Catherston Leweston

MARRIAGES 1839 to 1912

Translated, transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC by Kim Parker from the Parish Registers



111Sep1839 Josiah HenrySELWOODBachelor of full age, Surgeon of Evershot
     Sarah SwaineCORPESpinster of full age, Gentlewoman of C.L.
       fathers: Josiah Vewlen SELWOOD Merchant, Richard CORPE School Master
       witnesses: Wm. D. TUCKER, Mary Anne TUCKER
229Apr1841 William DomettTUCKERBachelor of full age, Yeoman of Whitchurch Canonicorum
     Grace ElizabethSTONESpinster of full age, Gentlewoman of C.L.
       fathers: Andrew TUCKER Clerk, Joseph STONE Yeoman
       witnesses: Elizabeth WIGHTMAN, Thomas STONE
329Mar1845 JohnSTONEBachelor of full age, Sawyer of Bradpole
     SarahBRIDLESpinster of full age of Wotton Fitz-Payne
       fathers: Daniel STONE Sawyer, Joseph BRIDLE Shepherd
       witnesses: Joseph LATHEY, Harriet BUNNAUGH
404Sep1848 James AugustusROSSBachelor of full age, Merchant of C.L.
     Mary AnnTUCKERSpinster of full age, Gentlewoman of C.L.
       fathers: Thomas ROSS Surgeon, Andrew TUCKER Clerk
       witnesses: Andrew TUCKER jun., Alfred Octavius TUCKER
510Sep1848 JohnMARSHALSEABachelor of full age, Labourer of C.L.
     AnnBOARDSpinster of full age, Dressmaker of C.L.
       fathers: John MARSHALSEA Labourer, Daniel BOARD Mason
       witnesses: Robert CORN, Joseph JEFFERD
602Nov1848 JosephORCHARDBachelor of full age, Labourer of C.L.
     ElizabethHANNSpinster & minor of C.L.
       fathers: Henry ORCHARD Labourer, Charles WILLS Labourer
       witnesses: Benjamin ORCHARD, Elizabeth HODDER
701Aug1850 JobHODDERBachelor of full age, Labourer of C.L.
     ElizaBAGGSpinster of full age of C.L.
       fathers: Robert HODDER Labourer, Robert BAGG Labourer
       witnesses: Robert BAGG, Elisabeth HODDER
819Jun1856 JohnPINNEYBachelor of full age, farmer of Monkwood
     LucyDOMETTSpinster of full age, cook of C.L.
       fathers: John PINNEY Farmer, [illegitimate]
       witnesses: Thomas POWELL, Martin BURROUGH
928Jun1862 HenryFREEMANBachelor of full age, Policeman of Marnhull
     MaryHOARESpinster of full age of C.L.
       fathers: William FREEMAN Tax Surveyor, William HOARE Labourer
       witnesses: Elizabeth SORCOMBE, Charles HOARE
1025Feb1869 JohnLOCKYERBachelor of full age, Blacksmith of Charmouth
     AnnieANDREWSSpinster of full age of C.L.
       fathers: James LOCKYER Farm Bailiff, Robert ANDREWS Builder
       witnesses: John STRONG, Sarah ?ROUPE
1126May1870 WilliamBRINSONBachelor age 21, Dairyman of C.L.
     Ann MaryJAMESSpinster age 20 of C.L.
       fathers: George BRINSON Dairyman, Edwin JAMES Confectioner
       witnesses: Hannah BRINSON, Dinah Margaret SHAPLEY
1216Mar1872 JohnLOWCOCKBachelor of full age, Farmer of C.L.
     MargaretSHAPLEYWidow of full age, Farmer of C.L.
       fathers: Henry LOWCOCK Farmer, Henry MICHELMORE Farmer
       witnesses: Matthew H. CHERITON, Elizabeth ANKWELL
1316Aug1879 ArthurTALBOTBachelor of full age, Grammar School Master of C.L.
     CatherineGRAYSpinster of full age of Lyme Regis
       fathers: Frederick TALBOT School Master, William GRAY Collector of Customs
       witnesses: W. GRAY, Annie GRAY, Jane GRAY, Caroline GRAY, Edwin TALBOT
1405Feb1880 WilliamBARNESBachelor age 19, Baker of C.L.
     MaryBRISTERSpinster age 18 of C.L.
       fathers: William BARNES Labourer, Samuel BRISTER Coachman
       witnesses: Lucy Jane STAMP, Ernest HODGES
1515Jul1880 HarrySMITHBachelor of full age, Painter of Charmouth
     Lucy JaneSTAMPSpinster of full age of C.L.
       fathers: Harry SMITH Farmer, William Henry STAMP Coachman
       witnesses: James C. SYMOND, Alice STAMP
1615Sep1881 Thomas GaleHUNTERBachelor of full age, Fisherman of C.L.
     JaneWHITESpinster of full age of Charmouth
       fathers: Robert HUNTER Fisherman, Joel WHITE Labourer
       witnesses: Robert HUNTER, Elizabeth WHITE
1702Jun1883 CharlesROPERBachelor of full age, Labourer of C.L.
     LouisaABBOTTSpinster of full age of Charmouth
       fathers: Charles ROPER Gardner, [illegitimate]
       witnesses: Sarah Ann CLARKE, John SEAWARD
1803Sep1884 JohnSYMESWidower of full age, Dairyman of Stoke Abbott
     Frances AnnHONEYBUNSpinster of full age of C.L.
       fathers: John SYMES Dairyman, William Benett HONEYBUN
       witnesses: Fred W. HONEYBUN, Alice Louise HONEYBUN
19    left blank  
2031Jan1888 Henry JohnELIOTBachelor of full age, Gentleman of C.L.
     Helen ElizabethWHITESpinster of full age of Charmouth
       fathers: John ELIOT Major Gen. R.A., William Henry WHITE Clerk in holy orders
       witnesses: Thos. Embray Davenport PHILPOT, Agnes Maria Hamilton HOGG
2104Jun1894 WalterBRINSONWidower of full age, Labourer of C.L.
     Sarah JaneHOAREWidow of full age of C.L.
       fathers: George BRINSON Dairyman, Uriah GORGE Labourer
       witnesses: Jarvis WHITE, Sarah Ann Walborn JEFFORD
2217Jan1897 Thomas EdwardHARVELLWidower age 40, Gardener of Winfrith
     Anne Maria MaryPEARCESpinster age 20, Cook of C.L.
       fathers: Edward HARVELL Carter, George PEARCE Plate-layer
       witnesses: Edward KENT, Eva Mina KENT
2329Aug1905 Edmund AlbertSIMPSONBachelor of full age, Butler of Chelsea
     AliceSURREYSpinster of full age, Cook of C.L.
       fathers: Isaiah Charles SIMPSON Station Master, Thomas SURREY Steward
       witnesses: Frances COLLINS, Susan STUCKEY, Ernest Henry POLLINTINE
       Evelyn FOLEY
2414Sep1907 James H. T. C.COZENSBachelor age 29, Civil Servant of London [H.T.C. = Henry Theodore Charles]
     Mary MargaritaJONESSpinster age 25 of Schoolhouse, Charmouth
       fathers: James COZENS Gentleman, Henry Lewis JONES Schoolmaster
       witnesses: Henry Lewis JONES, Herbert J. A. COZENS
2526Dec1911 Frederick ThomasPOOLEBachelor age 23, Labourer of C.L.
     Edith AnniePARTRIDGESpinster age 21, Domestic of C.L.
       fathers: Charles POOLE Labourer, Henry William PARTRIDGE Labourer
       witnesses: Henry William PARTRIDGE, Benjamin GERARD
2629Jun1912 George ErnestSAWYERBachelor age 35, Butler of C.L.
     Elizabeth SharpPOTTERSpinster age 27 of Charmouth
       fathers: William SAWYER Railway Guard, Frank POTTER Engine Driver
       witnesses: J.B.S. BULLEN, Florence MORGAN, Frederick George PENNY