Caundle Marsh

1891 Census - RG 12/1657

Transcribed by Keith Searson


Address; Name; Relationship; Status; Age; Occupation; Where Born; Notes

Holt Lane; John NORTHOVER; Head; M; 69; General Labourer; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Ellen NORTHOVER; Wife; M; 54; Monthly Nurse; Alverstone Dorset


Henry Walter NORTHOVER; Head; M; 29; Agricultural Labourer; Haydon Dorset

Nancy NORTHOVER; Wife; M; 30; Bishop Caundle Dorset

William NORTHOVER; Son; S; 7; Scholar; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Charley G NORTHOVER; Son; S; 5; Scholar; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Bertram Peter NORTHOVER; Son; S; 3; Scholar; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Walter Richard NORTHOVER; Son; S; 1; Caundle Marsh Dorset


Tuthill Farm; John BEALING; Head; M; 55; Farmer; Gillingham Dorset

Ruth Ann BEALING; Wife; M; 50; Mere Wilts

Harry BEALING; Son; S; 27; Mere Wilts

Agnes BEALING; Daughter; S; 22; Mere Wilts

Fred BEALING; Son; S; 20; Gardener; East Knowle Wilts

Albert BEALING; Son; S; 17; Gardener; Caundle Marsh Dorset

James BEALING; Son; S; 16; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Herbert BEALING; Son; S; 13; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Frances BEALING; Daughter; S; 11; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Kate BEALING; Daughter; S; 9; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Bessie BEALING; Daughter; S; 7; Caundle Marsh Dorset


Tuthill Cottage; George RIPP; Head; M; 52; Retired Farmer; Child Okeford Dorset

Ann RIPP; Wife; M; 62; Mintern Magna Dorset


Unoccupied Cottage


Pry Twon Farm; Albert G TROWBRIDGE; Head; M; 28 (?); Farmer; Bishop Caundle Dorset

Lucine TROWBRIDGE; Wife; M; 27; Mortock Somerset

Albert G TROWBRIDGE; Son; S; 3 mths; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Elenor BECKNELL; Visitor; S; 21; Mortock Somerset

Louisa PARSONS; Servant; S; 12; General Servant; Caundle Marsh Dorset


Ashcombe Farm; Ellen E HARVEY; Head; Widow; 60; Farmer; Gunville Dorset

Mary A HARVEY; Daughter; S; 37; Gunville Dorset

Albert G HARVEY; Son; S; 21; Lillington Dorset

George J HARVEY; Son; S; 19; Coach Builder; Leigh Dorset

Kate A PARSONS; Cousin; S; 13; Caundle Marsh Dorset


Yew Tree Farm; Henry CROCKER; Head; M; 63; Farmer; Longburton Dorset

Elizabeth CROCKER; Wife; M; 65; Haydon Dorset

Jane OSMOND; Step Daughter; S; 40; Folke Dorset

Charles CROCKER; Brother; S; 61; Labourer; Stalbridge Dorset

Henry TROWBRIDGE; Brother in Law; S; 52; Living on own Means; North Wootton Dorset


North Court; Mary Jane AUBER; Head; Widow; 60; Private Income; Gillingham Dorset

Mary I S AUBER; Daughter; S; 35; North Petherton Somerset

Isabel I AUBER; Daughter; S; 33; North Petherton Somerset

Frances A TURNER; Servant; S; 42; Cook; Welcombe Devon

Cardine E PHILIPS; Servant; S; 22; House Maid; Bishop Down Dorset

Thomas I KICK; Servant; S; 29; Coachman; Midole*** Somerset


Gartels Farm; Thomas HULL; Head; M; 30; Farmer; Yeovil Somerset

Alice HULL; Wife; M; 31; Bridgewater Somerset


The Rectory; Samuel W GIBSON; Head; M; 43; Clerk in Holy Orders; Leeds Yorkshire

Ann Jane GIBSON; Wife; M; 34; Chard Somerset

Gwendoline B GIBSON; Daughter; S; 6; Penbury Kent

Gerald W GIBSON; Son; S; 5; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Noel Percey GIBSON; Son; S; 3; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Charlotte M GIBSON; Daughter; S; 2; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Louisa BUGLEAR; Servant; S; 20; General Servant; Childfroome Dorset

Emily BUGLEAR; Servant; S; 13; Nurse maid; Godmanstone Dorset

Harry PHILLIPS; Servant; S; 18; Gardener and Cowman; Holwell Dorset


Manor Farm; James PARSONS; Head; S; 65; Farmer; Melbury Osmond Dorset

Jane GOSNEY; Servant; S; 70; Domestic Servant; Haydon Dorset


West Hay Farm; Henry WHITE; Head; M; 59; Farmer; Yarlington Somerset

Sarah WHITE; Wife; M; 67; Oxted Surrey

Kate JONES; Neice; S; 24; London


Pleck Cottage; John LOVELL; Head; M; 41; Agricultural Labourer; Portesham Dorswet

Elizabeth LOVELL; Wife; M; 41; Chickerell Dorset

Rosa LOVELL; Daughter; S; 18; Leather Glove Maker; Weymouth Dorset

William LOVELL; Son; S; 17; Dairy Boy; Weymouth Dorset

Charles LOVELL; Son; S; 15; Dairy Boy; Weymouth Dorset

Thomas LOVELL; Son; S; 13; Shaftsbury Dorset

Harry LOVELL; Son; S; 10; Bishops Caundle Dorset

James LOVELL; Son; S; 7; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Alice LOVELL; Daughter; S; 5; Caundle Marsh Dorset

George LOVELL; Son; S; 1; Caundle Marsh Dorset


Thomas HELLYAR; Head; M; 60; Agricultural Labourer; Haselbury Dorset

Charlotte HELLYAR; Wife; M; 56; Bishops Down Dorset

John HELLYAR; Son; S; 29; Bishops Caundle Dorset

Thomas HELLYAR; Son; S; 27; British Soldier; Bishops Caundle Dorset

James HELLYAR; Son; S; 21; Caundle Marsh Dorset; Fits from Childhood

Sarahan HELLYAR; Daughter; S; 23; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Florence HELLYAR; Daughter; S; 15; Caundle Marsh Dorset


Hawthorns Farm; George TROWBRIDGE; Head; Widower; 56; Farmer; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Ada M TROWBRIDGE; Daughter; S; 30; Bishops Caundle Dorset

Selina TROWBRIDGE; Daughter; S; 25; Bishops Caundle Dorset


Pole Bridge; Jacob GARTELL; Head; M; 54; Farmer; Stouton Caundle Dorset

Mary GARTELL; Wife; M; 54; Plymouth Devon

Robert J GARTELL; Son; S; 24; Bishops Caundle Dorset

Minnie GARTELL; Daughter; S; 23; Bishops Caundle Dorset

Miriam GARTELL; Daughter; S; 17; Bishops Caundle Dorset


Pole Bridge; Ann BAKER; Head; Widow; 59; Lydlinch Dorset

Sarah BAKER; Daughter; S; 28; Glove Maker; Bishops Caundle Dorset

Therma BAKER; Daughter; S; 27; Glove Maker; Bishops Caundle Dorset


Pole bridge; John WELLS; Head; M; 68; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Grace WELLS; Wife; M; 66; Bishops Caundle Dorset


Bishops Down; Emma PHILLIPS; Head; Widow; 58; Charwoman; Buckland Newton Dorset

Henry I PHILLIPS; Son; S; 28; General Labourer; Bishops Down Dorset

Thomas C PHILLIPS; Son; S; 17; Agricultural Labourer; Bishops Down Dorset


Bishops Down; William ANDREWS; Head; M; 61; Agricultural Labourer; Folke Dorset

Jane ANDREWS; Wife; M; 45; Holwell Dorset


The Property, West Hay Farm , Pole Bridge (John Wells) and Bishops Down (Emma Phillips and William Andrews) were part of Caundle Bishop, but are now part of Caundle Marsh


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