Caundle Marsh

MARRIAGES 1706-1910


Transcribed from microfilm of the original parish registers by Caryl Parsons.  

Date;    Name;   SURNAME ;    Age;    Status;    Occupation;    Place;    Father;    Occupation;    Witnesses

Please note that archivist  at the DRO advises that marriages 1832-1839 not available as film or original regs.    

John ?BOW of psh of ?Lodford St Mary co. of ? Mary ?ROBERTS of this parish married ? ? 1706

?Thomas GOLLOP of Dorchester Mary ?FFOY of Caundle Marsh married 24-Sep 1707

? ?MILLER of Holnest widdow ?BISENT of ? married ?2 June 1718 miller' could be surname or occ.

? BATT of Yeatminster Mary HODGES of Yeatminster married 14-May 1724

Isaac GILLINGHAM of Plush in the psh of ?Buckland ?Weston Joan BIRD of Hermitage married 17-May 1725

John BRETT of Hayden Dorothy BUNTER of Hayden married 11-Apr 1726

William PERHAM of Haydon Jane HARVY of Haydon married 21-May 1726

John BOZIE of Beaminster Mary  HAYDON of Beaminster married ?24 Oct 1726

John SMITH of Hardington Somerset Mary BOZIE of Beaminster married 14-Feb 1726

Samll. DAW of Wooton Glandfield Ann COX of Wooton Glandfield married 06-Apr 1727

?Ric. WARREN of Wooton Jane STEEPHENS of Wooton married 20-May 1727

Rob. SAMSON of Mintern Mag. Mary MABER of Hermitage married 25-Dec 1727

James MOWLEM of Holnest Ann MILLER of Holnest married 30-Dec 1727

William HAMMOND of Rimpton Mary HILLIER of Holnest married 07-Nov 1727

Robt. ?SH-LER of Haslbury Brian Mary ?BUTTON of Caundle married ? ? 1728

Ben. SWENDIN of Sherborne Mary MILLER of Sherborne married ? July 1728

Robt. ?PEOPLE of Pulham Mary BAYLY of Hermitage married 28-Jul 1728

Wm. DURRANT  Mary BURFORD of Sturton Candle married ?23 Sep 1728

Roger BARTLETT of Glanvilles Wootton Jane HARBIN of Charminster married 06-Oct 1728

Geo. PAINE  Martha BRIT of Piddle Hinton married 07-Oct 1728

John HODDINETT of Serbourne Joan BUTT of Serbourne married 17-Dec 1728

Geo. BUDDER of Sherbourne Bridgitt BENJAFIELD of Wincanton married 01-Jan 1728

Samuel HILLARY of Nether Compton Magdalen CHAFFIE of Bps Caundle married 12-May 1729

John BAKER of Chislabourne Mary ?LAWES of Bear Hackwood married 09-Aug 1729

Ric. COLLIS Of Long Burton Ann DAVIE of Chickerell married 14-Sep 1729

Thos. ?VERRIS of Stalbridge Mary POPE of Lydlinch married 06-Oct 1729 the Banns fulfilled

Frances STONE Of Long Burton Susanna CAME of Caundle Marsh married 02-Feb 1729

Wm. GAME of Haydon Elizabeth CHAPMAN of Haydon married 10-Feb 1729

?Sam. POPE of Candle ?Epis. Hanna TIZARD of Candle ?Epis. married ? Feb 1729

Willm. ?NOWELL of Lillington Mary PENNY of St Peters in Dorchester married 11-Apr 1730

John HARRWELL of Sherbourne Joan HARDY of Mudford married 17-Jul 1730

Ric. CHICK of Batcomb Mary ?FLOOKS of Sherbourne married 18-Aug 1730

?Coletrip GILBERT of Sherbourne Elizabeth BROWN of Sherbourne married 30-Sep 1730

Richard MILLER of Leigh Eliz: CROCKER of Puddle Trenthide married 01-Dec 1730

Robt. ARNOLD of Over Compton Sarah HILLARY of Nether Compton married ? March 1730

John WHITE of Caundle Bishop Mary COLLIER of Caundle Marsh married 21-Apr 1731

James ?P------ Of ?B----- ?Mary ? of Sherbourne married 01-Sep 1731

James ?HONSELL of Sherbourne Mary GUY of Sherbourne married 30-Sep 1731

Thos. ?LY---  Eliz: RIDOUT  married 27-Mar 1732

John DAVIDGE  Ann PECKHAM of North Wootton married 09-Apr 1732

John CUSTER of Caundle Marsh Edith DAVIS of Caundle Marsh married ?30 April 1732

Robert ?YEATMAN of Sherborne Susanna LANE of Sherborne married 18-Jul 1732

Geo. GOSNEY  Eliz: POPHAM  married 10-Aug 1732

Bartholomew ?P/BREET of Lillington Mary CHAPMAN of North Wootton married 06-Nov 1732

James STILL of ?Funimels Mag. Martha POPE of Caundle Marsh married 04-Dec 1732

James D/FOBER of Hermitage Sarah MABER of Hermitage married 24-Mar 1732

Geo. BAKER Of Long Burton Sarah MITCHELL of Holnest married 29-Apr 1733

Abraham MILLER of Yeatminster Mary ?STILE of Holwell married 24-May 1733

?Asyria BURBIDGE  Eliz. AVOKE  married 13-Jun 1733

Daniel PENNY  Sarah BARTLETT  married ?8 Aug 1733

Thos. ?R/BYSAL  Edith JOANES  married 13-Sep 1733

Nathaniel ALAMBRIDGE  Mary WHITE  married 12-Dec 1733

Robt. COLLINS  Hannah BANGER  married 05-Jan 1733

Richard HARE  ?Ann RIDOUT  married 24-Jun 1734

Renold OLD  Sarah JEFFERY  married ? June 1734

Roger MILLER of Holnest Margaret WEST  married ? June 1734

John ?WEALLING  Elizabeth ?WILSON  married 29-Jul 1734

Thos. LODGE  Mary CARTER  married 24-Aug 1734

Wm. WOODROW  Fanny MILLER  married 17-Mar 1734

Jos. GOULDING  Hannah PLOWMAN  married 16-Sep 1735

Robt. HODDER  Sarah GILL  married ? Oct 1735

Jos. ?RICH/PUCK  Mary GRANGER  married ? Oct 1735

Geo. GRANGER  Hannah CHAFFIE  married ? Nov 1735

James ARNOLD  Ann GRANGER  married 06-Jan 1735

Charles WISE  Margaret WHITE  married ? Jan 1735

Ric. BUDGEN  Elizabeth RYAL  married 22-Mar 1735

Sam. JEFFERY  Ann EYERS  married 29-Mar 1736

Willm. ?IRISH  Susanna ?BRIDLE  married 28-Apr 1736

Frances FITZJAMES  Sarah BISS  married 29-May 1736

Thos. HOBBS  Susanna CHAFFIE  married 12-Jun 1736

James GOULD  Eliz. HUTCHINGS  married 16-Aug 1736

Lawrence ?JUL-----  Rebecca CHAPMAN  married ?26 Aug 1736

?James/Sam. MILLER  Martha CAVE  married 11-Oct 1736

George PIDDLE  Sarah GOULD  married 15-Nov 1736

? KENT  ?Martha MITCHELL  married 29-Jan 1736

John BANGER  Sarah WHITEHEAD  married ? Nov 1737

John ?DREW  Eliz. LEMENON  married 13-Nov 1737

Wm. RYALL  Mary ?JUSTY  married 25-Jan 1737

Edward COLLY  Mary KEMP  married 02-Apr 1738

John HULL  Eliz. MASTERS  married 11-Apr 1738

John ROGERS  Eliz. ?TITE/PIKE  married 15-Jun 1738

Robt. CUFF  Mary RUSSELL  married 01-Jul 1738

James ?OSMOND  Frances WHEEDEN  married 05-Jul 1738

Ric. COOMBS  Jane ?DARK  married 26-Jul 1738

Sam. VALLIS  Mary MILLER  married 30-Jul 1738

John ?ROSS  Patience CADY  married 10-Oct 1738

Wm. LADD  Mary DUNFORD  married 26-Dec 1738

James POPE  Frances MILLER  married 14-Jan 1738

Geo. LAMBERT  Mary CLOTHIER  married 05-Mar 1738

Thos. VINCENT  Mary READ  married 13-Jul 1739

Nathaniel GUNDRY  Fanny HART  married 31-Aug 1739

John ALLEN  Elizabeth MITCHELL  married 22-Oct 1739

John AISH  ?Ann AISH  married 17-Jul 1739

Thos. ?DERRYMAN  Mary HANNAM  married 01-Jan 1739

John GREGORY  Martha CHANT  married 15-Feb 1739

Thos. WHITE  Sarah ?PIMERAL  married ?20 July 1740

Geo. GRANGER  Bett GRANGER  married ? Sep 1740

Robert THOMAS  Martha ?MAYO  married ? Nov 1740

James VINE  Tamsie WINDSOR  married ? Dec ?1740

?Stephen  HUNT  Mary ?ALLEN  married 24-Mar 1741

?Ed. ?PIDDING  Mary THORN  married ? June 1741

Geo. ?MIBER  Sarah RANDAL  married ? July 1741


 Next marriages on the film:   

 Robert BENNET of Caundle Bishop Ann COLLIER of this parish married 31.12.1760 Banns  

 Richard BRIDPORT of Stourminster Jane GALPIN of this parish married 15.2.1763 Banns  

 Joseph ?COLLINS of North Wootton Susanna DAVIDGE of this parish banns 20/27 Jun 4 Jul 1784  

 Robert Taylor of this parish Anne HAMMOND late residing in North Wootton banns 2/9/16 Apr 1786  

 Wm. ROOD widower of Pulham Ann WAREHAM spinster of this parish banns 8/15/22 Jul ?1786  

 George POPE of Mintern Magna Anne TROWBRIDGE of this parish banns 7/14/21 Jan 1787  

 ?James/Sam. GILLARD of Nether Compton Jane DAVIDGE of North Wootton banns 9/16/23 Dec 1787  

 Luke ROWDEN of this parish Martha OLD of Ower Moigne banns 26 Oct 2/9 Nov ?1788/9  

 John TROWBRIDGE of this parish Susannah ?MARSH of Caundle Bishop banns 9/16/28 Jan 1791  

 Richard TAYLER of Stourton Caundle Mary POPE of this parish banns 24 Ap 1/8 May 1791  

 Richard WINTER of this parish Ann TAYLER of this parish banns 17/24/31 March 1799  

 William ROBERTS of this parish Jane WINTER of this parish banns 20/27 Jun 4 Jul ?  

 Marriages cont:   

 John GALPINE of this parish Mary ?DAY married 2.1.1764 Banns Witnesses: John DAY George POPE  

 Robert KEMBER of Stalbridge Mary CLARKE of this parish married 30.12.1765 Licence Witnesses: John CLARKE George POPE  

 Wm. TROWBRIDGE of this parish Susanna TROWBRIDGE of this parish married 13.12.1768 Banns Witnesses: Thos. TROWBRIDGE George POPE  

 Richard BLANCHARD of this parish Elizabeth BIRD of this parish married 4.4.1769 Banns Witnesses: George POPE William POPE  

 James WINTER of this parish Hannah PLYMPTON of this parish married 12.8.1769 Banns Witnesses: George POPE ?Ann STONE  

 Wm. GARDINER of this parish Elizabeth ?CROSS of this parish married 29.10.1770 Banns Witnesses: George POPE Thomas TROWBRIDGE  

 Thomas GOLLOP of this parish Sarah ?PERRIS of this parish married 23.5.1776 Licence Witnesses: John RIDOUT George POPE  

 Joseph COLLINS of North Wootton Susannah DAVIDGE of this parish married 28.10.1784 Banns Witnesses: George COLLINS Peter ?HARREN  

 Robert TAYLER of this parish Jane HAMMOND of North Wootton married 29.4.1786 Banns Witnesses: John RIDEOUT Charles FOX  

 Wm. ROOD of Pulham Ann WAREHAM of this parish married 15.8.1787 Banns Witnesses: John WARREHAM Charles FOX  

 George POPE bach. of Minter Magna Ann TROWBRIDGE spinster of this parish married 2.1.1788 Banns Witnesses: Samuel TROWBRIDGE Charles FOX  

 Luke ROWDEN of this parish Martha OLD of Ower Moigne married 10.11.1788 Banns Witnesses: Thos. ?BALLER/N John CLARKE  

 John TROWBRIDGE of this parish Susannah MARSH of Caundle Bishop married 19.2.1791 Banns Witnesses: William TROWBRIDGE Charles FOX  

 Richard J/SAYGON of Stourton Caundle Mary POPE of this parish married ?14.6.1791 Banns Witnesses: John CLARK Betty VINCENT  

 John GOLDING of Haydon Jane TROWBRIDGE of this parish married 21.8.1794 Banns Witnesses: Sarah TROWBRIDGE Maria POPE  

 William CHILD of North Wootton Elizabeth CLEMENT ?of North Wootton married 5.1.1796 Banns Witnesses: Wm. TROWBRIDGE Charles FOX  

 James WHITE of this parish Elizabeth PLYMPTON of this parish married 5.1.1796 Banns Witnesses: Wm. TROWBRIDGE Charles FOX  

 Thomas HAMMOND widower of Sherborne Christian POPE spinster of this parish married 2.6.1796 Licence Witnesses: John CLARKE Betty CLARKE  

 Wm. KINGSBURY of this parish ?Sarah TROWBRIDGE of this parish married 17.7.1796 Banns Witnesses: Wm. TROWBRIDGE Maria POPE  

 James KNIGHT of Okeford Fitzpayne Ann CADIE of this parish married 16.5.1797 Banns Witnesses: ?J--- CASTLEMAN Charlotte KNIGHT  

 Wm. GOLLOP bach. of this parish Elizabeth LONGH/BORN spinster of Netherbury married 26.1.1798 not given Witnesses: James P. GOLLOP Ann ?PARVIS  

 John WHITE bach. of ?Wateron Martha TROWBRIDGE spinster of this parish married 16.2.1798 Licence Witnesses: Wm. TROWBRIDGE Sarah KINGSBURY  

 Richard WHITE of this parish Ann TAILOR of Folke married 11.4.1799 Banns Witnesses: James KNIGHT Mary MILES  

 John JEFFERY widower of Whitchurch Canonicorum Ann PARVIS spinster of this parish married 5.5.1800 Licence Witnesses: William GOLLOP Ann ?CHAPMAN Elizabeth GOLLOP  

 James GALPINE widower of Marnhull Mary KEMBER spinster of this parish married 18.1.1802 Licence Witnesses: Kezia BROWN Ann ?UPPILL William DOWDING  

 William ROBERTS of this parish Jane WINTER spinster of this parish married 14.7.1802 Banns Witnesses: William GOLLOP Elizabeth GOLLOP Jane BRAKE  

 Robert TAILOR of this parish Lucy WINTER of this parish married 9.10.1804 Banns Witnesses: Wm. TROWBRIDGE  

 Thomas SPICER bach. of Bishops Caundle Elizabeth COOMBS spinster ? married 7.6.1810 Banns Witnesses: George RYALL Elizabeth HILLIER Mary MITCHELL "there is no regular service"

 John CUFF of Long Burton Maria LODGE of North Wootton married 18.4.1811 Banns (published here) Witnesses: William GOLLOP  

 Francis GAY of this parish Susannah CROAD of Long Burton married 23.1.1812 Banns Witnesses: Elizabeth ?JOLLEY William GOLLOP Jane STOODLEY  

 Job CROCKER of this parish Sarah EYEARS of Thornford married 3.8.1812 Banns Witnesses: James CROCKER Mary CROCKER  

 James HAMMOND of this parish Sarah BAKER of this parish married 31.12.1812 Banns Witnesses: James DAVIDGE Isaac BAKER  

 Thomas HAYTER of this parish Mary GIBBS of this parish married 22.12.1817 Banns Witnesses: ?Jonne BAKER Maria CARTER  

 John WELLS of this parish Mary CROCKER of this parish married 25.12.1819 Banns Witnesses: Charlotte CROCKER Isaac BAKER ?Charles ?  

 Thomas ?SERGEANT of Holwell Ann STYLES of this parish married ?16.?6.?1822 Banns Witnesses: John ?SERGEANT James BAKER  

 Sampson TROWBRIDGE of this parish Ann POPE of this parish married 10.2.1823 Banns Witnesses: William TROWBRIDGE ?Jane GOLDING  

 John COLLINS of this parish Mary COOPER of this parish married 28.8.1823 Banns Witnesses: William NOTLEY Harriet ?JOLLEY Isaac BAKER  

 William SERJEANT of this parish Emma YOUNG of this parish married 28.3.1831 Banns Witnesses: William YOUNG Mary YOUNG  

Marriages not available  

21.11.1840;    John;    ROBERTS;    full age;    bachelor;    shoemaker;    Bishops Caundle;    William ROBERTS;    shoemaker; &   Eliza;    BISHOP;    full age;    spinster;    glover;    Bishops Caundle;    William BISHOP;    carpenter;    Charles BISHOP Sarah ?HOLLEY


22.3.1842;    William Dubben;    BARTER;    full age;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    Robert BARTER;    dairyman;  &   Frances;    GARTELL;    full age;    spinster;    glover;    Pulham;    Charles GARTELL;    labourer;    Jeremiah WARR Anna BARTER


4.8.1842;    Sampson;    TROWBRIDGE;    full age;    widower;    ?yeoman;    Bishops Caundle;    Isaac TROWBRIDGE;    thatcher;  &   Sarah;    HOLLEY;    full age;    spinster;    servant;    Caundle Marsh;    William HOLLEY;    servant;    Mary Jane ?ST LO John ROBERT


12.6.1843;    James;    COFFIN;    full age;    bachelor;    butcher;    Wool;    James COFFIN;    baker; &   Mary Ann;    TRIM;    full age;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Charles TRIM;    yeoman;    Robert BASCOMBE Jane COFFIN


12.6.1843;    Henry;    CROCKER;    full age;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    Job CROCKER;    shoemaker; &   Ellen;    LAMB;    under age;    spinster;    glover;    Caundle Marsh;    John LAMB;    labourer;    James RIDOUT Tirzah CROCKER


28.5.1845;    John;    WELLS;    full age;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    John WELLS;    labourer;  &   Grace;    WATKINS;    full age;    spinster;    glover;    Caundle Marsh;    William WATKINS;    labourer;    John WELLS Hannah WATKINS


18.4.1849;    George;    WELLS;    full age;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    John ?(unreadable);    labourer;&   Hannah;    WATKINS;    full age;    spinster;    glover;    Caundle Marsh;    ?William WATKINS;    labourer;    John WELLS Mary WATKINS


9.2.1851;    Henry;    PARK;    full age;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    John PARK;    labourer; &;    Ann;    WELLS;    full age;    spinster;    servant;    Caundle Marsh;    John WELLS;    labourer;    Thomas HELYAR Charlotte WELLS


17.4.1851;    George Alfred;    RUSSELL;    full age;    bachelor;    ironmonger;    Sherborne;    George RUSSELL;    yeoman;&   Jane Ann;    TRENCHARD;    full age;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    William TRENCHARD;    yeoman;    one unreadable Christiana HOWE


17.6.1851;    George Augustus Frederick;    NICHOL;    full age;    bachelor;    military man;    Marnhull;    John NICHOL;    naval service;&   Laura;    MESSITER;    19;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Richard MESSITER;    clerk;    John ?--- Grace Caroline NICHOL Effield MESSITER


25.12.1852;    Thomas;    HELLYAR;    full age;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    John HELLYAR;    carpenter; &   Charlotte;    WELLS;    full age;    spinster;    glover;    Caundle Marsh;    John WELLS;    labourer;    Charles WELLS Jane ?GOLSNEY


29.6.1853;    Henry Peter;    AUBER;    full age;    bachelor;    gentleman;    North Petherton;    Henry Peter AUBER;    esquire; &   Mary Jane ;    St LO;    full age;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Lewis George St LO;    esquire;    Lewis George St LO Selina Mabel St LO Johnanna C. HARVEY


10.9.1856;    Robert;    WILLMOTT;    full age;    bachelor;    gentleman;    Sherborne;    Thomas WILLMOTT;    gentleman; &   Effield;    MESSITER;    full age;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Richard MESSITER;    clerk;    Elvira Louisa ?--- Mary MESSITER Mary WILLMOTT Henry WILLMOTT


16.5.1859;    Andrew;    DYKE;    full age;    bachelor;    labourer;    Lydlinch;    William DYKE;    labourer; &;    Lucy;    MARSH;    full age;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Thomas MARSH;    labourer;    Hugh MARSH Mary MARSH


30.4.1863;    Robert;    ANTELL;    full age;    bachelor;    yeoman;    Holwell;    Thomas ANTELL;    yeoman; &;    Henrietta;    HOUSE;    full age;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    George HOUSE;    yeoman;    John TRIM Ellen ANTELL


8.5.1866;    Nehemiah;    COFFIN;    full age;    bachelor;    yeoman;    Haselbury Bryan;    Thomas COFFIN;    yeoman;   &   Eliza;    MULLETT;    full age;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Walter MULLETT;    yeoman;    Gideon ?PENROSE Eliza ?PENROSE


24.12.1868;    James William;    PARSONS;    full age;    bachelor;    yeoman;    Caundle Marsh;    William PARSONS;    yeoman; &   Agnes Julia;    GAME;    20;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    George GAME;    yeoman;    Fanny Margaret GAME William DYKE


11.8.1869;    Thomas Harrison;    WAYNE;    full age;    bachelor;    gentleman;    South Wamborough;    Hampshire;    William Moon HARRISON;    clerk;    groom signed Thomas Harrison Wayne&   Emma Tucker;    MESSITER;    full age;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Richard MESSITER;    clerk;    Edith HARRISON Edward WHITEHEAD


3.2.1877;    James;    HISCOCK;    full age;    bachelor;    yeoman;    Buckhorn Weston;    Samuel HISCOCK;    yeoman;&   Susannah;    FUDGE;    full age;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    James FUDGE;    yeoman;    James FUDGE Emily FUDGE ?Frank ?MAGGS


4.8.1886;    George;    HIBBERD;    23;    bachelor;    labourer;    Quadhampton;    Wiltshire;    George HIBBERD;    labourer; &    Mary Berkley;    HELLYAR;    23;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Thomas HELLYAR;    labourer;    Thomas HELLYAR Emily Jane HELLYAR


5.10.1886;    Henry Aderney;    REDPATH;    38;    bachelor;    clerk in holy orders;    Holwell Rectory;    Henry Syme REDPATH;    solicitor;  &    Catherine Helen;    AUBER;    19;    spinster;    ;    Marsh Court;    Henry Peter AUBER;    solicitor;    ?Mary Jane AUBER H. Syme REDPATH Robert Charles St Lo AUBER


11.10.1888;    Silas;    MULLETT;    51;    widower;    farmer;    Holwell;    Thomas MULLETT;    farmer;    

&;    Elizabeth;    TROWBRIDGE;    48;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Sampson TROWBRIDGE;    farmer;    Albert George TROWBRIDGE Ada Mary TROWBRIDGE


5.1.1889;    James George;    GOSNEY;    23;    bachelor;    labourer;    ?Kingsbury;    Somerset;    George GOSNEY;    labourer; &    Sarah;    RICHARDS;    26;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    not given;    not given;    Sydney Charles PATTEN Sarah Jane PATTEN


4.10.1893;    Thomas;    HELYAR;    30;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    Thomas HELYAR;    labourer;    

&;    Rose Ann;    LOVELL;    21;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    John LOVELL;    labourer;    John LOVELL Florence Fanny HELYAR


24.4.1894;    William James Reeks;    PARSONS;    25;    bachelor;    farmer;    Caundle Marsh;    John PARSONS;    farmer; &    Ellen Louisa;    BALCH;    23;    spinster;    ;    Folke;    John BALCH;    farmer;    Mary Ann PARSONS James PARSONS


21.2.1895;    Samuel William;    GOULD;    29;    bachelor;    farmer;    Middlemarsh;    Minterne Magna;    Charles GOULD;    farmer;  &    Mary Ann;    PARSONS;    29;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    John PARSONS;    farmer;    William James Reeks PARSONS Amelia Ellen GOULD Emma Louisa ?MAWLINGS


22.10.1895;    Harry;    BEALING;    32;    bachelor;    farmer;    Caundle Marsh;    John BEALING;    farmer;    

&;    Julia;    SPEED;    34;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    James SPEED (deceased);    baker;    Agnes Jane BEALING Austin John BEALING


11.3.1896;    William Sydney;    FORD;    20;    bachelor;    shop assistant;    Caundle Marsh;    Joseph John FORD (deceased);    gardener; &    Sarah Ann;    HELYAR;    26;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Thomas HELYAR;    labourer;    John HELLYAR Flora JACKLIN


24.8.1897;    Henry John;    PHILLIPS;    33;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    William PHILLIPS;    deceased;  &    Agnes Jane;    BEALING;    28;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    John BEALING;    farmer;    Austin John BEALING Frances Mary BEALING


23.9.1897;    Henry William;    WELLS;    22;    bachelor;    labourer;    Pole Bridge;    Bishops Caundle;    William WELLS;    labourer; &    Florence Fanny;    HELYAR;    21;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Thomas HELYAR;    labourer;    William CHAFFEY Emily Jane HELLYAR


8.7.1899;    John Henry;    ?BALGUY;    40;    widower;    major in H.M. royal artillery;    Landguard Fort;    Felixstowe;    John ?BALGUY;    metropolitan magistrate (dec) &    Evelina;    HAVERFIELD;    31;    widow;    ;    Marsh Court;    Lord ABINGER;    peer;    Mary Corbin ?CUTTER William Henry SHEPHERD


18.9.1899;    Charles Bertram Ogle;    BALGUY;    39;    bachelor;    ?banker/?brewer;    Caundle Marsh;    John BALGUY;    metropolitan magistrate (dec) &    Mary Edwina Corbin;    CUTTER;    27;    not given;    ;    Marsh Court;    Daniel ?Chase CORBIN;    banker;    Harriet Anne BALGUY John Henry BALGUY Evaline ?HAN


21.3.1900;    Edward Arthur;    WELLS;    22;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    William WELLS;    labourer;  &   Emily Jane;    HELYAR;    28;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Thomas HELYAR;    labourer (dec);    John HELYAR Florence Fanny WELLS


13.4.1903;    Jedediah;    COLLIS;    58;    bachelor;    farmer;    Hillsfield;    Obediah COLLIS;    farmer (dec);    

&;    Mary Ann;    HARVEY;    49;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    David HARVEY;    farmer (dec);    John HARVEY ?Louisa HARVEY


16.2.1904;    Walter Henry;    ANTELL;    26;    bachelor;    farmer;    Holwell;    Thomas ANTELL;    farmer;    

&;    Catherine;    BEALING;    22;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    John BEALING;    farmer;    Austin John BEALING Bessie Ida BEALING


13.7.1905;    Joseph;    BROWN;    23;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    Benjamin BROWN;    labourer;    

&;    Alice Emily;    COLLIS;    23;    spinster;    domestic servant;    Caundle Marsh;    Harry COLLIS;    labourer;    Frederick Edwin COLLIS Norah Frances COLLIS


12.2.1907;    Edwin ?Danford;    SKINNER;    27;    bachelor;    hosier;    Newbury;    Berkshire;    Danford SKINNER;    farmer;   &    Jessie;    BARRETT;    27;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Albert BARRETT;    dairyman;    Ernest HUNT Danford SKINNER


29.7.1909;    George;    RIGGS;    22;    bachelor;    labourer;    Caundle Marsh;    Henry RIGGS;    labourer;    

&;    Emily Jane;    ADAMS;    20;    spinster;    domestic servant;    Caundle Marsh;    Robert ADAMS;    labourer;    Bessie Louisa ADAMS Rose Maud HOOPER Arthur RIGGS


4.10.1909;    Henry Leopold;    MARTIN;    27;    bachelor;    mineral water manufacturer;    St Edmund's;    Salisbury;    Henry MARTIN;    mineral water manufacturer  &    Evelyne Pearl;    BARRETT;    21;    spinster;    ;    ?Price Town;    Caundle Marsh;    Albert BARRETT;    dairyman;    William John MARTIN Albert BARRETT


25.12.1910;    Frederick White;    HOLDICK;    43;    widower;    tanner;    St John's parish;    Peterboro';    Frederick White HOLDICK;    gentleman;   &    Gwendoline Bertha;    GIBSON;    26;    spinster;    ;    Caundle Marsh;    Samuel Wilks GIBSON;    clerk;    Joshua WHITE Gerald Wilks GIBSON Charlotte Mary GIBSON

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