizabeth WATTSof Buckland
 01Feb1681/2 JohnFOOTson ofJohn & MaryFOOT of Noke
 02Apr1682 WilliamWATTSson ofSimonWATTS of Clinger
 17Apr1682 WilliamPOLDENson ofWilliamPOLDEN of Plush
 11May1682 JohanaGORINGEdau ofWilliam & Johana GORINGEof Duntish
 22Jun1682 AnnDAVESdau ofWilliam & AnnDAVES of Buckland
 09Jul1682 JamesSANDERSson ofJohn & Elizabeth SANDERSof Buckland
 09Jul1682 LeaLOWLANDdau ofJohnLOWLAND of Plush
 07Aug1682 AmbrosseCADEson ofFrancis & Ann CADEof Duntish
 08Aug1682 KatherineYEATMANdau ofPeterYEATMAN of Duntish
 24Aug1682 JohnHELLIERson ofHenryHELLIER of Buckland
 29Aug1682 ElizabethELKINSdau ofEdwardELKINS of Duntish
 23Sep1682 MaryCAINESdau ofRichard & Elizabeth CAINESof Henley
 03Oct1682 JohnMILLERson ofJohn & SarahMILLER of Brockhampton
 08Oct1682 JohnMILLERson ofJohn & AnnMILLER of Plush
 21Nov1682 MaryPOLEDENdau ofJohn & Dorothy POLEDENof Buckland
 28Nov1682 MaryMASTERSdau ofRobertMASTERS of Plush
 18Feb1682/3 SarahCHURCHOUSEdau ofJohn & Frances CHURCHOUSEof Duntish
 15May1683 EdithNOZZERdau ofWilliam & Edith NOZZER 
 17May1683 MaryCOLLIERdau ofAliceCOLLIER  
 28May1683 ElizabethCOWARDdau ofLeonard & Dorothy COWARD 
 28May1683 JohnLAURENCEson ofEdward & Mary LAURENCEof Plush
 01Jun1683 RawleighLAURENCEson ofRawleigh & Elizabeth LAURENCE 
 26Aug1683 JamesFURBERson ofJames & MaryFURBER  
 17Sep1683 FrancesFOOTdau ofJohn & MaryFOOT  
 12Nov1683 ThomasMICHELLson ofJohn & Isabella MICHELLof Tyly
 11Jan1683/4 GeorgeMILLERson ofJohn & JaneMILLER of Brockhampton
 05Feb1683/4 ChristianCADEdau ofFrancis & Ann CADE 
 12Feb1683/4 AnnMILLERdau ofJohn & AnnMILLER of Plush
 28Feb1683/4 ElizabethWATTSdau ofJohn & Elizabeth WATTS 
 22Mar1683/4 JosephGORINGson ofWilliam & Joan GORINGof Duntish Mill [possibly a private christening given the duplicate entry below]
 22Mar1683/4 MaryGORINGdau ofWilliam & Joan GORINGof Duntish Mill [possibly a private christening given the duplicate entry below]
 31Mar1684 AnneLANEdau ofWilliamLANE of Brockhampton
 31Mar1684 ElizabethCOXdau ofNicholas & Susanna COXof Buckland
 10Apr1684 JosephGORINGson ofWilliam & Joane GORING 
 10Apr1684 MaryGORINGdau ofWilliam & Joane GORING 
 01May1684 SarahKIDDLEdau ofWilliam & Alice KIDDLEof Piddle
 13Jun1684 JohnPOLDENson ofWilliam & Joan POLDENof Plush
 01Jul1684 SarahFOYdau ofWalter & EdithFOY  
 08Jul1684 RawleighLAWRENCEson ofRawleigh & Elizabeth LAWRENCE 
 26Aug1684 MaryHARDYdau ofJohn & MaryHARDY of Henley
 28Aug1684 AnneLANEdau ofThomas & Dorothy LANEof Clinger
 30Sep1684 SamuellSYMMSson ofWilliam & Priscilla SYMMSof Plush
 11Oct1684 MaryBRICEdau ofEdward & Elizabeth BRICEof Duntish
 17Nov1684 JohnCOWARDson ofEdmond & Catharine COWARDof Mintern
 02Feb1684/5 ElizabethWATTSdau ofSimon & Pentecost WATTSof Clinger
 03Feb1684/5 WilliamCAYNESson ofRichard & Elizabeth CAYNESof Henley
 10Feb1684/5 JohnMULLETTson ofJohn & MaryMULLETT of Duntish
 05Mar1684/5 JaneSAUNDERSdau ofJohn & Elizabeth SAUNDERSof Buckland
 15Mar1684/5 WilliamROPERson ofRobert & Frances ROPERof Buckland
 17Mar1684/5 MarySYMONDSdau ofWilliam & Edith SYMONDSof Bookam
 06Jun1685 GeorgeFOOTson ofJohn & MaryFOOT  
 06Jun1685 MaryMARTENdau ofRobert & Elizabeth MARTEN 
 21Jun1685 MaryFURBERdau ofJohn & MaryFURBER  
 12Jul1685 MaryVINCENTdau ofThomas & Anne VINCENTof Duntish
 10Aug1685 HenryMITCHELLson ofJohn & Isabella MITCHELL 
 25Aug1685 MaryCOXdau ofValentine & AnneCOX  
 27Aug1685 JohnELKENSson ofJohn & JoanELKENS  
 30Aug1685 EdwardLAURENCEson ofEdward & Mary LAURENCEof Plush
 30Nov1685 JohnMILLERson ofJohn & JaneMILLER  
 26Dec1685 RichardSQUIREson ofThomas & Edith SQUIRE 
 01Feb1685/6 DorothyCHURCHOUSEdau ofJohn & Frances CHURCHOUSE 
 02Mar1685/6 ElizabethPOLDENdau ofJohn & Dorothy POLDEN 
 09Mar1685/6 FrancesMILLERdau ofJohn & Anne MILLERof Plush
 15Apr1686 MaryLANEdau ofThomas & Dorothy LANE 
 22Apr1686 ConstanceDAVISdau ofWilliam & Anne DAVIS 
 02Jun1686 ElizabethSYMMSdau ofWilliam & Priscilla SYMMSof Plush
 10Oct1686 ElizabethSMITHdau ofElizabethSMITH a travelling woman
 21Nov1686 EdithVINCENTdau ofThomas & Anne VINCENT 
 16Dec1686 DorothyPOLDENdau ofWilliam & Joane POLDENof Plush
 30Jan1686/7 JamesCOXson ofNicholas & Susannah COX 
  Feb 1686/7JohnMILLERson ofJohn & Jane MILLERof Brockhampton
 23Feb1686/7 HenryFOOTson ofJohn & MaryFOOT  
 12Mar1686/7 MaryWATTSdau ofSimon & Pentecost WATTSof Clianger
 24Mar1686/7 MaryNEWdau ofJohn & CatharineNEW of Plush
L04Apr1687 MaryRABBETTSdau ofRichardRABBETTS of Godmonston
L18Apr1687 MaryCOWARDdau ofEdmundCOWARD of Mintern
L28Apr1687 ChristopherCAINESson ofRichard CAINESof Henley
L14May1687 MaryLANEdau ofEliasLANE of Clianger
L28May1687 RobertSANDERSson ofJohnSANDERS of Buckland
L01Aug1687 RobertMULLETTson ofJohnMULLETT of Duntish
L18Sep1687 MaryLOCKdau ofGeorgeLOCK of Duntish
L25Sep1687 MaryNICKSdau ofEdwardNICKS of Plush
L04Oct1687 RebeccaFOYdau ofWalterFOY gent of Bewlywood
L15Nov1687 JohnFURBERson ofJohnFURBER of Buckland
L26Feb1687/8 HenryBAKERson ofThomasBAKER of Plush
L21Apr1688 MarySAMSONdau ofRichardSAMSON of Mintern
L14May1688 EleanorDUNINGdau ofChristopher DUNINGof Henly
L22Jul1688 JohnWATTSson ofRobertWATTS of Brockhampton
L22Sep1688 SusannaMILLERdau ofJohnMILLER of Brockhampton
L05Nov1688 EdithCOXdau ofNicholasCOX of Henly
L29Nov1688 AnnPOLDENdau ofWilliamPOLDEN of Plush
L10Dec1688 MaryFOOTson ofJohnFOOT of Noke
L26Dec1688 SusannaCOWARDdau ofWilliamCOWARD of Henly
L06Jan1688/9 RobertLANEson ofEliasLANE of Clianger
L31Jan1688/9 MaryNEWdau ofJohnNEWof Plush
L26Feb1688/9 ThomasFURBERson ofWilliamFURBER of Knapshill
L03Apr1689 RobertFRAMPTONson ofGeorgeFRAMPTON of Buckland
L20May1689 RobertMULLETTson ofJohnMULLETT of Duntish
L13Jun1689 HonorCAINESdau ofRichardCAINES of Buckham
L17Jun1689 JohnMEADson ofRichardMEAD of Curry-Mallard, Somerset
L07Jul1689 RachelLOVELESdau ofJohnLOVELES of Plush
L21Jul1689 WilliamWHITTLEson ofGregoryWHITTLE of Plush
L21Sep1689 WilliamHEBDITCHson ofElizabeth HEBDITCHof Buckham
L25Sep1689 RichardROPERson ofEdwardROPER of Duntish
L26Sep1689 JohnPOLDENson ofJohnPOLDEN of Buckland
L21Oct1689 ThomasLANEson ofThomasLANE of Clianger
L09Nov1689 SimonWATTSson ofSimonWATTS of Clianger
L26Nov1689 JohnSAMSONson ofJohnSAMSON of Buckland
L28Nov1689 WilliamFURBERson ofJohnFURBER of Buckland
L29Nov1689 FrancisCHURCHOUSEson ofJohnCHURCHOUSE of Duntish
L13Dec1689 AnnSOMERSETTdau ofValentineSOMERSETT of Buckland
L26Dec1689 AnnNICKSdau ofEdwardNICKS of Plush
L06Feb1689/90 WilliamBRICEson ofRichardBRICE of Buckland
L13Feb1689/90 GeorgeDOLLENson ofWilliamDOLLEN of Buckland
L20Feb1689/90 GeorgeMILLERson ofJohnMILLER of Brockhampton
L13Mar1689/90 WilliamCOXson ofNicholasCOX of Henly
L24Mar1689/90 EdmondCOWARDson ofEdmondCOWARD of Mintern
 01Apr1690 SarahPOPLEdau ofWilliamPOPLE of Pulham
 10Jun1690 WilliamCOWARDson ofWilliamCOWARD of Henly
 14Jun1690 HughCOLLIERson ofHughCOLLIER of Plush
 10Aug1690 WilliamBROWSYson ofJamesBROWSY  
 20Aug1690 JohnSPENSERson ofRobertSPENSER of Plush
 06Sep1690 ElizabethBEEREdau ofJohn & Joan BEEREof Tyly
 16Sep1690 ElizabethFOOTdau ofJohnFOOT of Knoak
 18Oct1690 JosephILKENSson ofJohnILKENS of Buckland
 12Oct1690 JoannaWHITTLEdau ofGregoryWHITTLE of Plush
 23Oct1690 JosephSIMONSson ofWilliamSIMONS alias NOZER
 05Nov1690 CristianFRAMTONdau ofGeorge & Mary FRAMTONof Buckland
 16Nov1690 KatherineNEWdau ofJohnNEW of Plush [John’s wife Katherine buried the same day]
 19Dec1690 WilliamLANEson ofEllisLANE of Clingar
 29Dec1690 JosephPOLDENson ofWilliamPOLDEN of Plush
 01Feb1690/1 ElizabethMICHELLdau ofJohnMICHELL of Tyly
 02Mar1690/1 RobertFURBERson ofAnnFURBER of Buckland
 09Mar1690/1 Kelton (?)LISTERdau ofWilliamLISTER Mr, Vicar of Buckland
 02Apr1691 RobertCHIPson ofWilliamCHIP of Duntish
 09Jun1691 AnnFURBERdau ofWilliamFURBER of Knapshill
 09Jun1691 JamesCOLLERVILEson ofWilliamCOLLERVILE of Fiford
 09Oct1691 CristianCAYNESdau ofRichardCAYNES of Henly
 16Nov1691 SamuellMILLERson ofJohnMILLER of Brockhampton
 24Nov1691 ElizabethROPERdau ofEdwardROPER of Duntish
 26Dec1691 RobertSAMSONson ofRichardSAMSON of Buckland
 28Dec1691 EdwardFURBERson ofJohnFURBER of Buckland
 15Jan1691/2 RobertCOWARDson ofWilliamCOWARD of Henly
 23Feb1691/2 RichardMULLETTson ofJohnMULLETT of Duntish
 08Mar1691/2 SusanaCOXdau ofNicholasCOX of Henly
 15Mar1691/2 KatharineFOOTEdau ofJamesFOOTE of Noak
 21Mar1691/2 SarahLANEdau ofEllisLANE of Clinger
 01May1692 AnnCOLLIERdau ofHughCOLLIER of Plush
 10May1692 MaryHELLIERdau ofHenryHELLIER  
 02Jun1692 RichardLANEson ofEdwardLANE of Clinger
 19Jun1692 WilliamCOLLIERson ofJohnCOLLIER of Plush
 10Jul1692 JohnLANEson ofThomasLANE of Clinger
 20Sep1692 JohnGOLDRINGson ofWilliamGOLDRING of Parklane
 27Sep1692 JohnLOVELASson ofRobertLOVELAS of Plush
 12Oct1692 JosephHOOPERson ofRobertHOOPER  
 13Nov1692 SusannaLAURENCEdau ofEdwardLAURENCE of Plush
 13Dec1692 OrlandoJONSONS     
 12Jan1692/3 ElizabethCOWARDdau ofWilliamCOWARD of Henly
 12Feb1692/3 ChristianWHITTLEdau ofGregoryWHITTLE of Plush
 16Mar1692/3 MaryRAWLESdau ofGeorgeRAWLES  
 07Apr1693 HenryPOLDENson ofJohnPOLDEN  
 08Sep1693 JamesPOLDENson ofWilliamPOLDEN of Plush
 08Sep1693 SarahPOLDENdau ofWilliamPOLDEN of Plush
 17Sep1693 MargrettBROWNSYdau ofJamesBROWNSY  
 05Nov1693 ElizabethLANEdau ofEdwardLANE  
 21Nov1693 GeorgeSAMSONson ofThomasSAMSON  
 30Jan1693/4 KatharineFOOTEdau ofJohnFOOTE  
 02Feb1693/4 SarahCHIPdau ofWilliamCHIP  
 11Feb1693/4 JohnDOMANYson ofWilliamDOMANY  
 11Feb1693/4 MaryCOLLIERdau ofHughCOLLIER  
 20Feb1693/4 GeorgeFRAMTONson ofGeorgeFRAMTON  
 01Mar1693/4 ElizabethFURBERdau ofJohnFURBER  
 29Mar1694 JohnSUMERSETTson ofValletineSUMERSETT  
 30Mar1694 JohnKAYNESson ofRichardKAYNES  
 03Jun1694 AnnUDALLdau ofJosephUDALL  
 05Jul1694 CharlesPAINson ofJohnPAIN  
 08Jul1694 WilliamFURBERson ofWilliamFURBER  
 05Aug1694 GraceBUTTdau ofJohnBUTT  
 05Aug1694 JaneWITTELLdau ofGregoryWITTELL of Plush
 30Sep1694 JohnNEWson ofJohnNEWof Plush
 01Nov1694 AnnWELLCHdau ofWilliamWELLCH  
 18Jan1694/5 JaneLISTERdau ofWilliamLISTER Mr, Vicar of Buckland
 21Feb1694/5 MaryCOCKEdau ofNicholasCOCKE [more usual spelling of surname is COX]
 24Feb1694/5 JohnSIMSson ofJohnSIMS of Plush
 16Mar1694/5 MaryGILHAMdau ofNicholasGILHAM  
 18Mar1694/5 RobertHELLIERson ofHenryHELLIER  
L25Apr1695 MaryMULLETdau ofJohn & MaryMULLET of Duntish
L02May1695 AnnMEECHdau ofJamesMEECH of Plush
L21Jul1695 RichardHOLLANDson ofJohn & Margaret HOLLANDof Duntish
L19Nov1695 HenryFOOTson ofJohnFOOT of Noake
L05Jan1695/6 JoanFURBERdau ofJohn & MaryFURBER of Buckland
L26Jan1695/6 BenjaminLAWRENCEson ofEdwardLAWRENCE of Plush
L15Mar1695/6 JoanBILESdau ofWilliam & Eleanor BILESof Buckland
L17Mar1695/6 MaryBRUSHFORDdau ofMaryBRUSHFORD reputed father = Henry CORBIN of Little Minterne
L21Apr1696 JohnWATTSson ofThomas & Elizabeth WATTSof Buckland
L30Aug1696 JonathanGOLDRINGson ofWilliamGOLDRING of Park Lane
L06Sep1696 ElizabethDOLLEVARdau ofJehoshua DOLLEVARof Holwell
L25Sep1696 EleanorCOLLIERdau ofHughCOLLIER of Plush
L29Sep1696 WilliamPOLDENson ofJohn & Dorothy POLDENof Duntish
L08Oct1696 WilliamTOLLERFIELDson ofWilliam TOLLERFIELDof Buckland
L22Oct1696 SarahBROWNSEYdau ofJamesBROWNSEY of Cosmore
L18Jan1696/7 ThomasDOMNEYson ofWilliamDOMNEY of Plush
L21Jan1696/7 SarahMULLETdau ofRobertMULLET of Plush
L28Jan1696/7 ElizabethFURBERdau ofWilliam & Ann FURBERof Knapshill
L25Mar1697 RichardCAINSson ofRichard & Elizabeth CAINSof Henley
L20Apr1697 JamesSTICKLANDson ofJames & Mary STICKLANDof Henley
L29Apr1697 MaryWATTSdau ofJohn & MaryWATTS of Buckland
L05May1697 RobettaPAINEdau ofJohn & Robetta PAINEof Middlemash
L09May1697 ThomasCOXson ofNicholasCOX of Rue
L26Jul1697 ElizabethHELLIERdau ofHenry & Mary HELLIERof Buckland
L31Oct1697 JohnHOLLANDson ofJohn & Margaret HOLLANDof Duntish
L16Jan1697/8 MaryUDALLdau ofJosephUDALL  
L20Jan1697/8 WilliamMULLETson ofJohn & Mary MULLETof Duntish
L21Feb1697/8 BenjaminWELCHson ofWilliamWELCH of Buckland
L02Mar1697/8 CatherineFURBERdau ofJohnFURBER of Buckland
L06Mar1697/8 MarySALWAYdau ofChristopherSALWAY  
L08Mar1697/8 EdwardBARNETson ofJamesBARNET of Plush
L02Apr1698 MarySAMSONdau ofRichardSAMSON of Buckland
L21Apr1698 WilliamWATTSson ofThomasWATTS of Buckland
L28Apr1698 JamesFOOTson ofJohnFOOT of Noake
L03May1698 JohnDUNNINGson ofThomasDUNNING of Rew
L06May1698 MarySTICKLANDdau ofJamesSTICKLAND of Henley
L19May1698 MaryFRAMPTONdau ofGeorgeFRAMPTON gent of Buckland
L29May1698 ElizabethGILHAMdau ofNicholasGILHAM  
L19Jun1698 MaryWATTSdau ofJohnWATTS  
L12Jul1698 ChristianILESdau ofEdmundILES of Tiley
L04Sep1698 CatherineCOLLIERdau ofHugh & Mary COLLIERof Plush
L04Sep1698 JohnWHITTLEson ofGregoryWHITTLE of Plush
L30Oct1698 MaryBILESdau ofWilliam & Eleanor BILESof Plush
L26Dec1698 AnnMULLETdau ofEdward & AnnMULLET of Duntish
L09Jan1698/9 HonorLOVELASSdau ofRobert & Honor LOVELASSalias SANDERS, of Brockhampton
L11Feb1698/9 WilliamWATTSson ofJohn & MaryWATTS of Buckland
L09Mar1698/9 WilliamANSTIEson ofWilliamANSTIE of Buckham
L19Mar1698/9 Samuel (?)TOLLERFIELDson ofWilliam & Jane TOLLERFIELDof Buckham [Latin version of child’s forename looks like ’Sthemuelis’]
L25Apr1699 ElizabethHOPKINSdau ofJohnHOPKINS of Henley
L11Nov1699 SarahFOOTdau ofJohn & SarahFOOT of Chason
L13Nov1699 SarahUDALLdau ofJosephUDALL of Duntish Court
L17Dec1699 AnnGOLDRINGdau ofWilliamGOLDRING of Park Lane
L23Jan1699/1700 CatherinePOLDENdau ofJohn & Dorothy POLDENof Buckland
L19Mar1699/1700 ElizabethSTICKLANDdau ofJames & Mary STICKLANDof Henley
L23Jan1699/1700 CatherinePOLDENdau ofJohn & Dorothy POLDENof Buckland
L19Mar1699/1700 ElizabethSTICKLANDdau ofJames & Mary STICKLANDof Henley
L04Apr1700 ElizabethILESdau ofEdmundILES of Duntish
L13Apr1700 AliceFURBERdau ofJohn & MaryFURBER of Buckland
L05May1700 RobertHELLIERson ofHenry & Mary HELLIERof Buckland
L06May1700 JamesBROWNSEYson ofJames & Mary BROWNSEYof Cosmore
L07May1700 ThomasFOOTson ofJohn & MaryFOOT of Noake
L20May1700 RichardSANSOMson ofRichard & Jane SANSOM 
L20May1700 MaryFURBERdau ofWilliam & AnnFURBER of Sharnhill
L03Jun1700 ElizabethLOVELLdau ofRobert & Honour LOVELLof Brockhampton
L13Aug1700 ElizabethILESdau ofEdward & Elizabeth ILESof Minterne
L20Oct1700 MargaretHOLLANDdau ofJohn & Margaret HOLLANDof Duntish
L16Dec1700 MaryMILLERdau ofRichard & [blank] MILLERof Duntish
L19Dec1700 WilliamIL?MSson ofJaneIL?MS of Buckland
L26Dec1700 ElizabethSANDERSdau ofJohn & Dorothy SANDERSof Buckland
L01Jan1700/1 ElizabethMULLETdau ofEdward & [blotted] MULLETof Brock
L03Jan1700/1 SarahFOOTdau ofJohn & SarahFOOT of Chason
L08Feb1700/1 JamesSYMONDson ofElizabethSYMOND reputed father = James RYALL
L08Feb1700/1 ThomasTIBESson ofWilliam & Eleanor TIBESof Plush
L12Mar1700/1 SamuelMULLETson ofJohn & MaryMULLET of Duntish
L23Mar1700/1 ElizabethLOVELESSdau ofEdward & Ann LOVELESSof Duntish
L21Apr1701 EdwardMULLETson ofRobert & Mary MULLETof Duntish
L25May1701 JamesOSMONDson ofElizabethOSMOND  
L20Jul1701 JohnSPICERson ofJohn & Elizabeth SPICER 
L20Nov1701 EdwardROPERson ofEdward & Agnes ROPERof Evthlam ?
L23Dec1701 EdmundILESson ofEdmund & Christian ILESof Napps Hill
L19Mar1701/2 JohnILESson ofEdward & Elizabeth ILESof Minterne
L21Mar1701/2 JamesFURBERson ofJohn & MaryFURBER  
L21Mar1701/2 ThomasFURBERson ofThomas & Ann FURBERof Buckland
L21Mar1701/2 AnnFURBERdau ofThomas & AnnFURBER of Buckland
L29Mar1702 ThomasLAWRENCEson ofEdwardLAWRENCE of Plush
L19Apr1702 ThomasWATTSson ofJohnWATTS of Buckland
L30Apr1702 RobertWELSHson ofWilliamWELSH of Buckland
L19May1702 AnnSANSOMdau ofRichardSANSOM of Rew
L19May1702 MargaretHOPKINSdau ofJohnHOPKINS of Henley
L28May1702 JohnFOOTson ofJohnFOOT of Chawson
L15Jun1702 RawleighLAWRENCEson ofOliverLAWRENCE  
L19Jun1702 RobertWELSHson ofWilliamWELSH of Buckland
L27Aug1702 ThomasGOLLOPson ofThomasGOLLOP  
L30Aug1702 RichardLANEson ofRichardLANE of Duntish
L24Sep1702 EdithMILLERdau ofRichardMILLER of Duntish
L03Dec1702 JeremiahFOOTson ofJohnFOOT of Noake
L03Dec1702 MargaretDENSFORDdau ofWilliamDENSFORD of Overshott
L17Dec1702 CatherineFURBERdau ofWilliamFURBER of Sharnhill
L20Jan1702/3 EdwardHOLLANDson ofJohnHOLLAND of Duntish
L24Jan1702/3 RichardLANEson ofRichardLANE of Duntish
L16Feb1702/3 ElizabethBAMFIELDdau ofJohnBAMFIELD of Tiley
L28Apr1703 AbigailMULLETdau ofJohnMULLET of Minterne
L16May1703 ThomasFRAMPTONson ofJohnFRAMPTON of Plush
L30May1703 RebeccaSPICERdau ofJohnSPICER of Buckland
L03Jun1703 WilliamMULLETson ofEdwardMULLET of Brockhampton
L03Jun1703 ElizabethMULLETdau ofEdwardMULLET of Brockhampton
L30Jun1703 EdwardKEYNELLson ofEdwardKEYNELL of Duntish
L29Jul1703 RichardBRUSHFORDson ofAbrahamBRUSHFORD  
L29Jul1703 Elizabeth CainesDAVISdau ofMargaret DAVISreputed father = John CAINES gentleman
L07Aug1703 RobertPOLDENson ofJohnPOLDEN of Buckland
L29Aug1703 MarySANDERSdau ofJohnSANDERS junior of Buckland
L27Sep1703 AgnesROPERdau ofEdwardROPER of Duntish
L03Oct1703 GeorgeAINSLYson ofWilliamAINSLY of Buckham
L02Nov1703 WilliamLANEson ofEdwardLANE of Clinger
L05Nov1703 JohnILESson ofEdmundILES of Duntish
L05Nov1703 JamesFURBERson ofThomasFURBER of Buckland
L05Nov1703 WilliamBYLESson ofWilliamBYLES of Plush
L25Dec1703 MaryCOLLINSdau ofDorcasCOLLINS of unknown father
L27Dec1703 JohnGILHAMson ofJohnGILHAM of Duntish
L16Feb1703/4 ThomasMULLETson ofJohnMULLET of Duntish
L22Feb1703/4 ThomasMULLETson ofThomasMULLET of Stoke Wake
L01Mar1703/4 RobertHOLLANDson ofJohnHOLLAND of Duntish
L08Mar1703/4 ElizabethSAMSONdau ofRichardSAMSON of Rew
L20Mar1703/4 SamuelMULLETson ofRobertMULLET of Duntish
L24Mar1703/4 JosephTOLLERFIELDson ofWilliam TOLLERFIELDof Buckham
L14Apr1704 WilliamRYALLson ofJamesRYALL of Duntish
L18Jun1704 WilliamWINTERson ofMaryWINTER reputed father = Abraham COX
L30Jul1704 RoseROPERdau ofEdwardROPER of Buckland
L20Aug1704 WilliamCOWARDson ofAnnCOWARD of Sherborne
L10Sep1704 JohnWATTSson ofJohnWATTS of Buckland
L10Sep1704 DorothyMULLETdau ofRichardMULLET of Duntish
L09Oct1704 RobertBUTTson ofJohnBUTT of Rew
L31Jan1704/5 AnnFOOTdau ofJohnFOOT of Noake
L31Jan1704/5 MarySPICERdau ofJohnSPICER of Buckland
L13Feb1704/5 WilliamDUNNINGson ofWilliamDUNNING of Bewley Wood
L29Mar1705 ThomasFOOTson ofThomasFOOT of Chason
L10Apr1705 HenryHOPKINSson ofJohnHOPKINS of Henley
L17Apr1705 JohnBAMFIELDson ofJohnBAMFIELD of Tiley
L20May1705 ThomasBRUSHFORDson ofAbrahamBRUSHFORD of Buckland
L20May1705 MargeryCOLLYERdau ofWilliamCOLLYER of Duntish
L24May1705 ThomasFURBERson ofJamesFURBER of Clianger
L31May1705 MargaretWELSHdau ofWilliamWELSH of Buckland
L04Sep1705 HenryFURBERTson ofThomasFURBER of Buckland
L02Oct1705 RichardBROWNson ofThomasBROWN of Brockhampton
L20Oct1705 MaryAINSLYdau ofWilliamAINSLY of Buckham
L20Nov1705 MaryBARNSWELLdau ofJohnBARNSWELL  
L10Dec1705 ThomasHOLLANDson ofJohnHOLLAND of Duntish
L20Jan1705/6 MaryROPERdau ofEdwardROPER of Buckland
L27Jan1705/6 SarahLARRENSEdau ofEdwardLARRENSE of Plush
L03Feb1705/6 WilliamFRAMPTONson ofJohnFRAMPTON of Plush
L13Feb1705/6 BettyGRAYdau ofJohnGRAY of Duntish
L26Feb1705/6 MaryMILLERdau ofMichaelMILLER of Plush
L11Mar1705/6 HenryDUNNINGson ofWilliamDUNNING of Bewley Wood
L15Mar1705/6 MaryMITCHELLdau ofMaryMITCHELL of Tyley; reputed father = Ralph [illegible]
L04Mar1706 SarahCOXE [?]dau ofThomasCOXE [?]  
L14Apr1706 ElizabethBAYLEYdau ofWilliamBAYLEY of Plush
L18Apr1706 JaneSAMSONdau ofRichardSAMSON of Rew
L30Apr1706 MaryTOLLERFIELDdau ofWilliamTOLLERFIELD of Sharnhill
L15May1706 ThomasFURBERson ofJamesFURBER of Clianger
L09Jul1706 MaryROBINSdau ofJosephROBINS of Napps Hill
L06Oct1706 ElizabethWATTSdau ofJohnWATTS of Buckland
L14Nov1706 ElizabethMULLERdau ofRichardMULLET of Plush
L28Nov1706 JamesRYALLson ofJamesRYALL  
L16Dec1706 MargaretILESdau ofEdmundILES of Tyley
L26Dec1706 JohnBARNSWELLson ofJohnBARNSWELL  
L29Dec1706 MaryLOWLANDdau ofThomasLOWLAND of Buckland
L29Dec1706 SarahFURBERdau ofMaryFURBER  
L01Jan1706/7 JamesSTICKLANDson ofJamesSTICKLAND  
L12Jan1706/7 JohnMITCHELLson ofJohnMITCHELL of Minterne
L30Jan1706/7 AdaMILLERdau ofRichardMILLER of Duntish
L16Apr1707 DanielCOLLYERson ofWilliamCOLLYER of Rew
L26Jun1707 ElizabethGILHAMdau ofJohnGILHAM of Duntish
L29Jun1707 AbrahamBRUSHFORDson ofAbrahamBRUSHFORD of Buckland
L13Jul1707 JaneAINSLYdau ofWilliamAINSLY of Buckham
L30Sep1707 WilliamFOOTson ofJohnFOOT of Noake
L01Nov1707 AnnBUTTdau ofJohnBUTT junior of Brockhampton
L07Dec1707 AdaHOPKINSdau ofJohnHOPKINS of Buckland
L07Dec1707 LaurenceMILLERson ofLaurenceMILLER of Plush
L14Dec1707 FrancesMILLERdau ofMichaelMILLER of Plush
L16Dec1707 SarahFOOTdau ofJohnFOOT of Chason
L01Jan1707/8 JohnSANDERSson ofJohnSANDERS of Buckland
L18Mar1707/8 EdwardFURBERson ofThomasFURBER of Buckland
L18Apr1708 SarahBILESdau ofWilliamBILES of Plush
L04May1708 ThomasSAMSONson ofRichardSAMSON of Rue
L25Jun1708 AmiceROBINSdau ofJosephROBINS of Napps Hill
L25Jun1708 WilliamSIMSson ofRichardSIMS junior of Plush
L25Jul1708 ElizabethSMEATHERSdau ofHenrySMEATHERS of Brockhampton
L22Aug1708 GraceMILLERdau ofRichardMILLER of Duntish
L02Sep1708 RobertCOXE [?]son ofThomasCOXE [?]  
L12Sep1708 CharityDAMPNEYdau ofWilliamDAMPNEY of Plush
L10Oct1708 AnnLOVELASSdau ofThomasLOVELASS of Buckland
L05Dec1708 JohnFURBERson ofJamesFURBER of Clinger
L06Feb1708/9 GeorgeHELLIERson ofJohnHELLIER of Buckland
L08Feb1708/9 ThomasRYALLson ofJamesRYALL of Casford
L13Feb1708/9 JoanROPERdau ofEdwardROPER of Buckland
L27Feb1708/9 ElizabethBRUSHFORDdau ofAbraham BRUSHFORDof Buckland
L04Mar1708/9 StephenILESson ofEdmundILES of Tyley
L20Mar1708/9 ElizabethMILLERdau ofHonourMILLER  
L03Apr1709 GeorgeWATTSson ofJohnWATTS of Buckland
L05Jun1709 HenryHELLIERson ofHenryHELLIER of Buckland
L28Jun1709 JaneLAWRENCEdau ofOliverLAWRENCE gentleman
L28Aug1709 AnnRUSSELLdau ofJonathanRUSSELL of Sharnhill
L27Sep1709 AnnGILHAMdau ofJohnGILHAM of Duntish
L04Oct1709 ThomasDUNNINGson ofWilliamDUNNING of Bewley Wood
L21Oct1709 JustinianROBINSson ofJosephROBINS of Napps Hill
L24Oct1709 ChristianILESdau ofEdmundILES of Tyley
L08Jan1709/10 AnnHOLLANDdau ofJohnHOLLAND of Duntish
L29Jan1709/10 WilliamCOLLIERson ofWilliamCOLLIER of Rew
L09Feb1709/10 ThomasRYALLson ofJamesRYALL  
L01Mar1709/10 JohnBUTTson ofJohnBUTT of Brockhampton
L12Mar1709/10 WilliamBAYLEYson ofWilliamBAYLEY of Plush
L07Apr1710 RobertSPICERson ofJohn & Elizabeth SPICER 
L06May1710 WilliamCAINESson ofWilliamCAINES of Henley
L15Jun1710 MargaretMARTINdau ofHenry & Margaret MARTIN 
L18Jun1710 AnnBRUSHFORDdau ofAbraham & Patience BRUSHFORD 
L23Jun1710 SarahWATTSdau ofJohn & SarahWATTS  
L14Aug1710 Cornelius [?]BROWNson ofThomas BROWNof Brockton [child’s name looks like Gonduilius in Latin]
L26Aug1710 ThomasSHEPHERDson ofThomas & Elizabeth SHEPHERD 
L03Sep1710 EdmundFURBERdau ofMaryFURBER junior
L15Sep1710 MaryROBINSdau ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROBINS 
L05Nov1710 JaneSAMSONdau ofRichard & Joan SAMSON 
L27Dec1710 MichaelMILLERson ofMichaelMILLER of Plush
L02Jan1710/11 ElizabethMEECHdau ofJames & Elizabeth MEECH 
L01Feb1710/11 ChristianMULLETdau ofGeorgeMULLET of Ibberton
L11Feb1710/11 AmiceHELLIERdau ofHenry & Joan HELLIER 
L13Feb1710/11 JamesDUNNINGson ofWilliamDUNNING of Bewley Mill
L14Feb1710/11 FrancesROPERdau ofEdward & Agnes ROPER 
L27Feb1710/11 LydiaLOVELASSdau ofRobert & Sarah LOVELASS 
L04Mar1710/11 GeorgeFOOTEson ofJohn & SarahFOOTE  
L13Mar1710/11 SimonWATTSson ofJohn & MaryWATTS  
L13May1711 ElizabethTOLLERFIELDdau ofWilliam & Jane TOLLERFIELD 
L24May1711 MaryGILHAMdau ofJohnGILHAM of Duntish
L06Jul1711 SarahFURBERdau ofThomas & AnnFURBER  
L03Aug1711 JamesFURBERson ofJamesFURBER of Clinger
L02Sep1711 JohnFRAMPTONson ofJohnFRAMPTON of Plush
L09Sep1711 AnnAINSLYdau ofWilliamAINSLY of Sharnhill
L07Oct1711 EleanorBRUSHFORDdau ofAbraham & Patience BRUSHFORD 
L12Nov1711 RobertROPERson ofRobert & Mary ROPER 
L19Nov1711 ThomasSIMSson ofThomasSIMS of Plush
L09Dec1711 WilmotSANDERSdau ofJohn & Dorothy SANDERS 
L13Dec1711 MarySTEPHENSdau ofArthur [?]STEPHENS of Clinger [father’s name looks like Arthenaldi in Latin]
L16Jan1711/12 ThomasHELLIERson ofJohn & Martha HELLIER 
L27Jan1711/12 ChristianILESdau ofEdward & Elizabeth ILES 
L27Jan1711/12 ElizabethBUDDENdau ofRobertBUDDEN of Plush
L11Feb1711/12 SarahMITCHELLdau ofRichardMITCHELL of Tyley
L03Mar1711/12 JamesOLDson ofJamesOLD of Sharnhill
L03Mar1711/12 MaryROBINSdau ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROBINS 
L09Mar1711/12 RichardDAMPNEYson ofWilliamDAMPNEY of Plush
L29Mar1712 MaryWATTSdau ofJohn & SarahWATTS  
L18Apr1712 AnnMEECHdau ofJames & Elizabeth MEECH 
L27Apr1712 ElizabethRUSSELLdau ofJohn & Ann RUSSELL 
L04May1712 ElizabethLAWRENCEdau ofOliver & Joan LAWRENCE 
L08May1712 HelenSMETHAMdau ofHenry & Margaret SMETHAM 
L09Jun1712 JamesSHEPHARDson ofThomas & Elizabeth SHEPHARD 
L15Jun1712 WilliamHOLLANDson ofJohn & Margaret HOLLAND 
L30Jun1712 RichardCAINESson ofWilliam & Jane CAINES 
L24Aug1712 JamesGILHAMson ofJames & JaneGILHAM  
L23Sep1712 RichardRYALLson ofJames & Elizabeth RYALL 
L23Oct1712 MaryDUNNINGdau ofWilliam & Barbara DUNNING 
L24Nov1712 EleanorBYLESdau ofWilliam & Eleanor BYLES 
L30Nov1712 FrancesMILLERdau ofMichael & Emma MILLER 
L26Dec1712 WilliamSPICERson ofJohn & Elizabeth SPICER 
L28Dec1712 MaryFOOTdau ofGeorge & Susanna FOOT 
L03Jan1712/13 JohnFURBERson ofJames & MaryFURBER  
L25Jan1712/13 ThomasMICHELLson ofJohn & Elizabeth MICHELL 
L01Mar1712/13 AnnBROWNSEYdau ofWilliam & Ann BROWNSEY 
L08Mar1712/13 JohnWHITTLEson ofWilliam & Ann WHITTLE 
L27Mar1713 JohnMEECHson ofBenjamin & Susanna MEECH 
L03May1713 JohnLOVELASSEson ofRobert & Sarah LOVELASSE 
L16Jul1713 RichardMILLERson ofRichard & Elizabeth MILLER 
L23Jul1713 JohnHELLIERson ofHenry & JoanHELLIER  
L18Sep1713 SarahGILHAMdau ofJohn & Elizabeth GILHAM 
L23Oct1713 EdwardROPERson ofRobert & Mary ROPER 
L20Nov1713 FrancesOLDdau ofJames & MaryOLD  
L29Nov1713 ElizabethCOLLYERdau ofWilliam & Sarah COLLYER 
L08Dec1713 RichardSIMSson ofJohn & SarahSIMS  
L28Feb1713/14 JaneWATTSdau ofJohn & SarahWATTS  
L25Apr1714 GeorgeFOOTson ofGeorge & Susanna FOOT 
L11May1714 FrancisBRUSHFORDson ofAbraham & Patience BRUSHFORD 
L17May1714 MargaretLOVELASSdau ofThomas & Margery LOVELASS 
L27May1714 DanielCOLIERson ofWilliamCOLIER  
L30May1714 RobertWATTSson ofJohn & MaryWATTS  
L10Jun1714 BethiaROBINSdau ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROBINS[’Bethia’ could also be translated as Betty]
L12Jun1714 MaryFURBERdau ofJames & MaryFURBER  
L24Jun1714 MarthaHELLIERdau ofJohn & Martha HELLIER 
L04Jul1714 MaryWILSONdau ofThomas & MaryWILSON  
L27Jul1714 JamesMEECHson ofJames & JaneMEECH  
L28Sep1714 John PalmerCAINESson ofWilliam & Jane CAINES 
L22Nov1714 RobertMULLETson ofJohn & MaryMULLET  
L13Jan1714/15 RichardCAINESson ofChristopher & Honour CAINES 
L18Jan1714/15 MarySMETHAMson ofHenry & Margaret SMETHAM 
L17Mar1714/15 MaryLAWRENCEdau ofOliver & Joan LAWRENCE 
L18Apr1715 JohnSHERREYson ofThomas & Mary SHERREY 
L24Apr1715 HenryHOLLANDson ofJohn & Margaret HOLLAND 
L10Jul1715 AnnSPICERdau ofJohn & Elizabeth SPICER 
L07Nov1715 ElizabethMICHELdau ofRichard & Sarah MICHEL 
L11Nov1715 JohnGILHAMson ofJohn & Elizabeth GILHAM 
L15Nov1715 ElizabethHODGESdau ofJames & Mary HODGES 
L25Dec1715 FrancesGILHAMdau ofJames & Joan GILHAM 
L02Jan1715/16 MaryOLDdau ofJames & MaryOLD  
L03Feb1715/16 JohnSIMSson ofThomas & Catherine SIMS 
L05Feb1715/16 WilliamSIMSson ofMarySIMS  
L04Mar1715/16 ThomasDAMPNEYson ofWilliam & Mary DAMPNEY 
L13Apr1716 BethiaSIMSdau ofJohn & SarahSIMS [’Bethia’ could also be translated as Betty]
L16Apr1716 WalterROBINSson ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROBINS 
L19Apr1716 JohnMEECHson ofJames & JaneMEECH  
L18Jun1716 AnnWILSONdau ofThomas & MaryWILSON  
L29Aug1716 John PalmerCAINESson ofWilliam & Jane CAINES 
L02Sep1716 AngelHELLIERson ofJohn & Martha HELLIER 
L16Sep1716 JoanWATTSdau ofJohn & MaryWATTS  
L14Oct1716 WilliamSHERREYson ofThomas & Mary SHERREY 
L21Oct1716 RobertFRAMPTONson ofJohn & Jane FRAMPTON 
L23Dec1716 JohnLOVELASSson ofThomas & Margery LOVELASS 
L01Jan1716/17 SimonWATTSson ofJohn & MaryWATTS  
L06Mar1716/17 AnnHARDEYdau ofJames & Elizabeth HARDEY 
L21Mar1716/17 MaryCAINESdau ofChristopher & Honour CAINES 
L21Mar1716/17 ElizabethCAINESdau ofChristopher & Honour CAINES 
L21Mar1716/17 BethiaSPICERdau ofJohn & Elizabeth SPICER[’Bethia’ could also be translated as Betty]
L28Mar1717 FrancesMILLERdau ofMichael & Ann MILLERof Plush
L23Apr1717 JamesHALLETson ofDaniel & Mary HALLET 
L02Jun1717 MaryBAKERdau ofGiles & Margaret BAKERof Plush
L11Jun1717 ElizabethMULLETTdau ofJohn & Mary MULLETTof Duntish
L13Jun1717 ElizabethMEECHdau ofJames & Jane MEECHof Plush
L11Aug1717 GeorgeHELLYERson ofGeorge & Lydia HELLYER 
L16Aug1717 SarahBROWNSEYdau ofWilliam & Ann BROWNSEYof Cosmore
L02Oct1717 JohnNORTHOVERson ofThomas & Mary NORTHOVERof Minterne
L06Oct1717 RobertROGERSson ofRobertROGERS of Plush
L15Oct1717 MaryWHITTELdau ofWilliam & Ann WHITTELof Eadin
L08Nov1717 JohnSIMSson ofThomas & Catherine SIMSof Eadin
L28Nov1717 RawleighLAWRENCEson ofOliver & Joan LAWRENCEof Bewley Wood
L08Dec1717 JohnLOVELASSson ofJohn & Alice LOVELASSof Plush
L05Jan1717/18 GraceRUSSELLdau ofJonathan & Grace RUSSELLof Brockingham
L02Feb1717/18 JoanMEECHdau ofBenjamin & Susanna MEECHof Boocham
L09Feb1717/18 ThomasSHERREYson ofThomas & Mary SHERREYof Minterne
L09Mar1717/18 ThomasHODGESson ofJames & Mary HODGESof Cosmore
L27Apr1718 DanielHOLLANDson ofJohn & Margaret HOLLAND 
L06May1718 GeorgeBARNESson ofAbraham & Mary BARNES 
L13May1718 WilliamILESson ofEdmund & Elizabeth ILESof Duntish
L19Aug1718 ChristianLANEdau ofRichard & Mary LANE 
L29Aug1718 SarahWILSONdau ofThomas & Mary WILSONof Plush
L30Aug1718 ThomasLAWRENCEson ofBenjamin & Tabitha LAWRENCEof Plush
L04Sep1718 HenryHELLYERson ofJohn & Martha HELLYERof Buckland
L18Sep1718 WilliamBRUSHATson ofAbraham & Patience BRUSHATTof Plush
L21Sep1718 MaryNEWdau ofJohn & ElizabethNEW of Buckland
L23Sep1718 SimonWATTSson ofRobert & Elizabeth WATTSof Cosmore
L11Oct1718 JosephGILHAMson ofJames & Joan GILHAMof Buckland
L19Oct1718 AnnWATTSdau ofJohn & SarahWATTS of Sharnell
L01Nov1718 ChristianWHITELLdau ofJoanWHITELL  
L12Nov1718 WilliamFOOTson ofJohn & SarahFOOT of Chanson
L05Dec1718 ThomasCAINESson ofWilliam & Jane CAINESof Henley
L19Feb1718/19 ElizabethGARTRILLdau ofRobert & Mary GARTRILLof Buckland
L09Apr1719 JohnROBINSson ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROBINSof Sharnell
L16Apr1719 JaneMEECHdau ofJames & JaneMEECH of Plush
L03May1719 ThomasSHERREYson ofThomas & Mary SHERREYof Minterne
L04May1719 MarySANSOMdau ofJohn & Susanna SANSOMof Rue
L18May1719 ChristianCAINESdau ofChristopher & Honour CAINESof Bookham
L27May1719 HughHARDYson ofJames & Elizabeth HARDY 
L16Jun1719 JosephBYLESson ofWilliam & Eleanor BYLESof Plush
L21Jun1719 ChristianHOPKINSdau ofJohn & Christian HOPKINSof Buckland
L26Aug1719 MaryRUSSELLdau ofJonathan & Grace RUSSELLof Brockingham
L20Sep1719 MaryELKINSdau ofJoseph & Elizabeth ELKINSof Henley
L30Sep1719 MaryMITCHELLdau ofRichard & Sarah MITCHELLof Tiley
L26Oct1719 JaneFOYdau ofFitz-Walter & Jane FOYof Duntish
L06Jan1719/20 SusannaFOOTdau ofGeorge & Susanna FOOTof Sharnell
L01Mar1719/20 MaryMILLERdau ofJohn & MaryMILLS of Duntish
L01Mar1719/20 ElieanorWATTSdau ofRobert & Elizabeth WATTSof Cosmer
L27Mar1720 JohnLOVELESSson ofThomas & Margery LOVELESS 
L04Apr1720 EdwardSENEXson ofJohn & Margaret SENEXof Revell
L23May1720 JohnNEWson ofJohn & ElizabethNEW of Buckland
L30May1720 RichardLANEson ofRichard & Mary LANEof Cosmer
L30May1720 JamesDUNNINGson ofWilliam & Barbara DUNNINGof Bewley Wood
L31Jul1720 HenryHELLYERson ofGeorge & Lydia HELLYER 
L04Aug1720 RobertHELLYERson ofJohn & Martha HELLYERof Buckland
L16Sep1720 AnnMEECHdau ofJames & JaneMEECH of Plush
L05Nov1720 EdwardDAMPNEYson ofWilliam & Mary DAMPNEY 
L27Nov1720 MaryBARNSdau ofAbraham & MaryBARNS of Plush
L04Dec1720 JohnGILHAMson ofJames & JaneGILHAM  
L06Dec1720 ElizabethWHITEdau ofJoseph & Ann WHITEof Brockingham
L16Dec1720 JohnWATTSson ofJohn & SarahWATTS of Sharnell
L31Dec1720 ChristianWILSONdau ofThomas & Mary WILSONof Plush
L31Dec1720 DorothyCOLLIERdau ofHugh & Ann COLLIERof Plush
L03Jan1720/1 MargaretLOVELESSdau ofJohn & Alice LOVELESSof Eadin
L03Feb1720/1 ThomasFOOTson ofThomas & JoanFOOT  
L30Mar1721 JohnHODGESson ofJames & MaryHODGES of Cosmer
L03Apr1721 JohnGULLIVERson ofSamuel & Sarah GULLIVERof Bewley Wood
L05May1721 DeborahMITCHELL     
L05May1721 ElizabethMITCHELL     
L04Jun1721 MaryTIZARD     
L04Jun1721 MiriamTIZARD     
L20Jun1721 AnneCAINESdau ofChristopher & Honour CAINESof Bookham
L02Jul1721 JosephROPERson ofWilliam & Jane ROPER 
L10Jul1721 HenryFOOTson ofHenry & EdithFOOT of Henley
L27Aug1721 JohnMILLSson ofJohn & Elizabeth MILLSof Buckland
L22Sep1721 GeorgeELKINSson ofJoseph & Elizabeth ELKINSof Henley
L04Nov1721 SarahFOOTdau ofGeorge & Susanna FOOTof Sharnell
L04Dec1721 MaryHARDYdau ofHenry & Elizabeth HARDYof Cosmer
L10Dec1721 JohnHOPKINSson ofJohn & Christian HOPKINSof Buckland
L21Jan1721/2 CatherineRUSSELLdau ofJonathan & Grace RUSSELLof Bookingham
L24Jan1721/2 ThomasFOOTson ofThomas & JaneFOOT of Sharnell
L06Feb1721/2 JohnPOPLEson ofWilliam & AnnePOPLE of Duntish
L06Mar1721/2 JohnWATTSson ofRobert & Elizabeth WATTSof Cosmer
L24Apr1722 LucyGULLIVERdau ofSamuel & Sarah GULLIVERof Clianger
L30Apr1722 WilliamSYMSson ofThomas & Katherine SYMSof Plush
L12Jun1722 MaryWHITEdau ofJoseph & AnnWHITE of Brockhampton
L23Jun1722 MaryROPERdau ofRobert & MaryROPER of Bewleywood
L11Oct1722 MaryROPERdau ofWilliam & JaneROPER of Sharnhull
L16Oct1722 AnnCOLLYERdau ofHugh & AnnCOLLYER of Plush
L08Nov1722 JaneHELLIERdau ofJohn & Martha HELLIERof Buckland
L06Jan1722/3 EdwardLOVELACEson ofJohn & Alice LOVELACEof Henley, privately
L26Jan1722/3 ThomasLANEson ofRichard & Mary LANEof Cosmore
L08Feb1722/3 ElizabethSYMSdau ofHenry & Elizabeth SYMSof Bowcombe
L09Feb1722/3 FrancesFOOTdau ofHenry & Edith FOOTof Henly
L01Mar1722/3 AnnMILLERdau ofMichael & EmmaMILLER of Plush
L09Mar1722/3 JohnSANSOMson ofJohn & Susanna SANSOMof Rew, privately
L14Mar1722/3 JohnMULLETson ofJohn & MaryMULLET of Duntish
L24Mar1722/3 EleanorMEECHdau ofJames & Jane MEECHof Plush, privately
L01Apr1723 ElizabethCOWARDdau ofEdmund & Mary COWARDof Minterne Parva
L12Apr1723 MaryDRAKEdau ofMaryDRAKE privately
L20Apr1723 ElizabethSYMSdau ofRichard & Hannah SYMSof Plush
L26Apr1723 JaneBROWNSEYdau ofWilliam & Ann BROWNSEYof Cosmore, privately
L03Jun1723 FrancesROGERSdau ofRobert & Elizabeth ROGERSof Plush
L22Aug1723 HonourCAINSdau ofChristopher & Honour CAINSof Bowcombe
L24Sep1723 MaryHODGESdau ofJames & MaryHODGES of Cosmore, privately
L29Sep1723 JohnCAINSson ofWilliam & Sarah CAINSof Buckland, privately
L29Sep1723 ElizabethROBINSdau ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROBINSof Sharnehull, privately
L13Oct1723 ThomasWILSONson ofThomas & Mary WILSONof Plush
L10Nov1723 AbrahamBRUSHFORDson ofAbraham & Patience BRUSHFORDof Plushe
L11Nov1723 MaryFOYdau ofFitzwalter & Jane FOYof Duntish Court, Armiger [i.e. had the right to bear arms]
L12Nov1723 GeorgeFRAMPTONson ofRobert & Eleanor FRAMPTONof Buckland, privately
L26Nov1723 ElizabethHARDYdau ofHenry & Elizabeth HARDYof Cosmore
L27Jan1723/4 MaryGULLIVERdau ofSamuel & Sarah GULLIVERof Clianger
L27Jan1723/4 JamesFOOTson ofGeorge & Susanna FOOTof Rew, privately
L28Feb1723/4 JosephROPERson ofJoseph & Rose ROPERof Buckland, privately
L15Mar1723/4 JohnWHITEson ofJoseph & AnnWHITE of Brockhampton, privately
L17Mar1723/4 HenryFOOTson ofRobert & AnnFOOT of Duntish
L31May1724 JamesGIBBONSson ofIsaac & Deborah GIBBONSof Cosmore, privately
L21Jun1724 MargaretWATTSdau ofJohn & Sarah WATTSof Sharnehull
L26Jun1724 WilliamMULLETson ofWilliam & Sarah MULLETof Duntish, privately
L03Jul1724 MaryLOVELACEdau ofJohn & Alice LOVELACEof Henley, privately
L05Aug1724 RobertGILHAMson ofJames & Joan GILHAMof Henly, privately
L07Sep1724 EleanorSPICERdau ofJohn & Elizabeth SPICERof Buckland
L17Nov1724 RobertFRAMPTONson ofRobert & Eleanor FRAMPTONprivately
L05Dec1724 UrsulaHELLIERdau ofJohn & Martha HELLIERof Buckland
L17Dec1724 JamesFOOTson ofHenry & EdithFOOT of Henley, privately
L20Dec1724 JohnSYMSson ofJohn & MarySYMS of Brockhampton
L22Dec1724 JohnWHITEson ofJoseph & AnnWHITE of Brockhampton, privately
L06Jan1724/5 JonathanRUSSELLson ofJonathan & Grace RUSSELLof Sharnehull
L05Feb1724/5 JohnCORBINson ofHenry & Elizabeth CORBINof Minterne Parva, privately
L08Feb1724/5 StephenSHERREYson ofThomas & Mary SHERREYof Minterne Parva, privately
L02Mar1724/5 JamesFOOTson ofGeorge & Susanna FOOTof Rew
L23Mar1724/5 ChristianBROWNSEYdau ofWilliam & Ann BROWNSEYof Cosmore, privately
L23Mar1724/5 MarthaCAINSdau ofWilliam & Sarah CAINSof Henley
L06Apr1725 RoseROPERdau ofJoseph & RoseROPER of Buckland, privately
L08Apr1725 EdwardLANEson ofRichard & Mary LANEof Cosmore, privately
L29Apr1725 SarahSTURMYdau ofRobert & Sarah STURMYof Tiley
L13May1725 RobertROPERson ofWilliam & Jane ROPERtwin of Sharnhull, privately
L13May1725 FrancesROPERdau ofWilliam & Jane ROPERtwin of Sharnhull, privately
L06Jul1725 SarahBAKER    base born, of Stoke Abbot
L23Sep1725 MarySYMONDSdau ofJohn & SarahSYMONDS of Clianger
L18Nov1725 HenryPOPLEson ofWilliam & AnnPOPLE of Brockhampton
L19Nov1725 EleanorFRAMPTONdau ofRobert & Eleanor FRAMPTONof Buckland, privately
L01Dec1725 HenryMEECHson ofJames & JaneMEECH of Plush
L16Dec1725 ThomasMULLETson ofJohn & Maria MULLETof Minterne Parva, privately
L01Jan1725/6 PriscillaSYMSdau ofRichard & Hannah SYMSof Plush
L13Jan1725/6 ThomasCAINSson ofChristopher & Honour CAINSof Bowcomb
L06Mar1725/6 ThomasMILLSson ofJohn & Elizabeth MILLSof Buckland
L26Mar1726 ElizabethMULLETdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth MULLETof Duntish
L19Apr1726 GeorgeWATTSson ofGeorge & [blank] WATTSof Buckland
L26Apr1726 WilliamCAINSson ofWilliam & Sarah CAINSof Henley
L28Apr1726 DennisMULLETson ofWilliam & Sarah MULLETof Duntish
L30May1726 HenryHARDYson ofHenry & Elizabeth HARDYof Cosmore
L28Jun1726 JohnILESson ofEdward & Elizabeth ILESof Henley, privately
L11Aug1726 JamesGULLIVERson ofSamuel & Sarah GULLIVERof Rue
L15Sep1726 WilliamBILESson ofThomas & Ann BILESof Plush
L18Sep1726 ThomasFURBERson ofElizabethFURBER of Clianger
L19Sep1726 WilliamROGERSson ofRobert & Elizabeth ROGERSof Plush
L01Dec1726 RichardMULLETson ofRobert & Dorothy MULLETof Duntish
L04Jan1726/7 LydiaRUSSELdau ofJonathan & Grace RUSSELof Brockhampton
L03Feb1726/7 HenryCORBINson ofHenry & Elizabeth CORBINof Little Minterne
L26Mar1727 JosephGILHAMson ofHugh & Elizabeth GILHAM 
L04May1727 MaryTOLLERFIELDdau ofThomas & Ann TOLLERFIELD 
L05May1727 BenjaminBISHOPson ofJohn & Ann BISHOP 
L13Jun1727 RichardPEARSEson ofRichard & Mary PEARSE 
L13Jul1727 ThomasFOOTson ofGeorge & Susanna FOOT 
L18Aug1727 RobertPOPLEson ofWilliam & Ann POPLE 
L05Oct1727 HenrySYMSson ofThomas & Catherine SYMS 
L27Dec1727 ElizabethBARNETTdau ofEdward & Elizabeth BARNETT 
L28Dec1727 MaryBULLOCKdau ofRobert & Mary BULLOCK 
L18Jan1727/8 MaryBROWNSEYdau ofWilliam & Ann BROWNSEY 
L20Jan1727/8 WilliamTOLLERFIELDson ofSamuel & Elizabeth TOLLERFIELD 
L28Jan1727/8 MaryLAWRENCEdau ofThomas & Eleanor LAWRENCE 
L30Jan1727/8 ThomasHOLLANDson ofThomas & Martha HOLLAND 
L03Mar1727/8 ThomasROPERson ofWilliam & Jane ROPER 
L11Mar1727/8 WilliamHANNINGson ofWilliam & Mary HANNING 
L17Mar1727/8 JohnWINTERson ofWilliam & Sarah WINTER 
L22Apr1728 ThomasBILESson ofThomas & AnnBILES  
L18May1728 GeorgeMULLETson ofSamuel & Elizabeth MULLET 
L25May1728 CharlesDRAKEson ofCharles & Mary DRAKE 
L01Oct1728 SusannaMULLETdau ofThomas & Margaret MULLET 
L30Oct1728 ElizabethFRAMPTONdau ofRobert & Eleanor FRAMPTON 
L25Dec1728 GraceGULLIVERdau ofSamuel & Sarah GULLIVER 
L01Jan1728/9 ChristopherSYMSson ofJohn & Mary SYMS 
L09Mar1728/9 ThomasHOLLANDson ofThomas & Martha HOLLAND 
L21Mar1728/9 SarahMULLETdau ofWilliam & Sarah MULLET 
L24Mar1728/9 GraceMITCHELdau ofRichard & Sarah MITCHEL 
L27May1729 MarySYMSdau ofThomas & Catherine SYMS 
L14Jun1729 AnnANSTYdau ofMaryANSTY  
L15Jun1729 AnnWHITEdau ofThomas & MaryWHITE  
L15Jun1729 MaryBLANCHARDdau ofEdward & Margaret BLANCHARD 
L05Aug1729 MaryCORBINdau ofHenry & Elizabeth CORBIN 
L15Aug1729 JohnBISHOPson ofJohn & AnnBISHOP  
L17Aug1729 SarahROGERSdau ofRobert & Elizabeth ROGERS 
L27Aug1729 HenryDERWANTson ofHenry & Susanna DERWANT 
L18Sep1729 James HardimanDAVIDGEson ofJohn & Sarah DAVIDGE 
L18Sep1729 SarahCAINESdau ofWilliam & Sarah CAINES 
L28Sep1729 JohnCAINESson ofChristopher & Honour CAINES 
L23Nov1729 MaryPOPLEdau ofRobert & MaryPOPLE  
L28Nov1729 GeorgePOPLEson ofWilliam & Ann POPLE 
L23Dec1729 SarahFOOTdau ofThomas & Elizabeth FOOT 
L08Jan1729/30 AnnWATTSdau ofGeorge & MaryWATTS  
L11Jan1729/30 SusannaHOPKINSdau ofHenry & Jane HOPKINS 
L25Jan1729/30 MaryWINTERdau ofWilliam & Sarah WINTER 
L10Feb1729/30 MaryMILLSdau ofJohn & Elizabeth MILLS 
L15Mar1729/30 WilliamFOOTson ofHenry & Edith FOOT 
L19Apr1730 JohnLAWRENCEson ofThomas & Eleanor LAWRENCE 
L26Apr1730 RichardANSTYson ofMark & Charity ANSTY 
L03May1730 MarthaHOLLANDdau ofThomas & Martha HOLLAND 
L31May1730 WilliamBROWNSEYson ofWilliam & Ann BROWNSEY 
L16Aug1730 RobertROPERson ofWilliam & Jane ROPER 
L06Sep1730 JohnDAVIDGEson ofJohn & SarahDAVIDGE  
L09Oct1730 SamuelMULLETson ofSamuel & Elizabeth MULLET 
L13Nov1730 AnnBILESdau ofThomas & AnnBILES  
L29Nov1730 HughGILHAMson ofHugh & Elizabeth GILHAM 
L10Dec1730 JosephMULLETson ofThomas & Margaret MULLET 
L11Jan1730/1 MaryCAINESdau ofWilliam & Jane CAINES 
L11Jan1730/1 MarthaCAINESdau ofWilliam & Jane CAINES 
L07Feb1730/1 ElizabethWATTSdau ofGeorge & Mary WATTS 
L14Feb1730/1 SarahDRAKEdau ofCharles & Mary DRAKE 
L19Feb1730/1 HenrySYMSson ofThomas & Catherine SYMS 
L31Mar1731 RobertBULLOCKson ofRobert & Mary BULLOCK 
L14May1731 UnityMULLETdau ofWilliam & Sarah MULLET 
L10Jun1731 WilliamSYMSson ofJohn & MarySYMS  
L29Jun1731 MaryDUNNINGdau ofJohn & Honour DUNNING 
L19Jul1731 MaryPOPLEdau ofWilliam & AnnPOPLE privately
L19Jul1731 AnnPOPLEdau ofWilliam & AnnPOPLE privately
L04Aug1731 ElizabethPOPLEdau ofRobert & Mary POPLE 
L02Sep1731 WilliamFOOTson ofThomas & Elizabeth FOOT 
L12Oct1731 MaryWHITEdau ofThomas & MaryWHITE  
L22Oct1731 WilliamWILLISson ofWilliam & Mary WILLIS 
L17Dec1731 CorneliaCOLLINSdau ofTimothy & Cornelia COLLINS[Vicar of Buckland]
L11Jan1731/2 GeorgeLOWMANson ofLancelot & Ann LOWMAN 
L20Jan1731/2 RichardHELLIERson ofEdward & Catherine HELLIER 
L26Jan1731/2 JamesWINTERson ofWilliam & Sarah WINTER 
L26Jan1731/2 MarthaTIZZARdau ofMaryTIZZAR  
L22Feb1731/2 JaneGILLHAMdau ofHugh & Elizabeth GILLHAM 
L06Mar1731/2 JosephBISHOPson ofJohn & AnnBISHOP  
L12Mar1731/2 ElizabethWILLIAMSdau ofWilliam & Mary WILLIAMS 
L31Mar1732 AnnFOOTdau ofHenry & EdithFOOT  
L31Mar1732 RobertWATTSson ofGeorge & Mary WATTS 
L08Apr1732 JohnTIBBSson ofThomas & MaryTIBBS  
L12Apr1732 SarahDRAKEdau ofCharles & Mary DRAKE 
L28Apr1732 HenryCORBINson ofHenry & Elizabeth CORBIN 
L09Jun1732 JohnHOPKINSson ofHenry & JaneHOPKINS  
L01Jul1732 JohnHOLLANDson ofThomas & Martha HOLLAND 
L01Aug1732 ElizabethPOPLEdau ofRobert & Mary POPLE 
L03Aug1732 SarahDAVIDGEdau ofJohn & Sarah DAVIDGE 
L03Sep1732 RuthROPERdau ofWilliam & JaneROPER  
L05Oct1732 SamuelTHORNEson ofWilliam & Jane THORNE 
L29Oct1732 Mary VincentINGRAMdau ofMaryINGRAM reputed father = Benjamin VINCENT
L06Jan1732/3 AnnMULLETdau ofWilliam & Sarah MULLET 
L07Jan1732/3 ThomasLAWRENCEson ofThomas & Eleanor LAWRENCE 
L25Feb1732/3 JohnBILESson ofThomas & AnnBILES  
L26Mar1733 SarahMULLETdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth MULLET 
L29Mar1733 SamuelTOLLERFIELDson ofSamuel & Elizabeth TOLLERFIELD 
L13May1733 HughGILHAMson ofHugh & Elizabeth GILHAM 
L22May1733 ElizabethFRAMPTONdau ofRobert & Elizabeth FRAMPTON 
L03Aug1733 BenjaminMULLETson ofThomas & Margaret MULLET 
L12Aug1733 BenjaminVINCENTson ofBenjamin & Elizabeth VINCENT 
L26Aug1733 ThomasSTEPHENSson ofEllis & Joanna STEPHENS 
L28Aug1733 GeorgeWHITEson ofThomas & Mary WHITE 
L07Sep1733 MaryHELLIERdau ofEdward & Catherine HELLIER 
L03Nov1733 JohnRUSSLEson ofJonathan & Grace RUSSLE 
L27Dec1733 JamesSYMSson ofThomas & Catherine SYMS 
L27Dec1733 WilliamDUNNINGson ofJohn & Honour DUNNING 
L01Jan1733/4 MargaretELKINSdau ofJoseph & Elizabeth ELKINS 
L17Feb1733/4 MaryTHORNEdau ofWilliam & Jane THORNE 
L21Feb1733/4 ThomasHOLLANDson ofThomas & Martha HOLLAND 
L16Mar1733/4 MaryBILESdau ofThomas & AnnBILES  
L23May1734 WilliamMILLSson ofJohn & Elizabeth MILLS 
L20Aug1734 LancelotLOWMANson ofLancelot & Ann LOWMAN 
L06Jan1734/5 MaryTOLLERFIELDdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth TOLLERFEILD 
L04Feb1734/5 SusannahPOPLEdau ofRobert & Mary POPLE 
L16Feb1734/5 HesterCOXdau ofGiles & RuthCOX  
L17Feb1734/5 JamesFOOTson ofTitus & MaryFOOT  
L16Mar1734/5 ElizabethILESdau ofJohn & Elizabeth ILES 
L11May1735 Hugh RalphFOOTson ofMaryFOOT reputed father = Robert MILLER of Holnest
L06Jul1735 StephenFRAMPTONson ofRobert & Elizabeth FRAMPTON 
L20Jul1735 JamesGOULDson ofSarahGOULD  
L23Aug1735 MarthaMULLETTdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth MULLETT 
L07Sep1735 RobertWATTSson ofGeorge & Mary WATTS 
L19Oct1735 BettyELKINSdau ofJoseph & Elizabeth ELKINS 
L25Nov1735 ElizabethWHITEdau ofThomas & Mary WHITE 
L30Nov1735 MiriamDOWNTONdau ofRobert & Mary DOWNTON 
L04Dec1735 JamesPOPLEson ofWilliam & AnnPOPLE  
L25Dec1735 JonathanHOLLANDson ofThomas & Martha HOLLAND 
L08Jan1735/6 BettyDUNNINGdau ofJohn & Betty DUNNING 
L30Jan1735/6 MargaretMULLETdau ofThomas & Margaret MULLET 
L01Mar1735/6 GilesGILLHAMson ofHugh & Elizabeth GILLHAM 
L01Mar1735/6 WilliamMILLERson ofRichard & Elizabeth MILLER 
L14Mar1735/6 WilliamHELLIERson ofEdward & Catherine HELLIER 
L04Apr1736 WilliamTHORNEson ofWilliam & Jane THORNE 
L22Apr1736 MarySYMSdau ofJohn & MarySYMS  
L23May1736 ThomasBISHOPson ofJohn & AnnBISHOP  
L23May1736 AnnBISHOPdau ofJohn & AnnBISHOP  
L11Jun1736 HonourDUNNINGdau ofJohn & Honour DUNNING 
L14Oct1736 WilliamHELLIERson ofThomas & Jane HELLIER 
L28Oct1736 Mary WoodrowCOLLIERdau ofMargery COLLIERreputed father = John WOODROW
L11Dec1736 AnnBURTdau ofRobert & RoseBURT  
L27Dec1736 ThomasWILLIAMSson ofThomas & Mary WILLIAMS 
L27Jan1736/7 ElizabethTOLLERFIELDdau ofWilliam & Eleanor TOLLERFIELD 
L30Jan1736/7 JohnVINCENTson ofBenjamin & Elizabeth VINCENT 
L02Mar1736/7 ThomasWESTson ofRobert & Racheal WEST 
L02Mar1736/7 BettyWESTdau ofRobert & Racheal WEST 
L06Mar1736/7 JaneWATTSdau ofGeorge & MaryWATTS  
 25Apr1737 WilliamPOPLEson ofRobert & Mary POPLE 
 17May1737 StephenILESson ofJohn & Elizabeth ILES 
 06Jun1737 SamuelTOLLERFIELDson ofSamuel & Elizabeth TOLLERFIELD 
 12Jun1737 AnneLAWRENCEdau ofThomas & Elianor LAWRENCE 
 07Aug1737 JosephSPICERson ofWilliam & Elizabeth SPICER 
 21Aug1737 RichardGULLIVERson ofSamuel & Sarah GULLIVER 
 17Sep1737 JohnANSTYson ofMark & CharityANSTY  
 18Sep1737 ThomasRUSSELson ofAnneRUSSEL  
 27Oct1737 AnneSPICERdau ofAnneSPICER [same day as burial of Anne SPICER]
 01Nov1737 JosephDOWNTONson ofJoseph & Mary DOWNTON 
 05Dec1737 ChristianHILLIERdau ofEdward & Catherine HILLIER 
 27Dec1737 ThomasWHITEson ofThomas & Mary WHITE 
 29Dec1737 RobertBURTson ofRobert & RoseBURT  
 19Mar1737/8 ConstanceMEECHdau ofThomas & Edith MEECH 
 25Mar1738 ThomasMULLETson ofThomas & Margarett MULLET 
 26Mar1738 MaryGILHAMdau ofHugh & Elizabeth GILHAM 
 15Apr1738 JohnHILLIERson ofThomas & Jane HILLIER 
 21Apr1738 BettyWESTdau ofRobert & Rachel WEST 
 04May1738 MaryDUNNINGdau ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 24Jul1738 WilliamMULLETson ofSamuel & Elizabeth MULLET 
 21Dec1738 WilliamHOLLANDson ofThomas & Martha HOLLAND 
 13Jan1738/9 RichardHELLIERson ofHenry & Mary HELLIER 
 16Jan1738/9 BettySPICERdau ofWilliam & Mary SPICER 
 01Mar1738/9 GraceBISHOPdau ofJohn & AnneBISHOP  
 11Mar1738/9 WilliamDAWson ofWilliam & Sarah DAW 
 18Mar1738/9 ElizabethTHORNEdau ofWilliam & Jane THORNE 
 25Mar1739 BettyPOPLEdau ofWilliam & Anne POPLE 
 08Apr1739 JamesVINCENTson ofBenjamin & Elizabeth VINCENT 
 08Apr1739 WilliamVINCENTson ofBenjamin & Elizabeth VINCENT 
 29Apr1739 MaryBRUSHFORDdau ofElianorBRUSHFORD  
 06May1739 ChristianCORBINdau ofHenry & Elizabeth CORBIN 
 22May1739 AnneWINTERdau ofWilliam & Sarah WINTER 
 03May1739 John ChapmanDAWson ofSusannahDAW  
 25Sep1739 BettyMITCHELdau ofWilliam & Sarah MITCHEL 
 02Oct1739 JaneSYMSdau ofJohn & MarySYMS  
 07Oct1739 JohnILESson ofJohn & BettyILES  
 14Oct1739 MaryHARRYdau ofGeorge & JaneHARRY  
 01Nov1739 JudithMULLETdau ofThomas & Margarett MULLET 
 05Nov1739 PhyllisDUNNINGdau ofThomas & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 13Dec1739 GeorgeFRAMPTONson ofRobert & Elizabeth FRAMPTON 
 29Jan1739/40 StephenHELLIERson ofGeorge & Margarett HELLIER 
 24Feb1739/40 ThomasWATTSson ofGeorge & Mary WATTS 
 02Mar1739/40 AlesWHITEdau ofThomas & MaryWHITE  
 27Apr1740 MarySHERREYYdau ofWilliam & Sarah SHERREY 
 07Jun1740 JohnHILLIERdau ofThomas & Jane HILLIER 
 07Jun1740 BettyHILLIERson ofThomas & Jane HILLIER 
 27Jul1740 JohnGILHAMson ofHugh & Elizabeth GILHAM 
 29Sep1740 JaneTOLLERFIELDdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth TOLLERFIELD 
 20Oct1740 JosephCOXson ofGiles & RuthCOX  
 02Nov1740 RobertWESTson ofRobert & Rachel WEST 
 05Nov1740 AlexanderSANSOMson ofMarySANSOM  
 09Dec1740 JamesDUNNINGson ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 26Dec1740 MarySPICERdau ofWilliam & Elizabeth SPICER 
 14Feb1740/1 MaryMULLETdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth MULLET 
 08Mar1740/1 JamesVINCENTson ofBenjamin & Elizabeth VINCENT 
 23Mar1740/1 MarthaKINGSBERRYdau ofAndrew & Mary KINGSBERRY 
 09May1741 MaryTOLLERFIELDdau ofWilliam & Eleonar TOLLERFIELD 
 31May1741 AnnTHORNEdau ofWilliam & JaneTHORNE  
 21Jun1741 ChristianHELLIERdau ofEdward & Catherine HELLIER 
 05Oct1741 NannyHELLIERdau ofHenry & Mary HELLIER 
 24Oct1741 SamuelHOLLANDson ofThomas & Martha HOLLAND 
 23Nov1741 WilliamHOPKINSson ofJohn & Jane HOPKINS 
 29Dec1741 BettyHELLIERdau ofGeorge & Honor HELLIER 
 17Jan1741/2 JohnPOPLEson ofRobert & MaryPOPLE  
 28Feb1741/2 RichardLOCKson ofAndrew & Elizabeth LOCK 
 05Apr1742 GeorgeDAWson ofWilliam & Sarah DAW 
 20Apr1742 HenryDUNNINGson ofThomas & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 20Apr1742 SarahSHERREYdau ofWilliam & Sarah SHERREY 
 02Jun1742 GraceWHITEdau ofThomas & MaryWHITE  
 25Jul1742 WilliamDAVIDGEson ofJohn & Mary DAVIDGEof Mappowder
 12Aug1742 WilliamMULLETson ofThomas & Margaret MULLET 
 12Sep1742 WilliamCAINESson ofWilliam & Elizabeth CAINES 
 13Sep1742 ElizabethANTRAMdau ofJoseph & Mary ANTRAM 
 24Sep1742 MarthaHILLIERdau ofGeorge & Margaret HILLIER 
 21Oct1742 ThomasBARTLETTson ofWilliam & Mary BARTLETT 
 03Feb1742/3 SarahANSTYdau ofMark & Charity ANSTY 
 04Apr1743 JennyDUNNINGdau ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 05Apr1743 AnnWESTdau ofRobert & RachaelWEST  
 29Apr1743 MaryVINCENTdau ofBenjamin & Elizabeth VINCENTof Plush
 29Apr1743 ThomasVINCENTson ofBenjamin & Elizabeth VINCENTof Plush
 13May1743 HenryHOPKINSson ofHenry & Jane HOPKINS 
 22May1743 JohnCRANEson ofSamuel & EdithCRANE privately
 29May1743 ThomasHYDEson ofSeth & Dorothy HYDEof Godmanston
 07Aug1743 RobertPOPLEson ofRobert & Mary POPLE 
 09Oct1743 MaryLOCKdau ofAndrew & Elizabeth LOCK 
 31Oct1743 MaryFURBERdau ofEllis & Elizabeth FURBER 
 27Dec1743 ThomasHILLIERson ofHenry & Mary HILLIER 
 12Feb1743/4 GraceWHITEdau ofThomas & MaryWHITE privately
 11Mar1743/4 WilliamHANNAMson ofWilliam & Mary HANNAMprivately
 08Apr1744 CharlesDUNNINGson ofThomas & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 01May1744 JohnROBINSson ofJoseph & MaryROBINS privately
 06May1744 JohnSTICKLANDson ofJohn & Joan STICKLAND 
 23May1744 JamesSTRANGE    grown person [i.e. adult christening]
 27May1744 SusannahSANSOMdau ofJohn & Susanna SANSOMjunior
 02Jun1744 MarySYMSdau ofWilliam & AnneSYMS  
 07Jun1744 JohnSALISBURYson ofThomas & Elizabeth SALISBURY 
 11Jun1744 GeorgeFOOTson ofMaryFOOT  
 12Jun1744 MaryTOLLERFIELDdau ofWilliam & Eleanor TOLLERFIELD 
 29Jun1744 JohnSTRANGE    grown person [i.e. adult christening]
 29Jun1744 ElizabethSTRANGE    grown person [i.e. adult christening]
 13Jul1744 AnneHOPKINSdau ofJohn & JaneHOPKINS  
 12Aug1744 HonourHILLIERdau ofGeorge & Honour HILLIER 
 14Sep1744 SarahSHERRYdau ofWilliam & Sarah SHERRY 
 11Nov1744 RichardSCUTTson ofJohn & Elizabeth SCUTTprivately
 20Jan1744/5 RachaelMITCHELLdau ofJohn & Grace MITCHELL 
 10Feb1744/5 MarthaMEECHdau ofJohn & Martha MEECH 
 14Apr1745 MaryLOCKdau ofAndrew & Elizabeth LOCK 
 03May1745 WilliamWATTSson ofSimon & Hannah WATTS 
 17Jun1745 ThomasWESTson ofRobert & Rachel WEST 
 30Jun1745 WilliamBRUSHETson ofWilliam & Christian BRUSHET 
 07Jul1745 SarahTHORNEdau ofWilliam & Jane THORNE 
 06Aug1745 MarkANSTEYson ofMark & Charity ANSTEY 
 16Aug1745 MaryCRANEdau ofSamuel & EdithCRANE  
 16Aug1745 PeggyHILLIERdau ofGeorge & Margaret HILLIER 
 24Sep1745 ThomasMILLMERson ofHenry & [blank] MILLMER 
 01Nov1745 JohnFURBERson ofJames & JaneFURBER privately
 24Nov1745 MaryLOVELISSdau ofJohn & Susanna LOVELISS 
 07Dec1745 DanielHOLLANDson ofThomas & Martha HOLLAND 
 18Dec1745 JennySYMSdau ofWilliam & AnneSYMS  
 06Jan1745/6 WalterROBBINSson ofJoseph & Mary ROBBINS 
 16Jan1745/6 Anna RittaMULLETdau ofThomas & Margaret MULLET 
 19Feb1745/6 BettyFURBERdau ofEllis & Elizabeth FURBER 
 31Mar1746 WilliamDUNNINGson ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 31Mar1746 ElizabethHILLIERdau ofHenry & Mary HILLIER 
 13Apr1746 SarahSAMSONdau ofJohn & Susanna SAMSON 
 11May1746 RobertHANNAMson ofWilliam & Mary HANNAM 
 16May1746 WilliamLANEson ofRichard & Anne LANEprivately
 11Jun1746 EdmundHOLLANDson ofHenry & Mary HOLLAND 
 01Jul1746 JosephTIZARson ofMaryTIZAR  
 17Aug1746 JohnHILLIERson ofEdward & [blank] HILLIER 
 10Sep1746 ThomasCAINESson ofWilliam & Elizabeth CAINES 
 10Sep1746 ElizabethCAINESdau ofWilliam & Elizabeth CAINES 
 05Nov1746 JohnMAJORson ofJohn & GraceMAJOR privately
 30Nov1746 JohnMEECHson ofJohn & MarthaMEECH  
 01Dec1746 MarySALISBURYdau ofThomas & Elizabeth SALISBURYprivately
 29Dec1746 GraceHOPKINSdau ofJohn & JaneHOPKINS  
 29Dec1746 AnneBARTLETTdau ofWilliam & Anne BARTLETT 
 07Jan1746/7 ElizabethSHERRYdau ofWilliam & Sarah SHERRY 
 07Mar1746/7 BettyCRANEdau ofSamuel & Edith CRANEprivately
 01May1747 RebeccahSPICERdau ofWilliam & Elizabeth SPICERprivately
 21May1747 AbelLOCKson ofAndrew & Elizabeth LOCKprivately
 20Jun1747 JennyHILLIERdau ofGeorge & Margaret HILLIERprivately
 06Jul1747 SusannahCOWARDdau ofEdmund & Abigail COWARD 
 30Aug1747 BettySYMESdau ofWilliam & Anne SYMES 
 01Oct1747 AnneFURBERdau ofJames & JaneFURBER  
 05Nov1747 GeorgeWHIFFENson ofHenry & Anne WHIFFEN 
 15Nov1747 RachelWESTdau ofRobert & Rachel WEST 
 30Dec1747 MaryROBBINSdau ofJoseph & Mary ROBBINSprivately
 08Jan1747/8 WilliamCAINESson ofThomas & Elizabeth CAINESprivately
 17Jan1747/8 MarySPICERdau ofEleanorSPICER  
 25Jan1747/8 MaryWATTSdau ofSimon & HannahWATTS  
 17Feb1747/8 AnneSANSOMdau ofJohn & MarySANSOM  
 16Mar1747/8 WilliamMULLETTson ofRichard & Sarah MULLETT 
 07Apr1748 Rose AnnaMULLETdau ofThomas & Margaret MULLET 
 25Apr1748 JosephSTRANGE    grown person [i.e. adult christening]
 30May1748 WilliamWARRson ofMaryWARR privately
 15Jun1748 JosephROPERson ofWilliam & Ann ROPER 
 15Jun1748 JohnROPERson ofWilliam & AnnROPER  
 24Jun1748 JamesFOOTson ofMaryFOOT  
 27Jun1748 AnnBIRDdau ofThomas & Elizabeth BIRD 
 17Jul1748 ChristianSAMPSONdau ofMarySAMPSON  
 20Sep1748 JohnHILLIERson ofRobert & Mary HILLIER 
 25Sep1748 JohnHANNAMson ofWilliam & Mary HANNAM 
 28Oct1748 AmbroseHILLIERson ofHenry & Mary HILLIER 
 30Oct1748 ElizabethANSTEYdau ofMark & Charity ANSTEY 
 30Jan1748/9 HenryDUNNINGson ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 04Feb1748/9 WilliamBARTLETTson ofWilliam & Ann BARTLETTprivately
 19Feb1748/9 MarySYMSdau ofWilliam & AviceSYMS  
 10Mar1748/9 SarahSPICERdau ofWilliam & Elizabeth SPICER 
 26Mar1749 HenryMEECHson ofJohn & MarthaMEECH  
 29Mar1749 AnnHOLLANDdau ofHenry & MaryHOLLAND  
 14Apr1749 EdwardLANEson ofRichard & AnnLANE  
 17Apr1749 TabithaSHERRYdau ofWilliam & Sarah SHERRY 
 25Apr1749 AnnCOWARDdau ofEdward & Abigail COWARD 
 22May1749 JennyHOPKINSson ofJaneHOPKINS widow [of John HOPKINS], privately
 06Jun1749 ThomasFURBERson ofJames & Jane FURBERprivately
 06Jun1749 JamesFURBERson ofJames & JaneFURBER privately
 12Jun1749 AnnMITCHELLdau ofJohn & GraceMITCHELL  
 15Jul1749 MaryDUNNINGdau ofWilliam & Mary DUNNINGprivately
 28Sep1749 GeorgeLUCKHAMson ofJohn & Susannah LUCKHAMprivately
 12Nov1749 JohnMOWLAMson ofRobert & [blank] MOWLAM 
 14Nov1749 JohnEDMUNDSson ofThomas & Betty EDMUNDS 
 26Dec1749 MaryMULLETTdau ofRichard & Sarah MULLETT 
 13Jan1749/50 JaneCAINESdau ofThomas & Elizabeth CAINESprivately
 27Jan1749/50 BettyBARTLETTdau ofWilliam & Ame BARTLETT 
 07Mar1749/50 MarySAMPSONdau ofJohn & MarySAMPSON  
 18Mar1749/50 JohnSTRANGEson ofJames & MarySTRANGE privately
 05Apr1750 RepentanceDAVIDGEdau ofRobert & Repentance DAVIDGE 
 06May1750 RobertWESTson ofRobert & Rachel WEST 
 11May1750 MaryROPERdau ofRobert & Frances ROPER 
 12May1750 BettyROBBINSdau ofJoseph & Mary ROBBINS 
 31May1750 ElizabethSPICERdau ofJohn & Mary SPICER 
 20Aug1750 ThomasWATTSson ofJohn & DeaWATTS  
 17Sep1750 JohnBILESson ofWilliam & AnnBILES  
 19Oct1750 JemimaMULLETTdau ofThomas & Margaret MULLETT 
 01Nov1750 EdithCRANEdau ofSamuel & Edith CRANE 
 17Dec1750 HenryMEECHson ofHenry & SarahMEECH  
 26Dec1750 JohnCOWARDson ofEdmund & Abigail COWARD 
 13Jan1750/1 JohnLUCKHAMson ofJohn & Susanna LUCKHAMprivately
 13Jan1750/1 MargeryDUNNINGdau ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 24Jan1750/1 GeorgeEDMUNDSson ofThomas & Betty EDMUNDSprivately
 20Feb1750/1 HannahWATTSdau ofSimon & Hannah WATTS 
 03Mar1750/1 MaryHANNAMdau ofWilliam & Mary HANNAM 
 14Apr1751 AnneSYMSdau ofWilliam & AnneSYMS  
 15Apr1751 MaryBARTLETTdau ofWilliam & Anne BARTLETT 
 25Apr1751 ThomasGOSLINson ofSarahGOSLIN reputed father = Thomas BIRD. Spurious Son.
 13May1751 Mellier BigginsADAMSdau ofAnnADAMS of Pointington. Spurious Daughter.
 09Jun1751 JohnROPERson ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROPER 
 17Jun1751 BettyDUNNINGdau ofWilliam & Mary DUNNING 
 28Jul1751 MarthaROPERdau ofRobert & Frances ROPER 
 30Aug1751 SarahFURBERdau ofJames & JaneFURBER  
 26Dec1751 RobertMULLETson ofRichard & Sarah MULLET 
 31Dec1751 ElizabethMOWLAMdau ofJohn & Mary MOWLAM 
 05Jan1752 JohnSPICERson ofJohn & MarySPICER  
 12Jan1752 JamesSANSOMson ofMarySANSOM Base Son
 26Jan1752 ThomasSTRANGEson ofJames & Mary STRANGEprivately
 23Feb1752 SarahBILESdau ofWilliam & AnnBILES  
 30Mar1752 GeorgeHELLIERson ofHenry & Ann HELLIER 
 09Apr1752 ThomasSHERRYson ofWilliam & Sarah SHERRY 
 25Apr1752 RobertDAVIDGEson ofRobert & Repentance DAVIDGE 
 26Apr1752 JamesSANSOMson ofMarySANSOM Spurious Son [earlier christening may have been a private christening]
 01Jun1752 ElizabethLUCKHAMdau ofJohn & Susanna LUCKHAMprivately
 11Jun1752 ThomasWHIFFINson ofHenry & Ann WHIFFIN 
 11Jun1752 GeorgeSPICERson ofWilliam & Elizabeth SPICER 
 20Jul1752 HonourCAINESdau ofThomas & Priscilla CAINESprivately
 01Aug1752 JosephGREENson ofJoseph & AnnGREEN  
 24Sep1752 RichardSYMESson ofRichard & Mary SYMES 
 21Oct1752 WilliamROPERson ofRobert & Mary ROPER 
 14Nov1752 JohnMILLSson ofThomas & Susannah MILLS 
 17Nov1752 DanielHOLLANDson ofHenry & Mary HOLLAND 
 05Dec1752 RebeccahSPICERdau ofEleanorSPICER Base daughter. privately
 06Dec1752 WilliamSYMESson ofWilliam & Avis SYMESprivately
 17Dec1752 JosephROBBINSson ofJoseph & Mary ROBBINS 
 25Dec1752 WilliamBUTTONson ofWilliam & Elizabeth BUTTON 
 27Dec1752 JohnSPICERson ofJohn & MarySPICER  
 28Dec1752 ThomasEDMUNDSson ofThomas & Betty EDMUNDS 
 19Jan1753 WilliamCOWARDson ofEdmund & Abigail COWARD 
 11Feb1753 BettyMULLETdau ofRichard & Sarah MULLET 
 25Feb1753 HenryHANNAMson ofWilliam & Mary HANNAM 
 18Mar1753 JosephROPERson ofRobert & Frances ROPER 
 18Mar1753 ThomasDUNNINGson ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 23Apr1753 MaryMULLETdau ofJohn & SarahMULLET  
 29May1753 SimonSTRANGEson ofJames & Mary STRANGE 
 10Jun1753 MaryBILESdau ofWilliam & AnnBILES  
 25Jun1753 HenryHILLIERson ofAnnHILLIER widow
 22Jul1753 MaryWESTdau ofRobert & Rachael WEST 
 01Aug1753 JamesMEECHson ofHenry & SarahMEECH  
 06Aug1753 JamesDUNNINGson ofWilliam & Mary DUNNING 
 21Sep1753 EllisFURBERson ofJames & JeanFURBER  
 24Sep1753 JohnMILLERson ofJohn & JennyMILLER of Plush
 14Oct1753 MarthaANSTYdau ofMark & Charity ANSTY 
 21Oct1753 AndrewSAMPSONson ofJohn & Sarah SAMPSON 
 25Oct1753 JaneBARTLETdau ofWilliam & Ann BARTLET 
 30Nov1753 AnnROPERdau ofRobert & MaryROPER  
 20Jan1754 ThomasSYMESson ofWilliam & Ann SYMESadmitted into the Church
 10Feb1754 SarahLOVELLdau ofRobert & Frances LOVELL 
 10Feb1754 JohnSYMESson ofWilliam & MarySYMES  
 23Feb1754 SusannaLUCKHAMdau ofJohn & Susanna LUCKHAMprivately
 03Mar1754 FannyGREENdau ofJoseph & AnnGREEN  
 19May1754 MaryDAVIDGEdau ofRobert & Repentance DAVIDGE 
 26May1754 JosephBILESson ofThomas & Jane BILES 
 03Jun1754 RichardCAINESson ofRichard & Sarah CAINES 
 14Jul1754 MarthaHILIERdau ofRobert & Mary HILIER 
 12Aug1754 MaryBULLOCKdau ofJohn & SarahBULLOCK privately
 21Aug1754 ThomasCAINESson ofThomas & Priscilla CAINES 
 26Sep1754 ChloeMULLETdau ofJohn & SarahMULLET  
 27Sep1754 MaryLOVELASSdau ofJames & Elizabeth LOVELASSof Alton
 29Sep1754 WilliamLOVELASSson ofJohn & Susannah LOVELASSof Plush
 28Dec1754 KemeyPOPLEdau ofHenry & AnnPOPLE privately
 Memorandum: Richard CAINES’s son Richard was not registered … being not … ... legitimate [crossed out - difficult to read]
 20Jan1755 JosephROPERson ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROPER 
 26Jan1755 ThomasSYMSson ofWilliam & Avis SYMS 
 01Feb1755 ElizabethDAWdau ofElizabethDAW  
 23Feb1755 WilliamBILESson ofWilliam & Ann BILESof Plush
 07Mar1755 SusannaDUNNINGdau ofWilliam & Mary DUNNING 
 14Mar1755 BettyMILLSdau ofThomas & Susanna MILLSprivately
 26Mar1755 Kemey HodgesLUCKHAMdau ofJohn & Susanna LUCKHAMprivately
 30Mar1755 WilliamSHERRYson ofWilliam & Sarah SHERRY 
 30Mar1755 JennySTRANGEdau ofJames & Mary STRANGE 
 06Apr1755 SimonWATTSson ofSimon & Hannah WATTS 
 01Jun1755 WalterROBBINSson ofJoseph & Mary ROBBINS 
 13Jun1755 RobertDUNNINGson ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 22Jun1755 WilliamROPERson ofRobert & Frances ROPER 
 17Jul1755 ElizabethLANEdau ofEdward & Jean LANE 
 08Aug1755 WilliamMILLERson ofThomas & Elizabeth MILLERof Cerne Abbas
 29Sep1755 JonathanRUSSELLson ofJonathan & Susanna RUSSELL 
 23Nov1755 AnnMULLETdau ofRichard & Sarah MULLET 
 14Dec1755 RichardSYMSson ofWilliam & Anne SYMS 
 28Dec1755 BettyBATTERdau ofRobert & Mary BATTER 
 03Jan1756 JamesSPICERson ofJohn & MarySPICER  
 29Jan1756 RobertSPICERson ofElionarSPICER privately
 29Feb1756 BettyLOVELLdau ofRobert & Frances LOVELL 
 16Mar1756 ThomasHANNAMson ofWilliam & Frances HANNAM 
 16Mar1756 ElizabethCRANEdau ofWalter & Ann CRANEprivately
 17Mar1756 AnnPOPLEdau ofHenry & AnnPOPLE  
 21Mar1756 MaryMAJORdau ofJohn & GraceMAJOR  
 02Apr1756 JosephMULLETson ofJohn & Sarah MULLET 
 14Apr1756 AliceHILLIERdau ofRobert & Mary HILLIER 
 25Apr1756 WilliamBAILEYson ofJohn & [blank] BAILEY 
 27Apr1756 ChristopherCAINESson ofJohn & Ann CAINES 
 03May1756 ThomasCAINESson ofThomas & Elizabeth CAINES 
 07May1756 RichardCURTISson ofRichard & Jane CURTIS 
 09May1756 AnnMILLERdau ofJohn & MaryMILLER  
 16May1756 AnnDAVIDGEdau ofRobert & Repentance DAVIDGE 
 16May1756 BenjaminGREENson ofJoseph & Ann GREEN 
 17May1756 WilliamRUSSELson ofJohn & AnnRUSSEL  
 08Jun1756 HenryROPERson ofRobert & MaryROPER privately
 19Jun1756 MaryMADDOX    privately
 18Jul1756 RuthROPERdau ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROPER 
 16Aug1756 PhillisDUNNINGdau ofWilliam & Mary DUNNING 
 21Sep1756 JohnMEECHson ofHenry & SarahMEECH  
 29Sep1756 BettyWATTSdau ofJohn & DeaWATTS  
 12Oct1756 StephenSANSOMson ofMarySANSOM  
 17Oct1756 SamuelSYMSson ofRichard & Mary SYMS 
 24Oct1756 HenrySYMSson ofRichard & MarySYMS  
 19Dec1756 MaryMILLSdau ofThomas & Susanna MILLS 
 25Dec1756 EdmundCOWARDson ofEdmund & Abigail COWARD 
 26Dec1756 JennyROPERdau ofRobert & Frances ROPER 
 08Jan1757 AnnLUCKHAMdau ofJohn & Susannah LUCKHAMprivately
 25Jan1757 JohnCAINESson ofThomas & Priscilla CAINES 
 27Jan1757 SarahCAINESdau ofRichard & Sarah CAINES 
 09Apr1757 AmyEILESdau ofElizabethEILES  
 11Apr1757 RobertBULLOCKson ofJohn & Sarah BULLOCK 
 04May1757 ThomasHILLIERson ofWilliam & Esther HILLIERof Duntch
 12May1757 RobertMILLERson ofJohnMILLER [BTs give mother’s name as Jane]
 12May1757 JennyMILLERdau ofJohnMILLER [BTs give mother’s name as Jane]
 29May1757 JamesROGERSson ofWilliam & Betty ROGERS 
 30May1757 MaryRANDALdau ofRobert & Betty RANDAL 
 26Jun1757 GeorgeKINGMANson ofThomas & Ann KINGMAN 
 24Aug1757 JosephSPICERson ofJohn & MarySPICER  
 18Sep1757 RichardLANEson ofEdward & Jane LANE 
 16Oct1757 JohnBATTERson ofRobert & MaryBATTER at Plush
 13Nov1757 MarySTRANGEdau ofJames & MarySTRANGE of Duntch
 27Dec1757 JamesCAINESson ofJohn & AnnCAINES  
 27Dec1757 AnnMEECHdau ofJohn & MarthaMEECH  
 08Feb1758 AnnDUNNINGdau ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNINGof Revels
 03Mar1758 RobertSTRANGE     
 03Mar1758 MaryWATTSdau ofSimonWATTS [BTs give mother’s name as Jean]
 05Mar1758 SusannaMITCHEL    [BTs give parents’ names as Peter & Sarah]
 01May1758 JohnFOOTson ofWilliam & JoanFOOT  
 14May1758 SamuelHAMMONDson ofWilliam & Mary HAMMOND 
 22May1758 JonathanLUCKHAMson ofJohn & Susanna LUCKHAM 
 12Jun1758 WilliamPOPLEson ofGeorge & Mary POPLE 
 23Jul1758 JohnWENSERson ofJohn & MaryWENSER  
 18Aug1758 JamesSHERRYson ofWilliam & Sarah SHERRY 
 31Aug1758 AnnLOVLASSdau ofJosephLOVLASS  
 03Sep1758 JamesBAILYson ofJamesBAILY [BTs give mother’s name as Edith]
 17Sep1758 JamesDAVIDGEson ofRobert & Mary DAVIDGE 
 04Oct1758 RobertHILLIERson ofRobertHILLIER [BTs give mother’s name as Mary]
 11Nov1758 ThomasGROZEson ofJoanGROZE [BT’s have Thomas son of Ralph & Joan BARTLET; Ralph BARTLET wed Joan GROVES
           at Wynford Eagle on 31-Jan-1757 so this should possibly be Thomas Groves BARTLET]
 10Dec1758 PeninnahMULLETdau ofJohnMULLET [BTs give mother’s names as Sarah]
 31Dec1758 JamesROBENSson ofJosephROBENS [BTs give mother’s name as Mary]
 02Feb1759 JeanROPERdau ofJoseph & Elizabeth ROPER 
 02Feb1759 MariahMULLETdau ofBenjaminMULLET [BTs give mother’s name as Mary]
 16Feb1759 PrecillaTIZARDdau ofMarthaTIZARD  
 07Mar1759 JohnRUSSELson ofJohn & AnnRUSSEL  
 04Apr1759 BettyCAINSdau ofRichard & Sarah CAINS 
 04Apr1759 MaryCAINSdau ofRichard & Sarah CAINS 
 11Apr1759 JohnLOWMANson ofGeorgeLOWMAN [BTs give mother’s name as Catherine]
 05Jun1759 JohnBULLOCKson ofJohn & SarahBULLOCK  
 10Jun1759 JohnGILLINGHAMson ofJohn & Mary GILLINGHAM 
 24Aug1759 MaryCURTISdau ofRichard & Jean CURTISof Buckland
 16Sep1759 AnnRANDLEdau ofRobert & Elizabeth RANDLEof Henly
 21Sep1759 AnnPOPLEdau ofJames & MarthaPOPLE of Buckland
 23Sep1759 SimonOLDson ofRobert & Elizabeth OLDof Sharnel
 29Sep1759 GeorgeCAINESson ofThomas & Precella CAINESof Buckham
 21Oct1759 AnnRUSSELdau ofJonathan & Sarah RUSSELof Sharnell
 11Nov1759 WilliamWATTSson ofJohn & DeaWATTS of Chezmore
 18Nov1759 AnnLANEdau ofEdward & JeanLANE of Duntish
 18Nov1759 BettyCOOMBSdau ofWilliam & Martha COOMBS 
 27Dec1759 JohnCAINESson ofJohn & AnnCAINES of Brockhamton
 01Jan1760 JohnRODGESson ofWilliamRODGES of Plush
 20Jan1760 JosephSTRANGEson ofJames & Mary STRANGE 
 03Feb1760 JohnDIMONDson ofHugh & Elizabeth DIMONDof Buckland
 17Feb1760 WilliamFRAMPTONson ofThomas & Ruth FRAMPTONof Buckland
 19Feb1760 GeorgePOPLEson ofGeorge & Mary POPLEof Brockhamton
 13Apr1760 SarahHANNAMdau ofWilliam & Mary HANNAMof Plush
 24Apr1760 WilliamROPERson ofRobert & Mary ROPER 
 24Apr1760 AnnLUCKHAMdau ofJohn & SusanaLUCKHAM  
 27Apr1760 ElnorMEECHdau ofJohn & MarthaMEECH of Plush
 27Apr1760 BettyMEECHdau ofJohn & MarthaMEECH of Plush
 11May1760 BettyGROVESdau ofThomasGROVES of Plush
 11May1760 JohnSANSOMson ofMarySANSOM  
 26May1760 MargratHOLLANDdau ofHenry & Mary HOLLANDof Mintern
 15Jun1760 GraceBISHOPdau ofJoseph & Easther BISHOPof Duntish
 24Jun1760 AnnLOWMANdau ofGeorge & Cathren LOWMANof Chozmore
 13Jul1760 JohnMITCHELson ofPetter & Sarah MITCHEL 
 27Jul1760 JohnMULLETson ofRichard & Sarah MULLETof Sharnell
 03Aug1760 HannahMULLETdau ofJohn & Sarah MULLETof Duntish
 06Oct1760 MaryBEARNSdau ofJohnBEARNS of Clingor
 01Dec1760 StephenPOPLEson ofHenry & AnnPOPLE of Buckland
 01Jan1761 StephenEILESson ofElizabethEILES  
 18Feb1761 RebeccaSPICERdau ofJohn & Mary SPICER 
 26Feb1761 MariahPOPLEdau ofJames & Martha POPLE 
 27Feb1761 JamesBARTLETTson ofRoger & Joan BARTLETTof Bewlywood
 11Mar1761 WilliamMITCHELson ofJohn & Lydia MITCHEL 
 12Apr1761 JeanRODGESdau ofWilliam & Elizabeth RODGESof Plush
 25Apr1761 WilliamDIMANTson ofHugh & Elizabeth DIMANT 
 26Apr1761 Sarah DaviceBILESdau ofWilliam & Ann BILESof Plush
 14Jun1761 RobertMULLETson ofBenjamen & Mary MULLET 
 05Jul1761 CharlsSCUTTson ofAnnSCUTT  
 07Aug1761 JohnPOPLEson ofGeorge & MaryPOPLE  
 30Aug1761 MarthaMILLSdau ofThomas & Susanah MILLS 
 30Aug1761 JohnMULLETson ofJohn & SarahMULLET  
 13Sep1761 CathrenRUSSELdau ofJohn & AnnRUSSEL  
 20Sep1761 WilliamCOOMBSson ofWilliam & Martha COOMBS 
 18Oct1761 ElizabethROBENSdau ofJoseph & Mary ROBENS 
 18Oct1761 SamuelBULLOCKson ofJohn & Sara BULLOCK 
 19Oct1761 WilliamLOWMANson ofGeorge & Cathren LOWMAN 
 05Nov1761 SamuelTHORNson ofWilliam & Susana THORN 
 06Dec1761 JosephRUSSELson ofThomas & [blank] RUSSEL 
 13Dec1761 JosephBISHOPson ofJoseph & Easther BISHOP 
 13Dec1761 JosephBAILYson ofEdethBAILY  
 26Dec1761 ChristianCAINESdau ofJohn & Ann CAINES 
 27Dec1761 ThomasGROVESson ofThomas & Mary GROVESof Plush
 01Jan1762 JohnHOLLANDson ofJonothon & Mary HOLLAND 
 02Apr1762 HariotteFOYdau ofFitzwilliam & Mrs L. M. FOY 
 25Apr1762 ThomasMITTCHELson ofJohn & Lydia MITTCHEL 
 25Apr1762 JeanFRAMPTONdau ofThomas & Ruth FRAMPTON 
 20May1762 GeorgeCURTISson ofRichard & Jean CURTIS 
 31May1762 MaryCAINESdau ofRichard & Sarah CAINES 
 24Jun1762 ThomasLANEson ofEdward & JeanLANE  
 29Jun1762 MaryHOPKINSdau ofJohn & BettyHOPKINS  
 18Aug1762 Johnbase bornson ofan unknown woman   
 24Aug1762 JosephCAINESson ofThomas & Percilla CAINES 
 03Oct1762 MarySANSOMdau ofMarySANSOM  
 10Oct1762 SusanaLOWMANdau ofGeorge & Cathren LOWMAN 
 31Oct1762 HenryLUCKHAMson ofJohn & Susanah LUCKHAM 
 27Dec1762 JamesSTRANGEson ofJames & Mary STRANGE 
 06Jan1763 SusanaMULLETdau ofBenjamen & Mary MULLET 
 18Jan1763 JudeaMULLETson ofJohn & SaraMULLET  
 23Feb1763 BettyBARTLETdau ofRalph & Joan BARTLET 
 23Feb1763 AnnBARTLETdau ofRalph & JoanBARTLET  
 27Feb1763 SaraRUSSELLdau ofJonothon & Susana RUSSELL 
 10Mar1763 ElizabethPOPLEdau ofJames & Martha POPLE 
 17Mar1763 GeorgeSPICERson ofAnnSPICER  
 17Apr1763 JosephSPICERson ofElnorSPICER  
 08May1763 MaryBILESdau ofWilliam & AnnBILES  
 08May1763 ElnorBILESdau ofWilliam & AnnBILES  
 22May1763 MarthaMITTCHELdau ofJohn & Lydia MITTCHEL 
 05Jun1763 JohnWINTERson ofAnnWINTER  
 05Jun1763 BettyLOWMANDdau ofCathrenLOWMAND  
 13Jun1763 JeanyFOOTdau ofJohn & MaryFOOT  
 27Jun1763 MaryPOPLEdau ofGeorge & MaryPOPLE  
 07Aug1763 MaryHILLIREdau ofJames & Susana HILLIRE 
 12Aug1763 MaryBARTLETTdau ofRalph & Joan BARTLETT 
 12Aug1763 AnnBARTLETTdau ofRalph & JoanBARTLETT  
 11Sep1763 RobertROPERson ofRobert & Mary ROPER 
 25Sep1763 GeorgeOLDson ofRobert & [blank] OLD 
 25Nov1763 ElizabethCHANCEdau ofMaryCHANCE  
 11Dec1763 RatchelBISHOPdau ofJoseph & Ester BISHOP 
 11Dec1763 MaryRUSSELdau ofThomas & AnnRUSSEL  
 25Dec1763 MaryBAZZELdau ofJohn & MaryBAZZEL  
 27Dec1763 AnnCAINESdau ofJohn & AnnCAINES  
 08Jan1764 MarthaRANDELdau ofRobert & Elizabeth RANDELof Henly
 08Jan1764 John MalbyALLENson ofSamuel & Ratchel ALLEN 
 18Mar1764 BettyFRAMPTONdau ofThomas & Ruth FRAMPTON 
 18Mar1764 ChristianBROWNdau ofJohn & Sara BROWN 
 24Apr1764 BettyHOPKINSdau ofJohn & Betty HOPKINSof Revels
 29Apr1764 SamuelBULLOKson ofJohn & SaraBULLOK of Henly
 01May1764 MaryHOLLANDdau ofJonathan & Mary HOLLANDof Duntish
 20May1764 BettyDUNNINGdau ofThomas & Betty DUNNINGof Napshill
 15Jul1764 JohnMULLETson ofThomas & EamyMULLET of Rhue
 09Aug1764 Margaret MulletHILLYARdau ofMartha HILLYAR 
 21Oct1764 DinahHILLYARdau ofJames & Susana HILLYARof Buckland
 02Dec1764 MaryRUSSELdau ofJonothan & Susana RUSSELof Sharnell
 09Dec1764 JamesSQUIREson ofJohn & JeanSQUIRE of Plush
 06Jan1765 JamesPOPLEson ofJames & Martha POPLE 
 27Jan1765 JacobDIMONDson ofHugh & Elizabeth DIMOND 
 27Jan1765 JamesSQUIREson ofJohn & JeanSQUIRE  
 07Feb1765 JonothonPOPLEson ofGeorge & Mary POPLEof Brokhanton
 17Feb1765 ElnorBILESdau ofWilliam & AnnBILES of Plush
 03Mar1765 MaryDOMENYdau ofThomas & Dorothy DOMENYof Plush
 05May1765 WilliamTHORNson ofWilliam & Susanah THORN 
 25Aug1765 MaryGILLINGHAMdau ofJohn & Mary GILLINGHAMof Tile
 01Sep1765 JonothonHOLLANDson ofJonothon & Mary HOLLANDof Duntish Mill
 01Sep1765 MaryBARTLETTdau ofRalph & Joan BARTLETTof Bewlywood Mill
 04Sep1765 StephenDUNNINGson ofHenry & Peggy DUNNINGof Buckland
 15Sep1765 SalleyMULLETdau ofJohn & Sarah MULLET 
 29Sep1765 AnnBROWNdau ofJohn & SarahBROWN  
 06Oct1765 Anne CollingwoodCURTISdau ofRichard & Jean CURTISof Buckland
 27Oct1765 GeorgeBAZZLEson ofJohn & MaryBAZZLE of Buckland
 27Oct1765 RepentanceLOVELdau ofRobert & Ann LOVELof Plush
 21Nov1765 MaryCAINESdau ofJohn & AnnCAINES of Brockhamton
 22Dec1765 JamesRUSSELson ofThomas & AnnRUSSEL of Broghamton
 22Dec1765 MaryFOOTdau ofRobert & AnneFOOT of Broghamton
 22Dec1765 JeanSCUTTdau ofAnneSCUTT  
 06Jan1766 GeorgeLANEson ofEdward & JaneLANE of Duntish
 27Jan1766 HenryHILLYARson ofJames & Susannah HILLYARof Buckland
 19Feb1766 PriscillaCAINESdau ofThomas & Priscilla CAINESof Bookham
 21Feb1766 JohnRANDLEson ofRobert & Elizabeth RANDLEof Henly
 21Feb1766 JennyHOPKINSdau ofJohn & Elizabeth HOPKINSof Revells
 19Mar1766 JohnDUNNINGson ofJohn & BettyDUNNING of Knap’s Hill
 25Apr1766 JohnBISHOPson ofJoseph & Esther BISHOPof Duntish
 01May1766 KeziaMULLETdau ofThomas & Martha MULLETof Buckland
 31May1766 RobertBULLOCKson ofJohn & Sarah BULLOCKof Buckland
 22Jun1766 MaryMITCHELdau ofJohn & LydiaMITCHEL of Sharnell
 24Jun1766 ThomasBESSANTson ofJohn & Judith BESSANT 
 11Aug1766 JonathanPOPLEson ofHenry & Ann POPLE 
 24Aug1766 WilliamMOREYson ofChristopher & Margaret MOREY 
 14Sep1766 HenryLUCKHAMson ofJohn & Martha LUCKHAM 
 28Sep1766 IsaacSANSOMson ofAlexander & Mary SANSOM 
 19Oct1766 JosephCOXson ofThomas & MaryCOX of Rhue
 02Nov1766 MariahHOUSdau ofGeorge & MaryHOUS of Buckland
 14Dec1766 WilliamFISHson ofJohn & MaryFISH of Blandford
 28Dec1766 JamesBILLESson ofThomas (the late) & [blank] BILLES 
 04Jan1767 CharlesVIEson ofHenry & MaryVIE of Cosmore
 25Jan1767 WilliamPOPLEson ofJames & Martha POPLEof Buckland
 08Mar1767 JeanBILESdau ofWilliam & AnnBILES of Plush
 22Mar1767 SusanaMILLSdau ofThomas & Susana MILLSof Buckland
 07Apr1767 ElnerOLDdau ofRobert & [blank] OLD 
 12Apr1767 JohnBRAGGson ofJames & MaryBRAGG of Cearne
 22Jun1767 RichardCAINESson ofJohn & AnnCAINES  
 22Jun1767 JamesPOPLEson ofGeorge & MaryPOPLE of Broghamton
 30Aug1767 BetteyBAZZLEdau ofJohn & MaryBAZZLE of Buckland
 06Sep1767 DanielRUSSELson ofJohn & AnnRUSSEL of Sharnell
 27Sep1767 BettyHILLYARdau ofThomas & Mary HILLYARof Buckland
 13Oct1767 GeorgeHILLYARson ofStephen & Elizabeth HILLYARof Buckland
 07Nov1767 SusannahCAINESdau ofThomas & Priscilla CAINESof Buckham
 22Nov1767 JohnHOPKINSson ofJohn & Elizabeth HOPKINSof Revells
 17Jan1768 RebeccahBROWNdau ofJohn & Sarah BROWNof Sharnel Green
 14Feb1768 SusannaHILLIERdau ofJames & Susanna HILLIER 
 17Apr1768 JamesLANEson ofEdward & JaneLANE  
 17Apr1768 CharityLOCKdau ofJames & Sarah LOCKprivately
 17Apr1768 GeorgeKNOTLEYson ofGeorge & Lucy KNOTLEYprivately; admitted into the Church 01-May-1768
 17May1768 RobertFOOTson ofRobert & AnnFOOT  
 05Jun1768 DanielHOLLANDson ofJonathan & Mary HOLLAND 
 03Jul1768 MaryDUNNINGdau ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 06Nov1768 AnnHILLIERdau ofStephen & Elizabeth HILLIER 
 17Nov1768 WilliamHOUSEson ofGeorge & Mary HOUSE 
 17Nov1768 ElizabethDUNNINGdau ofHenry & Peggy DUNNING 
 18Dec1768 RichardCHAFFEson ofAmeyCHAFFE  
 26Dec1768 JennyMULLETdau ofJohn & SarahMULLET  
 06Jan1769 JamesCURTISson ofRichard & Jane CURTIS 
 10Feb1769 ChristopherMOREYson ofChristopher & Margaret MOREY 
 10Feb1769 SarahPOPLEdau ofJames & Martha POPLE 
 14Feb1769 WilliamSANSOMson ofAlexander & Mary SANSOM 
 14Feb1769 ThomasRUSSELson ofThomas & Ann RUSSEL 
 12Mar1769 RobertBILESson ofWilliam & Ann BILESof Plush
 19Mar1769 MaryBAZILdau ofJohn & MaryBAZIL  
 25Mar1769 JohnRODGISson ofWilliam & Mary RODGISalias BUTTON of Plush, privately; admitted into the Church 28-May-1769
 25Mar1769 ChristianRODGISdau ofWilliam & Mary RODGISalias BUTTON of Plush, privately; admitted into the Church 28-May-1769
 09Apr1769 WilliamLOCKson ofJames & Sarah LOCK 
 09Apr1769 HesterCOXdau ofThomas & MaryCOX  
 23Apr1769 MarthaMULLETdau ofThomas & Martha MULLET 
 14May1769 WilliamBROWNson ofWilliam & Mary BROWNof Monkwood Hill
 11Jun1769 RalphBARTLETson ofRalph & Joan BARTLET 
 18Jun1769 JohnBROWNson ofJohn & SarahBROWN  
 03Jul1769 KeziaMITCHELLdau ofJames & Unity MITCHELL 
 03Jul1769 DennisMITCHELLson ofJames & Unity MITCHELLadmitted into the Church; had been privately baptised by Mr Berjew
 23Jul1769 MarkANSTYson ofMark & [blank]ANSTY  
 24Sep1769 GeorgeFOOTson ofGeorge & Sarah FOOT 
 29Oct1769 JennyDUNNINGdau ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 07Nov1769 AnnCAINESdau ofJohn & AnnCAINES  
 07Nov1769 HenryAYRES / EARSson ofHenry & Jenny AYRES / EARSprivately; admitted into the Church 09-Nov-1769
 12Nov1769 RhodaGILLINGHAMdau ofJohn & Mary GILLINGHAM 
 17Dec1769 JohnAKERMANson ofHugh & Elizabeth AKERMAN 
 01Jan1770 JohnJEANSson ofJohn & SarahJEANS  
 04Feb1770 MariaLACYdau ofRobert & HonorLACY  
 18Feb1770 AnnFOOTdau ofRobert & AnnFOOT  
 25Mar1770 MarthaHELLIERdau ofStephen & Elizabeth HELLIER 
 15Apr1770 HenryHOPKINSson ofJohn & Elizabeth HOPKINSof Revills
 01May1770 RobertRANDALson ofRobert & Elizabeth RANDAL 
 09Jul1770 AnnLUCKHAMdau ofJohn & MarthaLUCKHAM admitted into the Church at the same time as the [unnamed] daughter who had been privately baptised
 20Aug1770 GeorgeTHORNEson ofJames & Elizabeth THORNE 
 16Sep1770 AnnMULLETdau ofMaryMULLET  
 16Nov1770 JamesPOPLEson ofGeorge & MaryPOPLE privately; admitted into the Church 18-Mar-1771
 16Dec1770 JohnSANSOMson ofThomas & Elizabeth SANSOM 
 23Dec1770 MollyHOUSEdau ofGeorge & MaryHOUSE  
 24Dec1770 RichardSMARTson ofRobert & Grace SMART 
 24Dec1770 AnnMOREYdau ofChristopher & Margaret MOREY 
 07Mar1771 ThomasEARSson ofThomas & MaryEARS  
 21Mar1771 JinnyBAZILdau ofJohn & MaryBAZIL privately
 15Apr1771 JohnHOLLANDson ofJonathan & Mary HOLLAND 
 15Apr1771 RichardSANSOMson ofAlexander & Mary SANSOM 
 17Apr1771 AnnMILESdau ofBryant & Elizabeth MILESof Pulham
 21Apr1771 GeorgeBROWNson ofWilliam & Mary BROWN 
 12May1771 MaryLANEdau ofEdward & JennyLANE  
 12May1771 GeorgeBILESson ofWilliam & Ann BILESof Plush
 18Jun1771 SarahMULLETdau ofThomas & Amey MULLETof Mynterne
 14Jul1771 SarahVINCENTdau ofGeorge & Constance VINCENT 
 28Jul1771 JamesFOOTson ofGeorge & SarahFOOT  
 28Jul1771 JosephPAWLEYson ofJoseph & Elizabeth PAWLEY 
 06Aug1771 ChristopherCAINESson ofJohn & Ann CAINES 
 07Aug1771 JamesDUNNINGson ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 19Aug1771 MaryPOPLEdau ofJames & MarthaPOPLE  
 29Aug1771 GraceMULLETdau ofJohn & SarahMULLET  
 01Oct1771 GeorgeJANESson ofGeorge & Jane JANESof Pulham
 06Oct1771 AnnHOUSEdau ofRobert & Elizabeth HOUSEof Clinger Farm
 10Dec1771 JohnHILLIERson ofJames & Susanna HILLIER 
 25Jan1772 WilliamMULLETson ofWilliam & Rosanna MULLET 
 05Apr1772 HenryRUSSELson ofThomas & AnnRUSSEL  
 12Apr1772 BenjaminGILLINGHAMson ofJohn & Mary GILLINGHAM 
 01May1772 GeorgeMULLETson ofThomas & Martha MULLET 
 31May1772 ElizabethAKERMANdau ofHugh & Elizabeth AKERMAN 
 05Jul1772 RichardSPICERson ofJohn & Mary SPICER 
 05Jul1772 AnnJEANSdau ofJohn & SarahJEANS  
 08Oct1772 JudithMITCHELLdau ofJames & Unity MITCHELL 
 11Oct1772 ElizabethSPICERdau ofMarySPICER  
 13Dec1772 BenjaminBISHOPson ofJoseph & Hester BISHOP 
 08Jan1773 AnnBAZILdau ofJohn & MaryBAZIL  
 14Mar1773 GeorgeRUSSELson ofJonathan & Sarah RUSSEL 
 11Apr1773 HonourLACYdau ofRobert & Honour LACY 
 12Apr1773 AnnHOPKINSdau ofJohn & Elizabeth HOPKINS 
 13Apr1773 JosephSTRANGEson ofJoseph & Martha STRANGE 
 23Apr1773 SusannaHOUSEdau ofGeorge & Mary HOUSEPublican
 24May1773 MaryMOREYdau ofChristopher & Peggy MOREY 
 07Jul1773 CatherineDURDENdau ofThomas & Catherine DURDENDairyman of Armswell
 08Aug1773 RobertBROWNson ofWilliam & Mary BROWN 
 05Sep1773 HenryWATTSson ofJohn & Elizabeth WATTS 
 19Sep1773 WilliamSANDERSson ofGeorge & Ann SANDERS 
 04Nov1773 SamuelVINCENTson ofSamuel & Mary VINCENT 
 25Dec1773 MaryDURANTdau ofBenjamin & Meliora DURANT 
 02Jan1774 MarthaPOPLEdau ofJames & Martha POPLE 
 06Jan1774 AnnSANSOMdau ofSawney & MarySANSOM  
 11Jan1774 GeorgeRANDALLson ofRobin & Elizabeth RANDALL 
 14Jan1774 JohnMILLERson ofJohn & SarahMILLER of Plush
 20Jan1774 AnnPOPLEdau ofGeorge & MaryPOPLE  
 02Feb1774 MaryFOOTdau ofAnnFOOT  
 20Mar1774 WilliamDUZZELson ofAnnDUZZEL  
 27Mar1774 WilliamDUNNINGson ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 03Apr1774 RobertMULLETson ofWilliam & Rosanna MULLET 
 03Apr1774 ThomasMULLETson ofWilliam & Rosanna MULLET 
 03Apr1774 ChristianRODGISdau ofWilliam & Elizabeth RODGIS 
 13Apr1774 AnnAKERMANdau ofHugh & Elizabeth AKERMAN 
 23Apr1774 KemiaSPICERdau ofWilliam & Mary SPICER 
 24Apr1774 ThomasHILLIERson ofJames & Susanna HILLIER 
 09May1774 GeorgeFOOTson ofRobert & AnnFOOT  
 29May1774 GeorgeCHANTson ofMaryCHANT  
 13Aug1774 JohnRIDOUTson ofJohn & AnnRIDOUT  
 13Aug1774 GeorgeRIDOUTson ofJohn & AnnRIDOUT  
 23Sep1774 ElizabethMULLETdau ofMaryMULLET  
 25Sep1774 JohnMULLETson ofJohn & SarahMULLET  
 16Oct1774 ElizabethVINCENTdau ofGeorge & Constance VINCENT 
 05Nov1774 JohnBAZZILson ofJohn & MaryBAZZIL  
 06Nov1774 JohnCROSSson ofThomas & MaryCROSS  
 06Nov1774 ElizabethCLAREdau ofMaryCLARE  
 27Dec1774 LydiaWARRdau ofJohn Green & Ann WARR 
 27Dec1774 MelioraWARRdau ofJohn Green & Ann WARR 
 27Dec1774 MaryDARKdau ofGerard & SarahDARK of Pulham
 21Jan1775 JamesMULLETson ofThomas & Martha MULLET 
 09Mar1775 RichardHILLIERson ofJames & Susanna HILLIER 
 14Mar1775 SusannaGILLINGHAMdau ofJohn & Mary GILLINGHAM 
 21Mar1775 HarriotJANESdau ofJohn & Sarah JANES 
 22Mar1775 SarahHOUSEdau ofGeorge & MaryHOUSE  
 18Apr1775 ThomasCAINESson ofJohn & AnnCAINES  
 08Jul1775 JeremiahFOOTson ofGeorge & Sarah FOOTof Rue
 09Jul1775 RobertBISHOPson ofJoseph & Esther BISHOP 
 23Jul1775 GeorgeSPICERson ofJohn & MarySPICER of Rue
 15Oct1775 ElizabethDURRANTdau ofBenjamin & Meliora DURRANT 
 24Oct1775 AnnWATTSdau ofHannahWATTS  
 06Nov1775 WilliamFOOTson ofRobert & AnnFOOT  
 12Nov1775 ElizabethSANDERSson ofGeorge & Ann SANDERS 
 07Dec1775 HenryDUNNINGson ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNING 
 25Dec1775 RobertMULLETson ofWilliam & Rosanna MULLET 
 25Feb1776 ThomasCROSSson ofThomas & Mary CROSS 
 05Mar1776 LucyMOREYdau ofChristopher & Margaret MOREY 
 24Mar1776 GeorgeLACYson ofRobert & Priscilla LACY 
 12May1776 AnnBROWNdau ofWilliam & MaryBROWN  
 20May1776 HenryDUNNINGson ofHenry & AnnDUNNING  
 26May1776 StephenPOPLEson ofGeorge & Mary POPLE 
 02Jun1776 RebeccaGILHAMdau ofRichard & Rebecca GILHAM 
 16Aug1776 MaryRIDEOUTdau ofJohn & AnnRIDEOUT  
 20Oct1776 ElizabethWATTSdau ofJohn & Mary WATTS 
 01Dec1776 JaneDURRANTdau ofBenjamin & Meliora DURRANT 
 08Dec1776 DanielHILLYARson ofJames & Susanna HILLYAR 
 15Dec1776 JohnBAZZLEson ofJohn & MaryBAZZLE  
 22Dec1776 GeorgeSHERRYson ofThomas & Mary SHERRY 
 29Jan1777 MaryHOPKINSdau ofAnnHOPKINS  
 02Feb1777 MaryJEANSdau ofJohn & SaraJEANS of Buckland
 16Mar1777 JohnLUCKHAMson ofGeorge & Tamzi LUCKHAMof Brockhamton
 16Mar1777 JohnBARNARDson ofJeanBARNARD  
 23Mar1777 ThomasDUNNINGson ofJohn & Elizabeth DUNNINGof Knapshill
 30Mar1777 RichardCROSSson ofThomas & Mary CROSSof Noke
 25May1777 SaraFOOTdau ofRobert & AnnFOOT of Plush
 30Jun1777 AnnBISHOPdau ofJoseph & Easter BISHOPof Duntish
 24Aug1777 PeregrinaREVELLS    a foundling child
 26Aug1777 AnnWATTSdau ofThomas & MaryWATTS of Buckland
 10Sep1777 ElizabethRIDEOUTdau ofJohn & Ann RIDEOUTof Turnpike Gate
 28Sep1777 JohnLACYson ofBenjamin & Martha LACY 
 05Oct1777 MaryROPERdau ofAnnROPER of Buckland
 12Oct1777 SaraFOOTdau ofThomas & SaraFOOT of Armsewell
 23Oct1777 IsackDURRANTson ofJohn & MaryDURRANT of Tiley
 03Nov1777 MaryHOLLANDdau ofJonothon & Mary HOLLANDof Duntish
 11Nov1777 MariahSAMSONdau ofAlexander & Mary SAMSONof Sharnald
 07Dec1777 JeremiahFOOTson ofGeorge & Sara FOOTof Rhue
 21Dec1777 RebeccaTOLLARFIELDdau ofJames & [blank] TOLLARFIELDof Bewlywood
 28Dec1777 WilliamLOVELASSson ofJohn & Mary LOVELASSat Plush
 28Dec1777 John JacobMULLETTson ofWilliam & Rhozana MULLETTat Plush
 11Jan1778 JohnMILLERson ofJohn & JaneMILLER of Plush, privately
 02Feb1778 DinahSANDERSdau ofGeorge & Ann SANDERSof Brockhamton
 22Feb1778 Sara AnnFOOTdau ofGeorge & Sara FOOTof Mapowder
 22Jun1778 GeorgePOPLEson ofJames & Martha POPLEof Buckland
 28Jun1778 PrecillaLACYdau ofRobert & Honour LACYof Clinger
 28Jun1778 GeorgeLUCKHAMson ofGeorge & Tamzy LUCKHAMof Brockhamton
 28Jun1778 ElizabethFOOTdau ofRobert & Ann FOOTof Plush
 09Aug1778 JohnPHILLIPSson ofJoseph & Mary PHILLIPSof Noke
 09Aug1778 ThomasMULLETson ofThomas & Martha MULLETof Thurnewood
 11Oct1778 ElizabethBULLANdau ofJames & Jane BULLANof Plush
 29Nov1778 JohnLOVELASSson ofJohn & MaryLOVELASS of Plush
 25Dec1778 William JeansTIZARDson ofPrecilla TIZARDof Duntish
 25Dec1778 SusanaMOREYdau ofChristover & Margret MOREYof Duntish
 27Dec1778 FrancisBROWNson ofWilliam & Mary BROWNof Munchard Hill
 01Jan1779 JohnSANSOMson ofAndrew & MarySANSOM of Brockhamton
 24Jan1779 JamesHILLYARson ofJames & Susana HILLYARof Buckland
 20Apr1779 GraceCHAFFEYdau ofAnnCHAFFEY  
 09May1779 ElizabethFOOTdau ofThomas & Sara FOOTof Armeswell
 01Jun1779 EdwardGANNETTson ofJohn & Elizabeth GANNETTof Mintern
 27Jun1779 SarahGILLAMEdau ofRichard & Rebecka GILLAMEof Rhue
 15Aug1779 WilliamBAZZLEson ofJohn & Mary BAZZLEof Buckland
 22Aug1779 JamesSANDERSson ofGeorge & Ann SANDERSof Brockhamton
 15Dec1779 SaraDAWEdau ofElizabethDAWE junior of Duntish
 19Dec1779 JohnFOOTson ofJohn & VirtueFOOT of Sharnell
 19Dec1779 AmeyFOOTdau ofJaneFOOT  
 27Dec1779 GraceRANDLEdau ofRobert & Elizabeth RANDLEof Buckland
 29Dec1779 SusanaJEANSdau ofJohn & SaraJEANS of Buckland
 17Jan1780 AnnDURRANTdau ofBenjamin & Millyar DURRANTof Buckland
 14Feb1780 RebeccaDURRANTdau ofJohn & Mary DURRANTof Tiley
 16Feb1780 MariahLOVELASSdau ofJoseph & Ruth LOVELASSof Henly
 17Feb1780 JosephMULLETTson ofWilliam & Rozana MULLETTof Plush
 12Mar1780 ElizabethLACYdau ofBenjamin & Martha LACYof Plush
 24Mar1780 JamesSANSOMson ofStephen & Martha SANSOMof Buckland
 28May1780 TitusFOOTson ofRobert & AnnFOOT of Plush
 11Jun1780 EdmundHILLYARson ofJames & Susana HILLYARof Buckland
 18Jun1780 JosephSHERRYson ofThomas & Mary SHERRYof Sharnell
 08Aug1780 HenryDUNNINGson ofCharles & Ann DUNNINGof Rhue
 27Aug1780 BerthiaSANSOMdau ofAndrew & Elizabeth SANSOMof Brockhamton
 29Nov1780 RebeccaHOUSEdau ofJohn & RuthHOUSE of Buckland
 15Jan1781 KemyWATTSdau ofThomas & MaryWATTS of Henly
 25Feb1781 GeorgeRUSSELson ofJonathan & Elizabeth RUSSEL 
 25Feb1781 GeorgeSANSOMson ofChristianSANSOM of Sharnell
 08Apr1781 JohnSYMESson ofRichard & AnnSYMES of Plush
 15Apr1781 ChristopherLACYson ofRobert & Honour LACYof Clinger
 23Apr1781 GraceGOVERdau ofElizabethGOVER of Clinger
 18May1781 MargaretCOSHdau ofWilliam & Mary COSHof Henly
 21May1781 AnnFURBERdau ofJames & AnnFURBER of Revells
 29Jul1781 AnthonyPHILLIPSson ofJoseph & Mary PHILLIPSof Noke
 05Aug1781 AnnCAINESdau ofThomas & AnnCAINES of Clinger
 14Aug1781 MarthaRIDEOUTdau ofJohn & AnnRIDEOUT of Turnpike Gate
 14Aug1781 JonathanFOOTson ofGeorge & Sarah FOOTof Rhue
 27Sep1781 WilliamDURRANTson ofBenjamin & Milliar DURRANTof Buckland
 28Oct1781 ElizabethDICKERdau ofSamuel & Sarah DICKERof Plush
 24Dec1781 ElizabethGILLHAMdau ofRichard & Rebecca GILLHAMof Rhue
 28Dec1781 ElizabethDUNNINGdau ofCharles & Ann DUNNINGof Rhue
 10Jan1782 AnnCURTISdau ofRichard & Sarah CURTISof Buckland
 24Feb1782 John BakerSYMESson ofSamuel & Ann SYMESof Plush
 31Mar1782 JamesSYMESson ofRichard & AnnSYMES of Plush
 31Mar1782 PriscillaFOOTdau ofRobert & Ann FOOTof Munchard Hill
 14Apr1782 JamesSHERRYson ofWilliam & Mary SHERRYof [faded]
 05May1782 JosephROBINSson ofElizabethROBINS of Bewlywood
 12May1782 FannyFOOTdau ofThomas & SarahFOOT of Armeswell
 09Aug1782 AnnGREENdau ofAnnGREEN of Henly
 08Sep1782 ThomasMOORESson ofAbraham & Jane MOORESof Bewlywood
 08Sep1782 MarySANSOMEdau ofJames & Susanna SANSOMEof Rhue
 10Nov1782 AnnRUSSELdau ofJonathan & Elizabeth RUSSELof Sharnell
 10Nov1782 HannahCHAFFEYdau ofJaneCHAFFEY of Rhue
 27Nov1782 ThomasCAINESson ofThomas & Ann CAINESof Clinger
 18Dec1782 CharlesSANSOMEson ofAndrew & Elizabeth SANSOMEof Brockhamton
 15Jan1783 WilliamLOVELESSson ofJoseph & Ruth LOVELESSof Henly
 15Jan1783 JamesBROWNson ofWilliam & Mary BROWNof Munchard Hill
 15Jan1783 ThomasLACYson ofBenjamin & Martha LACYof Plush
 28Feb1783 JohnHOUSEson ofJohn & RuthHOUSE of Buckland
 19Mar1783 JosephDIMONDson ofRobert & Mary DIMONDof Buckland
 19Mar1783 MarthaDIMONDdau ofRobert & Mary DIMONDof Buckland
 30Mar1783 JosephMULLETson ofWilliam & Rosanna MULLETof Plush
 04Apr1783 MarySTRANGEdau ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGE 
 19Jun1783 SimonPHILLIPSson ofJohn & Sarah PHILLIPSof Noke
 23Jun1783 MaryFURBERdau ofJames & MaryFURBER of Revels
 02Oct1783 Duty of 3d took place on each burial, birth or christening entered in this register paupers excepted
 05Oct1783 JohnCOSHson ofJohn & MaryCOSH of Henly
 05Oct1783 JeremiahILESson ofStephen & Mary ILESof Brockhamton
 12Oct1783 AnnDUNNINGdau ofCharles & AnnDUNNING  
 12Oct1783 RobertFOOTson ofThomas & Sarah FOOTof Armeswell
 26Oct1783 AnnDURRANTdau ofBenjamin & Millyar DURRANTof Buckland
 26Oct1783 ThomasJEANSson ofJohn & SarahJEANS of Buckland
 26Oct1783 JohnMILLERson ofRobert & MaryMILLER of Plush
 25Dec1783 Esau EyersMULLETson ofMargaret MULLET 
 04Feb1784 AnnFOOTdau ofRobert & Christian FOOTof Bewleywood
 07Apr1784 JosephDICKERson ofSamuel & Sarah DICKERof Plush
 11Apr1784 JaneCURTISdau ofGeorge & AnnCURTIS of Buckland
 15Jun1784 ThomasWATTSson ofThomas & Mary WATTSof Henly
 15Jun1784 AliceLOVELASSdau ofJohn & Mary LOVELASSof Plush
 11Jul1784 ThomasKINGMANson ofThomas & Mary KINGMANof Munchard Hill
 15Aug1784 ElizabethALLENdau ofJohn & Margery ALLENof Sharnell
 17Nov1784 KemyCAINESdau ofWilliam & Kemy CAINESof Henly
 28Nov1784 AnnSANDERSdau ofGeorge & AnnSANDERS of Cozmore
 12Dec1784 WilliamRUSSELson ofJonathan & Elizabeth RUSSELof Sharnell
 26Dec1784 JohnHOPKINSson ofAnnHOPKINS  
 02Feb1785 HenryMOORESson ofAbraham & Jane MOORESof Bewlywood
 09Feb1785 MaryHOPKINSdau ofWilliam & Jane HOPKINSof Buckland
 20Feb1785 Michael MillerFOOTson ofThomas & Sarah FOOTof Armeswell
 13Mar1785 AndrewSANSOMson ofAndrew & Elizabeth SANSOMof Brockhamton
 25Mar1785 MaryHILLIERdau ofRobert & Martha HILLIER 
 21Apr1785 ElizabethLOWMANdau ofJohn & Martha LOWMAN 
 08May1785 MaryDIMONTdau ofRobert & MaryDIMONT of Buckland
 10May1785 JaneFOOTdau ofSamuel & AnnFOOT  
 15May1785 PriscillaSANSOMdau ofStephen & Susanna SANSOMof Rhue
 12Jun1785 SamuelSYMESson ofSamuel & AnnSYMES of Plush
 26Jun1785 John ChammenCAINESson ofThomas & Ann CAINESof Clinger
 31Jul1785 JohnSANSOMson ofJames & Susanna SANSOM 
 21Aug1785 CharlesGILHAMson ofRichard & Rebecca GILHAMof Rhue
 22Sep1785 SamuelDICKERson ofSamuel & Sarah DICKERof Plush
 15Oct1785 CatharineSTRANGEdau ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGE 
 30Oct1785 ElizabethFURBERdau ofJames & Ann FURBERof Revels
 30Oct1785 MaryFOOTdau ofRobert & Christian FOOTof Bewlywood
 30Oct1785 JohnMERRICKson ofIsaac & Sarah MERRICK 
 28Dec1785 WilliamCAINESson ofWilliam & Kemy CAINESof Henly
 28Mar1786 ElizabethLANEdau ofThomas & Mary LANEof Duntish
 30Apr1786 MarthaSYMESdau ofRichard & Ann SYMES 
 28May1786 BathshebaMITCHELdau ofJames & Mary MITCHELof Minterne
 06Jun1786 ChristianDIMANTdau ofJohn & Elizabeth DIMANT 
 16Jul1786 JamesRUSSELson ofJonathan & Elizabeth RUSSELof Sharnell
 27Jul1786 RebeccaDURRANTdau ofBenjamin & Millyar DURRANT 
 30Jul1786 MaryKINGMANdau ofThomas & Mary KINGMAN 
 22Oct1786 LydiaMITCHELdau ofMarthaMITCHEL  
 10Dec1786 DanielHONEYson ofMarthaHONEY  
 24Dec1786 JohnHALLETTson ofRobert & Mary HALLETTalso as HULETT
 31Dec1786 ElizabethMORESdau ofAbraham & Jane MORES 
 14Jan1787 AnnHILLYARdau ofRobert & Martha HILLYARof Buckland
 04Feb1787 AnnSTRANGEdau ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGEof Duntish
 04Feb1787 CatharineLOWMANdau ofJohn & Martha LOWMANof Revells Inn
 18Feb1787 JohnFORDson ofSamuel & AnnFORD  
 25Feb1787 CharlesDUNNINGson ofCharles & Ann DUNNINGof Rhue
 01May1787 RichardCURTISson ofRichard & Sarah CURTIS 
 13May1787 MaryFOOTdau ofThomas & SarahFOOT  
 17May1787 WilliamTOLLAFIELDson ofAnnTOLLAFIELD  
 15Jul1787 JohnDOWNTONson ofJohn & MaryDOWNTON  
 28Aug1787 GeorgeFOOTson ofJohn & Patience FOOT 
 28Aug1787 MarthaFOOTdau ofJohn & Patience FOOT 
 09Dec1787 AnnSHERREYdau ofThomas & MarySHERREY of Rhue
 27Dec1787 GeorgeSANSOMson ofStephen & Susanna SANSOM 
 11Jan1788 JohnSHITTLERson ofRichard & Susana SHITTLER 
 15Jan1788 MichaelMILLERson ofRobert & Mary MILLER 
 27Jan1788 JamesCHAFFEYson ofJames & Sarah CHAFFEY 
 08Feb1788 JohnFOOTson ofRobert & Christian FOOT 
 01Mar1788 JaneFURBERdau ofJames & AnnFURBER  
 08Mar1788 ElizabethCAINESdau ofJames & Elizabeth CAINES 
 25Apr1788 AnnTAYLORdau ofAnnTAYLOR  
 10May1788 SarahFOOTdau ofElizabethFOOT  
 13Jul1788 MaryLOVELASSdau ofJohn & MaryLOVELASS of Plush
 20Jul1788 ElizabethGILHAMdau ofRichard & Rebecca GILHAMof Buckland
 05Oct1788 AnnFOOTdau ofJaneFOOT  
 24Oct1788 JohnSHITLERson ofRobert & Martha SHITLER 
 09Nov1788 CorneliusTHORNEson ofSamuel & Elizabeth THORNE 
 16Nov1788 RobertDIMONTson ofRobert & Mary DIMONT 
 20Nov1788 GeorgeLOWMANson ofJohn & Martha LOWMANof Revels
 20Nov1788 JohnLOWMANson ofJohn & MarthaLOWMAN of Revels
 07Dec1788 JosephMITCHELson ofRosannaMITCHEL  
 04Jan1789 KeziahCHAFFEYdau ofJaneCHAFFEY  
 06Jan1789 RichardSYMESson ofRichard & Ann SYMES 
 09Feb1789 RichardCAINESson ofWilliam & Kemy CAINES 
 15Mar1789 SusannaDURRANTdau ofBenjamin & Milliar DURRANT 
 30Jun1789 JaneMOORESdau ofAbraham & Jane MOORESof Buleywood
 15Jul1789 JaneMULLETdau ofJohn & JaneMULLET  
 19Jul1789 RichardCAINESson ofJames & Elizabeth CAINES 
 27Jul1789 CatherineOREMdau ofSamuel & Ann OREM 
 17Nov1789 George CainesCROCKERson ofElizabeth CROCKERof Buckland
 10Jan1790 ThomasSYMESson ofSamuel & AnnSYMES of Liscombe
 14Jan1790 WilliamFOOTson ofRobert & Christian FOOTof Bewlywood
 26Jan1790 JaneFOOTdau ofThomas & SusanaFOOT of Armeswell
 26Jan1790 GeorgeLOVELESSson ofJoseph & Ruth LOVELESSof Henly
 26Jan1790 GeorgeEILESson ofStephen & Mary EILESof Buckland
 26Jan1790 JohnCAINESson ofWilliam & Kemy CAINESof Henly
 14Feb1790 AdamCHAFFEson ofJames & SarahCHAFFE  
 21Feb1790 CatherineSYMESdau ofRichard & Ann SYMESof Plush
 21Mar1790 SusannaSTRANGEdau ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGEof Brockhamton
 28Mar1790 JohnBILESson ofRebeccaBILES  
 18Apr1790 ElizabethDIMENTdau ofRobert & Mary DIMENTof Earlswood
 06Jun1790 RichardSANSOMson ofStephen & Martha SANSOM 
 29Jul1790 GeorgeDUNNINGson ofCharles & Ann DUNNINGof Rhue
 08Aug1790 RichardGILLHAMson ofRichard & Rebecca GILLHAM 
 24Oct1790 ThomasLAWRENCEson ofJohn & Jane LAWRENCE 
 21Nov1790 Ann BixSPICERdau ofSarahSPICER  
 09Feb1791 AddomLOWMANson ofJohn & Martha LOWMANof Revells Inn
 06Mar1791 JamesROGERSson ofMaryROGERS  
 13Mar1791 ThomasPALEYson ofElizabethPALEY  
 13Mar1791 BettyBROWNSEYdau ofWilliam & Ann BROWNSEY 
 13Mar1791 GeorgeKINGMANson ofThomas & Mary KINGMAN 
 14Mar1791 MichalMILLERson ofMichal & Joan MILLER 
 25Mar1791 MaryCAINESdau ofJames & Elizabeth CAINES 
 27Mar1791 RichardCAINESson ofRichard & Elizabeth CAINESof Buckham
 27Mar1791 MichalMILLERson ofMichal & Jone MILLER 
 09Apr1791 MarthaCRODEdau ofAble & JaneCRODE of Allton
 24Apr1791 BarberyFOOTdau ofRobert & Christian FOOTof Plush
 01May1791 AgnessTHORNEdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth THORNEof Clinger
 22May1791 GraceMITCHELdau ofMarthaMITCHEL  
 26Jun1791 SharletteMOREYdau ofChristopher & Ratchle MOREY 
 03Jul1791 ElizabethOREMdau ofSamuel & Ann OREM 
 26Jul1791 HannaMULLETdau ofJohn & JaneMULLET  
 08Aug1791 GeorgeHOPKINSson ofAnnHOPKINS  
 11Sep1791 HenryGROVESson ofHenry & JaneGROVES  
 30Nov1791 MaryCURTISdau ofRichard & Sarah CURTIS 
 15Jan1792 MaryDIMENTdau ofJacob & SarahDIMENT  
 15Jan1792 JaneSYMESdau ofJohn & AnnSYMES  
 22Jan1792 JohnDURRANTson ofBenjamin & Melyor DURRANT 
 22Jan1792 Ann CollingwoodCURTICEdau ofRichard & Sarah CURTICEprivately
 29Jan1792 JohnHUSSson ofBarnard & Elizabeth HUSSprivately
 01Apr1792 JesseCHAFFEYson ofJames & Sarah CHAFFEY 
 01Apr1792 WilliamSHERRYson ofThomas & Mary SHERRY 
 15Apr1792 AnnMOREYdau ofChristopher & Mary MOREY 
 15Apr1792 AliceLOVELASSdau ofJohn & Mary LOVELASS 
 16Apr1792 RobertLOVELson ofJohn & Elizabeth LOVEL 
 23Apr1792 DavidLANEson ofCathrenLANE  
 06Aug1792 StephenLAWRENCEson ofJohn & Jane LAWRENCE 
 19Aug1792 DianaSELBYdau ofWilliam & Susannah SELBY 
 02Sep1792 JamesHANNEYson ofMarthaHANNEY  
 02Sep1792 RobertSYMESson ofSamuel & AnnSYMES  
 21Oct1792 CharlotteMOREYdau ofChristopher & Rachel MOREY 
 21Oct1792 ElizabethSTRANGEdau ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGE 
 28Oct1792 AnnSANSOMdau ofMarySANSOM privately
 28Oct1792 JosephBILESson ofDaniel & Elizabeth BILES 
 11Nov1792 WilliamLEGGson ofHenry & JaneLEGG  
 16Dec1792 GeorgeORAMson ofSamuel & AnnORAM  
 25Dec1792 JamesFOOTson ofJohn & Prudence FOOT 
 16Jan1793 John BarnesCAINESson ofRichard & Elizabeth CAINES 
 05Feb1793 ThomasFURBERson ofJames & AnnFURBER  
 05Feb1793 MargeryFURBERdau ofJames & Ann FURBER 
 26Feb1793 RobertSHITLERson ofRichard & Susannah SHITLER 
 03Mar1793 DiannaGILLHAMdau ofHannahGILLHAM  
 31Mar1793 WilliamDUNNINGson ofCharles & Ann DUNNING 
 29Apr1793 MaryJACOBdau ofWilliam & AnnJACOB  
 28Jul1793 JohnMULLETson ofJohn & JaneMULLET  
 04Aug1793 MaryFOOTdau ofRobert & Christian FOOTof Plush
 18Aug1793 MarySANSOMdau ofStephen & Martha SANSOMprivately [official version of PR gives the mother’s name as Susanna]
 18Aug1793 PriscillaCAINESdau ofJohn & Anne CAINESof Revels
 27Dec1793 JaneSTRANGEdau ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGE 
 08Jan1794 MaryHARWOODdau ofJohn & SusanHARWOOD  
 14Jan1794 JamesCAINESson ofJames & Elizabeth CAINES[official register gives the child’s name as John, but both versions have James for the burial]
 04Feb1794 SusannaLOWMANdau ofJames & Martha LOWMAN 
 16Feb1794 MarthaCHAFFEYdau ofJames & Sarah CHAFFEY[official register gives mother’s name as Judith]
 16Mar1794 GeorgeWARRson ofLydiaWARR  
 16Mar1794 GeorgeBAZZLEson ofMaryBAZZLE  
 16Mar1794 ThomasDURRANTson ofBenjamin & Millyar DURRANT 
 06Jul1794 ElizabethHUSSdau ofBarnard & Elizabeth HUSS 
 28Jul1794 JohnMILLERson ofJohn & JaneMILLER  
 17Aug1794 ThomasSQUIBson ofDorothySQUIB  
 12Oct1794 AnnROBENSdau ofElizabethROBENS  
 12Oct1794 MaryMILLERdau ofMichall & Joane MILLER 
 12Oct1794 ElizabethMILLERdau ofMichall & Joane MILLER 
 19Oct1794 JamesWILLSson ofElizabethWILLS  
 16Nov1794 JohnLOVELson ofJohn & Elizabeth LOVELof Plush
 23Nov1794 MaryRUSSELdau ofJoseph & Cathren RUSSEL 
 24Nov1794 BarthiahSPICERdau ofElizabethSPICER  
 21Dec1794 AnnTHORNEdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth THORNE 
 22Dec1794 JaneSTRANGEdau ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGE 
 26Dec1794 AnnGROVESdau ofHenry & JaneGROVES  
 19Jan1795 JosephMOREYson ofChristopher & Mary MOREY 
 09Feb1795 SamuelPOPLEson ofJonathan & Ann POPLE 
 12Apr1795 SusanaLEGGdau ofHenry & JaneLEGG of Chozmore [the official version of the PR has this event in March]
 26Apr1795 WilliamMOREYson ofChristopher & Rachel MOREY[the official version of the PR has this event in March]
 01May1795 GraceDUNNINGdau ofCharles & Ann DUNNINGof Rhue
 01May1795 JennyFOOTdau ofCharles & Elizabeth FOOT 
 17May1795 JamesFOOTson ofGeorge & Elizabeth FOOT 
 31May1795 JohnLOVELson ofRepentanceLOVEL  
 22Jun1795 JamesCAINESson ofJames & Elizabeth CAINESof Buckland
 15Oct1795 WilliamLAWRENCEson ofJohn & Jane LAWRENCE 
 15Oct1795 MaryALLENdau ofMargeryALLEN  
 05Jan1796 MaryPOPLEdau ofJames & HannahPOPLE  
 23Feb1796 WilliamMULLETson ofJohn & Jane MULLET 
 01Mar1796 JohnCAINESson ofRichard & Elizabeth CAINESbeing 12 months old
 13Mar1796 CharlotteBAZZLEdau ofMaryBAZZLE  
 17Mar1796 Catherine MaryPOULETTdau ofJohn Earle & Sophia, Countess POULETTof Hinton St George
 01Apr1798 James CainesFOOTson ofRobert & Christian FOOTof Buelywood
 10May1796 Mary AnnCRITCHELdau ofRichard & Susanna CRITCHELprivately
 15May1796 GeorgeBAZZLEson ofGeorge & Elizabeth BAZZLE 
 19May1796 GeorgeANNEYson ofMarthaANNEY  
 17Jul1796 ElizabethRUSSELdau ofJoseph & Catherine RUSSEL 
 04Sep1796 JamesBAZZLEson ofJames & Hannah BAZZLE 
 18Sep1796 JamesSANSOMson ofStephen & Martha SANSOM 
 18Sep1796 MarthaBAZZLEdau ofAnnBAZZLE  
 20Sep1796 JosephCAINESson ofRichard & Elizabeth CAINES 
 23Oct1796 HarriotPOPLEdau ofJonathan & Ann POPLEof Brockhamton
 05Nov1796 HenryHARRODson ofJohnHARROD entered in the [preliminary] register on 04-Oct-1801 at the request of his parents
 05Feb1797 ThomasLEGGson ofHenry & JaneLEGG  
 01Mar1797 JaneLOCKdau ofWilliam & MaryLOCK  
 02Mar1797 JohnCURTISson ofJames & Elizabeth CURTIS 
 02Mar1797 JamesSTRANGEson ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGE 
 16Apr1797 MarySYMESdau ofSamuel & MarySYMES of Plush
 23Apr1797 CharlotteCHAFFEYdau ofJames & Susanna CHAFFEY 
 23Apr1797 AnnMULLETdau ofJohn & JaneMULLET  
 20May1797 HenryHARDINGson ofJohn & [too faded to read] HARDING 
 04Jun1797 WilliamVELLACOTTson ofHugh & Rebecca VELLACOTT 
 11Jun1797 RichardCRITCHELson ofRichard & Susanna CRITCHEL 
 16Jul1797 ThomasDUNNINGson ofCharles & Ann DUNNINGprivately
 30Jul1797 MarthaFOOTdau ofJohn & LydiaFOOT  
 13Aug1797 CharlotteTHORNEdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth THORNE 
 10Sep1797 IsaacSANSOMson ofWilliam & Susanna SANSOM 
 10Sep1797 JamesLILLEYson ofRobert & Ruth LILLEY 
 20Sep1797 GeorgeTAYLORson ofAnnTAYLOR  
 24Oct1797 GeorgeANNEYson ofMarthaANNEY  
 19Nov1797 MaryFOOTdau ofGeorge & Elizabeth FOOT 
 09Jan1798 Eliza KingsburyHOLLANDdau ofMary HOLLAND 
 04Mar1798 HenrySYMESson ofJohn & AnnSYMES "came too late from Plush to be entered"
 25Apr1798 JamesTIRRELLson ofJames & Elizabeth TIRRELL[entered in the preliminary register only, out of sequence]
 29Apr1798 AnnMOREYdau ofChristopher & Rachel MOREY 
 30Apr1798 WilliamSYMESson ofSamuel & Ann SYMES 
 06May1798 MaryCRITCHELdau ofRichard & Susanna CRITCHEL 
 20May1798 WilliamBATTENson ofJames & Rebecca BATTEN 
 20May1798 GeorgePERRETTson ofMarthaPERRETT  
 09Jun1798 WilliamWHORETson ofJohn & Susanna WHORET 
 24Jun1798 JamesLOCKson ofCharityLOCK  
 15Jul1798 Mary AnnROPERdau ofMaryROPER  
 05Aug1798 MarthaLAWRENCEdau ofJohn & Jane LAWRENCE 
 12Aug1798 BetseySYMANCEdau ofThomas & Mary SYMANCE 
 14Aug1798 GeorgePOPLEson ofJames & Hanna POPLE 
 15Sep1798 ThomasVINCENTson ofJohn & AnnVINCENT born 27-Aug-1798 [ommitted from the register - recorded on a separate sheet]
 04Nov1798 RobertSQUIREson ofRichard & Jane SQUIRE 
 25Dec1798 ThomasBARTLETson ofThomas & Mary BARTLET 
 25Dec1798 MaryCROCKERdau ofJoseph & Hanna CROCKER 
 25Dec1798 WilliamFOOTson ofRobert & Susana FOOT 
 06Jan1799 ThomasDUNNINGson ofCharles & Ann DUNNING 
 07Jan1799 ElizabethMOREYdau ofChristopher & Mary MOREYof Duntish
 10Feb1799 SamuelMULLETson ofJohn & JaneMULLET  
 24Mar1799 HenryRUSSELson ofJames & Elizabeth RUSSEL 
 31Mar1799 JennyDAWdau ofSarahDAW  
 03May1799 JaneDUNNINGdau ofJames & AnnDUNNING of Melbury Bub
 19May1799 SarahFRAMPTONdau ofWilliam & Sarah FRAMPTON 
 22Sep1799 HariettGILLHAMdau ofRebeccaGILLHAM  
 22Sep1799 MariahBAZZLEdau ofJames & Hannah BAZZLE 
 03Nov1799 SamuelRUSSELson ofJoseph & Cathren RUSSEL 
 17Nov1799 CharlesLILLYson ofRobert & Ruth LILLY 
 29Dec1799 Mary AnnSANSOMdau ofWilliam & Martha SANSOM 
 09Jan1800 ElisaGILLINGHAMdau ofBenjamin & Sara GILLINGHAM 
 16Feb1800 PriscillaFURBERdau ofAnnFURBER  
 12Mar1800 ThomasMULLETson ofGeorge & Elizabeth MULLET 
 12Mar1800 Gustavus HoddinottWHITEson ofGeorge & Betty WHITE 
 08Apr1800 HenryANNEYson ofMarthaANNEY  
 13Apr1800 JamesCROCKERson ofJames & AnnCROCKER  
 20Apr1800 SusannaCRITCHELdau ofRichard & Susanna CRITCHEL 
 21Apr1800 ElizabethCURTISdau ofJames & Ann CURTIS[This entry & the next combined as "Elizabeth dau of Joseph & Susanna CROCKER" in the official register]
 21Apr1800 Mary AnnCROCKERdau ofThomas & Susanna CROCKERof Holwell, Somerset
 18May1800 SimonSTRANGEson ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGE 
 16Jun1800 MaryLAWRENCEdau ofJohn & JaneLAWRENCE privately
 29Jun1800 GeorgeWILLSson ofElizabethWILLS privately
 30Jun1800 MorganDEVENISHson ofGeorge & Ann DEVENISHof Plush
 17Jul1800 Ann JaneMILLERdau ofJohn & Ann MILLER 
 04Aug1800 Mary AnnMITCHELdau ofElizabeth MITCHEL 
 24Nov1800 JohnSPICERson ofRichard & Jane SPICER 
 30Nov1800 DinahSANSOMdau ofStephen & Martha SANSOM 
 03Dec1800 ElizabethRUSSELdau ofThomas & Ann RUSSEL 
 07Dec1800 AnnCROCKERdau ofJoseph & Hanna CROCKER 
 03Feb1801 AnnDURRANTdau ofCharles & Mary DURRANT 
 10Mar1801 AnnRUSSELdau ofJames & Elizabeth RUSSEL 
 04Apr1801 LeonardPOPLEson ofJames & Hanna POPLE 
 12Apr1801 ElizabethSYMESdau ofJohn & [blank] SYMES 
 19Apr1801 ChristopherCOATESson ofElizabeth COATES 
 03May1801 SharlettSANSOMdau ofJames & Sarah SANSOM[Sharlett in preliminary register, Harriot in official register, the latter possibly a mis-reading of the former]
 07Jun1801 Ruth FramptonLEGGdau ofHenry & Jane LEGG 
 25Oct1801 JohnGOLDson ofJaneGOLD  
    1801 ?AnnFOOTdau ofRobert & Susannah FOOTborn 10-Dec-1801 [ommitted from the register - recorded on a separate sheet]
 03Jan1802 William HenryWHITEson ofGeorge & Betty WHITE 
 15Jan1802 JamesFRAMPTONson ofWilliam & Mary FRAMPTON 
 18Apr1802 MaryGILLINGHAMdau ofBenjamin & Mary GILLINGHAM 
 16May1802 JosephCROCKERson ofJames & Ann CROCKER[Joseph Osmond CROCKER in official register; previous entry is Joseph OSMOND’s marriage]
 01Jun1802 GeorgeDURRANTson ofIsaac & Mary DURRANT 
 04Jul1802 SusannahBAZZLEdau ofJames & Hannah BAZZLE 
 25Jul1802 ElizabethDURRANTdau ofCharles & Mary DURRANT[official register give’s mother’s name as Joan]
 22Aug1802 WilliamFOOTson ofEmmyFOOT  
 03Sep1802 JohnHILLYARson ofDaniel & Mary HILLYAR 
 26Sep1802 HarriotWATTSdau ofHenry & Elizabeth WATTS 
 26Sep1802 MaryCARELYdau ofWilliam & Susannah CARELY 
 24Oct1802 JosephCROCKERson ofJoseph & Hannah CROCKER 
 12Dec1802 WilliamFOOTson ofEmmyFOOT [preliminary register only - earlier entry possibly a private christening]
 12Dec1802 JohnHILLYARson ofMaryHILLYAR  
 31Dec1802 JohnMABERson ofJohn & AnnMABER of Stockbridge, Linington
    1802 ?GeorgeBILESson ofRobert & Elizabeth BILESborn 05-May-1802 [[ommitted from the register - recorded on a separate sheet]
 23Jan1803 JosephSTRANGEson ofJoseph & Susanna STRANGE 
 13Feb1803 JonasFRAMPTON    [This entry & the next combined as "Jonas Frampton dau. George & Caroline SPICER" in the official register]
 13Feb1803 CarolineSPICERdau ofGeorgeSPICER  
 03Apr1803 JohnOSMONDson ofJoseph & AnnOSMOND [last christening entered in the preliminary register, surname spelt OZMENT]
 26Jun1803 MosesBATTENson ofJames & Rebecca BATTEN 
 10Jul1803 SolomonTHORNson ofSamuel & Elizabeth THORN 
 17Jul1803 SamuelHELLIARson ofMaryHELLIAR  
 24Jul1803 MaryRUSSELdau ofJoseph & Catherine RUSSEL 
 23Sep1803 FredericFOOTson ofElizabethFOOT  
 10Oct1803 JamesFURBERson ofJames & AnnFURBER  
 02Nov1803 RichardWOODROson ofRichard & Mary WOODRO 
 02Nov1803 JohnHOLLANDson ofJohn & MaryHOLLAND  
 27Nov1803 JoannahFOOTdau ofTitus & Susannah FOOT 
 06Dec1803 GeorgeMITCHELson ofElizabethMITCHEL  
 06Dec1803 ElizabethHOUSEdau ofThomas & Sarah HOUSE 
    1803 ?RobertFOOTson ofRobert & Susannah FOOTborn 02-Sep-1803 [ommitted from the register - recorded on a separate sheet]
    1803 ?CharlesBILESson ofRobert & Elizabeth BILESborn 05-Dec-1803 [ommitted from the register - recorded on a separate sheet]
 09Jan1804 ElizaPOPLEdau ofJames & HannaPOPLE  
 04Mar1804 SamuelMANNSson ofJohn & AnnMANNS of Plush
 25Mar1804 JoannaRUSSELdau ofGeorge & Bede RUSSEL 
 30Mar1804 GeorgeCHILDSson ofSusannaCHILDS  
 26Apr1804 GeorgeWHITEson ofGeorge & Betty WHITE 
 27May1804 WilliamHODDINOTson ofJames & Rebecca HODDINOT 
 17Jun1804 MariaLEGGdau ofRichard & MaryLEGG  
 22Jul1804 AnnSPICERdau ofGeorge & AnnSPICER  
 19Aug1804 StephenMITCHELson ofElizabethMITCHEL  
 21Sep1804 SamuelHOLLANDson ofDaniel & Ann HOLLAND 
 23Sep1804 JohnHURDson ofJohn & SusannaHURD of Plush
 25Sep1804 ElizabethBAKERdau ofGeorge & Dorothy BAKER 
 25Nov1804 GeorgeCARELYson ofWilliam & Susanna CARELY 
 09Dec1804 JefreyLOCKson ofJohn & SarahLOCK of Plush
 16Dec1804 GeorgeDEVENISHson ofGeorge & Ann DEVENISHof Plush
 16Dec1804 JamesMULLETson ofJames & JaneMULLET  
 25Dec1804 ElizabethPAINdau ofGeorge & Elizabeth PAIN 
 27Jan1805 SusannahMULLETdau ofRobert & Mary MULLET 
 03Mar1805 JosephBAZLEson ofJames & Hannah BAZLE 
 10Mar1805 HarriotSPICERdau ofRichard & Jane SPICER 
 07Apr1805 CharlesGILLAMson ofRebeccaGILLAM  
 05May1805 LeahBATTENdau ofJames & Rebecca BATTEN 
 19May1805 AnnALLENdau ofRobert & MaudALLEN  
 02Jun1805 KemyGILLINGHAMdau ofBenjamin & Susannah GILLINGHAM 
 14Jul1805 Frederic KingHOLLANDson ofJohn & Mary HOLLAND 
 04Aug1805 LeviMULLETson ofRobert & Elizabeth MULLET 
 13Sep1805 JosephOSMENTson ofJoseph & Ann OSMENT[usual spelling OSMOND]
 22Sep1805 ThomasGANNETTson ofEdward & Hannah GANNETT 
 13Oct1805 MarySTICKLANDdau ofRobert & Susannah STICKLAND 
 03Nov1805 MarySPICERdau ofWilliam & Martha SPICER 
 01Dec1805 JaneBILESdau ofRobert & Elizabeth BILES 
 13Dec1805 CatherineFURBERdau ofJames & Ann FURBER"privately baptised in her infancy, received into the Church in her tenth year"
 12Jan1806 ElizaRUSSELdau ofThomas & AnnRUSSEL  
 26Jan1806 WilliamHOLLANDson ofDaniel & Ann HOLLAND 
 26Jan1806 MaryRUSSELdau ofJames & BettyRUSSEL  
 16Feb1806 FrancesTHORNdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth THORN 
 23Feb1806 SarahHELVORDdau ofJohn & MaryHELVORD  
 26Feb1806 RobertMANNSson ofJohn & Charity MANNS 
 20Apr1806 AnnFOOTdau ofGeorge & MaryFOOT  
 10Aug1806 JeremiahELKINSson ofJohn & Susannah ELKINS 
 31Aug1806 CharlesBECKson ofWilliam & Ann BECK 
 14Sep1806 GraceDAWEdau ofSarahDAWE  
 05Oct1806 HarrietSTRANGEdau ofJoseph & Susannah STRANGE 
 25Oct1806 JosephMULLETson ofRobert & Elizabeth MULLET 
 28Nov1806 Anna MariaPAYNEdau ofGeorge & Elizabeth PAYNE[out of sequence]
 25Dec1806 SarahFOOTdau ofRobert & Susannah FOOT 
 04Jan1807 JonathanCURTISson ofJames & Ann CURTIS 
 11Jan1807 MarthaPOPLEdau ofJames & Hannah POPLE 
 25Jan1807 Mary AnnRUSSELdau ofGeorge & Bethia RUSSEL 
 11Feb1807 GeorgeBAZELson ofAnnBAZEL  
 25Feb1807 Anna MariaSTICKLANDdau ofRobert & Susannah STICKLAND 
 25Feb1807 SusannahELVORDdau ofJohn & Mary ELVORD 
 01Mar1807 JosephSPICERson ofGeorge & Jane SPICER 
 15Mar1807 JudithLOCKdau ofJohn & SarahLOCK  
 22Mar1807 HenrySPICERson ofRichard & Jane SPICER 
 27Mar1807 SusannahHARWOODdau ofJohn & Susannah HARWOOD 
 26Apr1807 MarthaMULLETdau ofGeorge & Elizabeth MULLET 
 26Apr1807 ElizabethMULLETdau ofGeorge & Elizabeth MULLET 
 24May1807 CharlesSYMESson ofJohn & AnnSYMES  
 05Jul1807 AngelLOCKson ofWilliam & Susannah LOCK 
 05Jul1807 SarahSPICERdau ofWilliam & Martha SPICER 
 12Jul1807 FredericPOPLEson ofHenry & Martha POPLEof Sherborne
 12Jul1807 AnnKERLEYdau ofWilliam & Susannah KERLEY 
 19Jul1807 ElizaBILESdau ofRobert & Elizabeth BILES 
 20Sep1807 ElizaBATTENdau ofJames & Rebecca BATTEN 
 27Sep1807 IsaacDURRANTson ofIsaac & Mary DURRANT 
 22Nov1807 DianaBAZLEdau ofJames & Hannah BAZLE 
 06Dec1807 JamesELVORDson ofPennyELVORD  
 13Dec1807 GeorgeFOOTson ofGeorge & Elizabeth FOOT 
 25Dec1807 GeorgeSHERRYson ofGeorge & Elizabeth SHERRY 
 17Jan1808 MaryMULLETdau ofRobert & Elizabeth MULLET 
 14Feb1808 JaneHOPKINSdau ofMaryHOPKINS  
 17Feb1808 JamesWAYGOODson ofArkenwald & Mary WAYGOOD 
 13Apr1808 Edward GainsfordWHITEson ofGeorge & Betty WHITE 
 14Apr1808 TimothyMABERson ofJohn & AnnMABER  
 15Apr1808 ElizabethHOLLANDdau ofDaniel & Ann HOLLAND 
 17Apr1808 GeorgeMITCHELson ofLydiaMITCHEL  
 31Jul1808 AgrippaFOOTson ofElizabethFOOT  
 25Sep1808 AnnFOOTdau ofGeorge & MaryFOOT  
 20Nov1808 WilliamSEALson ofIsaac & Elizabeth SEAL 
 18Dec1808 Mary AnnHANNUMdau ofHenry & Sarah HANNUM 
 18Dec1808 JonathanRUSSELson ofJames & Elizabeth RUSSEL 
 18Dec1808 JemimaTHORNdau ofSamuel & Elizabeth THORN 
 27Dec1808 John TizardCAINESson ofThomas & Ann CAINES 
 08Feb1809 MichaelFOOTson ofGeorge & Mary FOOT 
 08Feb1809 JamesFOOTson ofGeorge & MaryFOOT  
 26Feb1809 Martha TerrelFUDGEdau ofMaryFUDGE  
 12Mar1809 HannahBRINSONdau ofWilliam & Ann BRINSON 
 12Mar1809 GeorgeMULLETson ofGeorge & Elizabeth MULLET 
 23Apr1809 MaryFOOTdau ofRobert & SusanFOOT  
 04Jun1809 GeorgeRUSSELson ofGeorge & Bethia RUSSEL 
 11Jun1809 JohnLEGGson ofRichard & MaryLEGG  
 18Jun1809 WilliamBILESson ofRobert & Elizabeth BILES 
 25Jun1809 RichardSPICERson ofRichard & Jane SPICER 
 25Jun1809 MariaPOPLEdau ofHenry & Martha POPLE 
 25Jun1809 SarahPOPLEdau ofJames & Hannah POPLE 
 16Jul1809 AnnCURTISdau ofJames & AnnCURTIS  
 13Aug1809 WilliamALLENson ofRobert & Maud ALLEN 
 27Aug1809 MichaelBAZZELson ofWilliam & Ann BAZZEL 
 03Sep1809 JohnCHAFFEYson ofJohn & Elizabeth CHAFFEY 
 22Oct1809 JohnMEECHson ofHenry & MaryMEECH  
 29Oct1809 AnnSHERRYdau ofJoseph & JaneSHERRY  
 19Nov1809 CharlotteLOCKdau ofWilliam & Susannah LOCK 
 26NOV1809 CharlesELVORDson ofJohn & Mary ELVORD 
 31Dec1809 ThomasMULLETson ofRobert & Sarah MULLET 
 31Dec1809 WilliamSTICKLANDson ofRobert & Susannah STICKLAND 
 31Dec1809 AnnBISHOPdau ofRobert & MaryBISHOP  
 31Dec1809 GeorgeWILLSson ofElizabethWILLS in his tenth year
 14Jan1810 GeorgeSYMESson ofJohn & AnnSYMES  
 28Jan1810 Thomas HodgesHAREWOODson ofJohn & Susannah HAREWOOD 
 01Feb1810 JaneFOOTdau ofGeorge & MaryFOOT  
 25Feb1810 BethiaSPICERdau ofWilliam & Mary SPICER 
 11Mar1810 JeremiahLOCKEson ofJohn & Sarah LOCKE 
 11Mar1810 SarahHOPKINSdau ofMaryHOPKINS  
 19Apr1810 AnnHOLLANDdau ofDaniel & AnnHOLLAND  
 20Apr1810 MichaelCROSSson ofJames & Mary CROSS 
 22Apr1810 JohnSPRIKESson ofThomas & AnnSPRIKES  
 20May1810 FelixFOOTson ofElizabethFOOT  
 03Jun1810 AnnMULLETdau ofRobert & Elizabeth MULLET 
 01Jul1810 John HoddinottWHITEson ofGeorge & Betty WHITE 
 08Jul1810 JohnSMITHson ofJohn & SusanSMITH  
 29Jul1810 CharlesKERLEYson ofWilliam & Susannah KERLEY 
 23Sep1810 CharlesBAZLEson ofJames & Hannah BAZLE 
 13Jan1811 ElizabethSEALdau ofIsaac & Elizabeth SEAL 
 03Feb1811 RuthMABERdau ofJohn & AnnMABER  
 10Feb1811 JamesFOOTson ofRobert & AnnFOOT  
 10Feb1811 JamesMULLETson ofGeorge & Elizabeth MULLET 
 10Feb1811 SimonWAYGOODson ofArkenwald & Mary WAYGOOD 
 03Mar1811 RobertBECKson ofWilliam & AnnBECK  
 07Apr1811 PriscillaRUSSELdau ofJames & Elizabeth RUSSEL 
 24Apr1811 Rebecca TizardCAINESdau ofThomas & Ann CAINES 
 02Jun1811 Mary AnnCHIPdau ofRobert & Susannah CHIP 
 23Jun1811 EmmanuelDAWEson ofSarahDAWE  
 30Jun1811 JudithFOOTdau ofGeorge & MaryFOOT  
 15Jul1811 EdwardHOUSEson ofJohn & Elizabeth HOUSE 
 15Jul1811 MatildaHARDYdau ofWilliam & Susannah HARDY 
 28Jul1811 WilliamLEGGson ofGraceLEGG  
 18Aug1811 WilliamDUNNINGson ofHenry & Jane DUNNING 
 18Aug1811 BethiaRUSSELLdau ofGeorge & Bethia RUSSELL 
 06Oct1811 GeorgeHOPKINSson ofHenry & Martha HOPKINS 
 20Oct1811 CharlotteBILESdau ofRobert & Elizabeth BILES 
 20Oct1811 ElizabethMANNSdau ofJohn & Charity MANNS 
 01Dec1811 JamesSPICERson ofWilliam & Martha SPICER 
 25Dec1811 ZachariahNORTHOVERson ofGeorge & Susannah NORTHOVER 
 05Jan1812 AnnELVORDdau ofJohn & MaryELVORD  
 27Mar1812 CharlesLOCKson ofWilliam & Susannah LOCK 
 29Mar1812 AnnSPICERdau ofRichard & JaneSPICER  
 29Mar1812 DanielHARWOODson ofJohn & Susannah HARWOOD 
 19Apr1812 ThomasWARRENson ofJohn & Elizabeth WARREN 
 10May1812 John BakerBISHOPson ofRobert & Mary BISHOP 
 17May1812 MariaHOLLANDdau ofDaniel & Ann HOLLAND 
 17May1812 JohnGREGORYson ofHannahGREGORY  
 24May1812 RuthBAZELLdau ofWilliam & AnnBAZELL  
 14Jun1812 ElizabethFOOTdau ofRobert & Susan FOOT 
 09Aug1812 AnnWHITEdau ofGeorge & BettyWHITE  
 30Aug1812 AliceMEECHdau ofHenry & MaryMEECH  
 04Oct1812 MariaGREGORYdau ofSamuel & Mary GREGORY 
 04Oct1812 AnnPOPLEdau ofJames & HannahPOPLE  
 04Oct1812 PhillisSANSOMdau ofRichard & Mary SANSOM 
 18Oct1812 FannyDURRENTdau ofIsaac & Mary DURRENT 
 08Nov1812 Anna MatildaLYDFORDdau ofWilliam & Catherine LYDFORD 
 15Nov1812 ThomasLAURENCEson ofAnnLAURENCE  
 25Dec1812 ThomasCAINESson ofThomas & Ann CAINES 
 25Dec1812 RobertFOXson ofElizabethFOX