Buckland Ripers

1901 Census - RG13/1990

Transcribed by Maureen Branson 2006


Superintendant Registrar's District: Weymouth
Enumeration District, No.: 3
Registrar's Sub-District: Upwey
Name of Enumerator, Mr.: John Edward Baunton

Description of Enumeration District: Boundary: The whole of the civil Parish of Radipole which includes the former civil Parish of Buckland Ripers. Contents: comprising Buckland Ripers Farm & cottages, Rectory House, Game Keeper's cottages in Buckland Wood, Tatton House, Dairy House & cottages, Buckland Barn & cottages, Holwell cottages all the houses southward  of Sir John Gale's Malthouse Nottington, Ward's Farm House & two cottages and two new cottages in the Chickerell Road



42; Chickerell Road; George KNIGHT; head; M; 54; Carter on Farm; Charminster; Folio46Page7

; Maria KNIGHT; wife; M; 57; Owermoigne; Folio46Page7

; Richard KNIGHT; son; S; 24; Farm Labourer; Puddletown; Folio46Page7

; Albert KNIGHT; son; S; 16; Farm Labourer; Maiden Newton; Folio46Page7

; Frederick BURT; boarder; S; 23; Dustman; Hillfield; Folio46Page7

43; Chickerell Road; Isaac CHARLES; head; M; 50; Labourer on Farm; Osmington; Folio46Page7

; Mary CHARLES; wife; M; 40; Addmister; Folio46Page7

; Robert CHARLES; son; S; 20; Carter on Farm; Lulworth; Folio46Page7

; Lily CHARLES; daughter; S; 19; Laundress; Watercombe; Folio46Page7

; Alfred CHARLES; son; S; 17; Butcher; Watercombe; Folio46Page7

44; Farm House; Frederick WARD; head; M; 48; Farmer; Wyke Regis; Folio46Page7

; Susan WARD; wife; M; 39; Wyke Regis; Folio46Page7

; Frederick S WARD; son; S; 14; Wyke Regis; Folio46Page7

; Olive M E WARD; daughter; 13; Buckland Ripers; Folio46Page7

; Amy W WARD; daughter; 12; Buckland Ripers; Folio46Page7

; Mark S WARD; son; 4; Buckland Ripers; Folio46Page7

45; Nottington; David V DOWNTON; head; M; 51; Dairyman on Farm; Rodden, Abbotsbury; Folio46Page7

; Maria DOWNTON; wife; M; 51; Rodden, Abbotsbury; Folio46Page7

; William G DOWNTON; son; S; 23; Dairyman on Farm; Rodden, Abbotsbury; Folio46Page7

; Frederick J DOWNTON; son; S; 18; Dairyman on Farm; Rodden, Abbotsbury; Folio46Page7

46; Nottington; William SANSFORD; head; M; 35; Carter on Farm; Portesham; Folio46Page7

; Elizabeth SANSFORD; wife; M; 33; Woolland; Folio46Page7

; John SANSFORD; son; 13; Errand Boy; Gorwell; Folio46Page7

; Sydney SANSFORD; son; 9; Andover, Hampshire; Folio46Page7

; Olive SANSFORD; daughter; 7; Ringwood, Hampshire; Folio46Page7

47; Nottington; William BIDDLECOMBE; head; M; 33; G W Railway Labourer; Bridport; Folio46Page8

; Harriet BIDDLECOMBE; wife; M; 28; Laundress; North Poorton; Folio46Page8

; Arthur BIDDLECOMBE; son; 8; Nottington; Folio46Page8

; Bertram BIDDLECOMBE; son; 1; Nottington; Folio46Page8

; Dora BIDDLECOMBE; daughter; 1m; Nottington; Folio46Page8

; Louisa GALE; mother-in-law; W; 69; Hook; Folio46Page8

; Emily GALE; sister-in-law; S; 25; North Poorton; Folio46Page8

48; Nottington; George J SYMONDS; head; M; 36; Farmer; Buckland Ripers; Folio46Page8

; Laura M SYMONDS; wife; M; 35; Nottington; Folio46Page8

; Reginald J  SYMONDS; son; 18; Nottington; Folio46Page8

; John BRIDLE; father-in-law; W; 71; Living on own means; Chickerell; Folio46Page8

49; Nottington; Percival G C GOULD; head; M; 31; Butcher; West Coker, Somerset; Folio46Page8

; Ellen M GOULD; wife; M; 32; Hardington, Somerset; Folio46Page8

; Albert G GOULD; son; 6; Hardington, Somerset; Folio46Page8

; Lily D GOULD; daughter; 5; Hardington, Somerset; Folio46Page8

; Percival R GOULD; son; 3; Weymouth; Folio46Page8

; Gilbert F W GOULD; son; 1; Broadwey; Folio46Page8

; Martha E  SQUIRE; mother-in-law; W; 60; Housekeeper Domestic; St Pancras, London; Folio46Page8

50; Nottington; Harry GUPPY; head; M; 29; Gardener Domestic; Bridport; Folio46Page8

; Ethel GUPPY; wife; M; 28; Winfrith; Folio46Page8

51; Nottington; Charles HAWKER; head; M; 56; General Labourer; Bradford Peverell; Folio46Page8

; Jane HAWKER; wife; M; 56; Spetisbury; Folio46Page8

; Emily HAWKER; daughter; S; 26; Nottington; Folio46Page8

52; Holwell; Joseph TEWKESBURY; head; M; 63; Shepherd; Chickerell; Folio46Page8

; Mary TEWKESBURY; wife; M; 61; Friar Waddon; Folio46Page8

; Arthur TEWKESBURY; son; S; 21; Ordinary Agricultural Labourer; Buckland Ripers; Folio46Page8

; Maude TEWKESBURY; daughter; S; 19; Holwell; Folio46Page8

53; Holwell; George BURT; head; M; 38; Carter on Farm; Hillfield; Folio46Page8

; Eliza A BURT; wife; M; 31; Stratton; Folio46Page8

; Thomas C BURT; son; 10; Ridgeway; Folio46Page8

; uninhabited; Folio46Page8

54; Holwell; Philip I A B TEWKESBURY; head; M; 67; Ordinary Agricultural Labourer; Chickerell; Folio47Page9

; Susan TEWKESBURY; wife; M; 61; Laundress; Rampisham; Folio47Page9

; Harry TEWKESBURY; son; S; 33; Ordinary Agricultural Labourer; Buckland Ripers; Folio47Page9

; Rebecca TEWKESBURY; grandmother; W; 91; Tynham; Folio47Page9

55; Holwell; Thomas BURT; head; M; 69; Labourer on Farm; Hillfield; Folio47Page9

; Mary BURT; wife; M; 61; Hermitage; Folio47Page9

; Charles BURT; son; S; 32; General Labourer; Hillfield; Folio47Page9

; Mary BURT; daughter; S; 28; Housemaid Domestic; Buckland Ripers; Folio47Page9

; Harry BURT; son; S; 26; Carter on Farm; Buckland Ripers; Folio47Page9

; Emily BURT; daughter; S; 24; Buckland Ripers; Folio47Page9

56; The Rectory; George E WYNTER; head; M; 59; Clergyman Church of England; Fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire; Folio47Page9

; Priscilla F NORMAN; servant; W; 39; Housekeeper Domestic; Corely?, Cambridgeshire; Folio47Page9

; Mary J  NORMAN; servant daughter; 10; Hilburn, London; Folio47Page9

57; School House; Charles J BEDWELL; head; M; 44; Schoolmaster; Smallwood, Cheshire; Folio47Page9

; Elizabeth M BALLS; servant; W; 55; Sewing Mistress in School; Gray's Inn Road, London; Folio47Page9

58; Buckland; George  HART; head; M; 40; Carter on Farm; Cerne Abbas; Folio47Page9

; Mary HART; wife; M; 39; Nether Cerne; Folio47Page9

; Flora HART; daughter; S; 19; General Servant Domestic; Upcerne; Folio47Page9

; George HART; son; S; 14; General Labourer; Wynford Eagle; Folio47Page9

; Bessie HART; daughter; 5; Buckland Ripers; Folio47Page9

59; Buckland; John BURT; head; M; 30; Labourer on Farm; Alstock, Somerset; Folio47Page9

; Fanny BURT; wife; M; 38; Nottington; Folio47Page9

; William TEWKESBURY; stepson; S; 16; General Labourer; Tatton; Folio47Page9

; Ernest TEWKESBURY; stepson; 11; Dorchester; Folio47Page9

; John BURT; son; 6; Weymouth; Folio47Page9

; Mabel BURT; daughter; 5; Huish; Folio47Page9

; Frederick BURT; son; 4; Huish; Folio47Page9

; Harry BURT; son; 2; Huish; Folio47Page9

60; Buckland; Harry HOPKINS; head; M; 45; Carter on Farm; Woodsford; Folio47Page10

; Mary A HOPKINS; wife; M; 45; Broadmayne; Folio47Page10

; George HOPKINS; son; S; 25; Farm Labourer; Broadmayne; Folio47Page10

; William J HOPKINS; son; S; 18; Farm Labourer; Bincombe; Folio47Page10

; Alice M HOPKINS; daughter; 15; Bincombe; Folio47Page10

; Ada H HOPKINS; daughter; 13; Langton Herring; Folio47Page10

61; Buckland; William GALE; head; M; 45; Gardener Domestic; Powerstock; Folio47Page10

; Molly J GALE; wife; M; 42; Cattistock; Folio47Page10

; Joseph GALE; son; S; 20; Groom Domestic; Wynford Eagle; Folio47Page10

; Charles GALE; son; S; 19; Gardener Domestic; Wynford Eagle; Folio47Page10

; Lot GALE; son; S; 15; Blacksmith; Wynford Eagle; Folio47Page10

; Edward GALE; son; 14; Stable Boy; Wynford Eagle; Folio47Page10

; Nellie GALE; daughter; 12; Wynford Eagle; Folio47Page10

; Oscar J  GALE; son; 5; Buckland Ripers; Folio47Page10

62; Manor Farm; Lucinda M BURNEY; head; M; 38; Enfield, Surrey; Folio47Page10

; Sybil K BURNEY; daughter; S; 15; Greenwich, Kent; Folio47Page10

; Violet M BURNEY; daughter; 9; Whitley, Surrey; Folio47Page10

; Jessie A WARREN; servant; S; 29; Parlour Maid Domestic; Exeter, Devon; Folio47Page10

; Margaret A EVANS; servant; S; 23; House Maid Domestic; Llanelli, Carmarthenshire; Folio47Page10

; Mary A E WHITE; servant; S; 29; Cook Domestic; Kensington, London; Folio47Page10

63; Buckland; Edward NORMAN; head; M; 49; Labourer on Farm; Corton; Folio47Page10

; Sarah NORMAN; wife; M; 45; Whittle, Essex; Folio47Page10

; uninhabited; Folio47Page10

64; Tatton; John WILLS; head; M; 39; Carter on Farm; Owermoigne; Folio47Page10

; Sarah WILLS; wife; M; 29; Weymouth; Folio47Page10

; Lily WILLS; daughter; 13; Affpuddle; Folio47Page10

; Frank WILLS; son; 12; Cerne Abbas; Folio47Page10

; Alice WILLS; daughter; 4; Cerne Abbas; Folio47Page10

; Frederick WILLS; son; 7m; Tatton; Folio47Page10

; uninhabited; Folio47Page10

65; Dairy House; William CHURCHILL; head; M; 64; Farmer; Burton Bradstock; Folio48Page11

; Susan CHURCHILL; wife; M; 70; Bradpole; Folio48Page11

; Thomas CHURCHILL; son; S; 38; Mappowder; Folio48Page11

; Sarah E CHURCHILL; daughter; S; 29; Mappowder; Folio48Page11

66; Tatton House; Julia KENT; head; M; 40; Living on own means; Cattistock; Folio48Page11

; Ruth LARCOMBE; servant; S; 19; General Servant Domestic; Portesham; Folio48Page11

67; Nottington; Richard MALE; head; M; 54; Gardener Domestic; Beaminster; Folio48Page11

; Jane MALE; wife; M; 59; Coombe St Thomas, Somerset; Folio48Page11

; Emily MALE; daughter; S; 28; Dressmaker; Nottington; Folio48Page11

; Mona MALE; daughter; S; 26; Telephonist; Chard, Somerset; Folio48Page11

; Ethel MALE; daughter; S; 21; Assistant School Mistress; Nottington; Folio48Page11

; Alice MALE; daughter; S; 19; Nottington; Folio48Page11

; uninhabited; Folio48Page11

68; Nottington House; Emily M HEDGES; head; S; 41; Nursemaid Domestic; Bryford, Berkshire; Folio48Page11

; Eleanor HEDGES; visitor; S; 42; Bryford, Berkshire; Folio48Page11

69; Hill Barn; Charles BARTLETT; head; M; 40; Farm Labourer; Bridport; Folio48Page11

; Susan E BARTLETT; wife; M; 38; Chickerell; Folio48Page11

; Annie E BARTLETT; daughter; 3; Chickerell; Folio48Page11

; Alexander C  BARTLETT; son; 1; Buckland Ripers; Folio48Page11

70; Hill Barn; Robert MOWLAM; head; M; 39; Shepherd; Langton Herring; Folio48Page11

; Harriet MOWLAM; wife; M; 40; Powerstock; Folio48Page11

; William MOWLAM; son; S; 15; Farm Labourer; Langton Herring; Folio48Page11

; Maude MOWLAM; daughter; 12; Buckland Ripers; Folio48Page11

; Anna MOWLAM; daughter; 10; Rodden, Abbotsbury; Folio48Page11

; Ada MOWLAM; daughter; 8; Tatton; Folio48Page11

; Clara MOWLAM; daughter; 6; Upwey; Folio48Page11

; May MOWLAM; daughter; 3; Nottington; Folio48Page11

; John MOWLAM; son; 1; Buckland Ripers; Folio48Page11

71; Dairy House; George TOMS; head; M; 39; Dairyman; Thornford; Folio48Page12

; Henrietta TOMS; wife; M; Stalbridge; Folio48Page12

; Mary A TOMS; daughter; 8; Beer Hackett; Folio48Page12

; Henrietta TOMS; daughter; 6; Rogers Hill; Folio48Page12

; Ada TOMS; daughter; 2; Rogers Hill; Folio48Page12

; Mary A JEANS; mother-in-law; W; 72; Rogers Hill; Folio48Page12

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