Charminster Parish

There are 18 photographs on this page, so please wait for them to load. The old postcards are courtesy of Carol Few, other photographs are Lynda Small 2003.


The two photographs above and the one on the left show the Church of St Mary from different angles, pictures taken on a cold sunny February afternoon. There is also a close view of the porch below.

The interior of the church looking towards the chancel

The interior of the church looking toward the west end  which has the tower above the font.

The font, believed to be 12thC, but probably reshaped in the 15thC.

The porch, through which thousands of parishioners will have passed through the centuries.

If you look at the old postcard on the bottom left you will see what a corner near the church looked like at the turn of the century. The picture below shows the same corner but with the photograph taken from the church side. The photograph to the left is further round the same corner.

Two more old postcards showing the road on the other side of the church, here it climbs and is known as East Hill. The postcards show a view down and a view up the hill.

The old postcard and the modern photograph show a view of the bottom of East Hill in the foreground a small river crosses the road and runs alongside the burial ground.

Three monumental stones from the burial ground. On the right is a memorial to George CLARK who died in 1895. The memorial below is for Richard DAVIS and Ann DAVIS his wife, she died in 1875. The Memorial below right is to many members of the BUNN family. It has a small carving of a lamb on the top with a banner behind it, does this denote the trade of the family - wool merchants perhaps?

High quality copies of these photographs are available to descendants of these persons, by contacting the Co-ordinater [link on the home page] 

Memorial to Eliza Ann PERHAM

Inside the church is a memorial to a daughter of the TRENCHARD family who died in 1638

Further contributions of photographs are always welcomed, this may be views of the parish, headstones, or old photographs of people who lived in the parish. If you have any contributions please contact the Co-ordinator  [see Home page]