Canford Magna

Kelly's Directories
1859 | 1880

Transcribed by Jill Floyd

Kellys Canford Magna

Adey, Willett Merley House  
Guest, Sir Ivor Bertie, Bart. Canford House  
Howell, Edward    
Howell, Thomas    
Lewer, Edward Merley Hall  
Patey, Capt. George Edward, RN    
Ponsonby, The Hon Rev Walter MA incumbent    
Pyne, John    
Baker, William Gardener  
Butt, William Nags Head  
Card, Henry Shopkeeper  Parish Clerk  
Cottenham, Thomas Farmer Plainfield
Frampton, James Farmer Lake
Hayes, Willliam Blacksmith  
Holderness, William Builder & Wheelwright  
Holland, Samual Farmer  
Howell, Thomas and Edward Iron founders and agri imp makers  
Hurd and Petty Farmers Moretown
Martin Mary Mrs Farmer  
Meaby, Thos Miller and C  
Meader, Henry Willett Arms  
Pearce, Edmund Surveyer & farmer  
Pyne, John Land agent, surveyor and steward to Guest  
Rawlins, James Farmer Knighton
Sharland, Elias Brick and drain tile maker Arrowsmith
Urray, Fred Farmer Oakley
Wareham, Margaret Mrs Postmistress  
White, George Webbs Arms  



Kellys Canford Magna

Dawson - Damer, Rev lionel D W Vicar  
Guest, Sir Ivor Bertie Bart DL JP Canford House  
Meaby, Mrs    
Meaby, Tho. James    
Waterman, William Corfe Hills  
Weinholt, Miss Helen and Miss Merley Hall  
Austin, Charles Farmer Lake Farm
Baker, William Ranger  
Cottenham, Kohn farmer Plainfield
Ford, Robert Alfred Builder  
Hayes, William Blacksmith  
Howell, Edward Iron founder etc Waterloo foundry
Legg, Harim Nags Head  
Long, James Farm baliff to Guests  
Pettey, William Hurd Farmer Manor Farm
Paterson, charles Land agent etc to Guest  
Raymond, James Farmer Oakley Farm
Sharland, Elias Brick and drain tile maker  
Smith, Samuel John Willett Arms  
Towse, Robert Clerk of works to Guest  
Wittle, John William Farmer and cattle dealer Merley Farm