Canford Magna

The Dorset Poll Book of 1807

Extraction of entries for Canford

At the turn of the 19th century the ownership of land was a prerequisite of an entitlement to vote.
The 1807 poll book records all those voting and the situation of their freehold.

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Freeholders Name Residence Situation of Freehold Page Occupiers Name
BRICE  G.T. Revd Canford Magna Canford Magna 62  
CARD  Joseph Canford Magna Wimborne Minster 61 William FRYER
MEABY Thomas Canford Magna Canford Magna 62  
PENNINGTON  John Canford Magna West Parley 66 J.R. BRAMBLE
SPURRIER Chrst. Esq. Upton Canford Magna 62  
STONE Thomas Esq. Kingston Canford Magna 62  
TORY  John Canford Magna Petersham 66 William REEKS
WARLAND Christopher  Little Canford Hampreston 65