Caundle Marsh

1901 Census - RG13/2006

Transcribed by Keith Searson


Address; Name; Relationship; Status; Age; Occupation; Where Born; Notes

Pole Bridge; Jacob GARBELL; Head; M; 64; Farmer; Caundle Stourton Dorset

Mary GARBELL; Wife; M; 64; Plymouth Devon

Minnie GARBELL; Daughter; S; 32; Caundle Bishop Dorset

Miriam GARBELL; Daughter; S; 28; Caundle Bishop Dorset


Hulls Pleck; Edward WELLS; Head; M; 21; Agricultural Labourer; Caundle Bishop Dorset

Emily WELLS; Wife; M; 28; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Charlotte WELLS; Mother in Law; Widow; 65; Parish Relief; Caundle Marsh Dorset


West Hayes Farm; Harry BEALING; Head; M; 38; Farmer; Knoyle Wilts

Julia BEALING; Wife; M; 40; North Petherton Somerset

Frances BEALING; Daughter; S; 1; Caundle Marsh Dorset

William BAKER; Visitor; S; 63; Agricultural Labourer; Caundle Bishop Dorset


Marsh Farm; William J R PARSONS; Head; M; 32; Farmer; Folke Dorset

Ellen J PARSONS; Wife; M; 30; South Brewham Somerset

William M R PARSONS; Son; S; 5; Folke Dorset

L M J  PARSONS; Daughter; S; 3; Folke Dorset

V E B  PARSONS; Daughter; S; 10 mths; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Annie E GREENING; Servant; S; 18; Domestic Servant; Piddletrenthide Dorset


The Rectory; Samuel W GIBSON; Head; M; 53; Clergyman Church of England; Leeds York

Ann J GIBSON; Wife; M; 44; Chard Somerset

Gwendoline B GIBSON; Daughter; S; 16; Pembury Kent

Charlotte M GIBSON; Daughter; S; 12; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Ann HAMMOND; Servant; S; 15; Domestic Servant; Caundle Bishop Dorset


Caundle Marsh; Albert W MARSH; Head; M; 48; Farmer; Leigh Dorset

Mary A H MARSH; Wife; M; 41; Pulham Dorset

William L MARSH; Son; S; 13; Folke Dorset

Samuel A MARSH; Son; S; 11; Folke Dorset

Alma S J MARSH; Daughter; S; 9; Haselbury Bryan Dorset

Gladys A L MARSH; Daughter; S; 2; Caundle Marsh DEorset


Marsh Court; Henry ROWSWELL; Head; M; 37; Groom and Caretaker; West Chinnock Somerset

Elizabeth M ROWSWELL; Wife; M; 36; Chiselhurst Hants

Louisa A ROWSWELL; Daughter; S; 11; Chard Somerset

Edith M ROWSWELL; Daughter; S; 5; Alworth Wilts


Yew Tree Farm; Elizabeth CROCKER; Head; Widow; 75; Farmer; Haydon Dorset

Jane OSMOND; Daughter; S; 45; Folke Dorset

Charles CROCKER; Brother in Law; A; 71; Farm Bailiff; Stalbridge Dorset

Henry TROWBRIDGE; Brother; S; 62; Living on own Means; North Wootton Dorset

Horace LEGG; Grandson; S; 16; Folke Dorset


Tuk Hill; Walter STICKLAND; Head; M; 46; Agricultural Labourer; Houghton Dorset

Elizabeth STICKLAND; Wife; M; 40; Caundle Bishop Dorset

Sarah A STICKLAND; Daughter; S; 17; North Wootton Dorset

Walter G STICKLAND; Son; S; 14; Agricultural Labourer; North Wootton Dorset

William J STICKLAND; Son; S; 12; Folke Dorset

Samuel STICKLAND; Son; S; 9; Folke Dorset

Frederick J STICKLAND; Son; S; 6; Folke Dorset

Ellen E STICKLAND; Daughter; S; 4; Thornford Dorset


Robert CHAFFEY; Head; Widower; 70; Agricultural Labourer; Wincanton Somerset


Tuk Hill Farm; John BEALING; Head; M; 72; Farmer; Gillingham Dorset

Ruth Ann BEALING; Wife; M; 62; Mere Wilts

Albert BEALING; Son; S; 27; Groom and Gardener; Caundle Marsh Dorset

James BEALING; Son; S; 25; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Hurbert BEALING; Son; S; 23; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Francis BEALING; Daughter; S; 20; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Kate BEALING; Daughter; S; 19; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Bessie BEALING; Daughter; S; 17; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Frank DAY; Grandson; S; 18; Carter on Farm; Cucklington Somerset


Holt Lane; Harry W NORTHOVER; Head; M; 39; Carter on Farm; Haydon Dorset

Nancy NORTHOVER; Wife; M; 40; Caundle Bishop Dorset

Charles E NORTHOVER; Son; S; 16; Agricultural Labourer; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Bertrum NORTHOVER; Son; S; 13; Stable help; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Walter NORTHOVER; Son; S; 11; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Mabel NORTHOVER; Daughter; S; 8; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Fred NORTHOVER; Son; S; 5; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Alice NORTHOVER; Daughter; S; 3; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Edwin T NORTHOVER; Son; S; 2 mths; Caundle Marsh Dorset


Lewis FOX; Head; M; 25; Woodman on Estate; Holwell Dorset

Charlotte FOX; Wife; M; 25; Charlton Hawthrone Somerset

Dorothy FOX; Daughter; S; 6; Caundle Bishop Dorset

Walter FOX; Son; S; 4; Caundle Bishop Dorset

Ernest FOX; Son; S; 3; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Annie FOX; Daughter; S; 1; Caundle Marsh Dorset


Hawkins Farms; Albert G TROWBRIDGE; Head; M; 38; Farmer; Caundle Bishop Dorset

Lucine TROWBRIDGE; Wife; M; 37; Hilton Somerset

Albert G TROWBRIDGE; Son; S; 10; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Lucine E TROWBRIDGE; Daughter; S; 8; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Mabel A TROWBRIDGE; Daughter; S; 7; Caundle Marsh Dorset


Hawkins Hill; Eli LOADER; Head; M; 34; Carter on Farm; Folke Dorset

Mary A LOADER; Wife; M; 39; Folke Dorset

Reginald O LOADER; Son; S; 3; Caundle Marsh Dorset

Gertrude J LOADER; Daughter; S; 1; Caundle Marsh Dorset

James PALMER; Boarder; S; 49; Grrom and Gardener; West Chickerell Dorset


Henry RIGGS; Head; M; 41; Agricultural Labourer; Cheselborne Dorset

Mary RIGGS; Wife; M; 33; Holwell Dorset

Edward A RIGGS; Son; S; 15; Agricultural Labourer; Sherborne Dorset

George RIGGS; Son; S; 13; Sherborne Dorset

William F RIGGS; Son; S; 1; Folke Dorset


Ashcombe Farm; Ellen E HARVEY; Head; Widow; 70; Farmer; Trannant Gunville Dorset

Mary A HARVEY; Daughter; S; 46; Assists Head of Family; Trannant  Gunville Dorset

George J HARVEY; Son; S; 27; Farmer; Leigh Dorset

Gillian ANDREWS; Servant; S; 65; General Servant; Butterwick Folke Dorset

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