Buckland Newton

MARRIAGES 1654 to 1812

Translated, transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Kim Parker from the Parish Registers


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

Until 1738, Parish Registers were supposed to be kept in Latin. From the Civil War onwards, this rule was respected more in the breach than the observance. Buckland Newton is an exception, with extensive use of Latin up until 1737. It is, however, erratic, swapping back and forth between English and Latin every few years. The standard of the Latin is also variable, making interpretation more challenging. I have therefore translated the Latin entries into English. Those entries with an 'L' shown before the date were orginally entered in Latin.

NB: Translation of christian names into English is problematical in some instances. For example, Jacobi was the Latin version of James, but was also occasionally used in its own right for Jacob, while Elena could mean Eleanor or Helen. Sometimes clerks used dog Latin and their ad-hoc latinisation of English names provides a clue. Where there are no such clues and a name could be translated in a variety of ways, I have chosen the most common alternative. In the 19th Century, certain Latin names (e.g. Maria for Mary and Matilda for Maud) became names in their own right. I have translated these names to the English equivalents that would have been used at the time.

From 1754, there was a separate register of marriages, although some parish clerks continued to make a cursory entry in the composite Parish Register after this date. The Buckland Newton marriage register is unusual in that it is not a book of pre-printed forms; rather it is a lined volume and details of marriages and, up until 1793, banns are entered in freehand. There is an enormous variety of spelling, including within a single entry, where the same name may be spelt in three different ways.

Translation involves choices, and the Parish Register is in any case difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.


 09May1654 NicholasWILKINSof Brockhampton
    & MaryGRAYEof Duntish
 02Dec1654  ThomasFOYLEson of Richard & Margaret FOYLE
    & MarySWAINEdaughter of Robert & Mary SWAINE
 22Feb1654/5  WilliamGRAY 
    & MargaretMARTAINE 
 24Apr1655  JohnWINSOR 
    & EadethCHROSof Minterne
 04Jun1655  GeorgeCRISTOPHER 
    & JoanFOOKE 
 29Oct1655  JohnROBERTS 
    & SalinaBRYCEdaughter of Ela BRYCE widow
 06Dec1655  WilliamCORBINson of William CORBYN of Haselber
    & AnnWATTSdaughter of Ann WATTS widow
 30Jan1655/6  JohnLOVELACEof Plush
    & ElizabethBRYDLEof Notten in Mayden Newton
 06Sep1656  NicholasGILLINGHAMservant to Richard ARNOLD of Plush, gent.
    & AnnDISHof Plush, married by Robert COKER Esq. at Mapowder
 07Oct1656  JohnWATTS 
    & EdithLANE 
 05May1657  StevenILESof Tylye in Buckland
    & ChristianGIFFARDof Stroton (Stratton), married by Robert PELHAM Esq. at Compton
        witnessed by Edward MYNTERNE & Richard GIFFARD
   1657  JohnWOODROWEof Horsey Melcomb; banns published 22-Mar-1656/7; 29-Mar-1657 & 05-Apr-1657
 29Jan1657/8  GeorgeLOCKEson of Elizabeth LOCKE widow of Bowcomb
    & AnnEGERTONdaughter of Alis EGERTON widow of Warham, married at Ledlinch
 06Apr1658  JohnMULLET 
    & SusanaBUCKERELL 
 21Oct1658  WalterFRAMPTONgent of Henley
    & ChristianDARBYEof Ryvyls
 04Nov1658  JohnLOVELACEof Plush
    & JaneHARDYEdaughter of Robert HARDYE of Grimston
 01Jan1658/9  HenryDUNYNGEson of William DUNYNGE of Noake
    & PhiliceLOVELACEdaughter of Philice LOVELACE of Cearn
 23May1659  JohnNYNTof Plush
    & ElinorTHOMASwidow of Plush
   1659  JohnSPICERmarried Easter Monday
    & RebeccaFARWELL 
 16Jun1659  GeorgeCLAVYLLson of Jane CLAVYLL of Sharnhill widow
    & MargerieSPEEDEof Brockhampton
 05Jul1659  EdmondILESson of Steven ILES of Tyly
    & KatherineFURBERdaughter of Thomas FURBER of Clinger
 15Aug1659  SamuellBURTson of Susan BURT widow of Holenest
    & GraceAPLYNdaughter of Widow APLYN of Stourton Candle
 22Nov1659  ThomasBOADENof Knaphill, Clerk
    & FrancesBARTLETTof Knaphill
 08Dec1659  SamuellDUNINGEson of Susana DUNINGE of Brockhampton widow
    & JoanMARTYNalias SMEATHAM daughter of Henry MARTIN alias SMEATHAM of Pulham
   1659  GeorgeMABERof Little Minterne; banns published 17-Apr, 24-Apr & 01-May-1659
 BANNS ONLY&Elizabeth LONGEof Whitefield
 02Jan1659/60  JamesMYLLERson of John MYLLER of Holnest
    & RebeckaGOLDRINGEdaughter of John GOLDRINGE of Holnest
 05Mar1659/60  JohnHENLYEsquire of Celmore, Marshwood
    & AnnARNOLDMiss, daughter of Mrs Mary ARNOLD of Netherbrooke
 16Jun1660  ThomasHOOPPERof Sharnhill
    & AniverCLEARKEof Sharnhill
 23Aug1660  GilesLOCKETTE 
    & MarthaBARNES 
 13Dec1660  JohnDASHWINmarried at Piddletrenthide
    & MargaretROYdaughter of Margaret ROY of Buckland
 22Jul1661  RichardBROWN 
    & MargaretDOWNTON 
 15May1662  EdmondILES 
    & ElizabethELKINSof Duntish
 29Sep1662  RobertROP 
    & ElizabethDUNNING 
L21May1663 Edward MULLET 
    & MargaretWAKFORDof Buckland
L28Sep1663 Thomas DUNNING 
    & MarySTICKLAND 
L06Feb1663/4 John BRIDLE 
    & ElizabethHALNWAY 
L20Oct1664 Thomas LOVELACE 
    & MaryCOMBES 
L12Jan1664/5 Edward MULLET 
    & SarahDAMPNY 
L04May1665 Richard MULLET 
    & SarahFARWELL 
L18Oct1666 Edward ROPER 
    & MarySQUIER 
L09Feb1666/7 William LANE 
    & MaryOAKE 
L17Feb1666/7 Christopher DUNNING 
    & ElizabethFLAMBERT 
L25Jun1667 John MARTEN 
    & ElizabethCHETMILL 
 14Nov1667  RichardCOWDR[possibly meant to be COWARD]
    & AnnFAREWILL 
 30Nov1670  HeneryMARTIN 
    & CristianCANES 
 30May1671  JohnANTRIMMinister of Hilton
    & AliceMILLMER 
 17Oct1671  HughWATS 
    & AnnGOLDwidow
 15Nov1673  CharlesYATMAN 
    & MargretMARTIN 
 03Dec1673  PallWHINDELL 
    & AnnCHILDES 
 12Apr1675  WilliamDAVIS 
    & AnnCORBIN 
 24Jun1675  HenryWHIFENof Midlemarsh
    & ElizabethHYLLERdaughter of George HELLIER [father’s details entered in a different hand]
 16Nov1675  JohnHARDEYservant to Mr TAYLOR of Rivell
    & MaryCOWARD 
 21Dec1675  ThomasFORBOR 
    & MaryJACCOB 
L26Jun1676 Nicholas COXof Henly
    & JoanPLOWMANof Cerne Abbas
L10Aug1676 Robert WHETCOMBof Buckland
    & SarahHOLWAYof Sidling
L20Sep1676 Walter FOYof Yeovell
    & EdithMANIFORDwidow of Bewleywood
L25Feb1676/7 Robert ROPERof Henly
    & FrancesANDREWSof Buckland
L25Jun1677 Edward SHEPHEARDof Winterborn Stickland
    & MargaretWHITEof Chisilborn
L20Jul1677 John FALLof Plush
    & MaryFLAMBERTof Brockhampton
L29Oct1677 Henry THORNHILLgent
    & AnnGOLSNYof Holnest
L10Dec1677 John SQUIREof Sharnhull
    & AnniverROBERTSwidow
L25Dec1677 Edward BRICE 
    & ElizabethBRIDLEof Duntish
L18Apr1678 John LOCKEof Brockhampton
    & MaryCLARKEof Roe
L23Sep1678 William HENSTRIDGE 
    & MaryDUNNINGEof Brockhampton
L09Jun1679 Henry COLLIER 
    & MarySPICERof Buckland
L12Apr1680 Robert MASTERS 
    & AmyCOWARDof Plush
L23Nov1680 Richard VOWELL 
    & MargaretCLINES 
 10Oct1681  JosephCOWARD 
    & MaryBISHOPEof Minterne
 17Apr1682  JamesCOLLESSE 
    & EdithTASWELL 
 17Apr1682  EdwardLAURANCE 
    & MaryBAKER 
 13Jun1683  JohnTHRESHER 
    & AliceNOSSITER 
 21Jun1683  ThomasLANE 
    & DorothyPRANKETT 
 19Sep1683  JohnVINE 
    & FrancesVINCENT 
 15Oct1683  JohnWATTS 
    & JaneSAVAGE 
 22Apr1684  GeorgeHELLIER 
    & AliceGOULD 
 17Jun1684  WilliamWELSH 
    & ElizabethWOODROW 
 15Jan1684/5  NathanielTRIM 
    & AnneCOWARD 
 07May1685  RaynoldCOWARD 
    & KatharineILES 
 24Nov1685  JamesILKENS 
    & SusannaMULLET 
 17Jun1686  HenryMASTERS 
    & FrancesHOLLANDof Plush
 15Jul1686  WilliamDRUESof Pullam
    & LidiaMASTERSof Buckland
 23Aug1686  EliasLANE 
    & MaryRANDALL 
 30Sep1686  RichardHUSSEYof Weymouth
    & AmieHELLIERof Buckland
 13Jan1686/7  JohnBASSELLof Puddle town
    & SarahCORBENof Puddle town
L20Sep1687 William BARNESof Holloweth
    & SusannaGOULDof Buckland
L01Nov1687 Richard KNIGHTof Henly
    & ElizabethCOWARDof Henly
L10Nov1687 Hugh WATTSof Duntish
    & MaryYEATMANof Duntish
L28Feb1687/8 William FURBERof Clianger
    & AnnTREWof Clianger
 10Nov1690  RichardLOCKof Brockhampton
    & ChristianGRAYof Brockhampton
 03Dec1690  JohnMULLET 
    & MaryCOLLENS 
 14Jun1692  HenryCOBBof Candle
    & MaryDUNNINGEof Bewlewood
 25Jul1692  HenryDUNNINGof Pulham
    & ChristianILES 
 12Sep1692  JohnFOOTof Fiveheads
    & JaneHARDYof Plush
 18Oct1692  JohnSIMES 
    & SarahMEECHof Plush
 21Dec1693  JonathanDAMER 
    & Mar MrsRANDALL[Given the crossed out ’Mar’, bride’s first name possibly Mary]
 26Dec1693  JohnHOLLAND 
    & MaryROPER 
 30Jul1694  CristopherSELLAWAY 
    & JaneCLAVELL 
 22Sep1694  ThomasBONE 
    & MaryLACYof Charmister
 25Sep1694  ThomasHAYESof Saynt Andrews Milborne
    & EllinerBISHOP 
 05Nov1694  WilliamFOOTEof Wooton Glanfield
    & DorothySQUIBB 
 24Jan1694/5  JoshuarDOLLEVER 
    & ConstanceCOWARD 
L02May1695 John HIXof Puddle Trenthide
    & AnnMEECHdaughter of James MEECH of Plush
L15Oct1695 Edward MULLETof Woolland
    & AnnVINCENTdaughter of James & Grace VINCENT of Rew
L13Apr1696 James STICKLAND 
    & MaryLANEservant of Walter FRAMPTON of Buckkland
L08Oct1696 Richard SHEPHERDof Hossington, Somerset
    & ElizabethBARNETTof Plush
L10Aug1697 Edmund ILESof Duntish
    & ChristianGRAYof Duntish
L10Feb1697/8 Samuel BACKWAYof Holwell
    & AnnCROCKERof Holwell
L28Apr1698 Anthony SERROLL 
    & ElizabethCHIPMANof Swanage
L16May1698 John FOOTof Shillison
    & SarahYATEMANof Chason
L09Aug1698 Richard MULLETof Plush
    & MargaretBARTLETTof Pulham
L10Jan1698/9 Edward ILESof Buckland
    & ElizabethCAINSof Henley
L14Feb1698/9 Edward BAKERof Helton
    & ElizabethCROCKERof Pulham
L11Apr1699 Richard STOKES 
    & ElizabethBAKERof Dorchester (?)
L02Jul1699 Jonathan RUSSELL 
    & HesterBARTLET 
L08Feb1699/1700  JohnSANDERS 
    & DorothyMORRISof Buckland
L25Apr1700 Edward LOVELESSE 
    & AnnWILLS 
L29Apr1700 Oliver LAWRENCE 
    & JoanSMETHERS 
L04Aug1700 John SPICER 
    & ElizabethPOLDEN 
L02Sep1700 Edward ROPER 
    & AgnisSWAVILL 
L15Oct1700 William GILHAM 
    & JaneWATTS 
L31Mar1701 William DREWof Dorchester
    & JaneAPPLINof Bishops Candle
L20Jul1701 William DOMNEY 
    & MaryGILLINGHAMof Plush
L22Jul1701 Thomas FURBER 
    & AnnCREECH 
L15Jan1701/2 Richard SIMS 
    & AnnMILLERof Plush
L05Apr1702 John MORRIS 
    & AnnFURBER 
L05Apr1702 John FRAMPTON 
    & JoanSQUIER 
L01Sep1702 Abraham BRUSHFORD 
    & PatienceCURTIS 
L10Nov1702 John HELLIER 
    & MarthaSTICKLAND 
L30Mar1703 Henry COLEFOX 
    & MariaSANDERS 
L15May1704 John ADAMS 
    & JoannaCROODof Piddlehinton
L15May1705 Robert FOOT 
    & ElizabethRAKEof Handford
L28May1705 Richard MULLET 
    & JaneSAMMERS 
L25Mar1706 Thomas LOVELASSE 
    & AnnBUGGELL 
L18Sep1706 William HALLIN 
    & HannahPATTON 
L20Oct1707 William DAMPNEY 
    & MaryFARWELL 
L06Apr1708 Jonathan RUSSELL 
    & AnnCORNE 
L28Apr1709 Samuel BRETTof Holnest
    & MariaFOOT 
L03Jan1709/10 Benjamin MEECH 
    & SusannaMUNDEN 
L01Feb1709/10 Richard ELLOTTof Mapowder
    & AnnDUNNING 
L29May1710 James GILHAM 
    & JoanROPER 
L06Jul1711 William BROWNSEY 
    & AnnFURBER 
L22Apr1712 Richard BOYTE 
    & RachellLOVELACE 
L22Apr1712 William WHITTLE 
    & AnnMILLS 
L06Apr1713 Thomas LOVELASSE 
    & MargaretDAVIS 
L13Jan1713/14 Anthony THORNEof Glanvils Wooton
    & MaryMICHELLof Tyley
L04Mar1713/14 Henry WHITE 
    & MaryDOBLEof Holwell
L29Apr1714 William LOVELASSof Chessleburn
    & FrancesWATTSof Buckland
L17May1714 Thomas WILLIAMS 
    & WilmotSANDERS 
L21Jun1714 John SAMPSON 
    & SusannaCOX 
L03Apr1716 Samuel GULLIFER 
    & ElizabethCOMBS 
L04Oct1716 George HELLIERof Buckland
    & LydiaDREWEof Pulham
L15Nov1716 William BUREYof Didgett
    & ElizabethWATTS 
L05Aug1717 William DAMPNEY 
    & MaryTOMES 
L12Jun1718 John SIMS 
    & MarySALOWAY 
L31Mar1719 Thomas CHAFEEof Pulham
    & SusannaRANDALL 
L25May1719 Simon BUNTER 
    & MaryMULLET 
L08Jun1719 Arthur HAVELANDof Dorchester Holy Trinity
    & DorothyEVEMYof Dorchester St Peter
L30Jun1719 Henry FOOT 
    & EdithMASTERS 
L01Mar1719/20 Hugh COLLYER 
    & AnnCOWARD 
L19Apr1720 Samuel GULLYVER 
    & SarahRYALL 
L27Sep1720 William WELSH 
    & MaryMAJOR 
L12Apr1721 Samsum SHAVE 
    & CatherineHOBBS 
L03May1722 Edward WARRENof Piddle Trenthyde
    & ElizabethILESlately of Duntish
L16Jul1722 Richard SYMSof Plush
    & HannahCHANNINGof Plush
L15Nov1722 Richard SANSOMof Rew
    & ElizabethDURRANTof Sharnhull
L18Apr1723 William MULLET 
    & SarahBRAKEof Duntish
L01Apr1725 Robert MULLET 
    & DorothyMILLERof Duntish
L18Apr1725 Thomas TOLLERFIELDof Brockhampton
    & AnnFOOTof Noke
L27May1725 Samuel MULLETof Duntish
    & ElizabethMAJORof Henley
L14Jun1725 Edward UPWARDof Hilton
    & MaryGILHAMof Monkwood Hill
L24Jun1725 Thomas BILES 
    & AnnARNOLDof Plush
L14May1726 John BISHOPof Pulham
    & AnnWELCHof Duntish
L29Jun1726 William WHEDINof Holnest
    & AnnPOLDENof Plush
L11Oct1726 Edmund COWARD 
    & ElizabethTRIM 
L27Nov1726 Robert DRAKE[written over - could also be BRAKE]
    & CatherineSTRICKLANDof Cerne Abbas
L26Nov1727 William WINTER 
    & SarahFURBER 
L07May1728 Edward BLANCHARD 
    & MargaretHOPKINS 
L07Nov1728 Thomas FOOT 
    & ElizabethCARTER 
L07Apr1729 Hubert DAYof Mapowder
    & MaryGILHAM 
L03Jun1729 Mark ANSTY 
    & CharityDAMPNEY 
L29Jun1729 Thomas NEWMANof Berwick
    & RebeccaSPICER 
L10Dec1730 William WILLIS 
    & MaryPECKHAM 
L26Oct1731 Thomas MITCHEL 
    & SarahFOXof Sherborn
L11Jun1733 William GOULDof Mintern Magna
    & ElizabethGILHAM 
L16Jul1733 William HARRISof Tarrant Gunville
    & MaryCOB 
L29Apr1734 George GOULDof Mintern Magna
    & SusannaGILHAM 
L19May1734 John FREKEof Child Okeford
    & SusannaMEECH 
L28Apr1735 Abraham BURGESS 
    & HannahDAVIDGE 
L17May1735 Richard MILLER 
    & ElizabethCOLLIER 
L27Dec1735 Richard MULLETTof Mappowder
    & ElizabethSYMSof Plush
L26Apr1736 William LAMBEof Stretton
    & AbigailMULLET 
L14Jun1736 Robert MULLET 
    & ElizabethGIBBENS 
 11Apr1737  ThomasMEECHof Chetnole
    & EdithMILLER 
 03Apr1738  MorganKINGSBERRYof Chesilborne
    & MaryDUNNING 
 17Apr1738  ThomasKETTLEof Glanville Wooton
    & AnnLOVELACE 
 03Nov1738  ThomasDUNNING 
    & ElizabethGILHAM 
 02Mar1738/9  MatthewABBOT 
  by Licence& ElizabethMILLERof Cerne
 02May1739  GeorgeHILLIER 
    & MargaretILES 
 09Jul1739  PhilipSIGNIORof Stalbridge
    & MaryBAKER 
 25Aug1740  PhilipREADof Portesham
  by Licence& ElizabethHOPKINS 
 25May1741  ThomasKINGMANof Hasilbury Bryan
    & AnnCAINES 
 10Dec1741  ThomasTOOP 
    & ElizabethDAVIDGE 
 21Apr1742  JohnSCUTT 
    & ElizabethSYMS 
 10Nov1742  WilliamHANNAMof Plush
    & MaryROGERSof Plush
 06Jan1742/3  JohnHANNAMof Pulham
    & MaryFLOWER 
 06Apr1743  JohnMEECH 
    & AnnBARTLET 
 22May1745  JosephAPSEYof Stalbridge Weston
  by Licence& JudithSNOOKEof Stalbridge Weston
 29Sep1745  FrancisDEVENISH 
    & HannahROLLS 
 03Dec1745  ThomasCROCKERof Pulham
    & CharityCROWDER 
 20May1746  WilliamBARTLET 
    & AnnFOOT 
 26Oct1746  ThomasLANE 
    & JoneGILHAM 
 02Mar1746/7  WilliamNUTTof Cerne Abbas
  by Licence& MaryCLARKEof Clanfield, Oxfordshire
 19Apr1747  RobertANTHONEYSof Beere Regis
    & AnnWILSON 
 08Jun1747  JohnLUCKHAM 
  by Licence& SusannaHODGESof Batcombe
 28Jul1747  CharlesMASTERSof Alton
    & FrancesFOOT 
 29Jul1747  RobertCOOMBESof Mappowder
  by Licence& MaryBROWNof Stalbridge
 21Aug1747  WilliamBUCKLERof Powerstock
  by Licence& GraceBURTof Powerstock
 08Sep1747  WilliamROPER 
    & AnnMAIDMENT 
 14Apr1748  JohnWHIFFIN 
    & ElizabethHIBDITCH 
 14Apr1748  JohnSPICER 
    & MaryPOPLE 
 14Jun1748  WilliamDUNNING 
    & MaryWARR 
 30Jun1748  JosephSTRANGE 
    & MaryKINGMAN 
 02Nov1748  EliasDUFFETof Stalbridge
    & MaryGULLIFER 
 23Apr1749  RobertROPER 
    & FrancesROPER 
 30Apr1749  JamesSTRANGE 
    & MaryMULLET 
 10Jul1749  BenjaminBARTERof Blandford Forum
    & UrsleyHILLIER 
 24Oct1749  WilliamBILESof Plush
    & AnnDAVISof Puddle Trenthyde
 28Apr1750  JosephROPERof Melcomb
    & ElizabethMULLETT 
 07May1750  IsaacGILLINGHAM 
    & MarySTICKLAND 
 26May1750  JohnRIDOUTof Plush
  by Licence& MaryCAINESwidow of Plush
 12Aug1750  WilliamMINCHINGTONof Ashington, Somerset
    & AnnWATTS 
 09Sep1750  RobertBURTof Witcombe
    & BettyASH 
 19Mar1750/1  JamesPIDDINGof Cerne Abbas
    & AnnSIMMONDS 
 31Aug1751  JohnSAMWAYSof Alton
    & SusannahMASTERSof Alton
 19Oct1751  JosephGREEN 
    & AnnFOOT 
 21Dec1751  RichardKIDDLEof Puddletrenthyde
    & ElizabethFORDEof Puddletrenthyde
 29Apr1753  WilliamCLEARof Alton
    & ElizabethDICKERof Alton
 02Jul1753  MatthewHUNTof Leigh
    & JaneHANHAM 
 23Sep1753  JonathanRUSSELL 
    & SusannaEDWARDS 
 23Mar1754  ThomasFRAMPTON 
    & RuthROPER 
 23Mar1754  GeorgeFOOT 
    & JoanMEECH 
   1754  EdwardLANE(Banns published 31-Mar-1754, 07-Apr-1754 & 07-Apr-1754)
 20Jun1754  JosephMULLET(Banns published 26-May-1754, 02-Jun-1754 & 09-Jun-1754)
    & LydiaBAGG 
        witnesses: Henry JEANS, Richard LANE
   1754  SamuelMULLET(Banns published 14-Jul-1754, 21-Jul-1754 & 28-Jul-1754)
  BANNS ONLY& ElizabethCOWARDof Chesselborn
 07Sep1754  EdwardWRENCHof Deveril Longbridge, Wiltshire
  by Licence& JennyLAWRENCEmarried in Plush Chapel
        witness: Richard DAMPNEY
 25Feb1755  JohnCAINES(Banns published 26-Jan-1755, 02-Feb-1755 & 09-Feb-1755)
    & AnnPOPLE 
        witnesses: Thomas CAINES, Richard LANE
 19May1755  WalterCRANE(Banns published 23-Mar-1755, 30-Mar-1755 & 06-Apr-1755)
    & AnnHILLIERwidow
        witnesses: Richard LANE, William STAYNER
 25Jul1755  JohnRUSSEL(Banns published 06-Jul-1755, 13-Jul-1755 & 20-Jul-1755)
    & AnnBARTLETwidow
        witnesses: Robert POPLE, Richard LANE
 19Aug1755  RobertBATTERof Piddletrenthyde (Banns published 29-Jun-1755, 06-Jul-1755 & 13-Jul-1755)
    & MarySYMES 
        witnesses: John RIDOUT, Richard LANE
 03Dec1755  HenryMEECHapothecary of Cerne Abbas
  by Licence& AnnVAUGHAN 
        witnesses: Elizabeth GOULD, Samuel CRANE
 25Dec1755  JohnMILLER(Banns published 30-Nov-1755, 07-Dec-1755 & 13-Dec-1755)
    & MaryLAWRANCE 
        witnesses: Thomas MILLER, Richard LANE
 16Mar1756  GeorgeMOORof Piddlehinton
  by Licence& SarahGOSLINwith consent of parents
        witnesses: Henry MEECH, James HELLIER
   1756  WilliamLACYof Mapowder (Banns published 30-May-1756, 06-Jun-1756 & 13-Jun-1756)
  BANNS ONLY& PhiladelphiaPALL 
 01Jul1756  JamesOSMOND(Banns published 06-Jun-1756, 13-Jun-1756 & 20-Jun-1756)
    & MarySYMONDSof Alton
        witnesses: John BULLOCK, Richard LANE
 17Oct1756  RobertRANDALLalso as RANDLE (Banns published 12-Sep-1756, 19-Sep-1756 & 26-Sep-1756)
    & ElizabethMITCHELLalso as MILLCHEL and MITCHELLS
        witnesses: Cathren WARREN, Richard LANE
 26Oct1756  RobertPOPLE(Banns published 20-Jun-1756, 27-Jun-1756 & 04-Jul-1756)
    & ElizabethDUNNING 
        witnesses: Samuel MATTOCK, Richard LANE
   1757  BenjaminMULLET(Banns published 26-Dec-1756, 02-Jan-1757 & 09-Jan-1757)
  BANNS ONLY& MaryPOPEof Haselbury Bryant
 27Jun1757  RobertDAVIDGE 
  by Licence& MaryCARTER 
        witnesses: William CARTER, Richard LANE
 29Oct1757  SamuelCORNICK(Banns published 02-Oct-1757, 09-Oct-1757 & 16-Oct-1757)
    & LoveDRAKE 
        witnesses: Samuel MATTOCK, Richard LANE
 02Jul1758  GeorgeLOWMAN 
  by Licence& CatherineWARRENsigned as Cathren WRREN
        witnesses: John WARRAN, Richard LANE
 10Jul1758  WilliamBASSETEsq. of Lantissent, Glamorgan, Wales
  by Licence& AnnROGERSsigned as Anne ROGERS
        witnesses: Ann MEECH, T. COLLINS
 10Jul1758  JamesPOPLE 
  by Licence& MarthaMULLETT 
        witnesses: Samuel MULLET, Richard LANE
 14Aug1758  JohnFOOT(Banns published 30-Jul-1758, 06-Aug-1758 & 13-Aug-1758)
    & MaryDUNNING 
        witnesses: Philip WHITE, Richard LANE
 11Sep1758  ThomasSTICKLAND(Banns published 20-Aug-1758, 27-Aug-1758 & 03-Sep-1758)
    & MaryBARBOR 
        witnesses: James RIDOUT, Richard LANE
 17Dec1758  WilliamLACYof Mapowder (Banns published 26-Nov-1758, 03-Dec-1758 & 10-Dec-1758)
    & PrudenceGREEN 
        witnesses: John MULLET, Richard LANE
 01Apr1759  WilliamCOOMBS(Banns published 18-Feb-1759, 25-Feb-1759 & 04-Mar-1759)
    & MarthaDOBLE 
        witnesses: Nicholas GOULD, Richard LANE
 05Jul1759  JosephBISHOP(Banns published 17-Jun-1759, 24-Jun-1759 & 05-Jul-1759)
    & EstherCOX 
        witnesses: Grace BISHOP, Richard LANE
 04Feb1760  ThomasDENNESSof Abby Milton; also as DENNIS (Banns published 23-Dec-1759, 30-Dec-1759 & 06-Jan-1760)
    & ElnorBILES 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Thomas GROVES
 30Apr1760  ChristopherCAINES 
  by Licence& MaryBULLOCK 
        witnesses: John MEECH, Mary MEECH
 07May1760  JohnMITCHEL(Banns published 13-Apr-1760, 20-Apr-1760 & 27-Apr-1760)
    & LydiaRUSSEL 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Thomas BARTLETT
 20Feb1761  JonathanHOLLAND(Banns published 21-Dec1760, 04-Jan-1761 & 11-Jan-1761)
    & MaryDUNNING 
        witnesses: Robert POPLE, Richard LANE
 28Feb1761  WilliamTHORN(Banns published 25-Jan-1761, 01-Feb-1761 & 08-Feb-1761)
    & SusannaELKINS 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, John MAJOR
   1761  WilliamSTICKLAND(Banns published 08-Mar-1761, 15-Mar-1761 & 22-Mar-1761)
  BANNS ONLY& AnnMILLERof Anderson
 08Oct1761  RobertFOOT(Banns published 20-Sep-1761, 27-Sep-1761 & 04-Oct-1761)
    & AnnMULLET 
        witnesses: Mary MULLET, Richard LANE
 25Jan1762  JohnEDWARDSof Haselbury Bryant (Banns published 03-Jan-1762, 10-Jan-1762 & 17-Jan-1762)
    & MaryDUNNING 
        witnesses: John DUNNING, Richard LANE
 21Feb1762  JohnTOZIERof New Sarhum, Wiltshire (Banns published 21-Feb-1762, 28-Feb-1762 & 07-Mar-1762)
    & ElizabethFRANCISof Stuminster - both resident at Buckland Newton
        witnesses: Samuel ALLEN, Richard LANE
   1762  JohnDUNNING(Banns published 14-Mar-1762, 21-Mar-1762 & 28-Mar-1762)
  BANNS ONLY& ElizabethTOOPof Mintern
 25Apr1762  JohnHOPKINSof Alton (Banns published 21-Mar-1762, 04-Apr-1762 & 11-Apr-1762)
    & BettyDUNNING 
        witnesses: Simon WATTS, Richard LANE
 18Jul1762  ThomasDOMENYalso as DOMINE & DOMINY (Banns published 06-Jun-1762, 13-Jun-1762 & 27-Jun-1762)
    & DorothyHARRIS 
        witnesses: Robert POPLE, Richard LANE
   1762  DanielBILES(Banns published 12-Aug-1762, 19-Aug-1762 & 26-Aug-1762
  BANNS ONLY& ElizabethHALLETof Piddletrenthide
 19Aug1762  JamesHILLIER 
  by Licence& SusannahCROCKERof Cerne Abbas
        witnesses: W. NUTT, Mary NUTT
 03Oct1762  JohnBAZZEL(Banns published 08-Aug-1762, 15-Aug-1762 & 22-Aug-1762)
    & MarySPICER 
        witnesses: George FOOT, Richard LANE
 22Nov1762  ThomasBULLOCK(Banns published 07-Nov-1762, 14-Nov-1762 & 21-Nov-1762)
    & AnnMOWLAM 
        witnesses: Robert POPLE, William LANE
   1762  SamuelALLEN(Banns published 28-Nov-1762, 05-Dec-1762 & 12-Dec-1762)
  BANNS ONLY& RachelDOWTONof Holwell
   1762  JohnBROWN(Banns published 28-Nov-1762, 05-Dec-1762 & 12-Dec-1762)
 01May1763  HumfreyBATERof Hook (Banns published 10-Apr-1763, 17-Apr-1763 & 24-Apr-1763)
    & MaryNORTHOVER 
        witnesses: John LUCKHAM, Richard LANE
 19May1763  SamuelRAWLINSof Sherborne (Banns published 24-Apr-1763, 01-May-1763 & 08-May-1763)
    & HannahSHEPHERD 
        witnesses: John VOWEL, Thomas HUGHES
 26May1763  HenryBULLERof Iwerne Minster
  by Licence& ElizabethKERLYof Plush - married in the Chapel at Plush
        witnesses: Simon KERLY, Richard LANE
 26Sep1763  EdwardOWEN(Banns published 11-Sep-1763, 18-Sep-1763 & 25-Sep-1763)
    & PrudenceLACEYalso as LACY
        witnesses: Thomas HASLIM, William LANE
 03Oct1763  JosephLUCASCorporal in Sir John MORDANNT’s Regiment of Dragoons
  by Licence& MarySIMMS 
        witnesses: George POPLE, Richard LANE
 07May1764  JohnSQUIER(Banns published 15-Apr-1764, 22-Apr-1764 & 29-Apr-1764)
    & JaneMEECHalso as Jean - married at Plush Chapel
        witnesses: Thomas DOMINY, Michael MILLER
 27Aug1764  JamesGULLOVERalso as GOLWER & GULLIVER (Banns published 16-Jul-1764, 05-Aug-1764 & 12-Aug-1764)
    & ElizabethFRAMPTON 
        witnesses: George HOGG, Thomas COX
 30Aug1764  ThomasMULLET(Banns published 12-Aug-1764, 19-Aug-1764 & 26-Aug-1764)
    & MarthaHILLYAR 
        witnesses: Stephen HILLYAR, Richard LANE
 17Sep1764  SamuelVINSONof Haselbury Brian (Banns published 12-Aug-1764, 02-Sep-1764 & 09-Sep-1764)
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Henry DUNNING
 01Nov1764  HenryDUNNING(Banns published 09-Sep-1764, 16-Sep-1764 & 23-Sep-1764)
    & PeggyHILYARalso as HELYAR
        witnesses: Stephen HILLYAR, Richard LANE
 24Dec1764  ThomasCOX(Banns published 25-Nov-1764, 02-Dec-1764 & 09-Dec-1764)
    & MaryWINTER 
        witnesses: Love GREGORY, Richard LANE
 16Feb1765  AlexanderSANSOM(Banns published 27-Jan-1765, 03-Feb-1765 & 10-Feb-1765)
        witnesses: George HOUSE, Robert OLD
   1765  RichardHAREof Holnest (Banns published 03-Feb-1765, 10-Feb-1765 & 17-Feb-1765)
 28Mar1765  WilliamHANNAMLabourer of Chesilbourn
  by Licence& SusannaLOVELACEmarried at Plush Chapel
        witnesses: Thomas CAINES, John MEECH
 10Sep1765  WilliamOLDERSHAWPlaisterer
  by Licence& AnnHARBINSpinster
        witnesses: Robert GALPINE, George HOGG
 28Sep1765  StephenHELLIERsigned as HILYAR
  by Licence& BettyPOPLE 
        witnesses: George HILYAR, Richard LANE
 03Oct1765  JohnLUCKHAMFarmer
  by Licence& MarthaMEECHSpinster of Plush - married at Plush Chapel
        witnesses: William BILES, Ann BILES
 30Dec1765  GeorgeHOUSECoppice-man
  by Licence& MaryMULLETSpinster
        witnesses: Ralph BEALEY, Thomas HUGHES
 30Dec1765  RalphBEALYPlaisterer, signed as BEALEY (Banns published 15-Dec-1765, 22-Dec-1765 & 29-Dec-1765)
    & SusannaSUMMERS 
        witnesses: William LANE, Thomas HUGHES
 07Apr1766  ChristopherMOREYsigned as Crisher MOREY (Banns published 16-Mar-1766, 23-Mar-1766 & 30-Mar-1766)
    & MargaretMULLET 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Love GREGORY
 04Sep1766  RobertHARBINof Glanfields Wootton (Banns published 10-Aug-1766, 17-Aug-1766 & 24-Aug-1766)
    & SusannaBROWN 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, George HOGG
 04Oct1766  RichardLANEwidower
  by Licence& MaryNEWSpinster of Cerne Abbas
        witnesses: Thomas MILLS, Fanny ROPER
 20Oct1766  HenryVIEof Mintern Magna (Banns published 24-Aug-1766, 31-Aug-1766 & 07-Sep-1766)
    & MaryWATTS 
        witnesses: George LOWMAN, Richard LANE
 22Feb1767  JamesBRAGGof Cerne Abbas (Banns published 25-Jan-1767, 01-Feb-1767 & 08-Feb-1767)
    & MaryLOVELASSalso as LOVELACE - married at Plush Chapel
        witnesses: Richard LANE, John MEECH
 07Apr1767  ThomasHELLYARsigned as HILLIER (Banns published 15-Mar-1767, 22-Mar-1767 & 29-Mar-1767)
    & MaryNEWMAN 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Ann FURBER
 09Apr1767  RobertWARRENof Temple Comb
  by Licence& AnnBISHOP 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Esther BISHOP
   1767  MarkANSTY(Banns published 05-Jul-1767, 19-Jul-1767 & 19-Aug?-1767)
  BANNS ONLY& MaryCAPLEof Shabbick [Shapwick?]
 04Aug1767  GeorgeFOOT(Banns published 12-Jul-1767, 19-Jul-1767 & 26-Jul-1767)
    & SarahMOORS 
        witnesses: Ann COOMSTOCK, Richard LANE
 17Sep1767  WilliamBAKERof Woonford Eagle (Banns published 31-May-1767, 07-Jun-1767 & 14-Jun-1767)
    & ElizabethHELLYERsigned HILLIAR
        witnesses: L? GROVES, Richard LANE
 26Dec1767  JamesLOCK(Banns published 13-Sep-1767, 20-Sep-1767 & 27-Sep-1767)
    & SarahANSTY 
        witnesses: Michael MILLER, Richard LANE
 07Apr1768  HughAKERMAN(Banns published 20-Mar-1768, 27-Mar-1768 & 03-Apr-1768)
    & ElizabethLITTLE 
        witnesses: George HILLYAR, Richard LANE
 11Aug1768  WilliamHOREof Stintsford
  by Licence& MaryMULLETSpinster
        witnesses: Betty HILYAR, Richard LANE
 16Aug1768  JohnSCUTT(Banns published 24-Jul-1768, 31-Jul-1768 & 07-Aug-1768)
    & MaryMILLER 
        witnesses: Jenny POUNT, Betty SYMES
 06Feb1769  HenryEARS 
  by Licence& JennyDUNNING 
        witnesses: John DUNNING, Richard LANE
 11Apr1769  JosephSTRANGE(Banns published 12-Mar-1769, 19-Mar-1769 & 26-Mar-1769)
    & MarthaTIZARD 
        witnesses: Tryphena BUCKLER, Richard LANE
 11May1769  RobertTERRYof Alton Pancras (Banns published 23-Apr-1769, 30-Apr-1769 & 07-May-1769)
    & MarySAMWAYS 
        witnesses: George HOUSE, Richard LANE
 16Jun1769  MarkANSTY(Banns published 13-May-1769, 21-May-1769 & 28-May-1769)
    & SusanaCAPLE 
        witnesses: William CAINES, Richard LANE
 17Jul1769  RobertSMARTBachelor of Hazelbury Brian
  by Licence& GraceHOPKINS 
        witnesses: William HOPKINS, Richard LANE
 14Aug1769  RobertLACYof Mappowder
  by Licence& HonourCAINES 
        witnesses: Richard CAINES, Richard LANE
 25Sep1769  JohnDOWLAND(Banns published 10-Sep-1769, 17-Sep-1769 & 24-Sep-1769)
    & MaryBRIDLE 
        witnesses: George HOGG, Richard LANE
 19Dec1769  ThomasEARS(Banns published 03-Dec-1769, 10-Dec-1769 & 17-Dec-1769)
    & MaryKELLAWAY 
        witnesses: Ann KELLAWAY, John STONE
 16Sep1771  WilliamMULLET(Banns published 18-Aug-1771, 26-Aug-1771 & 01-Sep-1771)
    & RosannaMULLETalso as Rhozana MULLET but signed as Rosanna MULLET
        witnesses: Thomas MULLET, Richard LANE
 20Apr1772  AndrewCOLE(Banns published 15-Mar-1772, 22-Mar-1772 & 29-Mar-1772)
    & MaryHALL 
        witnesses: William CROCKER, Richard LANE
   1772  ThomasBRINEof Dorchester Holy Trinity (Banns published 21-Jun-1772, 28-Jun-1772 & 05-Jul-1772)
 13Aug1772  JohnWHEREITof Milton Abbas (Banns published 26-Jul-1772, 02-Aug-1772 & 09-Aug-1772)
    & JaneBILESof Plush
        witnesses: Mary ADAMS, Anne MEECH
   1772  JamesSANSOM(Banns published 02-Aug-1772, 09-Aug-1772 & 16-Aug-1772)
  BANNS ONLY& SusanaROBERTSLiddlelendge
   1772  JohnMEECH(Banns published 09-Aug-1772, 16-Aug-1772 & 23-Aug-1772)
  BANNS ONLY& ElnerANTONYof Milton Abbas
 07Nov1772  AnthonyHAMMONDEsq. of Swaffham, Norfolk
  by Licence& AmeliaPAYNESpinster
        witnesses: Ann PAYNE, William RICHARDSON
 18Nov1772  GeorgeSANDERS(Banns published 09-Aug-1772, 16-Aug-1772 & 23-Aug-1772)
    & AnnSANSOM 
        witnesses: John SANSOM, Sarah SANSOM
 17Nov1772  JohnYOUNG(Banns published 11-Oct-1772, 18-Oct-1772 & 25-Oct-1772)
    & GraceBISHOP 
        witnesses: Ann S[illegible], Richard LANE
 29May1773  JohnMILLERmarried at Plush Chapel
  by Licence& JennySQUIRESwidow
        witnesses: John MEECH, Richard LANE
 08Nov1773  BenjaminDURRANT(Banns published 24-Oct-1773, 31-Oct-1773 & 07-Nov-1773)
    & MelioraADAMS 
        witnesses: Walter CRANE, Richard LANE
 25Apr1774  ThomasWATTS(Banns published 20-Feb-1774, 27-Feb-1774 & 06-Mar-1774)
    & MarySPICER 
        witnesses: Hugh DIMENT, Richard LANE
   1774  WilliamHARDYof Minterne Magna (Banns published 29-May-1774, 12-Jun-1774 & 19-Jun-1774)
 02Nov1774  John GreenWARR(Banns published 09-Oct-1774, 16-Oct-1774 & 23-Oct-1774)
    & AnnKANEDEL 
        witnesses: Joseph EYERS, Richard LANE
 28Mar1775  HenryEARS 
  by Licence& MargaretSTONEof Caundle Bishop
        witnesses: Jenny FARVES, Susana SHEPHERD
 05Jun1775  EdwardTYRRELof Piddletrenthyde (Banns published 14-May-1775, 21-May-1775 & 28-May-1775)
    & RuthROLESsigned ROLLS
        witnesses: Edward LANE, Richard LANE
 26Jun1775  GeorgeROBERTS(Banns published 04-Jun-1775, 11-Jun-1775 & 18-Jun-1775)
    & SarahWEST 
        witnesses: Martha ROPER, Richard LANE
 14Oct1776  JamesPRANKARDof Stalbridge
  by Licence& MaryGRAYSpinster
        witnesses: Ann GRAY, Martha GRAY
   1777  StephenILES(Banns published 23-Feb-1777, 02-Mar-1777 & 09-Mar-1777)
   1777  WilliamSHERRY(Banns published 08-Jun-1777, 15-Jun-1777 & 22-Jun-1777)
  BANNS ONLY& MaryKINGMANof Mappowder
   1777  JamesBALLONof Piddletrenthyde (Banns published 29-Jun-1777, 06-Jul-1777 & 13-Jul-1777)
 06Oct1777  GeorgeRANDALL(Banns published 07-Sep-1777, 14-Sep-1777 & 21-Sep-1777)
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Mary MILLS
   1777  RalphBARTLETT(Banns published 09-Nov-1777, 16-Nov-1777 & 23-Nov-1777)
 29Jan1778  GeorgeFOOTof Mappowder
  by Licence& SaraKAINESsigned as CAINES
        witnesses: William SYMES, Richard LANE
 02Feb1778  AndrewSANSOM(Banns published 04-Jan-1778, 11-Jan-1778 & 18-Jan-1778)
    & ElizabethELKINS 
        witnesses: Mary POPLE, Richard LANE
   1778  JohnFOOT(Banns published 01-Feb-1778, 08-Feb-1778 & 15-Feb-1778)
  BANNS ONLY& VirtueWARRof Pulham
 07May1778  ThomasDUNNINGof Cerne Abbess (Bann published 05-Apr-1778, 12-Apr-1778 & 19-Apr-1778)
    & MaryBULLOCKsigned BOLLOCK
        witnesses: Simon STRANGE, Robert DUNNING
   1778  HenryROPER(Banns published 17-May-1778, 24-May-1778 & 31-May-1778)
  BANNS ONLY& MarthaBUCKLARof Greate Tollar [Toller Porcorum]
 08Nov1779  JonathanRUSSELL(Banns published 05-Sep-1779, 12-Sep-1779 & 19-Sep-1779)
    & ElizabethCHAFFEY 
        witnesses: Martha MILLS, Richard LANE
 18Dec1779  CharlesDUNNING(Banns published 31-Oct-1779, 07-Nov-1779 & 14-Nov-1779)
    & AnnROPER 
        witnesses: Judith MULLET, Richard LANE
   1780  GeorgePOPLE(Banns published 23-Apr-1780, 30-Apr-1780 & 07-May-1780)
  BANNS ONLY& AnnPOUNEYof Dorchester St Peters
   1780  WilliamHOPKINS(Banns published 11-Jun-1780, 18-Jun-1780 & 25-Jun-1780)
  BANNS ONLY& JoanCONNOCKof Corton Denham, Somerset
   1780  HenryMEECH(Banns published 20-Aug-1780, 27-Aug-1780 & 03-Sep-1780)
  BANNS ONLY& SaraADAMSof Piddlehinton
 14Nov1780  RichardEDWARDSof Winford Eagle (Banns published 22-Oct-1780, 29-Oct-1780 & 05-Nov-1780)
    & ChristianHILLYAR 
        witnesses: Martha MILLS, Richard LANE
 01Feb1781  RichardSYMES(Banns published Jan-14-1781, 21-Jan-1781 & 28-Jan-1781)
    & AnnMEECH"married in the Chapel part of the Church of Buckland Newton" [possibly Plush Chapel]
        witnesses: Robert MILLER, John SYMES
 03Apr1781  JamesFURBER(Banns published 04-Mar-1781, 11-Mar-1781 & 18-Mar-1781)
    & AnnDUNNING 
        witnesses: Thomas FURBER, Robert DUNNING
 07May1781  WilliamPOPLE(Banns published 08-Apr-1781, 15-Apr-1781 & 22-Apr-1781)
    & JennySTRANGE 
        witnesses: Simon STRANGE, Kemy CAINES
 05Jun1781  WilliamBLANNINof Bidminster, Somerset
    & ElizabethLANE 
        witnesses: Elnor LANE, Richard LANE
   1781  JacobTUCKER(Banns published 14-Jun-1781, 01-Jul-1781 & 08-Jul-1781)
  BANNS ONLY& AnnWESTMinterne Magna
 12Jan1782  SamuelSYMES(Banns published 23-Dec-1781, 30-Dec-1781 & 06-Jan-1782)
    & AnnMANS 
        witnesses: Mary SYMES, Robert MILLER
 15Apr1782  SimonSTRANGEof Frampton (Banns published 24-Mar-1782, 31-Mar-1782 & 07-Apr-1782)
    & JennyCAINES 
        witnesses: Betty MILLS, James HILBOURN
 23Jun1782  JohnPHILLIPS(Banns published 05-May-1782, 12-May-1782 & 19-May-1782)
    & SarahSATCHELLmarried in this Chapel [possibly Plush Chapel]
        witnesses: William SYMES, Ann HALLETT
 23Jun1782  WilliamSYMES(Banns published 05-May-1782, 12-May-1782 & 19-May-1782)
    & AnnHALLETTof Sidland St Nicholas - "married in this Chapel" [possibly Plush Chapel]
        witnesses: John PHILIPS, Sarah PHILIPS
 30Jun1782  RobertDIMENT(Banns published 09-Jun-1782, 16-Jun-1782 & 23-Jun-1782)
    & MaryROPER 
        witnesses: Martha MILLS, Martha ROPER
 30Nov1782  HenryEYERS 
  by Licence& ElizabethGREGORY 
        witness: Richard LANE
 15Jan1783  ThomasKINGMAN(Banns published 22-Dec-1782, 29-Dec-1782 & 05-Jan-1782)
    & MaryCOATE 
        witnesses: Robert MILLER, Mary CAINES
 17Feb1783  RobertDUFFET(Banns published 26-Jan-1783, 02-Feb-1783 & 09-Feb-1783)
    & MarySHERRY 
        witnesses: Thomas HILLIER, Richard LANE
 18Feb1783  JamesBRIDGE(Banns published 26-Jan-1783, 02-Feb-1783 & 09-Feb-1783)
    & MarthaCROCKER 
        witnesses: Abraham MORE, Richard LANE
 31Mar1783  JosephSTRANGE(Banns published 16-Mar-1783, 23-Mar-1783 & 30-Mar-1783)
    & SusannaLOWMAN 
        witnesses: William CAINES, Richard LANE
   1783  JohnMULLET(Banns published 16-Mar-1783, 23-Mar-1783 & 30-Mar-1783)
  BANNS ONLY& JaneHARDINGof Bridford
 21Apr1783  RobertFOOTof Mapowder (Banns published 30-Apr-1783, 06-Apr-1783 & 13-Apr-1783)
    & ChristianCAINES 
        witnesses: Ann FOOT, William YOUNG
   1783  HenryMULLET(Banns published 30-Apr-1783, 06-Apr-1783 & 13-Apr-1783)
 28Apr1783  RobertMILLER 
  by Licence& MaryCAINES 
        witnesses: William SYMES, Priscilla CAINES, Kemy POPLE
 04Aug1783  StephenILES(Banns published 10-Jul-1783, 17-Jul-1783 & 03-Aug-1783)
    & MaryELKINSof Mappowder
        witnesses: Andrew SANSOM, Richard LANE
 22Sep1783  ThomasFOREof Godmanston
  by Licence& JoannaPOPLE 
        witnesses: John STRANGE, James CAINES
 20Apr1784  WilliamNAPPIREof Minterne Magna (Banns published 28-Mar-1784, 04-Apr-1784 & 11-Apr-1784)
    & MaryPERRETT 
        witnesses: Samuel FOX, Richard LANE
 29Aug1784  RobertHILLIAR(Banns published 08-Aug-1784, 15-Aug-1784 & 22-Aug-1784)
    & MarthaRANDLE 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Jenne MITCHELL
 04Oct1784  SamuelFOXof Minterne Magna (Banns published 19-Sep-1784, 26-Sep-1784 & 03-Oct-1784)
    & JaneSHERRY 
        witnesses: James CAINES, Mary ROLES
 04Oct1784  WilliamOLDof Dorchester
  by Licence& MarthaROPER 
        witnesses: Betty MILLS, Richard LANE
 18Oct1784  WilliamCAINES 
  by Licence& KemyPOPLE 
        witnesses: H. POPLE, Richard LANE
 11Dec1784  JosephYOUNGof Mappowder
  by Licence& SarahHANNAM 
        witnesses: Thomas KINGMAN, Richard LANE
 31Jan1785  JohnLOWMAN(Banns published 16-Jan-1785, 23-Jan-1785 & 30-Jan-1785)
    & MarthaMILLS 
        witnesses: B. THORNE, Judey MULLET, Richard LANE
   1785  JohnMITCHEL(Banns published 27-Mar-1785, 03-Apr-1785 & 10-Apr-1785)
  BANNS ONLY& SaraWINTERof Mintern Magna
   1785  ThomasHILLYAR(Banns published 31-Jul-1785, 07-Aug-1785 & 21-Aug-1785)
   1785  ThomasLANE(Banns published 09-Oct-1785, 16-Oct-1785 & 23-Oct-1785)
 13Feb1786  SamuelTHORNE(Banns published 29-Jan-1786, 05-Feb-1786 & 12-Feb-1786)
    & ElizabethSMITH 
        witnesses: Thomas SHERRY, Richard LANE
 18Apr1786  WilliamBULLENof Pulham
  by Licence& MaryPOPLE 
        witnesses: Robert YOUNG, Ann CAINES
 09May1786  JosephROGERSof Mappowder (Banns published 16-Apr-1786, 23-Apr-1786 & 30-Apr-1786)
    & EleanorBILES 
        witnesses: James POPLE, Richard LANE
   1786  RobertDUNNING(Banns published 23-Apr-1786, 30-Apr-1786 & 07-May-1786)
  BANNS ONLY& JaneFURBERof Mintern Magna
 21Dec1786  WilliamWHITEof Sherborne
  by Licence& BettyMILLS 
        witnesses: Ann POPLE, John SAMSON
 02Jan1787  GeorgeUPWARDof Melbourn Port, Somerset
  by Licence& ElizabethGRAY 
        witnesses: Abraham MORE, Susanna STRANGE
 17May1787  HenryHILLYAR(Banns published 22-Apr-1787, 29-Apr-1878 & 06-May-1787)
    & AnnOLD 
        witnesses: John LOVELACE, Richard LANE
 03Jul1787  JamesCAINES(Banns published 29-Apr-1787, 06-May-1787 & 13-May-1787)
    & ElizabethLANGHORN 
        witnesses: Priscilla CAINES, Edward LANE
 13Mar1788  SamuelSHOREjunior Esq. of Norton Hall, Derbyshire
  by Licence& HarrietFOYSpinster
        witnesses: Eliza Maria FOY, Samuel SHORE, Eliza Maria FOY Spinster, Bohun (?) SHORE
 26Dec1788  JohnLAWRENCE(Banns published 26-Oct-1788, 02-Nov-1788 & 09-Nov-1788)
    & JaneFOOT 
        witnesses: John MITCHEL, Richard LANE
 05Jan1789  SamuelOREM(Banns published 30-Nov-1788, 07-Dec-1788 & 21-Dec-1788)
    & JaneNOKE 
        witnesses: Susanna MILLS, Henry POPLE
 02Apr1789  HenryPOPLE(Banns published 15-Mar-1789, 22-Mar-1789 & 29-Mar-1789)
    & MarySTRANGE 
        witnesses: Samuel WAKELY, John STRANGE
 23Apr1789  JohnCAINES(Banns published 29-Mar-1789, 05-Apr-1789 & 12-Apr-1789)
    & AnnPOPLE 
        witnesses: Richard CAINS, Stephen POPLE, Samuel WAKELY
 27Jul1789  SamuelMANNS(Banns published 12-Jul-1789, 19-Jul-1789 & 26-Jul-1789)
    & ChristianCORBENmarried at Plush Chapel
        witnesses: Henry LUCKHAM, Martha LUCKHAM
 19Jan1790  ChristopherMORY(Banns published 13-Dec-1789, 20-Dec-1789 & 30-Dec-1789)
    & MaryNELSON 
        witnesses: John NELSON, Richard LANE
 02Feb1790  WilliamBROWNSEYof Hazelbury Briant (Banns published 23-Aug-1789, 30-Aug-1789 & 06-Sep-1789)
    & AnnROGERS 
        witnesses: Mary DRAKE, Richard LANE
   1790  RobertFOOT(Banns published 16-May-1790, 23-May-1790 & 30-May-1790)
  BANNS ONLY& MaryVATCHERof Milton Abbas
   1790  JosephGILLINGHAM(Banns published 01-Aug-1790, 08-Aug-1790 & 15-Aug-1790)
  BANNS ONLY& JoanNORTHOVERof Hazelbury Briant
 16Dec1790  RichardCAINES 
  by Licence& ElizabethCROCKER 
        witnesses: Joseph CAINES, Leonard POUNT, Betty CAINES, Richard LANE
 14Mar1791  JacobDIMENT(Banns published 27-Feb-1791, 06-Mar-1791 & 13-Mar-1791)
    & SarahDAVIS 
        witnesses: Hugh DIMONT, Susanna MILLS
 21Mar1791  ChristopherMOREY(Banns published 27-Feb-1791, 06-Mar-1791 & 13-Mar-1791)
    & RatchellBISHOP 
        witnesses: Esther COX, Richard LANE
 28Apr1791  HenryGROVES(Banns published 10-Apr-1791, 17-Apr-1791 & 24-Apr-1791)
    & JaneJEANS 
        witnesses: Mary DAVIS, Richard LANE
 03May1791  JohnPLIMPTON(Banns published 17-Apr-1791, 24-Apr-1791 & 01-May-1791)
    & PamlerCOLE 
        witnesses: William TROWBRIDGE, Ann HULL
 10May1791  JonothonBROWNof Stalbridge (Banns published 10-Apr-1791, 17-Apr-1791 & 24-Apr-1791)
    & BithiahMILLERalso as Barthiah
        witnesses: John GRAY, William BALSTER
 30Jun1791  JohnSYMESof Plush
  by Licence& AnnLUCKHAMof Plush - married at Plush Chapel
        witnesses: James SQUIRE, Susanna CROAD
 26Jul1791  JohnLOVELL(Banns published 10-Jul-1791, 17-Jul-1791 & 24-Jul-1791)
    & ElizabethFUDGE 
        witnesses: Thomas HANHAM, John POUNT
 23Aug1791  JamesHINEof Pointington, Somerset (Banns published 31-Jul-1791, 07-Aug-1791 & 14-Aug-1791)
    & RatchelGILLHAMalso as GILLAM, signed Rachel GILHAM
        witnesses: John LOWMAN, Jenney FRAMPTON
   1791  JohnGULLIVER(Banns published 31-Jul-1791, 07-Aug-1791 & 14-Aug-1791)
 29Aug1791  HenryLEGG(Banns published 07-Aug-1791, 14-Aug-1791 & 21-Aug-1791)
    & JaneFRAMPTON 
        witnesses: John LOWMAN, Susanna MILLS
 19Jan1792  RichardGILLINGHAMof Pulham (Banns published 25-Dec-1791, 01-Jan-1792 & 08-Jan-1792)
    & EstherCOX 
        witnesses: Rachel MOREY, Richard LANE
 01Mar1792  JamesSQUIREBachelor (Banns published 15-Jan-1792, 22-Jan-1792 & 29-Jan-1792)
    & SusannaCROADESpinster - married at Plush Chapel
        witnesses: John SYMES, James POUNT
 22May1792  GeorgeKINGMAN 
  by Licence& SarahPOPLE 
        witnesses: Martha POPLE, Hannah DAMPNEY, William POPLE
 17Feb1793  JospehRUSSELLBachelor OTP (Banns published 18-Nov-1792, 25-Nov-1792 & 02-Dec-1792)
    & CatharineRUSSELLSpinster OTP
        witnesses: Anne RUSSEL, Richard LANE
 06Apr1793  JohnHARRARDBachelor OTP; also as HARRAD & HARWOOD (Banns published 10-Feb-1793, 17-Feb-1793 & 24-Feb-1793)
    & SusanaHODGESSpinster OTP
        witnesses: Richard LANE, John LOVELASS
 22May1793  WilliamFRAMPTONof Hilvell, Sidling St Nicholas (Banns published 28-Apr-1793, 05-Jun-1793 & 12-Jun-1793)
    & JaneRIDOUT 
        witnesses: Jonathan MASTERS, Richard LANE
 05Nov1793  JohnVINCENT(Banns published 06-Oct-1793, 13-Oct-1793 & 20-Oct-1793)
    & AnnMILLER 
        witnesses: John LOVELASS, Richard LANE
 21Oct1794  JohnDUNNING 
  by Licence& JudithSLADEof Batcombe
        witnesses: Thomas DUNNING, Susanna MILLS
 27Jan1795  GeorgeFOOT 
    & ElizabethGREGORY 
        Richard & Judy (?) MASTERS, Richard LANE
 18Feb1795  JamesPOPLE 
  by Licence& HannahDAMPNEY 
        witnesses: John POUNT, Henry DUNNING
 08Jul1795  RichardCRITCHEL 
  by Licence& SusannaMILLS 
        witnesses: John DAMPNEY, Judith DUNNING
 08Oct1795  JamesFOOT 
    & LydiaMASTERS 
        witnesses: Henry MASTERS, Richard LANE
 01Nov1795  JohnMANNSof Plush
    & ElizabethBAKERof Plush
        witnesses: Robert BILES, John LOVELASS
 11Apr1796  RobertFOOT 
    & SusannaGILLHAM 
        witnesses: Andrew VACHER, Joseph GILLINGHAM
 25Apr1796  JamesBAZZLEalso as BAZILL
    & HannahGILLHAM 
        witnesses: George COX, Richard LANE
 18Jul1796  JamesROGERS 
    & AnnSPRIGS 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Betty POUNT
 25Jul1796  WilliamLOCK 
    & MaryGREEN 
        witnesses: John POUNT, Richard LANE, William LOVELASS
 21Nov1796  WilliamSANSOM 
    & MarthaMULLET 
        witnesses: James MULLET, Richard LANE
 25May1797  StephenPOPLE 
  by Licence& PriscillaCAINES 
        witnesses: Ann CAINES, Susanna CAINES, George CAINES, John POUNT, George POUNT, Richard LANE
 26Apr1798  JamesRUSSEL 
    & ElizabethMITCHELalso as MICHEL
        witnesses: John POUNT, Richard LANE
 17May1798  JamesDUNNINGBachelor of Melbury Bub
  by Licence& AnnCAINESSpinster
        witnesses: Robert SANSOM, Christopher CAINES
 12Jun1798  JohnLOCK 
    & SarahVINCENT 
        witnesses: Robert BILES, Richard LANE, Bettey HOUSE
 20Jul1798  ThomasWILLCOCKS 
    & AnnWARR 
        witnesses: John POUNT, John FOOT, Richard LANE
 15Nov1798  ThomasRUSSEL 
    & AnnRICHARDS 
        witnesses: John POUNT, Richard LANE
 23Feb1800  EdwardTYRRELof Liscomb, Abbey Milton
    & ChristianROGERSof Plush
        witnesses: John ROGERS, Richard LANE
 08Apr1800  CharlesDURRANT 
    & MarySYMMONS 
        witnesses: William BENNETT, Richard LANE
 21Apr1800  ThomasCAINESof Hazelbury Bryan
    & JaneSMART 
        witnesses: William HOPKINS, Ann TERILL, Mary HOPKINS
 16Jun1800  JohnSANSOMof Pulham
    & MaryGOULDalso as GOLD
        witnesses: James MULLET, Richard LANE
 30Jun1800  GeorgeRUSSEL 
    & BethiaSANSOM 
        witnesses: John SANSOM, Richard LANE
 27Nov1800  JosephKINGSBURYof Cheselborne
  by Licence& MaryHOLLAND 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Jonathan HOLLAND
 23Mar1801  WilliamKERLEY 
    & SusannaSTICKLAND 
        witnesses: Richard LOVE, William GREY
 14May1801  JohnMABERof Mintern Magna
  by Licence& AnnCAINES 
        witnesses: John CHAMEN, Thomas CAINES
 01Jun1801  IsaacDURRANT 
    & MaryDURRANT 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Elizabeth CRANE
 07Jul1801  RobertBILES 
    & ElizabethFOOT 
        witnesses: Joshua ROGERS, Richard LANE
 29Oct1801  DanielHELLYAR 
    & MaryFOOT 
        witnesses: John POUNT, Richard LANE, Charles DURRANT
 09Nov1801  JohnMANNSof Plush
    & CharityLOCKof Plush
        witnesses: William PAIN, Richard LANE
 14Jan1802  JohnROGERSof Piddletrenthide
  by Licence& SarahFOOT 
        witnesses: Robert ROGERS, Ann ROGERS
 10May1802  JosephOSMOND 
    & AnnDURRANT 
        witnesses: John POUNT, John HOPKINS, Jean VINCENT, Richard LANE
 17May1802  WilliamBRINSON 
    & AnnLOVELASS 
        witnesses: William PAIN, Richard LANE
 05Jul1802  HenryLOCK 
    & ElizabethCHALKER 
        witnesses: John POUNT; Eliza MAJOR
 15Jul1802  GeorgeBAKERof Plush
    & DorothyPAYNEof Plush
        witnesses: William PAIN, Richard LANE
 24Dec1802  GeorgeSPICER 
    & JaneSCOTT 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Betty SPICER
 27Dec1802  GeorgePAINEof Milton Abbas, also as PAIN & PAYNE
    & ElizabethDUNNING 
        witnesses: Charles DUNNING, Henry DUNNING
 27Dec1802  JohnHOLLAND 
    & MaryKING 
        witnesses: John WOOLCOTT, Hannah KING, Hester KING
 24Jan1803  ThomasHOUSE 
    & SarahMULLET 
        witnesses: John POUNT, Richard LANE
 01Mar1803  JohnSTOWERof Plush
    & SarahBAKERof Plush
        witnesses: Jacob BAKER, Henry PERRY
 28Mar1803  ArkenwaldWAYGOODalso as Arkenwall, Arkingwall & Archenwalld
  by Licence& MarySTRANGE 
        witnesses: John WAYGOOD, Richard LANE
 05Jul1803  WilliamLANEof Mintern Magna
    & AnnMULLET 
        witnesses: Richard LANE, Maud DURRANT
 10Oct1803  DanielHOLLAND 
  by Licence& AnnFURBER 
        witnesses: Diana WITHERS, Samuel HOLLAND, Joseph KINGSBURY
 10Jan1804  GeorgeCHANT 
    & MargarettHOLLAND 
        witnesses: John POUNT, William COCK
 30Apr1804  JohnELKINS 
    & SusannahCHILDS 
        witnesses: John POUNT, Robert CHILDS
 17Aug1804  RobertALLEN 
    & MaudDURRANT 
        witnesses: John POUNT; Maria FOX
 05Nov1804  JohnVINCENTof Piddlehinton
    & ElizabethCHANT 
        witnesses: John POUNT, Joseph LOVELACE
 17Dec1804  WilliamLOCK 
    & SusannahVINCENT 
        witnesses: Joseph LOVELACE, Catherine SYMES
 24Dec1804  WilliamSPICER 
    & MarthaPERRETT 
        witnesses: Joseph LOVELACE, Richard LANE
 27Oct1805  WilliamBOLLENof Dorchester Holy Trinity
    & MariaLOVELACE 
        witnesses: Joseph LOVELACE, William LOVELACE, Martha POPLE
 26Dec1805  ThomasCAINES 
  by Licence& CatherineLANE 
        witnesses: Stephen POPLE, John POUNT
 05May1806  HenryHOPKINS 
  by Licence& MarthaPOPLE 
        witnesses: George KINGMAN, William POPLE
 08Jul1806  WilliamALLEN 
    & BathshebaMITCHEL 
        witnesses: Elizabeth FOX, Joseph LOVELACE
 04Dec1806  GeorgeSHERRY 
    & ElizabethMITCHEL 
        witnesses: Joseph SHEREY, Maria MITCHELL
 07Jan1807  StephenJEANSof Pulham, also as JEANES
    & ElizabethSMART 
        witnesses: James CORBIN, Rosella CORBIN
 27Apr1807  RichardCURTIS 
    & RebeccaGILLAM 
        witnesses: Stephen SANSOM, Mary POPE
 12May1807  TheophilusBAYLEYof Dorchester All Saints
    & ElizabethTHORNE 
        witnesses: Richard CURTIS, Mary CURTIS
 25Jun1807  ThomasCAINES 
  by Licence& AnnTIZARDof Fordington, also as TIZZARD
        witnesses: Henry STONE, R. W. TIZARD
 05Oct1807  CharlesDOMINYof Cerne Abbas
    & CatherineWENLOCKalso as WENLOCKE
        witnesses: George DOMINEY, Lucy WENLOCK
 21Nov1807  RobertBISHOP 
    & MaryBAKER 
        witnesses: George BAKER, Kemy CAINES
 23Dec1807  RobertWARREN 
    & LydiaBARTLETT 
        witnesses: William BARTELATT, Roger BARTLETT
 11Jan1808  WilliamBAZZELL 
    & AnnWATTS 
        witnesses: John DIMENT, John HOPKINS
 29Feb1808  WilliamCAINESof Hazelbury Briant
  by Licence& MaryHOPKINS 
        witnesses: John HOPKINS, John POUNT
 13Mar1808  IsaacSEAL 
    & ElizabethVINCENTmarried at Plush Chapel
        witnesses: James SYMES, Catherine SYMES
 02Nov1808  JamesMEECHof Glanvilles Wooton
    & MaryWENLOCK 
        witnesses: John MEECH, Mary MEECH
 04Dec1808  JohnKNIGHT 
  by Licence& ChristianDIMENT 
        witnesses: Joseph SHERREY, Jean FURBER
 18May1809  JamesCROSS 
  by Licence& MaryFOOT 
        witnesses: Robert FOOT, Fanny FOOT, Ann FOOT
 21May1809  JosephSHERRY 
    & JaneFURBER 
        witnesses: Jane SHERREY, Ann STRANGE
 17Oct1809  ThomasSPRICKS 
    & AnnGILHAM 
        witnesses: Richard CURTIS, Mary HAREWOOD
 24Oct1809  HenryDUNNING 
    & JaneMULLET 
        witnesses: Thomas MULLET, Susannah DURRANT
 14Dec1809  GeorgeRANDALL 
    & MaryWATTS 
        witnesses: Betty SPICER, Joseph LOVELACE
 23Jan1810  WilliamCOCK [Corrected 21 May 2014, changed from COOK]
    & ElizabethSMITH 
        witnesses: John POUNT, Ann JACOBS
 01May1810  RobertFOOT 
    & AnnSTRANGE 
        witnesses: Fanny FOOT, John POUNT
 13Nov1810  WilliamBARTLETT 
    & SarahGULLIVER 
        witnesses: James PHILLIPS, Joseph LOVELACE
 31Dec1810  WilliamGRAY 
    & ElizabethSPICER 
        witnesses: Thomas SHERRY, Grace LEGG
 08May1811  JohnCAINES 
    & MaryCAINES 
        witnesses: Christopher CAINES, John POUNT
 17Jul1811  GeorgeNORTHOVER 
    & SusannahDURRANT 
        witnesses: Jonathan GRAY, Mary FOX
 30Jan1812  WilliamCOLLIER 
    & AliceLOVELASS 
        witnesses: John LOVELASS, Mary HARWOOD
 21Mar1812  GeorgeDUNNING 
    & MaryFOX 
        witnesses: Thomas LEGG, Joseph LOVELACE
 06Jun1812  RichardSANSOM 
    & MaryHARWOOD 
        witnesses: Susanah STURMEY, Joseph LOVELACE
 21Sep1812  IsaacCLIFFORDof Bristol St James
  by Licence& SusannahSTRANGE 
        witnesses: George KINGMAN, Kemey CAINES
 05Nov1812  RichardSYMES 
    & JaneSYMES 
        witnesses: Samuel FOOT, Martha SYMES
 21Dec1812  GeorgeNEWof Mappowder (Banns published 29-Nov-1812, 06-Dec-1812 & 13-Dec-1812)
    & GraceMITCHELLalso as MICHEL
        witnesses: Ann NEW, Thomas LEGG, Joseph LOVELACE