Buckland Newton

Admiralty: Royal Navy Continuous Service Engagement Records for Buckland Newton Residents

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Jon Baker

The table below lists records for Royal Navy service men born in Buckland Newton. These documents can be downloaded from the Documents online service of the National Archives for a small fee: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/

Note: Researchers are advised to be aware that where the place name refers simply to "Buckland" there is the possibility that this could refer to Buckland Ripers


DateContinuous Service NumberName, Place of BirthReferenceDate of Volunteering
13 June 18367910Sherry, John, Buckland, Dorset ADM 139/8008 February 1854
25 December 183710233ALoveless, George, Buckland Newton, Dorset ADM 139/50303 May 1859
5 February 185261412Russell, Frederick George, Buckland Newton, Dorset ADM 188/40 
3 January 185472059Mawson, Samuel, Buckland Newton, Dorset ADM 188/58 
1 December 185887678Major, George, Buckland Newton, Dorset ADM 188/92 
02 October 1864110576Warren, Frederick, Buckland Newton, Dorset ADM 188/136 
15 October 1869129853Lock, George, Buckland Newton, Dorset ADM 188/174 
06 April 1870152672Dawe, Edward John, Buckland, Dorset ADM 188/220 
04 March 1871154781West, John William, Buckland, Dorset ADM 188/224 
25 December 1878181906Beck, George William, Buckland, Newton, Dorset ADM 188/303 
19 August 1886SS1450Saint, Gerald, Buckland Newton, Dorset ADM 188/1095 
25 June 1888233979Hunt, William Charles, Buckland Newton, Dorset ADM 188/414 


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