Canford Magna

Extracts for Postal & Commercial Directories for Canford
does not include Broadstone

1865        1880        1895        1935

 1865 Harrod's Commercial Directory

ADYE Willett Esq., Merley House
DANIELL Captain Knighton
GUEST  Ivor Bartie Bart Sir (* Baronet) Canford House 
HOWELL Edward Mr
HOWELL Thomas Mr
LEWAR Edward Esq. Merley Hall
PATEY George Edward Captain RN
PONSONBY Walter Hon. & Revd. M.A.  Incumbent
PYNE Mr. John
THOMSON Mary Mrs. Oakley House
ALLEN John Shopkeeper
ATKINS William Miller
AUSTIN Charles Farmer Lake Farm
BAKER  William Head Gardener to Sir Ivor B.Guest, Bart
BATH Thomas Blacksmith Wimborne
CARD Henry Shopkeeper & Parish Clerk
CLEWETT Mary Ann (Miss) Schoolmistress
COTRINGHAM Mrs. Farmer Plainfield Farm
COX  William Nag's Head Inn
HAYES  William Blacksmith Oakley
HOLLAND Samuel Farmer Oakley
HOWELL Thos. & Edward Iron Founders & Agricultural Implement manufacturers Waterloo Foundry
HUNT  Samuel Farmer Park Farm House
LOVELL Elizabeth Mrs. Postmistress
LUFF John William Farmer Moretown
MEABY  Hannah Mrs Farmer & Baker
MEADER  Mary Mrs. Willet's Arms
PEARCE  Edmund Surveyor, Land Agent & Farmer
PETTY  Thomas Farmer Moretown
PYNE  John Land Agent, Surveyor & Steward to Sir Ivor Vartie Guest Bart.
RAWLINS  James Farmer Kinghton
SHARLAND Elias Brick & Drain Tile manufacturer Corfe Hill
WATERMAN William Farmer Newtown
WHITE  George Guest's Arms Inn


  1880 Kelly's Directory

DAWSON-DUMER Lionel D.W. Revd. (M.A.) Vicar  
GUEST Ivor Bartie, Sir, Baronet, D.L., J.P. Canford House
MEABY Mrs    
MEABY Thomas James    
WATERMAN William   Corfe Hills
WEINHOLT Helen Miss   Merley Hall
WEINHOLT Miss   Merley Hall
AUSTIN Charles Farmer Lake Farm
BAKER  William Ranger  
COTTENHAM John Farmer Plainfield Farm
FORD Robert Alfred Builder  
HAYES William Blacksmith  
HOWELL Edward Ironfounder & agricultural implement maker Waterloo Foundry Nr  Poole
LEGG Harlin   Nag's Head
LONG James Farm Bailiff to Sir I.B. Guest bart. Moretown
PETTEY William Hud Farmer Manor Farm
PATERSON Charles Land Agent & Steward to Sir I.B. Guest bart.
RAYMOND James Farmer Oakley Farm
SHARLAND Elias Brick & Drain Tile maker  
SMITH Samuel John Willets Arms  
TOWSE Robert Clerk of Works to Sir I.B. Guest bart.
WITTLE John William Farmer & Cattle Dealer Merley Farm


  1895 Kelly's Directory

WIMBORNE Lord, M.A., D.L., J.P., Canford Manor, Wimborne House, Arlington St., S.W. Carlton, St. Stephen's, Athenium & New Traveller's Clubs London SW
BENGOUGH John Charles   Upton Household
FAWKES Rev. M.A. Reginald   Vicarage
HOWELL Arthur   The Laurels
HOWELL Edward   Plainfield House
PHILLIPS Mrs.   Creekmoor House
WIENHOLT Miss   Merly Hall
WIENHOLT Ellen Miss   Merly Hall
AUSTIN Alfred Farmer Lake Farm
BAKER Wm Mrkt Gardener  Creekmoor
BALLAM Chas  Brick maker Creekmoor
CHINCHAM John Albert  Brick & Tile maker Gravel Hill
CHISSELL Tom  Farmer Oakley Farmer
COLES   Wm Clement Miller (water) Creekmoor
COTTINGHAM John  Farmer Upton
FENNER John Holmes  Farmer Oakley
FLUX Sarah Mrs  Coffee Rooms Post Office  
FORD Walter B.  Builder & Assistant overseer  
GARBETT John  Wood Manager to Lord Wimborne  
GEEKIE Alexander  Clerk of works to Lord Wimborne  
HIBBERD Wm Hy.  Farmer Manor Farm
HOARE James  Farmer Rushcombe
MASTERS William  Farm Bailiff to Lord Wimborne  
MEABY Thos. Jas. Accountant Estate Office
MENZIES Robert  Willett's Arms P.H.  
NEUMAN Thomas Dairyman Oakley
PATERSON Charles  Steward to Lord Wimborne  
SHARLAND Emanuel  Farmer Creekmoor
SOPER George Cowkeeper Creekmoor
SWYERS Ambrose Farmer Creekmoor
WARD Wilfred Hd Gardener to Lord Wimborne  
WHITTLE William John Farmer & Cattle dealer Merly Farm
WREN  Benjamin Gamekeeper to Lord Wimborne  


1935 Kelly's Directory

BURN,   Robert    Norfolk Cottage
CANNING  Revd. Clifford Brooke M.A.   Canford School
CHADWICK  Mrs. E.,   Long Coppice
CHATER  Frank,   Hazeldene, Higher Merly
HAMBRO   Capt. Angus Valdimar J.P.   Merly House
HARDING  Richard Lancelot    
KITTERMASTER  Frederick Ronald,   Oakley House


Mrs. Leger,   Merton Grange
PEAK  Capt. Cyril Ashbrooke,   Knighton Lodge
PENRUDDOCKE   Capt. George William, M.C.   Arrowsmith
POORE  Brig.-Gen., Robert Montagu CIE, DSO, D.L., J.P., Rose Lawn Coppice
RICHARDSON  Rev. George Frederick M.A. (vicar) The Vicarage
SAINTSBURY  Mrs. Thatched Cottage,   Merly
SHAW  Sir Walter Sidney,   Fenners
SHUTER  Robert Harrison,   The Chase
STANTON  William John,   St. Cuthbert, Merly
WILLIAMS  Maj. William Bennett,   Moortown Farm
COMMERCIAL Marked * = farm 150 Acres or over
ALCOCK   Geo. W. Fruit Grower, Home Farm, Arrowsmith Rd.
ALEXANDER  M E A & C E A (misses) Poultry Breeders, Blackwater, Broadstone
AUSTEN  J. G. Knighton garage, Motor Engs., Service Station & Wireless Dealers,  Kinson
AUSTIN  Chas, Farmer Lake Farm*
BESANT  Ernest A. Smallholder, Merly Hall Farm
BODYCOTE  Chas. Builder Lone Oak, Merly Lane
BRADFORD  Geoffrey, smallholder, Ashington
BUTLER  Ernest Fredk., carrier, Ashington                                                                     
CANNING  Revd. Clifford Brooke M.A.   Canning School
CHADWICK  Seddon Harry, Fruit Grower, Cordons, Arrowsmith Rd
CHISSELL  Owen, Farmer Oakley Farm*
COLE  T. Ltd., Gravel mers. Harvey Rd
COLLINS  Chas. Herbt., Poultry Farmer Hainault Merly
COPE  H., propr. Hillsborough Fruit Farm
COUSINS H.F. Prop. Haywood Poultry Farm
Arrowsmith Rd.
DAY Ernest Jn., Prop. Rye Vale Poultry Farm, Arrowsmith Rd
DOUGHTON  Mrs G. Proprietess, Glenbrook Poultry Farm,
Arrowsmith Rd
DOWDSWELL  Reginald Victor propr. Five Oaks Poultry Farm,
Harveys Rd
EDWARD   Nurseryman, Sunnyside Nursey, Banford Rd,
FALL Walt. Poultry Farmer  
FLUX  Catherine M. (Miss) Confctnr & Post Office  
FORD Wltr B. Builder, Merly
GILES  Joseph, Smallholder Merly Hall Farm
HEY  Norman, Poultry Farmer  
HOARE E.C., & Son,   Gravel Pit
HOARE Jesse, Farmer Ashington
JACKSON Ernest, Market Gardener, Ashington
LATHAM J. Dog Breeder, Spylaw Arrowsmith Rd
LAWRENCE  Rowland Lester Regnld. Poultry Farmer, The Woodlands Arrowsmith Rd
LOVELL Chas. Smallholder, Ashington
MACARDLE  Montague Prop. Gravel Hill Poultry Farm,
MACKENZIE Christopher Visger,Jn. Poultry Farm Oak Tree Farm, Merly
MACKLEY Wm. Farm Bailiff to Capt. A.V. Hambro J.P. Higher Merly
MATTHEWS Bessie Mrs., Smallholder Ashington
MEAKER  Herbt. Smallholder, Merly Hall Farm
MILES  Fredk. Wm. Smallholder, Merly Glen
PARSON  Fredk., Market Gardener Merly
SMITH  Maj. Frank MBE, Farmer Merly Hall Farm
SMITH  Frank Eric, Smallholder, Merly Hall Farm
STEBBING & ROWLEY Ltd., Poultry Farmers  
WHITEWOOD   Wm. Hy. Nurseryman, Ashleigh Nurseries, Merly
WHITTLE  Rt. Farmer, Ashington
WILLIAMS  Maj. Wm. Bennett ,  Farmer Moortown Farm
WILLIS  Nellie Mrs.   Willett Arms PH Merly
WRIXON Mrs F. MSPBA, WUPBA, Bracken Dene Poultry Farm, Merly