Canford Magna

1901 Census

Enumeration District 1

Transcribed for Dorset OPC by Valerie Robbins


No Road or Street No of rooms if less than 5 Christian Name Surname Rel to Head Marriage Status Male Female Profession/Trade etc Employer, Worker or Own Account If working at home Where born 1-Deaf and Dumb 2-Blind 3-Lunatic 4-Imbecile feeble minded
1 Waterloo 4 Charles HOLLOWAY Head M 31   Cattleman on Farm Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Sarah HOLLOWAY Wife M   32       Tarrant Keyneston, Dorset  
      Ethel HOLLOWAY Daughter S   10       Hampreston, Dorset  
      Charles HOLLOWAY Son S 7         Hampreston, Dorset  
      Albert HOLLOWAY Son S 2         Hampreston, Dorset  
      Winnifred HOLLOWAY Daughter S   6 months       Canford Magna, Dorset  
2 Waterloo   Walter STRATTEN Head M 38   Carter on Farm Worker   Chilbridge, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Maria STRATTEN Wife M   34       Leigh, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Edith R STRATTEN Daughter S   9       Kingstone Lacey, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Francis J STRATTEN Son S 4         Waterloo, Nr. Poole, Dorset  
3 Waterloo 4 Ann BEAUMONT Head Widow   69 Laundress Own Account Home Morden, Dorset  
  Upton House Uninhabited                    
  Upton House Uninhabited                    
4     George HALLETT Head M 49   Gardener (Domestic) Worker   Thorncombe, Dorset  
      Eleanor J HALLETT Wife M   55       Dorchester, Dorset  
      Ethel HALLETT Daughter S   16       St. Saviours, Jersey  
      Elsie HALLETT Daughter S   13       Poole, Dorset  
5 Creekmoor   Fred PHILLIPS Head M 35   Living on own means     London City  
      Annie E PHILLIPS Wife M   33       Hampstead, London  
      Frederic PHILLIPS Son S 11         Brondesbury, London, Middlesex  
      Henry I PHILLIPS Son S 10         Brondesbury, London, Middlesex  
      Jack R PHILLIPS Son S 9         Pinnar, Middlesex  
      Stanley PHILLIPS Son S 7         Pinnar, Middlesex  
      Marjorie N PHILLIPS Daughter S   6       Poole, Dorset  
      Mabel E TURNER Servant S   23 Nurse (Domestic)     St. Johns Wood, London  
      Mary M DIFFEY Servant S   22 General Domestic     Poole, Dorset  
6 Creekmoor   Henry DUNNING Head M 53   Ordinary Agricultral Labourer Worker   Alton, Dorset  
      Clara DUNNING Wife M   50       Sea View, Isle of Wight  
      Thomas DUNNING Son S 14   Gardener (Domestic) Worker   Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
      Mary DUNNING Daughter S   14       Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
      Douglas DUNNING Son S 13         Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
7 Creekmoor 3 Robert JACOBS Head M 40   Market Gardener Employer   Barnham Broom, Norfolk  
      Maggie JACOBS Wife M   32       Chereton, Somerset  
8 Creekmoor   Nelson W EWENCE Head M 40   Cattleman on Farm Worker   South Newton, Wiltshire  
      Martha EWENCE Wife M   40       White Parish, Wiltshire  
      Charles H N EWENCE Son S 10         Winterbourne Gunner, Wiltshire  
      Harrold E EWENCE Son S 7         Winterbourne Earle, Wiltshire  
      Walter E EWENCE Son S 5         Winterbourne Earle, Wiltshire  
      Gladys M EWENCE Daughter S   9       Winterbourne Gunner, Wiltshire  
9 Creekmoor   William SHARLAND Head S 25   Dairyman Employer   Broadstone, Dorset  
10 Creekmoor 4 Charles CHURCHOUSE Head Widower 61   Carpenter Own Account   Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
      May CHURCHOUSE Daughter S   20       Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
      George CHURCHOUSE Son S 14   Milk boy on farm Worker   Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
11 Creekmoor   James DIFFEY Head M 42   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Poole, Dorset  
      Emily DIFFEY Wife M   31       Poole, Dorset  
      Gertrude DIFFEY Daughter S   1       Poole, Dorset  
12 Creekmoor   Alonzo TOOP Head M 47   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Hallen, Dorset  
      Maria TOOP Wife M   46       Lewell, Dorset  
      Sidney TOOP Son S 18   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Upton, Dorset  
      Nathaniel TOOP Son S 15   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Blandford, Dorset  
      Walter TOOP Son S 14   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Richard A TOOP Son S 3 months         Creekmoor, Canford, Dorset  
13 Creekmoor   Walter CHURCHOUSE Head M 27   Carpenter Own Account   Marchwood, Hampshire  
      Elizabeth CHURCHOUSE Wife M   31       Creekmoor, Canford, Dorset  
      Kate CHURCHOUSE Daughter S   11       Creekmoor, Canford, Dorset  
      William CHURCHOUSE Son S 8         Creekmoor, Canford, Dorset  
      Walter CHURCHOUSE Son S 7         Creekmoor, Canford, Dorset  
      Bertie CHURCHOUSE Son S 4         Creekmoor, Canford, Dorset  
      Christopher CHURCHOUSE Son S 2         Creekmoor, Canford, Dorset  
      Alfred CHURCHOUSE Son S 1 month         Creekmoor, Canford, Dorset  
14 Creekmoor   James HAMILTON Head M 33   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Hurton Caundle, Dorset  
      Ellen HAMILTON Wife M   37       Broadstone, Dorset  
      William HAMILTON Son S 11         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Alice HAMILTON Daughter S   9       Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
      Charles HAMILTON Son S 8         Waterloo, Dorset  
15 Creekmoor   Harry LOVELESS Head M 36   Miller (Corn) Worker   Christchurch, Hampshire  
      Susan LOVELESS Wife M   31       Christchurch, Hampshire  
      William LOVELESS Son S 9         Christchurch, Hampshire  
      Gertrude LOVELESS Daughter S   7       Christchurch, Hampshire  
      John LOVELESS Son S 5         Christchurch, Hampshire  
      Minnie LOVELESS Daughter S   4       Christchurch, Hampshire  
      Frederick LOVELESS Son S 2         Christchurch, Hampshire  
      Infant LOVELESS Daughter S   2 weeks       Creekmoor, Canford, Dorset  
16 Creekmoor   Henry J BAKER Head M 28   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Edith A BAKER Wife M   28       Wimborne, Dorset  
      Henry C BAKER Son S 2         Newtown, Dorset  
      Winnifred E BAKER Daughter S   1       Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
17 Creekmoor   John HART Head M 45   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Hilton, Dorset  
      Annabella HART Wife M   40       Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
      William C HART Son S 21   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
      Dora HART Daughter S   10       Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
18 Creekmoor 4 William BAKER Head M 66   Market Gardener Own Account   Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
      Martha BAKER Wife M   61       Wareham, Dorset  
19 Creekmoor   Charles ISAACS Head M 36   Gardener (Domestic)     Farnham  
      Mary B ISAACS Wife M   27       Bristol  
      Frances J ISAACS Son S 12         Poole, Dorset  
      Lillian ISAACS Daughter S   10       Poole, Dorset  
      Elizabeth J ISAACS M. in Law Widow   62       Wareham, Dorset  
  cottage Uninhabited                    
20 Creekmoor 4 Walter G BAKER Head M 37   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Lytchett, Poole, Dorset  
      Annie BAKER Wife M   38       Corfe, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Walter F BAKER Son S 14         Canford, Dorset  
      Charlie F BAKER Son S 4         Canford, Dorset  
      Millie BAKER Daughter S   15       Canford, Dorset  
      Lily BAKER Daughter S   7       Corfe, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Liley BEST Visitor Widow   59       Lytchett, Poole, Dorset  
21 Creekmoor 4 William BAKER Head M 26   Labourer in Brickyard Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Emma BAKER Wife M   26       Lytchett, Poole, Dorset  
      William BAKER Son S 5 months         Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
22 Creekmoor   William C COLES Head M 40   Miller (Corn) Employer Home Canford, Dorset  
      Sarah A COLES Wife M   47       Fordingbridge, Hants  
      Cyril W COLES Son S 8         Canford, Dorset  
      Donald D COLES Son S 6         Canford, Dorset  
      Mary M OLD Servant S   20 General Domestic     Poole, Dorset  
  cottage Uninhabited                    
23 Broadstone   James STRANGE Head M 63   Foreman Platelayer on Railway Worker   Stoke, Dorset  
      Emma STRANGE Wife M   63       Bere Regis, Dorset  
      Tom STRANGE Son S 30   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Wareham, Dorset  
24 Broadstone   George SOPER Head M 51   Manager of Brick Site Works Worker   Bloxworth, Dorset  
      Anne SOPER Wife M   54       Compton Valance, Dorset  
      Ellen M SOPER Daughter S   22 Elemintary School Teacher Worker   Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Mary SOPER Mother Widow   77       Bloxworth, Dorset  
      Maggie SOPER Neice S   12 Attending School     Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Montague SOPER Nephew S 6   Attending School     Canford Magna, Dorset  
25 Broadstone   Charles DUNNING Head M 36   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Alton Pancras, Dorset  
      Mary DUNNING Wife M   35       South Petherton, Somerset  
      Hilda DUNNING Daughter S   6       Creekmoor, Dorset  
      Charles DUNNING Son S 4         Creekmoor, Dorset  
      Gladys DUNNING Daughter S   1       Northbrook, Dorset  
26 Broadstone   William SAYER Head M 50   Farmer Own Account   Lytchett, Dorset  
      Bess SAYER Wife M   38       Colyton, Devon  
      William SAYER Son S 14   Farmer’s son     Wandsworth, Surrey  
      Walter SAYER Son S 12   Farmer’s son     Lym, Cheshire  
      Albert SAYER Son S 4 months   Farmer’s son     Canford, Dorset  
27 Broadstone   William BOLT Head M 55   Farmer Own Account   Canford, Dorset  
      Annie BOLT Wife M   48       Cirencester  
28 Hillbourne   Frederick FAIRBANK Head M 59   Gardeners Labourer Worker   Halstead, Essex  
      Emma FAIRBANK Wife M   59       Felstead, Essex  
29 Hillbourne   George E HAYNES Head M 33   Horticultural Builder Employer Home London  
      Emily E HAYNES Wife M   23       Lymington, Hampshire  
      Alberta WHITE Visitor S   49       Swanage, Dorset  
30 Hillbourne   Thomas WITT Head M 66   Gardener Own Account   Willow, Wiltshire  
      Mary A WITT Wife M   76       Canford, Dorset  
  Cottage Uninhabited                    
31 Hillbourne   William RACHELL Head M 42   Labourer in Garden Worker   Corfe Castle, Dorset  
      Mary J RACHELL Wife M   36       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      George C RACHELL Son S 13   Labourer in Garden Worker   Ashington, Dorset  
      Ellen FALL M. in Law Widow   64 Laundress Own Account Home Corfe Castle, Dorset  
      Charles Thomas FALL Visitor Widower 40   Brakesman on Railway Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Ada M FALL Boarder S   13 Attending School     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Arthur C FALL Boarder S 9   Attending School     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Gertrude M FALL Boarder S   7 Attending School     Broadstone, Dorset  
32 Hillbourne   John G FALL Head M 38   Fencer on Railway Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Fanny FALL Wife M   36       Canford, Dorset  
      William C FALL Son S 12   Attending School     Broadstone, Dorset  
33 Hillbourne   Matthew LARCOMBE Head M 53   Gardener (Market) Own Account   Southwark, London  
      Miriam LARCOMBE Wife M   49       Halstead, Essex  
      Florence LARCOMBE Daughter S   11       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Constance SELBY Boarder S   22 School Teacher Worker   Mapperton, Somerset  
34 Hillbourne   James HORWOOD Head M 41   Bricklayer on Railway Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Louisa HORWOOD Wife M   46       Morden, Dorset  
      Lily HORWOOD Daughter S   22       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Edward HORWOOD Son S 11         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Frederick HORWOOD Son S 9         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Frank HORWOOD Son S 4         Broadstone, Dorset  
35 Hillbourne   John A COOPER Head M 53   Stone Mason Worker   Steeple, Dorset  
      Elizabeth COOPER Wife M 63         West Lulworth, Dorset  
      Mary K COOPER Daughter S   21       Wareham, Dorset  
      Refinald J COOPER Adopted Son S 6   Attending School     Winton, Hampshire  
      Sara L LINDSAY Boarder M   31       Scotland  
      Alfreds LINDSAY Boarder S   7       Scotland  
      George LINDSAY Boarder S 5         Canada  
36 Hillbourne   Justley HH FENNEL Head M 27   Nurseryman Own account   Oakley, Canford, Dorset  
      Edith M FENNEL Wife M   24       Poole St. Pauls, Dorset  
      Mary A WORLF M. in Law Widow   66       Burnham, Essex  
37 Hillbourne   Edwin F BASCOMBE Head M 30   Carpenter and Joiner Worker   Waterloo, Poole, Dorset  
      Bessie BASCOMBE Wife M   32       Sleepe, Wareham, Dorset  
      Albert W BASCOMBE Son S 3         Hillbourne, Broadstone, Dorset  
      Edwin F BASCOMBE Son S 2         Hillbourne, Broadstone, Dorset  
      Herbert H BASCOMBE Son S 3 months         Hillbourne, Broadstone, Dorset  
      Annie CALSON Niece S   14       Swanage, Dorset  
38 Hillbourne   George GILLINGHAM Head M 33   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Rose GILLINGHAM Wife M   26       Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset  
      Sidney G GILLINGHAM Son S 7         Upton, Dorset  
      Alice A GILLINGHAM Daughter S   4       Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset  
      Reginald L GILLINGHAM Son S 3         Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset  
39 Hillbourne   William J JONES Head M 32   Market Gardener Worker   Ramsgate, Keng  
      Polly JONES Wife M   31       Preston, Lancashire  
      Arthur C JONES Son S 1         Skegness, Lincolnshire  
40 Hillbourne   Charles L WADEY Head M 35   Market Gardener Worker   Eastbourne, Sussex  
      Caroline L WADEY Wife M   35       Eastbourne, Sussex  
      Dorothy WADEY Daughter S   9       Eastbourne, Sussex  
      Charles WADEY Son S 7         Eastbourne, Sussex  
      Thomas WADEY Son S 5         Christchurch, Hampshire  
      Robert WADEY Son S 4         Eastbourne, Sussex  
      Violet WADEY Daughter S   9 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Susan PEERLERS M. in Law Widow   59       Eastbourne, Sussex  
41 Hillbourne   Mary MUNE---TON Head S   53 Living on own means     Dorset  
      Emma MUNE---TON Sister S   50 Living on own means     Dorset  
      Clara MUNE---TON Sister S   41 Governess Worker   Dorset  
42 Hillbourne   John J STEVEN Head M 45   Nurseryman Own Account   Islington, London  
      Lizzie S STEVEN Wife M   33       Aberdeen, Scotland  
      Beatrice F STEVEN Daughter S   8       Easton, Hastings, Berkshire  
      George S STEVEN Son S 6         Easton, Hastings, Berkshire  
43 Hillbourne   Alfred MAYOR/MAJOR Head M 73   Retired Farmer     Marlebone, London  
      Anne MAYOR/MAJOR Wife M   69       Gorley, Hampshire  
44 Hillbourne   John A COOPER Head M 48   Retired Merchant (Hardware)     Sheffield, Yorkshire  
      Kate COOPER Wife M   42       Sheffield, Yorkshire  
      Nellie M COOPER Daughter S   3       Sheffield, Yorkshire  
      Lillian WARD Sister in Law S   38       Sheffield, Yorkshire  
45 Hillbourne   William GRIFFIN Head M   27 Railway Labourer (Platelayer) Worker   Wareham, Dorset  
      Annabella GRIFFIN Wife M   30       Corfe Castle, Dorset  
      Ada M GRIFFIN Daughter S   6       Corfe Castle, Dorset  
      Robert GRIFFIN Son S 4         Canford, Dorset  
      Margaret GRIFFIN Daughter S   2       Canford, Dorset  
      Edgar GRIFFIN Son S 6 months         Canford, Dorset  
      Alice GRANT Visitor S   33 Dressmaker Own Account Home Canford, Dorset  
46 Hillbourne   Henry PEACH Head M 43   Jobbing Gardener Worker   Beaminster, Dorset  
      Mary L PEACH Wife M   40       Canford, Dorset  
      Louisa PEACH Daughter S   10       Lytchett Matravers, Dorset  
      Harry PEACH Son S 8         Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Abel G PEACH Son S 6         Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Lena AV PEACH Daughter S   4       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
47 Hillbourne   Marcus BRUMWELL Head M 27   Fruit and Flower Grower Employer   Ryde, Isle of Wight  
      May BRUMWELL Wife M   28       Kingston, Surrey  
      Clara REYNOLDS Servant S   26 General Domestic     Godshill, Isle of Wight  
48 Hillbourne   John H DAWKINS Head S 39   Retired Bank Cashier     Stawell, Somerset  
      Harriet DAWKINS Mother Widow   62 Living on own means     Stawell, Somerset  
      Lucy B DANGER Visitor S   27       Sutton Mallet, Somerset  
49 Hillborne   Israel GALLOP Head M 42   Plasterer Worker   Holt, Dorset  
      Ann M GALLOP Wife M   43       Freshford, Bath  
      Lily GALLOP Daughter S   19 Domestic Cook Worker   Brighton  
      Blanche GALLOP Daughter S   12       Pilford, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Harry W GALLOP Son S 8         Pilford, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Jim GALLOP Son S 6         Pilford, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Arthur GALLOP Son S 4         Pilford, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Bert G GALLOP Son S 1         Broadstone, Dorset  
50 Hillbourne   Frederick W FRY Head M 34   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Louisa FRY Wife M   32       Blagdon, Cranbourne, Dorset  
      Walter BAILEY Nephew S 3         Damerham, Dorset  
51 Hillbourne   Henry WILCOX Head M 48   Plasterer Worker   Horton, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Ellen WILCOX Wife M   42       Isle of Man  
      Alfred WILCOX Son S 20   Plasterer Worker   Lymington, Hampshire  
      Augustus WILCOX Son S 18   Plasterer Worker   Portsmouth  
      Arthur WILCOX Son S 14   Gardener’s Boy (Not Domestic) Worker   Wimborne, Dorset  
      William WILCOX Son S 12         Wimborne, Dorset  
      Gertrude WILCOX Daughter S   8       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Dorothy WILCOX Daughter S   5       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Jessie WILCOX Daughter S   3       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Albert WILCOX Son S 2         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ernest WILCOX Nephew S 3   Nurse child     Marlebone, London  
52 Hillbourne   John DIFFEY Head M 31   Labourer Railway (Platelayer) Worker   East Stoke, Dorset  
      Flora DIFFEY Wife M   32       Poole, Dorset  
      Charles DIFFEY Son S 5         Parkstone, Dorset  
      William DIFFEY Son S 4         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Frank DIFFEY Son S 2         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ellen DIFFEY Daughter S   1       Broadstone, Dorset  
53 Hillbourne   John JOINER Head M 61   Retired Signalman and Caretaker of C E School Worker   Dorchester, Dorset  
      Elizabeth JOINER Wife M   56       Marlebone, London  
54 Hillbourne   Joseph DIFFEY Head M 62   Railway Labourer (Platelayer) Worker   Woolbridge, Dorset  
      Elizabeth DIFFEY Wife M   58       East Stoke, Dorset  
      Charles DIFFEY Son S 16   Golf Caddie Worker   Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset  
55 Hillbourne 4 Samuel HECKFORD Head M 74   Gardener (Not Domestic) Worker   Higher Lytchett, Dorset  
      Jane HECKFORD Wife M   73       Blandford St. Mary, Dorset  
      William GRIFFIN Son in Law M 32   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Annie GRIFFIN Daughter M   33       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Edith GRIFFIN Gr.Daughter S   7       Broadstone, Dorset  
      George GRIFFIN Gr.Son S 3         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Amily GRIFFIN Gr.Daughter S   2 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
56 York Road   William F FRENCH Head M 30   Grocers Assistant and Post Office Assistant Worker   Southampton, Hants  
      Susie FRENCH Wife M   29       Waterloo, Dorset  
57 York Road   James CLARK Head M 65   Blacksmith (General) Worker   Fordington, Dorset  
      Jane CLARK Wife M   66       Yeovil, Somerset  
      Charles C CLARK Son M 41   Engine Fitter Own account   Fordington, Dorset  
58 Blandford Road   Edward WATKINS Head M 36   Grocer and Provision Merchant Employer   Weymouth, Dorset  
      Florence WATKINS Wife M   30       London  
      Edward V WA Son S 9         Poole, Dorset  
      William V WA son S 8         Poole, Dorset  
      Margaret W WATKINS Daughter S   5       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Frank C WATKINS Son S 1         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Julia E MEADEN Aunt S   63       Wareham, Dorset  
      Emma S HEATH Servant S   18 General Domestic Worker   Wareham, Dorset  
59 Blandford Road   William MEATYARD Head M 69   Retired Innkeeper Own Account   Blandford, Dorset  
      Emma MEATYARD Wife M   34       Blandford, Dorset  
      Rose MEATYARD Daughter S   34 Draper Own Account   Sturminster Marshall, Dorset  
      William MEATYARD Son S 22   Solicitors Clerk Worker   Sturminster Marshall, Dorset  
      Ann Rose MEATYARD Sister S   72       Blandford, Dorset  
60 Llanelly   Philip SMITH Head M 60   Retired Schoolmaster     Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire  
      Ann M SMITH Wife M   59       Warminster, Wiltshire  
      Ann E SMITH Daughter S   31       Whitley, Surrey  
      Winifred SMITH Daughter S   16       Whitley, Surrey  
61 Corgrig   Sophia COOK Head M   40       Manchester  
      Maud COLLINS Servant S   15 General Domestic     London  
62     Richard R PAIN Head M 54   Retired Commercial Traveller     North Petherton, Somerset  
      Sarah A PAIN Wife M   57       Coventry, Warwickshire  
      Emmaletta TANSWELL Servant S   19 General Domestic     Broadstone, Dorset  
63 Woodlands   William ATKINSON Head M 68   Living on own means     Tinaisborough, Yorkshire  
      Mary A ATKINSON Wife M   61 Living on own means     Stockton-on-Tees, Durham  
64 The Grange   George F WANTRILL Head Widower 54   Living on own means Retired Clay merchant     Poole, Dorset  
      Ernest G WANTRILL Son M 28   Clerk (London and county Baliff)     Poole, Dorset  
      May T WANTRILL Law M   26       Scotland  
      Daisy OA ALDRIDGE Niece S   22       Poole, Dorset  
      Emma A JOYEL Servant S   34 General Domestic     Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
65 Slantrissant   Agnes GARDNER       72 Living on own means     Dormistone, Worcestershire  
      Emily M GARDNER Daughter S   28 Living on own means     Worcestershire  
66 The Lydia?e   Walter H SCUTT Head M 40   Corn Merchant Employer   Bere Regis, Dorset  
      Katherine E SCUTT Wife M   29       Poole, Dorset  
      Walter FH SCUTT Son S 1         Parkstone, Dorset  
      Dorothy M SCUTT Daughter S   7 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Elizabeth GARLICK Servant S   28 General Domestic Worker   Chippenham  
67 Burton House   John B HILL Head M 63   Major retired from army     Marlebone, London  
      Emily R HILL Wife M   43       Chadford, Gloucester  
      Violet G HILL Daughter S   16       Stamford Hill, London  
      Douglas AB HILL Son S 8         Southsea, Hampshire  
68 Lindisfarme   Louisa A SCUTT Head Widow   68 Living on own means     Iwerne Minster, Dorset  
      Reginald SCUTT Son S 33   Corn Merchant Employer   Bere Regis, Dorset  
      Jane SCUTT Daughter S   40       Bere Regis, Dorset  
      John FREY Visitor Widower 70   Living on own means     Iwerne Minster, Dorset  
      Aline POPE Servant S   21 General Domestic Worker   Romsey, Hampshire  
69 Hughenden   Edward KING Head M 38   Artist (Painter)     London  
      Emily KING Wife M   40       Walton on Thames, London  
      Madelina KING Daughter S   4       Cornwall  
      Albrina ROSSITER Servant S   40 Nurse Domestic Worker   Sidmouth  
      Louisa CROSS Servant S   19 Nurse Domestic Worker   Marlborough  
70 Tmyrna   William S STONE Head Widower 70   Retired Diver     Portland, Dorset  
      Alice LAWFORD Servant S   25 General Domestic Worker   Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Elsie LAWFORD Visitor S   9       Ringwood, Hampshire  
71 Rose Cottage   Helen BARNETT Head Widow   79 Living on own means     Misen, Yorkshire  
      Helen S BARNETT Daughter S   37 Living on own means     Broadchalk, Wiltshire  
72 Post Office   Louis FRENCH Head M 56   Grocer, Shopkeeper and Sub Post Master Employer   Wimborne, Dorset  
      Amy M FRENCH Wife M   55       Canford, Dorset  
      Frank L FRENCH Son S 27   Postmaster Worker   Southampton, Hants  
      Amy J FRENCH Daughter S   24       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Harry J FRENCH Son S 22   Grocers Assistant Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Jessie FRENCH Sister S   38 Housekeeper     Waterloo, Dorst  
      William J BISHOP Boarder S 26   Journeyman Baker Confectioner Worker   Chard, Somerset  
      Ellen M LOVELESS Servant S   27 General Domestic Worker   Waterloo, Dorset  
73 Manor House   Alice KAYE Head S   59 Living on own means     Wandsworth, Surrey  
      Elis JE KAYE Niece S   33 Living on own means     Potters Bar, Middlesex  
      Margaret AG KAYE Niece S   30 Living on own means     Potters Bar, Middlesex  
      Annie CHEESEMAN Servant S   28 Housemaid     Oborne, Dorset  
      Emily BURDEN Servant S   22 Cook Domestic     Minterne, Dorset  
74 Broadstone   Elias T GRIFFIN Head M 37   Builder employer   Portsmouth, Hampshire  
      Annie GRIFFIN Wife M   37       South Petherton, Somerset  
      Alfred H GRIFFIN Son S 16   Carpenter Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      rosella GRIFFIN Daughter S   13       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Nora B GRIFFIN Daughter S   10       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Hanley GRIFFIN Son S 8         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Fred I GRIFFIN Son S 5         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Arthur C GRIFFIN Son S 2         Broadstone, Dorset  
75 Broadstone   Walter MILLER Head M 36   Butcher Own account At Home Oakford Fitzpaine, Blandford, Dorset  
      Tabitha A MILLER Wife M   36       Woodland, Dorset  
      Dorothy M MILLER Daughter S   10       Aldershot, Hampshire  
      Walter NG MILLER Son S 8         Poole, Dorset  
      Gladys E MILLER Daughter S   4       Stockbridge, Hampshire  
      Frederick T MILLER Son S 2         Stockbridge, Hampshire  
76 Berw---- Lodge   William E OSHEY? Head M 58   Commercial Traveller Worker   Marshfield, Gloucester  
      Amelia C OSHEY? Daughter S   26       Bath, Somerset  
      Eliza F OSHEY? Daughter S   23       Bath, Somerset  
      Fanny L OSHEY? Daughter S   22       Bath, Somerset  
      Dorothy G OSHEY? Daughter S   11       Bath, Somerset  
      Annie G GALLOP Servant S   25 Cook Domestic     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Kate L GRIFFIN Servant S   18 Housemaid     Broadstone, Dorset  
77 Parsonage   Herbert V ALLEN Head S 32   Clergyman Church of England     Plymouth, Devon  
      Mary A EAST Wife M   35       Yatton, somerset  
78 School House   William WHEELER Head M 36   School Master Worker   Poole, Dorset  
      Mary L WHEELER Wife M   35       Slough, Buckinghamshire  
      William GN WHEELER Son S 12   Scholar     Slough, Buckinghamshire  
      Olive M WHEELER Daughter S   11       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Arthur EN WHEELER Son S 8         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Doris P WHEELER Daughter S   4       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Rose WOODROW Servant S   21 General Domestic     Poole, Dorset  
79 Church Villas No 1   William NG JOHNSON Head M 64   Retired Major Royal Marines     Madras, East India  
      Annie JOHNSON Wife M   70       Preston, Lancashire  
      Louisa M WARD Visitor M   45       Chatham, Kent  
80 Church Villas No 2   Annie HARDY Head Widow   55 Lodging House Keeper Own Account At Home Corfe Castle, Dorset  
      George HR HARDY Son S 28   Wine Merchant’s Assistant Worker   Southampton, Hants  
      Eva M HARDY Daughter S   26 Domestic Help Worker At Home Southampton, Hants  
81 Church Villas No 3   Sarah T TAIT Head Widow   69 Living on own means     Woodstock, Oxon  
      Frances H TAIT Daughter S   32 Living on own means     Hanover, Germany  
      Sarah E OSBOURNE Servant S   44 General Domestic     Poole, Dorset  
82 Church Villas No 4   Charlotte E HUTT Head S   50 Living on own means     Holloway, London  
      Ellen J RANDALL Servant S   19 General Domestic     Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
  Private House Uninhabited                    
83 Church Road   William J FOOT Head M 28   Groom and Gardener Worker   Fifehead Neville, Dorset  
      Fanny FOOT Wife M   32 Boarding House Keeper Own Account At Home Grange, Dorset  
      Kathleen AE FOOT Daughter S   3       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Helen J BARTON Boarder M   40       East Clayton, Buckinghamshire  
      Percival T BARTON Boarder S 13         Market Basin, Lincolnshire.  
      Selina P PRINGLE Cousin S   17 House Parlourmaid     Enfield, Middlesex  
      Alfred HJ GAME Boarder S 17   Railway Parcel Porter Worker   Battersea, London  
84 Church Road   William GRIFFIN Head M 60   Carpenter Joiner Painter and Undertaker Own account At Home Horton, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Julia A GRIFFIN Wife M   60       Corfe Hills, Canford, Dorset  
      Eva M GRIFFIN Gr.Daughter S   15       Broadstone, Dorset  
85 Church Road   Kate A BAKER Head M   31       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Ralph BAKER Son S 8         Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Frank BAKER Son S 6         Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Joseph K BAKER Son S 4         Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Winnifred BAKER Daughter S   2       Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Ethel BAKER Daughter S   8 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
86 Church Road   Alfred BARRETT Head M 42   Bricklayer Worker   Farnham  
      Sarah BARRETT Wife M   46       Throop, Hampshire  
      Katie BARRETT Daughter S   16       Wimborne, Dorset  
87 Church Road   Mary DOWELL Head S   61 Living on own means and letting apartments occasionally     Bere Regis, Dorset  
88 Church Road   Elias SHARLAND Head M 83   Retired Builder     Salisbury, Wiltshire  
      Emma SHARLAND Wife M   76       Misson, Nottinghamshire  
89 Church Road   William BASCOMBE Head M 38   Pattern Maker in Iron Foundry Worker   Darbys Corner, Canford, Dorset  
      Jane BASCOMBE Wife M   36       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Alffed BASCOMBE Son S 9         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ethel BASCOMBE Daughter S   5       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Robert CLARK Law S 20   Army Pensioner     Gravel Hill, Canford, Dorset deaf
90 Church Road   Walter J LOADER Head M 42   Coachman Domestic Worker   Holnest, Dorset  
      Louisa M LOADER Wife M   41       Allveston, Dorset  
91 Burwood   Henry WK RAWLINS Head M 40   Solicitor     Wimborne, Dorset  
      Jessie RAWLINS Wife M   39       India  
      Joan M RAWLINS Daughter S   7       Marlebone, London  
      Laura CARDEN Servant S   50 Nurse Domestic     Not Known  
      Rose CHUBB Servant S   27 Cook Domestic     Bridport, Dorset  
      Emma BULL Servant S   27 Nursemaid domestic     Hilperton, Wiltshire  
92 Church Road   Frederick SELBY Head M 62   Market Gardener and Florist Own account At Home Mapperton, Somerset  
      Liza SELBY Wife M   63       Winterbourne, Dorset  
      Frederick W SELBY Son S 36   Market Gardener Worker At Home Yelstone, Dorset  
      Mary A SELBY Daughter S   24       Waterloo, Dorset  
      Eliza MITCHELL Aunt S   85       Wimborne, Dorset  
93 Church Road   John A CHINCHEN Head M 61   Brickmaker Employer   Lanton, Dorset  
      Emily E CHINCHEN Wife M   58       Canford, Dorset  
      Alice R CHINCHEN Daughter S   32       Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
      AR CHINCHEN Daughter S   31 School Teacher Worker   Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
      LA CHINCHEN Daughter S   27       Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
      EE CHINCHEN Daughter S   24 Milliner Own account At Home Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
94 Church Road   John COOPER Head M 35   Journeyman Butcher Worker   Poole, Dorset  
      Ruth COOPER Wife M   35       Waterloo, Dorset  
      Dorothy COOPER Daughter S   9       Winton, Bournemouth, Hampshire  
      Eric COOPER Son S 7         Broadstone, Dorset  
      James GOWANS Boarder S 20   Professional Golf Player and Superintendent of Golf Links Worker   Edinburgh N.B.  
95 Church Road   Albert H WHITE Head M 36   Carpenter and Joiner Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Alice WHITE Wife M   33       Oldbury on Severn, Gloucestershire  
      Albert WH WHITE Son S 9         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Alice MC WHITE Daughter S   7       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Dorothy M WHITE Daughter S   3       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Agnes FM WHITE Daughter S   11 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
96 Church Road   Emily COX Head M   38       Highworth, Wiltshire  
      Florence COX Daughter S   11       Bournemouth, Hants  
      Reginald COX Son S 9         Bournemouth, Hants  
      Hector COX Son S 8         Bournemouth, Hants  
      Charles COX Son S 6         Bournemouth, Hants  
      Cecil COX Son S 1         Bournemouth, Hants  
      Mary HANLEY Servant S   20 General Domestic     Brighton, Birmingham  
97 Church Road   George CLARKE Head M 32   Police Constable     Loders, Dorset  
      elizabeth CLARKE Wife M   31       Bridport, Dorset  
      Gladys L CLARKE Daughter S   6       Gussage, Dorset  
      Elsie M CLARKE Daughter S   4       Bridport, Dorset  
      William FG CLARKE Son S 1         Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
98 Church Road   Herbert L REEVES Head M 38   Painter and House Decorator Own Account At Home Portland, Dorset  
      Mary REEVES Wife M   34       Petersham, Dorset  
      Percival HJ REEVES Son S 14         Wimborne, Dorset  
      Arthur RM REEVES Son S 12         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ernest LE REEVES Son S 9         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Winnifred FG REEVES Daughter S   5       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Charles W PENTON Boarder S 19   Railway Porter Worker   Grately, Hampshire  
99 Church Road   George F RUSSELL Head M 46   Carpenter Own Account At Home Durweston, Blandford, Dorset  
      Sarah RUSSELL Wife M   43       Canford, Dorset  
      Charles F GRIFFIN Nephew S 16   ? Makers Apprentice Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Andrew WCOA?? Boarder S 44   Artist (Painter)     Port Louis, Mauritius  
100 Church Road   Frank R HALLAM Head M 40   Fruit Grocer Own Account At Home Clifton  
      Rosa HALLAM Wife M   37       Birmingham  
      Joseph HALLAM Son S 13         Birmingham  
      Dorothy HALLAM Daughter S   11       Birmingham  
      Bessie L KETCHLEY Servant S   20 General Domestic     Poole, Dorset  
      William CHISMAN Boarder S 18   Gardener (Not Domestic) Worker   Poole, Dorset  
101 Wimborne Road   Ellen HART Head Widow   48       Canford, Dorset  
      Emma B HART Daughter S   23 Dressmaker Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Annie E HART Daughter S   21 Infant School Mistress     Canford, Dorset  
      William P HART Son S 16   Pupil Teacher     Canford, Dorset  
      Albert R HART Son S 13   Scholar     Canford, Dorset  
      Edward CF HART Son S 10   Scholar     Canford, Dorset  
      Henry GV HART Son S 7   Scholar     Canford, Dorset  
102 Milbourne   Arabella OAKLEY Head S   39       Poole, Dorset  
      Alice MILES Servant S   33 General Domestic     Hurston, Hampshire  
103 Wimborne Road   Tom HORWOOD Head M 46   General Labourer Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Clara HORWOOD Wife M   45       Canford, Dorset  
      Theresa M HORWOOD Daughter S   5       Canford, Dorset  
104 Springfields   Agnes JONES Servant S   32 Cook Domestic     London  
      Eliza MOREY Servant S   26 Housemaid Domestic     Carisbrook, Isle of Wight  
105 The Cliffs   Marsh BEST Head M 54   Brickmaker Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Jane BEST Wife M   51       Bransgore, Hampshire  
      Charles BEST Son S 29   Gardener Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Sidney G BEST son S 21   Gardener Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ernest BEST Son S 15   Golfe Caddie Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Fanny BEST Daughter S   13 Scholar     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Leonard BEST Son S 10   Scholar     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Agnes BEST Daughter S   8 Scholar     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Roy BEST son S 5   Scholar     Broadstone, Dorset  
      George BARTLETT Visitor S 23   Railway Porter Worker   Alcombe, Wiltshire  
106 The Cliffs   George BAKER Head M 58   Blacksmith Own account At Home Morden, Dorset  
      Martha BAKER Wife M 63         Wimborne, Dorset  
      Alfred BAKER Son S 23   Baker Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Frederick BAKER son S 21   Steam Getter on Railway Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Lily BAKER Daughter S   19       Canford, Dorset  
107 The Cliffs   Eli T SHARLAND Head M 53   Retired Builder     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Emily SHARLAND Wife M   48       Tooling, Surrey  
      George E SHARLAND Son S 26   Carpenter Worker At Home Broadstone, Dorset  
      Arthur E SHARLAND Son S 23   Draper’s Assistant Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ada M SHARLAND Daughter S   17       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Fred T SHARLAND Son S 14         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Phoebe SHARLAND Law M   26       Wimborne, Dorset  
      Raymond F SHARLAND Gr.Son S 1         Bournemouth, Hants  
108 The Cliffs   Sophia LEXBY Head M   44 Lodging House Keeper Own account   Paddington, Middlesex  
      Sophia EDWARDS Mother Widow 78         Colchester, Essex  
109 The Cliffs   David C BAKER Head M 27   Carter on Farm Own account   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ellen BAKER Wife M   20       Poole, Dorset  
      May T BAKER Daughter S   2 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
110 The Cliffs   Tom BAKER Head M 25   Brickmaker Worker   Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Ellen BAKER Wife M   26       Broadchalk, Wiltshire  
      Tom BAKER Son S 5         Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Lilian BAKER Daughter S   2       Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Beatrice F WWID Visitor S   9       Broadchalk, Wiltshire  
      Samuel HICKLEY Boarder S 46   Carter on Farm Worker   Abbey Milton, Dorset  
111 The Cliffs   William SMITH Head M 43   Brickyard Labourer Worker   East Stoke, Dorset  
      Elizabeth J SMITH Wife M   42       Kilburn, London  
      John S SMITH Son S 8         East Stoke, Dorset  
      Florence M SMITH Daughter S   6       Broadstone, Dorset  
      William H SMITH Son S 5         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Celia R SMITH Daughter S   11 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
112 The Cliffs   Charles COOKMAN Head M 27   Groom and Gardener Worker   Parkstone, Dorset  
      Frances L COOKMAN Wife M   25       Breamore, Hampshire  
      Reginald GE COOKMAN Son S 1         Broadstone, Dorset  
113 Brickyard 4 Henry GILLINGHAM Head M 31   Brickyard Labourer Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Bessie GILLINGHAM Wife M   35       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      William GILLINGHAM Son S 9         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Kate GILLINGHAM Daughter S   2       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Edward GILLINGHAM Son S 1         Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
114 The Firs 4 William H HOARE Head M 58   Carpenter Own Account At Home Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Elizabeth HOARE Wife M   57       Horton, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Annie HOARE Daughter S   21 Laundress Worker At Home Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ethel R HOARE Daughter S   16       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Lilly HOARE Daughter S   12       Broadstone, Dorset  
115 The Firs   George BRYANT Head M 51   Haulier Own Account   Canford, Dorset  
      Louise BRYANT Wife M   55       Merley, Canford, Dorset  
      Frank BRYANT son S 15   Stable Hand Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
116 The Firs   Levi SCOTT Head M 41   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Colehill, Dorset  
      Mary L SCOTT Wife M   38       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Eli J SCOTT Son S 16   Under Gardener (not domestic) Worker   Colehill, Dorset  
      Albert E SCOTT Son S 7         Broadstone, Dorset  
117 The Firs   William HORWOOD Head M 53   Plasterer Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Emily HORWOOD Wife M   52       East Orchard, Dorset  
      Ellen M HORWOOD Daughter S   21 Mothers help - domestic     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Walter E HORWOOD Son S 19   Plasterer Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Amelia K HORWOOD Daughter S   14       Broadstone, Dorset  
118 Wimborne Road   James COX Head M 49   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Emily COX Wife M   40 Laundress Own Account At Home Ferndown, Dorset  
      Rose COX Daughter S   20       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
119 Wimborne Road   Charles HOARE Head M 33   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Fordington, Dorset  
      Ellen HOARE Wife M   31       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
120 Wimborne Road   George CLARK Head M 59   Carpenter on Railway Worker   Fordington, Dorset  
      Catherine CLARK Wife M   57       Wimborne Minster, Dorset  
121 Wimborne Road   Walter GRIFFIN Head M 32   Bricklayer Worker At Home Broadstone, Dorset  
      Edith GRIFFIN Wife M   28       Creekmoor, Dorset  
      Reginald GRIFFIN Son S 4         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Daisy GRIFFIN Daughter S   3       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Hedley GRIFFIN Son S 6 months         Broadstone, Dorset  
122 Wimborne Road   George OSBOURNE Head M 29   Boot Maker Own Account At Home Gillingham, Dorset  
      Mary OSBOURNE Wife M   34       Gillingham, Dorset  
      Frederick T OSBOURNE Son S 4         Gillingham, Dorset  
      Geoffry OSBOURNE Son S 1         Wimborne, Dorset  
123 Wimborne Road   Thomas POORE Head M 34   Labourer on Golf Links Worker   Moortown, Canford, Dorset  
      Margaret POORE Wife M   30       Oakley, Canford, Dorset  
      Solomon WHITELOCK F. in Law Widower 68   Labourer on Golf Links Worker   Kinson, Dorset  
      Ruth WHITELOCK S. in Law S   28       Oakley, Canford, Dorset Blind from childhood
      Andrew WHITELOCK Step Son S 11   Attending School     Merley, Canford, Dorset  
124 Wimborne Road   John WEEKS Head M 42   Coachman Domestic Worker   Salisbury, Wiltshire  
      Sarah WEEKS Wife M   43       Salisbury, Wiltshire  
      Lilian WEEKS Daughter S   11       Poole, Dorset  
      Francis WEEKS Son S 9         Poole, Dorset  
125 Wimborne Road   George KERLY Head M 39   Jobbing Gardener Worker   Cranborne, Dorset  
      Jane KERLY Wife M   39 Laundress Own account At Home Tarrant Hinton, Dorset  
      Elizabeth KERLY Mother Widow   69       Cranborne, Dorset  
      Georgina KERLY Daughter S   16       Cranborne, Dorset  
      Annie KERLY Daughter S   14       Cranborne, Dorset  
      Albert KERLY Son S 12         Cranborne, Dorset  
      Evelyn KERLY Son S 10         Cranborne, Dorset  
      Freddie KERLY Son S 8         Cranborne, Dorset  
      Cecil KERLY Son S 6         Cranborne, Dorset  
      Lizie KERLY Daughter S   3       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Mabel KERLY Daughter S   3 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
126 Wimborne Road   Charles R HAYWARD Head M 36   Gardener (Not Domestic) Worker   Bothenhampton, Bridport, Dorset  
      Lydia HAYWARD Wife M   28       Ilminster, Somerset  
      Reginald G HAYWARD Son S 10         Ilminster, Somerset  
      Richard C HAYWARD Son S 8         Berwick, St. Leonard, Wiltshire  
      William E HAYWARD Son S 6         Poole, Dorset  
      Arthur L HAYWARD Son S 4         Poole, Dorset  
      Archibald F HAYWARD Son S 3         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Gladys LM HAYWARD Daughter S   6 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
127 Wimborne Road   John HILL Head M 47   Ex Police Constable now Caddie Master on Golf Course Worker   Hampreston, Dorset  
      Emily HILL Wife M   46       Bradford Peverill, Dorset  
      Frederick E HILL Son S 11         Farnham, Dorset  
      Percival F HILL Son S 9         Farnham, Dorset  
      Ida Rose HILL Daughter S   7       Tarrant Hinton, Dorset  
      Emily L HILL Daughter S   2       Wimborne, Dorset  
  Cottage Uninhabited                    
128 Wimborne Road   Joseph PARKER Head M 60   Ordinary Ag. Labourer Worker   Pallington, Dorset  
      Ann PARKER Wife M   56       Tarrant Monkton, Dorset  
      Fanny PARKER Daughter S   31 Cook (Domestic)     Keysworth Farm, Dorset  
      Francis CLARKE Neice S   16       Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
      Arthur HASKETT Boarder S 12         Not Known  
      Albert HOUSE Boarder S 5         Not Known  
129 Wimborne Road   Eli H RENDLE Head M 49   Brickmaker Worker   Hooke, Dorset  
      Louisa RENDLE Wife M   48       Hooke, Dorset  
      Frederick RENDLE Son S 26   Brickyard Labourer Worker   Hooke, Dorset  
      Henry W RENDLE son S 18   Brickyard Labourer Worker   Broomfield, Somerset  
      Sydney H RENDLE Son S 16   Golf Caddie Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Frank RENDLE Son S 13   Golf Caddie Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Florence E RENDLE Daughter S   9       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Elsie M RENDLE Daughter S   7       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Charles RENDLE Gr. Son S 8         Powerstock, Dorset  
      Edward W RENDLE Gr. Son S 6         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Frederick C RENDLE Gr. Son S 3     Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
130 Wimborne Road   Alfred L CLARK Head M 25   Brickmaker (Forman)     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Martha J CLARK Wife M   33       Portland, Dorset  
      Edgar CLARK Son S 11         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Hilda E CLARK Daughter S   1       Broadstone, Dorset  
131 Wimborne Road   John PENNINGTON Head Widower 67   Gardener Jobbing Worker   Wimborne, Dorset  
      Elizabeth PENNINGTON Sister S   56 Housekeeper     Wimborne, Dorset  
      Haviland HOARE Boarder Widower 65   Labourer on Estate Worker   Wimborne, Dorset  
132 Wimborne Road   Joseph CROFTS Head M 71   Army Pensioner     Leicester, Leicestershire,  
      Love CROFTS Wife M   63       Marnhall, Dorset  
      Amy M COOPER Visitor S   12 Scholar     Bournemouth, Hampshire  
133 Wimborne Road   James BEAMENT Head M 51   Gardener (Not Domestic) Worker   Long Critchel, Dorset  
      Emma MA BEAMENT Wife M   45       Poole, Dorset  
      Willia A BEAMENT Son S 18   Labourer on Golf Links Worker   Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset  
      Elsie R BEAMENT Daughter S   16       Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset  
      Elizabeth M BEAMENT Daughter S   14       Broadstone, Dorset  
      John F BEAMENT Son S 11         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Alice M BEAMENT Daughter S   8       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Winnifred G BEAMENT Daughter S   5       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Edgar C BEAMENT Son S 3         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Belmont D BEAMENT Daughter S   11 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
134 Wimborne Road   George PIKE Head M 54   Retired Ironmonger     Christchurch, Hampshire  
      Edith M PIKE Wife M   42       Crelinden, Kent  
      George PIKE Son S 25   Carpenters Assistant Worker   Brixton, Surrey  
      Walter Cecil PIKE Son S 16   Grocers Assistant Worker   Clapham, Surrey  
      Jessie A PIKE Daughter S   15 Scholar     Wimborne, Dorset  
      Dorothy PIKE Daughter S   14 Scholar     Wimborne, Dorset  
      Edward C SON Son S 12   Scholar     Wimborne, Dorset  
      Catherine J PIKE Daughter S   10 Scholar     Wimborne, Dorset  
      William C PIKE Son S 8   Scholar     Wimborne, Dorset  
      Ada Clare PIKE Daughter S   6 Scholar     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Nelson P PIKE Son S 4   Scholar     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ivy J PIKE Daughter S   2       Broadstone, Dorset  
135 Wimborne Road   Richard D ALLEN Head M 62   Bricklayer Own account At Home Parkstone, Poole, Dorset  
      Sarah ALLEN Wife M   60       Poole, Dorset  
      Richard D ALLEN Son S 19   Bricklayer Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Minnie B ALLEN Daughter S   26 Cook (Domestic)     Broadstone, Dorset  
136 Wimborne Road   William C COBB Head M 32   Railway Signalman Worker   Cosham, Hampshire  
      Minnie B COBB Wife M   35       Bere Regis, Dorset  
137 Wimborne Road   George E ROLLS Head M 22   Railway Porter Worker   Wareham, Dorset  
      Alice J ROLLS Wife M   30       Wimborne, Dorset  
138 Wimborne Road   Charles FOSTER Head M 51   Painter journeyman Worker   Winterborne Zelston, Dorset  
      Alice FOSTER Wife M   59       London City  
      Arthur FOSTER Son S 14   Golf Caddie Worker   Waterloo, Poole, Dorset  
139 Broadstone   Henry MILES Head M 30   Wood Feneer on Railway Worker   Micheldever, Hampshire  
      Annie MILES Wife M   31       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Winifred A MILES Daughter S   1       Broadstone, Dorset  
      George Charles PITCHER Boarder S 19   Carriage cleaner on Railway Worker   Wimborne, Dorset  
140 Broadston   Walter CLOTHIER Head M 36   Painter journeyman Worker   Sherborne, Dorset  
      Sarah CLOTHIER Wife M   34       Creekmoor, Poole, Dorset  
      Arthur CLOTHIER Son S 9         Spetisbury, Dorset  
      Edith M CLOTHIER Daughter S   7       Spetisbury, Dorset  
      Flossie CLOTHIER Daughter S   5       Broadstone, Dorset  
      George CLOTHIER Son S 3         Broadstone, Dorset  
141 Plainfield   Emanual F SHARLAND Head M 48   Farmer and Brickmaker Employer   Canford, Dorset  
      Georgina SHARLAND Wife M   48       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Kate SHARLAND Daughter S   22       Canford, Dorset  
      May SHARLAND Daughter S   9       Canford, Dorset  
      Harriett BAVERSTOCK M. in Law Widow   89       Canford, Dorset  
142 Darbys Corner   Mary A SELBY Head S   40 Poultry Farm Own account At Home Dorset, England  
      Elizabeth SELBY Sister S   50       Hampshire, England  
143 Plainfield   Fred ANGEL Head M 33   Ordinary Farm Labourer Worker   Winfrith Newburgh, Dorset  
      Bessie ANGEL Wife M   33       Lytchett Matravers, Dorset  
      Fred W ANGEL Son S 12         Sturminster Marshall, Dorset  
      John ANGEL Son S 10         Wallis Down, Dorset  
      George ANGEL son S 7         Bere Regis, Dorset  
      Amelia A ANGEL Daughter S   5       Turners Puddle, Dorset  
      Harry ANGEL Son S 2         Waterloo, Poole, Dorset  
      Alice May ANGEL Daughter S   3 months       Waterloo, Poole, Dorset  
144 Plainfield   Eliza BASCOMBE Head Widow   68 Laundress Own account At Home Wimborne, Dorset  
      Elizabeth L BASCOMBE Daughter S   42 Laundress Own account At Home Canford, Dorset  
  House Building                        
145 Broadstone   Isabella MCINTYRE Head Widow   32 Letting apartments Own account At Home Holford Square, London  
      Sheila MCINTYRE Daughter S   7       Ararat Victoria, Australia  
      Moira MCINTYRE Daughter S   5       Ararat Victoria, Australia  
146 Golf Pavilion 4 Joseph STOCKS Head M 31   Groundsman on Golf Links Worker   Whittington Moor, Berby  
      Elizabeth STOCKS Wife M   30 Caretaker Golf Pavilion Worker   West Chesterfield, Derby  
      Emily ROGERS Sis. In Law S   19 General Servant - domestic     Bertis Knighton, Nr. Farringdon, Berks  
147 Broadstone   Charles CURTIS Head S 29   Surgeon Own account   Salisbury, Wiltshire  
      Emma K CURTIS Mother Widow   55       Dimner, Hampshire  
      Harry J CURTIS Nephew S 7         Fordingbridge, Hampshire  
      Constance M WRIGHT Cousin S   21       Salisbury, Wiltshire  
      Minnie K DUN-PATTISON Boarder Widow   50       Emsworth, Hampshire  
      Richard P DUN-PATTISON Boarder S 26   Lieutenant Army Retired     Edinburgh  
      Janet P DUN-PATTISON Boarder S   25       Edinburgh  
      Agnes SCOON Boarder S   52 Ladies Maid - domestic     Langholmer, Dumfries  
      Alan B PILKINGTON Boarder S 21   Living on own means     Knowsley, Lancashire  
      Sidney H BEETLEY Boarder M 44   Living on own means     Bromley, Kent  
      Elizabeth EJ LOWMAN Servant S   24 House maid - domestic     Hamworthy Junction, Poole, Dorset  
      Lillian TUCKS Servant S   22 Cook - domestic     Poole, Dorset  
      Esther M HART Servant S   13 Kitchen maid - domestic     Salisbury, Wiltshire  
148 Broadstone   Violet MCINTYRE Head M   26       Scotland  
      Constance MCINTYRE Daughter S   6       India  
      Violet MCINTYRE Daughter S   4       India  
      Jennie JONES Servant S   20 Nurse - domestic     Aberangell, Wales  
      May JONES Servant S   18 Cook - domestic     Aberangell, Wales  
149 Broadstone   Joseph JACKSON Head M 43   Hotel keeper Worker   Birmingham  
      Alice JACKSON Wife M   32       Margate  
      Joseph JACKSON Son S 3         Margate  
      Alice R JACKSON Daughter S   11       Margate  
      Dorothy JACKSON Daughter S   5       Ramsgate  
      Thomas JACKSON Son S 4         Ramsgate  
      Joseph HALSOM Servant S 63   Ostler-domestic     Bridport, Dorset  
      Alice ROBERTS Servant S   20 House maid - domestic     High Wycombe  
150 Station Yard   William LILEY Head M 34   Station Master Worker   Egham, Surrey  
      Agnes LILEY Wife M   35       Oldgate, London  
      Agnes LILEY Daughter S   10       Oldgate, London  
      Leischin ?? LILEY Daughter S   6       Oldgate, London  
      Eileen LILEY Daughter S   2       Broadstone, Dorset  
151 Station Yard   James CARTER Head M 37   Railway Signalman Worker   Tunrow, Dorset  
      Alice J CARTER Wife M   34       Wareham, Dorset  
      Emily A CARTER Daughter S   10       Sway, Hampshire  
      Ellen L CARTER Daughter S   9       Sway, Hampshire  
      Winifred C CARTER Daughter S   7       Waterloo, Poole, Dorset  
      John L CARTER Son S 5         Poole, Dorset  
      George CARTER Son S 3         Poole, Dorset  
      Flora CARTER Daughter S   5 months       Broadstone, Dorset  
152 Station Yard   George LAWFORD Head M 45   Railway Inspector Worker   Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Emma K LAWFORD Wife M   43       Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Agnes E LAWFORD Daughter S   17 Dressmaker Own account At Home Ringwood, Hampshire  
      William C LAWFORD Son S 15   Railway Labourer` Worker   Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Bertie LAWFORD Son S 13   Golf Caddie Worker   Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Alec F LAWFORD Son S 11   At School     Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Cecil LAWFORD Son S 7   At School     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Alfred W LAWFORD Son S 5   At School     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Henryt L LAWFORD Son S 3   At School     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Herbert LAWFORD Son S 1         Broadstone, Dorset  
153 Station Yard 4 John L WILCOX Head M 52   Railway Porter Worker   West Moors, Dorset  
      Caroline WILCOX Wife M   56       Handley, Dorset  
      Cecilia KL WILCOX Daughter S   27 Organist     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Annie A WILCOX Daughter S   18 School Teacher     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Elsie M WILCOX Daughter S   16 Home     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Eric C TAYLOR Nephew S 7         Bitterne, Hampshire  
154 Station Yard   Stephen HAYTER Head Widower 52   Railway Porter Worker   Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Julia E HAYTER Daughter S   19 House keeper - domestic     Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Arthur HAYTER Son S 16   Grain Merchants Clerk Worker   Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Edith L HAYTER Daughter S   15 School Teacher     Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Henry W HAYTER Son S 14   Page - domestic Worker   Ringwood, Hampshire  
155 Station Yard 4 William GRIFFIN Head M 57   Ganger, permanent Way Railway Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Jane GRIFFIN Wife M   56       Canford, Dorset  
156 Station Yard   Henry PHILIPS Head M 56   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Eliza PHILIPS Wife M   53       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Albert BREWER Son in Law M 31   Platelayer on Railway Worker   Ringwood, Hampshire  
      Edith L BREWER Daughter M   28       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Albert BREWER Gr. Son S 8         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ernest BREWER Gr. Son S 6         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Arthur BREWER Gr. Son S 5         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Reginald BREWER Gr. Son S 3         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Edith BREWER Gr. Daughter S   2       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Henry BREWER Gr. Son S 2 months         Broadstone, Dorset  
157 Broadstone   Elizabeth MACKLEY Head S   72 Poultry Farm Own account At Home Norringham, England  
158 Broadstone Common   Thomas KNIGHT Head M 49   Farmer Employer   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Cecila KNIGHT Wife M   47       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Edith KNIGHT Daughter S   22       Broadstone, Dorset  
      George KNIGHT Son S 19   Farmer’s Son Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Emma K KNIGHT Daughter S   15       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Joseph ALLEN Servant S 14   Ordinary Farm Labourer Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
159 Broadstone Common 4 Hannah DEAN Head Widow   79       Canford, Dorset  
160 Broadstone Common   Thomas BARTER Head Widower 59     Employer   Gorley, Fordingbridge, Hampshire  
      Arthur BARTER Son M 22   Carter on Farm Worker At Home Creekmoor, Poole, Dorset  
      Susan BARTER Daughter S   18       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ethel R BARTER Gr. Daughter S   13       Creekmoor, Poole, Dorset  
161 Broadstone Common 3 John JAMES Head M 59   Labourer Worker   Longfleet, Poole, Dorset  
      Jane JAMES Wife M   48       Lytchett Matravers, Dorset  
162 Broadstone Common   William SINGLETON Head M 48   Brick Burner Worker   Sturminster Marshall, Dorset  
      Annie SINGLETON Wife M   44       Shaftesbury, Dorset  
      Alice SINGLETON Daughter S   21       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Arthur SINGLETON Son s 16         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Kate SINGLETON Daughter S   11       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Mabel SINGLETON Daughter S   11       Broadstone, Dorset  
      William SINGLETON Son S 8         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Elsie E SINGLETON Daughter S   3       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Flossie A SINGLETON Daughter S   1       Broadstone, Dorset  
163 Broadstone Common   Robert SHORT Head M 61   Ag. Labourer Worker   Lytchett Matravers, Dorset  
      Elizabeth SHORT Wife M   63       Lytchett Matravers, Dorset  
      Herbert SHORT Son S 33   Ag. Labourer Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Elizabeth ALLEN Gr. Daughter S   12       Broadstone, Dorset  
164 Broadstone Common   John PENNY Head M 70   General Labourer Worker   Tarrant Rushton, Dorset  
    2 Maria PENNY Wife M   71       Whiteavon, Cumberland  
165 Broadstone Common 3 Henry DENNIS Head M 42   General Labourer Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Louisa DENNIS Wife M   42       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ethebert DENNIS son S 10         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ada DENNIS Daughter S   7       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Reginald DENNIS So S 4         Broadstone, Dorset  
      Frank DENNIS Son S 1         Broadstone, Dorset  
166 Broadstone Common   Hannah DENNIS Head Widow   68       Shaftesbury, Dorset  
      Emma DENNIS Daughter S   29       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Albert DENNIS Son S 27   Market Gardener Own account At Home Broadstone, Dorset  
      William DENNIS Son S 25   Market Gardener Own account At Home Broadstone, Dorset  
      Christiana FREEMAN Daughter Widow   42       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Annie FREEMAN Gr. Daughter S   13       Broadstone, Dorset  
167 Windworthy Cottages 4 Joseph BARTER Head M 35   Dairyman Own account   Poole, Dorset  
      Eliza BARTER Wife M   31       Wareham, Dorset  
      Percy BARTER Son S 4         Poole, Dorset  
168 Broadstone   John COOMBES Head M 57   Farmer Own account   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Charlotte E COOMBES Wife M   50       Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
      Elizabeth COOMBES Daughter S   20       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Robert COOMBES Son S 18   Apprentice Carpenter and Turner Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
169 Broadstone   Ann WATERMAN Head Widow   73       Crewkerne, Somerset  
      William E WATERMAN Son S 43   Coal Merchant Employer   Poole, Dorset  
      Mabel A HODGE Niece S   16       Newfoundland  
      Mary J COURTIER Visitor S   15       Fordingbridge, Hampshire  
      Edith L NEWMAN Servant S   22 Cook Domestic     Hinton Martel, Dorset  
170 Broadstone 4 Jane ALLEN Head Widow   71 Laundress Own account At Home Whitechurch  
      Charles H ALLEN son S 28   Bricklayer Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
171 Broadstone   James POLDEN Head M 43   Labourer on Golf Links Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Ellen POLDEN Wife M   37 Laundress Own account At Home Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      William POLDEN Son S 15   Golf Caddie Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Bertha POLDEN Daughter S   13 At School     Broadstone, Dorset  
      Lionel F POLDEN Son S 10   At School     Broadstone, Dorset  
172 Broadstone 2 Emma BARNES Head Widow   68       Canford, Dorset  
173 Broadstone 2 Mary A ALLEN Head Widow   70 Dressmaker Own account At Home Longham, Dorset  
174 Broadstone 3 Richard SHIPTON Head M 76   Gardener domestic Worker   Brockhampton, Dorset  
      Marria SHIPTON Wife M   74       Sturminster Newton, Dorset  
175 Broadstone 2 George ALLEN Head M 29   Railway bricklayers labourer Worker   Broadstone, Dorset  
      Caroline ALLEN Wife M   29       Mill Bottom, Gloucester  
      Lilian ALLEN Daughter S   10       Creekmoor, Poole, Dorset  
      Bertha M ALLEN Daughter S   6       Broadstone, Dorset  
176 Broadstone 3 Tom HOLLOWAY Head M 38   Farmer and Haulier Own account   Southampton, Hants  
      Mary HOLLOWAY Wife M   37       Poole, Dorset  
      Agnes E HOLLOWAY Daughter S   8       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Walter HOLLOWAY Son S 5         Broadstone, Dorset  
177 Broadstone 3 Benjamine HOLLOWAY Head M 76         Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Sarah HOLLOWAY Wife M   74       Poole, Dorset  
      Louisa HOLLOWAY Daughter S   50       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
178 Home Cottage   Ernest BA MORRIS Head M 27   Violin Maker and Repairer Own account At Home Basingstoke, Hampshire  
      Edith A MORRIS Wife M   27       Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorset  
      Leonard RW MORRIS Son S 2         Hanwell, Middlesex  
179 Heathfield House   John MK HAHN Head M 72   Living on own means     Wandsworth, Surrey  
      Eliza HAHN Wife M   69       Dorchester, Dorset  
      Edith L MABEY Servant S   31 General Domestic     Goathill, West Sherborne, Dorset  
180 Red House   Emma L JAQUET Head Widow   73 Living on own means     Falmouth, Cornwall  
      Helen JAQUET Daughter S   49       London  
      Mary LOVELL Servant S   19 General Domestic     Broadstone, Dorset  
181 Springfield Cottage   Fancis E PRISCOTT Head Widow   83 Living on own means     Highgate, Middlesex  
      Georgina L FARR Visitor S   67 Living on own means     Dorchester, Dorset  
      May DOUGLAS Servant S   17 General Domestic     Wales  
182 Widworthy   Emily J EVANS Servant Widow   55 Cook Housekeeper domestic     Clun, Shorpshire  
      Ellen RYALL Servant S   40 Housemaid Domestic     Fonthill  
183 Rushcombe   James HOARE Head M 59   Farmer Employer   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Amber E HOARE Wife M   39       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Cecil J HOARE Son S 10         Canford Mayne, Dorset  
      Albert HOARE Son S 9         Canford Mayne, Dorset  
      Harrold G HOARE Son S 2         Canford Mayne, Dorset  
184 Wimborne Road   Henry J HICKS Head M 52   Journalist Own account   Blandford, Dorset  
      Emily J HICKS Wife M   42       Coventry, Warwickshire  
      Emily F HICKS Daughter S   5       London SW  
185 Church Road 3 J Padly YOUNG Head M 33   Ceramic Decorative Artist Own account   Thyfield, Yorkshire  
      Alice M YOUNG Wife M   22       Wills, Norfolk  
      Alice MP YOUNG Daughter S   1 month       Broadstone, Dorset  
      Ada Mary GRIFFIN Servant S   27 Certificated Monthly Nurse Own account   Wareham, Dorset  
186 Highs Merley   Walter B FORD Head M 30   Wheelwright Assistant Overseer and Clerk to Parish Council Employer At Home Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Julia M FORD Wife M   35       Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Walter B FORD Son S 4         Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Frederick A FORD Son S 2         Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Dorothy B FORD Daughter S   5 months       Canford Magna, Dorset  
      Ethel M COX Servant S   16 General Domestic     Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
187 Highs Merley 4 Thomas HOWE Head M 40   Carpenter and Wheelwright Worker   Holwell, Dorset  
      Annie HOWE Wife M   38       Hensbridge, Somerset  
      Thomas HOWE Father Widower 66   labourer     Nyland, Dorset  
188 Highs Merley   Stephen BROOMFIELD Head M 47   Game Keeper Worker   Burley, Hampshire  
      Amelia BROOMFIELD Wife M   37       Wimborne, Dorset  
      Louisa BROOMFIELD Daughter S   15       Merley, Dorset  
      Miriann BROOMFIELD Daughter S   13       Merley, Dorset  
      Ralph BROOMFIELD Son S 9         Merley, Dorset  
      Tom BROOMFIELD Son S 5         Merley, Dorset  
      Harold BROOMFIELD Son S 2         Merley, Dorset  
189 Highs Merley   Harry CRANE Head M 36   Labourer on Golf Links Worker   Child Oakford, Dorset  
      Jane CRANE Wife M   39       Yarcombe, Devon  
      Albert CRANE Son S 4         Canford, Dorset  
      Harry CRANE Son S 2         Canford, Dorset  
190 Highs Merley   William WILCOX Head M 51   Cattleman on Farm Worker   Horton Heath, Dorset  
      Sarah WILCOX Wife M   38       Dorchester, Dorset  
      Laura WILCOX Daughter S   12       Holt Wood, Dorset  
      Maud WILCOX Daughter S   9       Salisbury, Wiltshire  
      William WILCOX Son S 6         Canford, Dorset  
      Bessie WILCOX Daughter S   4       Canford, Dorset  
      Elsie WILCOX Daughter S   9 months       Longham, Dorset  
191 Highs Merley   William KNIGHT Head M 52   Farmer Employer At Home Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Amelia KNIGHT Wife M   49       Merley, Dorset  
      Mary KNIGHT Daughter S   17       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Winifred KNIGHT Daughter S   14       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Reginald KNIGHT Son S 12         Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
192 Highs Merley 4 Frederick C HERBERT Head M 28   Gardener domestic Worker   Totten, Hampshire  
      Fanny E HERBERT Wife M   25       Bursleden, Hampshire  
      Thomas F HERBERT Son S 1         Bursleden, Hampshire  
193 Highs Merley 4 George OSMOND Head M 35   Labourer on Golf Links Worker   Lytchett Matravers, Dorset  
      Louise OSMOND Wife M   33       Wareham, Dorset  
      Edgar J OSMOND Son S 5         Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Hilda L OSMOND Daughter S   3       Lytchett Matravers, Dorset  
      Harrold G OSMOND son S 2         Lytchett Matravers, Dorset  
194 Merley Stables 3 Frederick RACE Head M 36   Coachman - domestic Worker   Ichworth, Suffolk  
      Jessie A RACE Wife M   31       Albury, Surrey  
      Frederick RACE Son S 7         Wimborne, Dorset  
      John RACE Son S 6         Wimborne, Dorset  
      Jessie RACE Daughter S   4       Wimborne, Dorset  
      Walter BAILEY Boarder S 17   Groom - domestic Worker   Aldershot, Dorset  
195 Merley Gardens 3 John ANDERSON Head S 37   Gardener domestic Worker   London  
196 Merley House   Ellen WIENHOLT Head S   72 Living on own means     Pont-y-coed St Clease, Carmarthenshire, Wales  
      William WIENHOLT Visitor Widower 76   Living on own means     Tenby, Pembrokeshire  
      Alice FITZER Servant S   24 Cook Domestic     Portsmouth, Hampshire  
      Annie J BRIGHT Servant S   28 Parlourmaid domestic     Winterbourne Whitechurch, Dorset  
      Emily J WEARE Servant S   33 Upper Housemaid domestic     Howell, Somerset  
      Esther R POORE Servant S   32 Laundress     Canford, Dorset  
      Clara A WICKHAM Servant S   17 Under Housemaid domestic     Wantage, Berkshire  
      Catherine TANSY Servant S   15 Kitchen maid - domestic     Tamworth, Staffordshire  
197 Ashington 4 Caroline ARNOLD Head Widow   59       Bournemouth, Hampshire  
      John ARNOLD Son S 32   Gardener domestic     Sturminster Marshall, Dorset  
      Edward FRY Brother S 55   Ordinary Farm Labourer Worker   Bloxworth, Dorset  
198 Ashington 4 James FALL Head M 56   Carter on Farm Worker   Merley, Dorset  
      Ellen FALL Wife M   58       Merley, Dorset  
      Reginald FALL Son S 14   Golf Caddie Worker   Merley, Dorset  
      Harry FALL Son S 8   At School     Merley, Dorset  
199 Ashington   Priscilla BURK Head Widow   76       Canford, Dorset  
      Emma BURK Daughter S   39       Canford, Dorset  
      Maud BURK Gr. Daughter S   11       Canford, Dorset  
      James BURK Gr. Son S 10         Canford, Dorset  
200 Ashington   Jesse HOARE Head M 30   Farmer     Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Frances M HOARE Wife M   30       Marnhall, Dorset  
      Winifred T HOARE Daughter S   4       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Hontie J HOARE son S 2         Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Lilian M HOARE Daughter S   6 months       Canford, Dorset  
      Charles HOARE Brother S 42   Ordinary Farm Labourer Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
201 Ashington 3 Emily GRIFFIN Head Widow   52 Laundress Worker   Ashington, Canford, Dorset  
      Mary GRIFFIN Daughter S   20 Laundress Worker   Ashington, Canford, Dorset  
      Nelly GRIFFIN Daughter S   17       Ashington, Canford, Dorset  
      Charles GRIFFIN Son S 14   Garden Lad - domestic Worker   Ashington, Canford, Dorset  
202 Ashington 3 George STONE Head M 69   Ordinary Ag. Labourer Worker   Lytchett, Poole, Dorset  
      Elizabeth STONE Wife M   66       Almer, Dorset  
      Daisy FORWARD Gr. Daughter S   11       Wimborne, Dorset  
203 Ashington   Joseph SHIPTON Head M 42   Ordinary Ag. Labourer Worker   Brockhampton, Dorset  
      Mary SHIPTON Wife M   38       Osmington, Dorset  
      Nellie SHIPTON Daughter S   13       Lytchett, Poole, Dorset  
      Sidney SHIPTON Son S 11         Canford, Dorset  
      Rose SHIPTON Daughter S   9       Canford, Dorset  
      Gertrude M SHIPTON Daughter S   6       Canford, Dorset  
      Alice SHIPTON Daughter S   3       Canford, Dorset  
204 Ashington   Frank GRIFFIN Head M 45   Carpenter Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Eliza GRIFFIN Wife M   44       East Parley, Hampshire  
      Jane BARNES M. in Law Widow   70 Laundress Own account At Home Canford, Dorset  
      Harry HARVEY Cousin S 19   Cycle Maker Worker   South Croyden, Surrey  
205 Ashington   James HISCOCK Head M 66   Labourer general Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Rose HISCOCK Wife M   54 Laundress Own account At Home Canford, Dorset  
      James HISCOCK Son S 30   on the railway Worker   Canford, Dorset  
      Mary HISCOCK Daughter S   21 Laundress Worker At Home Canford, Dorset  
      Charles BAILEY Gr. Son S 12         Canford, Dorset  
206 Ashington   Arthur BEST Head M 65   Ordinary Ag. Labourer Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Jane BEST Wife M   62       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Emily BEST Sister S   52       Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Ernest D CHRISTOPHER Boarder S 25   Game Keeper Worker   Lytchett Matravers, Dorset  
207 Ashington   Thomas AINSWORTH Head M 39   Carter on Farm Worker   Child Oakford, Dorset  
      Alberline AINSWORTH Wife S   40       Marnhall, Dorset  
      William AINSWORTH Son S 14   Under Carter on Farm Worker   Child Oakford, Dorset  
      Charles AINSWORTH Son S 10         Child Oakford, Dorset  
      Louisa AINSWORTH Daughter S   8       Child Oakford, Dorset  
      Ellen WILDS Visitor S   30 Cook Domestic     Marnhall, Dorset  
208 Ashington   George ROSE Head M 43   Home Keeper on Farm Worker   Sturminster Marshall, Dorset  
      Jane ROSE Wife M   45       Sussex  
      Henry ROSE Son S 9         Kingston, Dorset  
      Frank ROSE Son S 4         Wimborne, Dorset  
      Sydney KNIGHT Boarder S 20   Milk canvasser Worker   Sturminster Marshall, Dorset  
209 Ashington   Levi HOARE Head M 50   Labourer on estate Worker   Corfe Mullen, Dorset  
      Matilda HOARE Wife M   40       Farrington, Gloucestershire  
      Frederick HOARE Son S 15   Labourer in garden Worker   Wimborne, Dorset  
      Bertie HOARE Son S 14   Golf Caddie Worker   Wimborne, Dorset  
      Ernest HOARE Son S 11         Wimborne, Dorset  
      Walter HO Son S 9         Wimborne, Dorset  
      Herbert HOARE Son S 6         Canford Mayne, Dorset  
      Victor H HOARE Son S 3         Canford Mayne, Dorset  
210 Ashington   Emma TALBOT Head Widow   60       Church Knowle, Dorset  
      Harry TALBOT Son S 24   General Labourer Worker   Warmwell, Dorset  
      William HALLETT Boarder S 17   Milkman Worker   Puddle Trenttide, Dorset  
211 Lake Farm   Elizabeth J AUSTIN Head Widow   60 Farmer     Turners Puddle, Dorset  
      Lucy M AUSTIN Daughter S   33 Farmers Daughter     Canford, Dorset  
      Jessie M AUSTIN Daughter s   23 Farmers Daughter     Canford, Dorset  
      Montague AUSTIN Son S 19   Farmers Son     Canford, Dorset  
212 Lake Farm   Job TRIM Head M 56   Ordinary Ag. Labourer Worker   Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire  
      Sarah TRIM Wife M   51       Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire  
213 Merley Hall Farm   James LOVELL Head M 35   Groom and Gardener Worker   Askerswell, Bridport, Dorset  
      Agnes LOVELL Wife M   40       Tisbury, Wiltshire  
      Zenas LOVELL Son S 4         Merley Hall, Wimborne, Dorset  
      Charles LOVELL Son S 19   Labourer in Brewery Worker   Milton Abbas, Blandford, Dorset  
214 Lower Merley   Charles LIVINGTON Head M 34   Carter on Farm Worker   Acton  
      Ellen LIVINGTON Wife M   31       Olddown  
      Matilda LIVINGTON Daughter S   10       Moor Critchell, Dorset  
      Gladys LIVINGTON Daughter S   9       Moor Critchell, Dorset  
      Sidney LIVINGTON Son S 7         Moor Critchell, Dorset  
      Mildred LIVINGTON Daughter S   6       Moor Critchell, Dorset  
      Arthur LIVINGTON Son S 4         Moor Critchell, Dorset  
      Mabel LIVINGTON Daughter S   1 month       Merley Hall Farm, Canford, Dorset  
215 Lower Merley 3 Frederick MILLER Head M 37   Dairyman Employer At Home Langton Travers, Swanage, Dorset  
      Elizabeth MILLER Wife M   32       Langton Travers, Swanage, Dorset  
      Mabel r MILLER Daughter S   9       Over Compton, Sherborne, Dorset  
      Beatrice M MILLER Daughter S   6       Nether Compton, Somerset  
      Florence E MILLER Daughter S   2       Clinch Milton, Lilborne Pewsey, Wiltshire  
      Elsie Victoria MILLER Daughter S   1       Merley, Canford, Dorset  
      Joseph C HART Servant S 26   Dairyman Worker   Rolsbury Hilton, Blandford, Dorset  
216 Merley Hall   William J WHITTLE Head M 59   Farmer Employer   Hampreston, Dorset  
      Nancy JE WHITTLE Wife M   48       Outwell, Norfolk  
      Albert E WHITTLE Son S 24         Wareham, Dorset  
      Bessie L WHITTLE Daughter S   30       Wareham, Dorset  
      Kate AP WHITTLE Daughter S   28       Wareham, Dorset  
      Jessie SR WHITTLE Daughter S   26       Wareham, Dorset  
      Maydeline V WHITTLE Daughter S   23       Wareham, Dorset  
      Ernest JR BARTLETT Step Son S 26   Medical Doctor     Wimborne, Dorset  
      George L ATKINS Visitor S 26   Cashier in Bank     Stanbridge, Dorset  
      Ethel M ATKINS Visitor S   24       Stanbridge, Dorset  
      Gertrud A CORBIN Servant S   21 Cook Domestic     Blandford, Dorset  
      Laura A EDWARDS Servant S   23 House Parlourmaid     Lytchett Minster, Dorset  
      Lily T DENNETT Servant S   16 Housemaid Domestic     Candford Magna, Dorset  
217 Gravel Hill 4 James LOVELL Head M 52   Brickmaker Worker   Morden, Dorset  
      Ann LOVELL Wife M   55       Canford, Dorset  
      Rose LOVELL Daughter S   15 Dressmaker Worker   Canford, Dorset  
  Ashington 2 cottages not occupied                    
  Lake Farm cottage occupied                    
  Gravel Hill 2 cottages not occupied                    
  The Cliffs Broadstone cottage not occupied                   

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