Burials 1813 to 1828

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Theresa Rose

Note that for the first few years of this Register, each new year was started on a new page, and even-numbered pages were not used/left blank

11Charlotte WELSH Pilsdon1813Apr216 months 
12William PAULL Burstock1813May14 months 
13Mary BROWN Burstock1813Oct32 months 
14Ann GALPIN Burstock1813Nov141 
317Sarah HALLETT Burstock1814Jan3055 
318Simeon TURNER Burstock1814Mar27Infant 
319Ann JOHNSTON Burstock1814Jun284Whitham Mill
533Susannah SPILLER Burstock1815Jan2970 
534Richard CRANTON Burstock1815Sep654 
535Mary HALLETT Pilsdon1815Dec1082 
536William JOHNSTON Burstock1815Dec3184 
537John PAULL Burstock1815Jun22Infant 
538William SYMS Burstock1815Jul2385 
749Robert BROWN Burstock1816Jan18Infant 
750Henry BRAKE Pilsdon1816Feb579 
751George HARDY Broad Windsor1816Feb2040 
752Mary DAVY Burstock1816Mar1784 
753Hester HAWKER Burstock1816Jun30Infant 
754Mary SIBLY Pilsdon1816Jul21Infant 
755Richard CASE Pilsdon1816Sep1Infant 
756Ann BROWN Burstock1816Sep22Infant 
965Mary or Molly SLADE Burstock1817Feb2588 
966Robert WELSH Pilsdon1817Mar236 
967Elizabeth FOWLER Hursey1817Mar313 
968Thomas William CARNE Burstock1817Jun1633Lieut. Royal Navy
969Charity CASE Burstock1817Nov983 
1181John CASE Broad Windsor1818May3183 
1397Mary WELSH Pilsdon1819Jan2485 
1398Elizabeth CRANTON Crewkerne1819Jan3184 
1399Hannah SIMS Burstock1819Feb369 
13100George WELSH Pilsdon1819Sep12Infant 
15113Jane SIMS Hursey Common1820Jan4Infant  
15114Sarah MILLER Burstock1820Mar584 
15115William SIBLEY Burstock1820Mar1982 
15116John FOWLER Burstock1820Apr25 
17129Elizabeth PEACH Childhay1821Mar2555 
17130Robert VINCENT [BLANK]1821Apr177 
17131David SPURDLE Burstock1821Apr22Infant 
19145Ann SLADE Beaminster1822Jan245 
19146Thomas PEACH Childhay1822Jan960 
19147George SPURDLE Burstock1822Jan17Infant 
19148George PHELPS Burstock1822Oct2020 
21161Henry FOWLER Thorncombe1823Jun1383 
21162William SIMS Burstock1823Jun2914 
21163Sarah TOLMAN Burstock1823Jul202 
21164Betty BAKER Burstock1823Oct2686 
23177Hugh WELCH Pilsdon1824Jan29Infant 
23178Robert FOWLER Burstock1824Apr17Infant 
23179Mary BACON Burstock1824Jul817 
23180Charlotte BARTLETT Burstock1824Aug627 
23181Simeon FOWLER Burstock1824Aug8Infant 
23182Robert Paull FOWLER Burstock1824Sep30Infant 
23183William TURNER Burstock1824Mar657 
23184Joseph BARTLETT Burstock1824Mar12Infant 
23185Susanna GALPIN Courtwood1825May447 
23186Ophelia HARDY Hursey1825Jun2345 
23187John MEECH Burstock1825Nov202 
23188Matthew PAULL Dillington1826Feb23Infant 
23189James HARDY Hursey1826Apr1370 
23190Henry Joseph HALLETT Purdington1826May2Infant 
23191James SPURDLE Burstock1826Jun18Infant 
23192Edward BROWNE Burstock1827May20Infant 
24193Bettey BARTLETT Burstock1824Apr1524 
24194Maria BRAKE Pilsdon1826Dec2214 
24195William LETTS Pilsdon1827Jul2465 
24196Elizabeth WELCH Pilsdon1827Nov2512 
24197John BANKS Burstock1827Dec1876 
24198Thomas SLADE Pilsdon1828Feb1080 
24199Matthew PAULL Dillington1828Mar5Infant 
24200Henry FOWLER Burstock1828Mar8Infant 

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